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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  July 5, 2014 2:07am-2:38am EDT

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from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia, this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> right now at 11:00, you're looking live at fireworks lighting up the city of philadelphia. this is the spectacular firework show above the ben franklin parkway. thousands turned out tonight for the welcome america celebration. happy fourth of july everyone. i'm jessica dean. chris may has the night off. >> the biggest party of the night is right here in philly. the birthplace of freedom and tonight it is the place to be. "eyewitness news" reporter matt rivers is there live as the fireworks are popping. matt? >> reporter: jessica and i'm not even in front of the camera because really who wants to see me when you can look at those fireworks. absolutely outstanding. so colorful above the art museum tonight. there are thousands of people here along the parkway. i'm pretty sure 99-point 8% of them have their cell phones out right now filming this,
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tweeting, putting it on facebo facebook. i may be one of those people guilty of that myself. with that said it has been an absolutely fantastic day along the parkway here a little bit of weather in the morning, little bit of cloudy weather in the morning turned into a great afternoon as we saw for ourselves first hand. it's the music and the food and the smiles and the people. it's july 4th in philadelphia. >> not nothing sour by philadelphia. philadelphia is just the truth. >> these colors don't run but they can be worn as the parkway turned into a red, blue and sea even ben franklin would be proud of. >> it's pretty awesome. every year there's a pretty amazing turn out at the parkway and this year is no different. >> are you pretty patriotic? >> yeah. >> social security as the sunset the music turned up with opening act vicky martinez ♪ >> reporter: followed by none other than philly's own the roots always better set when you're playing to the home crowd. all of that adding up to the
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sounds of the summer,. >> it is different. the scenery, different from jersey. >> reporter: weather did start out sketchy but by late afternoon nothing but warm golden sunshine. >> relax and enjoy the air and wonderful women. >> happy fourth of july! >> reporter: there's no fun without safety though. something philly police know all too well. from horses to bikes to plain old foot patrols security was prior one. earlier this week "eyewitness news" was grante granted an exce look into the city's command center used to keep people safe all day long. >> constantly looking at things from the previous year. looking at ways you can improve and plan accordingly. >> reporter: and back here live on the parkway, security really has been great all day long. no major incidents to report from police. the concert that actually was going on here finished up just about five, 10 minutes ago. the fireworks actually started during ed sheeran's last song. he was the main act. one of the biggest acts in music
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right now got up staged by the firework at the art museum if you ask me i'd say that's the way it should be jessica. i'm hanging out here waiting for this finale really looking forward to it. >> they're just spectacular. matt, we'll continue to check in and show our viewers at home some of the wonderful fireworks as they continue on in the next few minutes. thanks so much. >> we certainly wait all year to see firework like these. this dazzling display lit up the night skies over cherry hill high school. residents were delighted wet weather didn't ruin the fire. we have more fire forks displace to show you throughout the newscast. >> some cities did have to postpone celebrations because of the rain. drenching rains flooded some streets today. meteorologist kathy orr sending this video from cape may. and some of the nasty weather was courtesy of hurricane arthur, as it passed along the coast. things are looking better tonight though. look at boardwalk in ocean city it is packed as shore goers are enjoying a beautiful fourth of july evening. can we keep it going for the rest of the weekend.
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meteorologist kate bilo joining us with the first forecast. you have good news things. >> i think excellent news. turned out so much nicer this afternoon and the weekend looks down right gorgeous. here's a live look from our campbell's field camera. ing see the ben franklin bridge and just behind it you can still see those firework going off in the night skies. we look tore the parkway you can see the smoke plume there as well a bright night across the region here's a better shot from our rooftop camera showing you the firework. just from the cbs-3 studios as we look over toward the art museum and the parkway things looking great out there tonight. weather wise we're looking great as well. the system arthur of course now pulling away from our area. skies are clearing, much nicer conditions out there and with the nicer weather comes a bit of a cool night. temperatures in the 60s. we haven't seen this in quite sometime. it's 69 at the airport. 65 in millville right now and a very cool 62 over in lancaster here's your saturday forecast. all around the region what a beautiful day it will be still breezy down the shore with rough surf. philadelphia looks great as does
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the poconos. i'll have your full forecast coming up in just a bit. jessica. >> kate, thank you in north carolina official say the state dodged a bullet from hurricane arthur. it was a category two storm with winds of 100 miles per hour when it made landfall along the outerbanks early this morning. there are no reports of any deaths or serious injuries. but more than 40,000 people did lose power, and a suspected tornado tour through homes. >> headed to the bathroom the, um, ceiling was just collapsing behind us. >> hurricane arthur rained or changed fourth of july plans as far new york as new england. >> and arthur is raising concerns about the safety of the water down the shore. as arthur passed by new jersey it whipped up bands of heavy wind and rain. the gray rough shore waters of sea isle city mostly empty for a lot of the day. and even though the weather has passed a possibility of rip tides remains. >> if you're inn experienced swimmer in the ocean, pretty much gets like this and it's
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going to get recover. i would suggest that they don't go in the water at all. >> the dangerous rip currents are predicted to last into the weekend. so be sure to keep that in mine. >> the latest forecast is right at your fingertips much the new cbs philly weather app is a great way to get severe weather alerts. and send us weather pictures. it's available right now in the app store. many local communities postponed the firework because of the rainy weather and here are just some of the cities that will have fireworks tomorrow night. ocean city, sea isle, wildwood and upper darby. some of the best celebrations we saw tonight were in the suburbs. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carrabeo was the showing for the patriotic pride in chester county. >> reporter: a big birthday bash in the burbs. long wood garr depths in kennett square chester county has one of the best. >> patriotic music. john philip sues is a all of that i'm just so excited, yes.
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>> i love the fireworks. they're so cool. >> reporter: sold out crowd of 5600 agreed some making a road trip out of the holiday just to see this 30 minute spectacle. >> i drove from richmond, virginia, through the hurricane stuff. >> i'm very proud to to be american. >> that sent many carried over in norristown in montgomery county patriotism on full display with the red, wet and the blue. >> beautiful weather met with my beautiful wife. >> live music brought families to their feet. >> he went up up on the stage and played the drums. >> the party forged new friendships all happy that this morning's rain only wash out the parade here and nothing else. >> when i left today, i put shorts on. iran back in and put warmer clothes on. turn out beautiful. couldn't be better. >> reporter: not better night they say to celebrate the usa. >> what i like the most is being with family, friends. >> this is our country. yes. i'm very patriotic. i'm very excited. ♪
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>> absolutely beautiful sight. if you missed fireworks tonight. there are plenty more saturday and sunday. we have a full suburban firewo fireworks guide at cbsphilly.c reporting in longwood gardens, jan carrabeo cbs-3 oy were the news. >> vice-president joe biden celebrated independence day at independence hall he took proud telling the crowd he's married to a philly native. he brought his grandson to the stage. mr. biden and mayor nutter mark the 50th anniversary of the sill rights act and the 60th anniversary of brown versus board of education. and each of them talked about what they considered the defining issue of our time. >> i believe education is the civil rights issue of the 21st century. equality in education is vitally important to creating opportunities for every young person in our great nation. the civil rights issue of our day making it clear that you should be able to marry whomever
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you love. period. >> after that ceremony the crowd cheered as the vice-president and the mayor walked in the annual parade in old city. the bells of freedom rang in philadelphia today. young dents of the signors of the declaration independence circle the liberty bell to symbolically tap it 13 times in honor of the original 13 states. once begun "eyewitness news" anchor chris may served as master of ceremonies for that celebration. >> a crack down on the water is one of the busiest boating weekends is now underway. what you need to knoatching the weekend weather. kate? >> that's right, jessica. it's going to be just a gorgeous weekend ahead. i'll tell you would you a little warmup and end that it does get steamy by next week. but the holiday weekend is fantastic. your full forecast in just a minute. >> and big mess to clean up. we'll tell you where in pennsylvania watermelons brought traffic to a halt. >> and take a live look at the fireworks on the parkway. just a spectacular display as we
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celebrate our nation's independence day. ♪
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>> fourth of july has sperm significance to our men and women in military.
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they listened to live music, played games, snacked on food just like back home in the states. president barack obama hosted a special naturalization ceremony at the white house today. the 25 people who took the oath of citizenship military members born in other countries. the president took the opportunity to address immigration reform and he stressed that's america's diversity that sets it apart from the rest of the world. >> we'll have to fix our immigration system which is broken and pass common sense immigration reform. we shouldn't be making it harder for the best and the brightest to come here and create jobs here and grow our economy here. we should be making it easier. >> president obama announced earlier this week he's planning that pursue all the changes he can maim to the immigration system without congressional approval. and we'd like to introduce to some of the newest citizens in our area. these 38 men and women took the oath of allegiance on board the battleship new jersey today. they came from 27 different countries. but all call america home. >> i never thought i'm going to
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come to the united states and i did. i never thought i'm going to become a citizen but i did. let's see what the future holds for me. >> the man had shot this video "eyewitness news" reporter as zero humane got tips from the crowd five years after leaving i was rack he's weeks away from taking his own citizenship testament this week's food truck explosion was top of mind as thousands gathered in philadelphia today. firefighters, police officers, along with l andism officials walked down the parkway to ensure food truck servicing today's event met saivite standards. and they did more than just smell for gas. they checked valves on propane tanks, read labels and demonstrated safety techniques to workers. >> crews recover the body of a man whose sailboat capsized in the delaware river wednesday night. a wave runner spotted the 66 year old's body 1 mile north of linden avenue in torresdale. >> boating safety is a top
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priority for state police in new jersey. they're stepping up patrols this weekend. this just one day after governor christie signed a bill to increase penalties against boaters who leave the scene of an accident. "eyewitness news" reporter charlotte huffman road along with police as they geared up for a busy weekend on the water. >> reporter: morning showers didn't stop boaters hitting the delaware and with them new jersey state police. >> good morning, guys. how you doing? >> hey, sergeant corbin state police. come on over real quick. >> reporter: troopers on the look out for signs of alcohol use and conducting basic safety checks. >> boat and drinking doesn't go good together. >> reporter: fortunately for these jet skiers they were in compliance but state police sergeant david corbin says that's not always the case. >> the guy that's drinkin drinke he's all over the place. depends on your level of inn tock indication. they may just plow right into something because of the lower reflexes. >> reporter: if caught you can lose your boating and motor vehicle license and serve jail time. >> err yell this summer donald,
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of phillipsburg appeared in court facin faceing vehicular he and aggravated manslaughter charges. police say he was under the influence on the delaware when he crashed his boat into a rock two years ago. killing a harmony township woman on board whose body wasn't found until days later. the number of accidents are significantly down over last year when there were 320 accidents and eight fatalities. so far this year, just 14 accidents and one fatality. and troopers hope to keep it that way this weekend. >> take it easy. just play it smart. don't, you know --, save the alcohol for home. >> reporter: as the day continues state police expect boating traffic to get even heavier and that's while they'll have 100 extra troopers patrolling the water to make sure everybody has a happy but safe fourth of july. on the delaware, i'm charlotte huffman cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> check out this messy crash on a pennsylvania highway. a pickup truck overturned and spilled its load on interstate 81 in mechanic burg cumberland
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county. two people on the truck had to be hospitalized. no word on what caused that crash. and kate, what a great night to be outside. and celebrate. >> it's beautiful. great night to be it there. lot people wishing they maybe had brought a heavier jacket or sweatshirt with them actually because we haven't had a cool night like this in quite sometime. it feels fantastic out there. let's take quick look outside and you can see a lot of folks out there on the boardwalk. a lot of places to stop in and snag a hooded sweatshirt if you need one tonight because it is chilly down there at the shore it's only in the mid 60s. 68 right here at the cbs broadcast center in spring garden. but temperatures feeling even cooler than that because there's still a gusty breeze from the north and west that make it feel little bit on the chilly side so folks out on the boardwalk tonight definitely need the jack. let's talk about our holiday headlines tonight is clear, it's breezy, and noticeably cooler than it has been. tomorrow, just a gorgeous day. still a nice breeze from the northwest. very dry flow sunny and pleasant sunday sunny and getting warmer. and then on monday the real
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summer heat and humidity return but it's been a string of gorgeous weekends and this weekend is not going to disappoint. arthur continues to move away. still writ producing heavy rain over east maine into authorizations of eastern new england. the rest of us have dried out and bidding a not so fond farewell. arthur is still a category one hurricane at 75 miles an hour. we expect by the next update this will turn into a tropical storm before it eventually downgraded right to a subtropical low as it moves over portions of the canadian maritime prof vines this weekend. even though arthur is leaving, we're still feeling the impacts especially down the shore with dangerous rip currents impacting the shore points and high waves as well. high surf advisory issued through 4:00 p.m. on saturday. waves four to 8 feet look at that chilly water temperature the ocean water all churned up as arthur went through. water temperature just 59 degrees right now down the shore. it's going to be a chilly ocean tomorrow. 69 right now at the airport. comfortable cool 65 in wilmington. 66 degrees in reading right now. dew point root now is
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46 degrees. tomorrow's dew point is 50. what the dew point is a measure of how much moisture in the air. and dew points in the 40s and 50s takes us right down into the awesome range guys. tomorrow is going to be an awesome day humidity wise. remember just a few days ago, we had this bar highlighted in inn suffer rabble any anywhere close to that tomorrow. it's going to feel fantastic out there. future wind speeds still breezy as we go through the day tomorrow with winds out of the north and west. watch what happens sunday the winds switch and they start coming in from the south and southwest that means more heat, more moisture is brought into the atmosphere so we will steam up pretty quickly as we head toward next week but for tonig tonight, nothing steamy about it. breezy, cooler mainly clear down to 62 degrees for the overnight low. maybe want to leave a window open and give the air-conditioner a break or give your air-conditioning bill electricity bill a little break. saturday sunny skies, much nicer 84 degrees. if you're in the poconos you'll love it. 76 for saturday. 79 on sunday and 85 starting to warm up a little bit by monday. down the shore same sorry story.
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beautiful weekend. watch for that rough surf. if you're not an experienced stro swimmer you don't want to be in the water. monday we're at 85 degrees. your "eyewitness weather" seven day forecast looks really nice actually for at least the next two days and then we heat up. it is summertime, though. actually 90 is not that far above average for us this time of the year. saturday and sunday certainly the two nicest days there in the forecast. better chance for showers and storms back into the forecast tuesday into wednesday and then thursday looks gorgeous. but did you know now you can have your weather on the go any time. the all new cbs philly weather app a really cool easy to use radar. you can get life radar and send us your weather photos now available for apple products in the app store. android version not to worry is coming soon. we'll will he you know when that happens. >> it's great app. >> i love it. >> you've got it. >> i got it. >> you use it for golf. i use the for golf. i make sure. they say it's going to be all right. >> all right, kate thanks. >> beas, what's going on. >> a lot of hype about the
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sixers nerlins noel will start tomorrow at 1:00 o'clock. phillies coming off a big win against the marlins. can they do it to the pirates tonight i've got sports coming up
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>> 11 games under 500. dead last in the division. the phillies open up a three-game series again the pirates tonight. here we go. roberto hernandez did he see on the mound.
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off to rocky start in the first. two men on. martin gets a single diving a -- past a diving codey asche. one man come home. hernandez trying get out of the inning. jordy mercer at the plate gets a shot to the gap two more home. pirates jump ahead four runs in the first inning. to the sixth now, phillies bats showing signs of life. chase utley pulls one down the line for the single. revere rounds third. and comes home for the run. still in the sixth bases loaded for marlon byrd. he hits a couple play ball but that allows rollins to come home. phillies now down two-five. pittsburgh would add another three runs. they take the win by a final score of eight-two. all right. flyers adding depth to the roster today. resigning forward chris vander veil one year deal reportedly worth $575,000. vanderville played 18 games with the team last year getting one assist. >> sixers hold practice tonight
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in orlando ahead of summer league opener with the magic. nerlins noel excited to get playing team after sitting in year. looking at training camp. he says his knees feel good. tip off time at 1:00 o'clock. >> philadelphia union on the road against dallas night let's pick things up in the 26th minute. fc dallas on the offense get the ball right inside the box and finish with big kick. but the union rallied about 20 minutes later. madonna gets the cross pass the defense. on the doorstep knocks it home. fc dallas gets another one early in the second to regain the le lead. union lost this one by a final score of two-one. >> to the world cup now. big games today. first up germany and france. 12 minutes into it. france gets a few opportunities but just could not come up with the equalizer.
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germano advances with the final score one-nil. brazil also in action today against columbia. brazil gets on top early with a goal off the corner kick. they'll eventually within the game two-one. brazil now stays germano in the semi finals on tuesday
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>> winner of this year's hotdog eating contest has another reason to smile tonight. eat getting married. joey chestnut a well known wing bowl participant got down on one
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knee and proposed to his chef before do you know 61 hotdogs and buns. 61! nathan's hotdog eating contest is a tradition on connie island that dates back to 99 years. his fiance' took home diamond. i'd call that a win/win. we'll be right back. ♪
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>> thanks for watching cbs-3 "eyewitness news" at 11:00. "eyewitness news" returns
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tomorrow morning at 5:00 with nicole brewer and carol everything son many. >> for beasley, kate and everyone here i'm jessica dean. the late show with david letterman is next with guest martin short. we leave you now with another look at the firework display over the parkway. have a great weekend and happy fourth of july! (female announcer) the following is a paid presentation brought to you by my pillow incorporated. ♪ music playing >> i definitely just got a much better sleep. >> try it, that's what i would say. >> there's just no comparison to it. >> without realizing what i was missing.
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