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tv   Eyewitness News at 430am  CBS  July 7, 2014 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news". and it is monday, july 7th, good morning, i'm ukee washington. >> i'm nicole brewer in for erika this morning. stories we're following today, developing right now, stray bullet hit the child in a camden county home. we'll bring you up-to-date on that investigation. he rules in the air if you're caring your phone, laptop or your tablet on next flight, make sure they're working before you get on board. those stories and much more coming up. right now, let's check our forecast, nice weekend we're coming off. >> really nice weekend? low humidity, beautiful, warm. >> specially this time of year, we're used to it feeling steamier. so real comfortable for all of the holiday plans people had
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outside. hurricane couldn't mess with our weekend, right? >> arthur what? >> he got out of here. he's good riddance, out of here, long gone at this point, obviously, we're just still in for pleasant weather generally speaking overall here today, if perhaps you are still lucky enough to be enjoying another day off. storm scan3, taking snapshot view here, 4:30 a.m., and all is well right now. we've got generally clear sky, little bit of a thin layer of cloud cover overhead to help keep things toast year for you out there this morning, but we're in for generally pretty quiet day out there. but, the big headlines for our area, guys, will be that we are heating up. so today, much hotter day on top t does look as though we'll have heatwave to report as we look forward in the forecast, talking temperatures coming up. nicole, back to you for now. >> katie, thank you. we begin now with breaking news, car has crashed in philadelphia's juniata park neighborhood killing one person and injuring another. police say the car hit the wall after sit owned building
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at whitaker avenue and east luzerne street early this morning. one person died at that scene. the other is in critical condition. philadelphia police are investigating that crash. and also developing right now, a young girl hospitalized after she struck by a stray bullet in south jersey? we're told the victim was inside a home when she was hit. syma chowdhry joins us now in winslow township, camden county with this developing story. syma? >> reporter: that's right, ukee, nicole, shooting took place couple of hours ago. winslow township police are still on the scene investigating after a child was hit by a possible stray bullet. now, it happened around 12:30 at a home on the corner of hathaway drive and haywood lane. neighbors tell us they heard gunshots near the area. but didn't see anyone. a 13 year old girl, who was in her home, was shot at least once in her back side. now, she was taken to cooper hospital with non-life
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threatening injuries. i spoke with a neighbor who called 911. she didn't want to be identified. but tells us there has never been a shooting like this in her neighborhood. >> all the sudden i heard two shots, and then i heard like seven moran i just called the cops. i didn't see anybody or anything. but it was just so frightening, because this never happens in this area. >> and we're waiting for police to give us an update on exactly what is going on here, but i was in communication with the victims' family, particularly, i spoke with the victims' sister via twitter. she told me that her sister is expected to be okay. we're live in sicklerville, syma chowdhry, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". syma, thank you. it is 4:33, and we'll check on traffic and weather together, start with kate. >> i good morning, nicole, good morning, everybody, we start things off here with a quick check on "skycam 3", live look for you here over the ben franklin bridge, pretty quiet start to the morning for us here, no
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problems of visibility, we have little thin layer of cloud cover, but higher up in the atmosphere, it shouldn't mess with you here this morning. we are starting to get more of southwesterly flow to the atmosphere, in other words, it does mean we will start to notice the increase in humidity, generally, i would say, especially true later on tonight, and here's y you can see that there is a little bit after squeeze play starting to take place. high pressure off shore, here is the next frontal boundery, one piece of energy starting to roll through t does look like it will generally stay to the north and west, pocono region, central pa, probably pick up on shower or thunderstorm, through the p.m. time frame. i think i will i and the shore points don't have to worry about, that but look what it does is help get the moisture content, the atmosphere going little bit more. we are actually going to start to notice the the difference in the humidity with time here. currently only at 61 degrees dew point, lower the dew point,, right at about 65 where it does start to feel steamy. so as we top off around 62, or so, throughout the day, it is not bad. i love that phrase, not bad
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for your comfort index here, again, about 65 is where the humidity becomes a bit more noticeable, and then it just gets worse as the dew points climb. so not too terrible for us. currently into the low to mid 70s generally around the region as a whole, that even is true for folks in quakertown, nice and mild to start your morning out, there and we are expecting a day that unfolds with a lot of warmth. check out 3:00 p.m. that's where we hit our daytime high. looking at generally partly to mostly sunny skies across the board. so it is a hot summer day, but we won't have to dodge any wet weather around the philly area. but guys, you can always stay on top of the forecast just by download g the brand new cbs weather app. for one thing it is free, but also get awesome features with it. check live radar, severe weather alerts, sends us any weather pictures you take through the app, great app, i've been toying around it for couple of weeks, you will love it, in the app store, coming soon to the dan droid devices, victoria, good morning. >> good morning, everyone, bob has the day off. i'll be filling in this week.
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as every right now i'm sort of interested to see how we are coming off this holiday weekend, maybe few folks are going to head back from the shore, back to work this morning. so we'll see how that develops through the rush hour. but as of right now 959 is pretty great. traveling either southbound or northbound, this out here around the area of girard, not too many problems. do have few southbound vehicles, but again, we're seeing a great amount of distance, absolutely low volume at this time of day. we'll see how it changes later on. schuylkill expressway, no problems eastbound, westbound, doesn't matter where you are traveling in center city averaging speeds in the 50's, 55, as well, 95, 55, 476. as we continue, though, we do have an accident blocking all lanes on the northbound side of the for the east extension there is has been out there for couple of hours right now, all lanes blocked at route 309. folks are being asked to exit and then re-enter at the lansdale interchange, so, something to be mine full of here. ukee? >> torrey, thank you. philadelphia police are
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searching for group of thieves, they say, praying on the vulnerable. the latest victim, disable viet nam war veteran, happened yesterday afternoon east commonly street in lawncrest. one the suspects robbed the 68 year old victim whose identity we are pro ticking of cash. relatives, neighbors, express outrage and concern. >> people who pray, knock on my door. just be aware of any strange activity, you know, people not scheduled to be at your house, knocking, so just be on the look-out. >> police also tell us disable man in his 80s was also robbed nearby just few days earlier. the suspects in both incidents, a man and two older women, with a small child. they got away in a white mini-van. a community comes together to help after a fire kills four children and destroys several homes in southwest philadelphia. four year old twin girls, and brothers, four year old and six week old perished in the massive fire.
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the soaring flames nearly destroyed the six a hundred of gasner street saturday morning causing many families to lose everything. >> let go, let go, so we came out this way, everyone is responding in love. but that's a blessing. >> donations are pouring in from all over the city, meanwhile, investigators continue to search for a cause in this deadly fire. >> of course you can help the families affected by this fire, to find out how, go to our website philadelphia police are not filing charges against a driver who struck two year old in kensington, happened before 4:00 yesterday afternoon 1800 block of east monmouth street. officers took photos of the mini-van, but police say it was an accident. that boy is list in the stable condition. the holiday weekends may be over, but some vacationers down the shore extend their stay to catch post fireworks shows. atlantic city among the towns to rescheduled fireworks for sunday night, rough seas sees
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made it hard, but once the storm passed, many headed outside to enjoy the sunshine. >> that's why we came over here with the whole family, try to have a nice time, make up for all of that time that we had rain. >> business owners say the choppy waters this weekend boosted sales by bringing more people to the board walk. that was welcome news for shop owners who say sales are down so far this summer season. >> want to get people shopping you. >> got that right. >> they can't be on the beach. much more to cover here on cbs-3 "eyewitness news", bringing your cell phone or laptop when you fly, make sure it is fully charged before you board. >> summer hohoops gives some of the prospects a chance to shine a bit. back in two minutes. good morning.
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jury for donald surge and estranged wife face-off in court today, $2 billion sale of the los angeles clippers hangs in the balance. the trial will focus on whether shelly sterling had the right to negotiate the deal to sell that team under terms of a family trust. she struck the deal with former mike solve ceo, ballmer, the nba moved him as an owner. >> transportation security admit has new policy to affect travelers flying to the u.s. from europe and the middle eastment it is requiring pass inning tears power on their electronic devices such as cell phones. tsa says devices that won't power up won't be allowed on planes. now the agency may also require additional screening. something to keep in mind if you are traveling.
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>> absolutely. >> staying here at home, you want to know what the weather is like. >> you want the sun block, my friends. >> possible heatwave. >> it will be very close, because i think we'll hit about 90 wednesday, but if we just barely miss it, we can't qualify for the definition of a heatwave. >> three days? >> so you need three days of 90 degrees, yes, 90 degrees or more. >> i call it close enough. >> numbers aside, it will be awfully hot, it will be very steamy. so i would say you have to factor in the humidity, how it feels, tan will feel easily like it is in the mid to upper 90s for few days straight. may be additional showers, thunderstorms to dodge at that point, some of those are already starting to fire up here, philly, shore points, all of delaware, will totally looking fine, nice and dry, but definitely hot. we will talk temperatures in a second. but some of this moisture may survive, and help couple of showers and thunderstorms develop and fire up through central pa, northwestern pa, so north and west suburbs do have shot to have to deal
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with. that will we do generally have high pressure on the side right now, now putting in a little bit of what i like to call the squeeze play routine, off to the southeast, south carolina coastline, little area of showers and thunderstorms, that bears monitoring. pretty low shot rye now, tropical development, but it has got a shot, even though the odds are slim. so we have to keep an eye on that. meanwhile it is hot, starting to turn more humid through the day, begin to notice it later tonight. but regardless, we are back to the 90s here, guys, looks like we will stay there tuesday, as well, wednesday is the day that it is very, very close. i forecasted a high of 90 for wednesday. so, you know, it is going to be one of those close calls. see how we do. regardless it is hot anyway. we will be dodging showers, thunderstorms, especially tomorrow, specially wednesday, with slow passage of front. what we are looking at here 24 hour difference in temperature, has got answer lot warmer in the pinelands, nice and cool and crisp to start yesterday morning. now you are 17 degrees warmer at the same time the next day. so, really starting to pick up on the southerly flow in the
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atmosphere, that will help sends those temperatures sky-rocketing here today. so 92 degrees, the expected hi, it is a hot summer day. and expect to see that sunshine, and you will need the sun block obviously as a result. here you go, three days straight, nine or greater, will make it heatwave by definition. we should start to feel bit comfy as the week rounds out. guys, we send it back to you. >> thanks, katie, in sports, phillies start four game series with the brewers tonight in milwaukee, cole hamels gets the start for the fighting's, game time 8:10. phillies off to good start in the finale of the pirates series yesterday in pittsburgh. marilyn bird executes the hit-and-run, first hitting and jimmy rollins scores puts the phils up one-nothing, bird his his second homerun in the seventh, but it wasn't even close to being enough. pirates win this 16 to two, and sweep the series from the phils. chase utley had the day off yesterday, but he will be on the field when the national league all stars take on the american leaguers, july 17th,
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minneapolis. chase collected most votes of any national league second base ban man. it will be utley's sixth appearance in the all-star game. >> the sixers summer league squad takes on houston rockets tomorrow night in orlando. guys representing the six remembers one and one on the schedule so far. now, the sixers summer leaguers beat the oklahoma city thunder yesterday. ronald roberts junior out every st. joe's had 12, travis and mcdaniels had 13 each. led sixers with 20, noel had the day off, after very nice showing on saturday. sixers beat the under this nerve summer league play 84 to 73. over at wimbleton, a classic showdown in yesterday's men's finals. novack, and roger federer, in one for the ages. on the final point, federer backhanded into the net. november ac wins the acceptable winds many recall tore, and number one in the world. great match.
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great match indeed. still ahead on "eyewitness news" this morning, why did the box office fizzle during the fourth of july weekend? >> first here's what's coming up tonight on cbs-3.
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>> deathsly car crash in juniata park. one person dead, second person in critical condition. it happened at whitaker avenue and east luzerne streets around 2:00 this morning. >> young girl hit by stray bullet in winslow township camden county. the girl was inside her home, when a bullet pierced the window, hitting her in the buttocks area. she is expected to be okay. and disable war veteran attacked in northeast philadelphia, the 68 year olds man robbed every his cash yesterday in lawncrest. police say a disable man in his 80s was also robbed nearby few days earlier. now, they believe that same
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group is behind both crimes, and are asking residents to be aware. >> time for business news. >> jill wagner joins us live from the new york stock exchange, good morning to you, jill. so investors return from the holiday with stocks in record territory. what's happening thereon wall street? >> wealth, good morning, ukee, nicole, thursday the dow broke 17,000 for the first time ever. the dow was up 92 points, finished at 17,000, and 68. >> this came after day of really good economic news. labor department reported strong job gains in june, a sign that hiring is picking up, now, this week, investors will try to keep that momentum going. the fed releases minutes from its last meeting on wednesday, and investors will be watching for any signs the central bank could be raising interest rates from their record low levels. ukee, nicole? >> jill, july 4th weekends is usually a big one at the box office. but you say not this year?
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>> reporter: that's right, the box office was down 44% this july 4th weekend compared to last year. this weekend ranks as one of the lowest fourth of july's ever at the movies. so, analysts say it is really because there just was no big relief this year. transformers, aids of extinction, won the weekend, but it was in its second week of showing, new melissa mccarthy comedy tammy came in with disappointing numbers. now the world cup could have also played a role with some people staying at home to watch soccer. ukee, nicole? i had to stay home and watch my recording every under the dome before tonight's episode. >> you don't even have to pay for a ticket. >> i know, i watch it on the weekends. thanks, jill, appreciate it. coming up after a short break, we do it together on the 3's,
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>> approaching the rush hour time periods. right now 309 around the pa turnpike real a breeze, nothing to worry about, and, also, nothing to worry about traveling on 676. it doesn't matter eastbound, or westbound, between 76 and 95, it is nice and wide open, and again, still very, very quiet on the roads. as we take a look at our wide, notice, speed censors still high up in the 50's. fifty-five your average on the schuylkill, 476, 95, even going through construction zones. how much, traveling the pa turnpike northeast extension, northbound approaching lansdale, all lanes are blocked. your best alternate is to take 309. folks are being told to exit and then re-enter at the valley forge interchange because there is still an investigation going on. so, again, watch out for that on your commute this morning. watch out for heatwave. katie? seriously? >> i think we are definitely looking ahead here, too. and good morning, torrey, yes, thanks for being here this week as our bob is taking a little r and r time here. but yes, looking ahead to some
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heat building across the board. so i think bob will spend a lot of time in the pool the next couple of daysment storm scan3, nothing more than thin vale of cloud cover, high up in the atmosphere, not lead to go any visibility issues this morning, but eventually we start to notice the humidity creeping up on us. so as we get into that, there are no advisories, no watches, no warnings, posted in terms of the heat. but, you always want to be smart about this. check on elderly neighbors, drink lots of fluid, make sure it is water, something that will hydrate you obviously, pull the blind during the day, so try to keep the indoors little cooler, if possible here, and obviously utilize that air conditioner, and remember your car can literally become an oven within minutes, especially, in these kind of temperatures. ninety-two the expected high in philly today, looking even at the shore, 91 degrees, it is almost always a lot cooler at the shore, but not when you have got this casino every wind flow. mid nine's expected tomorrow, by that point, more widespread showers, if not locally drenching or strong thunderstorms, will start to become a little bit more after
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norm around our area. back over to you. >> thank you show, look at stories our sister station "kyw news radio" will be following. pennsylvania begins second week without state budget as governor tom corbett goes over whether to sign tee-off ten running out of medics unit, fire departments are making changes to prevent t old city about to get a new beer gardenment check in two, three, four times a day, "kyw news radio" 1060 on your a.m. dial. >> coming up in the next hour of cbs news, historic meeting with the pope, host sitting down with today as he tries to clean up one of the church's biggest messes. plus: >> hey, get out of the water. shark! get out of the water, shark! >> a swimmer survives getting attack by a great white shark. careless mistake he blames for the terrifying encounter and how he finally escaped. we're back at the top of the hour. good morning.
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>> following breaking news, you are looking at the mangled wreckage after deadly overnight car crash. finds out what we're learning about the victim and the building that was hit. >> developing right now, caught in the color nice, teenager in the hospital after getting hit by a stray bullet. now, we're hearing from neighbors about that shooting. it is monday, july 7th, good morning, everyone, i'm ukee washington. >> i'm nicole brewer. erika has the day off. also this morning. >> people who pray on the disable gets not pet fry me. >> scam alert in in local neighborhood. disable vet scammed by con artist, who we need to be on the look-out for so you don't get scammed. katy? >> nicole, looking ahead to another bright sunny start to the day here. but the big story for us weather wise is the building heat that we're going to find,
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we are likely going to be looking at heatwave by mid week. so we will talk temperatures, all coming up. victoria? >> thank you, katie, good morning, everyone, right now we're taking a look at 202 around the area of the schuylkill expressway, in problems as of yet. but coming off of the holiday weekends, things could definitely change for your rush hour, we'll see how things are doing in just a bit. ukee? >> thank you, torrey. we are following breaking news, philadelphia police are investigating a deadly car crash in juniata park. investigators tell us the car hit the wall after city owned building at whitaker avenue and east luzerne street around 2:00 this morning. one person died at the scene. another person was rushed to the hospital in critical condition. we're still working to find out what caused that crash. nicole? >> ukee, developing right now, a young girl is rushed to the hospital after a stray bullet tears through a south jersey home overnight. let's get right out to "eyewitness news" reporter syma chowdhry live at the scene in winslow township camden county, syma


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