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tv   Eyewitness News at 430am  CBS  July 3, 2014 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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it is thursday, their, 2014 i'm ukee washington. i'm erika von tiehl. here are stories we are following today. one person is missing after a boat capsizes in the delaware river. search is set to resume, a live report ace head. captain on the ice spend the night in the penalty box, the flyers claude giroux arrested and spend the night in the canadian jail. the the reason is just ahead. overnight lightening and rain causing major damage across the region what we can expect for the holiday weekend, today is friday for a lot of folks. >> true, a lot of lightening last night. thunder boomers. >> oh, wow. >> it woke my dog up. >> my dogs were going crazy. >> yes. >> they always tend to with
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those kinds of storms. they did fire up. we had some late in the evening. we had some earlier in the day in the poconos and another round that just came through the last few hours. that is done at this point that last round that we just saw. we can take a quick on storm scan three and see retreat. we are looking at three hour loop. look at that lightening. they were booming away thunder bolts here overnight. we are the in the little bit of the lull. problem is we're not done just yet, guys. we have yet to see not just a frontal boundary but arthur pass by complete thely. we're not in the clear but i do come bearing better news, we will break all those details down in the next few minutes, guys, back to you. in the news and developing right now search resumes for a missing both's long the delaware river. >> a 66 year-old man disappeared last night. "eyewitness news" reporter jen bernstein joins us from holmesberg to bring us up to date, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, ukee and erika. search will continue at first
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light. as of right new there is still no sign of the missing 66 year-old man whom we're told is from bucks county. we did speak with his friend off camera last night and they said he is a strong swimmer and they are hoping he is still alive out there. we are told he was last seen around 8:00 p.m. in the river, in the delaware river holding on to a cooler as a floattation device. search crews used boats, chopper to look for him. they had 45 minutes of daylight before it got dark. police say five people were on board a 24-foot sail boat when the storm quickly moved in. officials say the group dropped their sales, used a motor to head back to the delaware river yacht club but sudden thunderstorm capsized the sail boat. four of the five swam back to the river bank but the 66 year-old was not with them. >> they said that he is an experienced boater, specifically sail boats, he does know how to swim, he does
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president have any health problems he is in good shape for his age. so we're hoping that we fine him and able to rescue him. >> reporter: a source say that the chopper may have located the sail boat last night but too dark and dangerous. that search will resume at first light. that is very latest from the northeast, jen bernstein, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". 4:33. lets get back to katie and hear more about this storm. >> such a shame. when there are storms, we just stay on dry land. you know you just never know when storms of that caliber can fire up. yesterday as well as today we have severe thunderstorm threats in the forecast. sky cam three although things are calm it doesn't mean we are in the clear just yet. live look over center city looking at ben franklin bridge from the campbell's field camera, it is still a haze, we have some clouds but generally speaking worst of those overnight storms have cleared out. we can go next to storm scan three and show thaw zoom here. lighter or wider zoom.
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all that lightening that fired up in the last few hours. we are left with a couple of showers lingering through portions of the new jersey turnpike, parts of the garden state parkway and our region catching a break. we are not in the clear as i said, however, we still have yet to see this actual coal front cross. it will be another full day i think of the potential for more showers and thunderstorms, some which could turn severe, in the meantime flash flood watch has been issued in effect and lasts through tomorrow morning. we have another solid 24 hours before we can say all right, we're done with this and we can get on with our holiday weekend. lets look the at those holiday headlines. today we are catching a break, a lull in between, but it is another hot, steamy day allowing for additional showers and locally strong if in the severe thunderstorms to fire up. friday arthur will be passing us by off shore and that does mean we are left with lingering showers. steady rain at times. we are eventually going to be clearing with time.
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it will be just a matter of time and it clears latest at the shore. we are in the 07's across the board here. say for mount pocono which tend to be cooler but it is muggy every where as well. your die planner features some heat and humidity and more showers and storms to dodge, especially as we head towards the the early evening. but now, you can have weather on the go anytime you need witt our brand new weather app, tracking storms yesterday and this is a great app. check out live radar, road conditions, severe weather alerts, all sorts of good stuff, cbs philly weather app is available for all products and android version is coming soon, so stay tuned for that. >> i want to ask for that for christmas. >> get it right now. i'll give it the to you, bob. good morning, everybody. off to a good start. roads are a little damp but no problems at all up and down i-95 from northeast philadelphia down to the walt whitman bridge no problems at all. light volume owe far this morning. downtown we will go you can see we will use this shot here
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42 freeway coming in towards philadelphia, again. light volume now but today is a friday, when it comes to shore traffic later on this afternoon. we will be jammo heading to the beach, later on today. right now speedometer readings looking good, out of west chester no problems through conshohocken. watch out for high flood waters, bristol oxford valley roadblocked at trenton road this morning. later on tonight, or this is line up for tomorrow parade at 10:00 o'clock downtown here in philadelphia, concert and fire works from 7:00 to 11:00 and septa as far as running are on a normal schedule today, tomorrow they will run on a holiday schedule and saturday and sunday on the normal weekend schedule, ukee, back to you. now new you this morning fire tears through roof of the camden county apartment complex leaving dozens of residents without a place to stay. "eyewitness news" at 2500 block of berwyn court in voorhees.
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we're told 17 units were affected but no one was seriously hurt. officials are investigating whether a lightening strike is the culprit. lightening may also be to blame for a house fire in montgomery county this happened right as strong storms moved across the region. cell phone video from an eyewitness shows the fire and flames shooting from the roof of the home on raven hallow drive-in montgomery township last night. that house sustain extensive damage but neighbors tell us that the home owner and dog did get out safely. here's another fire caused by a possible lightening strike in the schuylkill township area of chester county. flames showing through the roof as fire fighters extended ladders to reach the top of the homes. it took heavy damage and about hundred thousand dollars worth we're told. a fire fighter was treated for heat exhaustion but no one else was injured. those storms leading to flash flooding in berks county this video fridays wyoming missing. drivers found themselves stuck on state hill road and spring
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street. crews haded to bring in the flatbed truck to help out. the front end load their pushed the water off that roadway. a leak in the propane tank apparently set off a food truck explosion in feltonville neighborhood. >> tuesday's blast at third and wyoming injured 13 people, force of the explosion sent a ball of fire across the street. investigators say the 100-pound propane tank was one of two in the truck, unused tank had a leak which ignited a grill. >> it was a big boom. i don't wish that upon nobody. it was terrible. terrible, hearing everybody scream. i was screaming myself because of the pain. >> reporter: five people including the the truck owner and her daughters are in critical condition. well, tonight's show with stkes and for inner will go on after fire damaged their tour buses. they were in the parking lot at second and callowhill when flame started in in the back
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of one bus and then to the another. they play tonight at the susquehanna bank center in camden. a volunteer youth hockey coach is accused of sexually abusing a 16 year-old girl. forty-two year-old michael dougherty of levittown bucks county abused the girl at lincoln motel and reported witt his cell phone. court documents revealed that the two men on line using an app called whisper. doing heard has been dismissed from the senators youth hockey team. they said he had no contact with any minors through that job since the season had not started. a car strikes a three-year old boy in penn forks berks county yesterday afternoon. we are told the father had to pull his son out from underneath the the car that hit him. that little boy suffered massive head trauma the driver did stop the help. but because of the heat and emotion at the the scene, the driver and boy's father collapsed. they were also taken to the hospital. home land security joked jay johnson warns against
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speculation at tighter security at some important even airports. american intelligence has pick up indication that is they traveled to syria. affiliate group is linking up with al qaeda in an attempt to perfect an explosive device that could get through airport security. time right now 4:40. there is much more to cover on cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> including at rest of the flyers captain claude giroux in canada, bizarre story behind his arrest when we
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flyers captain claude giroux reportedly spent tuesday night in the canadian yale. >> a courting to the ottawa sun, giroux was arrested for grabbing buttocks of the police officer. the paper reports that this happened outside of a bar and they add that alcohol is believed to have been a factor. giroux lives in ottawa in the off season. he is in the expected to face any criminal charges. flyers general manager ron
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hextall released this statement. he said we are aware of of reports surrounding claude giroux. until we have more information we will withhold making any further comment. and here comes our picture taken by read wiseman on the storm. pretty neat there. we have video too. this is courtesy of cameras mounted on the international space station about 260 miles above the actual storm, so safe distance away but so need to see it swirling there unfortunately for some going to the beaches on the east coast this fourth of july, they will not be so lucky but katie, that is south of us, right. >> that is when they will feel the worst of the impact from arthur more direct impact because carolinas most specifically will get clipped by that storm but stays out to sea for us. problem for us if you go to the beach, it will be rough surf, rip currents so pay attention to the life guards. it doesn't look like friday
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ends up being the best beach day because we are still trying to get rid of the cold front. we have arthur. once both of those features get out of here we will have have an absolutely beautiful weekend but in the the meantime we have to wait this thing out. you can see this storm still swirling away on the eastern seaboard, zoom here, and it is at this point, still a tropical storm. never actual a cheered hurricane status. it is only four or 5 miles an hour of sustain wind away from meeting the criteria. it is awfully close. we did have some strength yesterday. here at home we have been stuck with scattered locally very strong thunderstorms. here's back edge of the the front. we need to get this guy through. then we're done. that will take another day and a half before we can say we're in the clear. here's your severe weather threat zone. we're in the same zone as yesterday, this whole portion of basically the eastern half of the north east is in that severe weather threat
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today and part of the reason you see storms turn severe is you get heating of the day and get some solar energy. more downpours and flash flood concern, damaging wind, cannot rule out small sized hail, but it is a chance foreign tornado active we have to keep an eye on that radar and we will do that through the second half of the day but initially we're catching a break. at least morning drive should not be terrible, it is still damp, 90 degrees is our expect high so we're heating up again out there we will see temperatures drop off by tomorrow back to the lower 80's and then skies are gradually starting to clear but it will happen later for you if you are down at the shore points, weekend looks good, ukee. thanks, katie. phillies will start kyle kendrick in the finally of the marlins series tonight in miami. game six is 6:10 p.m. last night marlins got to cole hamels in the fourth for one run and then again in the fifth for two more. the it was the the first time in ten games hamels did not last at least seven innings. the the phillies could not get anything going and were shut out for 11th time this season.
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they fall 12 games below 500. phillies lose five to nothing for their sixth loss in a row. well, there is still no word from the nfl on a possible suspension on eagles offensive lineman lane johnson number 65 there. johnson reportedly tested positive for performance enhancing drugs and will miss first four game of the regular season. he was a huge part of the shady mccoy's rushing tight will but shady says birds will be okay good thing we have barber. he is a sure veteran backup because we know he can play. if he has to come in and play we're confident with him. >> shady and the family celebrated his john want make's ward yesterday. at ward is presented to the individual, athlete, or team best representing, philadelphia, through sports. well, we have seen some fancy catches in the baseball games but check this out, as a drink vendor in yesterday's a's tiger game in detroit wind up with a ball in his bin. he gave the ball to a nearby
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fan. at announcer said it looked more like the ball caught him but nicely done, boom. >> right up there with our man tom mccarthey catching that ball at citizens bank park in the outfield. very nicely done. >> i would be scared though that ball goes so fast. >> yes. they are pros. hey, beer man. >> yes, that too. >> still a head on "eyewitness news",, jill wagner gives you a final day of the wall street this week. >> but first here's what is coming up tonight on cbs-3. hi. i'm shawn johnson of the 2008 u.s. gymnastics team. i'm here with our friends from "veggie tales" to say... all: be a player. get up and play an hour a day. besides gymnastics, how do you stay in great shape, shawn? i love to dance and rollerblade. cool. cool. you don't have to be an olympian to be a player. just do the things you already love to do, like jump rope, ride a bike, or even play freeze tag. now, that's something to flip for. well done. for fun ways to get healthy,
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a search will resume for a missing 66 year-old both shore disappeared when sale ale both he and others were capsized in the delaware river near holmesberg. four other people were pulled from the water. lightening in several areas last night in addition to heavy rain, earlier in the evening, expect hot and humid
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conditions today with afternoon then are storms. and speaking of the weather there are mandatory hurricane evacuations beginning in about ten minutes in north carolina's outer banks. tropical storm arthur is not expect to make land fall, however, the wind and rain is expected to brush the the coast and that could impact independent day activities, and tough break for north carolina, such a popular area. >> but it is the season, kick nothing. >> let's check business news. >> money watch's jill wagner joins us from the new york stock exchange and jill, big numbers out yesterday about private sector job growth in june. what are economist expecting from today's governmental jobs. >> reporter: report good morning ukee and erika. economist are expecting another solid month of hiring. yesterday payroll processor adp reported a huge jump in private sector jobs for june. the biggest gains were in professional or business services and that includes higher paying jobs like accountants and engineers. we will see if the market can
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end in reporter try. dow jones finish 20 points higher but just shy of that 17,000 mark. ukee and erika. >> maybe all that nostalgia but reading rainbow kick starter campaign brought in big money, what do you know. >> it brought in five million-dollar from 105,000 different factors. that makes this, the most widely backed campaign in kick starter's history. reading rainbows host, levar burton, raised money to create an on line version of the children's show. so he promised it would be available on x box, play station and stream devices like apple tr plus bringing it to 5700 classrooms for free and ukee and erika, it looks like he has enough money to do that. >> would i pitch in on. that i loved that show, growing up, reading books outlook. >> way to go levar, that is great. >> thanks, jill. coming up after a short break traffic and weather
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together. we will rock it on the three's. >> right after this
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bob, this is friday, for a lot of folks for watching the road. >> it will be an unusual traffic pattern kind of days. you're right with the holiday tomorrow, it is friday today. live look the the a the blue route, 476, volume heading north up towards the poconos. right now roads are damp, maybe a sprinkle from the cars in front of you there from the overnight rain. downtown philadelphia roads are damp but light volume coming in and out of the center city i this morning. an accident in jenkintown on old york road at washington lane, and throughout the the weekend, we have a regatta rowing on the river. the the independence day regot, the guys will be arriving, today, with the boats and equipment and then racing, of course, friday through sunday, on the schuylkill river. keep in mind where ever you go for the holiday weekend that 495 closure is still with us,
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so that puts a lot of extra volume up and down i-95, through wilmington. all eyes are on this holiday weekend forecast, and, it is a fellow arthur coming up the coast. >> this fellow, yes this little guy, arthur, he will mess with us a bit. we are thankfully only getting indirect impacts from that storm but we will feel impact regardless if you have got beach plans, it mess west that a little bit here for the long holiday weekend but actual weekend as we know it saturday and sunday not looking terrible. we are seeing a break in the action here. we had strong thunderstorms. they probably woke you up last night, and then now they are out of here but we are not totally in the clear. is there arthur off to the south and that continues to make a beeline north but it will, bypass us, out to sea. 75 degrees is your current feels like values on par with the actual air temperature. problem is it is steamy outside. future weather shows we have more storms to come. so another round of potential for severe weather as early as
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late day into tonight, even lingering into tomorrow that wet weather may stick around but gradually skies clear on the fourth and weekend looks awesome, ukee, back to you. here's some of the stories our sister station kyw news radio 1060 will be following today, a day after u.s. army band performs on the west lawn of the u.s. capitol on the fourth of july they will be in philadelphia for a waterfront concert. popular destination magazine singled out three local towns as best places in the country to celebrate the fourth of july and a major break through for city and school district, the state house passed a bill that will authorize a cigarette tax to help philadelphia schools. check in two, three, four times a day, kyw news radio on the am dial. come up next on "eyewitness news" we are live as people's vac wait ahead of the tropical storm arthur. a deputy holds on for dear life as he is taken for a wild ride. why the the driver did not
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a stormy night, sparks some dangerous situations, lightening, ignites, several fis across the area and now we have an eye on more storms, today. also developing right now, crews where to return to the delaware river this morning, for a look, for a boater who disappeared during those storms. we are live with the search for the the man whose boat capsized. gaining steam, tropical storm arthur just became, the first hurricane of the season. evacuation orders are starting upright now as storm churns off north carolina's coast. it is thursday, july 3rd, good morning i'm ukee washington. i'm quarter von tiehl. we have an eye on not one but two storms. arthur down south but more rain heading our way later
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today. >> lets get over to katie to see what you can expect heading out the door, good morning. >> reporter: this pattern stays incredibly active. we are tracking essentially a cold front and arthur those two things at this point are what will define our pattern as we look ahead to the holiday weekend here but pretty decent weather is expected to unfold for us as we hit the holiday weekend. lets start off locally on storm scan three. we have had heavy duty thunderstorms rumbling through new jersey. look at that lightening in the last few hours. we are in the lull right now. nice, wide zoom. there is arthur still churning off to the south. yet to make land fall as we just reported latest advisory just came out from the national hurricane center. this is true to form, category one hurricane and we are going to see this make its land fall across the carolinas. we will track it as it stand right now max sustain wind speeds at 75, so just meeting the criteria to be a category one hurricane and it is moving north


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