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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  July 7, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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just before the collapse, it was these two homes 6015 spruce here, 6017 spruce here. two other homes besides these two did sustain maybe or damage. >> "eyewitness news" reporter steve paterson is live from the scene where that investigation continues tonight, steve. >> reporter: chris and jessica lets give you another look. take a look we are getting our first look at contractors who won the bid to tear down the home. what they are doing right now is kind of opening up that home up and they have gathered several items that are precious to the homeowners inside, but most precious cargo came out earlier. >> somebody help me find my dog. >> reporter: early on after two homes collapsed in cobbs creek police told us everyone was accounted for. everyone didn't include chris chapman's two missing dogs. >> i need to know where my dogs are and what their condition is. >> reporter: dogs were in the house on the 6017 spruce monday, shortly before noon
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time. >> you heard a crash, you know, and it was coming down everything was coming down. >> reporter: that is when inspectors say a wall between that unit and neighboring 6015 collapsed destroying the row homes, damaging the at least one other. >> just seemed so shocking because this is a good, stable block. >> reporter: ten people and four families air affect but despite police saying a renter was inside 6015 at the time, in one was injured. >> the at least again i continue to thank god that in one got hurt. >> reporter: yes in, one includes home owner chris chapman who was at work and two dogs duncan and brady found safely hiding inside of the house. >> my god, i mean, fine, great day, it is a great day. >> reporter: chapman says reunion far out weighs the the loss. >> it is a miracle, miracle. >> cities l and i department calling this an unsafe structure so you sees, the
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axes are out. they started to rip and tear down that front siding. before that they have gathered items that were personal to the people lived inside of there. one of them the ashes of chapman's husband that were inside and they recovered those whole and took them out, important item, of course, the family will have moore on late's digs of cbs-3. for now we're live from cobbs creek i'm steve paterson for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> steve, thank you. crews rush to the scene of the fire in ship bottom this have afternoon. chopper three over the 2100 block of long beach boulevard where smoke, poured from the roof of the commercial building there. and check out this eyewitness cam photo from morgan kelly, you can sees flames shooting from the roof, no word on any injuries or a cause. right now in mount laurel new jersey state police are investigating a shooting involving one of their officers. this is new video from the scene, behind the aloft hotel on route 73. our todd kinges, who is on the
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scene, learned one person is injured but no officers were hurt no word what prompt that had shooting. and shots were also fired, during a chase involving police in wilmington, delaware. chopper three over where that chase ended at north market and west 27th street. the back window of the car was shot out and two suspects are in police custody. there is a search tonight for a third suspect no one was injured. heat makes a big return this week. "eyewitness news" in north philadelphia today where the shorts, t-shirts, certainly, came in handy. meteorologist kathy orr is outside soaking up the sun on the cbs-3 sky deck and she has our sticky forecast. >> very sticky, chris. right now i have your breezy forecast, on the skies deck a little bit of the wind bringing some comfort the to the hot temperatures. the high today 93. the humidity moderate, but that will change tomorrow. in philadelphia 91. eighty-nine in millville. eighty-eight at the the airport in atlantic city.
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down the shore temperatures still in the 80's even though that ocean water temperature is quite cool in the wake of arthur only sitting at 65 degrees. we are watching as a severe threat to the north and to our west through state college, scranton, upstate new york, some scattered showers and thunderstorms some of which are severe and that threat will move closer to us during the day tomorrow. tuesday afternoon, some thunderstorms especially north and west with downpours, gusty wind and frequent lightening and that could come closer to philadelphia during the mid week. coming up we will talk about the possibility of heat wave number two in just one week and severe weather threat that will continue at least through wednesday, across the delaware valley. we will show you who has best chance of seeing those types of storms. in the meantime i'll see you later in the broadcast with next weekend's forecast, but for now back to you. i just hear gunshots and i got down, i didn't pay attention until i heard her scream and i ran to my mom and
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she was crawling towards the other lady. she was bleeding. >> inches from death. camden county girl is shot as she sleeps in her sicklerville home. police are trying to figure out who fired that bullet. while the the young victim recovers from the hospital her family is left to ask why? "eyewitness news" reporter jane carabao has more. >> reporter: shattered glass and drywall, blown through, evidence of a shoot-out that has left a sicklerville community in disbeast leave. >> it is upsetting and it is a shame. >> you would think you would be safe inside your own home. >> reporter: not the the case around 12:30 this morning the usual calm pierced by the sound of violence. police say a gunfight erupted right here at intersection of hathaway and hey wood, as a result, two people hit by stay bullets. >> i just hear gunshots so i got down, and i didn't pay attention so i heard her scream and i ran and my mom, she turned to run she was crawling towards us, she was bleeding. >> reporter: asleep in her bunk bed tia hudson was shot
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in the lower back. realizing what happened the 13 year-old called to her mother and three sisters for help. >> she was crying like i got shot, got shot. >> reporter: similar screams heard across the street as well, a 56 year-old woman was cut after stray bullets flew through her wall and shattered glass inside her bedroom. both close calls, that left members of this community thinking the same could have happened to them. >> when i moved here 20 years ago there was nothing like that out here, i don't know what is going on. >> reporter: police are trying to figure that out as their search for leads continue. >> we will find out who they are and they will get what is coming to them. >> reporter: family looking for justice as their honor student, the dancer, their joy, recovering from the hospital. in sicklerville, jane carabao for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". a judge in montgomery county hand down a stiff sent tones this man joseph francone, four to eight years in prison for stealing thousands of dollars from wedding parties. some of his actions were caught on tape. francone did apologize in court today, he confessed to
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being a wedding crasher and said he had a drug problem. philadelphia police are looking for two robbery suspects, both armed with guns, those suspects robbed the foot land, market in the 5500 block of rising sun avenue last week. police believe that the same suspects robbed the same store a few weeks prior to that. in both cases, the suspects got away with cash, and cigarettes. fire department takes action, after a fire in southwest philadelphia, kills four children and destroys several homes. the department installed smoke detectors and distributed their home safety fire checklist today, long gesner street. four young children died in the large fire there saturday morning. the fire commissioner today reputed claims that the department did the not respond fast enough saying first units were on the scene three minutes after that initial call for help. a car became wedged between a tractor trailer and
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a road barrier on the pennsylvania turnpike causing traffic detours that lasted for more than eight hours. two people were hurt but their injuries are not life threatening. chopper three overhead as crews work to clear that scene near interchange. the lanes were reopened up at 8:30 this morning. a california man narrowly survived after being attack by a great white shark, it turns out one of the life guard there to help in the dramatic rescue is a native of northeast philadelphia. today we will hear from that life guard and people who helped train him, beaches of north wildwood. our new jersey reporter cleve bryan is live with the exclusive report, cleve. >> reporter: report, before nick mankobe came a life guard on the west coast he learn about the ocean here in north wildwood as a member of the beach patrol and he was well prepared near extremely dangerous situation. >> i have been ready, and i'm
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sitting here staring at this shark eye to eye. >> reporter: long distance swimmer steep even robeless it was a scary situation. over the the holiday weekend a 7-foot long great white attacked him next to the manhattan beach pier in southern california. >> shark, get out of the the water. >> reporter: as witnesses screamed one of the life guards first on the scene was philadelphia's own nick manco. >> we rolled him on to the paddle board and saw the amount of blood, and that is when i put it together that okay, we have something real right now. >> reporter: he hails from the northeast where his father eddies a swimming coach at archbishop rice an high school. >> i was very happy that he was safe and proud of him too knowing he was involved in saving someone's life. >> reporter: before moving to california to be a professional life guard year round, he manned the stand in north wildwood. >> i'm sure nick found his way to assist in some matter. >> reporter: captain bill says manco was a stand out swimmer and paddle board shore
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represented north wildwood in life guard competitions. he work nine seasons before moving to florida, and then california to life guard. >> nicky's out there in california representing us very well. we are proud of that. >> reporter: reflecting on the shark attack that set off nationwide attention, he credits his training for staining calm and successfully providing robeless medical care. moving forward he is trying not to think about sharks. >> i love the ocean and i will be back out there swimming, and paddling, and you know, doing my job, i just do it every day. >> nickels has two sisters that were life guards in north wildwood the entire patrol is thinking about him as they compete tonight in wildwood crest. live tonight in north wildwood i'm cleve bryan, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". the pennsylvania state senate is set to vote on a jet tax tomorrow, the money from that tax could generate money for cash strapped philadelphia school district. mayor and other lawmakers pushed for its pass evening today, if the senate approves
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smokers will pay $2 extra per pack, and tax will go to governor corbett for review and bring in 83 million-dollar in revenue, each year. pennsylvania state lawmakers sent a bill to governor corbett aim at outlawing revenge porn. they want people who post explicit photos and videos without permission to be held accountable. crimes with adult victims would face sentences of two years in prison while offenders who target juveniles could get five years behind bars. penndot is asking for your help, still to come here on the broadcast, following the death of an employee last month, officials are urge urging caution we will tell what you to do to keep them safe, kate? we are here in south philadelphia at heron's playground which is talk right back off of reid street. take a look at what they have for summer fun for kids, a complete splash ground and play ground. kids are cooling off on a very hot summer day. coming up we will take you
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back here and have your forecast moving through the rest of the week. adorable addition toss a local zoo where you can soon see these cute cubs, leslie. struggling phillies head to milwaukee, i will preview and nfl concussion lawsuit had been finally settled. we will have detail
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tonight at 11:00 a incredible story of the emotional battle one man is fight ago begins a debilitating disease. the disease was misdiagnosed and now he cannot walk, stand or even chew for himself.
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tonight our health reporter stephanie stahl will show us what reduced the life of this once vibrant young man to that of a child. his fight, and how you can protect yourself from the same, on cbs-3 "eyewitness news" at 11:00. summer is road construction season and penndot is urging drivers to use caution and obey laws and work zones this plea comes after the tragic death of a pennsylvania turnpike commission worker in chester county last month. so far this year authorities say there have been 15 incidents resulting in injuries to staff or damage to equipment. the the philadelphia zoo is very excited about new additions. >> four new lion cubs were born on june 26th, the cubs and their mother, tigeri are all doing well tonight. these are first cubs born at the zoo since 1996 continuing the zoo's successful breeding of big cats in recent years. okay. you may have heard earlier in the broadcast yes, it is true
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we are facing another potential heat wave this week. >> yes, we have a team of meteorologists covering rising temperatures. we will check with meteorologist kathy orr in just a moment but first kate billow has cbs-3 mobile weather lab in south philadelphia where kids are keeping cool today, kate? >> well, jessica and chris we are always telling people during these heat waves make sure to keep yourselves cool and hydrated. try anything you can to cool off. here we are with the mobile weather lab. we are parked along a normal residential street here in south philadelphia as we turn in here look at what we have going on. this was awesome. i didn't know this existed until today. i was talking to resident to tell us this is a gem. this is heron playground. it is a playground and splash pad. all summer long they have water going, sprinklers going and the kids are just loving it. you can see how crowded it is even this evening as we head toward dinner time. joining me here is my friend justin, and dave mccoy, you
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can imagine what thinks nickname is playing football in the school yard. they will help me out here. we will start with you, justin what do you think the temperature is out here right now. >> i think 92 you are close because my weather app just said 91. you got. that desean can you tell me what the weather is outside today. >> i think the weather is about 97 degrees. >> it does feel like 97. great day to come outside and do what. >> get in the the water for sure. >> that is what these guys are doing, that is what they are doing tomorrow as well. lets look at our future feels like temperature tomorrow about 4:00 o'clock it will feel like the triple digits and i bet this park will be completely packed with kids, if you are heading to the spray ground or pool, here is your pool side forecast. 94 degrees in the afternoon, breezy, uv up decks is nine, put on that sun screen. back here live, the kids are having a blast. they are soaking wet and i'm about to jump in myself now that i don't worry about hair and make up anymore. so back inside to you, cat i. >> thanks very much, kate.
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what a beautiful afternoon, another place for beating heat is down the shore, looking live through skies cam three at ocean city cape may county, guards are off-duty but the water still looks inviting but never swim, at a beach that is unguarded n1 wants to go home, too beautiful of a day. camera shaking a bit with breezy conditions. our live neighborhood network takes us to rehoboth beach, delaware, where we are looking at umbrellas on the beach and activity over the course of the afternoon. the sun getting lower, creating shadows on the boardwalk but still packed in rehoboth beach as well. very big vacation week and if your vacationing down the shore at delaware beaches, it will be a beautiful evening. same goes here at home the in the philadelphia area and delaware valley, showers and storms well to the north, and to the west. we are just going to be seeing breeze i conditions and increase in humidity, tonight. eighty-eight in allentown. eighty-eight in trenton and reading. we will watch this cold front that is culprit setting off
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showers and storms. it will move a little bit closer in tuesday, providing a chance of storms, north and west but you this will be day two of temperatures in the 90's, day three, wednesday, our second official heat wave, in less than a week, believe it or not and this will bring us a better chance of scattered showers and storms and then once this front clears the coast, it will be noticeably less humid and we will get in the clockwise flow around the highs, northwesterly wind provides a deep blue skies, lower humidity, a little breeze in the air. very very comfortable. tuesday, 60 percent. thursday and friday, looking great, as we head down into the the weekend. we have a slight risk for severe weather on tuesday through northern parts of the berks county, lehigh county and to the north, possibility of hail, damaging wind. wednesday it tracks closer to the northern and western suburbs and we will keep a careful eye on that. tonight partly cloudy, warm,
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muggy conditions will persist, low 74 with the southwest wind. for your tuesday, heat, humidity, afternoon storms, north and west, the high near 94 degrees. poconos, little bit stormy tuesday, possibly wednesday, afternoon, and thursday looks great, with highs in the 70's. we will call that the comfort zone. and on the exclusive eyewitness weather seven day forecast wednesday we will go 90 with some scattered showers and storms late, thursday, friday, saturday, gorgeous, temperatures in the mid 80's. down the shore in the 80's and then sunday and monday getting sticky again, here we go with the chance of the late day shower or thunderstorm, but this is it, we are in the thick of the summer season, busiest weeks down the shore at least for the next three or four weeks before the kid head back. >> make sure to hydrate. >> yeah. >> all right, probably good time to check your fools as well. we have had disable vehicles today in the morning and evening but let talk about an overturn truck situation
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causing a dirt spill on the westbound side of the pennsylvania turn pike at valley forge compromising the westbound on ramp. give yourself more time. seventy-six were on lookers here, slowing things down in that area. as far as rush we look good on the schuylkill pennsylvania turnpike eastbound a slow down between mid county and 309, traveling i-95 northbound expect delays between the vine as you make your way through cottman. northbound on the garden state parkway we have an accident, north of tuckertown, and patco, good news for patco commuters, earlier experiencing ten minute delays due to equipment problems but now they are back on schedule and doing just fine but stay with us on "eyewitness news" at 6:00 we will be right back.
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>> nfl agreed to remove 6765 million-dollar dollar cap on damaging bringing the two sides one step closer to evening the lock legal fight over the league's responsibility to help cover treatment, following concussion as monk, former players: the phillies road trip will take them to milwaukee to face the central leading brewers for a four game series: the brew crew have have lost lost five of six. other fence has given him five runs to work with. >> well, yesterday pirates swept fightins with the six-two win. phillies are a season low 14 games below 500. twelve games out of first. amazing they were three and a half games out, two and a half weeks ago. wip morning show the skipper talked about the slot. >> the way that it has gone
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the last week, with the last ten days, i'm surprised that is why i still think i still think that there is, we just to have fight through it and get back, and, that is see what we can do. but it has been a tough two weeks. >> the sixers resumed summer league action tomorrow, nerlens noel will play saturday in, his debut against orlando. he scored 19 points, four steals, three assists and team rested him yesterday against oklahoma city. nerlens will also play in the las vegas summer league. don't over work him. we will be right back.
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thanks for watching "eyewitness news" at 6:00 we are back at ten on wpsg the cw philly and here at 11:00. "cbs evening news" is next, scott pelley reports tonight from new york.
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>> pelley: tonight new scrutiny for airline passengers. rules for phones and laptops are changing for flights bound for the u.s. bob orr has details. america is offering $10 million for this man's head. we'll ask why abu bakr al baghdadi is considered the new bin laden. after a frightening near miss, don dahler discovers how often planes come too close at u.s. airports. a video never meant to be seen captures oscar pistorius reenacting the death of his girlfriend. and mark phillips catches up with america's new hope on the tour de france captioning sponsored by cbs th


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