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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  July 8, 2014 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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>> tonight at 11:00, spectacular video of a wicked night of weather. wild winds whip up a dust storm at ppl park sending fans running for cover. >> those were 50-mile an hour winds and they left quite a mess in some other places. trees are down tonight. power is out to thousands across the area. >> and storm van three is tracking the storm still moving through our area at 11:00 o'clock. good evening, i'm chris may. >> i'm jessica dean. >> we have team coverage of the storms tonight. we'll begin with meteorologist kathy orr and what's happening right now. kathy? >> chris and jessica, these storms moved through between 40 and 50 miles an hour. they were quite fast across the delaware valley speeding from western pennsylvania through philadelphia in matter of house and there's more showers and thunderstorms mainly focused through south jersey and into delaware. this is all moving toward the northeast and will continue to move offshore within the next couple of hours. that line of severe weather made it down the shore in a weakened form. we're seeing some very heavy
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rain in little egg harbor through brigantine, even atlantic city and these storms moving eastward. they'll be in cape may by 11:11 in wildwood lie 11:16. with some very heavy downpours and also gusty winds. the damaging winds were the big story with this particular storm and the main focus you can see across the region, these are all reports of wind damage. thunderstorm wind damage in stratford, trees down and power lines down. in woodbury trees reported down in woodbury mullica hill, washington township, even deptford township. in moorestown, new jersey, we have tree down possibly partially blocking the road at creek road. so all across the region many reports even levittown transformers blowing. many people without power. so a significant storm that blee through the region a line of thunderstorms that were severe creating winds gusting between 50 and over 60 miles an hour. these wind gusts across the region were more like a strong tropical storm and guess what?
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we do have more storms that will be coming our way tomorrow. they will be popping up especially through the afterno afternoon. we'll talk more about these coming up later on in the broadcast. in the meantime, jess, we'll send it over to you with more on the damage across the area. >> all right, kathy, there's lost it more than 250,000 homes and businesses in our region are without power right now. septa regional rails are running with delays. the airport chestnut hill east, fox chase and paoli thorndale lines have been suspended until further notice. and then there's the cleanup. our team coverage continues with "eyewitness news" reporter elizabeth hur in yeadon night. liz? >> reporter: jessica, right now we're at the corner of lansdowne and providence avenues and speaking of cleanup take look at this home behind me. i can tell you this homeowner already has a big mess in his backyard and this is his front yard. with a downed tree that's now sitting on top of the power li lines. topped trees and power outages from delaware to pennsylvania
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mother nature once again left her mark. >> the sky got extremely dark. extremely dark. and the wind picked up. i didn't know if it was tornado coming through or what. >> reporter: forcing this wilmington mother and son to improvise. >> i'm sitting out who are trying to charge my phone. hopefully i'll have enough to make the through the night. >> reporter: while leaving this yeadon homeowner and neighbors in awe. >> i'm glad nobody got hurt. you know, i'm glad it's over. rain, wind, thunder, lightning all of the above. but i'm still -- i can't believe we didn't hear -- >> by all accounts it was a fast moving storm that knocked down trees keeping crews busy all night and residents in the dark counting their blessings knowing the damages could have been worse. >> the wind like the trees just started to just blowing. i thought some would come down actually went down at the basement for a little while i didn't know -- i'm not from he here. i didn't know if it was a tornado coming around or what.
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>> it was that bad. it was that bad. >> reporter: it was bad. but, again, everyone we talked to they told us it could have been worse. this em homeowner for one as you can see his yards are a mess but he says the tree doctors not fall on his house, and everyone is okay. and that's the good story, the good news here in yeadon. reporting from yeadon, elizabeth hur cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> all right, liz, thank you. let's go to the northeast at bustleton and red lion a pole snap from the wind and wires came down there. drivers had to take it slow since power was knocked out to that traffic light. crews are now on the scene getting things back to normal. >> narberth montgomery county, downed limbs and wires closed a section of haverford avenue tonight. the cleanup there already underway. and many in the area thankful it wasn't worse. >> more now of that great video from ppl park. wild winds whipped up a dust storm during the philadelphia union match tonight. we got this eyewitness video from one of our producer kevin
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kincade. strong wind picked um dust from outside the stadium then blew it across the fans and the field forcing fans to take cover. >> just came in like a light switch. we thought it was thunderstorm rolling in. before you know it everyone is underneath. >> and here is eyewitness cam video of fans taking cover in the concourse under the stands that game had to be delayed because of the dust and then the rain. if you were able to safely take a photo tweet it to us use the hash tag cbs-3 storm or send to us via our new cbs philly weather app. >> we've got new information tonight in the horrifying house fire that claimed the lives of four children in southwest philadelphia. fire department officials are taking on their critics today. offering evidence they responded quickly to that fire on gesner street. the newly released records show the first call to 911 came in at 2:44am saturday. it was classified as a rubbish fire. then three minutes later, 2:47 the fire is upgraded to a dwelling fire. and more equipment was dispatch.
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finally at 24:84 minutes after that first call, ladder four arrived on the scene. >> now, life at 11:00 todd quinn known has the story of a neighbor had tried to put out the flames even before firefighters could arrive. he's live in southwest philadelphia. todd? >> reporter: chris, tonight we're hearing for the first time from the eyewitness who first spotted the flames. he says, this was a very fast fast-moving fire and he he's not sure if there's anything else firefighters could have done. >> four houses? four hours, four houses on fire. >> by the time that frantic 911 call was made, neighbor jeff boone said he had already tried putting the fire out with his sister's own fire extinguisher. when that failed he ran around the corner to the firehouse to get the firefighters attention. >> they already in the motion loading up. they get in the truck i'm in the middle of the street follow me, follow me. by the time iran, came around here, came back it had been
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three houses going up. >> the fall out from the deadly fire that killed four young liberian american children boiled over monday night as friends family members and neighbors argued the fire department did not act fast enough. but that was an as s she was strongly rebuffed by the fire commissioner and the depth pew mayor for public safety who laid out the fire department's response time. >> i can understand what the community feels but i think that it comes from misunderstanding what our heroes did. you cannot get the equipment in a minute. that's not humanly possible. now you asking our here ross to be super heroes. >> in direct response to monda monday's clash with police the liberian ambassador came to the 6500 block of gesner street tuesday night and asked for calm as he promised to search for answers. >> this is something horrible that happened. we like to see what went wrong. what was the cause. how did it happen? >> woman who refers to herself as the godmother of the twin
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girls who were killed says she wants to see more firefighters hired at the fire station. >> we so hur us liberians for how these kids died in a short time. >> reporter: this firehouse is literally just around the corner from where the fire occurred and even after the first firefighters arrived on the scene, some neighbors say it still took several minutes for the fear department to actually put water on the flames. the timing of all of that still remains under investigation. reporting live tonight in south we have philadelphia, todd quinones, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> todd thank you very much. "eyewitness news" team is digging into this story around the clock. we are constantly updating it on our website. the address is >> crash on interstate near near the airport sent four people including a seven month old baby to the hospital. chopper three over the southbound lanes of 95 near island avenue. two cars collided around sic sick 15:00 and one flipped over.
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one man was thrown from one of the cars. he was taken to the hospital along with the baby and two women. the cause of that crash is now under investigation. >> two young girls suffered only minor injuries after they were hit by a car in philadelphia earlier tonight. chopper three over seventh and lehigh where police tell us a car hit a septa bus. then it careened into several other vehicles before hitting those girls on the sidewalk. police suspect the driver of that car was drunk. >> and we learned today that l and i believes an aging foundation caused two homes to collapse near 60th and spruce in cobbs creek. they came crumbling down monday morning. no one was injured but six people had left without a place to live. inspectors have checked the foundationfoundations in every e 6000 block to make sure they're stable. developing now a big set back tonight in efforts to pass the cigarette tax to help fund the cash strapped philadelphia school district. the pennsylvania senate approved the tax in harrisburg tonight,
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but add add provision to end that tax in five years. and that means the bill must go back to the house for another vote and it's not clear when that will happen. an extra $2 tax per pack of cigarettes could generate an estimated $83 million per year in revenue. >> new jersey lawmaker tonight says he has a plan to save atlantic city. assemblyman chris brown is sponsoring three bills that could regulate the sale of casinos. one would cap the number of casinos that one company may own in ac at two. the other bills aimed at stamp stopping the practice of casino company selling selling properties to exclusively to non casino companies which what some fear will happen to showboat. caesars plans to shut it down. critics say it's attempt to shrink the market. >> if buyer does come forward, it will be unconscionable if caesars refuses to accept the offer and chooses instead to
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further limit its competition. >> of course, all of this is happening as atlantic city prepares for a possible referendum in which voters would decide whether to allow casinos in north jersey. we're keeping our eye on the storms tonight. kathy has got the latest. >> heavy rain, more scattered storms across the region. this line moving across the jersey shore. but a secondary line forming from dover to the southwest. this will move through tonight and then another chance of storms tomorrow. we'll track those coming up. >> my hair was sticking up and my arms was burning and everything. >> you will not believe what happened to that will bill as he stood in his kitchen. he is lucky to be alive tonight. we will hear more of his story coming up. >> and with the summer heat, it can be tough to safe money on your energy bill but there are ways to do it and you don't have to adjust the ac. three is on your side with simple ways to keep your costs down. >> and the nap that this man took at a yankees game has now
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led to a lawsuit seeking $10 million. find out why when "eyewitness news" continues.
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>> president obama is asking congress to approve nearly $4 billion to tackle the immigration crisis. that money would be used to sure up border security, go after smugglers, speed up the process of deportation and also improve care for children who are now in federal custody. thousands of young immigrants from central america who havely legally crossed the border in texas remain in legal limbo tonight. >> 25 palestinians have been reported dead in the aftermath of israeli air strikes. they come as hamas continues a long campaign of lobbing rockets into israel. and now there's talk of a possible ground incursion in gaza that would target hamas strong holds. tensions have been high in the he john since the abduction and murders of three israeli teens in june. and the apparent revenge killing of a palestinian teenager last week.
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>> pop pot shops are open for business in washington state. a line form outside of one business in seattle. it's the city's first legal shop selling marijuana. only those over 21 can buy and it cannot be smoked illegal until public. the state has issued licenses to about two dozen shop owners. >> quite a tale tonight from a nine year old boy who was struck by lightning inside his house. >> it's amazing. burn marks still visible on the chest of hunter wilson. now hunter was getting ready for din are in last night. he was reaching for a glass of water, while leaning against a wet rag on his counter. all a sudden there was a big boom, the house rumbled, hunter says he is just thankful to have survived. >> my sister started that cry and i said, it's going to be okay. i'm all right. i'm still alive. >> that young man will have to wear a heart mon for tour the next couple of weeks just to make sure that everything is okay. as the temperature rises, so
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do our electric bills and every year we get the same advice. you can cut your bill by turning up the thermostat. as three on your side consume mr. reporter jim donovan shows us tonight there are easy ways to keep costs down while keeping cool. >> reporter: when summer temperatures rise, cranking up the air-conditioner seems like great idea until the energy bill arrives. on days when the mercury soars the department of energy suggests using ceiling fans to circulate air. plan meals that don't involve the oven which can heat up the home. and make the air-conditioner work harder. instead try grilling outdoors or if using the stove top, use a fan to ventilate hot are a out of the kitchen. home appliances create extra heat when they run so only run the dishwasher when it's full and think about air drying dishes instead of using the heated dry option in the bathroom showers and baths can also cause excess heat and humidity in the home. so use a fan to row move it and look around the house for devices that generate a lot of heat like lamps, computers,
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televisiotelevisions and washerd dryers. these should be kept away from thermostats when possible to avoid to tricking it into pumping more cool air into a room than necessary. >> if you have central air be sure to replace the filters on a regular basis. dirty air filter will have your central air-conditioning unit working harder than it needs to which leads to higher electric bills. reporting for three on roar side, i'm jim donovan. >> okay. the heat and humidity often lead to storms and that's exactly what we saw tonight. kathy. >> a line of severe storms. we don't see that often from north to south through northeast pennsylvania right through delaware a line that moved through this evening, with such force that we have multiple reports of trees down, power lines down, hundreds of thousands without power, and we continue to see some rainfalling across the region. let's tack you back in time because we have this unbelievable time collapse of center city philadelphia this is the view from our cbs-3 studios. here comes the rain.
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it was wind swept across the road, across our parking lot, it came in fast and furious. winds gusting to at least 50 miles an hour. frequent lightning. it didn't last all that long. but long enough to create some travel issues during the evening across philadelphia. right now, all is calm as we look life outside our studios. we're looking at humid conditions but the rain has ended in philadelphia. take look at storm scan3. this is the view of the radar from about 5:00 o'clock this afternoon through the present hour. so you have about six hours in this loop, and you can see how this storm motored across the keystone state. bowing with its precipitation. a sure line right here a bow echo when you see the bulge on the radar sticking out these winds are very aggressive and it does signature damaging winds and that's what we had across a good part of the state. it traveled about 200 miles
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across the region. over 200 miles to its present location moving very quickly. and it continues to move eastward. that line of strong storms right now is lined up along the injury seashore. along the barrier islands. some frequent lightning, some intense rain and gusty winds. especially over sea isle right now and in additional rain that's moving up from the southwest that's going to continue to move toward the region. the precipitation rate about half an inch of hour right now in see i'll i'll. additional showers coming up from the south and the west. so that will continue to linger. we have some eyewitness cam photos our katie fehlinger at ppl park at the soccer game in chester and this is the stairwell leading to the stadium they blocked it off by a gate and the rain was coming in sideways because winds were gusting to about 50 miles an hour during the game, of course, suspending play. this other eyewitness cam came from lancaster, pennsylvania, jason sent this in. this is a power line that caught fire with the storm and it goes right over the amtrak station over the tracks there in
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lancaster. so thank you katie and jason for septembering to us those i witness photos. right now we're seeing rain cooled number in the 60s and the 70s but the humidity has gotten even worse with all this moisture. cold front that set off the showers and storms will clear the area tomorrow with additional showers and thunderstorms but they will be spotty and right now we are not expecting that em to be severe. thursday a dries out with sunshine stays that way friday. no weather issues even on saturday. overnight, it will be mild and muggy. lingering showers and some storms isn't south jersey and delaware the low 73. highs tomorrow will be around 90. with a few scattered afternoon showers and storms. heading to the poconos a possibility avenue scattered shower or storm for wednesday, thursday and friday look good. on the seven day forecast and shore cast, looking good. thursday, friday and saturday. sunday, monday and tuesday we see the heat and humidity returning to the delaware vall valley. keep track of storms any time with a new cbs philly weather
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app check live radar and weather alerts and much more cbs weather happen is now available for apple products. we'll be back with lesley
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>> phillies trying to make it two in a rogen the national league leading brewers out in milwaukee and the second inning of the game the phillies were trailing five to two. ben revere, though, will score right here and the phillies then down by one run. two batters later the bases loaded chase utley singles to right. and the fightings five runs in that inning to take six-five lead. in the third, dom brown whose
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been struggling hits sixth homer of the season. that takes it to seven to five then in the fifth dom coming through again. he singles recent howard and codey asche. in the ninth the phils lead nine to seven. ♪ >> all right. to the semi finals of the world cup brazil playing in in front of their home crowd against germany. germans showing no mercy on the home team scoring five time in the first 30 minutes of the match. they crush brazil seven-one. that's brazil's worst loss in world cup history many germany will play in the championship game on sunday against the netherlands or argentina. >> the sixers resume summer league action in florida taking on the rockets and nerlins noel back in act after getting sunday off. here he will get the steal and go for the dunk.
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nerlins scored eight points. he had three blocks. kasper wear was a pleasant surprise he's been for the six social security make the jumper. led the team with 16 points. and second round pick kj mcdaniels knocking down the three pointer from the corner. 15 points on the night. the sixers beat the rockets into-71. >> four years ago today, this happen. lebron james making his first big free agency decision could we forget all the hype his televised announcement he was taking his talents to south beach a good decision winning two championships and now he has another decision to make. stay in miami or move on. he's meeting with the heat tomorrow. stay tuned. we'll be right back with more
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♪ >> a yankees fan is suing two announcers for $10 million. >> he claims that they mocked him when they caught hip sleeping on national tv. andrew robert richter the man you see here says commentators dan schulman and former phillies favorite john kruk unleashed a avalanche of disparaging words against him. he claims he suffered substantial injury to his character and reputation and mockery caused mental anguish an loss of future income. we'll keep you posted as that
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case winds through the courts.
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>> on storm scan3 you can see showers and thunderstorms moving across the jersey shore moving tore the northeast at about 30 miles an hour. frequent lightning and very heavy rain with gusty winds moving up the barrier islands. >> kathy, thank you thank you for watching "eyewitness news" at 11:00. we're back in the morning at 4:30. for lesley, kathy and everyone here i'm chris may. >> i'm jessica dean.
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we'll see you tomorrow. ♪ ( band playing "late show" theme ) >> from the heart of broadway, broadcasting across the nation and around the world, it's the "late show" with david letterman. tonight... plus paul shaffer and the cbs orchestra. i'm alan kalter. and now, the heart of the hollywood palace


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