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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  July 10, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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>> and i called, an ambulance and the police. >> reporter: meanwhile two neighboring day cares went in lock down. >> shut the gates to the children and in the middle of the day care. >> reporter: close to 100 kids and 20 teachers were at stepping stones learning academy when gunfire erupted. some were outside in the area for their daily walk. >> teachers were two blocks away, called them just to inform us and let us know. >> reporter: throughout the day police searched for surveillance video. they say evidence suggest that there are two suspects, one at a getaway car but police say it doesn't look like they got away with anything. still this neighborhood is shaken and hoping tonight, that victim makes a full recovery. >> he is really nice. somebody had to watch him or something for a while. >> reporter: and folks at the the pharmacy says that this delivery man stops here daily, usually around the same time. in the meantime police have not yet identify the driver of the delivery truck yet. he was taken to the hospital, in stable condition, so he is recoveringry tonight. police are not saying much about the suspect either.
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if you have any information give police a call. live from north philadelphia, jane carabao for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> thanks very much, jane. we are tracking thunderstorms tonight, flash flood watch is in effect in both south jersey and delaware. "eyewitness news" in atlantic city where heavy rain, led to some ponding on the roads. a driver had to take a slow in some spots. check out this eyewitness cam photo sent to us by morgan levy, in ocean city, you can see, this semi picking up quite a wave, in a flooded street. maryann johnson sent this eyewitness cam photo in showing flooding on wood crest avenue, down in longport. our thanks to them. meteorologist kathy orr is live in margate with the orr at the shore and she has more on storm scan three now, kathy? it is an amazing afternoon, chris. we had a big flash of rain, earlier today, getting ready for round two, right now we have some light rain, that is just about it the but we are socked in down the shore with
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the clouds, and you can see that just a few people on the beach, late this afternoon, the guards still holding out that they go off-duty at 5:30. take a look at storm scan three because we have rain to talk b most of the area, no problem, even some sunshine but head down the shore and it gets very cloudy, very quickly. some heavy rain, falling in central and southern delaware, you can see those flashes of thunder as well, that is moving toward the northeast and of course through south jersey seeing some pockets of light to moderate rain. we have a flash flood warning in effect until 8:00 o'clock tonight for central and southern delaware, slow moving storms, and heavy rain, is the reason y also a flash flood watch is in effect for south jersey, that includes where we are in atlantic county, cape may county, cumberland county, salem counties and entire state of delaware until midnight tonight. this is what we have, slow moving scattered downpours, the potential for two to 4 inches of rain to fall in the short amount of time that would create poor drainage
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flooding and we are keeping an eye on our streams and creeks, throughout the shore, interior parts of the south jersey and the entire state of delaware. back here live we are watching rain, little bit of wind building as well coming up from south, we will track this storm, and show you something special, going on down shore one of the victims is originally from philadelphia she's identified as three three-year old ellen vaughn, she was taken when she was a teenager. her daughter, was with two other children and they also died in the fire. "eyewitness news" talked to the children's grandfather. >> i had my son's... >> in all seven people were killed. the cause of the fire remains under investigation. now to texas, where the man charged with killing six
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people, including four children, turns out to be related to the victims. the the soul survivor of the shooting a 15 year-old girl, says that the shooter is her ex-uncle, and police say that the alleged gunman ron hask el went outside a house dressed as a delivery man. he asked about his estrange wife and shot the family members execution style. >> you see it happening in other parts of the world but you don't see it happen here. when you see it happen here it is closer to home. >> i'm sorry about the family what he did to them. so sad. >> police chased down that man, cornered him in a street and after some negotiations, haskil surrendered. police are investigating back to back shootings in northeast philadelphia the the first happened after midnight near darrah and philmore streets. officers found 15 shell casing from his two guns. >> immediately thereafter they realized and they learned that
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a 22-year old male victim who was shot at this intersection, ran after being shot, to aria frankford hospital. >> while on the scene officers heard multiple gunshots coming from the 4600 block of frankford avenue. they found a 20 year-old male victim shot twice in the groin. he is expect to survive. at least two people are injured after this ten car pile up on i-95. chopper three over the crash earlier today on the northbound lanes near cottman avenue exit. no word yet on what caused that crash. the day care operator charged with leaving five children in her suv is now out of business. karen thompson has voluntarily relinquished her license to operate her day care center in northeast philadelphia. police say thompson left the kid for a half an hour to go shopping in port richmond on july 1st. she's facing child endangerment charges. pennsylvania governor tom corbett is accusing lawmakers of not doing enough to repair the state's finances. to daze he did sign the budget
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but "eyewitness news" reporter matt rivers tells us the governor used his line-item veto to force what he called mutual sacrifice. >> it is time to stop talking around the edges and inact meaningful reform. >> a fired up tom corbett once again said rising pension costs are the big reason behind pennsylvania's $1.6 billion budget deficit. he criticized lawmakers thursday morning for failing to tackle the issue in this years budget. >> when a 163 school district already have been forced to raise property taxes on pennsylvania families to pay for sky rocketing pension costs. >> reporter: pension frustration as side the governor signed the $27 billion budge net to law, although did he veto over 60 million-dollar in funding for the general assembly. the move angered some in his own party when chester county state senator dominic pillegi saying we are disappointed that the governor has not been able to work effectively with the republican majorities in the house and senate. not surprisingly, democrats are also unhappy.
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>> they want to take a problem that exists, and make it a worse problem. >> reporter: democratic state senator vincent hughes voted against the budget as did every other democratic legislature. he said that some level of pension reform is needed but argues there are other ways to make up for $1.6 billion deficit. >> we need a governor who refuses to get revenue from the shale industry to get them to pay their fair share. >> reporter: he said expanding medicare in pennsylvania could save the state 400 million-dollar. the governor has so far refused to do so saying it would cost the state more in the long run. the governor did say owe might call a special legislative session to address pension reform over the summer. for his part democratic candidate for governor tom wolf says this years budget is built on gimmicks and games, although he failed to produce any specific recommendations on his own. we're live from the sat center, matt rivers, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> matt, thank you. it is just a drill but it could save lives.
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emergency crews in new jersey are taking part in the hurricane evacuation exercise today. transportation officials are testing their ability to get residents and tourist out offshore towns within 24 hours. "eyewitness news" in cumberland county, during an evacuation order crews must turn traffic away from the coast. >> having crews go through the whole process as if a hurricane were coming a couple days from now, getting the experience of positioning the materials, barrels, cones, things like that, if we actually had to shut off a road. >> next week officials will evaluate if this drill was a success. well, go pro cameras are not just for extreme sports, in fact, one man used it for, well, an entirely different kind of activity, coming up, see a couple's wild ride to the hospital, and the surprise birth that they captured on camera. and a new warning about spray sun screens, why health experts say parents should not use it on children. and if you drive, rather
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than fly you might save money, but there are some money traps that some summer road trippers need to know about. three on your side's jim donovan will show you how to keep those costs under control
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if he were a lobbyist... if they were political contributors... maybe tom corbett would listen to them, instead of cutting funding for their schools. oil and gas companies gave corbett 1.7 million dollars in political contributions. and he gave them a sweetheart deal on taxes that's costing pennsylvania billions. corbett's mismanagement has caused a huge budget deficit. and his painful education cuts are forcing teacher layoffs and increasing class sizes. now corbett wants to give the oil and gas industry even
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more handouts. and what's he getting from them? corbett's keeping that secret. so pennsylvanians are challenging tom corbett to come clean. release the records of your meetings with donors... that you've been hiding. disclose all the contributions, letters and emails from oil and gas lobbyists who influence you. we've got a right to know who tom corbett's listening to. because it sure isn't us. the memorial day, abe fourth of july, weekends are behind us new but is there still plenty of time for a summer road trip. >> always time for that. with higher gas prices many
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consumers are looking for ways to save, in other areas, maybe, three on your side consumer reporter jim donovan has advice to help you stay on budget. >> reporter: no ticket, no change fees, no security lines, americans love the flexibility of a road trip but extra costs of hitting the highways can really add up. >> obviously they are thinking they are saving money but they splurge and over do it while on the road. >> reporter: tray, of retail me in says one big road trip expense can hit a waste line and bottom line, food. >> getaway from home, and all of those good health habits that you may have been tending to during the winter all go by the way side. it is really important to stick to your diet and how you normally eat, if you can because those are really, wallet busters for everyone out there. >> reporter: plan ahead and choose restaurants lou forward to on a route. for time in between, prepack snacks. another overlooked expense, parking. especially in big cities. research garages ahead of time to find the best deal. same for hotels, a smart phone
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can help, even with unexpect overnight stays. >> don't just stop at a hotel and hope you will get a great deal. do some digging. do it the while as a passenger in the car, do a little research and don't just pop in the next place that you can find because you may tend to over spend there also. the other glaring expense on the the road this summer filling up the tank. apps like road ninja and gas buddy can locate best gas price's long the way. you are always on your phone so you should be able to fine the deals. >> don't you love road trip snacks, those are the best, crackers and cheese. >> we are not a big road trip family we would probably murder each other in the car. an hour of those license plate games and i was over it. >> yes, got to get where you are going. >> thanks for the tips. still to come on "eyewitness news" from the dark horse nominee to the surprising snubs, we have got low down on the emmy nomination this is year, find out if your favorites made the cut. leslie. jonathan papelbon want out
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of philadelphia and phillies going for a four game sweep over milwaukee, details
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it is thursday in the summertime and this summer has meant one thing and that is storms all around the region. >> always. >> kathy orr down the shore in margate but we will start with kate billow here in the studio, kate. >> not the west track record,
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it seems like wednesday into thursday is when we have our most stormy weather and we have had a streak of beautiful weekend, this summer. we will see if that pattern hold as we head towards this weekend. lets look at our live neighborhood network sites. thinks boardwalk plaza in rehoboth beach, delaware. notice it started very wet outside there and as we move through the day big changes, sun came out, boardwalk filled up, people outside on the beach. it is just straight pouring there and just came through on and off throughout the course of the day. now nobody on the boardwalk. you can see how wet it is, nobody on the beach. temperatures only in the 60's and 70's in our shore communities. so rain has really been impacting mainly coastal area and that is all thanks to the stalled frontal boundary, same front that brought issues for us tuesday and wednesday from the city on west, it is hanging out on the coast and not getting that push to get out of here. we do still have heavy rain moving through portions of kent, sussex counties in delaware, cape may county and atlantic county and flash flood watch in effect for those areas. i want to zoom in on where the
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heavier rain is right now, rehoboth beach right through delaware beaches you can see lightening with that as well and red shading indicating where heavier rain is coming down as of 5:04 we are seeing steady rain around long neck as well. lets take you through a loop from earlier today. watch what happened this morning. see storms start to roll role in through shore points. not a big deal one storm is out of here but watch as they continue to form on that same line. 9:30 another one moves over ocean city area and another one moves over that same area. then at noon we will still have heavy rain moving through that region and that is why we saw rainfall estimates especially very localized in northern cape may county around beasley's point inland from ocean city, almost four and a half inches of rain. that is only bull's eye of heavy rain across the region today just because of those training storms. we call them training because like a train, one storm follows the last one. temperatures right now big difference from down the shore where we are rain soaked, temperatures in the lower 70's to the city where it is 86
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with sunshine. 83 degrees in reading. eighty-five in wilmington. humidity dropping in the city and suburbs and tomorrow looks better. we will get that front out of here, upper 80's. still cannot rule out a shower. saturday looks great, upper 80's with high pressure in control. chance of the thunderstorm on sunday and then that moves out as well. tonight a shower or storm around especially south the and east, tomorrow sun and clouds with the stray afternoon shower in the poconos we're talking pretty nice weather as we head in the weekend. best chance for thunderstorm comes sunday. here's you're witness weather three day forecast, we will take a look at that in just a minute but i want to tell you one more thing get that forecast on the go anytime on our brand new cbs-3 weather app available in the app store and coming soon to google play and to android as well. here is that three day forecast again nice and warm through saturday watch for a thunderstorm on sunday. as we just mentioned very
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rainy morning down the the shore, let's check on the conditions now meteorologist kathy orr live in margate for today's orr at the shore, kathy. >> kate, everybody is talking bit earlier today with flash flooding on side streets, close to the bay and shore, right now, just some sprinkles, it is cloudy, not such a great day, not a beach day for sure but things will change. now we have sunshine back at home but down the shore different story. take a look at these temperatures. in philadelphia right now our temperature is sitting at 86 degrees. much different story down the shore. beach haven 75. atlantic city 77. margate 75. cape may 71. row rebeach delaware with heavy rain and thunderstorm activity 69 degrees. it is going to get better, take a look at the weekend forecast partly sunny 79 for your friday, saturday, mostly sunny, 77 and then by sunday a chance of the late day shower or storm high of 80 but i do think we will get in a pool day or a beach day before that
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rain moves n back here live, we are inside of the lucy or on top of lucy under the h howda escaping the rain and i'm join by richard, the executive director, ceo of lucy, great to see you, richard. >> great to have you back here, thank you for being here. >> lucy is celebrating a birthday, big one. >> 133 years young on saturday the 19th. >> what will happen then. >> we have a carnival set up all day beginning at 10:00 a.m. midway set up with six different carnival games and jersey shore food, corn on the could be, hot dogs, philly pretzels, snow cones, cotton candy, soda and birthday cake at 3:00 o'clock. we will be offering tours and we have mackwere stilt walker from atlantic city here all day long as well. >> that is fantastic. we want to know what is new here at lucy or what is something people may not know about. >> we are sitting on top of lucy on her howd.a., which is an indian riding carriage.
5:22 pm
we are offering vip private dining on top of lucy or inside of lucy depending on the size of the party. it is an unbelievably exclusive and beautiful scene unlike any other at the jersey shore. >> even on a rainy day. >> even on a rainy day. >> yes. >> so is what the cuisine? i have something right in front of me that is very special. the it is lucy the elephant orr at the shore menu. take a quick look at that, jersey fresh. it fridays the farm to the table. we have chef jason, right, and he also has his assistant chef there. >> chef terry business jason there and they prepared this menu especially for you all new jersey shore jersey fresh food just for you well, thank you. we will take a look at this jason terry if you could bring a few dishes, this is amazing. then we are going to talk to jason and terry later in the broadcast. if you want this view, you too can share in on this wonderful cuisine. we will talk to them 59:45 and then update the weather
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down the shore coming up later in the broadcast, for now we will send it to the short break and be back with more news right after this.
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it is very hard to believe but phillies are trying for a four game sweep over national league leading brewers in milwaukee. matt garza pulled after pitching seven and two thirds of shut out baseball. phillies took advantage of the will smith. eighth inning phillies down one to nothing, two runners on, jimmy rollins at the plate and sing tolls left driving on ben reveer and caesar hernandez and fightins take the lead. they weren't down. two batters later ryan howard hits a ground rule double
5:26 pm
scoring rollins, and phillies scoring seven times in the inning and beat brewers nine-one. yesterday closer jonathan papelbon, expressed his wish to be traded to the contending team and reuben amaro said he wasn't bothered by the remark. he said every player should want to play for a winning team. sources say sixers have a deal in place for rock totes send jeremy lin to the sixers and first round draft pick. sixers will take on his 16 million-dollar. is what the hold up? guess? lebron james. he has to sign with cleveland, so this can happen. the world wait is chris bosh, houston needs to unload assets to philadelphia. >> exactly. >> keep a close eye on that, lebron watch. >> thanks, leslie. go pro cameras captured extreme sports but one dad to be used it for something different, coming up in the neck half an hour see shocking moment his wife gives birth
5:27 pm
outside the hospital. also, it is an immigration crisis in the lon star state, president obama is pushing for billions in emergency funds but he is facing some skeptical lawmakers. new at 6:00 country superstars are heading to the jersey shore and you can see them for free, officials announced who is coming and when, find out
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corbett's mismanagement has caused a huge budget deficit. and his painful education cuts are forcing teacher layoffs and increasing class sizes. now corbett wants to give the oil and gas industry even more handouts. and what's he getting from them? corbett's keeping that secret. so pennsylvanians are challenging tom corbett to come clean. release the records of your meetings with donors... that you've been hiding. disclose all the contributions, letters and emails from oil and gas lobbyists who influence you. we've got a right to know who tom corbett's listening to. because it sure isn't us.
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here are the top stories for you, philadelphia police are looking for a suspect who shot a pharmacy delivery man today, and this happened in the 2300 block of ridge avenue, in north philadelphia, and, two nearby day cares went into lock down, right after that incident, and the victim suffered a gunshot wound to the hand. well, we have learned that a woman originally from philadelphia is among victims of this apartment fire in lowell, massachusetts. three three-year old ellen bombing, her boyfriend inn three children are among seven people killed. and, at least two people were injured in the ten car pile up on i-95. this happened in the northbound lanes near cottman avenue exit. there is no word yet on what cause that had crash. kate? and chris, heavy storms have been impacting our coastal communities all day long, you can see sussex county, delaware is getting slammed with heavy rain. zoom in on storm scan three and that rain impacting delaware beaches right the now, heavy rain and
5:31 pm
lightening, cape may point seeing it as it moves over bay, precipitation, over two and a half inches per hour in that particular storm. a flash flood warning in effect for kent, northern sussex counties as those storms slowly move south and east. we will have much more coming up, jessica. >> kate, thanks. luring business and hundreds of jobs to camden. a move by new jersey economic development authority could have a new employer setting up shop in the city. "eyewitness news" new jersey reporter cleve bryan is live with the details tonight, cleve. >> reporter: well, we heard about sixers coming to the waterfront but how about a big project in south camden. they are talking about building a manufacturing facility at the port here that is the size of ten football fields in their floor plan. some are calling this a national sized investment but others are skeptical under whelmed about the jobs being created. thursday the new jersey economic development authority approved one of their largest business incentives ever, 260 million-dollar tax credit over
5:32 pm
ten years, for global energy company to build a 600,000 square foot manufacturing facility in camden's port. >> this project is good for camden because it creates manufacturing jobs. >> reporter: whole tech international has a corporate headquarters in evesham township. they build energy products including equipment for transport ing spent nuclear fuel. they want to expand and looking to invest 260 million-dollar while creating 235 full-time new jobs and relocating a 160 more. >> we should get more bang for the buck. >> reporter: bob brian and fellow members of the camden organized for people spoke up at the meeting, voicing concerns about the number and availability of jobs. >> we will have jobs for local residents. there are any requirements for education. >> you think you could have got more jobs with the different type of investment. >> thinks beginning of many beginnings and they don't have the the full scope of is what being created. >> reporter: there are reports that holtech may expand overtime and camden county officials are thrilled about the investment. evesham mayor randy brown says
5:33 pm
holtech informed them in jobs in their town has been lost and they have been a good neighbor. >> they have spent tens of thousands of dollars for childhood safety, around our elementary schools. they have a great partner and look forward to spending more years with them. >> reporter: late this have afternoon holtech released a statement saying we look upon the support of the state of new jersey as a great opportunity to make camden a prominent industrial center in the north east. there is supposed to be a much more detailed and formal announcement next week. we are live from camden, i'm cleve bryan, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> cleve, thanks. well, some developing news right now president obama says that there are more
5:34 pm
patrol agents and assets along the american boarder with mexico then ever before. but texas governor rick perry says it is simply not enough. cbs news correspondent craig boss well reports tonight that administration officials are on the hill selling the president's request for billions in emergency funding. >> reporter: president obama is keeping up pressure on congress to approve his emergency request to deal with a flood of young immigrant at the border, and pass comprehensive reform. >> ronald reagan passed immigration reform, and, you love ronald reagan so let's go ahead and do it. >> reporter: the president looked to enlist support from texas governor rick perry who sent a letter to the white house in 2012, warning about the the problem. >> on capitol hill, home land
5:35 pm
security secretary jay johnson, testified about why the administration needs merely $4 billion. >> given the added transporation costs given the added enforcement cost, customs and board patrol will run out of money by mid-september. >> reporter: about 57,000 children have flooded into the the u.s. from central america, since october, and that is more than double the 26,000 kids who crossed the border in 2013. the administration is likely to face an even tougher sell in the republican controlled house, where the battle lines are already drawn. >> this is a problem of the president's own making. he has been president for five and a half years, when is he go to go take responsibility for something. >> reporter: while the justice department waits for money to hire dozens of new administration judges, those already on the job are now prioritizing the cases of unaccompanied children. on cap 208 hill, craig boswell for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". well, meanwhile violence continues to escalate in the middle east tonight as israel struck at more than 300 target, in gaza overnight. palestinian says that, one strike, killed eight members of the family, and, of course, hamas is not letting up as well, firing more than 100 rockets in israel since midnight. during an emergency meeting the u.n. secretary general urged both sides, to agree to an immediate cease-fire. a new mural honors the memory of two heroes kill in the line of duty. robert neary and fire fighter daniel sweeney died fighting a kensington warehouse fire. cherry greg of our sister station kyw news radio has
5:36 pm
details. >> reporter: smiling faces of lieutenant robert neary and fire fighter daniel sweeney sit on the second story wall on east arizona street. they look northwest at gutted out warehouse where they gave their lives two years ago. >> a rare, unique trait that everyone that calls themselves a fire fighter that must have, is the willingness to put their own life on the line. >> reporter: men's portrait sit one on top of another and include symbols to honor all fallen first responders as pomp and circumstance a reminder of their oath of sacrifice. >> every time i hear a fire engine go by i think of my husband. >> reporter: neary and sweeney family breathed life in the mural. dianne neary says process helps her heel. >> he died doing what he loved in life. >> reporter: mural is just a small tribute, to the monumental sacrifice that heroes, lieutenant robert neary and fire fighter daniel sweeney, made to keep this city safe, and a reminder that this community will never forget. in kensington, cherry greg for
5:37 pm
kyw news radio for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". good evening, everyone. your rush today is going to be a big one, lets talk first about 476, and if you are traveling on the northbound side we literally i would say about 25 minutes ago, just removed an accident, on the northbound side of 476, approaching the schuylkill so thinks beyond that scene so take a look at this delay that starts, right around the area of saint david and continues all the way through to the mid county toll plaza, you can only imagine with that area looks like as well. if you are traveling the pennsylvania turnpike or northeast extension or trying to get there this is the volume that you will be stuck n as we look at ben franklin bridge westbound side doesn't look too awful but eastbound side is delayed from end to end. we have construction blocking the right lane there as we take a look at our wide speed sensors low. seventeen on the schuylkill. lots of red in your western suburbs and downtown philadelphia 17 on 476, again, you have that high volume northbound and southbound, making your way between
5:38 pm
schuylkill and media. then 24 on i-95, high delays, if you are traveling, through the construction zone at cottman avenue and girard in the northbound direction. 4092 freeway southbound at 554 we have an accident and jumping on the 42 from the walt whitman bridge and 295 approaching 42 it is all just not great, chris. >> all right, vittoria, thanks very much. still to come on "eyewitness news", they are among the most talk about tv shows but did they get love from the critics this year. find out if your favorite show is up for an emmy. plus a sun block hazard a warning for parents about the type of sun screen you use on your children, kathy? in weather we have a flash flood watch in effect for south jersey and delaware for heavy rain, the rain and wind is picking up, we're on top of lucy under how to howd.a. to protect it but beaches are empty in margate. the weekend will get better. we will the forecast from the city to the
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on the healthwatch, a warning about spray on sun screens, consumer reports say spray on sun screens could be harmful to children if inhaled. the the f.d.a. is currently investigating the potential risks, consumer reports say parents should wait until government releasing their
5:42 pm
fine goes. new university of pennsylvania study find light to moderate drinking does not do your heart any good. reducing alcohol consumption may i am have prove the help of your heart. results call into question previous studies suggesting one drink a day may promote cardiovascular function. we are used to seeing go pro video cameras capturing excitement of extreme sports but one man in texas captured a different kind of extreme activity, child birth. >> as cbs news reporter michelle miller tells us man recorded surprise birth of his son that came after a wild ride. >> reporter: 1:35 a.m. troy dickerson is driving his wife kristin to a houston hospital. she's riding in the front passenger seat and is already in labor. >> ahh, you need to stop. >> reporter: troy is trying to keep his wife, calm. even with an attempt at humor. >> unaudible. >> i was than the really
5:43 pm
panicking at the time, i thought we had plenty of time and there wasn't going to be any issue, with me getting to the hospital in time. >> i just told him i said get me there one way or the other get me there, because i can tell something change and i knew this baby was coming quickly. >> reporter: the couple finally arrived at texas children's hospital a security guard pulled up a wheelchair but it is too late. >> his head is coming out. >> he felt the head and quickly realized that the baby was coming, right away, whether there were professionals there to help or not. >> reporter: for a few moments video freezes but audio continues. >> push, push. >> reporter: when it picks backup. >> okay. >> fine, he looks good. >> baby makes his dramatic entrance in the world. >> we have it on video. >> reporter: kristin troy and their new child finally make it up the elevator to their
5:44 pm
hospital room all with the entire adventure to share. >> what an adventure it was that was michelle miller reporting. >> i'm stressed. >> yes, she needs a nice vacation and hopefully the baby is sleeping
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sanity a and mrs. claws pulled up in the fire truck outside kimmel center taking part in the philly pops announcement about its annual christmas spectacular concert series. this year the pops will honor military and first responders and offering them free tickets for the first concert of that series. cbs-3 is pops media partner let's get through this summer before we go back to christmas and winter. >> right. >> we do know summer has been a rainy one. got off to a rainy start down the shore today and it hasn't gotten much better so far. >> meteorologist kathy orr is live for orr at the shore. kate billow in the studio tracking a few showers, we will start with kathy. >> this is amazing how different the the weather is. usually down the shore you can have a sunny day and inland it can be raining. today is reverse. most of our hometowns having no issue and sunshine and down the shore heavy rain today and
5:48 pm
even a flash flood watch in effect until midnight, and you can see behind me, clouds, rain, just not a great shore day. we are on top of lucy under the howda a safe place to be when it is raining and beautiful view. lucy is celebrating her 133rd birthday and she's looking better than ever. on the outside looking great, on the inside, looking great, and this was a great place for people to come today, when they were experiencing, all of this heavy rain. you cannot go to the beach, you always can come and visit lucy. we are on top, enjoying a rainy night but something special that is offered here that i'll show you later on. let show you where we are. storm scan three we have showers over margate right new but heavier rain is through southern delaware, across the bay, where the lewis, delaware cape may ferry is, into cape may. very heavy rain, lightening as well, and we have showers even here. not quite as heavy.
5:49 pm
in margate as we zoom in the temperature 75 degrees with moderate rain falling but right new nothing in the way of flooding and no concerns here. earlier today we had our first round of torrential rain, and beasley's point over 4 inches of rain, summers .1.8 three, over an inch in sea isle, egg harbor nearly an inch and cape may not much just about a quarter inch of rain. good news it will get better for your friday, partly sunny, 79 degrees and then by saturday mostly sun which a cool breeze, 77 degrees. now, back here live i'm joined by chef jason tell and we are dining under the howda protected from the rain. jason, this is great, you are offering up to anyone who wants to come and dine underneath lucy's howda, why is this so special. >> we want to give it a unique experience. we want folks to be able to you know, come to the jersey shore and get something that they cannot get in their own backyard.
5:50 pm
>> this is new jersey fresh. tell everybody what you have prepared today because when i walk up the stairs i could not believe it. >> this is all jersey farm stand very jersey fresh, we have got jersey grilled corn, we have got jersey tomatoes and fresh mozerella, we've got your jersey flounder stuffed with crab meat, we have your north atlantic haik with a sauce, spanish rice and new jersey farm stand here your green bean and a tricolored bell pepper medly with roasted garlic. >> all yummy stuff. >> of course, fresh new jersey blueberries to finish it off. >> yes, blueberry pie. >> let's try this here. i will just try a little bit of the fish. this is atlantic city's own fresh what type of fish. >> jersey flounder. >> um, fantastic: well, let's toast to lucy's 133rd next
5:51 pm
week, the snow date is next sunday. cheers, kate to lucy. new back to you in the studio and kate. if you want to come with your husband, i will baby set, it is worth it. >> i'm absolutely taking you up on that thanks very much. what are you doing later tonight? i think you'll be here. we will say thank you. you can find things to do even when it rains down the shore. down for a week you need one rainy day so you don't feel bad about not going to the beach but do all those fun things that maybe you wouldn't want to do when sunnies shining like maybe check out lucy or head to those awesome shops down the shore in cape may, an area getting rain right now. heavier rain is down over sussex county delaware. we are watching these storms in harrisburg, intensifying but it looks like most of these will stay off to the north and west tonight. heavier of the rain just right now moving off the delaware coastline but still heavy rain and frequent lightening there from lewis down towards ocean view. as we get through rest of the evening we will see rain continuing in our coastal area thanks to the stalled front and see how much cooler it is
5:52 pm
in the area that have been getting rain today only in the lower 70's and shore points. eighty-six in philadelphia, it is 83 in reading. eighty-two in willow grove. eighty-five at northeast philadelphia airport. look at difference in dew point. notice how much dryer, dew point dropping to the lower 60's in the city and suburbs. meanwhile we still got steamy dew points in the 70's off to the south. with the dryer air in place even if those storms to the west do make it in they should weaken they don't have a ton of moisture to work w our flash flood watch continues until midnight for south jersey, delaware and portions of eastern maryland an indication that any storm can dumb that very heavy rainfall and lead to the risk for flash flooding. front makes progress tomorrow, notice good start tomorrow morning with the few more showers down the shore. that will try to clear out otherwise just the scattered showers popping up here and there in the afternoon but take a look at saturday no problems starting the daze with unshine and showers and storms off to the west. saturday looks great, right from the morning until nighttime. any outdoor plans weekend will
5:53 pm
start off on a nice note. for tonight look for shower or thunderstorm. mostly cloudy. 69 degrees. showers and storms off to the south and east where that flash flood watch remains in effect. for your friday sunshine and clouds with the stay afternoon shower in spots and you're witness weather seven day forecast and shore cast starts off the weekend nice liz and then sunday a chance for stray thunderstorm in the afternoon. much better chance for storms comes monday and tuesday as a strong cold front moves through the the northeast but that will usher in much cooler weather wednesday and thursday, and it will feel nice some spots may not make it past 70's a little taste of autumn perhaps for a time next week, chris and jessica back to you. still ahead on "eyewitness news" emmy nominations are in. >> find out hoist a step closer to a golden statue
5:54 pm
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
nominees now. >> we now know, actor who will face off in the 66th annual prime time emmy awards. reporter, sue lynn now tells us the competition is fierce for the golden statue. >> reporter: congratulations nominees you are now one step closer to emmy gold. the trend again this year
5:57 pm
cable and streaming shows, take over. in the outstanding drama and lead actor in the drama category, not one nominee came from the network broadcast show. all of the changing face of television touted at beverly hills announcement today. >> what is truly telling from this years list of nominees is the the rapidly expanding definition of television. quality television is now platformed. >> they now know. >> game of thrones set up to potentially win big receiving a whooping 19 nominations, more than any other show. a close second, breaking bad with 16, including best actor in the drama nominee brian cranston. >> i won. >> reporter: for best comedy modern family, dominated this category for four straight years, this years they could make it five. in one of the biggest contests race for lead actress in the drama could be one of the most competitive which includes last years winner claire danes
5:58 pm
for her role in home land. name minute knees will be waiting until august 25th when set myers hosts 66th annual show live n washington, i'm sue lynn. a few emmy snubs have people talking fans have of bbc orson black are shock that the drama actress category. some also say walking dead was overlooked, as well as got wife, and homeland. they are always snubs. >> always. >> in the award season. that is it for "eyewitness news" at 5:00. >> now at 6:00 we are tracking storms down the shore, kathy. >> heavy rain, some wind but some flash flooding continues right through the night, beaches are empty, we are waiting for more heavy rain but we are seeing moderate rain down the shore but it will get better for weekend, i'll have that forecast coming up. also tonight delivery man shot on the job, in north philadelphia, that leads to a will be down at a day care center, we are live with more tonight, on the search for a
5:59 pm
suspect. and as the community tries to make sense of last week even's deadly southwest philadelphia fire a local politician is working to help lay the young victims to rest. governor tom corbett signs path budget but in the before making some changes. we will tell you what it means for philadelphia public schools we will begin at 6:00 o'clock tracking storms, moving through south jersey, this is a live look, at ocean city, new jersey. there is street flooding at 32nd and haven at this hour. storm scan three shows the system as it pushes through, wet weather, leading to a flood watch in south jersey and parts of the delaware. all this after the shore was hit with some drenching rains this morning. well, good evening, i'm chris may. i'm jessica dean. we will go to meteorologist kathy orr in margate tracking storms from the shore, kathy?
6:00 pm
>> we have witness heavy rain earlier today and more heavy rain late this afternoon through our shore points and localized flooding on some of the side streets but one to 3 inches of rain fell through most of the shore points earlier today and more again, you can see behind me the beach is empty. the guards have left for the daze. there is a haze that goes all the way down beach towards ocean city. you cannot even see some of the highest building there lets go to storm scan three and you can see mess of the activity is focused through south jersey and delaware, very heavy rain, some torrential downpours, to the south of cape may, towards cape may point, of course, cross the bay there and, down through sussex county delaware we will still have that flash flood watch in effect, flood advisories in effect for sus connection county delaware and also for parts of the southern kent county. that is until 8:00 o'clock tonight for small streams and creeks and also a flash flood watch in effect until midnight for south injuries i and the entire state of delaware.


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