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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  July 9, 2014 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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rush hour. we will take a look in a minute. ukee and erika. good morning, it is wednesday, july 9th i'm ukee washington. i'm quarter von tiehl. clean up continues after those strong storms toppled trees and pulled down power lines too. as of right now more than 106,000 customers are without power throughout the region. hardest hit areas are in the pennsylvania suburbs, and peco reports nearly 40,000 outageness chester county. in delaware county, there is 19,000, and in bucks county over 16,000. "eyewitness news" reporter syma chowdhry joins us from exton, chester county where many are starting their morning in the dark. i'm sure a lot of people are missing their alarms, syma, good morning. >> reporter: that is right, erika and ukee. you know that saying you don't know what you have until it is gone. i think that really applies here when it comes to power. a lot of us just assume power is here, and, you know what, power is not here where i am at this wawa. we have seen quite a few people driving by, thinking
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that this wawa is opened but it is not. and, if a wawa is not opened, it is a 24 hour wawa, if it is not opened they are not making any money. no business going on here. two employees are inside with flashlights and they told me that the power went out around 8:00 and they have been without power, ever since. we are talking about these storms that passed through our area last night and like numbers erika mention that had left hundreds of thousands of people without power, last night. crews had to deal with fallen trees and power lines, peco crew where is out all night into the early morning trying to restore power as quickly as possible. now many say the storm was extremely scary. >> the sky got extremely dark, extremely dark, and the wind kicked up. i didn't know there was a tornado coming through or what. >> some pretty scary moments last night, but as you can see i'm out here without a rain
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coat. pretty pleasant this morning. unfortunately remnants of that storm means no power for a lot of areas. numbers like erika mentioned is 40,000 people still in chester county without power. and, erika and ukee, turf say, i'm rooting for this 24 hour wawa because i'm in need of some coffee. i will be exited to see people trying to pull through trying to get gas and coffee and it is not opened. it will be interesting to go see that this morning. >> hopefully won't be long. >> she will be first in line, syma, thank you. wild wind whipped up a dust storm during philadelphia union match at ppl park. we showed you this. we got this eyewitness video from one of our producers kevin kin cade. here's what happened, strong wind pick up dust and then blew ate cross the the fans and the field. everyone tried to take cover. >> it just came in. before you know it, everyone was underneath.
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>> katie took this video of the fans taking cover in the concourse under the stands. that game was delayed because of the dust, and then the rain, which made for a very late night for miss fehlinger who is getting an extra large cup of coffee. >> i'm running on pure adrenaline right now. match got delayed. they are going to the semi finals. that is good news but yeah, it was as though as we said dust came flying in from this unpaved lot outside the park. i got in my eyes. peoples cast were bugging them. it was like a zapped storm. thankfully it is all gone at this point but we are still looking for additional showers and storms today. i want to take you back in time to a really long loop here on storm scan three. this is 11:00 a.m. yesterday. in problem. in harm, in foul. then we will get in the afternoon. look at that line. do you see how it is boeing out in that means it is wind driven. we didn't have too much lightening, there wasn't too much recorded there but what we did get was a lot of wind.
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a lot of really heavy rain. as we look at storm scan three standing right now we are not completely in the clear but better then it was. still lingering rain brief but heavy downpours being report add cross atlantic county, southeastern burlington. that one little zone in south jersey you will still be dealing with wet weather issues out there maybe just hit the road in the next couple of minutes, but future weather shows this, as we have scattered showers and thunderstorms once again around today. primarily in the second half of the day and later on this evening but not everyone gets hit at exactly the same time. it won't that be squall line like what we saw yesterday and certainly we don't expect that this will have anywhere near the power that those other storms have had because the energy zapped what is left new of the energy in the atmosphere. we are at 73. little cooler ape milder depending on location but we have a good shot with sun to make that run for 90 degrees which would make it official another heat wave in just about a weeks time as we have
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kicked off the month of july, we will make it to thus far in the month. very early on, obviously. feeling like dog days of summer, torey. >> i feel bad. yesterday we had vehicle fire, disabled vehicle so double-check fluids in your car especially during the heat wave. lets get you outside to see what you are dealing with. not too much. look the at vine street expressway, quiet, not much going on, very relaxing, heading out right new basically our majors look like this. this is vine right around eighth street just behind me but look at 422 right around the area of troop their eastbound rush has in the set in just yet. we are still waiting on it. as we continue lets talk mass transit, yesterday because of the weather, we had a few suspensions to to regional rail. today only regional rail line that is still suspended would be chestnut hill east line so we will continue to keep you updated but that could set you back this morning. we do want to talk about down wires in new jersey, this is covered bridge road at oxford avenue.
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be mindful of that. however, speed sensors look good, all over the board, ukee thanks, torey. new this morning police say a woman stab two people inside this home in olney. police were called to the 200 block of west almond street just after midnight and found a 24 year-old female stab in the head, neck and chest and a man with cuts on his body. suspect had a cut on her arm. none of their injuries are life threatening, erika. ukee, we are learning more new information about the house fire that claimed the lives of four children in southwest philadelphia. fire department officials releasing evidence to show they are responded quickly to that fire on gesner street. records show that the first call to 911 came in at 2:44 the saturday morning and it was classified as a rubbish fire. then three minutes later at 2:47 the fire was upgraded to a dwelling fire and more equipment was dispatched. then at 2:48 just four minutes after the first call ladder four arrived on the scene. "eyewitness news" reporter
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todd quinones has the the story of the neighbor who tried to put out those flames even before fire fighters arrived. >> four houses. >> four houses, four houses are on fire. >> four houses are on fire. >> yeah. >> reporter: by the time that frantic 911 call was made neighbor jeff boone said he tried putting the fire out with the sister's own fire extinguisher. but when that failed he ran around the corner to the firehouse to get the fire fight's tension. >> they were in the motion of loading up. getting in the truck, i'm in the middle of the street follow me, follow me. by the time i ran, came back here and there had been three houses gone up. >> reporter: fall out from the deadly fire that killed four young liberian american children bowled over monday night as friend, family members and neighboring ars you'd the fire department did not act fast enough but that assertion was rebuffed by the the fire commissioner and deputy mayor of public safety tuesday evening who laid out the fire department's response time. >> i can understand what this community feels but i think it comes from misunderstanding
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what our heroes did. >> you cannot get there quicker than a minute. that is not humanly possible. you are asking our heroes to be super heroes. >> reporter: the liberian ambassador came to the scene of the 6500 block of gesner street tuesday night. he asked for calm as he promised to search for answers. >> this is something horrible that happened. we would like to see what went wrong, what was the cause, how did it happen. >> reporter: woman who refers to herself as the god mother of the twin girls who were killed says she wants to see more fire fighters hired at the fire station. >> unaudible. >> reporter: this fire station is literally just around the corner from where this fire occurred, and even after the first fire fighters arrived, still some neighbors say it took several more minutes for the fire department to actually put water on this fire. the timing of all of that, still remains under
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investigation. reporting from southwest philadelphia, todd quinones, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". happening today a preliminary hearing for double murder suspect john, he admitted killing two teenagers with two accomplice necessary a drug deal gone wrong in west bury drive-in overbrook in the summer of 2012. officials caught up with him in maryland have after's ledgely raped two girls and killed a cat of the man he reportedly let hide in his house. some chester resident are fighting a plan bringing, garbage from new york city. right now trash is brought by truck, to the incinerator along chester's waterfront. if approved the new trash by rail plan would deliver 500,000 tons of garbage for at least the next 20 years. the chester city's planning commission is considering the proposal at a 5:00 p.m. meeting tonight. and nancy gonzales facing a philadelphia why for sentencing today. she was convicted on theft and
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related charges after stealing nearly $25,000 in social security checks, from a 88 year-old woman in her care. a seven month investigation in 2012 also uncovered former philadelphia city council's secretary allowed for victims to live in squalor. 5:10. feisty donald sterling takes the stand as he battles with his wife over the sale of the los angeles clippers, that is coming up. also ahead grandfather of the baby girl abandoned at a new york subway station speaks out. hear why he believes his daughter just left the little girl there all alone. later in the healthwatch what you should drink before your work out that will help you lose extra pound. katie? sign me up, all right. we are looking a head to another day that features more heat, more humidity and more storms. although it may in the be as impressive in any of that regard here as we go forward in the forecast, i will explain, we will talk about it, easing up on the
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tragedy strikes a maryland campground. >> one child was killed after trees collapsed during a strong storm this happened at the river valley ranch summer camp. authorities say that more than 100 campers were caught outside when severe wind and rain swept through the area. children ran for cover but one of those campers became trapped under a down tree. >> it is dramatic, because a lot of them were there when it all happened but we've gotten them all together, all accounted for, taken them to the lower part of our campus which did not sustain any damage and they are all safe and doing well. >> two of the campers injured were treated for possible concussions. authorities are investigating the incident. well, storm has passed for
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clean up, continuing for residents in marion, new york powerful wind, toppled trees crashing down on homes and taking down so many power lines. luckily no injuries were reported. lets get traffic and weather right now with katie, good morning. >> good morning. we felt the brunt of those storms here as well but for us it is mainly very strong wind, very heavy downpours, and we have got a lot of eyewitness pictures coming from you, the viewers and we will appreciate getting that but make sure it is safe. this one came from jason, from lancaster, pennsylvania. it looks like a power line caught fire here, from the storms. you know, we definite the liz saw, again the brunt of the storms that rumbled through but i can report at this hour we're left with nothing more than brief but locally heavy downpours, not necessarily any thunder and lightening starting to fire up here but we are once again going to be watching for additional showers and storms to ignite here today because our cold front isn't totally gone yet. it is somewhat sluggish. you can see it, from canada
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down towards the deep south where there is a front that gets draped back there. we still have another day that may feature additional scattered but locally drenching hours or thunderstorms. nothing as severe. next couple days as we do start to thankfully dry out we will see pollen levels climb. grass is still your concern. today we should just make it a heat wave. we are expecting daytime height to hit 90 with more sun, heat up easily obviously and then temperatures ease up, not a lot but ease up, just enough and so does humidity with time here. tomorrow maybe a lingering shower, most of us starting to clear things out, and then by friday we are lag at a nice end to the week, vittoria, over to you. good morning, everyone. if you are heading out of your neighborhood the one thing i will say is just take it easy because even when i was coming out of the neighborhood there was trash, remnant of the powerful wind and the storms yesterday. so again take it easy. lets head outside to see how you are doing, beautiful shot, no delays heading in to new jersey or philadelphia, it is
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a great ride. in the only the bend been, tack, betsy, walt whitman all bridges are moving well this morning. definitely a nice way to start the day. looking at 476 this shot around the area of macdade we are not dealing with any problems around 95, schuylkill expressway, mid county toll plaza you are in the clear as far as your majors are concerned at the moment. as far as mass transit is concerned we have two nets for you one chestnut hill east regional rail lines has been suspended because of the weather that we were experiencing yesterday. also, the the route 101 trolley will be shuttle busing between 69th to wood land avenue. as we continue we will take you a lah into new jersey where we have a down tree associated with the storm yesterday closing green tree road at brandywine drive. best alternate is to take route 70, ukee. here are today's headlines on cbs-3. is there cleaning up to do all across our area after storms knocked down trees in several communities as we have been talking about, there are power outages too please give yourself extra time to navigate the roads this
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morning. also three people are hospitalized after a triple stabbing in olney, including the suspect. police say a 22-year old woman stabbed a 24 year-old woman several times. a three two-year old man was stabbed in the head and neck. the 22-year old also had cuts on her arms. neighbors are criticizing fire fighters response time to saturday's deadly fire in southwest philadelphia. fire officials say that they were within department guidelines, that fire killed four children. right now 5:17. we all know especially this time of the year can be tough to save money on your energy bills during hot summer months but there are ways to do it, without adjusting the ac. don't touch that thermostat. people get upset. >> coming up, three on your side with simple ways to keep cost down. she was left all along at new york subway station by her own mother and now this baby girls grandfather is talking about what may have prompted his daughter to abandon her baby, we will be right back.
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a mother is in a new york city jail accused of abandoning her baby on a new york subway. she push her daughter's stroller off the train and then jumped back on alone. ten month old mallea is not hurt and was in the care of social services. woman's father says she was a good mother and wand fairing a recent tragedy impact her judgment. >> she saw her boyfriend get murdered, the baby's daddy, and i think maybe it escalated from there. she was not holding on. i don't know what went through her mind. >> north carolina man wants to talk to his daughter in person and hoping to convince officials to let him bring the baby home with him. l.a. clippers owner donald sterling takes a witness stand in the fight over his estrange wife over the the team's sale. shelley sterling agreed to
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sell the team to steve ballmer for $2 billion. her husband testified he opposed it because he began working on a big broadcast deal that is worth much more. nba is forcing the team's sale after audio tape surfaced of donald sterling making racist remarks, in private which became public. today we will learn who will take on germany in the world cup final and see selfie that is causing quite an uproar, at the tour of france, coming up next. caught on camera exact moment a storm watcher gets struck b by lightening. we will be right back.
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time for traffic and weather together, lot of folks woken up, katie. >> absolutely, it looks as though we will see another fresh round of scattered showers and thunderstorms,
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today. nothing of the severity of what we saw yesterday, thank goodness because those were nasty storms. who wants two days straight of. that we will deal with additional thunderstorms because this frontal boundary is not gone yet and even still we have lingering showers some of which are localized, kind of heavy at times here through burlington, ocean counties at this point but it will be somewhat scattered throughout the day. at the moment haze settling outside whitefield elementary school in reading. temperatures on the up and up for us here, we will hit 90's for two days straight. we will do it again today. that will make it a heat wave in philadelphia. meanwhile at area beaches more clouds than anything. not the most ideal beach day. cooler as a result. we will dodge a scattered variety of showers and storms today, torey, over to you. well, as far as down trees, down wires and down poles we have a few things to talk about but just watch debris that we are dealing with within the neighborhood. because of that storm
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yesterday we have suspension for mass transit. that is chestnut hill east rail line that has been suspended so that will set you back. also route 101 trolley shuttle busing between 69th and woodland avenue. speaking of malfunctions or down trees or wires we have a traffic light malfunction at lancaster avenue at county line road. we have a few of them in the area and generally speaking as far as majors are concerned we are not dealing with too much of a problem. is 15 your average on the schuylkill. fifty-five on 95. fifty-five traveling on 476. overall not too awful of a morning, ukee. thanks, torey n sports phillies play game three of the four game series with the the brewers later tonight in milwaukee. phillies won first two games of the series. phillies came back from a five run first inning deficit with five of their own runs in the sixth inning. chase utley with the tie breaking rbi, to make it six-five. dom brown with the big night he had a home run and three runs batted in. phillies win, phillies win
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nine-seven. your final score. we could be seeing future of the 76ers in summer action right now. nerlens noel with the steel, handle and the dunk last night against the houston rockets. big fellow had eight points in the first game back after skipping a game for some rest, sixers got 16 from casper williams. sixers open up against rockets, 92-71. sixers and nets in orlando summer action later tonight. tip off, 5:00 o'clock. netherland and argentina play for right to proceed to the world cup finals in brazil. yesterday the host country was knocked off in a historic route. germany bombarded brazil in the first half of yesterday's semi final, they scored five times the in the first half and handed them their worst loss in world cup history seven-one. at one point germany scored four goals in six minutes, after the loss, brazil's players apologized to their fans, the team's fans, the world cup finalist sunday.
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many fans of the brazil team, following cheers, always something. is there trouble at this years tour of france over selfies, cyclist say people are hopping in the road to snag pictures of themselves and their dangerous obstacle on the road as you might imagine, that makes danger to the competitors and themselves. one american rider said he appreciates the support but please give the riders some room. i can certainly understand that. >> that doesn't seem safe. >> not at all. >> they go fast too. >> you don't know is what coming up behind you, that is for sure. coming up next on "eyewitness news" we are live with the look at storm damage overnight, syma? >> reporter: that is right, storms may have gotten out of our way but what they left behind are power outages, i'm in exton with a live report, coming up. also, saving atlantic city, the plan to reverse the the shore town's losing, hand. and vittoria and katie
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return with your traffic and weather together on the three's. can you expect more storms today? katie has the the answer.
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this morning a common sight, down trees and power lines, strong storms leave their mark, and we are not out of the woods, just yet, katie? we are not. what i can tell you, ukee, any storms we do see today don't necessarily have the potential to turn that severe but yes, more showers, more thunderstorms, heat and humidity as well that we will be track to go day and we will do just that coming up, vittoria. >> thanks, katie. as you saw with the video still dealing with debris, down poles , down wires, down trees and looking at our wide is it is not so much affecting our majors but that will change on our rush hour. we are


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