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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  July 3, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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lancaster county and headed for chester county at the moment. that is storm we just track heading toward maryland and first spot it will stop in our neck of the woods will be across chester county over 280 lightening strikes in that one section of lancaster county. so some very strong wind, very heavy rain, and, again, frequent and dangerous cloud to ground lightening. that prompted issuance of the severe thunderstorm warning until 6:45pn for lancaster county and portion s of western chester county but this is just the first spot getting hit by these storms. eventually storms will track east across the entire area likely getting into philadelphia by about 9:00 o'clock tonight. perhaps a little bit before that. eight or 9:00 is when we will deal with that. severe thunderstorm watch in effect for the entire region until ten, any storm producing those downpours, lightening and damaging wind. we are under a flash flood watch right through tomorrow morning an indication that these storms could produce on the order of one to 3 inches of rain. not a widespread, but any
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storm that sits over one area for an extended period of time could drop that amount leading to poor drainage and also watching those smaller streams and creeks if the storm sits over one area for an extended period we will have have flooding on the streams and creeks as well. we have seven or 8:00 p.m. we expect storms to move across the the philadelphia area, here's 9:00 o'clock, heavy storms into new jersey, they will be around in the first part of the overnight as well, they will week more storms tomorrow. the these storms plus threat and arthur could spoil holiday for people down the shore. meteorologist the kathy orr is live in cape may, what are you seeing there, kathy. >> it is amazing, kate, within the past 15 minutes the wind have pick up significantly from the south. the storm obviously still over 400 miles away but we are feeling the impact of arthur now down the the the shore in cape may and the swells are building instead of waiting in the water, people are watching the water, and watching water
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grow, between the waves is decreasing. they are coming faster and bigger. lets take a look at this wide view of our arthur, right now 425 miles to the south southwest of cape may, new jersey where i'm standing. the storm is expected to pass close to or over north carolina coast late tonight and strength tone category two and accelerate toward north east out to sea. it will come within 125 miles of cape may at its closest approach tomorrow have afternoon. we will still be feeling the impact with rip currents and also swells. here's arthur's impact. the showers and storms with some of that tropical moisture interacting with the front kate was talking about. that comes tonight and through tomorrow morning with concerns of flash flooding. gusty wind continuing, even after the storm is gone late tomorrow and saturday, and, of course, now through saturday, rough surf and threat of republican currents because of this surf that has been building and the intensity of it. the water comes in fast but
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cannot go out as fast and that is why rip currents forms. coming up we will talk more about the weekend forecast and when will be the better half of the weekend to be outside, but right now we have win gusting to at least 35 miles an hour down the shore, we will expect that to continue through to tomorrow. we will send it back to you in the studio, chris. >> kathy, our thanks to you ape kate as well. the the latest forecast is just an app away, brand new cbs philly weather app is great way to get severe weather alerts and send us your weather pictures. cbs philly weather app is available now in the app store. now an "eyewitness news" exclusive, people will be gathering for independent day celebrations all across the area, and tonight for the the first time, we can take you inside of philadelphia's fbi command center. take a look at the plan to keep you safe. here's our walt hunt er. >> reporter: this is the hub, you will note that is we have places for our intelligence officers to sit. >> reporter: opening the door
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to its command post the fbi for the first time, granted us access to its joint operations center, the heart of the security for the fourth of july celebration. >> basically from this one room we can reach out to anywhere in the world. >> reporter: that, right there is talking about the world cup in brazil. >> reporter: soon these same screens will fill with confidential data and live camera feeds for our region, these desks, manned by agents from every federal agency, and philadelphia police. >> obviously the fourth of july is one of our greatest national celebrations and people who want to do us harm like al qaeda they would want to do something on a day like today. we know here in this city we have no threats. we are still vigilant. we are still prepared. >> reporter: only 100-yard from the federal building on independent mall, those celebrating the fourth most likely will have no idea that talked away inside this
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command post fbi agents, their associates and philadelphia police will be quietly work around the clock to make sure that they are safe. >> they see independent hall, we can see where the liberty bell is and knowing that this is where it really started, giving you a sense of pride, that we need to take care of this. >> i cannot think of any better job i'd like and anywhere would i rather be then in here making sure our loved ones are safe. >> at fbi's philadelphia headquarters, walt hunter, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". now new at 6:00 we have learn that one of the big acts for tomorrow's welcome america concert has canceled. grande will no longer perform due to personal reasons. tonight crews are putting big touches on the concert stage their the philadelphia art museum. crews setting up for celebration of freedom ceremony at independent mall. there vice-president joe biden will be the special guest and as walt just showed us security will be tight across the city.
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the celebrations began with the bang in south jersey to day. "eyewitness news" on board battleship new jersey on the camden waterfront. philadelphia native and wounded warrior matthew len ton fired the portside gun to kick off four day event that honor the nation's heroes. >> many in our area plan to celebrate the the holiday weekend down the shore. now getting there is no picnic. gas prices, they are the highest they have been since they stopped $4 a gallon back in 2008. >> for our vehicle it takes to fill it up full over a hundred dollars or more. >> a lot have of money. >> it is a lot of money. >> there is no beach in philadelphia so we have to get to the shore. we will be frugal in other ways. >> there is also disappointment along the boardwalks, fire works displays in ocean city and atlantic city write postponed because of the her cain arthur. other towns in our area are postponing or canceling fire works due to weather conditions. we have got up to the minute information on those schedule changes on our web site at cbs
6:07 pm new at 6:00 tonight we will be learning new details about the the emergency closures of the interstate 495 bridge in delaware. "eyewitness news" reporter jane carabao tells us that the officials missed key warning signs that could have put drivers in danger. >> reporter: a rare close-up view seen in dell dot video as crews create a new foundation for i495 bridge in wilmington. this is as dell dot released fine goes of an internal investigation, today admitting that the agency missed opportunities to close the tilting bridge before june 2nd. >> it is very clear to me that we did not take appropriate action. >> reporter: first warning this 911 call made by a driver more than six weeks before the bridge closures. >> the bridge appeared to be separating. >> reporter: dell dot says an assistant supervisor, performed drive by inspection of the bridge that evening and notices this separation between the north and southbound decks. he calls for an inspector to take a lot next day, that inspector, a consultant to dell dot from century
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engineering reports nothing out of the ordinary. >> we will be following up with them in the next week to just better understand the actions of their employee. >> reporter: dell dot's bridge section isn't notified either that division only first hears of a problem on thursday may 29th when a engineering firm reports titting peers. on the 30th another driver called 911 about the problem. dell dot engineer does not step on site until the following monday. >> it should be our standard practice that we will go out immediately. >> dell dot says tilts was caused by this 50,000 pile ton have dirt place by five with wilmington contractor. agency wants to make sure this does not happen again, as a result new policies are in place. >> so we can have the right people taking a look at this. >> reporter: now question when will this bridge reopen? well, dell dot is confident that these crews will be able to meet this september 1st deadline, in the meantime they are urging drivers to take a look at the the live traffic cameras and try not to drive during peak hours especially
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this holiday weekend. reporting from wilmington, jane carabao, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". now to the close call in kensington a laundromat collapsed on several park cars this afternoon. look at crumbled sign, bricks, broken glass, all of the wash house laundromat. it came crashing down on the 2100 block of east allegheny avenue just after 2:00 o'clock. a couple of customers were inside at the time but nobody was hurt, l and i inspectors are inspecting the the cause of that collapse. still ahead, a local will woman battling the disease that has toppled every day americans and athletes alike. >> there is nothing new. there is nothing that i will do differently then we ever did. >> health reporter stephanie stahl on how how this woman is fighting back against am ls. and our team of meteorologist i covering two big weather stories tonight,. >> breaking weather news here tornado warning issued for
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portions of the poconos this is the storm portions of carbon and monroe counties under a tornado warning. this goes until 6:30. if you are in this area, lehighton, broad headsville, seek shelter immediately. we will have more details in a bit, kathy. >> kate, wind down the shore, sustain 20 to 30 miles an hour an swells are building and as the evening rolls on, we do expect the waves to increase tonight, and right through tomorrow, and as our storms come to the closer approach tomorrow afternoon. arthur will be within 125 miles of cape may as it continues out to sea tomorrow we will have have the latest forecast from the city to the shore coming up, hey beasley bad hair day. >> sixth are fans will see nerlens necessity he will in action, i have the team summer league plans in sports. phillies are trying trying to ad sweep in miami, those stories and more in sports.
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tomorrow marks seventh fifth anniversary of one of the most famous speech necessary all of sports, the the day lou gehrig announced he had als. >> decade helped doctors
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become better at recognizing the disease they have in the found a cure. three on your side health reporter stephanie stahl joins us now on one woman's battle to change all that. >> reporter: this is a brave fight. there is still no cure for als, often referred to as lou gehrig's disease after the hall of famer. is there one f.d.a. approved drug that modestly slows progression of the disease. doctors are working hard to find better treatments, but for one local woman they may in the come soon enough. fifty-eight year-old carol klineer has been rowing for ten years. she help put together white marsh boat club in conshohocken and trying not to let anything stop her from participating in the sport that she loves. >> getting out on the boat, takes me away from the headaches of the day. >> reporter: carol is battling als which is difficult because it celestially causes the body to be paralyzed. it is what took lou gehrig's life. >> we were really smack in the face with the reality that you have a fatal disease but you have absolute thely no idea
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when that will happen, how it will progress and sadly there is nothing anyone can do for you. >> reporter: since her diagnosis last september carol's voice has change, her arm, weakened but she refuses to sit back and let disease take over her life. instead she has launched a group to support her, and als research. carol's crew is simply a way for me to raise awareness to raise fund, that will go to project als for research. >> reporter: local rowers are holding fundraisers and pledging monday which hopes of helping researchers find effective treatments. >> there is nothing that i will do differently then lou gehrig did and that is, during a seven five-year span. for me it is heart breaking. >> reporter: major league baseball and all of the teams including phillies are commemorating the anniversary of lou gehrig's speech tomorrow by trying to raise
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awareness and money in the search for a cure. >> i consider myself the the luckiest man on the face of the earth. >> reporter: as a special tribute first base man from across the the league including ryan howard put together a video reciting lines from that speech, intertwined with gehrig delivering his famous word. it is very, very touching. we have a link for you to watch that, cbs, click on health. >> well, hopefully they can make progress, amazing. >> all right, stephanie, thanks very much. well, we have an eye on a lot of weather stories tonight not just storms in our area hurricane arthur as well. >> so lets get to our team of meteorology goods i, kathy or is in cape may where waves and wind are kicking up. we will check with meteorologist kate bilo tracking a tornado warning, kate. >> that is right, another very interesting night of weather as these storms fire up across the region. there is rotation in the wind field out ahead of the
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storms. i'm seeing an indication of rotation with a few of these cells. only tornado warning we have at the moment is up through pocono region. a lot of people up there already vacationing for the up come holiday weekend. we will zoom in on that area and see what we are dealing w right around i81, this moved overly highton, south of mount pocono. we are seeing heavy then are storms. rotation, detect by doppler radar indicating a potential tornado in this area right around lehighton, broad headsville, this area you can see how much rain and lightening and a lot of times these storms can be rain wrapped and very hard to sianni therefore very dangerous. a lot of state parks, a lot of people camping and not aware of the threat heading their way. lehighton, 6:42. penn forest 7:00 o'clock. north white hall by 7:08. is there that storm with lightening and heavy lane. we have this cell to track over southern lancaster county just now moving in southwestern chester county and entire region just
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lighting up with very strong to severe thunderstorms tonight. here is that tornado warning in this area or know folks camping or out and about give them a call, they need to take shelter. tornado warning for carbon, monroe counties until 6:30 tonight. interior room or basement is your best bet to take shelter that storm. here is our severe warning as well for area until 7:00 o'clock. portions of chester county still under a severe thunderstorm warning. northern and western suburbs seeing this between now and 7:00. city and surrounding areas will get hit hard between 7:00 and 9:00 p.m. south jersey and delaware between 9:00 and 11:00 tonight. how much rain are we talking here? a lot of rain with this we are seeing isolate amounts of one to two plus inches. from the out are band of arthur will impact portion s of new jersey where some spots could check in with 3 inches of rain before all is said and ton. throughout the overnight warmer, sticky. seventy-one. eighty-two tomorrow. morning showers but we will clear it out in time for fourth of july fire works.
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poconos clears out tomorrow as well and beautiful weekend there quick look at your seven day forecast and shore cast shows improvement through majority of the holiday weekend highs in the 90's, monday and tuesday once again. as we mentioned hurricane arthur could make waves down the shore. kathy orr joins us live from cape may with more, kathy? >> kate, it has been an incredible day with the surf kicking up from this morning to the afternoon. guards earlier today had everyone going just about knee deep and then ankle deep in some beaches and you can see swells increase looking toward the south. our her hurricane arthur is over 400 miles away but you can tell it is getting closer. maximum sustained wind at 90 miles an hour, category one storm, here is latest satellite, a well defined high, and tightened gradient indicating a strengthen storm,
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our future weather shows our front approaching from the west and the storm as it continues to move up the eastern seaboard. our future weather has it crossing over and outer banks of north carolina overnight tonight and tomorrow afternoon, by 2:00 o'clock coming within 125 miles of cape may but well off shore, and then it will continue to accelerate toward the north and east as a category one storm. now, the the wind down the shore right now, are strong, we have 35 miles an hour gustness wildwood, gusting to at least that here in cape may, look at what happens tomorrow afternoon in atlantic city and wildwood, gusting to 38, 39 miles an hour, 39 miles an hour gusts, that is tropical storm force and even though storm will be moving away, the gusts will continue into the day on saturday, so back here live, the the ocean will build, the tomorrow morning we do expect rain but
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the fourth of july festivities, hopefully will go as planned, reporting live from cape may i'm meteorologist kathy orr new back to you in the stood ohio. we're all hopes for that. good evening, everyone, one update, right off the bat, traveling at philadelphia international airport they are experiencing gate holes and taxi delays and delays over an hour for departure so plan ahead or if you have plans to head out for fourth of july weekend. it doesn't look that awful, however, traveling the vine street expressway heading in to new jersey up and over the bend been we will find delays there traveling east bound on the vine we are jammed from the schuylkill down toward eighth street and that ben franklin on ramp. looking at the our shore commute eastbound we are experiencing volume southbound on 55 come from the 42 and we are delayed on the walt whitman bridge all the way up and over and down 42 freeway to 55 where we are experiencing yet again a southbound jam.
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flyers center claude giroux is responding tonight following his arrest in can inadequacies, giroux was lock up for inappropriately grabbing a police officer in canada giroux released a statement saying in party regret my actions on canada today and sincerely apologize to my fans, teammates and philadelphia flyers organization for my mystified add tempt at humor. giroux is not facing any charges. the the phillies just underway tonight in miami trying to avoid a sweep, kyle kendrick trying to right the ship, ship that is sinking fast. the last night they were shut out for 11th time five to nothing for their sixth straight loss, and they have scored, just 12 runs during the skid, the fightins are a season low 12 games below 510 and a half games out of first place, out of contention,
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expect the general manager ruben amaro, junior to blow it up, trade deadline is on july the 31st. we will be right back.
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before we go a live look at nags head north carolina right now the surf churning up due to hurricane arthur. we are also tracking storms in our area so lots going on here we will continue to track this serious weather. and, that is "eyewitness news" at 6:00 o'clock "eyewitness news" returns at ten on our sister station wpsg the cw philly and we will be back here for cbs-3 at 11:00. up next "cbs evening news" and in for scott pelley tonight in now is margaret brennan.
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>> tonight he rain of arthur. this season's first hurricane brings heavy rain, strong winds and high surf to the east coast. craig boswell is on the scene, meteorologist eric fisher tells us where the storm is headed. anthony mason reports job creation is moving into high gear. but what kind of jobs are they? wyatt andrews tells us who at the va was paid bonuses while vets waited months for treatment. and remembering world war ii hero louie zamperini, his incredible story is come together big screen, chip reid tells it tonight. >> dow consider yourself a hero. >> no, no, no. i got three purple hearts for what captioning sponsored by cbs


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