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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  June 30, 2014 7:00am-9:01am EDT

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good morning. it is monday, june 30th, 2014. welcome to "cbs this morning." an evacuation slide deploys in midair. the sudden scare that caused an emergency landing. flash flooding forces rescues overnight in iowa, and we're in memphis where the river city is under water. plus, the secret facebook experiment revealed. how the company messed with your news fooed to test your emotions. but we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds. >> we heard a big bang and the whole back was full of the chute. >> emergency at 40,000 feet. >> a midair scare as an emergency slide deploys inside
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the plane. >> the pilot quickly diverted the plane and quickly landed it in wichita, kansas. >> we'll have it get on the ground and have somebody look at it. everybody is fine. >> this is the scene from the south from eastern arkansas to memphis. torrential rains. >> i couldn't believe it. it looked like a dam had broke. >> today president obama will ask korng for more than $2 million in emergency fujding to deal with the surge of uncompanying children crossing the border. >> the psychological report has determined that oscar pistorius was not suffering from a mental disorder when he shot his girlfriend reeva steenkamp dead. >> it's over. the netherlands are through. he scores. the seemingly impossible has happened. costa rica in the quarterfinals. >> breaking overnight, rescue crews rushing to save people stuck on the sky tower at seaworld, san diego. a bizarre incident on a
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north carolina highway. a man clinging to the back of a car going 55 miles an hour. >> all that -- >> a california family's nanny nightmare may soon be ending. she has agreed to move out. >> boys will be boys. a hot foots has been scheduled. >> now we found it. >> and all that matters. >> today toronto mayor rob ford will be back. >> he'll be hungry and looking forward to seeing people. >> what exactly did donald sterling say, i don't want my woman around black basketball players. me neither. >> announcer: this morning's "eye opener" presented by toyota. let's go places. captioning funded by cbs welcome to "cbs this morning." norah o'donnell is off so
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margaret brennan our great states department correspondent is here. good morning. >> good morning, charlie. it's great to be back. >> it's good to have you hear. nearly 100 airline passengers are waking up in kansas. they're supposed to be in california. an emergency slide opened in flight. >> the flight landed in wichita and no one was hurt. as ben carter reports passengers and crew members say they never have seen anything like this. >> wichita approaching at 1463, would like to land at wichita. >> that's a united airline pilot calling the west approach tower at wichita airport requesting an emergency landing. the emergency, a landing slide accidentally deployed inside the aircraft. >> the chute opened and it probably popped out the door
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which meant that we'd probably loose pressure immediately, but luckily that didn't happen. >> the passengers said it was an odd sight to find an inflated slide on an airplane, many described hearing it inflate first. >> all of a sudden you heard a big bang and a hiss and we all turned around and the whole back part of the plane where they sat was full of the chute. >> reporter: the five-member crew kept the 96 passengers calm during the process. the aircraft landed safely and now maintenance crews will be inspecting the plane to determine the cause of the incident. for "cbs this morning," carter evans, los angeles. people the midwest faced more powerful storms today. the storm already produced huge rain totals up to 6 inches fell in cedar rapids, iowa, overflight. it caused flash flooding that left drivers stranded. >> weekend downpours along the
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mississippi river flooded a mobile home park in memphis. the red cross said 150 people had to go to shelters. molly smith of our affiliate wreg is in one of the hard hit sections of memphis. holly, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. this is what we are seeing across the city. lots of standing water. several homes in this neighborhood had to be evacuated and this morning as they're returning home, they're getting a first look at the damage that they now have to clean up. this was the scene throughout much of memphis on sunday as floodwaters swamped the city. a relentless 30-hour stretch that delivered more than 7 inches of rain, nearly twice as much as they'll get for an even tire month. >> i could believe it. it's like a dam had broke. we took boats and something that likes like a big old machine and got out.
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>> reporter: while some found ways to get around, some families had to be rescued. with chest-high waters, an entire neighborhood had to be evacuate. so much water threatened west memphis, the fire department had to be called out. crews went door to door to make sure no one was stuck inside. >> the water started pouring in my back door real fast and after that it was over. >> reporter: in nearby arkansas it was a similar scene. as much as 10 inches of rain in the town of brinkley. several homes had to be evacuated but no injuries were reported. more than 100 people are staying in red cross shelters to get help. there is more rain expected in the forecast this week which is concerning as the water levels on the rivers around here are very high. margaret? >> thank you very much.
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this morning the president is set to nominate a former ceo to be the new secretary of veterans affair. robert mcdonald led procter & gamble for four years. bill plante with more on the troubled department. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. his nomination is seen as a step away from the culture of the v.a. which a white house adviser last week described as corrosive. bob mcdonald is a strikingly different choice than his pred easier eric shinseki retired less than a month ago after the v.a. exploded. >> we now know they have a systemic, totally lack. >> mcdonald who served five years as an army officer after grating from west point and joined procter & gamble in 1980
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and took over as ceo in 2009. during his team he managed over 129,000 employees and over 100 brands including tide, crest, and gillette. he stepped down in 2013 following criticism over the company's growth and competitiveness during his tenure. >> it's time for real transformation. >> mike hainey at syracuse university believes he's an unusual choice but a good one. >> i think he's suited to bring together the organization in a way that brings it back to its core mission. >> reporter: the troubled didn't has been accuse of excessively poor care and covering up long wait times with more than 100,000 veterans. hanie says the veterans he's spoken to are optimistic. >> it's time for big ideas. it's file for someone to come into the v.a. and question some
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of the poor assumptions about how the v.a. does its business. they decided on someone who could do a turnaround, someone with management experience. but mcdonald has to be confirmed by the senate and members will want to know in detail how he plans to fix the dysfunctional bureaucracy at the vmt a. charlie? >> bill, thanks. the obama administration will ask congress for at least $2 billion. it will help them deal with immigrant crises. since october, more than 52,000 kids have been caught crossing into this country. they came here illegally and on their own. some of those kids have no choice but to sleep on floors a. along with the new funding the white house wants the authority to fast track deportations.
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in just a few hours the supreme court will issue the last two ruling of this year's term. jan crawford's at the supreme court with thes at stake. gooderning. >> good morning. this is the last term of the supreme court before they go off on their three-month summer recess. tht i go off to teach and give lectures. you mentioned the one we're all floiling. hobby lobby. it involves the challenge to keep president obama's reform law. you remember it was two years ago the justices upheld the major part of the law, the underpinnings of the law, requiring everything to have insurance or pay a penalty. it looks is the law to require employers to offer insurance plans that includes contraceptives. and this keppel who owns hobby
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lobby, they're challenging it saying it violates their believes because some of the contraceptives, they think, like morning after pill are akin to abortion and they do not believe in a woman's right to have an abortion. they're challenging the right of the violation of the first amendment. the other involves union dues and mandatory requirement that you would pay union dues. this is kind of ale case. if the court rules broadly in this case and there's some suggestion it may, this could end up being the case of the term and offer setbacks for labor unions but we'll find out in a few hours. charlie? >> jan, thanks. for the first time russia is sending airplanes to help battle the wafrmt the al qaeda splinter group now calls itself islamic
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statement charlie d'agata is there where officials are reacting to the situation. charlie, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. this declaration was timed for maximum impact designed to provote the west shiite muslims anywhere and may even provote infighting between isis and sunni insurgents here. even as iraqi forces try to take on the militants in ta quadriplegic, for the militant group it's the message as much as the territory that needs to be controlled. the declaration of an islamic staft came about the same time as this slickly produced video showing a decimated border crossing from syria into iraq. >> this car right here belongs to the border patrol, so do the other cars. as you can see, border patrol. >> it amounts to a declaration of victory and came with a threat to keep fighting onward to victory.
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>> he's the breaker of barriers. >> the group's leader, isis now demand all muslims everywhere must swear allegiance to him. isis militants and sunni militants now stake a claim to a third of iraq north and west of baghdad. iraqi military haas begun to push back, gaining ground in its biggest offensive yet in an effort to retake tikrit and today they released this video claiming to show its forces were back in control of the board err crossing of jordan a week after it was taken by sunni insurgents. western sources told us with the help of the forces, they've been able to hold off. but there's an increase of suicide bombings here. >> charlie, i was in baghdad
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just this past week with secretary kerry. they're on pins and needles. this is going to be the week to see if they can gel get this reconciliation going. they need a real buy-in from the military to invest in this, to fight against isis. >> and before the president is prepared to do the kinds of things he wants to do unless there's a -- >> this president still has not decided on the strikes. >> and they have sistani there. >> he's a clear channel. north korea announced two detained americans will be put on trial. they arrived in april, arrived separately but both accused of hostile acts. one is 56-year-old. he was detained and the third kenneth bae remains in north korea. last year he was sentenced to 15 years of hard labor. the mastermind behind the
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benghazi attacks is being held in virginia this morning. abdu khatallah is in court. more charges against abu khatallah are expected. the murder trial of oscar miss tore just reach add turning point this morning. the results of a key mental evaluation were revealed. debora patta is at the courthouse this morning where they ee assumed after a long break. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. any session that oscar pistorius had a mental disorder when he shot his girlfriend reeva steenkamp on valentine's day a year ago has been put to rest. it all came down to this. >> mr. pistorius did not suffer from a mental breakdown or ill
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ens that would have rendered him criminally not responsible for the offenses charged. >> reporter: sitting back, pistorius listened to the findings, his head bowed. four experts were unanimous in their conclusion that oscar pistorius was not suffering a mental illness when he shot his girlfriend reeva steenkamp on valentine's day last year. >> pistorius was shameful of his act and the history of his act. >> reporter: he was being scrutinized by three psychiatrists and a psychologist. he underwent a battery of tests to determine if he was faking his ill ps. they'll call three witnesses before closing its case. the oscar pistorius defense team
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was hoping the introduction of a mental anxiety disorder would assist its case, but it appears it has back fired. they only have a few more witnesses to call to prove he shot his girlfriend after mistakingly shooting h lly thin intruder. >> costa rica knocked out greece in a penalty shoot-out in a 1-1 tie. costa rica will play in the quarterfinals for the first time ever. the u.s. will get there with a victory tomorrow in selalvadors braz brazil. elaine quijano is in rio de janeiro with a look at the challenge facing the americans. elaine, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. there are now just 12 teams left in the world cup. team usa spent the last few days preparing for a round of play where each of their games will determine whether they stay in
7:18 am
the tournament. to determine if they'll stay. - >> our coaching is to prepare the team and understand the dimension of knockout teams. >> reporter: belgium a s a young, fast, and aggressive squad and one of four teams in the cup to win every game so far. but in a knockout round, previous goals don't matter and the losing team is automatically eliminated. >> we're not spending a whole lot of time worrying whob the favorites are on paper. whoever makes more plays in the course of 90 minutes, whoever's willing to have a group of guys on the fight and are so determining to come off the field a winner, those are the things that count. >> reporter: the last three matches took a toll on the american team. midfielder michael bradley ran
7:19 am
nearly 24 miles, more than aothr player. two have broken noses and joszy altidor strained his hamstring. he's jogging at practice but still recovering. >> every day is a big step forward with jozi. oo >> reporter: coach klinsmann in a clear bit of gamesmanship has told his players to book a ticket for after july 13th. that's the day of the world cup final. margaret? >> ee lap, thank you. it's 7:19. ahead on "cbs this morning" we'll check headlines around the
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>> announcer: this national weather report sponsored by big lots!. go big and go home.
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fitness buffs are sweating about more than exercise. this morning. ahead, the latest city facing a growing trend, taxing your workout. news is back here in the morning on "cbs this morning." stay tuned for your local news. >> announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by kyocera dockment solutions. printers and mfps, customized apps and services. ♪
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this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news". good morning, i'm ukee washington, looks like sum letter kick in this week. carol's in the weather center. good morning. >> check the kane darr, it will act accordingly. we have some sunshine, though, at least in some spots this morning. few clouds in others. it looks bright, beautiful, as we take a look at the shore. storm scan3, showing a couple of little showers, as you head toward the poconos, and they may hang together, so you get brief shower, otherwise, looking at some clouds around the philadelphia area, still, mostly in the 60s over most of the area, but we are getting very close to that 07 degrees mark, and later on today, we hit that 88 degrees mark, sun and clouds, and then, as we move to tomorrow, we get to about 90 degrees, feeling hotter, and better chances of showers, thunderstorms and even more heat by the time we get to wednesday at
7:27 am
93 degrees, feeling closer to 100 degrees. let's check on these roads with bob. >> wow, 7:27. morning, everybody, not bad at all here on the schuylkill coming in toward philadelphia. you got the motorcycle team headed inbound, but some problems on septa just popped up. twenty minute delays here on the media elwyn regional rail line. talcony palmyra double openings here, one ship going north, the other one going south, bottom line cars going no where on either side here, so use the betsy ross bridge, if you are getting ready to step out the front door, and crash, just outside of wilmington here, route 100 right at carpenter's row. ukee, back over to you. >> thank you, next update at 7:55, up next on cbs this morning, new lead in the case of a georgia man accused of le
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these surfers in australia spotted a whale in the water on sunday in sydney. they got right up to the mammal but he didn't swim away. some accuse them of harassment. they got so law they broke the law. swimmers can only get within 30 yards. he didn't seem harassed here. it seems like if he was upset, he would have let them know. he would have knocked them out. welcome back to "cbs this morning." coming up this half hour. a surprise for nearly 700,000 facebook users. their emotions were deliberately put to a test. we'll be shown how facebook conducted the covert research. plus, yogis and gym rats are joining forces. they say a new tax threatens the
7:31 am
well being of the nation's capital. we'll show you how they're pushing back against a possible tax hike. that's ahead. indiana's lafayette journal looks at gas prices. they're at the highest level in six years. prices are going up over the crisis in iraq and concerns about that country's oil exports. we've been telling you how beef prices are at near record highs. "the wall street journal" says some restaurants are coping by charging more or serving smaller burger and steaks. they're now selling chicken sandwiches and supermarkets are selling cheaper cuts of meet. a state department report says a senior investigator claims his life was being threatened by a blackwater manager. the report also says u.s.
7:32 am
embassy officials in baghdad cited with blackwater telling state investigators to leave. the los angeles time says a two-time deserter is facing charges. in 2004 he disappeared from a camp in iraq. he said he was abducted by militants. the next year he disappeared from a base in the united states. the marines say he had been living in the middle east. police are now focusing on the mother of a toddler. the boy's father is charged with murder. he claims that his son's death was an accident. officials revealed new information from their investigation. mark, good morning. >> good morning. investigators have searched the couple's personal computers, ipad and cell phones looking for evidence, but both parents have already admitted something to those investigators that leads them to believe this was no accident.
7:33 am
22-month-old cooper harris was laid to rest over the weekend in tuscaloosa, alabama. the grieves included liana harris, the boy's mothers, who was also named in newly released police warrants. she told the police before her son died she went on the internet to review in car deaths and how it occurs. the boy's father also said he recently researched child deaths inside vehicles and what temperature it needs to be for that to occur. justin stated he was fearful this could happen. cooper died in atlanta on june 18 after his father left him strapped in the back seat of his sweltering suv for seven hour. harris told investigators his son's death was a terrible mistake. he for goat got to drop him off at day care. he was discovered five hours later. he was barring from the funeral
7:34 am
in tuscaloosa. liana harris was allowed to speak. in her first public comments she told mourners, this is not where i expected to be today. she also defended her husband saying he was and is a wonderful father. justin harris was allowed to call in to the service from jail. on speaker phone he told mourners, thank you for everything you have done for my boy. i'm just sorry i can't be there. liana harris has not been charged with any crime and is not being called a suspect. her husband remains behind bars held here without bond. his next court appearance is on thursday. >> mark, thanks. firefighters in eastern arizona say they're makings progress against the san juan fire but some locals are still under evacuation orders. it threatens houses in the mountains. they report no injuries oar damage to any homes. meanwhile prescott, arizona, is remembering 19 hotshot firefighters who died one year
7:35 am
ago today. hundreds of relatives and friends gathereded on the site. the firefighters wither trap and killed when the plame flames su shifted. >> every day is a new start, a new chance to heal a little bit more. i think we're doing okay. come ford we evenen overcome one first. can do it a second time and third time. we will never get over andrew or move away but we've learned how to move forward in a different way. a second ceremony will be held this afternoon. some people are worked up over the new cost of their workout. chip reid is at a gym in washington. that's where lawmakers recently passed a tax that could leave some people, well, sitting on the couch. good morning.
7:36 am
>> good morning. washington, d.c., was ranked the healthiest city in america and they tear their sear size seriously. but the lawmakers propose a tax and that has people fighting mad. exercise enthusiasts call it the d.c. yoga tax or tax on wellness. it would include a 5.75% sales tax on services. >> it's something we're going out of our way to do to have a healthy lifestyle and it's discouraging to know we're going to be taxed. >> reporter: he says more americans are now paying for services like excise classes and the d.c. sales tax needs to evolve. >> to keep the sales tax rate as low as possible while still generating the revenue we need to pay for schools and public safety, the best is to apply it as broadly as possible.
7:37 am
>> reporter: he said 22 states include health clubs in their taxes. >> the fact that people won't continue working out doesn't make money sign. >> thistry is very price-sensitive -- >> so $5 to $10 makes a different. >> it makes a difference. i can tell you increasing by 5.75% will have an impact on retention and on sales. >> reporter: and it's enough to get the health crowd out in force. they launched a zen protest outside the d.c. council building and they dogged a recent meeting. some made a last-minute appeal against the tax. >> to put a tax on fitness is going to hurt business. but more importantly than that,
7:38 am
it's making us a joke. >> reporter: the gym crowd is still pushing back against what they say is an unfair weight on their shoulders. >> d.c. is one of the most heavily taxed cities in america and we don't need to add taxes on those who are gentlemen u jut trying to get fit. >> if they don't back down, the tax will take effect. >> i'm impressed by the person doing pullups behind you. i would have gotten stuck halfway. >> yeah. i was doing that earlier. >> yeah. >> they'll all fwh goin good se >> whose idea is this? you're going to be penalized for being in good shape. i don't get it. >> they say where people are spending their money, you need
7:39 am
to spread out and they picked this as one to include in that. >> thank you. facebook is trying to explain itself this morning after giving new meaning to the term "social experiment." cnet's reporter shows us why some may think about it. that's next on "cbs this morning." if you have moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis like me, and you're talking to your rheumatologist about a biologic... this is humira. this is humira helping to relieve my pain and protect my joints from further damage. doctors have been prescribing humira for ten years. humira works by targeting and helping to block a specific source of inflammation that contributes to ra symptoms. it's proven to help relieve pain and stop further joint damage in many adults. humira can lower your ability to fight infections,
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to spread out and they picked
7:43 am
there is a controversy this morning that you might see mentioned on your facebook fooed, but then again, you might not. facebook secret ly did a researh project. they manipulated the news feed section to determine if negative
7:44 am
or positive news affecting one's mood. good morning. >> good morning. >> help me understand, what exactly did they do and why is it so bad? >> well, it certainly is uncomfortable to think of what they did. here you have a case where facebook decided people are only going to see positive posts in their feed or negative and they wanted to see what that did to you, if that made your negative or positive. >> i'm thinking it takes a lot. go ahead. >> well, do you sign up for facebook to play games and be elaborate or talk to your friends? there's an ethical problem here. >> what difference would it make? so they give you a lot of negative news or positive news. they found it did affect people's mood and what they do. >> yes. you're little more positive if you see positive things, negative seeing negative things.
7:45 am
what does that mean? are advertisers going to send you ads -- here's a case where they say they're covered because in the data use policy, the one we agreed to. >> that nobody reads. >> right. they have a lot of things they say they're going to use your data for. among them, they're going to be able ta send advertisements to you. the word research, i don't think of it as being the subject of a science project. is that a situation where someone like the ftc is going to step in? >> one of the scientists doing this, adam cramer, released a statement. he said my co-authors and i are very sorry for the paper described the research and any anxiety it caused. in the end it may not have justified all this an despite.
7:46 am
it doesn't quite sound like an apology but they're sorry it's upset people. >> i think they should duo something forward. what other experiments are going on. in our settings can we have a say. >> those are good ideas. have they listened? >> if people speak up, they make changes, they're a little more open. if enough people talk about this maybe they will be more transparent about this. >> do you think it affects their reputation? >> they're already on shaky ground. yeah, they certainly don't want to, you know, be any worse right now when it comes to that. >> but there is such a thing as facebook envy, basically. >> basically i g guess
7:47 am
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this is beyond a bird's-eye view of a massive thunderstorm over houston. he posted this video friday from aboard the international space station. we've told you about him. he's been in space for more than a month tweeting about his experiments. the view and like many on earth of the world cup. >> very cool stuff. team usa is getting ready for stuff. did you hear?
7:52 am
brad evans is one of the players who helped qualify for brazil. this morning he's here with us in the toyota green room. he'll talk abobout missing out a world cup opportunity. that's brad right there. hey, brad. coming up on "cbs this morning." we'll be right back. ♪ ♪ ♪ lactaid® is 100% real milk? right. real milk. but it won't cause me discomfort. exactly, no discomfort,
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good morning, i'm erika von von till. right over to carol for kate think morning with your forecast, morning. >> good morning to you, hello everybody. we do have a few clouds out there right now but no complaints, we will find sunshine, keeps it little cooler for little bit longer. storm scan3, showing, few showers, they're up by the poconos, looks like the rest of us will be remaining dry today. now, our temperatures are starting to crack that 70 degrees mark, 71 in philadelphia, allentown, atlantic city, wildwood. on our way 2088 degrees this afternoon by tuesday, more humidity than today. slight chance of shower or thunderstorm, i think the better chances of showers and thunderstorms come in wednesday, thursday,
7:57 am
temperature on wednesday the warmest and we could be feeling temperatures that feel >> again, shower thunderstorm chances both wednesday and thursday, let's check on the roads with bob. >> heavy bypass up through the construction zone, blurred route headed up to the ramps for the schuylkill expressway so rush hour underway and another opening this morning this time around it is at the burlington bristol bridge, expecting an opening, at 8:10 this morning, and head for the talcony palmyra or the betsy ross as an alternate. erika, back to you. >> bob, thank you. next update 58:25, next it's monday, june
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
30th, 2014.nday, june welcome back to "cbs this morning." more real news ahead, including team usa's to or die world cup match. we'll talk with player who helped them get to brazil. but first here's look at your "eye opener" at 8:00. >> they save the biggest cases until the very end and it involves a challenge to president obama's health reform care. >> an evacuation slide opened inside the plane during flight and that forced an emergency landing. >> reporter: this is what we're seeing across the city. lots of standing water. several homes in this neighborhood had to be evacuated. >> reporter: sources told us with the help of u.s. advisers iraqi forces have been able to
8:01 am
hold off the offenses to the north. >> any seg that oscar pistorius had a mental disorder has been put to rest today. >> i'd like to see facebook do something going forward with other experiments. >> d.c. counsel recently voted to impose a tax on exercise and that has people fighting mad. >> i'm impressed by the person doing pullups behind you. i would have gotten stuck halfw halfway. >> reporter: team usa has been prepared. >> withe usa escape the group o death, congratulations. however, the england tournament has been knocked out so this is now dead to me. dead. >> announcer: today's "eye opener" at 8:00 is presented by comfort inn.
8:02 am
>> i'm charlie rose with margaret brennan and gayle king. >> one of the boeing 737's evacuation slides opened inside of the plane. >> the flight en route to cha made an emergency landing in wichita, kansas. there were five crew members, 95 passengers on board. no one was hurt. one said the problem happened very quickly. >> you heard a big bang and a hiss and they just had a panicked look and then we all turned around and the whole back cabinet -- part of the plane where they sat was full of chute. the chute opened and they probably popped out the door which means we'd probably lose pressure immediately. luckily that didn't happen.
8:03 am
it ust inflated. >> flightaware said it did job from 33,000 feet to 11,000 feet in about 12 minutes. yikes. they're flying this morning on another plane. the storm threat affects many people from kansas to wisconsin. 7 inches of rain over the weekend damaged more than 100 trailers in one mobile home park. some evacuees say twater got as high as their necks. meanwhile firefighters in cedar rapids, iowa, were busy all night pulling people out of flooding homes. they received 6 inches of rain on land already saturated. and the world cup for the first time ever, two teams take place. costa rica is in the quarterfinaling for the first time in its history. the team won a penalty kick shoot-out against greece on sunday after they played a 1-1
8:04 am
time. but mexico not so happy after losing to the netherlands on two late goals. the dutch scored the winner on a penalty kick in the find seconds. mexico's coach said they invented the penalty. team usa is getting ready for the match against belgium. they're likely to have jozy altidor back in the lineup. he missed last two games with a hamstring injury. they've won all three of their games in brazil. brad evans know as what the americans are up against. they helped the united states qualify for the world cup. welcome. >> thanks for having me. >> give us an assessment of this match when you have the strengths and weaknesses and how you see what we will watch. >> i think the biggest thing is belgium has players playing the top teams in europe and it's a young team, a hungry team and what the players have all described as one of the best teams in the tournament. like you said, they've won all the games so far. it's a very athletic team.
8:05 am
i remember these guys being big guys and athletic and hungry. >> are you surprised by the performance of the american team so far? >> no. you look at the group of death and i think one key word was survival and i think that's what we've done. we got the results we needed against ghana and we got a little bit unlucky against portugal, a last-minute goal. germany, you sit back and wait and now you'll see a more proactive team going into the next round. >> talk about the coach. you know him well. you've played for him. wh what's he like? he started out one way. >> that's motivation. that's tactics. for me i've been around him. he's a fantastic motivator. he's kind of the boss you want. he tells the media one thing but in the locker room he's a rah-rah type of guy. we can do this. we don't know any other way other than when our backs are up against the wall, we just fight.
8:06 am
so for me it's just positive and i love hearing the stuff he's saying. >> brad, you thought you would be going to the world cup. i did. >> you got the news you weren't. >> how did you take it. >> it was a sit-down conversation last-minute thick. a year in the making. i thought i punched my ticket. he sat me down and said you're not part of it. i sat down. even though i had deep-rooted feelings at the time now i'm the team's number one supporter. >> how much does jozy altidor need to be able to play? >> is it realistic he's going to be in this game? i don't think so. but, you know, he's player who can change a game and it is important because he's play add whole season of english premier league and played against some of these defenders for a year now. it's a guy with experience and the dynamic of the team changes when he's not in the game so
8:07 am
it's very important. i don't think he'll feature. >> donovan said -- i thought it took candid technology when he was rooting in the beginning do. you understand that? >> i understand the feelings and landon has been part of the national team in u.s. soccer for a number of years. i think i said in the camp if there's one player i don't want running at me was landon dono n donovan. if you're going into the world cup, you want leaders. you want guys with experience who have done it before. you look at the team and a guy like him who plays in seattle, 21 years old who's now come in in two games making his first appearance with the world cup, making a difference and so there's -- you know, coaches make good decisions and i think that's what happens. >> two guys playing with broken noses. >> two guys playing with broken noses. >> i worry about that. does that worry you at all?
8:08 am
>> maybe you go into a couple of different challenges. it's ever four years. if there's a ball on the ground and a foot's coming in, i'm going in head first. >> you've got great attitude. >> yeah, you really do. >> brad with the seattle sounders. thank you. meanwhile a dutch airline is apologizing for the tweet after mexico's loss to the nexter land. they sent a tweet adios amigos! . it included a man with a sombrero. the mexicans got angry. they thought it was an ethnic thing and they took it down a half hour later. there was this shot during the final round of the bmw open
8:09 am
in germany. seven on the par 3, 16th. won a bmw i8 coupe. it's the praise of more than any money he's won in a tournament. this morning seaworld is promising a full investigation after a ride lost power. four visitors and employees were stuck in a sky tower on sunday. it stopped about 220 feet up in the air. riders were trapped for four hours until power was destroyed. they say no one was in danger but a tanker was hospitalized for anxiety. mayor rob ford is back. in november the city council took away many of his duties when he admitted using crack cocaine. police are still investigating ford. his re-election campaign is still on. ford also plans to speak to
8:10 am
reporters today. >> can't wait. >> that should be interesting. >> that's one way of putting it. i can't wait to hear what he has to say. hollywood is remembering meshak taylor this morning. he died at his home near los angeles over the weekend after battling cancer. he was nominated for his emmy for a role as anthony bouvier on the cbs comedy "designing women." he played an ex-con who worked as a partner with them. he also started on the show "criminal minds." he leaves behind a wife and four kids. he was 67 years old. ahead on "cbs this morning," the crew of monte python is
8:11 am
ahead, we're on the streets of brooklyn with spike lee.
8:12 am
>> what's up, baby? >> keep brooklyn going. >> thank you. >> hi, gayle king. >> hey, how are you. do the right thing. >> huh? >> do the right thing. >> 25 years later, a visit to the home of a great movie. do you know what the title is? that's ahead on "cbs this morning." ♪
8:13 am
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one of my favorite movies was "the butler." "the butler" was amazing. that's right. oprah winfrey should have gotten an oscar. that acting job was amazing because she had to act like she was poor. that right. there was one scene where she was stirring a pot of food for herman. you know she had to get specialists for that. had to show her what a spatula
8:17 am
was. she thought it was a money flipper. >> he had fun at the expense of oprah. but we saved the real zinger for donald sterling. he was hilarious. oprah remember as what it was like back in the day. she remembers. and fans of monte python have waited 30 years to see the group perform again. their patience will be rewarded with a farewell tour. they're here this morning to preview the upcoming shows. they'll only be performing live in london but some of the films will be broadcast on cable in the united states and other countries. ahead, he is not in line for the throne, but britain's prince harry is about to land a multi-million-dollar payday. did he just get a little cuter? you're watching "cbs this morning." we'll be right back.
8:18 am
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8:21 am
this morning beyonce and "happen" pharrell williams are the big winners from the b.e.t. awards.
8:22 am
kevin frazier takes us behind the scenes to the hilarious comedian chris rock. >> reporter: multiple award winner pharrell williams opened the show with a surprise guest, missy elliott. the year's best male r & b artist credited his fans. the breakout song of 2014, "happy." >> you turned it into a phenomenon. this award is not really mine. it's the award that blocks to like all the people. >> welcome to the 2014 b.e.t. awards. that's right. the black world cup. >> reporter: as host, comedian chris rock found an easy target, donald sterling. >> what exactly did donald sterling say? i don't want my woman around black basketball players.
8:23 am
me neither. >> reporter: the b.e.t. awards have become a great showcase for the most popular and groundbreaking music. jennifer hudson. ♪ >> reporter: usher. ♪ there's fame about you that cut off my eyes ♪ >> reporter: nicki minaj complete with a white rabbit. the viewers were promised a beyonce/jay z performance, but they weren't there in the thee yat your, instead performing remotely from the road. ♪ >> reporter: a special humanitarian award went to activist williams commemorating the civil rights act for all those who fought for racial equality. >> to held onto the belief that
8:24 am
we would one day own our own television stations and be what we wanted to do. >> and a tribute to lionel rich richie. ♪ hello is it me you're looking for ♪ >> i have a little motto they i'm going to pass on to everyone today. soul is a feeling, not a color. >> reporter: then one of the night's emotional high points. mr. ritchie taking on the stage and bringing down the house. >> that looks like a great evening. >> i was going to say. it was a late night at my house because i watched every single drop. chris rock was in rare, rare form. >> and you are a lionel richie fan. i heard you singing along. >> i like all that he does.
8:25 am
i love music. like movies >> goods morning, new details in developing story this morning, police are searching for the man who prompted a swat stand-off in holmesburg earlier today. police say they responds today report of attempted rape at gunpoint. and they thought the suspect was barricaded in a home along the 7900 block of mars done street. eventually police officers forced open the door, about 6:00 this morning, but the man was already gone. he remains at large. carol is in with your forecast. >> good morning, hi, everybody. we have some clouds out there this morning, no complaints, though, because will slow the rate of the increase on our temperatures, they'll be increasing all on their own later this afternoon as the clouds lever us little bit. center city philadelphia, right now, 72 degrees. we look at the skies over
8:26 am
pennsylvania, and new jersey. we've got 70 degrees out in reading and notice few clouds out there as well this morning. as these temperatures come into the 70s. storm scan3, no problems in our area, except few clouds, not really problems, then as you head toward scranton, the poconos, few showers are going on up there. partly sunny skies, it will be slightly more humid than yesterday. a lot more humid tomorrow, wednesday, thursday, we could be starting heatwave. and some showers and thunderstorms specially wednesday, and thursday. let's check on these roads right now with bob? >> 8:26. morning, live look at the jam on the blue route, 476, northbound, heavy from saint david's villanova, up to approaching the schuylkill expressway. where there is an accident taken out the left lane, let's go to the next camera, live look at the schuylkill, all right, the burlington bristol bridge had earlier opening, traffic slow on both sides of the river. just about getting back to normal, here is live look at the westbound schuylkill leaving town.
8:27 am
>> next next update at 8:55, gale king's one-on-one interview with director spike lee. for more local news weather traffic and sports, keeping it live, keeping it local on the "cw philly". we're on
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
welcome back to "cbs this morning." coming up in this half hour, today marks a quarter century since the premiere of spike lee's iconic film "do the right thing." lee takes us to the spot in brooklyn where it all began. plus, they do it all day. bright lights, track bags and monitor snowball but some worry they can shed too much light your honor private moments. that's ahead. right now it's time to show you some of this morning's headlines from around the globe. "the wall street journal" says more than two-thirds of young americans would not qualify for military service. the pentagon says many 17- to 24-year-olds are ineligible
8:31 am
because of obesity. no high school diploma or felony convictionses and a growing number don't make it in because of large tattoos. vladimir putin looks at interior design. "time" says it looks like the secret lair of a james bond villain. >> that's one take. the daily news says the u.s. open is watching clothing. women are being told to change their sports bras and other undergar mechblts if they have color in them. this applies to women too. some didn't have a suitable look and they went without. the rapid city journal says you can buy your own town for $400,000. one man lance benson owns swett, south dakota.
8:32 am
it's about two hours outside of rapid city. it includes a bar, trailer. >> and prince harry will get $17 million on his birthday. it's an inheritance from his late mother princess diana but he'll have to pay 40% in estate taxes. >> they say he'll still get about $10 million. that's not bad. 25 years ago spike lee released his first film. it made quite an impression on the first couple. >> sorry we can't be with you but we want to congratulation spike lee and "do the right thing." >> it was the first movie we saw together on our first official date. >> reporter: they sent that video message to the audience at a screening of "do the right thing." the movie challenged our perception of race relations and
8:33 am
put spike lee on the map. we sat down with him in wherelewhere else, brooklyn, new york. we rode with spike lee to the site of his iconic film "do the right thing." >> the entire thing was shot in this block. >> where he turned this corn sbeer a film set. >> this is where the pizzeria was. >> right here where this parking garage is? >> yeah. >> hey. >> ruby dewas wasdee was -- is window she sat out of? >> yes. >> what have i done to you. >> you're a drunk fool. >> lee still hears people call out "do the right thing" when they see him in public. >> do you hear that everywhere you go? >> if i had dollar every time i hear it,'d have more money than your friend. >> he not only wrote it but
8:34 am
mookie. he decided to re-create the scene. >> we'll call it the mookie shot. >> the thing that makes it good is you see the whole life of the block in the shot. so i think mooky walked like -- >> here comes mooky. >> as i've gotten older, i'm as pigeon toed. >> reporter: the movie garnered two nominations and had a whole lot of complexity for racial tensions. some reviewers accuse lee of lighting a powder keg as the film reach as crescendo with a riot. >> if people read the reviews of preposterous charges that black
8:35 am
people come out of the theater rioting. >> that you would cause chaos with this film. >> i was the filmmaker and i played mookie, black people were not smart enough to make a distinction between what was on the screen and what happens in real life. >> and years later you're still angry about that. >> yeah. because it's racist. >> roger ebert says do the right thing coming closer to reflecting the current state of race relations in the america than any other movie of our time. is that what you were trying to do? >> i wasn't just trying to tell a story but one of the criticisms of "do the right thing" is that the failure of the film is that i have an' for racism. originally we were going to do the film at pair month pictures. they didn't like the ending.
8:36 am
>> so what did you do? >> we werchlt to universal pictures. and they said all right. >> just like that. >> just like that. >> you could have changed the ending. >> if i changed the ending, you wouldn't be here. none of us would be here. >> the other thing that struck me about "do the right scene," the opening scene was perez. where did that come from? >> that came from -- may mother. my fiancee didn't like movies. i was all my mother's movie date so my mother took me to see "bye-bye birdie." >> with ann margaret. >> with ann margaret. that's where it comes from. >> was there something you learned while filming "do the right thing" that has sort of guided you through the today. >> this was the first time i felt comfortable working with an actress. i did not feel comfortable
8:37 am
working with the actress "she's got to have it." same thing on "school days" because i didn't have the experience. >> were you a confident filmmaker back then? >> oh, very confident. very confident. >> i wondered about that because as long as i've known you, you've always been supremely confident. >> look. i'm not superman. everybody has their doubts. i'll tell you this. fifth grade, i had notebooks where all i did was practice autographs? >> for what? >> for what i was going to do in life. >> people would know your name. >> yes. >> did you know it with us going to be hard? >> i knew it was going to be hard but what's easy? i've never, ever, ever run away from hard work. >> hay also said at the america black film festival that because of you you noticed a lack of diversity behind the camera and
8:38 am
you made it a point to change that. >> well, i knew that if i ever got the opportunity to hire people, i was going to high qualified people of color. that's the thing. that's the thing that people talk about affirmative action. they can go in any corner and like pick up the first joe shmoe that's black or hispanic. >> yeah. >> no. if you're not qualified, i'm not hiring you. >> when you were in school and you were starting out, you're a morehouse man. >> morehouse college. >> were you a lady's man? >> half point was me. >> how tall are you? >> 5'5". >> i don know if that's a good look, spike. >> i'm telling you the truth. >> what does it mean to you
8:39 am
personally to do the right thing? is it your favorite film? >> it's up there because i think most artists -- not all but most artists want to make work that stands the test of time and this film does. >> it really does. i watched it, guys. i watched it last week. it still holds up. spike lee has made 30 movies, one movie every single year. >> it was a great piece. >> thanks. i talked to his college professor because he said he was not a good student. i called the college professor. he said he was great student. he said he may not have been a great student but he was a great storyteller. he graded his paper first because he thought if spike lee got it then everybody got it too. he was sure of getting it acr s across. that's quite a testament.
8:40 am
>> but he wasn't at confident as spike lee was himself. >> did he get an automobile? >> yes. >> he's at nyu. he received tenure last week. he said that's the greatest honor of all the things that have happened to him in his life. >> that's an interesting piece. ahead, how
8:41 am
8:42 am
8:43 am
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he has been called the lemon ninja. that's because of his incredible knife skills. take a look at this. it looks like a scene from a popular video game, fruit ninja. the worker tosses the lemon in the air and cuts it. in a minute he cut slooiss about 140 lemons. the video was put up two days ago. it has nearly 300,000 hits. we say, please do not try ts at home. can you see somebody says i'm going to try that. no. he's a professional. >> hand/eye coordination. >> that's right. more places are switching to l.e.d. bulbs. now they're turning them into networks. it also raises privacy concerns. >> reporter: should you find yourself in terminal b at newark airport, look up. those aren't just new lights. they're smart lights.
8:45 am
a sophisticated array of l.e.d.s and built-in cameras connected over a wireless network. that i monitor security, foot traffic. >> newark is primarily interested in energy savings. >> he's president of the silicon company that developed the smart lites at newark and this parking garage in san jose. >> so these lights, they sense that we're walking? >> yeah. there's a motion sensor in each individual light. >> what does this do as far as energy? >> this week we saved about $3,500 or over $182,000 a year in energy savings just from this. >> reporter: across the globe cities are phasing out old incandescent and sodium bulb and replacing them with l.e.d.s. that's the smart part. they're also 90% more efficient, longer lasting, and much
8:46 am
brighter. >> whoa. that is bright. >> reporter: there are about 4 billion outside lights. imagine all of them connected to one global network. >> this is one of the few places in the country where it's been this silicon valley building using it primarily for security. and here's how it works. there are 40 lamp posts in this lot holding 83 l.e.d. lights that is tracking and recording my every move. >> we use license plate recognition and we also can detect people. >> reporter: kevin kirk is involved with this company. the company plans to install smart lights at their companies across the country. >> everything goes into the cloud so we can access anything from nebraska. the future is limitless for this technology.
8:47 am
>> reporter: the smart light network has the ability to spot an unattended bag at an airport, alert security, show drivers to empty parking spaces, alert shoppers to sales as they walk past retailers. they can be retrofitted to monitor pollution. sniff out a dirty bomb before it spews information. >> there's no information to what you can gather. >> yep. >> therein lies the problem. in the future the smart network could track everyplace we go, everything we buy, everything we do. >> it sounds rather yore orwellian. >> wouldn't the parents be concerned if there could be analytics on objects that could be guns coming into the school? wouldn't that be a good thing? >> reporter: this doctor with
8:48 am
the defense university in washington says technology is evolving faster than our . >> it's your information that's at risk out there. >> reporter: is the technology getting ahead of us? >> if we don't have the technology, we won't confront the issues and we won't figure out the right way. >> reporter: with a smart light network, the future can be bright if we're smart about how we use it. for "cbs this morning," bill wit kerks sunkerr whittaker, sunnyvale, california. big brother is watching. >> true. up next, there's something in the water at america's favorite vacation destinations and tomorrow on "cbs this morning" mark wahlberg talks transformers. his character in "age of
8:49 am
distinction" is very protective of his daughter. that's ahead on "cbs this morning."
8:50 am
8:51 am
8:52 am
the first great white shark of the year was found off the coast of cape cod. a volunteer organization tracks these great whites to see how many return year to year. and here's the good news. biologists say sharks rarely attack people and sightings are nothing to worry about. i guess we've been watching too many movies. i'm terrified. i didn't know they rarely attack. >> i've been hearing that. >> now we know. >> all of that and more. that does it for us. great to have you, margaret.
8:53 am
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with the goodness of olive oil. >> good morning, i'm erika von tiehl. the search underway for missing swimmer offer ocean city, the coast guards has a chopper and a ship looking for the 14 year old boy. he was swimming off of ninth street yesterday evening, with others, when apparent rip current caught them. the others made it back to shore, there was no lifeguard on duty, at the time. right now we want your forecast with carol in for kate think morning. >> well, good morning to you, erika, hi, everybody. we have some clouds over philadelphia, right now. the temperatures are warming up slowly, and we're into the lower 70s right now. we have storm scan3 showing few showers around the poconos. but for us, it is just some cloud cover, and it looks like we will probably be staying dry here today. seventy-one in philadelphia, trenton, and wilmington, the i95 corridor, very consistent,
8:56 am
and as we look at the high for the day, 88 degrees, partly sunny skies, it will be a little more humid than it was yesterday. but not nearly as humid as it will be getting. tuesday's high temperature right around 90 degrees, we do pick up the humidity, and then wednesday we pick up stormy weather and temperatures of 93 degrees, they'll feel far hotter than that, thursday, more stormy weather, 90 degrees, and then by friday, fourth of july, could be finding some showers, maybe even thunderstorm, if we cool down little bit. checking the roads with bob. >> 8:56. live look at the blue route, extra heavy for the gang headed northbound this morning, between broomall, upper darby, headed up towards the schuylkill expressway, all balls after earlier accident, a live look at the next camera, platt bridge from the airport camera, no problems or delays at all up and over the platt. ninety-five right near the airport looking good, however, 59 south still heavy cottman avenue in through girard. that's the construction zone. delays on the schuylkill, westbound, from city out toward belmont avenue. and one accident just popped up here, wilson road, but
8:57 am
between 202 and collins drive. erika, back over to you. >> bob, thank you. that's eyewitness fuse for now. talk philly coming up at noon on cbs36789 i'm erika von tiehl. hope you have a great morning.
8:58 am
8:59 am
9:00 am
ws, we are talking about it here on the "the doctors." >> dangerous trends on the rise every teen parent needs to know. >> ne if i have teenage children -- >> the first time could be the last. >> dangerous cell phone apps. >> kids are meeting up with quick one night stands. >> i think it is dangerous. >>iver water in your beer. >> this has happened. these are r grotesque scary pictures. >> obese barbie andables make her gag. it is time for rocco dispirito's veggie


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