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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  July 9, 2014 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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>> from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia, this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> right now at 11:00, a mainline mansion goes up in flames. tonight, what the owner was doing when the big blaze broke out. but first -- >> somebody put their hand up to my face, and i bit his finger. >> victimized and fighting back. the 91 year old who took on her attackers and why she says she feels sorry for them. good evening, i'm chris may. >> i'm jessica dean. >> new tonight, we're hearing that woman's incredible story of bravery. she talked tonight as police search for the men who attacked her. "eyewitness news" reporter elizabeth hur is live at southwest detectives with all the details. liz? >> reporter: chris and jessica, the details are just heartbreaking. the victim is 91 years old. she's coming home from this senior center when she's punched and knocked unconscious.
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but tonight, the victim says yes, she is sore and she is mad, but she is grateful, grateful to be alive. >> ask the lord to keep me for another day. >> reporter: with faith and courage, 91 year old audrey washington fought back. >> somebody put their hand up to my face and i bit his finger. >> reporter: she walked in on a burglary. >> i put the key in the lock and opened the door and someone something went over my head. >> reporter: it happened in broad daylight a home of 50 years. >> they grabbed both my hands. i had rings on. took my rings and i don't know what else happened. >> for what. what did they get. >> if i was here, there would be an ambulance out in front of the house right now. >> neighbors and friends are out raised calling the suspects
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cowards. according to police the two thieves broke in possibly through a back window and when interrupted they ran away. >> these are individuals that community should be very upset with and we need get them off the streets because this could be anyones' mother, grandmother. >> reporter: washington a retired teacher is recovering from scratches and bruises. but she says, don't feel bad for her. but pity her attackers. now wanted for serious offenses after getting away with only her diamond ring. >> ruining their whole lives more so than mine 'cause mine this will heal up and i'll probably get another ring. >> reporter: well as for the suspects, turns out they took off with a suitcase and a tv as well but police say they dropped those items while running away. the suspects description is vague. they're only described as two black males in late teens. anyone with information is asked to call the police. reporting from southwest detectives, i'm elizabeth hur
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cbs-3 it witness news. >> liz, thank you. new tonight, police respon responding to a barricade situation discover a woman tied up and sexually assaulted in germantown. the swat team was called to the 100 block of west queen lane around 6:00 o'clock. and there police arrested a 40 year old man who investigators say threatened to shoot police. >> preliminary information reveals these two did know each other. they did have a romantic relationship in the past. however, we're getting information that the female was trying to end the relationship. and that didn't go well. >> the 27 year old victim is being treated at einstein medical center. >> well now to the mainline and the major damage done to a mansion there today. fire swept through this luxury home in wayne, delaware county, right near the campus of eastern university. investigators believe it all started as the home's own are in was working on a truck. this spec spectacular on wyndham lane went up in spectacular fashion with towering flames and
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billowing smoke signs of a fire that showed no mercy. luca russo saw it began and rushed across the street to help his neighbor. >> he was working on his truck and it blew up while he was working on it. it engulf the garage. and the whole house started smoking. >> reporter: the force call made just before 4:15 drew an army of mainline firefighters. they came from gladwyne, paoli, berwyn, radnor, bryn mawr, newtown square, haverford, lower and upper merion and king of prussia. they attacked the flames from above and below and did all they could to contain it. >> the fire got into the ceiling of the portico and went up into the house itself. and then went both ways into the house and into the garage. >> reporter: in less than two hours, it was over. but the damage was done. the injured homeowner taken to crosier-chester medical center with burns. his home its stone facade charred sustained extensive smoke damage and structural damage to the roof. which collapsed in some spots.
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>> it's such a shame because he built it with his own hands. so to see it go down like that. >> air fighter was overcome by the heat battling that blaze today. he was treated at the scene. now to the damage and the cleanup 24 hours after the sto storm. more than 16,000 homes and businesses across the region are without power right now. that's down dramatically from earlier. in wayne, delaware county, trees some more than 150 feet tall came crashing down. crews continue to fix poles and wires. maintain homeowners face a big cleanup. neighborhoods got hit hard. >> the roof all became essentially bulldozer and pushed through the retaining wall, knocked down the other tree, and left a gaping wound probably sick feet deep. >> making matters worse, officials say some could be without power until friday. still searching for answers. tonight the ambassador from
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liberia met with city official about that deadly fire in southwest philadelphia. four children died in the fire. and the tension is growing over what the community believes is lack of answers. "eyewitness news" outside city hall this afternoon where more than a dozen people gathered to protest. residents say firefighters took too long to respond. but 911 tapes showed they arrived quickly. >> fire commissioner telling me we did a good job. he we did a good job. if you did a good job you would have rescued somebody. >> we're trying to find out what went wrong. we're trying to fine out what can we do as the investigation continues. investigators are working to determine how exactly that fire started and who was there when the fire broke out. >> well tonight an arrest in series of home invasions that left a neighborhood in fear. this is terrell booker. only "eyewitness news" was there as he was taken from his arraignment today. he's charged in a burglary that happened between april and june in upper darby. investigators say that booker stood over women in their beds,
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staring at them as they slept. booker is expected to face additional charges. workers at a atlantic city showboat casino are protesting the loss of their jobs. this is a rally today organized by local 54. it represents all the non-gaming workers at that casino. the workers also delivered a petition to caesars corporate offices located inside of balance's see shares plans to close the showboat august 31st though workers want it sold to someone he will. >> we're working hard, and we think that if we -- if we apply the right pressure caesars will come to the table don the right thing. the show goat will be the second atlantic city casino to close this year. the atlantic club closed its doors in january. >> now to an "eyewitness news" exclusive. a mom in desperate need of a donor for her daughter is now doing battle with her condo association. "eyewitness news" reporter todd quinones shows us what is at the
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heart of a condo crack down in cherry hill. >> reporter: livvy might be considered a bit of a rebel. magnetic sign on her car doors is getting her into some trouble with her condo association. but she doesn't plan on taking them down. >> the rules are there for a reason. but i think that this may be trumps the reason. >> the sign honey b needs a kidney is for her daughter. >> i have some sort of auto immune order and i've had to have two liver transplants within the past 20 years and medication that is i take to keep the liver destroys the kidney. >> reporter: 52 year old is on dialysis and has been on a kidney transplant waiting list for more than two years. the mother and daughter came up with the idea of the magnetic signs to try and find a donor to save honey's life. >> anything i could possibly do, anything. >> reporter: libby was told by her property manager the sign on the car violates long standing
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rule prohibiting advertising on cars parked outside. she faces a possible $50 initial fine from the society hill condo association if she doesn't take the signs down. the property manager turned down our request for an interview. >> technically libby could simply remove the magnet every time she came home but that would defeat the purpose. she says this magnet has already begun to generate some interest among her neighbors. at least one neighbor has put a sign on her car as well. the family already has facebook page and printed out flyers to search for a donor but so far no luck. the sign has given them a little bit more hope, hope they don't plan on letting go of just yet. >> i think it's worthy of a fight. >> where do you find a hero? i don't know. >> reporter: in cherry hill, new jersey, todd quinn nope, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> you can share your thoughts and this story and join the conversation. connect with us on our facebook page or on twitter. new at 11:00 o'clock tonight the vice-president joe biden is back in philadelphia. he addressed the greek orth dock
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congress at its grand banquet in center city. >> all of have you played such a major role in the spiritual and i would argue moral leadership of america and the world. >> the vice-president discussed religious freedom tonight. during the congress this week, hundreds of high-ranking clergy and lay people have discussed the orthodox christian family. well now to texas and a very important hand shake between president obama and the texas governor rick perry tonight. the two political rivals sat down in dallas to discuss a crisis at the border. the flood of illegal immigrants entering the us. of particular concern tonight, tens of thousands of unaccompanied children who have come to the border from central america. >> well a new request tonight for the man who leaked secret documents is he what does edward snowden want now? also on the way the new high tech computers in our cars are certainly convenient.
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but at what cost? the same technology that makes driving easier could also be used to spy on you. see what three on your side has uncovered. kathy? >> a cold front is making its way across the keystone state. drier air on the back side. taking a break from the heat and humidity. i'll have that coming up with the seven day forecast. >> more bad news for justin beiber the stage stuff that has him forking over tens of thus sands of dollars. >> why you may want to grab cup of coffee before your morning work out. a little later on "eyewitness news".
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>> breaking news out of texas now much suspect who police say shot and kill six people tonight has surrender the aft standoff. this all happened in spring, texas that is north of houston. after opening fire at a home there the suspect lead police on a chase that held police at bay. one person is hospitalized tonight. >> former nsa contractor edward snowden has applied to extend his asylum in russia. the man who admitted to leaking sensitive nsa documents was granted one year asylum in
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russia last july. that was back when he was stranded at the moscow airport while flying from hong kong to cuba. us officials want him returned to the united states to stand trial on espionage charges. >> now video of a sucker punch thrown on the streets of new york. tonight police are looking for that man seen here punching another man in the face. the man who was hit went down and struck his head on the pavement. he's now in critical condition. we're told that the punch was thrown during an argument over a dog. >> the pop star justin beiber pleads no contest egging a neighbor's house. he'll spend the neck two years on probation. the incident at his southern california neighbor's mansion back in january will also cost him about $80,000 in restituti restitution. beiber will also have to do five days of community service, stay away from his neighbor, and attend an anger management program. beiber's legal problems are far from over. he also faces a drunk driving charge in miami and an assault
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charge in toronto. well six flags great adventure worker facing charge as cued of secretly video taping women at the ocean county amusement park. jackson township police say that 25 year old leonard basilly, jr., used a computer and a camera to sneak video of women inside of a dressing room at the park. six flags officials notified police last week. he was fired and charged with invasion of privacy. >> there are questions tonight about who is watching you on the roads. we're in the talking about people peering into your windows as they drive by. instead it's about the technology already inside our own vehicles. it may make driving more enjoyable but is it being used to collect personal information about you? three on your side consumer reporter jim donovan investigates. >> reporter: on board computers can make a call. >> connecting. >> reporter: get you directions. some can even make din are in reservations. >> looking for great restaurant. >> reporter: in fact these days your car may be tracking every move you make and in some
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cases every word you say. >> for instance, the ford my think system which is their infotainment system the terms of service reserve the right for ford to record entire calls. >> reporter: electronic privacy expert nate cardoza says according to ford's terms of service it's something drivers consent to simply by using the technology. >> it was totally helpful. >> reporter: when ken need add tow he called nissan help line. >> they know exactly where i was and they sent a tow truck to tow. >> reporter: but if nissan knew where he was, what else does it know. >> the manufacturer of the car probably knows where they are at all times and where they've been. >> reporter: cardoza says auto companies are gathering information every time you use the voice activated systems or computer in your car. >> the manufacturer will retain a record of what they searched for and any text messages they dictated, and could share that information potentially with advertisers or even insurers. >> reporter: almost all of the
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cars have a black box of sorts that records a lot more than that. >> it gathers information on where you're driving, how fast you're driving, how fast you're going around corners, how you're using your brakes, and some cars can actually tell because of the seat belt sensors how many people are in the car. >> reporter: right now this is information that consume mrs. don't have access to. but third parties often do. aside from advertisers it's commonly used by law enforcement in accident investigations. and cardoza says your location and driving data could potentially be subpoenaed for anything from a civil suit to divorce proceedings without your knowledge. >> right now, we have no way of knowing what the manufacturer does with the date to. >> reporter: privacy advocates are calling for limits on what information vehicle which is collect and with whom that information can be shared. and they want to feature that enables drivers to opt out every time they turn on their ignition. reporting for three on your side, i'm jim donovan. >> much calmer night than it was last night, kathy.
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absolutely. >> definitely an improve many. it is. a line of storms last night giving way to damage today now we're just talking about heat and humidity trying to take a little bit of a break as cold front moves through oh night. a few spotty showers and storms still out there but they are few and far between. let's take you outside. down the shore, where it's a little bit hazy tonight in the wake of heavy rain that fell. the boards were cleared. this evening and now there's stelle full folks strolling the boardwalk on the north end of ocean city. a lot of those establishments closed for the evening. on storm scan thee you can see it. a few sprinkles moving offshore of cape may county and the lehigh valley and heading toward the pock notice toward the north and east a few scattered thunderstorms. some with heavy downpours and even hail reported in these cells moving through northampton county in pennsylvania report of hail in town of bath nickel to quart sized hail reported about 1 inch in die mooter and also in moore township in the same county 1.5-inch hail in the
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township there being reported. that was a little bit earlier during the evening period. right now, we're just seeing dry conditions throughout most of the region. 80s still in philadelphia. where it is partly cloudy. allentown rain cooled 71. the same in the poconos down the shore temperatures in the 70s with some heavy rain in cape may county. moving up through wildwood into sea isle. temperatures in the 70s that ocean water item which are slow to recover from hurricane arthur. churning everything up last we week. on the satellite and radar you can see still little bit of a band of showers and some heavier rain moving off the coast of virginia here. could get into extreme southern delaware but for the most part that rain will be ending. cold front swings through tonight by four, 5am somewhat drier air moves in. but the front wants to hang out, stall as little bit to the south and that means there could be a random scattere scattered showem in the late in the day. temperatures will be in the 80s. fair weather high pressure builds in.
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not just for friday but also saturday. that means drier air, more comfortable conditions and believe it or not, worry going to get into a little bit of a cooler pattern during next week. the next chance of showers and storms will come with this front and that would be late on sund sunday. here's a look at the temperature outlook. days eight to 14, so this is after the seven day. where you see the blue, it is below average in temperature. much below throughout the great lakes and the midwest. and you can see along the eastern seaboard through the mid atlantic we're looking at below average temperatures expected and that would be in the lower 80s. roo freshing change. overnight partly cloudy a few thunderstorms especially south and east. the low 72. for your friday, partly sunny, 86. and as we look ahead it's looking good on the seven day forecast friday and saturday a little steamy for the beginning of next week. orr at the shore will be live tomorrow from margate as we get jump start on the weekend. we'll be there live at 5:00 and sick.
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hope you
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>> after taking two from the national league leading brewers in milwaukee can they make it three in a row for the series win? to the first inning no score. chase utley at the plate. takes the pitch down the right field line and over the fence for a second homer in three games. to give the phils the lead. gametoid up in the sixth we have one runner on. j roll at the dish. hits a high fly ball that goes into the bullpen. that's jimmy's ninth homer of the season and the fightings will lead three-one.
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roberto hernandez probably his best outing of the season going eight innings giving up just one run on three hits. in comes the closer, jonathan papelbon. gets his 22nd save the the season the phillies within fou four-one. >> the sixers continue summer league action in orlando taking on the nets. nerlins noel playing back to back games. sixers get the ball pass it up court to kasper wear. knocking down three of his game high 24 points. later nerlins with the offensive board and hits the jump hook. no well with 14 points, nine boards. sixers win into-86 and have three-one record. latest on the lebron james free agency saga. he and his agent met with miam miami's president today in lay vegas. cleveland is ready to offer lebron a max contract and chris bosche will accept a fer year $88 million deal with luce
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houston if james decides to leave miami. he'll talk it it over with his family and in ick a decision. >> at the philadelphia university the best hee school players in the nation playing in the reebok classic. shaquille o'neal and dominic wilkins about boeing a professional ball player. >> ♪ >> semi finalsly. world cup are a jenn 10 in a versus the netherlands. fro kick, the dutch goalkeeper making the save. the match decided on penalty kick. rodriguez scores and argentina wins it four-two. they'll face germany on sunday in the championship match. we'll be right back with mor
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♪ >> you better make time to get that cup of joe before you hit the gym tomorrow. >> that's right. before that workout. they say that coffee could help you get the very most out of your workout because it could hepburn mr. calories. all that according to a spanish study that found athletes who had caffeine before they work out burned about 15% more calories than those who didn't. coffee is also been linked to other health benefits like increased circulation and improved memory so drink up. um-hmm. >> great news for all of us. um-hmm. >> we'll be right back.
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>> thank you for watching "eyewitness news" at 11:00 o'clock. "eyewitness news" returns in the morning at 4:30 with ukee washington and erika von tiehl many for lesley, kathy and everyone here at oy were the news i'm chris may. >> i'm jessica dean. you can always find us at the late show with david letterman is next with guest night us men's soccer team captain clint democracy. have a good night. we'll see you tomorrow. ♪
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