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tv   Early Today in Iowa  NBC  December 2, 2016 4:30am-5:00am CST

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community is mourning after a deadly crash kills 3 people and injures 2 others. plus... saving a life. officers come to the rescue after a man collapses at an airport. and a world record attempt -- through bell ringing. books this holiday season. i'm ally crutcher. jerry has the day off. let's check on your weather now with storm track 7 meteorologist eileen loan. good morning. eileen on camera from the kwwl stormtrack
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for your complete weather information. here is additional forecast information from the kwwl stormtrack 7 weather team: we still have plenty of clouds out there this morning and we will keep them much of the day. temps haven't changed much from the last few days... we are still in the mid 30s this morning and probably won't change much with northwesterly winds at 5 to 10 mph this morning and through the day. we will keep mainly cloudy skies today, although there may be a continuing coverage this morning into a deadly crash at an iowa walmart. an employee says two of the three killed were his co- workers. a pickup truck slammed into the pella walmart yesterday afternoon. three people died -- two were injured. a woman who works nearby describes what she heard to kwwl just moments after... "we heard a large boom sound, wal-mart, inside walmart. and then we heard over the loud-speaker that walmart announced please evacuate the building over the loud-speaker and saw people coming out of the
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around outside." the driver of the pickup truck - along with one of the victims - were taken to the hospital. we don't as police investigate the crash... the pella community is focused on the victims... more than a hundred people gathered at a church to remember th people of all ages, and denominations. he believes the entire community is in need of prayer during a time like and that's what makes this really hard and yet he is our hope." "it doesn't matter who you are this is going to hit you. it's a tragedy." people also prayed for the driver behind the wheel of the pickup truck. a driver traveling the wrong way crashes into a u-p-s store. it happened in kentucky.
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car -- and then crashed into the store. part of the building collapsed. both the driver and a passenger in the truck were taken to the hospital for minor injuries. no one else was hurt -- and no charges have been filed. a bar is facing setbacks after a restaurant fire next door causes more damage than expected. the fire happened months ago in cedar rapids-- but moose mcduffy's is still working to overcome heavy smoke damage. now -- demolition has taken place, to rebuild the bar... side walls, floor has to be replaced, thing we were actually able to save was the mens restroom as well as the actual bar itself." they plan to re- open by mid february. a fire breaks out at a salvage yard. it happened in belmont, wisconsin. that about 30 minutes from dubuque. the owner says six employees were on site when the fire broke out -- but none of them got hurt.
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the fire started. it's been one year today since a couple opened fire at a holiday party. it happened in san bernardino, california. 14 people died -- 21 others were injured. the couple was later killed in a shootout with police. a memorial bike ride happening this morning and a community gathering tonight. the man who allegedly drove his car into a crowd before stabbing several people at ohio state earlier this week has been laid to rest. the suspect was buried at an islamic center in columbus. may have been inspired by isis and a former al- qaeda leader... but haven't found a direct link between him and any terrorist group. hundreds gathered last night to honor a fallen police officer. he was shot and killed when responding to a domestic call in tacoma, washington. police say the shooter was killed by police after a nearly 12-hour standoff - in which police say - he used two children as human shields. in kansas city -- this week's
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month. the most recent one involves a man wanted in a string of robberies. officers pulled the suspect over -- and initially -- he followed orders. but police say he grabbed an officer's gun. officers immediately shot the man -- who later died at the hospital. no officers were hurt. a tragic story this morning. a 14 year old boy has been charged in the shooting deaths of his mother and younger brother. the bodies were found in their home in pennsylvania -- with a gunshot to boy initially told 9-1-1 dispatchers that his father shot his mother and brother. he later changed his story -- telling troopers that if his father would have been home -- he would have shot him as well... "this is a very horrific time down here in the new stanton area. to have two individuals shot in their home while they're sleeping is traumatic." the teen faces two counts of
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charged as an adult. former pro- football running back joe mcknight has been killed. authorities say he and another driver had some sort of disagreement. mcknight got out of his car, and the other driver shot him. the sheriff has yet to announce what charges the shooter may face. four police officers receive an award -- after saving a man's life. you're looking at what happened at a miami airport back in october. the man collapsed in the t- s-a line. other passengers tried to help him. that's when four officers rushed in. defibrillator machine to get his heart started before paramedics arrived. this week -- officers received their award -- and it was given to them by the man whose life they "these men and women go out of their training... i was basically surrounded by angels that day because i talked to my doctor last week. i should've been dead and i'm still here and it's only because of them."
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happy they could be there to help. onto the white house transition... an unexpected announcement from president-elect donald trump. a spokesman said there would be no more cabinet announcements until next week -- but trump let one slip during a rally last night. tracie potts tells us who it is... and why his confirmation could be tougher than the rest. "we are going to appoint mad announcement during president elect trump's evening rally in ohio. known as a hardliner on iran, retired marine general james mattis faces an uphill battle for
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he needs a special trump's back in new york after applauding a thousand carrier manufacturing jobs not moving to mexico. to save ours also." "we feel like we've been forgotten." after last night's rally... today it's back to work on the transition. the secretary of state nominee... still unannounced. sources tell msnbc's joe scarborough they're looking at new candidates -- the current and former ceos of exxon-mobil. mr. trump told fox last night he's narrowed his supreme court nominee down to three or four candidates. tracie potts, nbc news,
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with carrier to keep a thousand manufacturing jobs in the u-s. but not everyone in the company received good news. a united technologies plant -- the parent company of carrier -- will shut down and as many as 7- hundred jobs will be lost. those jobs will be going to mexico. the search for u-n-i's next leader is in its final days -- with the third and final candidate on campus with his vision for u-n-i. doctor mark nook graduated from iowa state univer astro-physics. he's the chancellor at montana state university in billings. he says he's excited to be back -- and says there's more to a "first is their educational goals, that's why eyth're here. we also have to help them meet all of their professional goals. get them ready for their job and help them with their transition into their career." according to the board of regents -- they're hoping to make a decision by next tuesday.
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victims of fake accounts in court. two lawmakers introduced a bill that would prevent wells fargo from using fine print buried in customer agreements. the bank has admitted some customers had their credit scores damaged, while others were hit by unwarranted fines. all it takes is a single search warrant -- and federal agents can search millions of americans' computers and cell phones. a bipartisan group of senators tried to stop the rule from denied their requests for a vote. the justice department says the updated rule is needed to help them investigate and track down cyber criminals. another iowa police department is starting to wear body cameras. the marshalltown police department will have 26 body cameras. they'll be activated on all calls, traffic stops and other encounters with the public. police there plan to keep the video stored for up to 6- months -- and longer -- if it's being used as evidence.
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break the world record of ringing the salvation army bell. he needs to go for more than 150 hours straight. he's allowed short breaks if he needs them. his mission began monday and he won't break the record until sunday! "little tired, maybe, but i'm hanging in there. i'm good. end or it seems like we've made a turn in this, so that's good." once again many of us here at kwwl kettle" contest for the salvation army. tomorrow -- you can visit kristin rogers at the coralville walmart from ten in the morning until two in the afternoon. it's coming up on today in iowa.... security cameras capture a tornado hitting a school campus. plus... a new type of sugar could cut calories in chocolate. those stories plus the forecast
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"now your storm track 7
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let's go to storm track seven meteorologist eileen loan now for your forecast forecast. from the kwwl stormtrack 7 weather team. see the screen for your complete er information from the kwwl stormtrack 7 weather team: stormtrack7 live weather network cameras will keep showing mainly cloudy skies today... and tomorrow with some snow tracking in saturday night with rain and snow on sunday. we are still in the mid 30s this morning... we haven't changed much over the last couple of days... and pretty much the same to the west, although a few 20s show up here and there. winds are mainly west to northwest at 5-10 mph and will stay there today and into tonight. we are
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track away from us today with another weak system tracking in for tomorrow night... that will bring some snow to the area saturday night with some rain mixing in on sunday as temperatures warm up. we will be pretty static today and tomorrow with 30s and 40s over most of the midwest both days. mostly cloudy skies rule the kwwl viewing area today with highs in the mid 30s to low 40s and northwest winds at 5-10 mph. tonight we drop to the low to mid 20s with northwest winds and mostly cloudy skies. more cloudsn highs in the mid 30s to low 40s again. snow showers track through saturday night with rain and snow sunday. we could see around an inch of snow before it melts as highs climb into the low 40s. we stay dry and mild on monday before the next, stronger, system tracks in for the middle of the week. there is still no consistency between models or even model runs, so confidence is low about who will see what type of precip. we will have a chance of rain and snow in the area. the only thing for
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and cold by the end of the week. snow before it melts as highs climb into the low 40s. we stay dry and mild on the next, stronger, system tracks in for the security cameras capture an ef-1 tornado slamming a school. it
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powerful winds swept through the region. at least one tree was caught toppling on camera. the national weather service is still investigating several other possible tornados that slammed four other counties as well. it's coming up on today in iowa.... a turbulent return for tiger woods. after a hot start -- he stumbles late. plus... no red suit here. this santa claus got himself a
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course -- playing his first tournament round in nearly 16 months. he's been recovering from back surgery. he was on fire early on -- but faded at the end with a double bogey -- plus a ball in the water. he currently ranked last in the field of 18. iowa native zach johnson is ranked 16th. a very busy night on n-h-l ice. 12 games on the schedule -- and check out this goal. the sabres
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strange bounce, the puck slips into the net. they ended up winning 4 to 3. forget the red suit -- this santa wears black glasses, blue jeans and a sweater. a mall in portland, oregon giving santa a makeover this holday season. he's being called "hipster santa." he's got tattoos, piercings and a man bun! this is probably a bit different than the christmas tree in yr it's a tree made of 600 tons of carved sand. and it's 35 feet tall! let's just hope mother nature holds out and doesn't ruin the holiday fun..... chocolate with less sugar ... but the same taste? nestle claims they've found a way. they say by hollowing out sugar particles, it can reduce the chocolate's sugar content by as much as 40-percent. nestle is applying for a patent... and plans to start rolling out this
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cedar rapids. police officers spending time with community members over a conversations are usually centered around the kitchen can really get to know someone better and that's what we really need." in january--there are plans to have what will be called "lunch with law enforcement." it's coming up on today in i-- are falling short of expectations. but why?
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buzz... what some thought would be hot items for the holidays... seem to be falling flat. research shows virtual reality was the "biggest loser" this holiday season. but why? as brian mooar tells us -- there's still a long way to go before it virtual reality is supposed to be the next big but while immersive 3-d
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and medical treatment . it's hardly flying off store shelves. "vr goggles right now are not currently the only virtual reality offering that's part of a gaming console. "the htc vive and the oculus which is pretty rudimentary you can make it at home" other headsets like the samsung gear vr and the google
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just right now you know this is and hopefully . looking a little bit cooler than this while doing it. brian mooar, nbc news. the playstation v-r is expected to over the holidays. that's down from more than 2 and a half million projected before the thanksgiving weekend. today in iowa continues in a
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thirteen retired bomb detection dogs took their first steps on american soil in houston after a long military tour in kuwait. they've spent the past few years serving their nation and keeping
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of rest and relaxation. an organization hopes to have the dogs in new homes in time for christmas. let's go to storm track seven meteorologist eileen loan now for your forecast forecast. from the kwwl stormtrack here is additional forecast information from the kwwl stormtrack 7 weather team: mostly cloudy today and tomorrow down exactly how much snow and it's and coming up on today in iowa. decision time on campus. all three finalists have made their cases of why they should be the next president of u-n-i -- one will be selected in the coming page. drama over a book some call controversial -- reaches a conclusion for an area school
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got you covered. this is today in iowa." now on today in iowa... at a tour to thank his supporters -- donald trump surprises the crowd by plus... a man live- streams himself on facebook -- going over more than one-hundred miles an hour through traffic. and an effort to show people returning home for the holidays -- all the good things in i'm ally crutcher. jerry has the day off.


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