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tv   CBS This Morning Saturday  CBS  July 5, 2014 7:00am-9:01am EDT

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good morning. it's july 5th, 2014. welcome to "cbs this morning" saturday. mother nature's fireworks didn't ruin the party in new york. we'll tell you where arthur is now. a police officer is caught allegedly beating a woman on the side of the road. the investigation into what many call excessive force. >> giving up on the world cup now that the u.s. is out. we'll show you the competition under way this weekend that some describe as the ultimate. first, we begin is this morning with a look at today's " "eye opener." >> a lot of residents are waking
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up and a big cleanup job ahead. >> arthur soaks the east coast. >> before arthur and its rain swamped new england, it hit the outer banks of north carolina. the california highway patrol is investigating a violent arrest caught on camera. the chp placed that officer on administrative leave. >> six people arrested outside a u.s. border patrol in the san diego suburb. >> protesters are waiting for arrival of bus loads of illegal immigrants. >> it's about time america took back their country. pride and patriotism on full display. >> a big celebration of our nation's 238th birthday. >> amazing. beautiful. never seen anything like it. >> first daughter malia
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celebrates her sweet 16. >> she's getting her license but she has to practice. >> all that. >> brazil is through to the semifinal semifinals. >> and all that matters. >> the show is about nothing. >> today marks 25 years since "seinfeld" premiered on "cbs this morning saturday." >> the champion of the world, joey chestnut. >> chestnut remained the top dog. >> the mustard yellow belt wasn't all that chestnut wants. >> will you marry me? >> yes. captioning funded by cbs welcome to the weekend. hope he doesn't eat like that at home. happy 5th of july. a great lineup of guests for you this morning including a chef
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that brings his new zealand cooking talents to the dish and explain how the kick-starter website helped him open his restaurant here in new york. we go wild in our saturday session. wild child plays here in studio 57. >> we begin with tropical storm arthur on 24 holiday weekend. arthur is moving away from the new england coast today headed toward canada. the storm brought big waves to maine last night, which brought out the surfers. officials warned about dangers of rip tides and earlier in the day heavy rain from arthur in new bedford, massachusetts caused flooding there. >> the storm may have seemed small, we're looking at the aftermath in north carolina. the aerial shows serious damage and intense flooding. about 20,000 homes lost power in north carolina. for the latest on arthur we're joined by the chief meteorologist at cbs station wfor in miami. good morning, craig. >> good morning. arthur losing its tropical
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characteristics now. no longer the round hurricane it was. now just a strong tropical storm. you can see it moving northeast. rain on backside of it and gusty winds today through much of eastern parts of maine and skirting parts of eastern new england there. the weather is gradually going to improve as we go through the day. rest of the country looking good and dry in the eastern u.s. and thunderstorms over the upper midwest. showers back in the southwest. temperaturewise, unusually dry and on the cool side to start. eastern parts of the country warm under sunshine in the 80s. hot stuff is back in the southwest. 90s there. some 100s and scattered thunderstorms over florida. and the rest of the tropics now are quiet and should remain so at least through the weekend into next week. >> thank you, craig. here in new york the bad weather cleared just in time for the big annual fireworks display. thousands of people turned out to see a dazzling display last night over the east river. fireworks were loaded onto
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barges. 50,000 pounds of explosives were used. president obama is using this fourth of july weekend in part to press for action on immigration reform even as prospects in congress seem dim. the issue is heating up. plane carrying a group of undocumented migrant families and children landed friday in san diego. the 140 migrants were transported there from texas and demonstrations continued at a california border facility. mark albert is in our washington bureau with more. good morning. >> good morning. even as more than 50,000 unaccompanied children have crossed the border in the past nine months washington has largely been lacking a sense of urgency. the president is still trying to change that. >> you are now united states citizens. >> reporter: in a fourth of july tradition, president obama presided over naturalization ceremony for members of the military at the white house and called once again for immigration reform. >> if we want to keep attracting
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the best and brightest from beyond our shores we have to fix our immigration system which is broken and pass common sense immigration reform. >> reporter: but any broad legislation appears stalled until at least after the midterm elections so the president is asking congress for a quick infusion of more than $2 billion to deal with a surge in unaccompanied minors mainly from central america who are crossing the southern border. he pledges to take executive action. the house and senate are ramping up hearings. the senate plans one for wednesday. the house held one this past thursday in texas. >> secure this border mr. president. >> homeland security chairman blasted the administration for its 2012 policy that allowed some immigrants who were under the age of 16 when they crossed the border illegally to remain in the u.s. for two-year periods. >> such unilateral actions and failed policies in my judgment are what caused the this dire situation here in texas in the
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first place and could cause it to be worse. the president needs to immediately send the national guard to the southwest border to free up border patrol agents so they can perform their primary mission and that is securing the border. >> homeland security secretary jeh johnson and general john kelly of u.s. southern command are going to guatemala on tuesday hoping the government there can slow the surge of children who leave on that perilous 1,900-mile journey north. >> mark albert in washington. thank you, mark. now to a developing story. eight people were shot in indianapolis overnight. one person was treated at the scene. ambulances raced the rest to area hospitals around 3:00 a.m. in the northern end of the city. police are still trying to determine the motive for the shootings. one possible suspect was taken into custody. the drought conditions in california have sparked a series of brush fires. at least eight homes were burned by one of the fires. this one started in a grass
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field northeast of san francisco. the flames also took out several power lines. the california highway patrol is investigating whether one of its officers used excessive force by repeatedly punching a woman during an arrest in los angeles. the violent incident was caught on video. >> it was excessive. it was unnecessary. >> reporter: that's how david diaz describes what he saw when a california highway patrol officer tackled and punched this woman on the side of the freeway. diaz recorded the encounter on his cell phone camera on tuesday. >> he is beating her up. >> my gosh. why? >> reporter: the officer is seen following the woman who is barefoot and disorientated onto the shoulder. >> he grabs her and she shoves him back a natural instinct. of course he's obviously stronger. grabs her. throws her down. >> reporter: the officer
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struggled with the woman on the ground and began hitting her in the face repeatedly. >> with every punch it's bouncing her head off the concrete. >> reporter: what you this thinking as you see these blows? >> it's horrific. >> reporter: the california highway patrol launched a formal investigation after they were made aware of the video. at a press conference friday the assistant chief stressed that the woman's actions put her and other freeway drivers in immediate danger. >> i can say that the tape only shows a small part of what transpired. there are events that led up to this. until all of that is collected and put into perspective, we aren't going to be able to make a determination. >> the woman was taken to the hospital to undergo a mental evaluation. the chp says officers are authorized to use any force necessary and appropriate to arrest an individual. now to the middle east where
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tensions remain high following the brutal death of a palestinian teenager. there were clashes between israel illi police today. we go to east jerusalem and we should warn you there are disturbing images to show you. >> reporter: good morning. it's quiet here in east jerusalem. there's a shaky truce holding at the moment following days of violent unrest. the rioting spread overnight to central israeli towns where protesters burned cars and blocked roads. it followed the funeral of 16-year-old abu chedair. as they lowered him into the earth, they chanted we will sacrifice ourselves for you. his mother collapsed. after the burial they faced off
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again with israeli soldiers and exchanged rocks for tear gas. people here believe he was killed by israeli right wingers in revenge attack following the murder of three young israelis. police are investigating the killing but an autopsy report says he was burned alive. a friend of the family told us that palestinians are fearful of further revenge attacks. >> boys and girls cannot go outside of the home because they are afraid of kidnapping. >> reporter: new video on palestinian channels shows his cousin, a palestinian american from tampa, being built by security forces during the rioting. in a sign that tensions may be easing today israeli authorities told residents in the south they no longer have to stay close to shelter for fear of incoming rocket fire from the gaza strip but here in east jerusalem, police remain vigilant should rioting start up once again.
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anthony? >> alex ortiz in east jerusalem. thank you, alex. the pentagon grounded its entire fleet of 97 super sophisticated f-35 jet fighters for inspection. investigators are trying to determine why one caught fire last week in florida. it's the latest in a series of issues with the nearly $400 billion weapon system the most expensive in history. millions of americans are celebrating this holiday with barbecues, of course. but the cost of burgers or steaks is going up and the grill is up sharply since fourth of july. beef prices jumped from $4.88 a pound a year ago to 5.45 now. dean reynolds looked into the reason why. >> reporter: a trip to the l.j. ranch in logan kansas may be instructive. >> our cow numbers are down drastically. >> reporter: down drastically
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says this rancher because of a combination of factors beginning with the grass. >> when the drought hits us our grass does not grow to the extent that we are accustomed to. >> reporter: calves don't mature as fast and the prolonged winter slowed the growth of grain to fatten them up but there's another reason for the lack of domestic beef. >> we're also exporting more to other countries and so the demand for beef is stronger. >> reporter: the usda projects retail prices for beef will rise as high as 6.5% this year compared to just 2% last year. the northwest meat company in chicago is on the supply end of the equation providing meat to local hotels restaurants and country clubs. but finding meat from producers isn't as easy as it once was. andrew is a third generation packer. >> today i ordered 12 boxes of
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beef tenderloins. i got six because they don't have the supply. >> reporter: he pays more to get what he needs. on average 10% to 15% more. some of that has to be passed along to his customers who then pass it along to theirs and on and on until the steak hits your table and that is something to chew on. for "cbs this morning saturday," dean reynolds, chicago. joey chestnut the victor in the hot dog eating contest. chestnut wolfed down 61 dogs and buns. now he'll keep the mustard yellow winners belt for another year. before the contest, chestnut proposed to his girlfriend and of course she said yes. >> you say that to a guy that ate 61 hot dogs. >> i would question the timing of the proposal. i would say yes. >> this holiday weekend is loaded with excitement for soccer and tennis fans at
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wimbledon. women's finals are about to get under way and men will battle for the championship tomorrow. in brazil the world cup continues with two matches today that will determine the final four. here with an update on all of this is nate scott, a writer for "usa today" sports. good morning. we got the finals. this seems familiar. federer won seven times before. he's faded in the last couple years. what do you think here? >> federer has looked beautiful coming into this game. he's only dropped a set so far in the entire tournament i believe. he's 32. he's got confidence. he loves being on wimbledon. i think he'll do well. >> speaking of beautiful, let's talk about yesterday's match. djokovic didn't seem that strong to me in that match. >> he struggled coming in. he's had to grind out a bunch of wins coming into this final.
7:16 am
i like what he's doing. i like the way he's playing. i actually tip federer to win. >> that would be something. >> it's going to be such a good match. >> the interesting thing in wimbledon for me was the sudden disappearance of andy murray. what's happening there? >> he's coming off an injury. he lost his coach. he'll be fine. he loves playing wimbledon and playing in front of his fans. he'lling ingbe back soon. >> let's talk about the women's final. is this going to be a good match? >> they are very different players. bouchard is a 20 year old and up and coming canadian. i think she's got a lot going on coming into this. i won't think she will shy from the moment and i think she'll win actually. >> i saw her interviewed after she won her semifinal and she showed enormous confidence like she feels like she should be there. >> she has ice in her veins. only 20 and the whole nation of
7:17 am
canada rooting for her. i think she'll come in and be calm and she can win. >> it's the final of wimbledon. >> so many people are used to see the william sisters, at least one of them in the final. it's been a bizarre road. >> yeah. serena in her doubles match looked lost a little bit. she couldn't pick up a ball. she ended up pulling out. she said it was a virus. no one knows what's going out there. >> someone said i don't think she's sick. i think it's something different. >> a lot of rumors going along right now. serena said she'll play next week. we'll see how she does. >> let's talk world cup because we have big developments there. germany beat france. how is germany looking here? >> germany is great. they had a team illness coming into the game but they rallied together. they are so deep. they have a lot of good players on their bench. they got a big goal on the head there. i think they have so much talent and so deep i think they'll be
7:18 am
able to hang on and maybe go to a final. >> brazil match against colombia yesterday was a good one. i thought brazil had it the whole way under the very end. a lot of injured players now on the brazil team. what do you think as they head into play germany? >> their best player is a big one. he's the country's pride and joy broke a vertebrae in his back and out for the rest of the tournament and that will be too much for them. i think they are emotionally spent. this german team just cruise. they win every game. they win ugly. i think the brazil will end here. >> when you lose a player of that quality, it hits your morale. >> he's been their inspirational leader and i don't think they can recover from this one. >> two other quarterfinal matches today. argentina at belgium at noon and at 4:00 a.m. we have netherlands taking on costa rica. who are your picks? >> i like argentina. the best player in the world has
7:19 am
done enough this tournament and he'll carry them through. i think netherlands will take care of business against costa rica. >> your call for the winner? >> i like germany to win. >> nate scott, so much good tv to watch. thank you. time to show you this morning's headlines. london telegraph reports lawmakers in bolivia have given the green light for children as young as 10 years old to legally work. the measure requires consent of the child and their respective parent or guardian to avoid potential exploitation. the move to lower the legal working age which allows 12 year olds to work full time is part of a larger plan to reduce extreme poverty in bolivia by 2025. rob ford says he can't say for sure whether sobriety will be a part of his next term. ford, who returned to city hall just this week following a stint in rehab, talked about his problems during a radio interview friday. >> i know this is a disease. i know i was born with it. i know i'm going to die with it.
7:20 am
i know for a fact i didn't drink yesterday and i have not had a drop of alcohol today. i'm taking it one day at a time. that's all i can say. i can't give promise you have no control over. >> the toronto elections are october 27th. the new york daily news reports joran van der sloot will spend his honeymoon behind bars. the prime suspect in the 2005 disappearance of teenager natalee holloway married his girl where he's serving a sentence for murder. after his daughter's death, the businessman founded nicole brown simpson charitable foundation to help victims of domestic abuse. louis brown, jr., battled alzheimer's disease. he was 90 years old.
7:21 am
some maryland cabbies are taking their competitors at uber to court. the lawsuit claims the app's based ride sharing service pairing customers with owners place taxies at a disadvantage. uber is no stranger to legal tangles. it will continue to operate in pittsburgh this weekend despite an order to shut down. >> i interviewed some of the folks from uber in the past. they really are aggressive. they said we started off trying to solve our city's problems and now we want to change the world's transportation problems. >> there's no question that the apps are incredibly convenient and useful. we use them here in new york city.
7:22 am
coming up clues to an environmental mystery. can pesticides be killing the black birds of california? we'll take a closer look. later, he loves a parade. in fact he has a whole museum devoted to the all-american flag waving independence day parade and we'll take you there. you're watching "cbs this morning saturday."
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7:24 am
immigration crisis is unfolding this morning along the southern border. >> a major development in the fight against cancer. >> is this a new tactic on the part of terrorist groups?
7:25 am
a couple weeks ago we told you about the quest to beat the underwater record set by his grandfather, the famed oceanologyist. this week he did it. emerging after 31 days living beneath the waves off key largo, florida. congratulations to him. >> it was interesting the way they did this. they had a team that was able to give them things like food to replenish. >> sent down to them. i don't care if it was catered. 31 days under water -- >> is impressive. >> from the bottom of the ocean we go to the sky and commercial air travel which is really become a pain. why not take a private jet to your next vacation? it's more affordable than you may think. >> we'll be right back. this is cbs this morning saturday".
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we continue to follow breaking news this morning. a southwest philadelphia neighborhood, dealing with tragedy. four children, have been killed in the house fire, four others injured. the three alarm blake broke out before 3:00, on guesset street. derrick soar, says the entire city has suffered a lost this morning. >> this is a tragic, tragic day for the city of philadelphia tragic we lost four children today. i want everybody to understand that fire is everyone's fight, not just the fire department, it is everyone's fight. >> that fire destroyed eight homes, displacing more than 40 people. fire investigators are now working to see how and where that fire began. now, let's get a check on the forecast with carol, hey carol? >> nicole, dealing with sunshine quiet weather today.
7:28 am
i think you will enjoy the weather conditions, we'll find out the low humidity, we have temperatures right now that are in the 60s and it is a cool and beautiful start to the day with the weather feeling as comfortable as it does our high temperature this afternoon getting to 84 degrees, low humidity, full sunshine, and we'll do it again tomorrow with a high of 88. nicole? >> all right carol next update is at clock 57. i'm nicole brewer. see you then.
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>> we mentioned rising beef rices earlyrice s s earlier but watermelon may be more expensive. a pickup turned overturned and so did hundreds of melons it was carrying. this was in central pennsylvania. >> what a mess. forced closing of the two lane road for two hours and as you can see firefighters are there. they were forced to use hoses to wash away all of that messy and sticky debris. a type of black bird that once filled california skies is now disappearing at an alarming rate. >> one scientist says the clues point to pesticides. >> reporter: these are the high pitched cries of hundreds of newborn black birds in california's sacramento valley. >> it's something that i hear
7:31 am
very infrequently almost rarely anymore. >> reporter: an ecologyist spent the last decade studying the black bird which once numbered in the millions. how much louder would this have been a few years ago? >> almost deafening. >> reporter: the decline is unprecedented. according to surveys by his team at the university of california davis, the state was home to 400,000 tri-colored black birds in 2008. today there are only 145,000. a 64% loss in just six years. >> there are parts of the state where the birds just appear to be disappearing all together. >> reporter: he's now catching the birds so he can tag them and track their movements. he believes the birds natural habitats are being increasingly turned into farmland and vin vineyard vineyards. >> if they do not have enough insects in their diet they can for the form eggs.
7:32 am
>> reporter: he's trying to convince growers to give up pesticides. at this organic rice field, the tri-colored black birds can feed their young. >> they can act as insecticides. if we can reproduce these circumstances, i think the species has a future here. >> reporter: unless that idea takes flight, this iconic bird could be lost up next, medical news in our
7:33 am
morning rounds including danger of powdered caffeine. much more than a coffee or sewedoda blamed this week in the death of a teenager. steroid injections used for back pain may not be worth the trouble or the expense. this is "cbs this morning saturday." oh hey there! (laughs) you're that grumpy cat. how about some honey nut cheerios? not even a smile? maybe someone should tell your face. ohhh that is your face. (angry cat purr) ah! part of a good breakfast... for almost everyone! ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] give extra. get extra.
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time for "morning rounds." first up this week a leading doctors organization is telling healthy women not to have routine pelvic exams. the american college of physicians recommendation could shake up decades of common medical practice. what's going on here? >> first i want to clear up confusion. we are not talking about a pap smear.
7:37 am
we're talking about a pelvic exam where it's the doctor feeling organs to see if there's a problem and american college of physicians reviewed literature and said there's no good evidence that benefits outweigh the risks. they point out there's also not great evidence that risks outweigh the benefits. there's just not a lot of good studies out there. >> what are pelvic exams meant to find in the the first place? >> big thing they were trying to find is ovarian cancer. turns out that nothing is really good for finding that. not pelvic exams, not ultrasound or a blood test. that's been a disappointment. what gynecologists will tell you we're not just looking for cancer but other things. maybe skin cancer. there may be warts. there could be fibroids that leads to problems with urination. they are saying there's no reason to throw this out. it's really not such a big deal to do it and for a lot of women after a discussion with their doctor, they may want to go
7:38 am
ahead and do it. >> i feel like the rules keep changing. they changed how women are supposed to get paps and mammography and maybe conflicting advice saying they won't go to the doctor. >> biggest concern for the medical community. we spent so many years trying to raise awareness about how important preventive screening tests are for women and now we have them right there. they are visiting and getting their mammogram and saying it's not that useful. i think in my practice women are interested in screening but there has to be a balance. we shouldn't just screen to do it. we should only use tests that really will make a difference and save lives. that's where research comes in. >> people should realize there is a cost and there are unnecessary procedures that happen and right now we're looking at costs for the healthcare system and this is why we look at this evidence based medicine. should we do it or not? >> also this week the fda highlighted the dangers of caffeine.
7:39 am
80% of american adults have caffeine daily in small doses it can provide a quick pick me up but too much can be deadly. we see how the stimulant is being blamed for taking the life of a teenager. >> reporter: just days before his high school graduation 18-year-old logan steiner was found dead in his home. the coroner ruled the cause of death to be a lethal dosage of pure caffeine. >> we had never seen this before. >> reporter: steven evans said steiner, a high school wrestler was a healthy young man but the amount of caffeine in his system caused a seizure. >> that's a very dangerous situation. i think it needs to be regulated better. >> reporter: pure caffeine powder can be bought on the internet in bulk and it's labeled as a supplement and not regulated by the fda. in this online review video a man shows a package he bought for $10. and the white powdery substance is potent. >> be careful with this stuff.
7:40 am
>> reporter: this bag of pure caffeine shows the recommended dose is 250 million grams or 1/16th of a teaspoon equivalent of three red bulls. if someone took one full teaspoon, that would be 50 red bulls at once. >> i think that's really the scary thing. everybody thinks that caffeine is safe because it's everywhere. >> reporter: that misconception even for energy drinks can have serious effects. >> the message is for parents and kids and adults and everybody to really understand that when you're using things that are not regulated, you don't know how much you're getting. you don't know what else is in there. >> reporter: she says for kids especially, the advertising of energy drinks as seen here and caffeine supplements can be enticing. >> that's a time of your life where you want so desperately to feel good about yourself and to fit in and you think that i'm getting something that's safe. i'm taking caffeine. they just don't recognize that
7:41 am
in these unregulated, unsafe doses, it can be so deadly. >> now that there's caffeine in so many things from drinks to food to gum, what is the right amount we should be having or giving our kids? >> the american academy of pediatrics discourages the use of caffeine at all. now, there is some caffeine in chocolate. i don't think they are saying kids shouldn't have chocolate. the point is that it's a stimulant. it's a drug. in small amounts, it can cause you to be jittery or anxious. we don't know. there may be no safe amount for one particular kid. in large amounts, it can cause palpitations, high blood pressure seizure and death. this is a drug that the fda is saying we may consider regulating this. >> the fda has regulated alcoholic beverages with caffeine. why haven't they regulated powdered caffeine? >> they are considering it. the fda is very concerned about this. not just powdered caffeine but
7:42 am
the energy drinks that have amounts of caffeine that we don't even know. i interviewed the ceo of one of the companies. he wouldn't tell me how much caffeine was in their product. it's this hidden caffeine. it's a dietary supplement not regulated by the fda and they are seriously considering regulating it. >> they talk about how you can buy it off the internet. is there a way to impose an age restriction on who can buy it? >> it's hard to do it. it's the wild wild west on the internet and how they can check this box, i'm 18 and over. we know how well that is going to work. >> all right. your chances of getting a prescription for painkillers depend on where you live. a cdc report finds prescription rates vary widely by state. the highest are in the southeast led by alabama, hawaii has the lowest rate. 259 million prescriptions for narcotics like vicodin, percocet and oxycontin were written in 2012. that's enough for every american
7:43 am
adult to have a bot offaltle of pills. questions about a routine back pain treatment. millions of americans receive steroid injections every year. a study suggests the shots may not be worth the trouble. >> back pain is so common. 65 million americans have it every day of their lives. these epidural steroid injectionsinjection s where you inject into the open spaces of the spinal cord around the spinal cord where nerve roots come out to cut down on inflammation and hence, pain from back disorders. this study found that if you compare two groups of patients. one who had this steroid and anesthetic and one just having anesthetic, at the end of six weeks they are the same so it's calling into question whether the steroid is effective.
7:44 am
the biggest frustration in medicine -- i was disappointed to hear the shots may not work the way we thought they did because there aren't that many treatments out there for back pain. exercise is the mainstay. it improves flexibility and strength in the back. pills can be used as well. anti-inflammatories and narcotics only when we absolutely need to and then surgery is a last resort. but it's disappointing to hear this may not be as effective as we hoped. >> back pain is the worst there is. this week you may have heard of this acrobatic discipline turning your surroundings into an obstacle course. the sport requires strength and flexibility and is being adopted by an over 60 crowd in london. they modified fundamentals into exercises that work best for their bodies. >> we are always telling everyone to stay active right, don't be sedentary. if you have to swing from
7:45 am
furniture to get it done that's fine. however, you need to do it. >> the heart doesn't know what's making it beat fast. as long as they're not killing themselves by doing it. >> they're brave. >> a lot of them have replacement joints. >> thank you both. up next america on parade. we visit a unique museum run by a man who devoted his life to perfecting the great american patriotic parade. you're watching "cbs this morning saturday."
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it! do you want to see which one yoplait greek beat? chobani. hoorah! yoplait greek wins again. take the taste-off for yourself. along with fireworks and family picnics, nothing says fourth of july like a parade. flag waving marchers took to the streets across the country yesterday and they'll continue through the weekend. chip reid has the story of man who devoted his life to perfecting and preserving parade
7:49 am
artistry. >> reporter: the parade. a celebration of american patriotism. the bands, the cheering and the star of the show the floats. >> i love this float. >> reporter: here in washington the man responsible for creating and crafting floats for the country's biggest political parade for the last 65 years is earl hargrove. >> we have done all of the presidential inaugurals since truman. each one has a story. >> reporter: beginning with the first missouri float for president truman in 1949 he has put our history on wheels. he mobilized the pt 109 in president kennedy's inaugural parade and the airmen float for president obama's second inauguration. president reagan for his first inauguration, asked him to find room for 300 members of the
7:50 am
mormon tabernacle choir. >> can you build a rig to hold them? we can do that. we did. >> reporter: nestled in the hells of shenandoah valley hargrove's memories are on display at the american celebration on parade. >> everything in here has something to do with americana. >> reporter: this street car was brought to the white house after then president carter requested it for his daughter amy. >> they drove it around and around. >> reporter: 90,000 people visit the slice of americana every year. >> this is nicholas. >> reporter: kurt brought his two boys to celebrate the fourth of july. >> coming to place like this being retired military officer does make he had feel very good inside and very patriotic. >> reporter: providing that sense of patriotism is the reason hargrove created this museum. >> i'm sure every country has
7:51 am
these sort of things to tell you about not like america. not like us. and i hope your chest pumps like that every time someone tells you that because it's true. it's absolutely true. >> reporter: for "cbs this morning" chip reid. >> i love that he put pt 109 in a parade. what a great idea. really cool guy. coming up speaking of all-american goodness how about barbecue? modern technology may build a better barbecue sauce and we'll get a taste. you're watching "cbs this morning saturday." i'm m-a-r-y and i have copd. i'm j-e-f-f and i have copd. i'm l-i-s-a and
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♪ ♪ fill their bowl with the meaty tastes they're looking for, with friskies grillers. tender meaty pieces and crunchy bites. in delicious chicken, beef turkey and garden veggie flavors. friskies grillers.
7:55 am
this holiday weekend, how about some barbecue with sauce created by a computer. the ibm super computer named watson gained fame in 2011 by beating "jeopardy!" champions at their own game. watson how works with medical researchers on improved treatments for cancer and he's also cooking. chefs at the institute of culinary education developed a new barbecue sauce using ingredients that watson suggested. >> it's butternut barbecue
7:56 am
sauce. ibm says there are a dozen ingredients never before slathered on a chicken wing. we have a bottle and we'll do a taste test on chicken. >> this smelled suspect when we opened the bottle. on the chicken, it's really good. >> it's not nearly as strong as i thought it was going to be. interesting. if you want information on this you can apparently buy it in stores for a limited time. they put the recipe up on tumble website. >> it says it contains cognitive computing, big data and analystics. >> the presidential daughter celebrated her 16th daughter yesterday. what it's like growing up in the teenager white house as a teenager. your local news is next for some
7:57 am
of you. stick around. you're watching "cbs this morn good morning to you, we continue to update breaking news out of southwest philadelphia this morning. four children were killed in an early morning house fire. four others are in the hospital in stable condition. "eyewitness news" on the scene there at 6500 block of gasner street in kingsessing three alarm blaze broke out just before 3:00 a.m. this morning. displays g 42 people, one victim says she had to rush taught avoid the flames. >> he run upstairs, he said there is a fire, so we grabbed, you know, everybody and we go for the front door. but it was -- the flames was all on the porch. they were all over. so we had to go out the back door. >> it is not known if any of those homes had working smoke detectors. now, let's get a check on for the cast, good morning carol. >> good morning to you
7:58 am
nicole. looking at temperatures that are comfortable this morning they are in the 60s they've been as low as the 50's. bye change in the weather in that the humidity is down, these temperatures will be down as well, right now 67 in philadelphia. sixty-four in allentown. 62 degrees down in millville. we have temperatures today that will be reaching 84, eight a degrees sunshine, low humidity, and another nice day tomorrow. nick snow. >> all right, carol, thank youment next update is at 8:27. i'm nicole brewer. see you then.
7:59 am
8:00 am
welcome to "cbs this morning saturday." >> coming up this half hour, the true story of the nation's birthday. hollywood often gets it wrong and sometimes so do school teachers. how american independence began on the original fourth of july. fly like the rich and famous on a private jet for under $200 a seat. we'll show you how to book your own share of true luxury. >> it took nearly 50 years but frisbee is coming into its own as an olympic class sport. no wonder they call it ultimate frisbee. >> our top story this holiday weekend, tropical storm arthur. the storm is heading northeast toward canada. heavy rain from arthur in new bedford, massachusetts, caused
8:01 am
significant flooding yesterday. the high water trapped several vehicles. >> in north carolina, we are getting a good look at the damage caused by arthur. aerials show the massive flooding and wind damage. many are still without power. the latest on arthur we're joined by chief meteorologist at station wfor miami. good morning, craig. >> good morning. just in from the national hurricane center arthur is no longer a tropical system. they declare it a post-tropical system so it's a strong low pressure area but doesn't have round appearance anymore and is getting cold air into it. rain is still heavy across parts of eastern maine this morning. gusty winds as the system moves through nova scotia. weather is clearing through new england. rest of the country is looking nice. much of the east is sunny. scattered thunderstorms in florida. big thunderstorms in the upper midwest and in the west not looking too bad. temperatures unusually comfortable through the midwest. also into the northeast temperatures in the 60s through new england. 70s in upper midwest and mid-atlantic. 80s and low humidity and 90s
8:02 am
back in the west. only threat for severe weather is tomorrow upper midwest around chicago, peoria and back through des moines. heavy thunderstorms there. elsewhere in the tropics, things are now quiet. vinita? >> thank you craig. in new york, arthur left town just in time for the big annual fireworks display. thousands of people watched the dazzleing show over the east river. 50,000 pounds of explosives were used with some fireworks launched from the brooklyn bridge and fireworks celebrations large and small from philadelphia to pasadena. the immigration debate is heating up this independence day weekend. president obama is pressing for action on immigration reform. prospects in the republican controlled house do not seem good. the issue has been heating up along our southern border. in san diego, a plane carrying a group of undocumented migrant families and children landed yesterday. they were transferred there from texas. and at a california border facility, half a dozen
8:03 am
protesters were arrested. mark albert is in our washington bureau with more. mark, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the president said friday the immigration system is broken and needs common sense immigration reform. the border patrol is struggling to house and process a wave of unaccompanied children mostly from central america who are illegally crossing the border. more than 50,000 in the past nine months. the house held a hearing on the issue in texas thursday. the senate plans one in washington for next wednesday and president obama used a naturalization ceremony for service members at the white house yesterday to push for action. >> i'm going to keep doing everything i can do to keep making our immigration system smarter and more efficient so hard working men and women like all of you have the opportunity to join the american family and to serve our great nation so we can be stronger and more prosperous and more whole together. >> reporter: texas governor rick perry was a witness at a field
8:04 am
hearing on the issue. >> mr. president, finally address this issue and secure this border. invest sufficient resources to put an adequate number of border patrol agents on the ground permanently. utilize existing technology including drones and other assets that we know -- we know how to do this. >> at that same hearing, house homeland security committee chairman called on the president to deploy the national guard to secure the border. homeland security secretary jeh johnson and a key military leader are going to guatemala on tuesday to address the issue with the government there. four children are dead in a row house fire in philadelphia this morning. the fast moving fire destroyed eight row houses. it started before dawn and jumped from one porch to another. 42 people have been displaced by
8:05 am
the fire. allegations of excessive force have been made against a california highway patrol officer. drivers traveling along one of the busiest freeways in los angeles could see the officer follow an unidentified woman across an on ramp. he threw her to the ground and repeatedly punched her. eyewitness david diaz captured the confrontation on his mobile phone. >> when they're on the ground, he was on top of her in full control and he basically did some power punches to her head. this was one, two, if you're trying to protect her, then what's this beating in the head for? >> police said the report shows the woman was not injured in the incident. the officer seen on the video is on leave as the investigation continues. both were not identified. military inspectors will examine the entire fleet of f-35 fighter jets as they try to determine why one of the planes caught fire on the runway in florida. the 97 f-35s are grounded and
8:06 am
still stay that way until the pentagon is satisfied the latest problem with the troubled jet is solved. at nearly $400 billion, the f-35 is the most expensive weapons system in history. president obama had his traditional double celebration on the fourth of july as commander in chief he commemorated the country's 238th birthday yesterday and as a father he celebrated his daughter's 16th birthday. bill plante has more on what growing up in the white house is like for a teenager. >> reporter: as anyone who has a teen knows they have minds of their own. >> they want nothing to do with us. they really want normalcy and the white house isn't normal. they go other places and so i'll say don't you want to invite your friends over to watch a movie. no one wants to come here. >> reporter: malia lived in the white house since she was 10. she's already been in politics since she was aed toler. the obamas have tried to keep their daughter's lives and rights of passage private. >> the truth of the matter is
8:07 am
that they have more freedom than maybe we might have anticipated. so they are doing fine. malia did have her first prom. >> reporter: the president wouldn't say if malia had a date but he does have one advantage over other fathers. >> i've got men with guns following them around all the time. that kind of makes me a little less nervous. >> when we're out of here in a few years, they have to be able to function as normal people so driving is a part of that. >> a special day for us because this is malia's birthday. she is getting her license but she has to practice a little bit before that. >> reporter: many years was spent as an aid to first lady laura bush. she watched the bush daughters grow up. >> that's an adjustment for teenagers to know that secret service is there. they can be very unon trucive.
8:08 am
>> despite restrictions of white house living there are some perks. >> a birthday party in the bowling alley. birthday party at the swimming pool. birthday party at camp david. you just have one great address to host them. >> reporter: bill plante, cbs news, washington. >> it's july 4th. americans celebrate a singular event on a sweltering day in philadelphia 238 years ago yesterday. all 56 members of the continental congress signed the declaration of independence. >> we are about to brave the storm and a skip made of paper. >> that's a large signature, johnny. >> so george in london can read it without his glasses. step right up gentlemen. don't miss your chance to commit treason. >> dr. benjamin franklin.
8:09 am
thomas jefferson. >> stirring certainly but how accurate was hollywood's version of the birth of our nation? let's ask an historian and author of "don't know much about history" series. >> hollywood got it wrong. it's a wonderful movie. has great moments in it. the 56 signers did not sign on the fourth of july. only two men signed on that date because they had an inky scratched out piece of thomas jefferson's draft. john hancock, not a big signature and charles thompson secretary of congress and then the next day it was over and people started to celebrate. >> when did the congressional congress actually sign it? when should we be celebrating? >> the fourth of july is clearly
8:10 am
the nation's birthday although john adams thought it would be july 2nd. congress votes a resolution of independence on the second. adams goes home that night saying that this day will go down in history. he'll celebrate with pomp and celebration. just off on the day. when people saw the declaration when it was published and saw july 4th, 1776 that became the nation's birthday. our birth certificate in a sense. >> today i note that first two copies were sent out july 5th to new jersey and delaware by john hancock. but this was interesting to me. there was a committee of five people who were supposed to write the declaration but jefferson did most of the work. >> jefferson did the work. he wrote the declaration on a handmade laptop desk. the first laptop in a sense that he had designed. he was given the job by the other four men including john adams, ben franklin roger
8:11 am
sherman of committee and robert livingston of new york. they agreed jefferson is the writer. let him do it. they made about 40 changes to the draft and then congress debated jefferson's document for another two days and made another 40 changes. the most important of which was cutting out a reference to sheriff slavery of all things and that's a point we should always come back to. >> what was taken out of the copy was what you were talking about. >> jefferson complains that the king of england is preventing america from stopping the slave trade, which is disingenuous to be polite about it. it's taken out jefferson later says it's taken out indifference to men who own slaves and northern brethren making money transporting them. is a reminder men that are talking about life and liberty and all of these important values very few of them had clean hands when it came to slavery. a man like william from new hampshire for instance.
8:12 am
he's described as a merchant. he was a sea captain going between africa and west indies transporting slaves. we can't be too cynical about it on the other hand but we have to be honest about it. >> they make a reference in the film clip we saw to these men committing treason. did any of them see repercussions because they signed the document? >> of the 56 signers, many of them lived long and prospered. quite a few had homes burn. not necessarily because they were signers but a because they were wealthy men with big prosperous homes including william floyd here in new york. his home was used as a barracks and later destroyed. very few signers actually suffered in the war itself. >> even though we're technically celebrating the wrong day, it's always fun. thank you so much.
8:13 am
up next -- >> seriously. are you not aware there's a person here. >> sorry. >> well hello. >> how are you doing? what brings you up to first class? >> the seat that i procured -- >> sorry. i was in low class and my seat belt didn't work. >> if you are tired of hassles of commercial air travel, try going private. seats on luxurious private jets are more affordable than you may think and we'll explain. you're watching "cbs this morning saturday."
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taking a flying vacation this summer? how about sidestepping long security lines, tsa pat-downs and lost or delayed luggage. it's part of the deal if you fly a private jet or plane. new companies and websites make it possible to do so at affordable prices. katie hill consumer reporter at market watch joins us now. >> good morning. >> i don't want to believe you when you say i can fly private less than than commercial but it's true. >> it is true. companies offer last-minute flights. they figure about 40% of the seats on private planes are not filled. better get some money than no money. they'll offer these very very low last-minute flights. sometimes cheaper than coach. we're talking about $150 a person sometimes. >> there's got to be a catch with that. the catch is usually that you have to be prepared to travel the next day. >> next day.
8:18 am
on thursday you look at the site and you'll have to fly on friday. that's a big catch. a lot of people can't take advantage. if you have that flexibility, go for it. >> i also feel like the fine print here is that sometimes you have to get the whole plane. you buy it all and divvy up seats. >> for this site, you have to get the whole plane. it's cheap. l.a. to cabo flight. $499 for the plane $124 per person. that's a pretty great deal. >> you mentioned jetsuites is one of the site. what is the other one? >> other sites surfair is interesting out of california for $1,600 a month you get unlimited private flights. if you fly a lot like five or more times a month, that really can be worth it. the other interesting one is flight air taxi out of the east coast. they have really decent deals too. sometimes about $500 to fly from
8:19 am
new york city to martha's vineyard. a lot of short flights through the northeast and sometimes down to florida. those are one-way fares. business class is often more than that. >> are you flying on small planes? >> you fly on tiny flames because that's how they save money. two engine jet is a lot of money to run. smaller companies have smaller planes cheaper to run. people worry about safety with those. it's still safer than driving although it's not quite as safe as a big two engine jet that you see a ceo running around on. >> sometimes you get perks on these private jets as well, don't you? >> the perks are ridiculous. that's why people want to do it right. leather seat is cushion. you can lay back. you have leg room for days. no security line. tsa is not going to take your shampoo, which i hate. none of that. people are sick of flying commercial because it's tight in there. you sit next to the bathroom.
8:20 am
i hate this. so private is interesting for them. >> sounds promising. katie hill thank you for being with us. up next, we tossed a frisbee around but these guys are serious. ult teams are competing this weekend in minneapolis. this is "cbs this morning saturday." cold wind and pollution can make all skin sensitive. that's why simple cleansing wipes are made to be kind. tough on makeup gentle on skin. simple. the sensitive skin experts. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] hurry in for july fourth savings. get 15% off all full-sized master forge gas grills at lowe's. thank you daddy for defending our country. thank you for your sacrifice and thank you for your bravery. thank you colonel. thank you daddy.
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8:23 am
this weekend in minnesota, 24 teams from around the world be competing at the u.s. open of ultimate frisbee. the u.s. olympic committee recently recognized the game as an official sport. brandon scott takes a look. >> reporter: with athletes that almost fly down the field, this isn't backyard frisbee. this game is called ultimate and it's a serious sport. matches and highlights are broadcast on espn. >> ridiculous. >> reporter: there's even an ultimate major league for
8:24 am
all-star players. >> it's super challenging. amazing how much work i put in and how much training i put in. >> reporter: agility and speed made him a prospect for the nfl but instead of football he chose frisbee. now he playses for resolver the san francisco team that won last year's ultimate world championship. >> running and jumping and quick angle changes and team work. the essence of what makes a sport good. >> reporter: new jersey high school kids created ultimate back in 1969. today it's one of the country's fastest growing sports. combining elements from football and soccer in a fast paced high energy game. the object is to flick the frisbee down the field dodging defenders and scoring with a catch in the end zone. but this game has a twist. no referees or officials.
8:25 am
players play on the honor system and call their own fouls. >> i think you frankly get a lot of refugees from other sports that don't want soccer and basketball or baseball where there's no responsibility or ethic around self-policing and respect for your opponent. >> reporter: mike is president of usa ultimate where players are held to high standards of sportsmanship. they call it the spirit of the game. >> we help each other. offense, you pick them up from the sidelines. >> in other sports officials are viewed as all powerful and policing the sport. it becomes a culture of what can you become away with. in ultimate people care about what the other people thinks of them and what teammates think of them. >> you come out and battle hard all game and that's something that we really respect so great game. >> reporter: as the sport continues to grow so does the possibility of changing the rules to add referees.
8:26 am
some players support that idea. still, for him, only one rule matters. >> treat others the way you want to be treated. winning the right way is the best way to do it. >> reporter: for "cbs this morning saturday," i'm brandon scott. >> i can see frisbee in the olympics. if curling can make it why can't frisbee? >> you're right. i fear if i was asked to self-police, i would cheat. coming up what hollywood has in store for the second half of 2014. >> apes do not want war! do not come back. >> "dawn of the planet of the apes" coming to theaters this week. we have a preview. this is "cbs this morning saturday."
8:27 am
good morning to you, we have some breaking news, four children are dead after an early morning house fire, four others are injured. this is the scene on the six a hundred block of guessner street in kingsessing around 3:00 this morning, eight homes were destroyed, displays g 42 people. fire commissioner derek saw err said this tragedy hits the entire philadelphia community. this is a tragic, track i can day for the city of philadelphia, we lost four children today. and i want everybody to understand that fire is everyone's fight not just the fire department, it is everyone's fight. >> fire investigators are now working to see how and where that fire began. it is unknown if any of those homes had working smoke detectors. now, let's get a check on the forecast with carol. carol? >> nicole, blue skies out there today comfortable temperatures in that they're in the 60s at this point and
8:28 am
they'll stay comfortable throughout the afternoon as they rise only to the low to mid 80s 67 degrees, right now, in philadelphia. we have 65 in trenton, six an in wilmington, still, in the 50's, in the poconos. moderate risk of rip current today, high temperature at the beach, 78, inland, 84 degrees, tomorrow's high 88 degrees. nicole? >> all right carol. next update is at 8:57. i'm nicole brewer. we'll see you then. >> ♪ ♪ what's it like paying for internet that's rated 6th out of 7 in customer satisfaction? umm, i don't like it. [ male announcer ] we showed people a survey that stacked fios up against comcast. i'm with comcast right now. [ man #1 ] in the muckety muck. in the muckety muck down here. are you happy with next to last? no, that's not fun. that's not so bad. you're not dead last. um, it would be great to be up here. just squint at the chart and see if that makes a difference. well, you know i still kind of know i'm at the bottom. if verizon fios gets the gold medal, what does comcast
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8:30 am
>> on this fourth of july weekend, it's the british who are celebrating their latest invasion of music charts. >> smith is at number two. last time this was done was in 1993. the top two spots were held by eric clapton and sting. we're just over halfway through 2014 and hollywood has already churned out a load of blockbusters but there's plenty more to come. >> here to give us a sneak peek at what to look forward to the second half of the year is eric davis. good morning. >> good morning to you. >> how has the first half of the year been for movies? >> you know a little lackluster i think if you listen to the critics who did not like
8:31 am
"transformers age of extinction." biggest movie in the world right now cleaning house at the box office. but other than that, i think some of the big movies landed with their audiences and i thought there was some decent stuff. pretty good. i'm looking forward to the second half. >> let's look at what's coming up. let's start with "dawn of the planet apes." >> it takes place ten years after the first one. a lot of humans are wiped out on the planet and remaining humans have to contend with this growing ape population. we know who may win this war. it just looks great. my friend says it's the best sequel since "the dark knight." >> none of the original actors are in this one. >> what he does with this motion
8:32 am
capture technology is just amazing. i think after this film people will say he deserves some kind of award. maybe oscars should think about a category for these type of performances. >> let's move to the next one. "boyhood "boyhood" is coming out on friday. >> it's a tiny film but the first oscar contender. it's a coming of age story about this family and trials and tribulations they go through over the course of 12 years. it was actually shot over the course of 12 years. so not only do you see the natural age progression of its stars but you have a nice time capsule where things like when the ipod came out, there's a scene about that. when you see a scene like that you know this was shot the year the ipod came out. all of the music. it sort of takes you back over your own life the last 12 years while you're joining their lives as well. >> the film may be small but the idea is epic shooting over 12
8:33 am
years. and "guardians of the galaxy" is getting film buzz. >> the way i like to describe this film is if avengers are beatles, this is the rolling stones. you have misfits who have to come together to defeat this evil. i was on the set of this film last year in london. what i saw blew me away. reminded me of the next star"star wars" wars". kids are going to love it. >> in september we have "this is where i leave you." >> this is about four siblings whose father dies where they have to reunite and live under one roof for a week and complexities that come out of that based on a fantastic book i cannot recommend more if you look for a summer beach read. great cast. jane fonda who plays the mom and
8:34 am
mom in the book is out there. look for her performance. >> in october we get "gone girl" which is adaptation of the novel. ben affleck is in this. >> this is one of the last chances to see ben affleck before he becomes "batman." he did "the social network" and they may have changed a little bit about the book. if you read the book and think you know everything that happens, go see the movie. i think you're going to like it. >> and seth rogan has "the interview." >> seth rogan they are invited to interview north korean lead leader. a lot of action and comedy. looks great. north korea is not too pleased with the movie so far. >> can't imagine why. >> i love it. i think seth rogan is at the top
8:35 am
of his game right now. >> november 7th we have christopher nolan's next film. >> yeah. christopher nolan did "batman" movies and did "inception." this is about space travel. pushing the boundaries. going farther in space than we've ever gone before to save our planet. this man makes epic movies. see it on the biggest screen possible. one of my most anticipated. >> going to be excited about up next the dish featuring
8:36 am
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new zealand and new york city are on opposite sides of the world but they do have some things in common including the award winning cooking of chef matt lambert after making his mark, he arrived in 2006 and worked at some of the city's top restaurants before striking out on his own. >> strike he did. his downtown manhattan restaurant the musket room earned a star just four months after it opened. chef matt lambert, welcome to "the dish." let me ask you about your star. it must have been exciting to
8:40 am
get a star that quickly. >> a long life goal of mine so to achieve that was amazing. i cried a little bit. >> i read that you didn't even know you were being judged because critics ignored the restaurant. >> we flew under the radar and that's the best place to be really, isn't it? >> worked out all right. >> it's a colorful spread. >> just an homage to summer. we have some salmon gently roasted sauteed kale because everybody loves kale. roasted garlic. barbecued carrots is something i enjoy. and of course traditional dish of new zealand that you have at the table every birthday public holiday, you name it. >> one critic called your restaurant a love letter to new zealand. >> i'm pretty happy about that. >> you operate your restaurant -- your partner is
8:41 am
your general manager who is your wife. >> that's correct. >> how does that work out? >> it works great. it's pretty fun. >> i'm sure she told you to say that. >> she did. >> tell us about your background. you started -- you wanted to start cooking when you were just 11. >> i figured at a young age that this was something that i enjoyed doing mainly from baking with my mother and grandmother so i approached a local restaurant when i was 11 to do an apprenticeship and said sure, but you're way too young. i started washing dishes there when i was 14. went on from there. >> did i read you opened a cafe with your mother? >> i had a goal to have a restaurant by the time i was 21 which was blind ambition in retrospect. we did that. and then i started learning after that. >> talk about kick-starter. you are the first chef we had that actually used crowd sourcing to get yourself up and going. >> it's a pretty awesome resource available to anyone. obviously opening a restaurant in new york city is a pretty
8:42 am
tough order for anyone. any help you can get is good help. >> and how quickly did it work for you? >> we set it up for a certain period of time. i believe four weeks. it went really well. we sort of exceeded what we were trying to do. it's just great. you get support early and people are able to be part of something that i think turned out to be pretty special. >> when anthony was mentioning that you said that critics say this is a love letter to new zealand, how did you grow up and influence the type of chef that you are. >> growing up food was a big part of everything from picking berries with my mother shelling beans on the back porch fishing all the time neighbors giving you fish that they got on the weekend, and it's just a big part of life you know what i mean? so becoming a chef and being able to add that stuff later when you have technique behind it is fun because you have things behind that aren't just i cooked a salmon.
8:43 am
i actually have been to the place where that salmon comes from and love it. >> you have dreams of opening a restaurant in new zealand as well. >> if you're from somewhere, i love where i'm from and it's awesome to represent it in the greatest city in the world so to do it from where i am from also would be great. >> the current restaurant has a backyard garden. >> it's good. quite a few of the herbs and flowers on the dishes today i cut this morning on my way here. >> very cool. >> this is a new zealand beer we're drinking as well? >> that's produced in new zealand with new zealand pops. it's cool stuff. very sort of beer movement in new zealand right now. >> that's a good beer. let me hand this dish over to you and ask you as you sign it if you could have this meal with any person past or present, who would that person be? >> i would say coach john wooden.
8:44 am
he's a very inspirational person. i think you would benefit from having dinner with him. >> thank you so much. for more on matt and the dish head to our website. up next wild child. this awesome based group is tearing up the scene and you'll see and hear why. stay with us. you're watching "cbs this morning saturday." ♪ summer days drifting away to, uh oh, those summer nights ♪ ♪ well-a, well-a, well-a, uh! tell me more, tell me more... ♪ twizzlerize your summer fun with twizzlers. the twist you can't resist.
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♪ >> bigger is better wild child is the little band that spent five year getting bigger and better starting as an acoustic duo, wild child is now number six out with their second full length album. >> it's called the runaround. here they are. single "crazy bird."
8:48 am
♪ ♪ i'll around for a day ♪ ♪ this court drawn woodshop haze sat in your mind i need the old ♪ ♪ you stole my breath away you swore to me you'd stay i found something that i adore ♪ ♪ oh how how it's supposed to go on not knowing if you bleed the way i do i do well i did ♪ ♪ are you bags traveling elsewhere ♪ ♪ you need to know i'd like the phones rolling out against president floor ♪ ♪ and if your left for breaking to the little pieces kill no
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8:51 am
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tomorrow, i talk to robin thicke. a new album and we had quite a conversation. you'll want at that hear it. >> we leave you now with more music from wild child. this is "stitches."
8:55 am
♪ i don't feel well i don't feel right i doubt i'll make it through the night and she swore the stitches wouldn't stay and good night from far away ♪ ♪ she said i spoke with the tongue of spears that's like my words so unclean she said she hates when i get that way but it's now i stay sane ♪ ♪ and i want to come home cause i miss your bones ♪ ♪ and i'm sick and tired of always sleeping alone ♪ ♪ and i need to come back cause the road's too hard ♪
8:56 am
♪ too many sinners and too many bars ♪ ♪ -- captions by vitac -- ♪ i hope these walls aren't paper thin my untied tie my mouth full of gin ♪ ♪ and i hope that this mirror is a lie because i don't recognize that guy ♪ ♪ well i'm through the cool well
8:57 am
and good morning to you, we're updating breaking news right now, four children killed in an early morning house fire, four others are in stable condition. "eyewitness news" on the scene of the 6500 block of gasnerr street in southwest philadelphia, authorities say the three alarm blaze broke out before 3:00 a.m. this morning. eight homes destroyed displacing 42 people, one victim said she had to rush taught avoid flames. >> he run upstairs, he said there is a fire. so we grabbed, you know, everybody, and we go for the front door. but, it was the flames, was all on the porch. and they were all over. so we had to go out the back door. >> it is not known if any of the homes had working smoke detectors. now, let's get a check of the forecast with carol. morning, carol. >> oh, boy, what a story. we looking at blue skies today, and we're going to be
8:58 am
finding temperatures that will be quite comfortable as we move through the afternoon because the dew points are down society humid it is down. right now temperatures come up to 71 in philadelphia, 68 trenton, 56 degrees in wilmington, 70 degrees right along the shore, and our high temperature this afternoon gets to 84, eight a degrees and then tomorrow, in the upper 80s but low humidity, sunshine both days, nicole. >> thank you that's "eyewitness news" this morning. you can always follow us on our website i'm nicole brewer. make it a great day.
8:59 am
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