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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  July 1, 2014 2:07am-2:38am EDT

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♪ from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news". now at 11:00 o'clock, tragedy at a local creek. a teenager goes for a summer swim with friends but he does not make it out alive. >> good evening i'm chris may. >> i'm jessica dean. this happened in tacony creek in the juniata park section of philadelphia. "eyewitness news" reporter todd
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quinones is live at northeast detectives with more on the tragedy and an important warni warning. >> jessica police are worried more kids could dye this summer if they don't stay out of area creeks. they tell me what happened here this evening clearly it is sad, it is tragic. but it was also very preventib preventible. philadelphia police officers and firefighters jumped into the muddy waters of the tacony creek to try and pull the teen out. >> there wasn't much of a current. we couldn't see the bottom. we just had to feel along bottom. >> just before 64:00 teenagers were swimming in a dangerous spot along the tacony creek on fishers lane just off ramona avenue in juniata park. is a 15 year old boy went under this bridge in eight to 10 feet of water. police say he couldn't swim. >> and he went under and did not resurface. >> reporter: after the initial attempts failed firefighters did find the 15 year old and pulled him out hoping to save his life. >> he was completely unconscio unconscious. he was put in the back of a
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rescue squad. medic worked on him. they worked on him for long time but tragically he was pronounced dead. >> reporter: 15 year old lived at the few blocks away. despite signs warning people to stay out this remains a popular place for kids to cool off. but police say the seemingly tranquil surface hides hidden dangers. muddy waters conceal rocks, tree branches even shopping carts underwater. >> i grew up about two blocks away, i think i can actually see the house where i grew up, and this was nutter yous back here for bad spot to swim rt. >> so it's tollly different than swimming pool where the water is calm you can see the bottom. and swimming pool there's often lifeguards on locations. >> reporter: detectives here enter viewed the three other surviving teens who tried to help and at this point it this appears to have been an accidental drowning. reporting live tonight from northeast detectives todd quinones cbs-3 "eyewitness new news". >> such a sad story, todd, thank you. in ocean city, the coast guard suss seasoned its search for a teen who disappear in the
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ocean more than 24 hours ago. the 14 year old boy got caught in a rip current while swimming with friends last week near the ninth street jetty. lifeguards were not on duty when he disappeared. police have not row leased his name but we are told he's from philadelphia. >> now to the weather. our temperatures will soon be on the rise. we're talking about one of the hottest weeks we've seen in quite awhile. meteorologist indicate bilo is in tonight out on the sky deck with more on the heat and humidity this coming our way. kate? thank you chris. as if on queue the calendar turns to july and the heat and humidity really ramping up across the area tomorrow and especially on wednesday. and then we're tracking the threat for tropical trouble just in time for the fourth of july holiday. let's take look what's happening right now. you can see on storm scan3 no problems in fact there's actually kind of nice breeze out here the sky deck. not a bad night tonight. but we do have a slow moving cold front you can see producing very nasty storms over the state ofly now right now into portions of wisconsin into michigan as well and another area to watch
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this off the coast of florida an area of disturbed weather which currently has an 80% chance of developing into first a tropical depression and then eventually probably by the middle of the week at least tropical storm arthur. the first named storm in this season. in the atlantic. temperatures right now are comfortable still warm at 76 at the airport. 75 degrees in trenton right now. 74 in wilmington. and the heat and humidity again really ramping up as the jet stream lifts to the north and as that slow moving cold front heads our way it will pump in this warm moist air from the south and west and the temperatures just continue to rise through the rest of this week in fact take look at our heat index values tomorrow afternoon it's going to feel like the mid 90s in many locations. sea breeze breeze should kick in the afternoon helping the shore points cool off. notice on wednesday afternoon it feels like the triple digits in many spots. so really, really oppressive heat and humidity. the humidity certainly has to be factored in here when we're talking about our heat index values just going to make it feel a whole lot worse than the thermometer would have you believe.
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so as far as our weather headlines we are track something storms that front will eventually get who are by midweek. storms around and then that system in the tropics could just enhance the shower and thunderstorm activity and could impact your fourth of july plans? i'll have your full "eyewitness weather" seven day forecast coming up in just a bit. for now, jessica and chris, back to you. >> hot stuff out there, kate, thank you very much. >> we often hear about the ease and convenience of laptops but tonight, we hear about the danger. elizabeth hur talked with bucks county woman who was burned when her laptop exploded. >> reporter: fire officials say it is not yet clear what went wrong but preliminarily it looks as if the battery pack inside the laptop much like this one it blew up like bomb. >> here's the computer. >> reporter: from just a quick glance it's difficult to tell how this laptop caused this much damage. >> these were all on fire. next thing i knew my shirt was on fire. i grabbed that and took that off and i think that's when i searched my hair. >> reporter: even with her
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searched hair, burned face, arm and foot, loretta of langhorne manor considers herself lucky. this is essentially where if i turn this around -- >> it would go somehow in here. >> reporter: she says she's grateful she and her disabled husband escaped worse injuries when she says her laptop exploded sunday afternoon. >> it blew up and it flipped my computer back and testifying like the battery pack and all cam out this way. >> reporter: debris she says flew clear across the room six to 8 feet. >> i've been a volunteer firefighter for almost 25 years and fire chief in my 14th and i've never seen anything exploding laptop before. first time ever encountered that incident. >> reporter: could have been a lot worse. this was her first laptop. a gift from her daughter. she says she's had it for six years without a problem. and getting another is a possibility. but she will not be testing her luck again. >> i would take the battery out every night because whoever thought this would happen once
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and i would never take the chance of it happening a second time because i was lucky this time. >> reporter: laptop in this case is from dell and the company issued this statement dell will take appropriate steps to investigate this incident. it is also important to note that in our product documentation, dell tells customers that using an incompatible battery or a third-party battery may increase the risk of fire or explosion ". now the victim here says she did replace her battery about three years ago. but she is not sure if the replacement is from dell. officials here say this case remains under investigation. reporting from langhorne, i'm elizabeth hur cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> new at 11:00 o'clock tonight, the suspect in the cruel brutal video taped beating of a mother was arrested to night. "eyewitness news" in salem as la tia harris turned herself in. she is the woman investigators say is in that cell phone video attacking a woman in front of
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her two year old son. it's believed the two women worked together at a salem city mc donald's. harris is charged with aggravated assault and making terroristic threats. >> philadelphia police need your help as they try to track down this man. he was caught on surveillance cameras breaking into the lofts apartment on south street. he got away with cash and jewelry that he stole from several apartments. investigators don't have much else to go on. if you recognize anything in this video, you're asked to call police. >> breaking right now. with less than an hour till the deadline lawmakers in harrisburg just passed a new $29.1 billion budget. it's not clear whether republican governor tom corbett will sign that measure before the fiscal end -- year ends at midnight. earlier tonight, the philadelphia school reform commission had to approve a budget not knowing just how much money it would get from the state. that district's $2.5 billion budget commission passed to night includes a $93 million place holder.
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>> we're just trying to make the urgent point that there's a $96 million gap we're facing, and it is -- it is extremely important that that gap be filled so that we can provide the children of the city with the resources they need. >> the superintendent says without those funds the district might have to lay off hundreds of teachers. there's outrage in the middle east and here at home tonight after three missing israeli teens who disappeared earlier this month were found dead. one of this teenagers had a dual citizenship in israel and the united states. prime minister netanyahou said hamas is responsible and hamas will pay. >> president obama is sending more troops to iraq as the crisis in that country worsens. he ordered the deployment of 200 military personnel to protect the us embassy in baghdad. reports of a large battle just northeast of the capital city. during which iraqi security forces were able to seize
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control of a crucial highway. landmark ruling from the supreme court today on contraception and whether companies can be forced to provide it. the high court ruled that certain for profit companies cannot be forced to provide contraception coverage to employees in their health care plans. this case was brought by the owners of hobby lobby and lancaster based conestoga woods inspects. the afford care act provided -- required them to provide coverage for birth control. the plaintiffs argued that violated their religious beliefs. >> we're truly thank you will for the decision that allowed to us operate our familyus according to our principals. >> they are certainly not her boss' decision. >> the specific contraceptives at issue included the morning after pill and iud's. the white house said that today's decision creates health
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risks for women and congress should take action to make sure they get coverage what do you think of the supreme court's ruling today? there's an on on-going conversation on facebook. look for us cbs philly on facebook and twitter. tonight, we take to you places you probably never seen before. >> these are dangerous places if you're not trained. >> to go where very few people and to to see what mother nature has created right underneath our feet is just pretty spectacular. we go under the water with locals with a local couple that traveled the world going on dangerous and drama adventures. >> also on the way here at 11:00 o'clock another massive recall involving millions of vehicles from general motors. >> kate? >> and we've got the threat of tropical trouble just in time for the fourth of july. could have our very first named storm of the atlantic hurricane season. i'll tell you how it could impact us coming up. >> and facebook play with your feelings? the social networking
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site now admits it messed with your mind.
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>> delaware man is in custody tonight accused of stealing hundreds of dollars of frozen chicken and then attacking a person who caught him. police say that ronald johnson took that chicken from a delivery truck in wilmington. then tried to stash it at a nearby daycare. when one of the daycare workers confront thed him there he allegedly slashed in man with 95. police chased down the man on foot and made the arrest. >> more trouble tonight for general motors. the author tow maker is recalling 8 million more vehicles because of a faulty ignition switch. that news comes on the same day the company announced its compensation program for the victims of the same problem. the ignition problem has been linked to at least dozen deaths. this latest gm recall involves compact and midsized cars from model years 1997 to 2014 and it brings the total number of vehicles recalled to 29 million.
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>> facebook may have tinker with your news feed and your mood to prove a point. the company says that it's secretly conduct add massive psychological experiment on nearly 700,000 of its users. social media giant man mated the news feed section of people's pages to learn if negative or positive postings affected their moods and if emotions can actually be spread on social media. they found that indeed moods can be contagious. facebook is being criticized but stands by the experiment saying that it did nothing wrong. >> in florida, hundreds of sharks swarmed the waters of pensacola. the view from high above the water there. bull sharks, black tips, a sand shark or two, maybe nature love's dream but it could be a swimmer's nightmare. >> floating weight lesley hearing nothing and surrounded by darkness. it might sound like outerspace but it's actually right here on earth and tonight we'll take you
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where few go safely underwater with a couple from delaware county. and what you'll see is truly amazing. ♪ >> the images are spectacular. a crevice barely wider than a person's beckoning you inside. rock formation that is blot out the sun. a floor like an erie moonscape. >> a world where you have all this technology at your fingertips and you can explore the world on something like google earth. there's parts that you still can't see. >> unless you go underwater. if the ocean had astronauts that's what david and becky would be. this husband and wife team based outside philadelphia traveled the world and award winning underwater photographers. they've been hundreds of feet deep off the new jersey coast. got under ice in the arctic. even helped explore ship wrecks. >> caves are one of the only few places left on earth yet that have been unexplored. >> on this day they're eagles
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nest florida one of the most spectacular underwater caves in the country. you have to drive for miles deep into a wooded state park to even find it. >> one of the deepest caves in florida and it's easily accessible. >> everyone calls it the mount everett of cave diving. that is a huge draw by itself. it's deep, it's dark. >> multiple signs warn the untrained to go back wearing specialized cave diving gear david, becky and fellow divers slip under the laci looking layer of rock. daylight disappears as they sing deeper. eventually eagles nest opens into a so-called ballroom more than 300 feet deep and empty ball the size of half a stadium. >> you have quiet, solitude, but yet there's places to go and excitement at the same time. >> if you're in trouble only a single rope line exists to guide you out. follow it the wrong way, you'll run out of air and die. >> these are dangerous places if you're not trained. >> last christmas darren and his 15 year old son drowned in eagle
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nest. the father was only certified to dive in the ocean. this son was not certified to dive at all. >> go to that crack to your le left. >> for expert cave divers eagles nest is one of the best sightseeing trips in the world. >> i've been in caves where there have been less people in the cave than in walked on the moon. >> just amazing underwater world. i mean to go where very few people go and to see what mother nature has created right underneath our feet is just pretty spectacular. >> isn't that amazing david and becky are wrapping up a shoot in bermuda right now she's headed to the arctic for another underwater adventure. you can see more of their work at >> what a magnificent experience that would be. beautiful. >> it's so rare to be in that part of the world. also so dangerous. you really have to know what you're doing. you can get into trouble very quickly. >> no doubt about it. crazy. >> that water that deep is
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really cold. which would feel good on a hot day like today and tomorrow. >> it definitely will feel good as long as you have the proper training. >> and tools x exactly. >> again you want to be safe. we've heard again terrible story today just about cooling off in a creek and the dangers associated with that and of course those dangers are magnified here in summertime and over the neck couple of days we'll be dealing with a lot of heat an lot of humidity the heat could get dangerous and of itself here especially by wednesday. let's take look what's happening outside tonight. you can see the shore line all lit up here in atlantic city. looking pretty nice there tonight a lot of folks out still walking on the boardwalk or maybe doing some casino hopping here in atlantic city tonight looking good outside. and a lot of folks down this week. sea breeze should help the shore points stay a little bit more comfortable tomorrow and wednesday and then we will be feeling here in the city. take look at storm scan3 which is clear in our neck of the woods. as we zoom out bit you can see pretty nasty looking line of thunderstorms still impacting portions of northern and central illinois moving through the
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chicago area right now and this front, this system producing these storm will slowly move toward us as we go through the rest of the week. we've got this air of disturbed weather will be tropical storm arthur as we do through the middle of the week. our first named storm in the 2014 atlantic hurricane season and could impact us at least indirectly by the end of of the week. he is special physical you're down the shore. 76 right now at the airport. 73 degrees in millville. pretty comfortable night. breeze out there. it's not as steamy as it will be tomorrow. but we welcome july with oppressive heat and humidity also strong storms heading or way from the west especially getting here wednesday into thursday. though they will be scattered in nature. and tropical moisture lifting up the eastern seaboard from this developing system. now of course there are a lot of factor that is play here. here's the area of disturbed weather 80% chance of tropical development it will move up the eastern seaboard but it will eventually be pushed out to sea by that front and all depends on how quickly the front gets here could push it farther enough out it's not real many big impact
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for us. stay close enough to the coast it coproduce gusty winds, rough surf and rip currents by the end of the week. we'll keep you posted. as far as dew points are concerned look at this dew points tomorrow in the low 70s. on wednesday, mid 70s. and that will take us right up into the inn suffer rabble range right at the top of the range we generally don't see dew points much higher than the mid 70s here in philadelphia. so that just means whatever the thermometer tells you especially on wednesday add about 10 degrees to that to get what it feels like outside. overnight partly cloudy and muggy down to 70 degrees. for your tuesday, hot and humid. high 90. feeling like upper 99s with isolated thunderstorm around. and here's your "eyewitness weather" seven day forecast and shore cast. wednesday very hot, very humid. the high 93 with thunderstorms around thursday. we're at 88 degrees. showers and thunderstorms. and a shower chance again on friday. for the fourth of july but looks like another nice weekend. now you can have your weather on the go any time with the new cbs philly weather app check life
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radar get severe weather alerts and much, much more. i was off last week and used it all to time to see what my colleagues were saying much it's available for download for apple products and the android version is coming soon.
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>> athletes used performance end hasn'ting drugs when they are afraid they can't stand up to the competition without cheati cheating. lack of heart, or muscle they feel something is missing. reports say lane johnson tested positive and will miss the first four games of the season. it's a major set back for all concerned. lane played in all 16 games after being selected in the first round last year. >> to the sixers now they start practice tomorrow and summer league competition saturday in orlando. we will see nerlins noel. we will not see joel embiid. you know the story. the third overall pick will likely miss the season recovering from foot surgery. the team jumped on a chance to
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collect talent despite his injury and he can't believe he's a 76er. >> ed commissioners called my name. i've been excited. i'm so happy, and, you know, i just realize my dream and i still can't believe it but i know it's true. >> fyi former st. joe's all american jameer nelson was released by the orlando magic. he was a casualty. $6 million saved $6 million by releasing him. he played 10 years for the magic and is the team's all-time assist leader. jameer was the last player remaining from that 2009nba finals team. we wish him the best. >> phillies start 10 game road trip tomorrow in miami. good thing they are leaving town. the home record is just 18-27. ♪ >> team u.s. a will add another
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weapon back into the lineup tomorrow. when they face belgium in the world cup. forward josie altidore has been cleared to play after missing the last two games with a hamstring strain. wish him the best. we'll be right back.
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>> al two months in rehab rob ford is back on the job tonight. >> he took leave to seek help with his problems with drugs and alcohol. earlier today he apologized. >> i am ashamed. embarrassed. and humiliated. i can proudly say today that i have begun the process of taking control of my life. >> rob ford his return today wasn't without some controversy. he did ban members of the media from that press conference and he refused to take any questions. we'll be right back. ♪
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>> thanks for watching "eyewitness news" at 11:00 o'clock. we're back in the morning ukee and erika. for beasley, kate and everyone here at "eyewitness news". i'm chris may. >> i'm jessica dean. the lay show is next with louie
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ck and the cast of rocky. have a good night. we'll see you tomorrow. >> announcer: the proceeding program is a paid advertisement for lifelock identity theft protection. today on "living well with montel"... >> something was terribly, terribly wrong. >> announcer: when the fraudulent bills started showing up, it was bad. >> i had not applied for any of these things. >> announcer: what happened next was worse. >> the woman told me, "the credit cards have been activated from your home phone." >> announcer: 30 years ago, she was a hardworking single mom fresh from college, so why couldn't she open a line of credit? >> finding out that i was $112,000 in debt was devastating. >> announcer: three decades later, it happened again. it's identity theft, one of the fastest growing crimes in america. it's not just a fraudulent charge that your bank or credit-card company will fix. it's so much more. >> the police could not help me. >> announcer: once thieves have your information, they can steal your money, ruin your credit, and turn your life upsdo


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