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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  July 7, 2014 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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we are likely going to be looking at heatwave by mid week. so we will talk temperatures, all coming up. victoria? >> thank you, katie, good morning, everyone, right now we're taking a look at 202 around the area of the schuylkill expressway, in problems as of yet. but coming off of the holiday weekends, things could definitely change for your rush hour, we'll see how things are doing in just a bit. ukee? >> thank you, torrey. we are following breaking news, philadelphia police are investigating a deadly car crash in juniata park. investigators tell us the car hit the wall after city owned building at whitaker avenue and east luzerne street around 2:00 this morning. one person died at the scene. another person was rushed to the hospital in critical condition. we're still working to find out what caused that crash. nicole? >> ukee, developing right now, a young girl is rushed to the hospital after a stray bullet tears through a south jersey home overnight. let's get right out to "eyewitness news" reporter syma chowdhry live at the scene in winslow township camden county, syma?
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>> that's right, nicole, just got update from winslow township police. they tell us that a stray bullet went inside this house over here, and hit a 13 year old girl while she was sleeping. another stray bullet also hit a couple of houses down across the street. now, police are still on the scene investigating. this happened around 12:30, on the corner of hathaway drive and haywood lane. neighbors tell us they heard several gunshots in the area, but didn't see anyone. thirteen year old girl was at home sleeping in her bed. she was shot once in the back side. she was taken to cooper hospital with non-life threatening injuries. now, neighbors we spoke with who called 191, with one neighbor she didn't want to be identified but tells us something like this has never happened in their neighborhood. >> we like yo gunshots, i thought it was like somewhere else, i didn't even know it was out here. so it is crazy, like, the world today, shouldn't be like
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this. >> and again, police on the scene still investigating. in the meantime, i have been in contact with the victim's family. i've been speaking with the victims' sister on twitter. she tells me she expected for that girl to be okay. but, of course, obviously, some terrifying moments early this morning. we're live in sicklerville, syma chowdhry, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". okay, syma, thank you. also this morning, police warning residents in philadelphia's lawncrest neighborhood about a scam targeting the elderly and disable. the latest incident happened along the 600 block of east commonly street in lawncrest. now, police say man asked 68 year old victim whose identity we are protecting about room to rent. we're told the suspect was able to get inside and took cash. neighbors express shock. >> it is upsetting. like i said, when things like that happen, it is sad, because the man he doesn't bother nobody, he stays in his house, he stays in his house, he has little issues, like,
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you know, the man trying to help himself. but you are tacking from him. >> we're told the suspect got away in white mini-van with two older women and possibly a child inside. it is 5:03. here is your traffic and weather together on the 3's, katy? >> good morning, happy monday shall everybody, hopefully you had an enjoyable weekend. the holiday now beyond us, looking ahead to some pretty significant heat that's going to be starting to build here. you know, we enjoyed what was atypical holiday weekend, yes, nice and warm out there, but it wasn't terribly humid. this is summer in philly. we're used to the humidity. so we really got nice little dose of some pleasant conditions here in the last couple of days. and at the moment really just dealing with little thin vale of cloud cover, higher up in the atmosphere, so taking live look at "skycam 3", atlantic city, no problems, no worries, we start off i think with beautiful conditions here. and it is nice and warm, too, a lot of have you swarmed up substantially going through the last 24 hours from one morning to the next. storm scan3 as you might
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imagine is devoid of anything really. it is pretty quiet out there. starting to build up little bit of moisture in the atmosphere, see stormy weather just behind the lettering of storm scan3 there, that will likely stay out of the philadelphia's hair, out of the jersey shore's hair, but if you you are up toward the poconos, maybe in through central pa i wouldn't be surprised if you saw spotty shower or storm later in the day. snapshot, actually, rather live view for you here, outside whitfield elementary school in west lawn, pa, outside of reading, 76 degrees, off to warm start. may drop another agree or so before the sun officially comes up. that happens in a half hour. so losing time on that. but, that doesn't mean we won't be warming up easily. current wind speed not so much an issue. look at the aero. all out of the south, with the southerly flow, we have the air mass coming from nice warm place. and that's going to help of course allow us to heat up easily. so we start with some sun, keep the sun in fact all day, see few more clouds as the day progresses but call this day one, our next heatwave,
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torrey, going for daytime high of 92 degrees today. so, if you are going to be outside, you need to make sure to stay hydrated. latter up. >> and check the flu its in the car, as well, just never know, the last thing that i like to report is another disable vehicle on the roadway. but good morning, everyone, as every right now, roads are very nice and quiet, as katie was mentioning with all of the sun, definately see some sun glare later on. but looking outside, see what you are dealing with right now. look at the 42 freeway, 42 around the area of creek road, no major problems headed to or from the walt whitman bridge area, even the atlantic city expressway, does seem to be however traveling northbound, disable vehicle, but on the shoulder not causing too much of a problem at all. as we continue, though there is shot here, 95, right around the philadelphia international airport. maybe you're coming back or going out this week for work, well, 95 around this area looks pretty good. platt bridge also nice alternate if you are heading out in the city, headed down toward philadelphia international. but we do have updates, for another form of mass transit if you will.
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the route 11 trolley is bussing, 70th woodlands toadish. so be minds full of that, experiencing track work, also, route 13 doing track work, and therefore will be terminating at the yeadon loop. again, no major problems this morning, and the rest of your commute, 95, schuylkill, 676, looks great. nicole? >> tour, thank youment community comes together to help families after a fire kills four children and destroys several homes in southwest philadelphia. donations are pouring in from all over the city, as fire investigators continue to search for a cause. "eyewitness news" reporter steve patterson has that story >> i said sure. >> new day, the same pain. >> very, very bad. >> johnson lived next-door to twin girls, so close, they called him uncle. >> so sad. what are you doing today? >> says those, the very last words to him from four year old twins, maria and marryella boa before this, flames that nearly destroyed the 6500
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block saturday morning, killing the twins, along with brothers, patrick sonyia, six week old todge. he remembers the harrowing escape with his brother moments before he said he lost everything. >> the fire was blazing. let go, let go! >> sunday, a new day, same pain, but hope just around the corner. >> everyone is responding in love. but it is a blessing. >> christ international baptist church sits right outside the devestation. pastor napoleon devine opened his doors to donation, clothes, canned food, he says, the response unlike anything he expected. >> never in my wildest imagination that would have had this much people coming all night pretty much. couldn't even have church this morning. >> dough vine says the donation haves been pouring in from everywhere, from people at different faiths, ages, races, new day for community, a city with such pain. little hope, much needed.
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>> i am proud to be a philadelphian, when the chips are down, we pull together, and we do things together that help our fellow man when he is down. >> community officials expected to come together to rally, to get together and figure out how to take financial donations, for the families affected, all of this, while investigators look to pinpoint how this started in the first place. reporting from southwest philadelphia, i'm steve patterson, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". and starting today organizers will be excepting financial donations to help the families pay for the funerals every those four children. you can log on to our website for more information. well, happening right now, testimony could wrap up today in the oscar pistorius murder trial. this is a live look inside the courtroom. one day after video aired on australian television showing the former olympian re-enacting the night of his girlfriends' killing. they said it was sold illegally. hired us company to make the
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video for trial preparation purposes. also, today, los angeles clippers owner donald stirling and his estranged wife kelly -- shelly face-off in court, whether shell had i the right to negotiate a deal to sell the team. made the $2 billion deal in may after her husband's racist remarks were publicized and the nba moved to us a him as owner. >> pope francis will meet with victims of the church's clergy sex abuse scandal at the vatican today. it will be the first meeting since francis became pope in march of last year. a vatican commission was set to up address the problem of clerical sex abuse in developing countries. pope francis has come out in support of victims and promised zero tolerance going forward. your time 5:09. get ready for stepped up security at this at the airport. find out why you want to make sure your gadgets have plenty of juice before go through security. also this. >> face-to-face, looking at his eyeballs, as he went right into me. >> goodness, happened in a instant, a swim in the ocean
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turns into a fight for his life. how he survived getting attacked by a great white shark, and who he blames for the frightening encounter. >> and, some pretty wild video when a fireworks store goes up in flames. and that's not the only fiasco with the explosives over the holiday weekend. katie? >> ukee, we're looking ahead to some heat that will be building across our area for the next three days. so, will it qualify as a heatwave? i'll have the answer, we'll talk about what the rest of the week has in store. all coming up.
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>> proof you can still get into trouble even when you leave the fireworks to the pros. this fire baum shooting out of fireworks store in tennessee. >> oh, my gosh! feel the heat.
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look! >> shells exploding in the background, at one point, some of the fireworks even shot into a nearby highway on a nearby highway and sparked smaller fires and some grass outside the store. it took firefighters several hours to put out those flames. and take a look at what fireworks did to this nursing home in kansas, that fire errupted over the weekends after someone didn't get rid of discharged fireworks the right way. the building destroyed. but no one who lives there was hurt thank goodness. 5:13 right now, a check on the forecast, katie, going to be hot one. >> nicole, we did see funnel cloud out there. you can see the wild weather in the midwest, looking at possible tornado, i was tossing around debris outside des moines yesterday, almost dozen tornados reported across that state. and, as far as our weather is concerned, thankfully i'm not worried about any severe weather here today. but middle part of the week, that may change, so we'll have to keep an eye on that, but we always start this particular segment off with a look at your pollen report. i want to start things off there if we k luckily our pollen levels have been very,
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very low lately. gee on little bit after evan flow, baby roller coaster pollen leafs, simply because we do have high pressure today, little higher, tomorrow we see likely some showers, some storms, little lower. then it will go up and down over the course of the week with variety pack basically of weather-related issues coming our way. at the moment, i wouldn't say it is an issue necessarily, but will start heating up. high pressure on our side for now despite the stormy weather off to the north and west, philly, all of the delaware beaches as well as new jersey shore line does not have to worry about wet weather today. meanwhile, little area of disturbed weather southeast of south carolina. this has at least a slim shot of tropical development, but at the moment, goes a one in ten shot. so, we'll have to keep an eye on that. but there is still chance. so we want to report on. that will meanwhile, mostly sunny skies out of the area beaches today. look how hot it will get. you know why it is getting so hot, typically beaches cooler, wind flow comes out of the south, hot place, everybody heats up, no matter where you are, again, usually you have got the ocean influence to help cool you down, but high
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uv index, high heat, it will be breezy but not really cool you off all that much. make sure to find a way to stay cool. have your umbrella ready to go. lucky enough to be at the beach here, nice and toasty next couple of days, few showers, and thunderstorms, will start to fire specially by tomorrow and wednesday. victoria, over to you. >> thank you, katie. good morning, everyone, all bad weather and beautiful sunshine, comes the sun glare. so, when the sun comes up and the rush comes in, that will definitely be something that will be mindful of. as of right now it is very, very quiet. we head outside. take a look at how you are doing on 676, right around the area of the schuylkill expressway, notice the schuylkill river right underneath. traveling between 76 and 95, no major problems at all. as you cut through center city, and as we continue, looking at the ben franklin bridge. anyone make that early commute this morning, back to work, back to the work week, from vacation, notice that any of our bridges so far are doing really really well. we will continue to keep you updated of course through the morning, as we now continue to keep you update in the
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delaware, dealing with a accident, this is an overturned tractor-trailer, route 40 westbound, blocked, at school bell road. so your best alternate is to take apple bee road to 273, and then that will take you to route seven southbound, and then that will allow to you continue and bypass that incident. also an incident on the northbound side of the new jersey turnpike, north of james berg, this accident is over to the shoulder, and involving an overturned vehicle, but again, not blocking the road. ukee? >> torrey, thank youment breaking news tops our look at today's headlines. one person is killed, another person is in critical condition after a car crashed in juniata park. it happened just after 2:00 this morning, and police say speed was a factor. >> a young girl is hit by gunfire, just after midnight, inside her own home in sicklerville, camden county. police say it was a stray bullet and the girl was taken to cooper hospital. a search is underway for the gunman. >> organizers are accepting donations beginning today to help families pay for the funerals of four children killed in saturday's fire in
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southwest philadelphia. you can get information at investigators are searching for the cause of the fire. >> such a tragic store. >> i it was. >> 5:17 right now. couple's wedding pictures are going viral this morning. you have to see the shots that are creating quite a whirlwinds on line. >> also, this is one of the last places you would expect to see some planes, how they ended up on the bank of that river, and the delicate effort to remove them. we'll be back.
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judge security officials will turn their attention to electronic devices at airport checks points overseas. tsa says officers may ask us bound pass inning tears power on cell phones, tablets, even laptops, to proof they're not explosives t comes on the heals every new concerns, that al quaida might be developing bombs that could go undetected by security. well, developing right now, over night israeli air strikes targeting the gaza strip kill at least seven members of hamas.
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attacks came in response to daily rocket fire, from gaza militants. meanwhile, at least six suspects in custody in connection with the abduction and murder of a palestinian teenager last week. palestinians say the 16 year old was killed in retaliation for the deaths of three israeli teenagers last month. well, firefighters continue to battle a raging wild fire in northern california. it broke out friday, burning 5,000 acres, forcing mandatory evacuations and cancelling fourth of july celebrations. rubbing terrain, hot, dry conditions, are hampering crews' efforts there. so far, 30% of that fire is contained. tree firefighters suffered minor injuries while battling that blaze. crews are still working this morning to remove the fuselage of three airplanes in the clark fork river in montana. a train caring the airplane parts went off the tracks on thursday sending them into the water. the crash damaged the jetliner fuselage, and other parts of the train. the train was head today a boeing factory in washington
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state, the planes will not be taken out of the water until tomorrow. popular restaurant chain is cooking up something new today. we'll tell but the offer that will have you asking for seconds, maybe even thirds, and more legal trouble for justin bieber. we have the words on why the pop star will be in a courtroom today. be right back.
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nice mild start, kinds of morning where everybody can get away without a jacket, as you walk out the door. a loft locations felt that crisp in the as moss fear, sunday, felt really comfortable. it was kind of cool. let's take you out, there show you what's going onment storm scan3 has really nothing to report at the local level, say for the thin vale of clouds, which is actually starting to break apart, you could see
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some of the stormier weather off across the great lakes region, some will survive through the north and western most suburbs, but i don't think philly has to worry about it today. 57 degrees, southwest components of the winds, humidity not too term just yet. but his southwest flow is going to persist, air go we start to see that humidity creeping up on us with time. today, tomorrow, wednesday, all expected to hit 09 or higher, that would officially make it our latest heatwave. victoria, over to you. >> thank you, so much, katie. and good morning, everyone, alleges every right now, i mentioned it before, i will say it again, it is still a smooth ride, very quiet. so let's get you outside. see how your doing, route one around pennsylvania avenue, again, not too many vehicles on the roadway, that's for sure. but as we continue, we will jump over now 202, this is 202 around the areas of the schuylkill expressway, again, no major problems, are we dealing with at this hour. ninety-five, the schuylkill, all looking pretty good out there. however, as we move along, going to take a look into delaware, do have accident, pullaski highway, being
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blocked at school bell road. your best alternate is to take apple bee road to 273, and then 273 will take to you route seven southbound. that's the way around that. dealing with accident in new jersey, north of jamestown, the turnpike. pa turnpike extension, all lanes block, nine your best alternate. sports now with ukee. >> thank you, torrey, the phillies are losers he three straight, look to go right the ship later tonight in milwaukee. cole hamels goings for thirds win of the season, phillies got on the birds first yesterday in pittsburgh. bird drove in jimmy rollins with first run of the baseball game. all right, good start. bird also hit his 18th homerun of the season. but it was not nearly enough. the phils gotten only four hits, lose your final score six to two. chase utley wasn't in the phillies starting line up yesterday's game at the park, but will take the field at second base for the national league all stars next week. chase would start the game in minnesota tuesday, it is
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utley's sixth appearance in the mid summer classic. hey check out the play in anaheim. loose like disaster two angels players collide trying to catch, make the catch in the infield. but pitcher mike savings the day, making dive grabment another look, yes, not quite bob boone and peter. charlie, but still very oh, very impressive. nicole? >> all right, ukee, thanks. coming up in the next hour of "eyewitness news", we are continuing to follow breaking news after deadly crash overnight. syma? >> reporter: a 13 year old girl was shot by a stray bullet while she was home sleeping. i'll have the details coming up. >> hey, get out of the water, shark! get out of the water, shark pink! >> swimmer survives getting attacked by a great white shark. victoria and katie return with your traffic and weather together. we'll be back in two minutes.
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up days on breaking news, one person is dead and another is in critical condition, after a car crashes in juniata park. police tell us the driver was going too fast, lost control, and crashed, into the wall of a city owned building. it happened around 2:00 this morning, at whitaker avenue and east luzerne street. and we're also following a developing story this morning. police are looking for clues after a teenager is shot overnight by a stray bullet fired into her camden county home. we're live at the scene with the latest on how she is doing this morning. >> those stories and more coming up. good morning, everyone. first, traffic and weather together with katie and torrey. good morning. >> good morning, ukee, looking ahead to the possibility of yet another heatwave. here in the delaware valley. so a lot to talk about in terms of temperature. eventually some showers, thunderstorms, also make a return appearance with the forecast, i'll tell you when.
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>> with that heatwave will comma lot of sun glare, so make sure to pack the shades before you lever the house, keep in mind to pull the advise or down. jump outside, things are pretty quiet. ninety-five, even through construction zone, throughout cottman avenue, southbound, northbound commuting not a problem. but it is not a problem just yet. it is a monday morning. ukee? >> tour, thank you. thirteen year old girl is caught in the crossfire while sleeping in bed. now, police in south jersey are on the hunt for the person who pulled the trigger. "eyewitness news" reporter syma chowdhry joins us now from the scene, in winslow township with the developing details. syma, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, ukee. police believe the shooting took place right behind me, on haywood lane right there and the stray bullet went through that house, hitting a 13 year old girl, while she was home in bed. now, other bullets flew as well, one hitting a house across the street, about three doors down. now, polst


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