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tv   FOX21 News 10PM  FOX  February 24, 2016 10:00pm-10:30pm MST

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wnd fro ra e a big snow stormit today. ghs today in t0's d rratr ol neaka slope flf witoer bsune a rnin
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ucan c. fit igus f.. sen wit a wast inat tons eso me ba to score 10red d win 64---63. nelderndots g inweth wi..9 fcondomonn bo ff2 e outrncodo --bo going toghall over theta
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worsk heig uju bo - beller they dela isaturday alst vle . o r 3 e mnustae int . palmer goinght at the rth.---r e tuedo contest r 5- ---4 th cketrl ontuay tristr. top crihoam less
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lows t ber wiin ts, fri pnsrmatt nd nu trethfo adtha oo t soutthh nockeeste a sreatlyem mterson that. earogate,. wth hanpdatr u morroworngn ay thcht 10:00.


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