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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  July 8, 2014 7:00am-9:01am EDT

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♪ good morning. it is tuesday, july 8th, 2014. welcome to "cbs this morning." washington state lights up. recreational marijuana goes on sale today. we're there for the big surprise pot smokers about to face. new backlash at the border. what could happen next with thousands of undocumented children. plus, gun-toting waitresses inside the restaurant with an appetite for firearms. but we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds. >> you feel like you're making history? >> i do. as a matter of fact that's the whole reason i'm here. >> washington state goes green. >> ready to open our doors and
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give customers what they want. >> smoke them if you got 'em. it's legal to smoke marijuana for recreational use. >> wild weather came into the boston area overnight. >> 500,000 people were told to evacuate their homes after the most powerful typhoon to hit japan hits overnight. >> a terrifying ordeal in an amusement park in los angeles. riders left stuck in the air for hours. >> a car hitting the tree. >> a couple showing the peace sign that they were okay. happening today, president obama set to formally ask congress for $2 billion to stem the immigration crisis. police in new york city has apprehended a 20-year-old woman after she abandoned a baby on a subway platform. >> thank god the child wasn't near the tracks. and the oscar pistorius murder trial in south africa. closing arguments start on august 7th. >> the man is being called a
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hero after put ago side his own safety to save a california teen trapped in intense waves. >> all that -- >> the florida vacation turned ugly when a man realized his family's beach gear was stolen. the field, home of the minnesota twins, now sells beer from a vending machine. that's a first for major league baseball. >> and "all that mattered" -- >> a yankees fan has filed a $10 million lawsuit against two espn announcer. andrew robert rector claims they mocked him. >> how comfortable is that. >> on "cbs this morning" -- >> tgi friday's endless appetizers. >> that's heaven on a plate. >> you're set. >> this is a great thing to do because people in this country really need to start putting summon weight. [ laughter ] >> announcer: this morning's "eye opener" is presented by toyota. "eye opener" is presented by toyota. let's go places. captioning funded by cbs
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welcome to "cbs this morning." charlie rose is off. so jeff glor is here. >> good to be here. >> good to have you here. we'll begin with this story because in washington state they are taking a big step this morning becoming the second u.s. state to allow the sale of recreational marijuana. a small group of specialty stores will open in just a few hours. >> washington voters approved pot sales in the 2012 election the same time as colorado, but the new law in washington is taking longer to roll out. adriana diaz is in seattle where sky high prices are expected on opening day. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, people are lining up at this store called cannabis city. the first and only recreational marijuana shop in all of seattle. beginning today, they can sell to anyone 21 years and older. workers at cannabis city were busy putting the finishing touches on their store monday. >> i think this is one of the major local events in seattle history, for sure. >> reporter: customers here will
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be paying $20 for a gram of marijuana. >> a bowl once in a while? yeah. >> reporter: but those with high hopes of scoring a cheap hit to soon be in for a buzz kill. the 25 approved shops state wide are supplied by only a dozen licensed growers. it to send the price soaring past $25 a progragram. >> if there's 200 people in line, we probably won't limit the product. if we look outside and there's a thousand people in line, we're going to limit it probably to two or three grams per person. >> reporter: some estimates say that the state can generate 2 to $5 billion in the first year of main juan sales. puffing up remains illegal in the state and marijuana edibles are not yet available.
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pop sales are prevented within 1,000 feet of schools and public libraries. washington health officials are urging parents to take action, even releasing this road ad. >> now that it's legal for those over 21, it's more important than ever to talk to your kids about the risks of marijuana. >> the law passed fairly easily in seattle and surrounding areas but was challenged in other parts of the state. and protesters are expected to show up at some store openings today. jeff. more than two dozen visitors at a california amusement park are back on the ground this morning after being stuck in the air for hours. their roller coaster hit a tree and it derailed. it happens in valencia, north of los angeles. carl ravage shows us what happened. >> incoming. we still have victims on the
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ride. >> reporter: for nearly three hours monday night, riders dangled for three stories from the ground after the ninja thrill ride partially derailed. >> it's partially off the rail. >> reporter: according to witnesses, a tree fell on the tracks and the roller coaster smacked head on into the debris. >> i ducked down just in time of a hard branch. >> reporter: six people were injured. two were taken to a hospital as a precaution, but all were expected to be okay. >> i was really shocked at first. i had no idea that could happen. >> reporter: rescue crews had difficulty reaching some of the stranded passengers, but they were able to remove all 22 people from the ride by working around high branches and the coaster's twisted track. >> on the side of a hill with a lot of shrubs and footing. that's the main challenge. >> reporter: whipping riders around through trees at four times the force of gravity, each car on the ninja swings out 90 degrees to the side.
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at speeds of up to 55 miles per hour. in a statement to cbs news, six flags-magic mountain says the safety of our guests and our employees is our number one priority. and the ride will remain closed until a thorough inspect is complete. for "cbs this morning," carter evans, los angeles. more strong storms are raising fears along the mississippi river. it's rain heavily in illinois and missouri. two bridges are closed because of high-water levels. officials say conditions could get worse. meanwhile, thousands of people are cleaning up around boston after powerful storms knocked down trees and power lines. no injuries are reported. megan glaros is tracking this morning's storm threat. good morning. it looks like 41 million people are at risk for severe weather today. the storm system that we've been tracking continues to move eastward across the country. now the risk extends from the ozarks all the way up to the
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green mountains and we do anticipate the strong possibility of strong winds and isolated hail. it's all as the cold frontal boundary runs into a hot and humid air mass. it will move eastward. could see heavy downpours in the mix as well. 93, hot and sticky in new york today. 94 in d.c. and charlotte. 99 in dallas. a cooler 80 degrees behind the front in chicago. >> megan, thank you. parts of japan are getting slammed this morning by the most powerful pacific storm that hit in years. typhoon neoguri passed through okinawa with winds 150 miles an hour. 50,000 on those islands are ordered to take cover. the storm is blamed for at least one death. this is what it looks like from outer space. forecasters say the typhoon will reach the japanese mainland thursday or friday.
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>> incredible pictures there. and the white house says this morning most of the tens of thousands of children caught crossing the u.s./mexico border will have to go back to their native country. the changes in law meant to send those home faster are on hold after advocates complained. more immigrants arrested in texas will be brought today, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. about 150 undocumented immigrants, mostly children, are expected to show up here at this border patrol processing facility in the next couple of hours. they're not expecting protesters here in this largely border town but that is not the case. >> we're not going to your servant. >> reporter: protesters continue to slash in murrieta, california, even though they ended up waiting for buses full of migrants that never arrived. this plane that landed in san diego monday was carrying 140 undocumented immigrants. the buses head to a processing
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center in san jacedro, california. >> reporter: border patrol had planned to process more than 100 people at the murrieta facility every three days. but they have not brought anyone here since last tuesday, when protesters swarmed the streets and turned away their buses. jordan came to murrieta to support these children she views as refugees. what did you think about the scene you saw her last week? >> it was so disturbing, it made me sick. the people as you see over there, telling these kids to go home. screaming at them. mortifying these already terrorized children. who are we to do that? >> reporter: more than 50,000 undocumented children have poured over the u.s. border in months. learning of the dangers of illegally coming into this country but in a radio interview
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monday, senator john mccain suggested the u.s. should send a stronger message to the leaders of those countries. >> no more aid, no more assistance, no more nothing, until they stop this from happening. >> reporter: and many of the protesters want to see the obama administration do more. do you think president obama created this? >> yes, i do. >> reporter: do you think he's allowing this to happen? >> yes i do. well, of course. >> reporter: why? >> why? because he can secure the border anytime he feels like it. >> now, the white house says that u.s. law requires that these children be processed before they can be sent back to their countries. meanwhile, the united nations is pushing for them to be treated as refugees. the united states nations it pouch a the latest in palestinian and israeli fighting. the president writes in haaretz, quote, at this dangerous moment, all parties must protect the innocent and act with
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residentness and restraint, not vengeance and retribution. >> holly williams is in gaza. good morning. >> good morning, the warn sirens have gone up several times here in israel. launching 20 rockets today alone, organized a military what it's called operation protected edge, targeting dozens of targets in gaza. >> reporter: israeli officials say the air strikes are targeting terrorists. picking sides used by militants in gaza. israel's army claims its restoring stability by destroying the infrastructure of hamas, the militant group that's now claimed responsibility. but a surge in rocket attacks on southern israel. mark ragev is a spokesman for
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the israeli prime minister's office. >> in the last few weeks hundreds of rockets have been fired. we have repeatedly warned hamas that this must stop. and the israeli defense forces are currently acting to put an end to this once and for all. >> reporter: palestinian officials reported at least nine civilians injured in the strike. they left these homes in gaza flattened, where families sifted through the smoking debris this morning, searching for their possessions. these tensions began when three jewish teenagers were abducted and murdered. sparking an israeli security crackdown, which provoked the increase in rocket attacks. in a part of the world long familiar with the cycle of violence and retribution, tensions, once again, are boiling over. israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu met this morning with the country's military leadership and told them to, quote, take the gloves off in
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their fight against hamas. norah. >> holly, thank you. and a new political crisis is brewing in afghanistan this morning. secretary of state john kerry is warning against an illegal power grab. today, presidential candidate abdullah abdullah declared himself the winner of the presidential runoff. thousands of his supporters rallied in kabul. but preliminary results indicate that abdullah's rival won the election. secretary kerry calls it a grave concern. the murder trial of blade runner oscar pistorius is in its final stretch this morning. the double amputee defense team called its last witness. of the correspondent of cbs news
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deborah patia is there. good morning. >> the defense trying to say that oscar pistorius mistook her for an intruder but it was a tough battle. >> you have come to the end of the defense? >> indeed, my lady. >> reporter: the only person who knew what happened that night was oscar pistorius but he fell apart on the witness stand and gerrie nel's prosecution. >> why are you getting emotional now? >> reporter: from neighbors who testified to hearing the blood curtling screaming of a terrified woman. and ballistics experts who told the court there was enough time for the woman to scream between the four gunshots fired by pistorius. the defense countered with its own forensic expert to by and large decimated by nels.
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but it was the events outside the courtroom that dominated the he headlines over the past few the leakage of the damaging footage of pistorius on his stumps re-enacting the shooting attracted global attention. however, this was completely ignored inside the courtroom. >> a total of 37 witnesses, 39 days in court, spread over four months. and finally, the sensational murder trial of oscar pistorius is inching towards a close. both sides will spend the next month preparing closing arguments. and we could have a verdict before the end of august. norah. >> thank you. a woman accused of abandoning a baby girl on a new york city subway platform is in custody.
7:17 am
surveillance video shows that mother bushing the baby. she left the columbus circle station and went back on the subway. it appeared that the woman told police that she couldn't take care of the child anymore. georgia police are looking into the death of 22-month-old cooper harris. he's the toddler found dead inside a hot suv last month. his father is charged with murder. >> investigators seized a cell phone from justin harris. now they want the child's medical records. good morning. what do they tell us? >> two things. medical records, what they're looking for is evidence of abuse. not only in terms of gross development, was this child malnourished. but certainly for signs, perhaps, abrasions, contusions, things that would show bruising or violence in the home. >> what about the electronic monitoring? >> electronic, simple, they're
7:18 am
looking for searches, was there more dealing with death of a child, living without a child. so there's every single electronic device that this person used certainly are going to be searched. eventually, i bet they get warrants for those of the wife as well. >> there's focus on the car seat. >> the car seat is very intriguing. this is a man who worked at home depot. this is a man who understood the difference between a tiny car seat rear facing and a larger car seat for a child. they bought the larger facing car seat. they used it. then they put it away, they went back to the smaller rear facing car seat. and it turns out that it is said that the straps were pulled for the smallest child. this is a child that was too big for that seat. this was a child trapped in that seat for those hours. >> and what do we know about these lights and light bulbs.
7:19 am
the father went back to the car in the middle of the day, right? >> right. the police did what they should do. they got a warrant to see if there were any missing light fixtures, in fact, there were. but the question is why was he doing this. ultimately, this is a very peculiar move, go out, shop, go back to your car. was he checking to see if the child was alive or dead or was it innocent altogether. a crucial day for the host country in the world cup today. brazil plays germany in the semifinals without its best player neymar who is out with a broken bone in his back. in the quarterfinal match against colombia. today's winner will play argentina over netherlands in the find on sunday. we're going to check headlines from around the nation. plus, the
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>> announcer: this national weather report sponsored by panera bread. introducing new flat bread sandwiches in three bold flavors.
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pancakes and pistols. >> for breakfast? >> yes. >> ahead, we'll take you inside the restaurant where waitresses carry more than dishes. >> the news is back here on "cbs this morning." so stay tuned now for your local news.
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see your local chevy dealer. >> this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news". good morning, everyone, i'm ukee washington, let's check the conditions around the region, katie over in the weather center, good moved. >> pretty calm start to the day. starting to feel steamy. you will notice that when you walk out the door this morning, but, we eventually have to deal with some potential spore strong or even severe thunderstorms, especially through the northern and western counties, look at the last day, hour over so, see the little pocket of showers? that developed just outside of the baltimore region. that will did verify, we got some ground reports on that. it doesn't look like it will have easy time surviving as it heads east. it is a sign every things to come. 94 degrees the expected high. so hot, it is steamier than it was yesterday, and eventually we see some showers, some storms, erupt specially north and west of the city, that's where you likely ends up with
7:27 am
the best potential. if you hear thunder please head inside. always rule of thumb. but specially on severe weather day. tomorrow another day that we expect. whole heart educationally to hit 09 degrees, that will classify it as a heatwave. but start to ease up on the thermometer later in the week, tory? >> thank you, katie. good morning, everyone, if you are traveling on the roosevelt boulevard in the northbound direction of ninth street, the shots a little hazy, what we're dealing with an accident compromising center lane in the inner drive. so give yourself more time. we are seeing delays, as far as your rush hour commute. eighteen on 95, southbound, headed into downtown, 23 on the schuylkill, however, mass transit and the airport looks great. ukee? >> torrey, thank you, let's do it again at 7:55, up next on cbs this morning, authors of new book on alex rodriguez and the dark side of major league
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yeah. this is our stuff. so, a guy here confronts two women who he thinks they're stealing his stuff july 4th on a 42 beach in daytona. they're just taking the stuff down. the women actually left without taking it. he did not press charges. but it got a little ugly here. one of the lady's husbands tells the tv station it was a misunderstanding. they thought it belonged to a friend. oh, i'm sorry, i didn't know it was yours. >> don't you love his approach, you guys need some help stealing my stuff? >> that's pretty funny. this woman then ends up confronting the guy with a camera. >> sorry.
7:31 am
welcome back, everybody, to "cbs this morning." ahead in this half hour, first on "cbs this morning," the authors of that explosive new book on baseball's doping scandal. and new allegations about alex rodriguez. we're going to look at their claims the yankees' star received permission from the league to use performance-enhancing drugs. plus, the offer of burgers with a side of gun, huh? why waitresses and customers are encouraged to holster up. that's ahead. time to show you some of this morning's headlines. our partners at cnet say testing begins next year for a new type of contraceptives. a tiny chip implanted under a woman's skin can deliver birth control up to 16 years. the chip can be turned off of birth control once you've conceived. two small drones nearly collided with a police helicopter over the george washington bridge on monday.
7:32 am
the chopper had to swerve to avoid the unmanned aircraft. two men who ont drones were arraigned on felony reckless endangerment charges and leased on bail. the suspects say they were just having fun posting on social media. senator robert menendez is seeking a probe on a plot to smear him claiming that the new jersey democrat paid them for sex. the cia received evidence linking agents to the claims. it's the 125th anniversary of "wall street journal" this morning. a good read. the journal invited leaders of business, politics and the arts to contribute pieces. even taylor swift wrote an article on the future of the music entry that's get something attention. and "the new york times" looks at pope francis and his
7:33 am
first meeting with catholics sexually abused by members of the clergy. critics say the meeting was too long coming. the pope begged for forgiveness. and assalen pizzey repo e asalee francis apologized, begged forgives and promised action. he said the church should weep for what he termed despicable actions which he termed a cult. the survivors network another abused by priests denounced the meeting as nothing more than public relations. this man disagrees. >> to understand and believe the pope and what he is doing, it is totally clear that it was not absolutely not that.
7:34 am
>> reporter: irish campaigner marie collins was there. >> he really did listen. he wasn't coming out with just answers. you know, his responses were very relevant. >> reporter: the vatican claims within the past ten years its investigated nearly 300,000 allegations of abuse. and handed out lesser punishments. >> do you believe the testimony you're about to give should be the whole truth and nothing but the truth so help you god? >> i do. >> reporter: lawsuits have caused the church $2.5 billion so far. >> did you sexually molest? >> i don't know, i'd have to study that. >> reporter: pope francis said acts of abuse have left lifelong scars. for "cbs this morning," allen pizzey, rome.
7:35 am
baseball superstar alex rodriguez has been in controversy throughout his nearly 20-year career. he admitted to using performance-enhancing drugs just two 2001 to 2003 with the new york rangers. he was implicated in the biogenesis scandal. and in august, major league baseball suspended rodriguez for all of this season. a new book takes readers inside the league. it's called "blood sport," alex rodriguez, biogenesis and the quest to end baseball's steroid era. tim elfrink and gus garcia-roberts is here on "cbs this morning." welcome. was it a ride for you? for the first time in the book, you reveal that alex got permission from the league to use performance-enhancing drugs back in 2007. why would they do that when they
7:36 am
allegedly want to end steroid use in baseball, tim? >> this is something that's agreed upon in the drug agreement that baseball operates with. if a player is taking medication that's banned, and they feel they have a sound medical reason to take it. they can apply to a doctor who has been appointed by the commissioner's office and the union. the doctor can agree that the player use that substance for the whole season. what we found surprising in 2007 which is the war that alex had won the mvp award and got a huge contract from the yankees he was given an exemption to use it. and the ceo of major league baseball described as the mother of all anabolic steroids. >> and what did the mlb say then? >> well, he's set to get to exemptions, boast of them to boost testosterone levels.
7:37 am
mlb gave him permission. he used clomid in 2008 which fertility drug used to boost testosterone. it's very rare because the only reason a young male would need that if they used drugs in the past. >> why is that so unusual? >> i think it's a fascinating detail that makes the whole story a little more complicated because, of course, in the biogenesis scandal that came last year, this is the exact same substance that alex was then banned for 211 games after buying it from tony bosch. >> tony bosch was the guy that was giving it to alex. >> wild stories. crazy stuff, including what happened at this miami nightclub. what happened there? >> what happened there, tony bosch would might a-rod at his
7:38 am
mansion and one time he wasn't able to meet him at the mansion. so they arranged to meet at the one of the more chic nightclubs. bosch drew the blood in the bathroom stall. and then he put the vile in his pocket. he went dancing and it shows that these guys were not always the most sleek -- >> that was very reckless. a-rod is the big focus. but you also talk about -- this has been going on for some time. you talk about the race between mark mcgwire and sammy sosa when they were chasing roger's home run. can you talk about that, tim? >> especially because alex rodriguez came into the league as a superstar, during the heart of what we now call the steroid
7:39 am
era. and, you know, in the years after the strike, baseball went on strike in '94, players all scattered. a lot of them went to gyms where steroids were widely available. >> it was a perfect storm of people using steroids? >> it really was a perfect storm. and the commissioner's office, i think in hindsight, was so focused on winning back public support on fixing what happened in the strike, willful or not, they let the explosion of performance-enhancing drug change the way baseball was played for almost 15 years. >> you also point out that everybody has benefitted from the juice, which i think is ironic? >> right. all of these -- many biogenesis players signed contracts after the suspensions. even a-rod, he signed a $275 million extension with the yankees. >> which is still being paid for what -- he comes back in 2015?
7:40 am
>> and the yankees don't have a choice. i think they'll take him back as well. >> well, tim elfrink and gus garcia-roberts thank you. ahead, the colorado seats where it isn't just in the kitchen. the waitresses with an unusual sense of fashion accessory. what are you packing ashley? >> a .357 blackhawk. >> that's coming up on "cbs this morning." add vanishing deductible from nationwide insurance and get $100 off for every year of safe driving. which for you, shouldn't be a problem. just another way we put members first, because we don't have shareholders. join the nation. nationwide is on your side.
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♪ open carry firearm lawyers are being debated across the country this morning. while most state as allow owners to care handguns in public there's pushback from some businesses. last week, target joined a growing list of companies asking customers newt bring firearms into their stores. bari petersen shows off a colorado establishment taking the opposite approach. >> reporter: the town is called rifle. the grill is called shooters. so no surprise the waitresses
7:45 am
have an unusual dress code. what are you carrying today? >> i'm carrying a ruger .357 blackhawk. >> reporter: why that one? >> i like the old-style revolvers and i just like big guns. >> reporter: it started with owner lauren boebert carrying a gun openly which is legal in most parts of colorado. so the waitresses do as well. jessie spotting favors a blackhawk. boebert insist that the women be properly trained to use the guns. >> there's room for errors in a lot of ways so the best training is the best way to prevent those. >> reporter: you really don't want anybody shooting your customers either? >> no, sir, not at all. we would go through extreme circumstances before that option. >> reporter: the lacy family was split on the pistol packing waitresses. jill was nervous. was it scary? >> somewhat intimidating, yeah.
7:46 am
>> reporter: 9-year-old ashlee felt was cool. do you feel safer because they have guns? >> yeah i do. >> reporter: why? >> because they can defend themselves. >> reporter: in colorado open carry requires no permit. a concealed weapon does. if you want to take it to the next level, around here, they have what you might call the side arm sandwich special. for 75 bucks you get a class on getting a permit to carry a concealed weapon. and along with that comes a free burger. you know what they say around here, take your best shot at it. maybe it's time to remember this is colorado the old west. doug yajko is a local doctor. >> maybe if someone wandered in from new york city or washington, d.c., they might be a little worried. but the local people, plus the people in western colorado are not going to be worried by someone with a handgun. >> reporter: and one more thing when you see the shooters at shooters, our advice is -- leave
7:47 am
a really good tip. for "cbs this morning," bari petersen, rifle, colorado. >> there are not many fights that break out there. they're law a a yankees fan caught napping is now suing. we'll show you what he expects for being ridiculed on national
7:48 am
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♪ major league baseball, the new york yankees and espn are facing a fan lawsuit this morning. andrew rector was knocked out, shown on national tv, sleeping during a red sox game in april. he is suing for defamation and
7:52 am
distress. an unending verbal crusade against him, they poked fun on the air for about a minute during the fourth inning. the complaint which is filled with typos and mistakes seeks $10 million in damages. unending verbal crusade. >> yeah. >> so he didn't appreciate it. but he was snoozing right there. >> all right. we'll be back with more here on "cbs this morning." halle berry's coming up. rheumatologist about a biologic... this is humira. this is humira helping to relieve my pain and protect my joints from further damage. doctors have been prescribing humira for ten years. humira works by targeting and helping to block a specific source of inflammation that contributes to ra symptoms. it's proven to help relieve pain and stop further joint damage in many adults. humira can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal infections and cancers, including lymphoma, have happened, as have blood, liver,
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take the dove 7 day test. good morning, everyone, i'm nicole brewer. we sends right over to the eyewitness weather forecast, it will be a hot one, kate. >> i certainly is, nicole. good morning, everybody. >> day two of the latest heatwave. storm scan3 over the last hour and a half or so, had couple of showers and even localized thunderstorm errupting here, but since sort of fizzled. >> so i think generally speaking we notice it is steamier outside, we should keep the sunlight much like what we've got right now live neighborhood network outside beach patrol headquarters, sunshine, pretty decent beach day. problem is eventually later into the day, some showers and storms will erupt specially to the northwest suburbs. so poconos, lehigh valley,
7:57 am
central pa heads up. some of the storms could be severe. we keep that theme going looks like into wednesday. victoria? >> thank you, katie. good morning, everyone, sun glare, rush hour, is what we're dealing with right now. as we take a look here, 76, not too far away from downtown philadelphia, you are headed in the eastbound direction, this is at you are approaching the stretch of the vine st. express expressway, definitely slow westbound feeling the heat of rush hour and your western suburbs. twenty-one your average on the westbound side of the pa turnpike, also the eastbound side of 422, northbound 202, and for northeast, tyson an accident, watch out for that. >> thank you, next update 8: 25. up next on cbs this morning, athletes not happy about a new photo trends for the "tour de france". we're keeping it live and
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ it is tuesday, july 8th, 2014. welcome back to "cbs this morning." there is more real news ahead, including opening day for the first pot stores in washington state. but first here's a look at today's "eye opener" at 8:00. the first recreational marijuana shop in all of seattle. beginning today they can sell to anyone 21 years and older. the white house says the law requires that these children be processed before being sent back to their country. two dozen stuck in a roller coaster for hours. it hit a tree and derailed. >> the sensational trial of oscar pistorius is inching
8:01 am
towards a close. we could have a verdict before the end of august. 31 million people at risk today. the storm system we're tracking continues to move eastward. georgia police look into the death of 22-month-old cooper harris. >> all nine of its servers have started carrying guns while on the job. that's a lot of pressure. i'm going to ask you one more time, did you save room for dessert? [ laughter ] >> announcer: today's "eye opener" is presented by comfort inn. i'm gayle king with norah o'donnell and jeff glor. charlie rose is off today. the first legal marijuana stores will open for business in seattle. >> so far, the state is only licensing 25 stores, and most of
8:02 am
them say they will not open today. many worry about having enough product to sell. some customers are already waiting in line to make sure they can buy some weed. the opening day price is expected to be about $20 a gram. a southern california roller coaster is shut down after an accident trapped 22 people in the air. the rescue operation at six flags magic mountain outside of los angeles lasted into the night. the coaster partially derailed after hitting a tree limb that fell on the track. riders spent nearly three hours stranded three stories in the air. six were hurt. two went to the hospital. they're all expected to be okay. the white house confirms this morning that president obama will talk immigration with the governor of texas tomorrow. bill plante is at the white house with details with the meeting after rick perry said no to a ♪ op. good morning. good morning, perry who could be a presidential candidate has been one of the president's strongest critics on immigration. the white house reached stout
8:03 am
perry after he turned out an airport meeting even though perry has come to the airport in the past when the president has come to texas. the administration will send a big request to congress today, almost $3 billion to deal with the thousands of migrant children from central america. the white house insists that most of them will be returned, but it's also trying to arrange temporary shelters including one in dallas. white house officials say the president will not go to the valley, to the border, while he's in texas. although he will reach out tomorrow at a roundtable in dallas to discuss the issue. the whole thing has become a huge political problem for the administration. gayle? >> thank you, bill. >> bill, thank you very much. a super typhoon threatening to cause major damage is heading for japan this morning. a photo taken from space, take a look at just how big typhoon neoguri.
8:04 am
already thrashing a chain of islands where thousands of americans live. >> reporter: typhoon geoguri with winds gusting up to 150 miles per hour. the tropical cyclone also brought storm surge, 40-foot waves. concrete signs and trees were toppled. wooden homes collapsed. so far one person has died. and over a dozen injuries have been reported, all of them nonlife threatening. tens of thousands of households in 30 towns and villages were without power. the bulk of military forces are based in okinawa. the department of defense moved 61 aircraft and military off the island. okinawa has been rendered a ghost town. all air, sea and land travel, except emergency vehicles w shut down for the storm. japan invested heavily in typhoon protection. the word "typhoon" is japanese.
8:05 am
but this one is off the charts. more than 500,000 people were advised to leave their home. i'm alone and scared, one woman said. the real concern is that the typhoon comes on top of japan's rainy season that could unleash floods and landslides that are all too common in this mountainous country. for "cbs this morning," this is lucy craft in tokyo. the co-founder of said no doubt about it, silicon valley is sexist. we spoke with mull haney and buzzfeed that the high-tech world excludes too many people. >> if you understand, listen, we've been afforded a tremendous amount that we do not deserve, but we just got.
8:06 am
if we really believe in this technology, we need to behave like the leaders of this pac community that we want to be. when you're the ceo, you have to hold yourself to a higher standards. and you have to be willing to dot kind of things like taking accountability for your actions, even if they were stupid e-mails in college. >> and you can find more clips from our conversation on our "cbs this morning" facebook page. stage four of the tour de france kicks off in the middle of the country. some hope a change in scenery will lead to another change. moreno more selfies, please. the competitors having to dodge the smartphones in england. sunday, a rider even swatted a phone out of a spectator's hand. hundreds in the uk tried to take selfies like these. everybody is encouraged to leave your devices and your faces out of harm's way.
8:07 am
teenager is recovering after being rescued from rough water near los angeles. the rescue was captured on video at a popular cove at rancho verdes. the teenager appeared unconscious but the man then was also overpowered by the waves. when he got out, his friend went in. he managed to grab the teenager at just the right time. the two men performed cpr. and the men were credited with saving the teen a very lucky man. >> ahead on "cbs this morning," safety in paradise. critics blast air new z zealand for an
8:08 am
>> announcer: this morning's "eye opener" at 8:00 sponsored by comfort inn. truly yours. there's a new food fight in some of america's best known
8:09 am
restaurants. one chain is changing the way you order appetizers with an all you can eat option. always a big thing. and there are plenty of new ideas on the menu. that's ahead on "cbs this morning." >> how many potato skins can you eat? ♪ it's written on my face ♪ we're singin', we're singin' ♪ i found a happy place ♪ a rather happy place ♪ i'm singin', i'm singin' ♪ ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh ♪ i found a happy place [ female announcer ] with ingredients like roasted hazelnuts, skim milk, and cocoa, there's a whole lot of happy in every jar of nutella.
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8:13 am
♪ air new zealand is facing turbulence this morning over in-flight safety video. the four-minute message features models like christie brinkley. it was created for the "sports illustrated" swimsuit edition. getting nearly 6 million hits on youtube. critics think this is sexist and offensive. >> my life jacket inflated by pulling on this red tag. ♪ >> you exit the aircraft. >> if you need to inflate your life jacket a bit more, blow into the mouthpiece.
8:14 am
[ laughter ] >> are they talking about life jackets? more than 10,000 people signed an online petition. it's called "safety in paradise." now paradise as gone bye-bye. in a statement air new zealand tells "cbs this morning" it's phasing out the video, quote, as scheduled. i admit, it's a little over the top. >> but safety is important. you have to pay attention. >> and people would pay attention to that video, too. >> i never knew that's what that thing was for, but now i do. >> yes, blow into the thing. and then if i have hair, flip it around. >> it's all about safety. energy tycoon boone pickens is in the green room this morning. what are we listening to? >> get down on it. >> wow, wow. he says the u.s. could break free from opec. boone pickens. there hehe is. what does he think of the ad? i wonder.
8:15 am
"cbs this morning" continues right after this. ♪ >> announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by toyota, let's go places. she's a unicorn... ...and a pegasus. and why is she strapped to the roof of my rav4? well, if you have kids... ...then you know why. now the real question. where's this thing going in the house? the rav4 toyota. let's go places. new coppertone clearlysheer ugh sunscreens.. barely noticeable and face-friendly for beach,pool and sunny days. perfect, no matter what you're wearing. it's so on. coppertone clearlysheer. it's on.
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♪ a profound effect here an
8:19 am
around the globe on everything from energy prices to politics. it's also sparked the question about the impact of fracking and on human health. >> the u.s. leads the world in natural gas production with 11 million barrels a day. we use nearly 19 million barrels of crude oil daily. 7.5 million of those barrels are imported. boone pickens is a major player in energy. he's with us at the table. good morning, boone. great to have you here. >> thank you, thank you. >> look, we're in a great place, united states. we have now surpassed saudi arabia and russia as the world's largest oil and natural gas producer. why do we need more government involvement? business is working? >> it's working, there's no question about it. but give a little credit for what's happening. that the oil and gas industry in the united states, the most dynamic industry you have in this country, we own our own
8:20 am
resources, doing very well. we have moved to the top. now, that's total energy. we don't produce as much oil as saudi arabia and russia. we're about 8.5 million. they're 10 million but we produce so much more gas, when you convert everything either to barrels or gas, we're number one, which is great. >> well, why do you want a national energy plan? it seems like we're doing well. >> well, one, for answer this, i mean, you need to get the keystone pipeline. you need to have -- you you need a north american energy alliance. bringing together canada, mexico and the united states. >> you want to get rid of opec? >> exactly. exactly. that causes us more problems. money we have going into some of those countries, not all of them, but some gets in the hand of the taliban. that came out of the cia the
8:21 am
general that was the director of the cia, thiebl to i believe th the case. you play the same game, the same tactics all the time. >> you get the same results. >> but what happens is, they know what you're going to do. if you're going to screen and shoot, screen and shoot the same guy every time, hey -- >> you're saying we need to focus, t. boone pickens -- you lost the t. last night. we're just not saying it. t. stands for thomas pipe always liked that name. but you're saying we need to focus on natural gas. >> natural gas, you're overwhelmed with it, but you also -- you have a great amount of oil in this country. for instance, the basin has proud 40 million barrels of oil. now another 40 billion to produce. nobody, but the geologists, i'm
8:22 am
supposed to nose these things we have great technicians in this country. >> you point out that the energy production in the united states is because of natural gas. you got into a little bit of hot water yourself when you said that fracking, quote, isn't going to hurt anybody. but those chemicals linked to cancer and reproduction issues. >> you said when you started out, i got in trouble -- >> i said is hot water. >> i'm not in hot water. listen, i have fracked over 2,000 wells in my life. and the president gets on "60 minutes," a year ago, said that -- believe it or not, he didn't say believe it or not, that the department of the energy, the d.o.e., developed fracking on their research, blah, blah, blah. i saw my first frac job in 1952.
8:23 am
that's 60 years ago. >> but fracking isn't going to hurt anybody, you still stand by it? >> i absolutely stand by it, of course, i do. there must have been over 1 million wells fracked. there's not anybody standing out there saying, boone pickens he fracked 2,000 wells and he ruined this or hurt somebody. >> but you can't completely dismiss all safety concerns? i mean, there have to be some issues, potentially, that are worth looking into, right? >> well, jeff, you've been fracking wells for 60 years -- >> well, i haven't personally. i know they have that. just -- >> think with me just a second, sure, there were things back then, 50 years ago, 30 years ago, 20 years ago, that if you come forward, my gosh, i mean, they're just aren't any complaints. but you've got some
8:24 am
environmentalists who got themselves in a fit over it. >> but you have the story, boone, just in texas last month, in april a couple awarded 3le million by a dallas jury because they said that -- because of the fracking spills and emissions from the fracking have contaminated their ranch. they argue that pollution made them sick, as well as their lifestock. they were awarded $3 million. somebody thinks -- >> there's no question, somebody was damaged. that quick, you've proven me wrong on what i've said. >> but rethinking, that's all right? >> i don't know the circumstances of that. i don't know -- you know. but somebody was awarded $3 million. and the jury, i had to assume the jury know what is they're doing. they looked at the facts. but, anyway, it's something that i'm surprised, just like this last week, germany says they're not -- they want us to send them
8:25 am
gas? >> from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia. this is cbs-3 eyewitness fuse. good morning, everyone, i'm ukee washington, in the news two people arrested last night after demonstration near the scene of last weekends' deadly fire in southwest philadelphia. more than 100 people gathered near the 6,000 block of gasner street last week, the fire squad that responded not far from the blaze. neighbors and others claim the philadelphia fire department took too long to respond to the fire that destroyed eight row homes, claimed the lives of four children. >> let's get your forecast with katie in the weather center actually seen couple of stray showers firing up just in the last couple of hours, have gun to fiddle already, as quickly as they popped up,
8:26 am
lancaster, baltimore, this is just sort of sign of things to come more than anything on storm scan3. building the heat, certainly building the the moisture content, as we sky rocket to 94 degrees, may feel like it is closing in on the century mark for some you here today, so steamy for sure, eventually some showers, thunderstorms will start to fire up specially north and west of the city. it will also be the story tonight. scattered variety of the showers and storms, not everyone getting hit at the same time. some of you might not even see drop. see how we do. meanwhile tomorrow another day that hits just barely, into the 90s, so that will officially make it our next heatwave. torrey over to you. >> good morning, traveling on the ben franklin bridge, weaver slow down moving your way down toward eighth and vine, but keep in mind, 95 and the schuylkill expressway, where would you usually find delays, they're there. but, this just came in. the trenton and chestnut hill west lines have been suspended, so definitely keep that in mind if that's what you're planning between here and new york, also, new jersey, an accident, while horse road. do have accident evesham road, however, no major problems at
8:27 am
the airport. ukee? >> torrey, thank you. next update at 8:55, up next on cbs this morning, actress halle barre from drama he can tend. more local news weather traffic and sports we're on the "cw philly" on these ch
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
♪ welcome back to thts "this morning." coming up in this half hour. she is one of the biggest movie stars ever to make movies and tv. halle berry is here. we'll learn about her new thriller called "extant." plus, tgi fridays puts appetizers front and center. the company is betting all you can eat potato skins and buffalo wings can make the customers happy for more. right now, it's time to show you headlines from around the globe. google support a shorter work week. they don't need to work frantically to meet their need.
8:31 am
>> most people evolve from like, would you like an extra week of vacation. 100% of the people. two weeks, or a four-day work week. no one will raise their hand. most people like working but they'd also like to have more time with their family and their interests. that's one way to do it. the problem is you have to coordinate a way to reduce the work week and with employment, you can adjust. >> that's one solution, fitting one full-time job into several part-time jobs. britain telegraph said rowling wrote an update to "harry potter." a couple thread of silver in his hair. ron is married and has two children. she wrote the people as a thinly
8:32 am
veiled express. >> and crumbs has shut down all of his stores on monday. the company says it's evaluating its options which include filing for bankruptcy. the company had 48 stores. just last week, nasdaq stopped trading shares of crumbs. i'm thinking i may need therapy. last night, i was going to go to crumbs to get more of those frosted black and white cookies. i thought, i'll do it today. i'm not kidding. those frosted black and white cookies are delicious. the minneapolis tribune says you can get self-serve beer at target field. the first to sell beer from a vending machine. customers buy from a concession i.d. where they show ienchs .d. there's an employee standing by to make sure fans aren't drunk. >> that's a pretty good face.
8:33 am
"the wall street journal" says science has identified the largest flying bird ever found. it lived 25 million years ago. had a wing span of 21 feet or more. that's the size of an albatross. it was found in south carolina. scientists say it could stay in the air for a week or more without landing. >> absolutely fascinating. something to show your kids. and forbes said netflix is hiring someone to sit home and watch movies. the job requirement, you have to be a serious movie and tv buff. about 40 work for netflix in other countries but, no, they're not looking for viewers in the u.s. too bad. sounds like a fun job if you like tv. some of the nation's biggest restaurant chains are launching new ways to win your business. it's a high stakes battle.
8:34 am
the restaurant industry says it will ring up $630 billion in sales. chip reid is in virginia with latest strategy. chip, good morning. >> reporter: that's right, we're at tgi fridays to take a look at their new profits, endless appetizers. tgi friday's the latest restaurant chain to experiment with the all you can eat philosophy, hoping that endless amounts of potato skins will keep people reaching into their pockets. >> we're wanting to get customers who haven't tried appetizers or haven't tried them in a while. >> reporter: the industry term for the type of restaurant filling the gap for places like friday's and fast food chains. >> fast food restaurants are also getting competition from the bottom like panera and now
8:35 am
you would see them positioning themselves as places you'd go for dinner. >> reporter: that positioning is paying off. in may, casual sales grew 3%. but fast food and fining 3.8%. tgi friday's isn't the only casual chain cooking up changes. olive garden is rolling out online ordering to boost their takeout servicethy summer. applebee's had two dinners for $10.99 and chile lets customers place orders directly with the kitchen. they're hoping the deals will keep the current customers happy and attract new customers especially younger diners. >> one of the things we're making sure we appeal to those millennials who may not have grown up with friday's and we certainly are a onto offer them.
8:36 am
and want to make sure we're as contemporary of a grand brand a are. >> this deal is only good for the summer. for people who are watching their diet, you might want to bring along a clarity for the calories. >> chip, did she lay out all of those appetizers for you? >> happy crew there. >> gayle? >> smart idea. everybody wins in all you can eat. most people don't eat as much as you think they're going to. and you get to try different thing. >> your waistline. >> it's a good idea. >> very good promotion. all right. halle berry is in the toyota green room. good morning, halle, going to look at her new out of this
8:37 am
8:38 am
8:39 am
8:40 am
halle berry, halle berry is an oscar-winning presence on the silver screen, thank you very ch. but it may come as a surprise that she is boldly going to television, beginning tomorrow night on the new cbs drama "extant." it's just the latest on her wide variety of roles. >> reporter: she's played a celebrated singer.
8:41 am
a comic book creature and a gorgeous bond girl. >> magnificent view. >> it is, isn't it? >> ah! >> reporter: halle berry's incredible range has made her one of hollywood's leading ladies. >> in trouble? >> reporter: in 1991, the former model made her movie debut in spike lee's "jungle fever" in the very unglamorous rolfe a drug addict. what do you possibly think you know about love? >> reporter: 35 movies later, berry continues to take on challenging characters and break new ground. >> the only reason i'm here. >> reporter: she made history with the 2001 "monster's ball" performance becoming the first black woman to win an oscar for best actress. >> every single daily i can
8:42 am
think. >> reporter: berry is now taking herself into space and television. in the new sigh sigh thriller "extant" berry has unexpected news. human kind will never be the same. >> you're pregnant? >> what? >> you're pregnant. >> but the -- that's not possible. >> but it is possible. halle berry joins us at the table. we have to say, this is what halle berry looks like. you're up with the baby, you say? >> the story of my life right now. >> it's the best. we'll talk about that in just a second. let's talk about "extant" when i heard halle berry was coming to cbs, i went, yea, then i heard it was science fiction, i thought, hmm.
8:43 am
when you read it, you thought what, halle? >> when i read it, i thought, wow, whatten a amazing character. that's what i'm looking for a new challenge. something i hadn't done it before. this is sci-fi, this sci-fi was so rooted in family and grounded and the characters were complicated indeed. i thought, hmm, this could be really wonderful. >> we watched last night and you left it in a cliff-hanger that i wonder what's going happen. but i thought halle berry doesn't do tv. people were surprised you coming to tv? >> but halle berry has always done tv, you know what i mean, i've done great shows such as oprah. >> you know, a series. >> yeah, but i've never looked as tv as a negative. as i was doing well in my movie career, i always came back to do television movies. i go where the work is. i'm happy that other people are doing the same thing.
8:44 am
that medium -- those lines are blurring. >> 13-week episodes on cbs have been like "under the dome." this one, you're in space and you come back, you're pregnant, hello, how does that happen? >> that actually unfolds in space. >> is it an alien baby? >> i don't know. >> a cliff-hanger, right? >> yeah. you find out but slowly. it's something that is -- it's very mysterious. it's very suspenseful. many twists and turns getting to that resolve. >> the executive producer is steven spielberg, wow, i mean -- >> you have worked with him before? >> i did a long time on "the flintstones." this is our first time hands on working together, collaborating,
8:45 am
he is wonderful. nobody knows the genre better than steven spielberg. >> with cbs, people were awed by your beauty. i sit here, too. i've known halle a long time. there are so many people who go she's not halle berry cute. did halle berry have an image who is your dream girl for so many spot. i don't mean to put on the spot about this for so many, gosh, halle berry. did you have a dream girl growing up that i wish i looked like her? >> dorothy andrews. >> very nice. and then you end up playing her? >> that was a real highlight of my career to play her. >> she was my early role model. i remember seeing her on television seeing a woman like me, my color, on television, i was hard pressed to find those images when i was 8, 9, 10 years old. >> do you ever have a bad hair day, i just look like crap
8:46 am
today? >> yeah. you've seen the paparazzi shots of me pumping gas. >> no. the paparazzi shots, i have to say. let's talk about the paparazzi for a second. i love the crusade that you've done. i've seen jennifer garner recently and she said it was so great what you've accomplished. and she said i put it all on halle berry, she led the charge. brings us up to date and why you felt so strongly about that? >> that wasn't my first inkling to change the law. my first inkling was to move. i asked the judge if i could move to france and take my family. my daughter included. we'll do that over there. i was marrying a frenchman. i thought this was the way to go. the judge said, no, i've been told no, what do i do, sit and cry about it or do what people told me i can't do, change the law. so i did it because i had no
8:47 am
choice. when you have no choice, you attack something in a different way. i couldn't take know for an answer. living in l.a., the way we were living with that crush from the paparazzi for my kids just wasn't go to work. >> i remember at your daughter's school, you were in the face of a paparazzi to tell them, leave us alone. it was a mama bear move. >> and embarrassing, nobody wants to go to that place where you're screaming and holering and cursing outside of your daughter's school. i had reach might personal limit of having my daughter be afraid to go to school. i bottomed out if you would say, i went off. that's when i knew i had to move. that's when i tried to move. when things didn't work, finally, i decided i'd put all of my energy into changing the law and luckily -- >> what have you done? >> i have had no paparazzi since january 1st. when i flew into new york, i was
8:48 am
in the l.a. airport the other day, paparazzi ran out, my security guy said, she has her baby with her, they said, oh, okay, and they walked away. they walked away because i had my child. >> and you were still -- >> i was in shock. i thought, oh, my god, this is working. we feel so civilized. >> especially when they told you it can't be done. let's talk about, you have a girl and a boy, and a baby boy? >> how old is your baby boy? >> nine months. >> boys are different. >> and one thing, there were reports that president obama's oldest daughter malia worked as an intern on the set this year, did you get to work with her? >> halle said, me no speaky english. >> really? president obama's daughter worked on the show? >> really? >> no. >> okay. reports were wrong.
8:49 am
>> you're not filming, by the way? >> no we go back tomorrow and start filming the last episode, the finale. >> i can't wait to see it it opens with intrigue. >> congratulations. >> hall list, i caught that wink to gayle. >> all right. >> you can see the premiere of "extant" tomorrow night. we've already watched it. at 9:00 central on cbs. >> we've got halle berry on cbs. we're very happy about that. this is how tom hanks does it. ♪ >> there actually is a story ♪ >> there actually is a story behind this online dance knows her way can run in high heels. must be a supermodel, right? you don't know "aarp". because aarp is making finding the career you love, no matter what your age, a real possibility. go to to check out life reimagined
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>> thiis cbs-3 "eyewitness news". good morning, everyone, i'm nicole brewer. an update now on breaking news, one man is dead, two other wounded, after a triple shooting in bristol bucks county. the violence took place just after midnight along the 900 block every winter drive. police say they found the three victims inside that home. the victims are all in their 20's, police believe, this could be connected to a neighborhood dispute. now, let's get a check on the forecast, katy? >> yes, definitely going to be very toasty one for us out there, good morning, everybody, we expect these temperatures to easily rebounds into the mid 90s here today. over achieved even yesterday hit 93 in the city. so, it is certainly not without question that we will hit 94 later today. so we have the moisture to work with, eventually, as our
8:56 am
next cold front approaches it, will get more up lift going, few more showers, few more thunderstorms be could be locally strong, severe, especially west and north of philadelphia. but we're expecting again high of 94, we drop about 20 degrees through the overnight, not really going to get rid of the humidity until the colds front crosses. somewhat sluggish, starts to drop off to the south by wednesday night, friday, saturday, right now, look like the nicest days of the forecast, pair every eight's for both days. victoria, over to you. >> thank you, katie, good morning, everyone, traveling on 95, still experiencing the slow down between northeast philadelphia and center city primarily the betsy ross bridge down through the vine. your south bound side right here, northbound not bad. western suburbs, expect high volume on the westbound side of the pa turnpike, between willow grove and mid-county. drop down to 22, 27 on the eastbound side of 422, and 11, traveling on the northbound side of 202, between 401 and 29. also, we have some downed wires if you are traveling in
8:57 am
new jersey salem road and cynwyd drive. lastly, northbound 95, the ben franklin bridge, midday construction starting at 9:00 lasting until 3:00. amtrak back to normal. >> that's eyewitness fuse for now. join us for talk philly at noon. i'm nicole brewer. make it a great day.
8:58 am
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9:00 am
>> your 32 body fluids and what they mean to your hea >> in the movies this is what you see. >> oh, my goodness. >> from the embarrassing question in our confessional. >> my question deal with, um... >> men wonder the exact same thing. >> why you need the nasty gook in as your ears. >> it's the nastiest thing that came out of my body. gross. >> doesn't serve a good purpose. >> do you know the correct way to blow your nose? >> when u blow it into your sinus cavity. >> why you should never clear your throat. >>im up yointo bodily fluids. this one pushes me over the edge. >> there's a test that cts a heart attack before it happens. >> 8 months


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