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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  July 10, 2014 7:00am-9:01am EDT

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good morning. it is thursday, july 10, 2014. welcome to "cbs this morning." texas governor rick perry tells us why the immigration crisis could be president obama's katrina moment. new missile attacks pound gaza. families run for cover. in is real the army is admitting to a deadly error. and the childbirth that did not go as planned. all caught on camera. but we begin this morning with today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds. >> he shot multiple persons and is very dangerous. >> a deadly rampage in texas. >> a man shot and killed four
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children and two older family members. >> the only survivor this morning is a 15-year-old who's in critical condition. >> she was able to provide us where other relatives of the family live. we assume he meant to shoot them as well. president obama and governor rick perry aren't far apart when it comes to immigration. >> i'm not interested in photo ops. i'm interested in the people. five children have been killed in an israeli air strike. a search resumes for a swimmer who was swept away. >> this is the third rescue in this area just this week. today is the day lebron james reveals his next career move. it's going to be either south beach or lake erie. >> do you remember the last time you had a full night's sleep? >> i don't. >> the u.s. marine will remain in a mexico jail.
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tama he said he took a wrong turn. >> all that -- >> sends argentina to the world cup finals. >> the world east tallest water slide finally opens today in kansas. >> i was screaming like a 12-year-old girl. >> -- and all that matters -- >> a texas woman goes into labor in the middle of the night. the husband rushing to the hospital speeds up to 95 miles an hour. he strap add gopro on his head. >> do your kids play soccer? >> yes, sir. they're into everything. my daughter wants to be a princess when she gets bigger. >> is that a pition in soccer? >> announcer: this morning's "eye opener" presented by toyota. let's go places. captioning funded by cbs welcome to "cbs this morning." charlie rose is off, so jeff glor is here.
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>> very busy thursday here. >> yes. a lot to cover today, and we're going to begin with this. president obama is in texas pushing for the illegal immigration crisis on the mexican border. >> but he did not convince the state's governor when they met on wednesday. major garrett is in austin, texas. he talked to governor perry who had a message for the president. nay superi major, good morning. >> good morning. they squared off on how to stop the flow of minors coming into texas. president obama went to see the rio grande valley for himself. he told us it's a crisis of the president's own making. he said he doesn't need a photo op. after meeting with local leaders on how to house some of the unaccompanied minors in texas, president obama dismissed calls to visit the border during his fund-raising swing through
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dallas and austin. >> there is nothing that the is taking place down there that i am not intimately aware of and briefed on. this isn't theater. this is a problem. i'm not interested in photo ops. i'm interested in solving a problem. >> reporter: the president also told parents in central america to stop sending children to the united states with the false hope they will be allowed to stay. >> this is an incredibly dangerous situation and it is unlikely that their children will be able to stay. and i've asked parents across central america not to put their children in harm's way in this fashion. >> reporter: texas republican rick perry told us they need to see their president on the border. >> that's what leaders do. that's what presidents do. they show up and see what's going on. so i think it's very important for him.
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>> reporter: perry warned the board err situation could spin out of control and evoke memories of mismanagement after hurricane katrina. >> as i recall, president bush got chastised for not showing up when katrina occurred. the parallel for me is when we know a hurricane is coming, we put things into place so that we can deal with it. i have told this administration and others have told this administration for years that this is exactly what was going to happen. >> reporter: that's a reference to a letter perry sent the president in may of 2012 alerting the administration of 5,200. the number being detained in texas is now 57,000. norah? >> thank you. the flood of immigrants could have lasting political implications.
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cbs political correspondent john dickerson is with us. you heard perry comparing this to a katrina moment. is this true or is it as we say in texas a bunch of bull? it's become something of a political cliche. thing this might be the president's 20th katrina moment. so the question is it a legitimate challenge to his management style, a humanitarian crisis that echos the natural disaster or is this another kind of momentary spike crisis that voters will move on from in a couple of weeks if it's dealt with. >> i guess the question i have is this the president's own making? was this the administration ignoring a problem that has been building over the past couple of years, or is this in part part of a bush era law in 2008 that was part of the human trafficking that's been allowed to occur? >> that's the argument here.
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certainly government perry is on strong ground when he points to his own letter and warnings that have been going on for some number of years about the growing problem at the border. he's on firm ground with that. the question here is what drew this. is this the 2008 law that was mentioned. is it the president's eliminating deportation of children and undocumented workers the executive action that he took. the interesting policy question is there's been a long debate about magnets. what draws people across the border. even governor perry has been attacked at that point when he ran in 2012. did his policies have a magnet effect. that's going to be part of the immigration debate. >> does this make it more likely or less likely right now. >> well, i think probably less likely because the moments to immigration reform have been attacked by democrats saying you just don't like people that are coming across the border. what they now can say is, look,
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even if they had good intentions, there can be unintended complications that can happen. >> thank you very much. in houston a man is charged with killing four children and two dates. he was involved a police standoff that lasted for hours. manuel bojorquez is in spring, texas, a suburb, where the police have released new information. manuel, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. this is the house where the murders happened. a few minutes ago the police island feed him as 33-year-old ron lee haskell. officers believe it stems from a domestic dispute between him and his estranged wife. three hours after the shooting began he surrendered to police. he arrived at the vehicle with
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his arms raised ending the tragic day. the chaotic scene unfolded around 6:00 p.m. when the suspect opened fire at a houston home killing six people. two adults and four children between the ages of 4 and 13. >> this is obviously a domestic situation that went south. a divorce or separation. the wife is currently out of the state. >> reporter: the lone survive called 911 and warned police of the nectar get. >> he's shot multiple persons and is very dangerous. >> reporter: believing he was on his way to the home of more relatives to continue his shooting spree, the police were able to chase him down, downering him at the cul-de-sac at the end of the street. >> we saw the car turn into the cul-de-sac and all the police fled after him. >> reporter: police and s.w.a.t. teams surrounded the neighborhood. for two intent horses they spoke
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with him who at times sat with a gun pointed to his head. he finally turned himself in. >> this ended exactly the way that we're trained to do. we took him into custody. justice will be served. >> reporter: that ends it, an ordeal that has left a community shaken. >> i'm sorry about the family, what he did to them. it is so sad. >> reporter: the 15-year-old girl who warned police about the gunman's next location was last listed in critical condition. police say ron lee haskell will face multiple capital murder charges when he faces a judge later today. norah? >> all right, manuel, thank you. officials are blaming chinese for hacking. it appears to have been workers applying for high-level.
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>> security alarms were triggered at the office of personnel management back in march when hackers breached the database containing private files of tens of thousands of u.s. government workers. as "the new york times" first reported today, investigators believe the break-in was the work of chinese hacker is. as you may know, china has been running a long-term campaign to steal u.s. corporate and government secrets. it seems this time the cyber thieves may have targeted equip which houses sensitive information about government workers who would apply for high security clearances. while the investigation is still ongoing, a u.s. officials tells us there's no evidence so far that any data was actually stolen. this breach comes as the u.s. and china are trading continuously. accusations about cyber espionage. a unit called 61398 on charges that that unit stole sensitive
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data from u.s. businesses. we should point out they have not been arrested and, frankly, there's little chance of prosecution. news is breaking today as secretary john kerry is in beijing for high-level meetings to discuss economic and security issues but wi don't know if cyber attacks is part of those discussions. jeff? >> thank you very much. hamas is showing the impact and so are civilians. more than 70 palestinians including women and children have been killed in this week's fighting? >> some hit the southern town reactor is located but they missed the plant. holly williams is in gaza at the gaza hospital. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. israel says its air strikes hit more than 300 targets here in gaza last night. this morning they're holding funerals for those who have died
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including a family of eight who israel says was killed in error in the deadliest raid since this began. for a third night in a row they bombarded the gaza strip. it lit up the sky throwing panic on the ground. palestinians also kept up their barrage of rockets. >> let's stop. on the floor. >> reporter: we took cover on the side of the road, just 25 miles from gaza, they've been living with rocket attacks for years. but this time the militants' missiles are hitting deeper into the country than ever before. a shocking jolt to israeli's sense of security. so far no israelis have been killed. that's in part of the the country's iron dome anti-defense
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system which intercepted incoming rockets. the palestinians have no protection. this home was flattened by an israeli strike yesterday. a man and two children were rushed to the hospital. a woman and another child are still missing. israel says it's targeting terrorists in gaza, hitting command centers and rocket laupers used by hamas, the militant group that controls the strip. a doctor told us that many of the dead and injured are civilians, some of them children. >> i don't know how to deal. you see -- all of them, the children like this. >> reporter: the israeli military says it's called up 20,000 reservists ahead of this ground invasion. if that happens it would likely
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cost many, many more lives. >> thank you. a photo this morning appears to show former american p.o.w. bowe bergdahl posing with a taliban leader. a think tank thinks it comes from a taliban twitter account. cbs news has not determined whether that photo is genuine. the man was killed two years ago. he was released in may after holding him captive for five years. hundreds are on alert as a wildfire spread. the fire burned 9 square miles since tuesday. wunl family managed to escape a wall of flames near their home wednesday. a woman, her two children and her grandmother climbed over a six-foot deer fence to get away. it happened yesterday in abalone cove. another swimmer was safe from
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dropping. one of essentially rescues this week. crews spent hours wednesday looking for the latest victim, a 19-year-old swept off a rock. >> that's not a safe area. the nba and its fans are waiting anxiously to see where its most prized free agent may decide to play. lebron james may be taking his talent back to cleveland but it's sending shock waves through the state of ohio. dean reynolds is watching the basketball drama unfold. dean, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. well, no public announcement yet but the fans are hoping that he returns to the cavaliers if only to undo the damage from the decision he made four years ago. >> i'm going to take my talent to south beach and join miami beach. >> when the man known as king james left cleveland for the
7:17 am
warm shores of miami it seemed the ultimate betrayal to the cavalier faithful. fans burned james' jerseys and team owner dan gilbert posted a scathing letter online called the decision to move cowardly, narcissistic, and a shocking act of disloyalty. >> that's the absolute worst decision ever. >> reporter: in search of nba championship rings he join ed dwyane wade and chris bosh. then the loss to this year's finals sparked rumors that the big three would dissolve. >> time for another lebron james free agent decision. >> reporter: wednesday's speculation that james might sign with the cavs is just that, speculation. it's enough, though, to get this city buzzing i dorchlt care where he went. i want him to come back to
7:18 am
cleveland very if james doesn't make a return to the rust belt, it could be a fresh round of heartache to those who vel feed him four years ago. >> the reaction was vial, vulgar, there was hatry trid fo lebron. >> reporter: he believes the delicacy of this decision is not lost on james. >> he wouldn't be doing it if he wasn't serious. >> reporter: he isn't convinced he'll make the move yet. >> i think he would find it very satisfying to to go back. >> late last night it wasn't offici official. he only met with the miami heat, his current team. not with the cavaliers or any other team. but fans are buzzings and hoping as they await hi decision. jeff? >> dean reynolds, thank you very
7:19 am
much. this morning the world cup is set. argentina will play germany on wednesday. argentina and the nectar lands scored no goal even after extra time. the south americans won the shoot-out, 4-2. it sparked wild celebrations as you might imagine. it's the first world cup fiems when it l lost to then west germany. >> looking forward to that. it's 7:19. on "cbs this morning" we're going to check
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>> announcer: this national toyota. report sponsored by let's go places. one name, two legacies, and now a lawsuit. ahead, john wayne's family sues duke university over duke.
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it could come over a battle over bourbon. >> you've got duke with a spur on it. you've got a full-length silhouette of john wayne. you've got john wayne's signature. i think it's a very preposterous claim that this is going to create confusion. >> the news is back here on "cbs this morning." stay tuned for your local news. >> announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by hershey's spreads. the possibilities are delicious. '. bring the delicious taste of hershey's chocolate to anything - everything. with new hershey's spreads, the possibilities are delicious. nervous whitening will damage your teeth? introducing new listerine® healthy whitetm. it not only safely whitens teeth, but also restores enamel. lose the nerves, and get a healthier, whiter smile that you'll love. listerine® healthy whitetm. power to your mouthtm!
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gets let you started with the forecast and katie is in the weather center. >> hi, good morning everybody. overall we are expect to go see scattered showers and thunderstorms today but we are starting to see, the departure now of our latest frontal boundary. problem thinks front just does in the want to completely clear out. it is somewhat sluggish in nature, you can definitely see a define back edge to this across the lehigh valley and poconos, skies cleared out nicely but we have been dodge ago few additional showers and storms so far through places like cape may county, kent county, delaware. that is story for to us day. we do get sunshine but we will see shower or storm scattered in nature. we will drop down to 70 as skies start to clear out
7:27 am
overnight but we may still see a lingering shower tomorrow and overall weekend is not terrible but not perfect either by sunday we will track additional storms, vittoria. >> live a few folks trying to dodge a disable vehicle on the schuylkill expressway eastbound approaching montgomery, police are on the scene but heading into downtown will be a slow, slow go but plan ahead for. that we are dealing with the accident in north lane at berk avenue. this one ridge road at washington but expect that slow down on i-95 heading in to downtown as well, ukee. next update 7:55. up next, duking it out inside the legal battle between prestigious university and the hairs of the late movie lege
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the tropical storm pounding japan caused a deadly mud slooed that killed a 12-year-old boy. it also caused a mudslide south of tokyo. over 200 homes are buried. the storm hit as a typhoon on tuesday. some remarkable pictures from japan. >> they got hit very hard. welcome back to "cbs this morning." coming up this half hour, the nickname that could be worth a fortune. ha heirs of john wayne are taking on duke university. garth brooks appears ready to make a major announcement today and it could be the moment that country fans have waited
7:31 am
more than a decade to see. that's ahead. first, though, time to show you this morning's headlines. the "los angeles times" says a new airport security rule will expand its domestic flyers. they started requiring overseas passengers to prove that their electronic devices work and can turn on. it's to check for bombs. that's a big story. 41% of colleges and universities nationwide did not conduct a single investigation in the past five years. democratic senator clair mccase skill released the survey. she said the schools are either in denial or incompetent. the "new york daily news" says you may have to pay more for chicken with a breed of rooster with a fertility problem. it fires up to a quarter of the chickens but it has a genetic
7:32 am
disorder that reduces fertility. those birds have now been replaced with a healthier variety. and politico says lois lerner cautioned co-workers to be careful what they write in e-mails. lerner also asked if the irs internal messaging system could be searched. a 26-year-old woman is in a california jail this morning charged in connection with the mysterious death of a former kboogle executive. investigators say she shot him up with heroin during a rendezvous on his luxury yacht in the santa krucruz harbor and watched callously as he died from an overdose. >> police say alix tichelman worked as a high end prostitute with over 200 clients. they say she had an ongoing relationship with the gentleman and that the injection was
7:33 am
consensual. wearing a red jump suit and handcuffs alix tichelman appeared in court for the first time wednesday. she faces manslaughter and a host of drug and prot tugs charges. according to poli ing ting to p met forrest hayes on his yacht. >> we know she provide him with the heroin, injected him with heroin and she, herself, is on heroin. she had every opportunity to call 911 and get emergency medical services there to help the victim in this case. she chose not to do that. she was soc callous that she literally stepped over the vick times body and finished her glass of wine as the victim was lying dying on her feet.
7:34 am
>> reporter: online she said she's a model. in his obituary hayes was, quote, a loving husband and father. more than anything else he enjoyed spending time with family at home and on his boat. the two met on a website. police say tichelman used the site to further her sex work. last friday tichelman was arrested an an upscale resort. police say they found someone who was willing to pay her $1,000 for her services. >> that accelerated the arrest process in this. >> reporter: tichelman did not enter a plea during her court appearance. bail has been set at $1.5 million. her public defender did not return "cbs this morning's" call for comment. >> elaine, thank you very much. the family of john wayne is in a legal fight with a prominent university.
7:35 am
carter evans looks over the dispute with the name duke. >> reporter: throughout his movie career john wayne was known as the duke, winning hundreds of hard-fought shoot-outs in the old west on screen. now 35 years after his death, his family is duking it out in a legal battle. they filed a federal lawsuit to protect the rights of their trademark against another duke, the ee leak university in north carolina. john wayne's son ethan is in charge of his estate. >> i cannot understand whoo i they're opposing this. >> duke says it could tarnish its name. >> how? >> three weeks ago wayne's family started using the name duke to sell this kentucky bourbon and duke university is worried their name will be tainted. >> you've got duke with a spur on it, full silhouette of john wayne, john wayne's signature.
7:36 am
i think it's a very preposterous claim that this is going to create confusion. dune university declined our interview request. they said while we admire john wayne's contributions we're also protecting the integrity of duke university's trademarks. there are currently more than 250 registered trademarks using the word duke. everything from jazz legend duke ellington to brand name of mayonnaise. so they may be facing an uphill battle. >> they might be overreaching a bit. would the consumer look at a bottle that has john wayne known as the duke and really honestly think that's associated with duke university? >> reporter: ethan wayne went out of his way to make sure there was no confusion between the two duke logos. >> in this instance i think we've been very careful to separate it by color, look,
7:37 am
feel, texture. it's basically john wayne duke, not duke university. >> no blue devil on there. >> no blue devil. >> the wayne estate has asked the judge for an expedited decision but there's no word on when or if the family will be raising a glass in victory. for "cbs this morning," carter evans, los angeles. >> charlie rose, you know, is the ultimate duke alum who sits at the table. it's too bad he's not here. my son went to duke, so i have a duke connection through will. it's hard to say they would get it confused. >> doesn't look anything like duke. >> when i think of duke, i think duke university. we'll see. to be continues. he walked away from touring to put his family first but now garth brooks is ready to make a big announcement in nashville. why the timing might be right for brooks. why they call him the "d" man.
7:38 am
that's coming up next on "cbs this morning."
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did you hear about this? maybe some of you folks were involved in this. there was an airlines and the pilot, lovely gesture for the passengers, he ordered 25 domino's pizzas on the airline. he even sent a slice to the kid in the wheel well. >> we love that pilot. >> we love that pilot. you know who's doing the hula? domi domino's pizza today. everybody's talking about that. that's nice. nashville is abuzz this morning. that's where garth brooks is set to make a big announcement. he walked away from a wildly successful career more than a decade ago but jamie wax looks at what could be the country giant's next chapter. jamie, good morning to you. >> good morning, gayle. a cryptic message on
7:43 am
website. >> for my next number -- >> reporter: garth brooks isn't just a best-selling musician of all time. he's also the third best selling artist ever in the u.s. of any music genre. ♪ there wasn't much he could recall ♪ >> reporter: he sold more than 130 million albums worldwide behind only elvis presley and the beatles. >> give me everything you've got. >> reporter: but beyond his work in the studio brooks might be best known for his energy sold out shows. >> he is really at home on the stage. i think that his recorded music is only half the story. you really have to see garth live. >> reporter: ty komer is an
7:44 am
editor of billboard online. >> he doesn't just sell a lot of records. he sell as lot of tickets. he's known as a wild performer country or erie-wise. >> reporter: garth brooks retired in 2001 citing a desire to spend more time with his family. he's married to trisha yearwood and the couple have been raising three young daughters. but brooks' retirement was anything but quiet. through the years he made numerous guest concert appearances. and in 2009 he performed a series of acoustic shows in las vegas. he also released four compilation albums, the most recent, a boxed set called "blame it all on my roots." brooks never intended on calling it quits forever and has been vocal about his intentions on returning to the stage. he hinted at his imminent return
7:45 am
last year in an interview with "entertainment tonight's" nancy o'dell. >> what's next. you know trisha and myself and sandy, we all raised these three girls. our job is to get the last one in high school on her way and then decide what to do with the rest of my life and i've got tell you. i hope music is in it a country star in her own right, the two are no stranger to sharing the stage. for brooks, a country music icon with a career that's spanned more than three decades it may be the perfect time to launch a comeback. now, garth has been performing a handful of shows since his retirement. five shows, in fact, were scheduled in ireland but were canceled this week after a dispute with the dub lick city council. 400,000 tickets may have to be refunded so the world will have
7:46 am
to wait for the further details on his feature and announcement today. garth plans to personally address his fans from nashville. >> this could be big. >> it could be big. >> does he have a new album? >> that might be part of the new announcement. >> we talked to trisha yearwood last year and she stated they intended to raise the girls. >> what it takes to be gone for ten years an come back and people still want you. >> yeah. >> 13 years and people still want you. i've never met him. i know his music, but he seems like a nice guy. >> thank you. and it's 7:46. time n
7:47 am
one newspaper calls bill hillmann merck's best bull runner but in spain the bulls were ready for bill. his surprise reaction after being gored in pamplona. that's next on "cbs this morning." >> how can you be surprised if you're gored? >> announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by publisher clearinghouse and
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try all-natural steaks from walmart today. they're 100% guaranteed or your money back. two men are recovering this morning after being gored by the same bull during that famous run in spain. chicago native bill hillmann who helped write a book about surviving the bulls of policeman moma is one of those injured. in a phone interview, hillmann said the bull's horn went straight through his leg exiting the other side. >> i could feel the blood running down my leg into my shoes and i felt like, well, this might be it. >> the bull's horn barely missed a major artery. hillmann is expected to be fine. he says he plans to run again next year and he calls being gored, quote, an honor.
7:52 am
>> no disrespect to mr. hillmann but he sounds a little cra-cra, the fact that he wants to even do that again. a husband and wife did racing on their own to the delivery room and he brought his own video camera. oh, my gosh. would she get there in time? thee surprise outcome ahead on "cbs this morning." >> he's rolling on the whole thing? i made this belt with traditional, bold, and peanut butter chocolate chex mix. you guys are cute! i've got trail mix, peanut lovers, chipotle cheddar, dark chocolate, hot n' spicy... turtle, cookies 'n cream, italian herb & parmesan, sour cream 'n onion, and brownie supreme chex mix. and it rotates. 20 flavors, lots of pieces. chex mix pick your mix. now try popped in white cheddar and sweet and salty. this is lady. ♪ she's a unicorn...
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good morgue i'm erika von tiehl. lets get over to katie for forecast and unsettled, right. >> absolutely we will continue to dodge a couple showers and thunderstorms and even this morning already we have seen a few pockets of just that developing over the jersey shore as well as across portions of delaware. you can see that activity over last three hours how it rolled right in. there is again a thunderstorm right outside atlantic city moving out to sea but you'll run into heavy downpours, very localize add cross the garden state parkway for a very brief time. there is more clouds than anything outside lower merion high school, mile start to the day, even cooler further are north and west you travel toward poconos and central pennsylvania but we expect a seasonal 86 in philadelphia
7:57 am
with some sun, clouds and a few showers or storms to dodge as the day progresses, vittoria. >> well, folks are still trying to dodge a disable truck on 476 northbound, the on ramp to 476 northbound from route one, blocking right-hand lane, one lane of traffic, be careful of the intersection just below because it is causing a backup. there are backups all over and usual rush hour delay. sixteen is your average on 95, southbound slow. twelve on the schuylkill. high volume around the area of city avenue and vine street expressway, mass transit looks great. >> next update 8:25. next up on cbs this morning, do nice guy finish last, psychologists linked three
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
it is thursday, july 10th, the day after katy perry's concert. yeah, i said it. still on a high. more ahead including parents' mad dash to the hospital. she was roaring, mom was. first here's a look at today's "eye opener" at 8:00. president obama and texas governor rick perry squared off, urging president obama to go see the situation himself. >> he's calling this a katrina moment. is there some truth to that or is it as we say in texas a bunch of bull. >> it was a domestic case
8:01 am
between he and his wife. >> there was an air strike here in gaza last night. the tropical storm in japan caused a deadly mudslide. >> police say alix tichelman was a high end prostitute. she had an ongoing relationship with the victim and said it was ongoing. >> he may continue his tour, one of the country's biggest stars. the fans are hoping he returns to the cavaliers if only to undo the damage. >> i don't care where he wins. >> a new poll says the people who practice yoga are white feel mails. it also show s it's the only hor of the day they're not talking about yoga.
8:02 am
>> announcer: today's "eye opener" presented by toyota. >> president obama wraps up a two-day trip to texas but governor rick perry is blasting his question. >> "usa today" says less than 2% of the money goes to secure the mexican border. after per yg met the president wednesday he told our major garrett the president must visit the area where thousands of minors from central america are crossing into texas. >> i think if the president would come, americans would -- americans would feel like he really cares about what's going on there. >> do you think he's afraid to go? >> i don't know. the first thing -- the first thing i asked him when i was on "marine one" was i hope you come to the border. he said, hey, listen, my guys have been down there six times. your guys are one thing, but
8:03 am
you're another. >> the prot said after meeting perry, quote, i'm not interested in photo ops. i'm interested in solving the problem. meanwhile the marine who kayed guns over by accident is telling his story in court. customs agents arrested tam recy more than three months ago hchl e appeared in a tijuana court wednesday. he never told them he was carried weapons. after the hearing he's optimistic he'll be cleared. and shelly sterling resumes the stand. donald sterling was stopped from selling the team. he testified he will, quote, never, ever sell the team and plans to sue the nba until he dies. sterling called the nba the worst corporation in america and he screamed at his wife when she approached him when he said, quote, get away from me, you pig.
8:04 am
the judge admonished him for his behavior and that outburst. >> these not good. do good guys really finish last. one of "wall street journal's" most popular articles revealed how people can climb the corporate ladder. he's the assistant professor of organized behavior. welcome to you, professor bane, and your very joir. >> it's possible to get ahead using these but i want to point out these traits usually lead most people to derail in their careers over time but some people can get ahead and in the short term they can get ahead very quickly. >> starting with the nas sichl. let's start with that. >> narcissists, one thing that everybody can take away is they're great at making first impressions and they're really, really good at pitching ideas. they're very enthusiastic about
8:05 am
things as long as they care about them. so say you're in a startup and you want to make a pitch to a venture capitalist. if you have a narcissist on your team, that's probably the person you want to make the pitch but over time they tend to poison their relationships because it's all about them. so if you want someone to maintain the relationship with that investor, you probably want to move to someone else. >> the next trait is manipulation. how is that used in getting ahead. >> manipulators are generally loved. they're enthusiastic about getting things over on people nd they're willing to use a whole platforms. >> they use flattery. >> flattery is one thing. they form coalitions with other people. they're willing to use broader inglaciation tactics. of course, they're not always skilled at doing so but the ones
8:06 am
that are can really move ahead. but people do tend to pick upton map manipulation and they can pick up o than over time and that can be off-putting. >> anti-social. >> we mean that in the opposite of being pro social. not in terms of being i don't like talking to people. these are people who are very, very motivated to fulfill their own goals, their own agendas. they don't really care about other people. it's probably the darkest of the three personality traits we're talking about here, but they're risk takers and impulsive about it. when they want something, they're going to do what they can to achieve it quickly. if the risk pays off, it geesd for them. but it has a down side. >> how can we be helped, professor, by knowing about these types of people and what can we do about it? >> i think on the one hand people can learn from these behavioral strategies. if you have these personality
8:07 am
characteristics, it's sort of what you do as habit. >> what's the dinner party trick you have if you have people at your house? >> people who have these characteristics are the kind of people who are nice to you but rude to the waiter. >> ah. >> they tent to be engrash yating, flattering up the ladder but very domineering, rude, mean down and across. they can be awful to their peers and to their subordinates. >> and probably bad tippers. i wouldn't be surprised. >> thanks. appreciate it. a texas baby isn't even two weeks old but this morning his entry into the world has nearly 60,000 hits on youtube. that's because his dad decided to pull out a gopro camera. michelle miller shows us the wild ride. michelle, good morning. >> good morning. the camera caught it all. it was a mad dash that didn't go quite as planned but this
8:08 am
morning the family is celebrating the outcome. 1:35 a.m. troy dickerson is driving his wife kristen to a houston hospital. she's riding in the front passenger seat and is already in labor. >> you need to talk. >> reporter: troy is trying to keep his wife calm even with an attempt at humor. >> police escort. where's the police when you need them. >> i wasn't panicking at the time. i thought we had plenty of time and there wasn't going to be any issue with us getting to the hospital in time. >> i just told him, said, get me there, one way or the other get me there because i could tell something change and i knew this baby was coming quickly. >> reporter: the couple finally arrive at texas children's hospital. a security guard pulls up a wheelchair, but it's too late. >> his head is coming out. >> he felt the head and quickly
8:09 am
realized the baby was coming whether there were professionals there to help or not. >> reporter: for a few moments the video freezes but the audio continues. >> push, push. >> reporter: and when it picks back up. >> is he oklahomay? >> he's fine. he looks good. he looks good. >> reporter: the baby makes his entry into the world. troy and krit ten finally make it up to the hospital all with the entire adventure to share. >> reporter: all five members of the dicker-san family including now 12-day-old true it and the other two boys tillman and turner are all safe at home. >> his head is coming out. >> we can say dad has the camera on his head because i'm thinking how is he driving and shooting his wife and why isn't she telling him put the camera down. >> the first thing he says is it's all on video. we got it.
8:10 am
>> a birth is a beautiful thing but i can only imagine hi wife wanted to say turn it off, buddy. >> thanks a lot, michelle. >> will you be sharing your birth any time soon? >> i've already had three kids. >> i mean the ones you had. >> no, they weren't video'd. >> you don't want to snap on a gopro? >> no. clint dempsey joins
8:11 am
>> announcer: this morning's "eye opener" at 8:00 sponsored by comfort inn. truly yours. ahead, training your brain to see things differently. >> i'm carter evans at university of california riverside where the players here are batting better than ever. but it has nothing do with the time they spend on the feel. the game-changer is the time they're spending in a science lab. that story is coming up.
8:12 am
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all right. boton outfielder jonny gomes took one for the team. look at this, waiting for a pop fly, boom, right into the face. the ball rolls into foul territory. gomes doesn't give up. he throws the ball in, a tag at home plate. the sox win, 5-4. ouch. >> he still continued to play. >> clint dempsey is here. he broke his nose. >> yeah, he knows a little something about that. jonny might want to check this out. the brain uses 25% of its power for visual perception. in "morning rounds" carter erns shows how a new app is showing how a k college is building a better baseball team through brain science. >> reporter: batting practice seems like a no-brainer for
8:17 am
david andris. every time he swings it connects. the same for joe chavez, but both players struggled last season. >> i had a hard time picking up the spin and changeout. >> pitch recognition. >> pitch recognition, yeah. >> david and joe were among 19 members of a baseball team at university of california riverside taking part in an experiment. the goal, training the brain to see better. the players spent 25 minutes a day four days a week using a new app designed to expand brain power. >> these just look like blurry blobs. >> yeah. and so these blurry blobs. as we go through the screens the wavy lines get closer and closer together so that's actually a measure of visual accutie. >> neuroscientist aaron sykes.
8:18 am
>> it's not making eye work better but the brain work better. >> exactly. >> the braj registers only a fraction of what we see. everything is recorded upside down. that information is compressed down to fit within just 1 million fibers as it travels through the optic nerve. the eyes have this big image, but normally our brain doesn't process everything we see, is that what you're saying? >> so that's actually true. most of the visual field is very fuzzy in that we only have a sense of clarity because we're moving your eyes about all the time. >> the views are getting harder and harder. i don't see what you're clicking on anymore. >> reporter: after two months their vision was improved by 30%. it was made famous in the move "money ball." >> reporter: able to see 90
8:19 am
mifrp pitches in sharper focus, the team scored 42 more runs and five more wins in one season while striking out less. >> just picking up the different spin. you can lay out pitches you would normally swing at. >> if you can just recognize what's coming, it makes the game so much easier. what a difference. >> i'm a bit of an older school guy and i like things traditionally but i think if you don't look at the science part of it when it's staring you right in the face, you're not very bright. >> reporter: officers at the riverside police department are used to old school training, too, but for the first time ever, they're now using the app after seeing the stunning results of the baseball team. give me an idea where this visual acuity would really come in handy in. >> in a couple of places, dark places where you're making a traffic stop. the description of the
8:20 am
individual, maybe license plates. some of our trainer marksmanship, the call is importa important. >> reporter: in the weeks ahead their success will be measured in the lab and on the streets. for "cbs this morning," carter evans, riverside, california. >> very cool. all right. up next, how the world cup finals could pit the two popes against one another. and team usa's clint dempsey is in our toyota green room. he'll look at sunday's finale and the future of pro soccer here at home. that's ahead on "cbs this morning." >> announcer: cbs "morning rounds" sponsored by
8:21 am
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8:24 am
room. look here's here with us, captain clint dempsey. >> hi. >> how do you feel? >> you guys did a great job. looking forward to talking to you. we should point out 2 million people are expected to watch sunday the world cup final. pope francis is from argentina, pope benedict is from germany.
8:25 am
are they going to watch it toge good morning, everyone i'm ukee washington. a developing story this morning philadelphia police are investigating whether two separate shoot initial frankford are related. first happened over on darrah and philmore just after midnight. twenty-one year-old man ran to the hospital for treatment and minutes later police say another man was shot two blocks on frankford avenue in critical condition. there are no suspects in custody. katie has your forecast from the weather center, good morning. >> good morning, everybody. this is another day that does feature additional activity on the radar and comes courtesy of the same frontal boundary. a sluggish little guy and continues to stay just close enough that we are not going to see skies completely clear rather we have just got to deal with additional round,
8:26 am
but localized and locally heavy showers and thunderstorms which which we have seen firing up over portions of delaware and down through area shore points. throughout the day we should expect to see sunshine but will still warm things up here to 86 degrees and dodge a couple of showers and storms but they should not be severe but we could see lightening and we have that with the storms firing up this morning. eventually skies should clear overnight but problem that is front is still close by tomorrow so i cannot rule out a shower by week end we are quieting down on saturday but fresh round make make eighths rifle as early as p.m. hours on sunday. >> good morning, everybody. we are dealing with the disable truck on 476 north bound on ramp from route one, that would be right here, take a look at that volume building trying to get on 476 itself. expect heavy delays the blue route northbound between area of 95 moving beyond route one. we have 20 minute delays for i am bound new jersey transit northeast corridor lines, and
8:27 am
keep in mind we have a down tree, closing spring mill lane at fair view. ethan avenue is your best alternate, ukee. your next update 8:55. from team u.s.a. world cup run to the
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
welcome back to "cbs this morning." coming up in this half hour. will breaking bad be the favorite again at this year's emmy award? it all happens minutes from now when this year's emmy nominations are announced and you will see it here live. that's ahead. right now it's time to show you some of this morning's headlines. our partners at cnet say the streaming service area believes it can still operate despite the supreme court's ruling that it violated copyright law. they use small antenna's to send signals online. they want the same rights as cable companies. >> "usa today" looks at new consumer reports warning against spray-on sunscreen for kids.
8:31 am
the spray john says it could put children at risk for allergy or as ma attacks. consumer reports says parents should wait for the government's findings before using that kind of protection. >> i use it every day. >> yeah. and business insiders say belgian soccer fans uses it. l'oreal noticed and offered her a contract. the soccer team did not do as well. it all comes down for sunday for world cup fans but for more than two week this summer millions were grewed to their tv watching the united states take its best shot. that goal by team usa clint dempsey helped cat tutt america against ghana in the opening round. >> 20, 30 seconds into the game, unreal. clint dempsey became the first
8:32 am
american to score in three world cups. he has 39 goals and 139 caps for the u.s. he's also a forward for the seattle sounders. seattle is an incredible soccer town these days. clint, welcome. >> thank you. i've got you a skafl with seattle sounders on one side and the world cup on the only one. times are tough. >> we'll have to flip for it. >> what did you like about yesterday's final? >> difficult to get past germany but it's exciting to see one of the best players, messi, trying to win a kurp with argentina and being rivals of fwra still, it would be pretty special but i think it's difficult to look past germany. >> we lost to germany by just one point. you watched them just slaughter the brazilian team the other day. what do you think of germany
8:33 am
going into this final round? >> i think they look sharp. they look confident. >> so aggressive. >> exactly. they're just very organized but at the same time trying to not get too confident and still put in a professional performance but that's what they always seem to do. >> what team scared you the most or impressed you the most in brazil? was it germany? >> i think so. we'd have liked to have been more on the front foot but it was a weird game in terms of we needed to win or draw, but if we lost, then we needed in the other game between portugal and ghana that goal differential. so it was kind of a weird approach to game because you're sitting there trying to focus on this game but in the back of your mind you worry about the other one but they were intimidating. >> i want to talk about you, clint dempsey. clint dempsey also raps.
8:34 am
can you do a little freestyle this morning? just a little? go ahead. go ahead, clint. >> you're listening to it right now. >> no, it's not the same thing. come on. >> like you said, there's a cd coming out. >> all right. >> it's going to go toward the charity of the east texas food bank which gives food to underprivileged kids. it's too early. >> okay. we've got so many excited. did it feel different to you when you came back, the reaction that you got from people or did you think, oh, you guys do this every four years and then you disappe disappear. did it feel or look different to you, our enthusiasm about this game? >> i think so. it's great to see that more of mainstream america get involved in the sport, the fact that you're seeing 30,000 people go to soldier field to watch the game. people hosting parties like you were telling me about. it's exciting. the president calling and wishing you luck. it shows that it's on that
8:35 am
radar. it's come a long way from growing up where people are asking. you see sew many have passion for the game and you see it continue to grow. >> russia in 2018. do you see yourself playing? >> ifky still play. you don't want to wait. in two years they'll be in america. >> yes or no, should the cup be held in qatar in 2022? >> i don't know. that's a difficult question to try to answer in terms of what's been going on with some of the people. >> you say you're living the dream. i hope you come back. i hope to cheer you on again. >> congratulations on your whole team. hollywood is up early with the emmy nominations. we'll bring
8:36 am
8:37 am
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8:39 am
we're about to find out which shows the television academy will nominate for the 66th annual academy prime-time awards. he's a tv critic for "new york" magazine. we'll go live as soon as the announcements begin but what should we be looking for now, matt? >> a whole lot of drama including in the drama category. bryan cranston up for his final time in the drama series.
8:40 am
"breaking bad." julianna margulies who won once for "the guide wife" could be up again. and the netflix shows which have changed the game. >> those are game-changers. and "breaking bad." >> yes. every day, every week i hear from somebody. >> you have the last word. we're going to the announcers right now. >> good morning. i'm bruce rosen bloom, chairman and ceo of the television academy. welcome to the 66th prime time emmy awards nominations announcement and welcome to the start of emmy season, the time of year when our academy and our 19,000 members honor the extraordinary creative excellence of this year's television series, movies, and mini series. what is truly telling from this year's list of nominees is the rapidly expanding definition of television. quality television is now platform agnostic. we're watching broadcast
8:41 am
networks, basic cable, premium cable and on doond demand internet surfaces. and we're watching on flat screens in the home, tablets, and mobile de-viless. the great news there is more being produced by our industry than ever before and the global impact and influence of the shows being honored today with emmy nominations has never been greater. our academy is proud to be honoring the best in television. now to get emmy season started it's my pleasure to introduce mindy kaling and carson daley. producer and host of "the voice." mindy, carson, thank you so much for being here this morning. the stage is yours. >> thank you, bruce. good morning, mindy. >> thank you. you look lovely as well.
8:42 am
this is very exciting. >> thank you. let's get right to it. >> that sounds good. our first category is lead actor in a drama series. the nominees are bryan cranston breaking bad, jeff daniels, the newsroom, jon hamm, mad men, woody harrelson, true detective, matthew mcconaughey, true detective, and kevin spacey, house of cards. >> the nominees for lead actress in drama series are lizzie kaplan, masters of sex, claire danes, homeland, michelle dockery, downton abbey, juliana margulies, the good wife, kerry washington, scandal, and robin wright, house of cards. the nominees for lead actor in miniseries or a move o benjamin cumberland. dancing on the edge. adrian salvo, leers.
8:43 am
martin freeman, fargo. mark ruffalo, the normal heart, and billy bob thornton, fargo. >> the nominees for lead actress in a mini series or movie are helen arkz bon am carter, mini driver, return to zero, jessica lange, american here story, sara paulson, and cicely tyson, the trip to and kristen wiig, spoils of babylon. the lead architecturers in a coddy sears are louis c.k., louis. don cheadle house of lives. ricky gervais. matt leblanc, episode. william h. macy, shameless and jim parsons, the big bang thee. >> the nominees for lead actress in a comedy series are lena dunh dunham, girls, edie falco, nurse
8:44 am
jackie. julia louis-dreyfus, veep, melissa mccarthy, mike & molly, amy poehler, parks & recreation and orange is the new black. the nominees if the variety shows are the "colbert report," the daily report with jon stewart, "jimmy kimmel live." real time with bill maher. "saturday night live" and "the tonight show" starring jimmy fallon. >> here are this year's nominees for reality competition program. "the amazing race," "dancing with the stars,"" project runway," sew y"so you think you dance," "top chef," and "the voice." for outstanding mini series the nominees are "american horror story," bonny and collly"
8:45 am
fargo, loser, cher may, and "the white queen." >> the nominees for outstanding television are "killing kennedy," "muhammad ali's greatest fight," the normal heart," sherlock:his last vow," and "the trip to bountiful." >> well, carson, let's complete the emmy nominations by bringing back bruce for final category. >> the nominations in a comedy series category are the big bang theory," "louie," "modern family," "orange is the new black," "silicon valley," and "veep," and the nominations in the drama series category are "breaking bad," "downton abbey," game of thrones,"" house of cards," "mad men," and "true
8:46 am
detective." mindy, carson, thank you for joining us today. we appreciate your help. >> they were so interesting when he said at the beginning, matt, the definition of tv has changechange, and he said, mm-hmm. >> it sounded like a setup. it was a set upto let us know that netflix was going do very well and netflix did do very well. >> he called that correctly. >> that right. the definition of tv has changed. the people who write have to grapple with it every day. with that said there's a lot of traditional pleasures that can be had, particularly in the drama orr comedy act. it was really, really excited to see both of the "true detective" guys getting nominated. that was a gamble on hbo's part because really that's a mini series in the way that "the american horror story" is. >> "fargo" is a mini series.
8:47 am
>> it is. it's a season, not an episode like the "twilight zone" or something like that. there's no reason it should have been put in drama but it did and maybe it will pay off r off. >> and "breaking bad," what do you think? >> i was going to say not a day or week goes by on how much they miss "breaking bad." this was a good way to honor that. >> "modern family" has won four times in a row. do you they'll win or give it to someone else? "modern family" still holds up i would love to see an upset. i'd love to see "orange is the new black." the thing about these awarding the same people tend to win year after year and a lot of times it's a familiarity factor.
8:48 am
>> "game of thrones," now the biggest show ever but you don't think it does necessarily well with the emmys? >> it might. it's a really, really, really dark show and it doesn't have the compensatory measures. >> you think peter dinklage -- >> this is kind of a jim parsons area. he's so belove md and picked up so many awarding, i can't complain. >> can we talk about julianna margulies? >> i absolutely can. she was best picked by "new york" magazine and "the good wife" is coming off its fourth and i think best season. absolutely something magical happening which is great. she did more with less week after week. >> my wife watches it and said the same thing. how was it not nominated? >> i don't know. it is a little shocking.
8:49 am
i think that -- i think a big problem is the field is just so crowded. there's so much television, it's hard to keep up with. a lot of people might be looking at it and saying, oh, my god, how did that not get in? i shout have voted. >> is there a chance the emmys do something like that? >> i suppose so. it's a pretty populated one already. as am zwon, netflix, and other view yous there's going to be more. >> anthony seitz. thank you very much. >> can't wait to watch. coming up
8:50 am
8:51 am
8:52 am
that does it for us. what great show today. >> a lot going on.
8:53 am
>> good stuff. be sure to tune in to the cbs
8:54 am
8:55 am
good morning, i'm erika von tiehl, right now, philadelphia police are searching for a gunman after a drive by shooting in southwest philadelphia it happened on west passyunk avenue. they say they found a number of shell casings at the crime scene. passyunk avenue bridge was shut down during the investigation and has been since reopened. investigators are trying to get a better description of that suspect. let get your forecast with katie fehlinger in the weather center. more showers today. >> more of the same, yeah. scattered variety would i say of showers and storms but we have seen some of that activity already this morning down towards the area shore points for example many, it is minely kent county, ape cape may county getting involved here. it is because of the nearby
8:56 am
and very sluggish frontal boundary. so it is just that variety, of cloud cover, today as well as potential for wet weather around. partly sunny, shower or thunderstorm, especially further inland more toward p.m. time frame but skies should clear overnight. so it is just active out there today but in the a wash out by any means. by friday we could still have a lingering shower around your high of 86. saturday has best shot of the next four days to stay totally dry but even still i cannot rule out a residual sprinkle. high pressure will not win the battle all that easily this time around. torey, over to you. welshing still folks are feeling that battle of rush hour, take a look at the schuylkill expressway east and westbound within your western suburbs. definitely going to feel the the heat for sure. as we will continue to lot our wide, speed sensors are reflecting about 9 miles per hour. traveling on i-95 southbound you are at 11 miles per per hour. that has a lot to do with the construction. between northeast philadelphia and vine expect usual slow downs. traveling on the pennsylvania turnpike delays between mid
8:57 am
county toll plaza and fort washington. both direction there is. northeast corridor commuters 20 minute delays inbound between new york city and trenton. no major problems at the airport, erika. that is "eyewitness news" for now, talk philly is coming up at noon at cbs-3. i'm erika von tiehl, i hope you have a great
8:58 am
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>> she needed brain surgery to save her life. >> she woke up out of the surgery hungry, it never stopped. she was 52 pounds. now she weighs 200. >> did the doctor tell you this could happen? >> the surgery gave me back a new child that we have had to get to know. >> then she took a diet supplements and woke up in a psychiatric hospital after trying to kill her mother. >> there are a lot of things that i don't remember. >> with it says, "no side effects". >> to say it does not exist, sounds like a ploy to get people to read your book. >> the book causing major controversy. >> you believe that adhd, does not exist? >> if a kid is misbehaving, sdhd. >> the adhd, debate. today on the doctors


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