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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  July 9, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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without electricity tonight. jane? >> reporter: well, jessica, you may think that these homeowners got extremely lucky at first glance with this branch falling in when their homes but then you will take a look up and see where that branch came from. that is a huge tree on top of that roof and if you can believe it, backyard there... they say it wasn't even raining here in wayne. >> big tree. >> reporter: the wind blew in and took out this 150-foot tree and what felt like an instant. >> first tree guy that came this morning told me they have to find the largest crane that they can and tri-state area. >> reporter: bill connway and his family had just gotten out of the pool for the night and a good thing. tree that has been nearby at least a hundred years took out everything in its path. >> it was raining bricks. tree landed on the roof and slid backwards and the roof all became essentially a bulldozer. >> reporter: some branches just missed his neighbor on fairson road sitting right
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inside of the office there as one more house down, another decades old tree, up rooted and took down wires as they fell. >> i felt very fortunate, devastated for my neighbors. >> reporter: power crew where is wussy fixing poles and lines, at the peak, more than a quarter of a million people were left in the dark. peco says this storms strong wind were troublesome. >> they are not only breaking a tree branch but they are carrying it. >> it can be blown in the wind, into our equipment. >> reporter: none more evident than hard hit wayne, connolly's taking mother nature's pun inch stride saying renovations here were already in the works. >> this is a job that increased significantly. so it is impressive. >> reporter: impressive, indeed. so impressive many people have been taking a look at damage here now. peco says it is working as fast as it can to restore out of the power, however, because there was so much power outage is associated with this event that some people may not have power until friday but peco
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says it is working to get most of the customers back on line either tonight or tomorrow. live from wayne, jane carabao for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> thank you, jen. take a look at this dangerous situation at a center city high rise where yesterday's storm ripped you have a roof, metal piece of roofing is hanging off the edge of that building right there. this is part of the drexel medical school near 15th and vine. it has been mostly calm but yes we will face another threat of severe weather tonight, severe thunderstorm watch is in effect tonight right now. meteorologist kathy orr is out on the sky deck and will this be anything like what we saw last night. >> no, chris. it is not a squall line of severe thunderstorms. we are talking more of the pop up variety but some could pack a punch. take a look at storm can three we are watching loop as storms move eastward just to the north of allentown and poconos. one in reading, berks county with a hail indicator witt and another storm moving up i-95 corridor moving towards the
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north east towards cecil county, maryland and wilmington. this is a severe cell moving north east at 30 miles an hour and at this speed it will be in maryland in the next couple of days, elkton at 5:32, newark near the university of delaware at 5:45 and new castle by 6:01. this is a history of damaging wind in excess of 60 miles an hour. that severe thunderstorm watch will continue until 10:00 o'clock tonight for most of the region with the exception of the extreme south jersey, and southern delaware. this is a look at what you can expect, some storms popping up across the region this evening, some localized downpours, damaging wind, once again, main threat with these storms and possibility of small hail. back here live, we will continue to track these storms as they pop up across the region, culprit is a cold front, i'll show what you comes next in the wake of the front as we head close to the weekend. for now back to you in the
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studio. >> reporter: new 59:00 upper darby police made an arrest in the series of five home invasion that is left a neighborhood in fear. only "eyewitness news" cameras were there and tyreal booker was taken from his arraignment. he is charged in one of the burglar that is happened between april and june. police say he slipped in the woman's bedroom during overnight hours. >> thank god he didn't hurt anybody and we were scared to death, the potential, brazenness was increasing and potential for violence in anyone of these could be astronomical. >> reporter: investigators say booker stood over sleeping women staring at them, some awoke terrified to see them run out of their home. booker is accused of won burglary but he is expect to face additional charges. now to the latest in the frustration that followed the deadly gesner street fire in southwest philadelphia. today the liberian ambassador met with city leaders hoping to ease tension in the community in which four children were lost in the blaze. meanwhile the tension over the
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perceived lack of answers continues to grow tonight. "eyewitness news" was outside of city hall just a short time ago and found more than a dozen protesters, gathered there. our matt rivers is live at the scene of the fire with more on today's developments, matt. >> reporter: person ahead of those protests was patrick sonja the father of the two of the young boys killed in that fire. some donations for his and other families affected by this fire. those donations being accepted at baptist church at 65th and gesner street. two dozen people marched towards city hall wednesday afternoon, all of them angry at city and its fire department. the chief among them is patrick sonja, four year-old patrick junior and one month-old tai, jack. >> my sonnies four years old. his birthday just passed. he started school. >> reporter: sonja one of three dozen or so people who
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attended gathering hosted by kenyata johnson. goal to discuss how to prevent incident like saturday's fire from happening ever again. liberian ambassador jeremiah, was among the attendees. >> we are trying to find out what went wrong and what can we do as an investigation continues. >> reporter: community members in the predominantly liberian neighborhood said fire department took too long to respond but the fire department says they arrived on the scene within five minutes, releasing 911 tapes and dispatch log shows they arrived quickly. >> fire commissioner telling me we did a good job. if you did a good job you would have rescued somebody. >> reporter: an investigation into the incident has been launched but for many the answers cannot come soon enough including about how this fire started. >> we lost a lot of people. why did they do that. >> i want to know what the city know. >> reporter: no time frame has yet been given for when that investigation is expected to be completed, also, no funeral
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arrangements have been made for the four children killed in this fire because their bodies have not yet been released from the medical examiner's office. we are live from southwest philadelphia tonight, matt rivers, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> matt, thank you. pennsylvania house will reconvene august 4th to for changes made to the proposed cigarette tax bill but it is a different tax added to that bill that could keep it from passing and keep philly schools from getting their money. last night senate approved the legislation with a five-year limit to the tax, added on. it also called for increase to hotel taxes within the the state, but that could be the sticking point. republicans in the house oppose that had hotel tax. the philadelphia catholic church denied at peel of saint ann's in bristol boro to stay open. parishioners are appealing to church officialness rome. back in may charles chaput announced saint ann's will close and merge with saint marks's church also in bristol. decision is part of the archdiocese of philadelphia's plan to restructure its parishes due to declining
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attendance. president obama is about to meet with the governor of texas, rick perry, the two political rivals are expected to discuss the growing immigration crisis along the u.s. boarder with mexico. also, at issue fate of thousands of immigrant children, cbs news correspondent craig boswell has more. >> reporter: president owe bam and texas governor rick perry planned to discuss surge of immigrant children from central america flooding the the state. white house hastily added round table to the fund raising trip. president is under intense criticism for not traveling to the u.s./mexico border while in texas. >> he is visiting democratic fat cats to collect checks that apparently there is no time to look at the the disaster, at the devastation being cause by his policy. >> reporter: president made a nearly $4 billion request in emergency funds to deal with the situation. it includes 1.8 billion to help care for unaccompanied children crossing the border and 1.6 billion to step up customs and border efforts.
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congress is considering the request but many lawmakers are already expressing skepticism. >> president is asking for $3,700,000,000, deride that by 56,000 that is $65,000 per unaccompanied child. >> reporter: administration officials testifying on wednesday said 57,000 minors fleeing violence in guatemala, honduras and el salvador have been pick up since last fall. >> but we should never forget, these are children. they are now in our custody. it is our duty to make sure they are children are cared for properly. >> reporter: department of justice is taking steps to prioritized processing hearings for an code children and immigrant families with children. craig boswell for kbs3 "eyewitness news". the administration is adding more immigration judges in the system so many hearings will be held video conference. there is a backlog of more than 360,000 cases. welshing still ahead at 5:00 o'clock we will continue to follow that break news. chopper three over a raging
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mansion fire in wayne, delaware county, this is in the 200 block of wyndham lane, the flames so badly damaged this home and fire fighters, are very active on the scene right now, we will have the very latest when we continue. plus caught on camera wedding guests scrambled for safety, incredible video of a rocket exploding over that ceremony. storm damage from last night, have people wondering what is covered from insurance and is what not, we will check in when we come back. and then some are calling him the coolest pilot ever, what he did for 160 hungry delayed passengers, just on a tarmac for
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you probably saw or heard a lot of chain saws, maybe power crews trying to get things organized, a lot of home and car owners dealing with the mess that was caused by down trees overnight. >> we have a lot of people asking what is covered by insurance, three on your side consumer reporter jim donovan has important information, jim. >> reporter: there is always confusion when it comes to these types of claims so here's what you need to know. trees down in yards, trees down on houses, treason top of cars. it is inevitable after a powerful wind storm. but what is covered by your insurance, and what is not, depend on a number of factors. if your tree falls on your house, your insurance company will pay for removal of the tree from your home and it will repair your home as well. if your tree, falls on your neighbor's house, your
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neighbor's home owner policy is going to be responsible. it is considered an act of god, and your neighbor should file a claim with their insurance company, and vice versa. if a tree falls in your yard, but doesn't hit anything, in most cases, it is up to you to pay for its removal. finally if your car gets hit by a tree or damaged by flying limbs, you need to file a claim against your vehicle's comprehensive coverage. now if you have a tree that is in bad shape a stress, crack, weak branches or hallowed, decayed area, fit comes crashing town, you could be held liable. if you dodged a bull this time around, deal with these dangerous trees new before your luck runs out, but if you are correct on all of the answers. you are learning, christopher. >> it goodies to have these hard and fast rules because there is frustration i think involved when you walk out and see this. >> reporter: exactly, neighboring screaming. >> but you've got to trim if there is anything questionable. >> prune, trim, your trees. >> yes. >> thanks. >> jim, thanks a lot.
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>> just a general rule of thumb. you will have those down trees and power wires and so on and so forth. so just take it easy out there and use extra caution. in regard to your rush hour commute let me say traveling on the northbound sigh of 95 approaching 476 we have an accident blocking the right-hand lane and that delay stemming back towards 322. volume from the accident, on top of rush hour volume, so it is just a lot of volume. as we look at i-95 moving through construction zone, dropping down to 28 miles an hour, 17 on the schuylkill, high delays around conshohocken and both directions and traveling on 476 we are seeing delays north bound between, 95 and media and southbound from the schuylkill to media swarthmore. burlington bristol bridge was opened but has been put back down, very we have any either direction, eastbound on the walt we are seeing delays westbound on the ben franklin bridge we are seeing delays and down tree, with jim's
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story smith bridge road is close at route 100. your best alternate in this area is to take thompson's bridge road. again just be extra careful back there now back to the desk, chris and jessica. give your work out a boost without doing any extra work. still ahead here on "eyewitness news" what you need to drink before you go to the gym that will help you burn even more calories. george clooney goes on the attack after tabloid reports about his future mother-in-law, why he is
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this weather was something else to see last night and now we have other storms starting to pop up tonight. >> there is no squall line or line of severe storms. that is why the weather service issued this watch just to be careful in case one of these storms became severe. we have a severe storm that is in maryland that may make tonight to delaware. we will tell you all about that. first lets take you out down the shore where folks are saying storms, what storms? we're at the shore. this is a whole different world down here and it is weather-wise. ocean city cape may county is one of the only places not under a severe thunderstorm watch until 10:00 o'clock tonight. cape may, sussex county delaware excluded from that line of storms or potential for storms, this evening. on storm scan three we are looking at some storms popping up, over places we have seen them before, especially
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yesterday we saw some in the poconos, severe cell moving to the east right new through there, also some thunderstorms through reading berks county and line developing right here, along the chesapeake bay, fueling in some warm, moist air from the water and that is moving up the i-95 corridor. this cell will be taking a look at as well. lets go to the severe thunderstorm warning in effect for poconos very heavy rain associated with this along 209, just to the east of lehigh ton, moving east at 45 miles an hour, some hail associated with this particular storm and very high rain rates. moving east right now at 13 miles an hour, and this part of the cell is and you can see over 14,000 people affect by that. many folks on vacation in the poconos. further to the south, a little different story. we have that other cell that will be looking at later as well. severe thunderstorm warning in effect until 6:00 o'clock for this area of the poconos including stroudsberg, lehigh, bush kill and bangor moving
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toward new jersey and nazareth and easton area and moving out of your region. that is the the good news. we will tip to track these storms, of course, right through the the evening but this picture this eyewitness cam came from last night's storm. we want to thank ryan johnson from manahawkin, look at this cloud to cloud lightening and you can see out shoots of the lightening there as well, and another strike right here that actually looks like it is cloud to ground, great picture because it is very difficult to get that type of the picture with the storm that we had last night. right now temperatures pretty warm in the 80's, 88 in philadelphia. eighty-five allentown. seventy-seven, very rain cooled in the poconos. call is a cold front that finally moves through late tonight but stalls to the south. still could fire up a shower or storm through south jersey and delaware tomorrow. high temperatures in the 80's. high pressure finally builds in for friday another nice day on saturday but all eyes are on this front by sunday, because that will bring another threat of some
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summertime afternoon storms. now for this evening, some pop up storms, some of which could be severe, not everyone will be seeing them. if you hear that thunder bring everyone inside and wait until storms pass. low tonight 72. during the day tomorrow less humid for most of us, isolated afternoon storm is possible, high temperature is 86. heading to the poconos front will be well south tomorrow, looks great for thursday, friday and right into saturday, on the exclusive eyewitness weather three day forecast, thursday chance of a stray storm otherwise 86, friday 86, saturday more humid with sunshine and high of 88. get your weather sent right tour iphone or tablet with the cbs-3 philly weather app available in the app store, it is free and coming soon to
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hundreds of thousands of veterans are fighting the bolt on the home front, they are fighting memory problems. department of defense is giving researchers in philadelphia more than 22 million-dollar to battle that problem. >> they are hoping that money will develop new technology to restore forgotten memories. >> life used to be more difficult for steve debillsky battling parkinson's disease, something as simple as making a sandwich was a struggle until doctors implanted a stimulate or and electrodes in his brain to restore his mobility. >> since getting the the implants i can now move, i can sleep, i can eat, i an exercise, i can open up a newspaper and read it. i could not do any of those things before with comfort. >> reporter: researchers at the university of pennsylvania hope that same technology can help as they try to develop a new implantable device to improve memory. >> basic science has gotten us to the point where there is a chance that we can actually help people. >> mike and his team are studying memory function of
5:26 pm
patient's like steve who already have electrodes implanted throughout the brain to treat conditions like parkinson's and epilepsy. >> video games, memory games, while we record an activity. we will generate very small electrical impulses across potentially multiple electrodes in multiple brain sites that seem to be important for memory. >> reporter: they hoping by zapping certain areas of the brain they will restore memory when patients need a boost. steve is excited about the future of the technology. >> it is amazing how much we don't know about the brain at this point and it is a nation how much how quickly we are starting to fine things out about it the just by devices that are in peoples heads like mine. >> reporter: so true. researchers will now study brain simulation patients at thomas jefferson university hospital and the hospital of the university of pennsylvania. the goal, to provide memory loss treatment for thousands of veterans who suffer dramatic brain injury as well as others with neurological
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disorders. they deserve very best treatment, innovative treatment. still ahead here at 5:30 a mansion on fire, chopper three is live as smoke and flames pour from a home in wayne, delaware county, additional fire crews have been called to help out, it was two alarms at last check you will see active fire fight right now we will bring you latest coming up. also ahead cracking down against campus sex crimes we will have a closer look at how major universities are keeping their students safe. then a man is punched in the face in the middle of the street his assailant takes off. victim is left in critical condition. then new at 6:00 lots of buzz about bee keepers, series of new laws aimed to protect the honey bee industry in new jersey are being taken up in trenton, how that could impac
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i'm chris may, we're back with more on breaking news. lets take a look, fire is tearing through a mansion in wayne, delaware county as we speak. chopper three is over the scene as fire fighters, fire fighters, battled the fire, the the address, the 200 block of wyndham lane in wayne, and you can see the smoke, that is pouring from that structure now, again, chopper three is
5:31 pm
live over the fire fight, and here's what we have learned in just the the past few minutes, investigators tell us they believe that this fire started in the garage of this home as someone worked on a car there. once the fire sparked it spread quickly through the garage, and then to the rest of the home. one person is suffering from minor injuries there and taken to the hospital to be checked out, and again, it is an active fire fight right now in wayne, delaware county. we will stay on top of the breaking news, from there. also tonight clean up continues from storms that rolled through last night take a look at this mess in mt. airy, strong wind brought down trees, that crushed cars, and damaged power lines along mt. airy have avenue. kathy? last night chris, there was a squall line of of severe storms that blew through the region. today we have more pop up variety, a bit have the line forming here lehigh valley, reading, berks county and storms along the chesapeake but they are losing their steam. the main threat with these storms which will be scattered
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will be heavy downpours, some lightening, but potential for damaging wind in excess of 60 miles an hour. hear thunder bring everybody inside and wait until these storms pass. more on them and then we will track storms later in the broadcast. >> kathy, thank you. breaking news right now, philadelphia police are investigating a home invasion. >> victim is 92 years old, this happened in the cobbs creek neighborhood and our elizabeth hur is live on the scene right now, liz. >> reporter: jessica and chris, police say victim may be 92 years old but she put up quite a fight. police say suspect punched her in the face and that is when she tried to bite them, and that is when suspect punched her again, knocking her to the ground. just within the last half an hour police cleared the scene here but we have video of police here at the scene, just after 2:00 they were called to the 6200 block of carpenter street and the two suspects according to police broke in the victim's home, possibly through the back window.
5:33 pm
according to neighbors despite her age 92 years old, once again she's quite active. we are told that she was returning home from an errand when she walked in and interrupted the burglary in progress. >> they just timed it when she was out and they came in and they hit her, you know, to abuse a woman 92 years old or to abuse a woman period, for what? what did they get? they got pennies. >> reporter: police tell us that the suspects got away with jewelry. now initially they did take a suitcase as well as a tv from the home but police just told us that while trying to runaway they dropped that suitcase and tv so once again, two suspects, believed to be in their late teens are on the lose, police say their investigation is continuing and good news here the victim while she did suffer some serious facial injuries, she should be okay, she's right now at the hospital being
5:34 pm
checked out. that is very latest from here live from cobbs creek i'm elizabeth hur, for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". happening right now, show boat workers protest the loss of their jobs. take a live look, at a rally organized by local 54, it represents all of the non-gaming employees of the casino. workers plan to deliver a petition to caesars corporate offices located inside bally's. caesars is shutting down that casino august 31st. philadelphia police need help identifying suspects caught on camera burglarizing a home. there were two men who broke in the home in the 300 block of frankford avenue june 27th. one of the suspects even looks right at the surveillance camera. these two took off with the 50-inch tv, a window air conditioning and some other items from that home. well, an investigation continues tonight, in an overnight stab nothing olney. police say a woman inside of the home in the 200 block of
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albanes street attacked another woman and a man. suspect also suffered a cut on her arm. none of the injuries we're told are life threatening. tensions continue to rise in the middle east, israeli military says that it struck another 200 hamas target in gaza today. militants fired back launching dozens of rockets some deep in the jewish state. cbs news correspondent alfonso van marsh has latest on the escalating violence from tel aviv. >> reporter: israel pounded hundreds more target as cross the gaza strip as offensive aim at curbing rocket attacks continued into the night. army video shows air strikes hitting tunnels and launch sites but hamas the militant group that governs the the gas strip fires more rockets some reaching northern part of the israel. israelis in tel aviv ran for cover as air raid sirens sounded, israel says its iron dome missle system intercepted more than 50 rockets since the operation began. >> you can imagine the
5:36 pm
disaster we would be in now if we didn't have this system. >> reporter: israel says its offensive will continue and expand, tanks, troops are stationed along border with the gaza strip in advance of the possible ground operation. in gaza, hundreds of mourners attended funerals of eight palestinians kill in the strikes. >> israeli government is fully responsible for this detear racial and i'm afraid we have in the seen worse just yet. >> reporter: in the sign that seized fire efforts mate be underway both sides have been talking to egypt a frequent mediator to end the violence. alfonso van marsh for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". on the outskirts of tel aviv this wedding party was cut short by rockets flying overhead, bride, groom and guest all ran for cover. authorities say that rocket was intercepted bias rail's iron dome anti missle system but israeli military says one missle hit, 60 miles from gas, further palestinian militants have ever struck. former nsa contractor edward snowden has applied to
5:37 pm
extend his stay in russia. man who admitted leaking sensitive nsa document was granted one year asylum last jewel when he became stranded in the moscow airport flying from hong kong to cuba u.s. officials want him returned to united states to stand trial honest peonage charges. disturbing video comes to us out of new york city, take a look at this, police are searching for the man here on your left for assault ago this man. he pun ched that man right in the face in the middle of midtown manhattan. victim went down and hit helps head in the pavement. he is hospitalized tonight and in critical condition. good evening, everyone, i'll just give you rule of thumb right now, it is definitely going to be slow. traveling on i-95, schuylkill expressway, vine street expressway anywhere you find rush hour traffic is what we're definitely dealing w as we look the at i-95 we have rush hour traffic on ton of residual volume cause blood think accident on the
5:38 pm
shoulder. north bound i-95 approaching 476, incident with it being on the shoulder has loosened up volume a little bit but still delayed all the waste back towards 322. anyone coming from delaware making your way in to pennsylvania this will be a problem. southbound we have a gaper delay and some rush hour volume between 420 and 320. but take a lot ben franklin bridge it doesn't matter which side west or eastbound you're jammed length on both sides. be mindful of. that as we look at our speed sensors 13 is your average on the schuylkill, 35 on i-95. that is more so traveling southbound, northbound you are heavy between vine and cottman avenue. traveling schuylkill eastbound your worst delay between 202 and blue route. we have yellow sensors on the southbound side of the blue route commuting from mid county down towards media swarthmore and eastbound delays traveling on the pennsylvania turnpike. we also have police activity on the walt whitman bridge eastbound, right at the mid span and it is compromising the lanes so if this is where you are headed be mindful of that as well, chris. still to come on "eyewitness news" flight delays are never fun but one
5:39 pm
pilot made the wait better. we will tell what you did he for an entire plane full of passengers. leslie. well, phillies looking to make it three in a row begins the brewers, and the if the phillies should decide to trade cole hamels we will tell you where he could end upcoming up in sports, hi kathy? leslie, we're tracking more storms on storm scan three severe thunderstorm watch is in effect until 10:00 o'clock tonight, this is not a line of storms, they are scattered, but some of them pack a punch, i'll show you
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all right. don't look now but phillies are trying for their third straight win over the first place brewers, out in milwaukee, roberto hernandez gets ball for phillies tonight and offensive outburst for phillies last night begins the brew crew, chase utley with the two run single during five run second inning that gave fightins the read. dom brown had a good night, he went for three, including a sixth home run of the season and drove in three runs as phillies beat brewers three- two. three weeks until trade deadline and phils more than likely be sellers, ace lefty cole hamels might be their best chip he has a limited trade clause in his contract but would how dodgers angels, padres, rangers, braves,
5:43 pm
nationals, cardinals, red sox and, of course, the yankees. >> oh. >> lebron james got to meet with the pat riley about his contract. lebron wants to improve team so he can stay in south beach. cleveland may get a push to bring lebron back, they will clear up some cap space so they can offer lebron a max
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don't wait for awesome... totino's pizza rolls... ...gets you there in just 60 seconds. ahhh! what is it? there are no marshmallows in this box of lucky charms! huh... weird... seriously? what? they're magically delicious
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the results are disturbing, a new report is out on how colleges handle sexual assault cases on campus. cbs news correspondent danielle nottingham has more on the alarming stats. >> reporter: government statistics are a yot to parents with kids in college. one in five undergraduate women have been victim of a sexual attack or an attempted attack. less than 5 percent of college rape victims reporter that attack to law enforcement. senator claire mccast kill looked into the problem sending surveys to 440 colleges and universities that educate 5 million students around the country. they want to find out how they deal with campus sex assaults. >> it is really important that this survey be a wake up call.
5:47 pm
>> reporter: she says among the most troubling findings more than 40 percent of surveyed schools have not conducted a single investigation in five years. >> if they are saying that they have not had any investigations, that means they are in denial or they are incompetent or they are not taking this problem seriously. >> reporter: survey also revealed that more than 20 percent of schools do not provide sexual assault training for faculty and staff and more than 30 percent do not provide training for students. the survey also found that many schools don't provide enough aftercare for sexual assault victims. here at cal state los angeles officials offer a range of health care services and to make accommodations in the classroom so students can continue their education. >> we want to minimize effects of this horrible experience on the the academic performance. >> reporter: her report does not name any schools, she says getting accurate data was more important than calling out any colleges, or as she puts it,
5:48 pm
playing gotcha. danielle nottingham for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". more heat, humidity and pop up thunderstorms across the delaware valley. on storm an three you can see some new severe thunderstorm in allentown, another strong storm in reading berks county moving east and these storms are along you can see eastern shore of maryland kind of losing their steam. that is the good news. lets zoom into the north and lehigh counties, severe thunderstorm capable of producing quarter sized hail and even winds greater than 60 miles an hour moving toward north east very quickly at 45 miles an hour. this severe storm will be near bethlehem by 5:53, easton by 6:06, mansfield by 6:30 and mount olive heading in to new jersey by 6:42. we have another storm to talk about of course this one that is just to the east of reading, this is moving eastward at 30 miles an hour and at that speed we are going to be seeing a upper hanover
5:49 pm
by 6:15. hilltown by 6:39. this is not a severe cell but packing heavy rain and wind gusting, to about 40 miles an hour. so still, something to keep a watchful eye on. our live neighborhood network takes to us reading where cell just passed through. you can see roads are wet. there is ponding here on the blacktop, temperatures are rain cooled at 75 degrees after highs well in the 80's today and wind are light out of the south east. we have that severe thunderstorm warning in effect once again for allentown white hall, nazareth, moving toward north and east into new jersey until 6:45 this evening. now, severe thunderstorm watch in effect until ten for most of us with the exception of the extreme southern new jersey and cape may counties and southern delaware in sussex county. downpours damaging wind in excess have of 60 miles an hour and this could take down trees and unfortunately additional power lines. not a heat wave today, take a look at these numbers. we made it quite warm into the
5:50 pm
90's for monday and tuesday. today's high 89 and then we are in the 80's. getting more comfortable around here though i don't know if you are disappointed we didn't make it to, 90 but at this point i'm ready for cooler temperatures. right now in philadelphia 88. eighty-five allentown. eighty-seven in millville. you can see where we have rain in poconos and reading berks county where temperatures have cooled down. down the shore in the 80's. down the shore you are thinking what are they talking about storms. it is beautiful down here. eighty-two sea isle. cape may 85. ocean water temperature is at 62 in the wake of arthur churning the water, it will be hard to get back in the 70's with these ocean water temperature. in the wake of the cold front setting off showers and storms it will get quieter thursday with the slight chance of a thunderstorm, and front will stay close, temperatures in the 80's, a better day for friday and saturday, as high pressure dominates our weather and then this front moves in for sunday. that will be the next chance of seeing some afternoon showers and thunderstorms.
5:51 pm
during nighttime hours we will see those pop up storms especially throughout the early evening, low of 72, during date tomorrow pleasant, 86 with an isolated storm possible. on the exclusive eyewitness weather seven day forecast and shore cast better weather friday and saturday, sunday getting steamy and cooler, through the mid week period. we want to remind everyone orr at the shore is live from margate tomorrow with the special guest, we will be live at 5:00 and 6:00 and, of course, visit our friend lucy coming up live at 5:00 and 6:00 tomorrow, stop by in margate if you have a chance, chris? >> can't wait to see lucy, kathy, thanks very much. on the healthwatch tonight, coffee could help you get most out of your work out. it can help burn more calories according to a spanish study, it found that athletes had caffeine before they worked out, burned about 15 percent more calories. coffee has also been linked to other health benefits like increased circulation, and improved memory.
5:52 pm
a bear in the bind and anchovy invasion and a pizza loving pilot, it is all trending, lets check out the first one this bear right here, look at this guy, well, a lumberjack in wisconsin was riding on a piece of we havery machinery when he noticed bear stumbling around with the milk jar on its head. lumber jack used the giant claw to grab that jug and yank it off bear's head and then, the bear as you can see ran away. up next what do you think of anchovies maybe you think of pizza but i bet you have never seen them like this. check that out thinks school of anchovies off the coast of san diego. black band of fish extended for several miles and was an estimated 15 feet deep. a lot of anchovies there. and finally we don't know if this pilot likes anchovies on his pizza but frontier airlines pilot did place a big order with dominoes, enough to feed 160 passengers on his plane. the flight out of wyoming was delayed for hours and those
5:53 pm
passengers were understandably hungry so the captain decided to just order 35 pizzas, and he even used his own credit card. >> i was getting hungry and we're kind of a big family here at frontier. we take care of each other. i figured it was time to take care of my passengers here. i called dominoes and order sod pizza. i'm men that whoever is with me they will in the go hungry. >> i'll be his friend. jet took off shortly after those pizza is a arrived. >> have move over sully, that is new hero captain. still ahead on "eyewitness news" george clooney blast a tabloid for what he calls a dangerous article about his future mother-in-law. >> we will tell you what the tabloid said that has gotten him so upset,
5:54 pm
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george clooney is calling a reese than the article about his upcoming marriage, dangerous. monday's, daily mail claimed that the mother of clooney's fiance is upset about the marriage, for religious reasons. it went on to say that there were jokes about traditions, in the religion that ends in the death of the bride. clooney rarely comments on his private life but he did
5:57 pm
release a statement condemning that story. statement read to exploit religious differences where none exists is at the very least negligent, and more appropriately dangerous. he went on to say we have family members ale of the world and someone would invade that part of the world for soul religion for selling papers should be criminal. daily mail did issue an apology and removed that article from the web site. halle berry has a new home right here on cbs-3 in extant the oscar winner stars an astronaut that is shocked to learn she's pregnant after returning from a solo mission. our ukee washington talk to an actor about working with berry. >> she's just brilliant in what she does and it brings a good and everybody around here. you have to step up, and, it has been really, a pleasure
5:58 pm
working with her. i like to call her, super woman because she will be working like 12 hours and then like guys, can you give me five minutes to go feed the baby. she comes back, like nothing happen, you know, we are continuing along. how do you do this. i'm already wiped out and tired. >> a big mystery lurks about what happened millions of miles, away. you can catch the series premiere tonight at 9:00 right here on cbs-3. that is "eyewitness news" at 5:00. now at 6:00 cleaning up the widespread damage, thousands remain in the dark, after a we will night of weather, and now, the threat have oven more storms, kathy? there is not a line of severe storms moving our way, they will be popping up but still severe thunderstorm watch in effect until 10:00 o'clock tonight. we will track the storm. plus breaking news, fire rages through a main line mansion we will have the latest on that fire fight. and a business of bees, new laws are being proposed to protect bee keepers in the
5:59 pm
garden state. we will tell you what it could mean for consumers. "eyewitness news" at 6:00 starts right right now at 6:00 o'clock, trees down, the lights, out. powerful storms, leave widespread damage, and for some it could be days, before the power, comes back on. in the middle of the clean up we are tracking another storm threat, it comes a little bit later tonight. good evening, i'm chris may. i'm jessica dean. we have live team three coverage at 6:00. we will begin with meteorologist kathy orr and kathy, most of the area is under a watch right now. >> yes, until 10:00 o'clock tonight. you can see on storm scan three they are popping up a line of some storms, moving through lehigh valley and another line from new castle county delaware across chesapeake and down toward washington d.c. moving in the north east. we have a cold front out to
6:00 pm
the west and creating some lift in the atmosphere, not as much as yesterday. we have cloud cover as well that is helping to keep a cap on some of that severe storm development but as we zoom in you can see up to the north through lehigh valley, allentown, severe cell moving through north hampton county on its way to the north east and into new jersey. that is moving at 45 miles an hour. but very heavy rain associated with this and it does have potential for a gust as high as 60 miles an hour. elsewhere we have some thunderstorms that are popping up, this one in reading moving east toward valley, pennsylvania and then also continuing toward the lehigh valley. no, sir as strong as other storms we have seen, today. we will continue to track these. we have that severe thunderstorm warning in effect once again in the 6:45 for nazareth, bangor and heading north east into new jersey. also a severe thunderstorm watch for most of us until 10:00 o'clock tonight. with these scattered storms the main threat will be damaging wind in excess of 60 miles an hour, downpours,


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