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tv   Eyewitness News at 530  KYW  July 1, 2014 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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alive. they are getting major help back on ben: hear how the teams. >> my man's hamose all healed. get ready for steamy and sticky summer day, already hot out there in center city this morning. and it is only going to get worse. good morning, everyone, let's get your traffic and weather together. start with justin, good morning, everybody. >> good morning, everyone, waking up to some sunshine, this morning, dry conditions, that's great news, but it is already very warm and humid, quick check on storm scan3, no threat of any rain over the next few hours, so, quiet start to the morning, but into the afternoon, because so much humidity around, we'll -- can't rule out isolated shower or storm, temperatures will soar to the 90s, talk about how long the heat and humidity will last coming up in the forecast in just few more minutes, so let's get a check on the traffic the good morning. >> good morning, 5:30, tuesday, off to pretty good start. roads are dry. another hot one for the morning rush. outside, live look as we say good morning to the 42 freeway, headlights coming in toward philadelphia, light volume so far between the
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atlantic city expressway headed in toward bellmawr, new jersey, and otherwise, 95, the schuylkill expressway, we check the rest of the roads and mass transit coming up ukee, erika, back over to you. >> here we go. everybody's all fired up and ready for this afternoon's world cup match between the us and belgium. huge watch parties scheduled for stadiums in chicago and miami, and of course, many right here in the philadelphia area. koem has more now from new york. >> the us team is confident a win against belgium isn't too far out of reach. >> i think we have a good plan to go into the game to play them. >> we're not satisfied. just getting to the round of 16, everyone do more. >> the first time since 2002 that the stars and stripes are trying to advance to the world cup quarterfinals. >> i want to wish the us team a loft luck in the game of competition. >> josie out the door will be available to play today, after strange his hamstring last month.
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but, the belgium team could come to battle without their injured captain. >> the belgium, they have a lot of quality players, but at the same time i think we play the best of our ability. we can get the right results. >> americans will be cheering on their team, in chicago, thousands of soccer fans are expected to sell out sold err fields. >> a lot of steaks. everybody recognizes that, sure will be crowded. >> team usa has to win today or will get knocked out and have to head home. keem for cbs-3, "eyewitness news". now, a loft people are getting into the spirit for today's game against the belgium including the waffle house. the restaurant proved it is all american by simply tweeting: we don't believe in belgium waffles. in fact, they are never on the menu at the waffle howls. i didn't know. that will so, have to find another game deal meal. see if usa can take victory later today. >> that's fantastic, we don't believe in belgium watches. your time right now coming up on 5:33, we want to get
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traffic and weather together. >> that's right, hot, humid day today, typical july weather, and maybe stick around, talk about shower, thunderstorms chances returning in the forecast, as well, but waking to up dry conditions, we take you out to our neighborhood network, up to royersford, pope john paul high school, we put this into motion, a loft stars out through the overnight, and the sun coming up, in just a few high clouds in the view, royersford, at 70 degrees.fw so, elsewhere looking pretty mild this morning, our pollen report, good news therefore the allergy sufferers remainsont several days, and also talk about some rain chances, coming in wednesday, thursday, into friday, helps clean out the atmosphere, as well, good news there if you have problems with the allergies. but as far as temperatures go, it will be very hot, storm scan3 dry right now, could see the pop up shower, storm, later. 73 degrees at the airport, in philadelphia, 72, in allentown, low 70s at the shore, the suburbs, starting to warm up, 68 degrees, and
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quakertown, 70, in doylestown. so, through the day today, temperatures quickly climbing to the mid 80s by noontime. partly sunny, it will be humid, now, late afternoon, possibility of that shower or thunderstorm, temperatures well to the upper 80s. getting close to 90 for the high temperature in philadelphia, some relief at the sharp, a loft sunshine there, low 80s, even the poconos, looking pretty nice there, low 80s, chance for shower or storm. we will talk about how long the heat lasts coming up in the seven day forecast, in just a bit. but don't forget, you can get your weather on the go with the new cbs philly weather app. just download it now on the app store. and yes, coming soon to android. now, a check of the traffic with bob. good morning, bob. >> good morning, everybody, 5:34, on a tuesday, off to good start for this early morning. rush hour. going outside, the roads are dry, live look here at i95, headlights headed northbound. no problems there. but look in the background, there police still on the scene of an accident taking out two of the three lanes of the inner drive. as you head south, down toward
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philly international. otherwise, the blue route, 476, looking good here. no problems at all coming through the toll plaza, headed down toward the schuylkill expressway. now, couple of problems in the neighborhood. kings highway eastbound, blocked at lincoln avenue. in bellmawr, all balls after overnight accident with the downed pole and wires. they're doing some work all day today, conshohocken state road, will be blocked, from manayunk over to rock hill. use lancaster avenue, and expect delays through the morning, and midday with that construction project. and if you are crossing town, the fifth street tunnel, that takes you underneath the ben franklin bridge, will be closed throughout the day. between arch and vine. so use third street there. as far as mass transit goes, the route 11 trolley using shuttle buses, seven's and woodland over to darby. route 13 also terminating at the yeadon loop. otherwise mass transit looking good. back to you. >> thank you. time now 5:35. business news this morning, robots in the news room. >> and, a lot of recall news, money watch's jill wagner
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joins us now at the new york stock exchange with those stories and more, jill, good morning. good morning, ukee, erika. lots of car news to talk about today. gm is issuing more recalls, once again, for faulty ignition switches. they cover more than 7 million cars in the u.s., dating book 1997, including the chevy malibu, pontiac grant pre and the cadillac cts. gm is urging people to remove everything from their key rings, until the cars can be fixed. now there is comes as gm announced plans to compensate victims and families of its initial switch recall. kenneth fine berg the consultant hired by gm said under his plan any driver, passengers or pedestrian involved in an ignition switch related crash are eligible. fine berg is expecting thousands of claims with compensation starting at $1 million for families of those who died. meanwhile, chrysler is expanding its recall to fix faulty ignition switches.
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the auto maker is adding about 700,000 mini advance and suv's to 2011 recall, that includes dodge journey's, and chrysler town and country, from 2007 to 2009. we'll see if the recalls are impacting car sales. today, major automakers will release their latest sales figures on wall street yesterday, the dow fell 25 points, the nasdaq was up ten. and, say hello to robot reporters. the associated press wire service says that computer program will now write most ofs stories. the ap says the move won't cut jobs, but it will let journalists do more in-depth reporting. ukee, erika? >> robot reporters in. >> i don't know if i look where we're going with this. >> i am not digging the sound of it. >> i definitely do not. >> not digging it. thank you, jill, appreciate t other news, developing right now, governor tom corbett is holding off on signing pedestrian pedestrian -- pennsylvania's budget for the new fiscal year which starts today.
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twenty-nine-point -- the $29 billion spending plan passed the senate late last night, no new taxes, but governor corbett sun happy over the lack of pension reformment the budget sets aside close to $1.7 billion to pay the state share of pension obligations, for state and school employees. now, in a statement, the governor says, quote, for the single parent who struggles to pay, the bills every day for the child going to school, who deserves a quality education, for the elderly couple living on affixed income, i will continue to fight for pension reform and real relief for pennsylvania taxpayers. end quote. now, last night philadelphia school reform commission approved a budget not knowing how much monty will get from harrisburg. the district's $2.5 billion budget includes $93 million place holder. during yesterday's debate in harrisburg, state senator vincent hughes pushed for more funding for philadelphia schools. >> and the fact that the largest school district in the commonwealth of pennsylvania, we have to beg this
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administration, beg the governor, to allow us to tax our own citizens more since they can't come to the governor for help. >> philadelphia school superintendent, doctor bill hite says if it doesn't get the money the district might have to layoff hundreds of teachers. happening today, if you're busted talking or text action on your cell phone while driving in new jersey, it is going to cost you some big bucks. first time offends letters now face to up $200 fine. second time offense doubles to $400. drivers who are caught a third time, they'll get 600-dollar ticket, a possible 90 day drivers license suspension, and three points on their license. so, if you need an extra incentive, put the phone down. there go. >> bamm. there you go. we all put our pants on one leg at a time. >> really? not everyone. >> what? >> you have to see some viral video after guy getting dressed hands free. >> common. >> this is great. do you have stick around for this. >> also, charred desk left behind after bucks county woman's laptop explodes.
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find out why she considers herself very lucky, after this huge scare. >> plus, tarp trouble, when some ground keepers run into problems during a rain delay. more stunning video from the severe storms in the midwest. justin, are you tracking them? >> yes, some of the showers, storms, will return to our forecast, because it will be so hot and humid. we'll break down the details coming up when we return.
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>> oh, how about this video from cedar rapids, eye owe would. severe storm blew through the area, 08-mile per hour winds blew the tarp all over the baseball field. several injuries were reported, as women, to the grounds crew, and members of the team's front office who tried to help put the tarp on the field. the injuries include few concussions and one separated
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shoulder. boy, that is something to see! let's get our traffic and weather together. on the 3's, jd, will any of that be part of arriere. >> well, ukee, actually going to track that system in here next 24, 48 hours, looks like wednesday, best shot to see some stronger thunderstorms moving into our area with heavy rain, possibly some strong gusty winds. this morning looks very nice. check these guys out, enjoying the sunrise in ocean sit, good place to be, temperatures pretty comfortable right now, 70s, good morning, get that morning work out, maybe go for jog on the beach. nice and dry, just some clouds streaming through the delaware valley. line of some showers, storms, across the ohio vale. most of the showers and storm activity stays to the west today. but, with all of the heat and humidity, still can't rule out isolated storm this afternoon. watching the tropics, this is tropical depression one, blowing up over the bahamas, actually moving southward, but eventually will track to the north, and northeast, off the coast. but till close enough to bring some moisture in here, late in the week. so, here's the is he up. hot, humid today, wednesday. wednesday afternoon, thursday,
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best shot for showers and storms as this front comes eastward. then kind of links up with the tropical system, so we get added moisture, from whatever this system is, could be tropical storm asker arthur, late in the week, friday still shower chances specially at the shore, fortunately for the fourth of july. but improving weather later friday night into the weekend. today isolated storm possible, better chances for showers, storms, wednesday. forecast high today, up around 90 degrees, very humid it, will feel warmer with the humidity. tonight, muggy, shower or storm early, low 73, and the extended forecast, low 90s, on wednesday, could feel like over 100 degrees wednesday afternoon, with the humidity, and again, shower, storm chances wednesday, thursday, even into friday, but for fourth every july weekends does look better saturday, sunday, we get the sunshine back out, temperatures mid 80s, near average with lower humidity. >> all right, sunshine. >> thank you, my man. >> guess what today is? >> oh, oh, what's today? >> officially the halfway point of 2014. >> i was thinking about that the other day.
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>> but also, more importantly, it is the beginning of national ice cream month. >> oh, oh,. >> is it really? i think you should have the flavor of the day every day. you should bring it. >> okay, little cups, little courtesy cups for everybody, little spoons in there. good morning, everybody, 5:45. on a tuesday morning, flip that calendar, and let's go outside. live look at the schuylkill expressway, looking good on this first day every july. no problems at all, the headlights are head out of town, passing our camera, near conshohocken, light volume, as i said it yesterday, i think we'll see it again today there is week is that change-over week. big vacation week. a loft folks get chance to take four days, and you cash in the holiday on friday. other folks will use the same deal next week, like me, use the holiday and take all of next week, and take an extended vacation to the next two weeks here, i think, we'll see a lot of unusual traffic patterns, on our major roadways, take this out, the sun beginning to rise here, over route one, up in bucks county, head north up toward the trenton-morrisville bridge.
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overnight construction, still out there on the new jersey turnpike, southbound at exit number three, until about 7:00 this morning. and that ongoing project along eagle road right at radnor road, will tie us up 9:00 to 3:00 today. construction coming our way, extra, as if we don't have enough. south on 95, right near center city, throughout the dayment don't forget stay to update with construction delays and all of the backups, new app tile recalled your drive, download it for the android and android devices by going to drive. back to you. >> thank you, the cast of the exploding computer is baffeling fire investigators, in bucks county. a laptop caught fire and burned in middletown township woman. "eyewitness news" reporter elizabeth hur spoke with her. >> fire officials say it is not yet clear what went wrong, but preliminarilly looks as if the battery pack inside the laptop much like this one, it blue up, like a bomb. >> here is the computer. >> from just a quick glance, it is difficult to tell how
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this laptop caused this much damage. >> these were all on fire. next thing i knew, my shirt was on fire, and i grabbed that, and took that off. i think that's when i singed my hair. >> and even with her singed hair, burned face, arm, and foot, loretta of langhorne manor considers herself lucky. >> this is essentially where if i turned this around? >> it would go somehow in here. >> she said she greatful she and her disabled husband escaped worse injuries when she says her laptop exploded sunday afternoon. >> it blew up, flipped my computer back, everything, the battery pack and all came out this way. >> the debris flew clear across the room, six to 8 feet. >> i've been a volunteer firefighter for almost 25 years now, fire chief, in my 14th, i've never seen any exploding laptop before. first time i've ever end count he had this. >> this was hers first laptop, gift from her daughter, said she has had it for six years
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without a problem. getting another is a possibility, but she will not be testing her luck again. >> i would take the battery out every night because who ever thought this would happen ones, i would never take the chance of it happening a second time, because i was luck think time. >> laptop in this days is from del. the company issued this statement. del will take appropriate steps to investigate this incident, and it is also important to note that in our product documentation, del tells customers, that using an incompatible battery or third party battery may increase the risk of fire or explosion. now, the victim here, she says, she did replace her battery about three years ago, but she is not sure if the replacement is from del. officials hearsay this case remains under investigation. reporting from langhorne, elizabeth hur, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". here is a look at today's headlines on cbs-3. philadelphia school reform
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commission budget set passed but they're not sure how much money they can depend on from the state. law makers in harrisburg passed their budget but governor tom corbett is holding it up demanding pension overhaul. >> also, a 15 year old boy drowned in the talcony creek in juniata yesterday. that boy was a friends and swimming near a bridge when the water went 10 feet deep. signs prohibit swimming in that creek. israel has launched new round of air strikes after three teenagers who went missing weeks ago were found dead. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu says hamas is responsible for the death. one of the teens had dual us and israeli citizenship. we'll be back.
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>> beyonce the most powerful celebrity out there. tops the 100 celebrities, all based on their earnings and fame. made the superstar earned whopping $115 million in the last 12 months. how about that? well, second on the list, nba's top player, labron james. hip hop mogel doctor dray is next, fresh off his beats head phone sales, apple. then off are last year's most powerful celebrity, falls to fourth. >> how about that? well, word is bruce springsteen is adding film maker to his very long list of talent. he co-directed new short film called hunter every invisible games. while there aren't many
5:53 am
details explaining, what the film is all becomes we know its title also the name of a song on his recent albumn high hopes. the film scheduled for release on his website next wednesday. right now, 5:53, we want our traffic and weather together. first, day of july, and feeling like summer, right, justin? >> you got that right. hot, humid, what we can expect foray cross the delaware valley time of year. watch out for isolated thunderstorm this after none, late in the day, most areas stay dry, don't cancel the outdoor plans, but looks pretty good if you're hanging out at the tool today. probably good spot to be. partly cloudy, muggy, low of 73. looking at your fourth every july forecast, yet chance for some showers, especially the first half of the day, south and east of the city, temperatures mid 80s, extended forecast hot and humid, better chance for showers and storms wednesday and thursday. now, here's bob for a check on the traffic. >> good morning, everybody, 5:53, on this tuesday morning, off to pretty good start. we begin our morning rush hour, going outside, live look at i-95, headlights coming southbound, through the new
5:54 am
construction zone there. between the betsy and downtown, just pay attention, they put new lines down for you too over the weekend. birthday time. ready? >> red. >> i celebrating the birthday. >> are there cupcakes? >> yes. the ben franklin bridge, 88 years old today, three cupcakes at the toll plaza. >> ya! >> free cupcake. let me know what h
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>> orbiting comet observatory two is launching from california's air force base. the spacecraft is supposed to track the amount of carbon dioxide emission frost smoke stacks and tail pipes. the countdown is on. let's listen in. >> on and applied. >> they stop the clock.
5:57 am
>> counting down? >> they new, i was trying to get all dramatic. >> scientists say the greenhouse gas has been a driving force behind global warming. and they continue to stud at this. >> i think he said c minus four minutes? >> can't hang out here for four minutes. >> , no we have a slow to startings indeed. >> sore. >> i we tried. >> so close. >> our time coming up on 6:00. the latest youtube video shows human talent had a cents no bound. >> this man is putting on his pants with no hands. >> remarkable here. does it to the tune of final countdown, even better. no word if the young man plans to extend his repetoir to include putting on full suit without using his hands. oh, i appreciate the mad gestures. >> now that final countdown was worth the wait. we'll be back, good morning.
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i think that about wraps it up. so... great, i'll send a follow up email. i don't - there's nothing much to follow up on so i... well, we...we should regroup we just regrouped - this is the regrouping. (laughing) cool, i'll ping you later. you're pinging me now, what do you wanna ping about? next steps? there are no next steps. we just - we just solved them. huh....alright. ♪
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>> heat and humidity will be creating some russ conditions. good morning, everyone. >> justin drabick out on the cbs-3 skydeck. i'm thinking you may be toasty already in that jacket, justin. >> good call there. you can feel the humidity out here. will just get worse through the morning, into the afternoon. so, typical july weather stuff. hot, humid temperatures in the 90s, more shower and storm chances, good place to be, is at the shore, we'll take to you live look at margate right now, our neighborhood network. and not whole lot of surround for deal with this morning, so pretty good conditions


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