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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  July 10, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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>> we have witness heavy rain earlier today and more heavy rain late this afternoon through our shore points and localized flooding on some of the side streets but one to 3 inches of rain fell through most of the shore points earlier today and more again, you can see behind me the beach is empty. the guards have left for the daze. there is a haze that goes all the way down beach towards ocean city. you cannot even see some of the highest building there lets go to storm scan three and you can see mess of the activity is focused through south jersey and delaware, very heavy rain, some torrential downpours, to the south of cape may, towards cape may point, of course, cross the bay there and, down through sussex county delaware we will still have that flash flood watch in effect, flood advisories in effect for sus connection county delaware and also for parts of the southern kent county. that is until 8:00 o'clock tonight for small streams and creeks and also a flash flood watch in effect until midnight for south injuries i and the entire state of delaware.
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these are the concerns, these are slow moving storms that have been moving from virginia, maryland, now into delaware and also south jersey. two to 4 inches of rain are possible and a very short amount have of time. that is why they call it flash flooding. poor drainage flooding is possible and we are watching our streams and our creeks throughout the evening especially through south jersey, our shore points and delaware. it will get better for the weekend. coming up later kate and i will have the forecast from the weekend to the city to the shore. for now, back to you. >> kathy, thank you. here was the scene in atlantic city think morning after those heavy rains moved through, the downpours were strong enough to cause some ponding on the roads there. eyewitness cam photos to show you this one from 32nd ape haven in ocean city, the video we showed you earlier, you can see the boats are actually out next to the van, stuck in flood waters there. another one here from ocean city you can see a truck taking chance driving through
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a flooded street. something that is never a good idea. remember, when wick weather hits you can share your photos with us, just use the the hash tag at cbs-3 storms. you can up load photos as well on the new cbs philly weather app, make sure you down load that now, it is available in the i thetunes store. philadelphia police continue their search for suspects who shot an injured a delivery man this happened on ridge avenue in north philadelphia "eyewitness news" reporter jane carabao is live with the latest tonight, jane. >> reporter: jessica, that delivery man is recovering tonight. he was taken the two hospital earlier today with the gunshot wound to his hand, but he was in stable condition. now this attempted robbery happened just behind me here on ridge avenue, at 10:30 in the morning and just outside one day care just down the street from another and all of the chaos sent both into lock down. >> we shut down like we're closed. >> reporter: fast as by owner of the stepping stones
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learning academy, close to 120 children and 20 teachers were here at the day care on ridge avenue when the gun fire erupted. >> we wanted to make sure everybody stays safe. >> reporter: something workers at the pharmacy next door said they never had to consider before. now with police tape and shell casing outside they are thinking twice. >> maybe i might need to hire a security guard. >> reporter: this doctor was inside the pharmacy when the attempted robbery and shooting of his delivery driver unfolded. >> i told the delivery person rushing in and i called the the ambulance and police. >> reporter: he was bleeding, shot the in the finger. police say delivery man was trying to drop off drugs at pharmacy when one suspect pointed a gun but investigators say priest limb nature i evidence suggest there are two suspects, other waiting nearby at a getaway car. >> somebody had to watch him for a while, really nice, so quiet. >> police spent the daze searching for leads interviewing witnesses and least viewing surveillance in the area all while this community regroups after what they say could have turned out
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worse. >> our kids could have got shot. >> we need to be eyes ape ears for each other. >> reporter: now this pharmacy says that the delivery man stopped and usually around this same time. meanwhile police are not releasing much information about the suspects tonight. if you have any information, give police a call. reporting live from north philadelphia, jane carabao for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". well, we have new information tonight in the case of the day care provider police say left five children in a car, earlier this month. department of public welfare officials, tell "eyewitness news" that karen thompson, has now voluntarily given up her certificate of registration. that move means she will not be able to operate a small day care out of her home in philadelphia. police alleged that thompson left those kids for about a half an hour to go shopping in port richmond on july 1st. she's facing charges of child endangerment. a ten car pile up ties up traffic on i-95, chopper three over the scene shortly before
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noon time to take. at least two people were hurt in the crash in the north bound lanes near cottman avenue exit. the cause of that crash remains under investigation. tonight, we have new details in the deadly row house fire in southwest philadelphia. two meetings are getting underway in that neighborhood right now as donations pour in for those affect by the tragedy. "eyewitness news" reporter walt hunter joins is live from gesner street in southwest philadelphia, walt? >> reporter: chris, those two meetings starting right now just a short distance from where the four children died in that fire. first at a local church here primarily liberian leaders. the second across the street at a police station a wider group of community leaders, that meeting aimed at improving communications. both meetings looking for answers and hoping to start healing in this neighborhood. donations from the homes and hearts of the total strangers, just kept building, on the block where early saturday morning, a fire killed four children, and left many others
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homeless. >> me and my family decided to, you know, donate some things that we no longer needed and hopefully i got more stuffy can come back and bring some more. >> reporter: families of the four young victims a special gift, their final resting place, through efforts of the anthony williams and. i will provide a fitting memorial for children. >> reporter: mother of maria and mariallah boawah remain hospitalized with injuries that she, suffered rescuing three of her other children, one of whom was also hurt. >> the mommies still, shaken. she cannot just, she cannot put her head around the whole thing. >> reporter: following a monday night protest about slow response times, city officials produced records showing all units on location in less than five minutes and in response to the demand for an apology by one victim's father, the mayor offered consoling words.
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>> and our prayers and our thoughts are with, you know, the parents who lost children. >> reporter: and late this afternoon only cbs-3 cameras were there as the mayor visited the firehouse to show his support, for the fire fighters. senator williams telling me that he wants a national panel of expert to look at row house fire safety, and in hopes of preventing future fire deaths. >> we have a lot of people in philadelphia who live in those types of homes wondering if this could happen to them. >> reporter: as of now the cause of the fire remains, undetermined and under investigation. the the mayor, making a personal plea to anyone in this neighborhood who has information to please come forward, with anything that they might know. live from southwest philadelphia i'm walt hunter, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> walt, thanks very much. well, a new mural is dedicated to day in memory of the who are owe fire fighters robert neary and daniel sweeney. two were killed fighting a warehouse fire at front and
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york in 2012. the mural sits on the second story wall of the unsung heroes gallery near gutted warehouse. neary, sweeney family helped create that mural. the pennsylvania budget is finally signed but tonight there is still a lot of unfinished business in harrisburg, including additional funding for philadelphia's schools: "eyewitness news" reporter matt rivers tells us the cash strap district made more tough cuts today. >> another year another state budget for 2014/15 it is $27 billion signed into law by governor corbett on thursday morning but there is still a big shall you of funding philadelphia's schools. >> let's understand that pennsylvania in this budget contributes $1.3 billion to the school district of philadelphia. >> reporter: but philadelphia district officials say they are facing tens of millions of dollars in shortages heading in to next year even laying off more than 300 support personnel thursday afternoon. a proposed $2 a pack tax on cigarettes in philadelphia would ease the problem but it
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is currently stalled in the house. the governor has signalled his support for the bill but some kay that is not enough. >> it is lack of of leadership of making phone calls and talking to people and say let's isolate at this issue. let's get this done. lets take this issue off the table. >> reporter: the philadelphia teachers union says even more needs to be done. >> even with passage of the cigarette tax intact, we're still looking at only being able to open schools in the same shape that they were last year. >> reporter: pennsylvania is one of the few states without a ca revenue stream for schools that means each year fund can come from different places, something union officials says needs to change. >> so we don't have to spenditns news". >> matt, thank you. tuition could be going up at penn state. board of trustees committee recommended a $4.6 billion budget for 2014/2015. that budget includes a 3 percent tuition increase for students at the main campus, that is about $482. lesser tuition increases ranging from 1.2 percent to
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2.4 percent are proposed for most of the university branch campuses. transforming philadelphia, next here on "eyewitness news" mayor michael nutter helps break ground on a new project that promises to create not just homes but green space in the city. a little bit of of country down the new jersey shore official announced two big acts will be able to see for free in ac, katie? we are still tracking heavy storms across portions of the shore communities, atlantic county right through sussex county, new jersey heavy rain so what does that mean for the upcoming weekend? we will have your full forecast from the city down to orr at the shore coming up, leslie. well, kate how close are we to having lin sanity here in philadelphia? and did the phillies, really beat the best team in the national league on their home turf in highlights in sports.
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a vacant lot in north philadelphia will be transformed into beautiful homes. today mayor michael nutter took part in the ground breaking ceremony at 16th and master. ten homes, and a park will be built on this site. the the development is part of the cities green 2015 initiative, project that aims to create new public green space in under served areas of
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the city. atlantic city goes country, both blake shelton and lady antbellam will perform free beach concert this summer. >> shelf even will take to the stand july 31st, lady antbellam will follow three days later sunday august 3rd. up to 120,000 people are expect at each concert. >> thinks how we are transitioning the city. we are not abandoning casinos. some may ab abandoning us, i'm sorry about that but gaming is always going to be an important factor here, but what we need to do is transition to the next stage. >> this is important, those concerts are free but you do have to have ticket. well, we have got an eye on more storms and these are down the shore. >> we will get to kate, and kathy orr live from margate, kathy? >> now, just a few short moments ago we were protect by the howda or top cover of lucy the elephant here in margate
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but right now we are out on the beach, it is empty, rain coming down, on that and guards have left for the day and we are talking about moderate rain. when we look at storm scan three we are in the dark are green, perhaps the yellow, it is coming down pretty good at this point. take a look at storm scan three and you can see that precipitation coming down hard through south jersey, and, delaware, and that is going to continue. it is moving off shore. the heavier rain is moving out to sea off of cape may and as we take assume in you can see through region where we are right the now some yellows, some dark greens indicate ago this moderate rain, through margate, sea isle, and even through cape may at this point. take a look at the temperatures. the right now in philadelphia 84. nice afternoon. but down the shore much different story. margate 75. sea isle rain cooled 74. cape may 71. rehoboth beach, delaware a lot of rain earlier today and some torrential downpours, late this have afternoon. the temperature 69. it will get better, i promise,
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friday look for sunshine, return down the shore, get back on the boards. the temperatures 79 degrees. saturday, 77, with a cool breeze, and sunday just a chance of the late day shower or storm but we can get that beach day in and a temperature of 80 degrees, on sunday. so back here live, we are protect by the the little snack shack here at lucy the elephant. look behind me rain continues to come down. pretty heavy now. they usually have a beach here on margate in front of lucy but not tonight as you can imagine, it is canceled. hopefully next thursday, and kate, we will hope that next thursday for orr at the shore we have a little bit of sunshine. last week we had a hurricane this week we have a flash flood watch. we are in the doing so well this summer. >> track record on thursday ace abysmal so far but you know what, next thursday should be really nice. we will take a look at it in the seven day forecast, thanks very much, kathy. stay dry in margate. let look at the city which is
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a complete contrast to the the shore behind me. you can see cam well's field camera looking at over ben franklin bridge. sun shining, beautiful evening in the city of philadelphia, just a complete 180 from the city to the shore today. kind of like a winter storms that just clips the the coast and inland you don't get anything down the shore we get slam but in the form of some rain. lets take a look at storm scan 31 more time and you can see heavier rain as kathy showed us cape may county in sussex county delaware worst is off shore. we are watching these little cells back to the west, a few of them could try to make it in especially lancaster and berks county in the next couple of hours but doesn't look like most of those will go far enough inland to impact philadelphia. flash flood watch until midnight that is for the atlantic cape may, cumberland, salem counties in new jersey. new castle kent and sussex counties in delaware and portions of eastern maryland as well and that goes until midnight tonight. you don't want to drive through any standing or rushing water on the roads. we have had a lot of rain today, it started this morning. take a look, notice how
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localized it was, storms kept moving over this one area northeastern cape may county near beasley's point which is inland over the bridge from ocean city. doppler estimates over 4 inches of rain you can see the in the whole area we did have a measurement there, of 4.49 inches and that measurement may go up through remainder of today as rain continues to fall. much warmer as kathy told us inland, 80's feeling nice in the city, much cooler, cloudy, foggy, wet, down the the shore, lower 70's. a lot of us in the city are jealous of folks down at the beach and shore for the week. not today. better inland then it ace long the coast. tomorrow just a stray afternoon shower or thunderstorm but high pressure gaining a foot hold by saturday mostly sunny, nice, upper 80's, comfortable there sunday still chance for afternoon thunderstorm and highs once ban in the middle upper 80's. shower or storm around, mostly cloudy, down to 69 for a low. tomorrow seasonal, july day, 87 degrees with mixture of
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sunshine and clouds, stray shower here and there, showers down the shore, in the morning but in the city, it is in the afternoon, otherwise, again pretty typical for this time of the year. lets go up to the poconos resort forecast here, beautiful weather for friday, saturday up in the mountains high near 80's, best chance for thunderstorm in the three day comes on sunday. here is you're witness weather seven day forecast, saturday looks good, outdoor plans, looking great, my son's fifth birthday party. i'm excited about that forecast. pulled some strings there sunday 86 degrees. monday we will hit 90 with a shower or storm and tuesday as well but look at wednesday and thursday. as we just talked about with kathy it has been a run of awful thursdays down the shore as far as weather is concern. we have very high hopes for next thursday. now we will check in with traffic. >> it has been a run of awful traffic this rush hour i'll tell thaw. traveling on 202 literally would i say about five minutes ago we just got rid of the disabled vehicle on the southbound side of 202 approaching this area here of 29. still dealing with remnants of rush hour and that residual
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traffic. give yourself some more time in this area and plan accordingly. notice our speed sensors are not great at all, 18 is your average on the schuylkill, 21 on 476 and 11 on i-95. if you are traveling on the northbound side have of i-95 approaching area of i would say, harbison have avenue, bridge, we are still dealing disabled vehicle blocking right lane so just keep that in mind but it is in the process of clearing, we have this accident in delaware county, concord road at pen he will road so give yourself more time, no major problems for mass transit, chris and jessica. "cbs evening news" is just a couple minutes away. >> scott pelley joins us now with a look ahead, scott. >> hi chris and jessica great to be with you here in philadelphia well, as you have reported rockets rained down on israel today as israeli war planes struck hundreds of targets in gaza. we will have reports from the middle east on this furious battle. plus, a major development today for a treatment thought to be a cure for aids in new borns. those stories just ahead on
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if he were a lobbyist... if they were political contributors... maybe tom corbett would listen to them, instead of cutting funding for their schools. oil and gas companies gave corbett 1.7 million dollars in political contributions. and he gave them a sweetheart deal on taxes that's costing pennsylvania billions. corbett's mismanagement has caused a huge budget deficit.
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phillies looking to sweep brewers today and finish their ten game road trip. the brewers the matt garza had a no hitter going until the seventh inning. jimmy rollins breaking it up with the single right here. and then in the eighth phillies down one to nothing. j roll coming through again, he singles to left. that will drive home ben reveer and caesar hernandez. fightins take the the lead and then matt garza not happen bye that. two batters later, we have ryan howard, hitting a ground rule double, off of the foul pole in left. that will score rollins. phillies scored seven times in the inning, off of reliever will smith. then in the ninth, the big piece, crushing this pitch. that is 25 run shot. phillies complete the sweep nine-one the final. >> that happened today we got a great outing from buchanan,
6:25 pm
he gave up one run on four hits and matt garza was just as tough but we were able to do things that when it counted and that was playing baseball in the situations. >> after last night's win, closer jonathan papelbon expressed his wish to be trade todd a contending team. today gm ruben amaro said he wasn't bother or surprised by his remarks, he said every player should want to play for a winning team. trade deadline is in three weeks. sources say that the sixers have a deal in principal, with houston to bring jeremy lin here, sixers would get a first round draft pick in the deal. lynn is in the last year of his contract worth 15 million-dollar but deal may fall through because you if, guess who lebron james, he has to sign with cleveland and then chris bosh would sign a four year, 88 million-dollar deal with the rocket
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thanks for watching "eyewitness news" at 6:00 we are back at ten on our sister station the cw philly and we are back here on cbs-3 at 11:00. "cbs evening news" is next, talk about the immigration debate as it heat up speaker babier with strong words for the president, plus a conversation with the governor of texas rick perry. here new from new york is scott pelley. >> pelley: tonight a furious battle. rockets rain on israel as israeli warplanes strike hundreds of targets in gaza. holly williams has the breaking news am researchers were hoping they had a way to beat the aids virus in newborns, tonight dr. jon lapook reports on a major development. dozens of victims are caught in a fast moving apartment fire. >> the first thing i saw was a little girl dangling from
6:30 pm
the window and she was screaming out help, help. >> the owner of the l.a. clippers erupts in court over the forced sale of his team. ben tracy reports. and 100 years ago george ruth, jr. came to bat in the majors. you know him as babe. jim axelrod met the woman who loved him by another name.


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