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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  July 11, 2014 2:07am-2:38am EDT

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>> right now storms are rolling across the region. they're dumping heavy rain and raising the possibility of even more flooding. good evening, i'm chris may. jessica has the night off. >> these storms formed fast tonight and, yes, they are packing a punch. let's get right over to meteorologist kathy orr.
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kathy, where are they now? chris a couple hours ago we were more concerned about the shore. but right now the focus is to the north and west west of philadelphia through chester counsel even into northern and central parts of montgomery county backing into the lehigh valley in berks county but all this is moving toward the south southeast. you can see some of that heavy rain almost looping around in southern parts of chester county where doppler radar estimates are between two and 3-inches of rain already with more expected on top of that. these storms moving south southeast at 20 miles an hour. they will be in pike creek by 11:13. in wilmington by 11:21. in bear, delaware, by 11:34 and middletown, delaware, by 11:46. very heavy rain some lightning and gusty winds associated with these storms. here's some of the heaviest rain we've been watching right here along route 1 heading down toward upper oxford and london grove and heading toward hokessin delaware and of course newark and also we're looking at wilmington seeing some of this heavy rain as well.
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we do have a flash flood warning in effect for chester county until 12:45 tomorrow morning and that does extend as far east as places like paoli pike and also malvern. we're looking at additional rain tonight with wind gusts an additional half inch in some spots. stream and street flooding is a very good possibility in these storms. chris we'll continue to track the storms and show was to expect as were head closer at the weekend. >> kathy, we'll see you again in a few minutes. flooding fears persist down the shore tonight where flood what watch remains in effect until midnight. heavy rains turned in streets into streams. our executive produce sr. steve catched this i witness cam video from ocean city. some roads had to be closed off because the water simply got too high. again kathy is keeping a close eye on all this. we'll have her latest forecast just a few minutes from now. tonight desperate pleas for help after a delaware mother vanishes from her home. her family fears the worst and
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now they're sharing those fears with "eyewitness news" reporter todd quinn known. >> reporter: eyewitness tells us he spotted the mother of three being forced into her car in the middle of the night and the 33 year old woman has not been seen or heard from since. nefertiri trader's three children and mom are simply devastated. that according to her aunt. >> we miss her. her family misses her. her mother is a basket case. her children are hanging inasmuch as they can. >> reporter: it's been more than a week since trader's name joe robinson heard the sound of a woman screaming at 4:00 in the morning. >> it was loud enough to wake us up. >> reporter: that's when robinson who a few doors down from her home on freedom trail if saddle brook ran out to his window and says he spotted his neighbor in trouble. he told his account to "eyewitness news" shortly after he witnessed what he believes was ab abduction. >> he was dragging her. it was like sean moving or anything. >> reporter: trader vanish july 1st.
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earlier that night, she was seen on surveillance video here at this 7eleven at airport road in route 273. it's believed she headed home from there. thursday night her family once again made plea for help asking anyone who knows what happened to call police. >> we know she went to the store. she came home and whoever was here they was here and she got taken. >> to just disappear that's not her. she wouldn't do that. >> reporter: police were handing out flyers in her neighborhood thursday evening searching for new leads and witnesses. trader was last seen being put into her car a silver 2000 acura rl similar to this one. >> someone knows it's just matter of when they feel comfortable coming forward. and that's really what we need information. we need something to work on. >> her car has delaware license plate the man had was seen putting her in it is only being describe as wearing a black hoodie with tan shorts. reporting from new castle county, delaware, todd quinones, cbs-3 "eyewitness news".
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>> new at 11:00 o'clock night, a three year old boy is in critical condition after he was hit boy a car. the 53 year old driver is under arrest and suspected of driving while impaired. all of this happened tonight in north philadelphia in the 2800 block of north fourth street. family members tell us the child is jimmy rod will he goes and the jimmy is at saint christopher's hospital. the driver did stop at the scene. police tell us he has been charged with dui. >> also, new this evening, police arrest suspect in connection with an alleged sexual assault in philadelphia's spring garden second. the assault was reported around 7:00 o'clock tonight from the 400 block of north 16th street. police were there searching for evidence in the woods near the community college of philadelphia's child care cent center. detectives with special victims are interviewing witnesses. president obama tells israel's prime minister the us is willing to help broker a cease fire with palestinian militants.
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an offer that comes after yet another day of violence in the middle east. cbs reporter alfonso van marsh as the latest now. he's in tel-aviv. >> reporter: palestinian clashed with israeli soldiers in bethlehem. the palestinians through rocks while israeli forces answered with tear gas near rachel's tomb a jewish holy sight. in jerusalem, iron dome missiles intercepted more gaza rockets. residents had felt safe here being so far from gaza. but not any more. >> fear goes into every person this man says. rockets are arriving to an area that is secure. the area of jerusalem. more than 100 rocks were launched in residential areas thursday. but israel has been fighting back. three days of around the clock air strikes on gaza have claimed about 500 targets. israel says it's trying to limit civilian casualties but it hasn't been that successful. a family was killed in this home tuesday.
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>> a hamas spokesman called israeli strikes war crimes and said we call and international community to hold them responsible. israel accuses hamas of launching rockets from civilian areas and using residence as human shields. its operation against hamas will continue until the rocket attacks stop. alfonso van marsh for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> there's new tonight on the daycare pre cidar who police say left five children alone in car. the department of public welfare tells "eyewitness news" that karen thompson voluntarily gave up her certificate of registration today. that means that she won't be able to operate a small daycare out of her northeast philadelphia home. police say that on july 1st, thompson left the kids for half an hour while she went shopping in port richmond. her attorney, though, says this is all a misunderstanding. >> she was merely getting hamburgers to take them swimming and the kids didn't want to leave the car because they were
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watching a video, and so she knew she was just going to be brief and she left the air-conditioning on,. the doors were lock and the kids were in the car seat. there was nothing that could harm them at all, and i just think it was a tremendous over reaction. >> thompson's attorney says he expects the charges will be dropped. new at 11:00 to the city of wilmington moves forward with the plan to eliminate seven firefighter positions, jobs that are currently vacant. the city says the move will save nearly 450 to us season dollars. but firefighters say it will simi result in moreover time and could affect response times if engines are taken out of servi service. >> this is totally in efficient. nobody can he will me that, an engine company closed in one area and another engine having to come from a whole on the neighborhood is going to have the same response time. it's just not practical. >> the city of wilmington right now employees a total of 172 firefighters. well tonight a second man
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has now died after triple shooting in bristol township. 29 year old joshua johnson died last night at a hospital. johnson lived in the home on winter drive where that shooting happened on tuesday. 31 year old tyrone months was also killed. 24 year old duffy remain hospitalized. the investigation in what happened there continues tonig tonight. >> meantime a north philadelphia daycare center went on lock down today after a deliveryman was shot on ridge avenue. it happened this morning. police say that that deliveryman was dropping off drugs at a pharmacy when he was shot in the hand by a gunman. investigators also say that a second suspect was waiting nearby in a get away car. >> i'm still in shock. you don't expect stuff like that to happen. >> he's really nice. he stays to hisself. he's quiet. something had to be watching him or something for while. >> investigators are hoping surveillance video from the area can help them identify the suspects. pennsylvania has a brand new budget tonight.
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governor tom corbett signed a $27 billion spending plan into law in harrisburg today. but he criticized the general assembly for not including pension reform in that budget. the governor blames rising pension costs for the state's $1.6 billion budget deficit. >> when a 163 school districts already have been forced to raise property taxes on pennsylvania families to pay for sky rocketing pension costs -- >> the governor also vetoed $60 million in funding for the general assembly today. a move that angered lawmakers on both sides of the aisle. >> tensions are rising as the immigration crisis grows at the us border with mexico. white house officials spent much of the day on capitol hill trying to sell president obama's request for $4 billion to combat the problem of illegal immigrants. many of those streaming across the border of late have been children. republicans have demanded speedier deportations which the white house is not ruling out
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tonight. in fact democrats say that they are willing to listen to gop proposals. it is an unthinkable tragedy an entire family murdered in their home. tonight, we're learning more about this suspect. >> also, ahead at 11:00 o'clock it's a reminder that came just little too late. we'll tell you why thousands of pennsylvania men born in the 1890s have just received their draft letters. >> kathy? >> wow! still tracking showers and storm on storm scan3 much this is moving slowly to the south southeast but more rain really getting going to the north and west. we'll take look at what this means for tonight, tomorrow and looking at a better forecast for the weekend. that's coming up with the seven day. chris? >> also, kathy, major reversal when it comes to alcohol and health. brand new study done right here in philadelphia. we'll physical you why researchers are having a change of heart when "eyewitness news"
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>> one of the victims who died in this huge predawn fire just outside of boston is originally from philadelphia. she is 33 year old ellen, this picture was tan when she was teenager. her daughter along with two other children died in that fire in all seven people were killed. >> obviously, a horrible day in the city of lowell. i cannot recall in recent times responding to fire with this many fatalities. >> the cause of that fire is under investigation. but authorities fear fireworks may be to blame. >> well tonight police in new york city say they've arrested the man who was caught on tape sucker punching another man in the face. that man suffered a serious head injury. cory pohn was arrested in very odd place. police say that he climbed a top a toll plaza on the new jersey turnpike. >> in houston text tuck tonight suspect is in custody in the excuse style murders of six
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members of the same family. and four of the victims are children. police say that ronald haskill went on that shooting rampage in harris county last night. only a 15 year old family member survive. authorities say that haskill went to the home belonging to his he is trailed wife's family disguised as a deliveryman. >> he was wearing a pull over fed ex looking shirt. the purple colors and stuff of the fed ex. >> you don see it happen who are. >> fed he can says that haskill was employed there as contractor but he's not worked with the company since january. well, a mississippi baby once thought to be cured of hiv is now showing signs of the virus. the toddler showed no signs of hiv for more than two years after she was treated with three anti viral drug. but now doctors say that they have found detectable levels of thvirus in that four yeared and they don't know. >> for reasons that are still up
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cleaver one day the virus just rebounded back so the baby was put back on therapy and now the virus is starting to go back down again as you would expect when you put someone back on anti retro viral therapy. >> researchers were in the process of developing a clinical trials using information specifically gathered from this case. there's no word on if that will be used now. a new study from the university of pennsylvania seems to contradict what we have long been told by light drinking and heart health. these researchers now say that just one drink day could be enough to increase the risk of heart disease. they found that people who drink less over time have better cardiovascular health. those individuals also had lower blood pressure and lower body mass index. >> pennsylvania has been a bit of mailing mistake on its hands and this one dates back money a century. the selective service system which keeps a roster of men who can be enlisted in the military accidentally sent out letters to
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14,000 men. the problem is, they were born 21893 and 1897. it turns out the dmv in pennsylvania mixed up the names of young men born in 19 the 1990's with those born in the 1890s. more jobs are on the way for camden, new jersey. the new jersey economic development authority today approved a $260 million tack credit spread out over didn't years. holtec international an energy company that's head quartered in evesham is the beneficiary. it will build a 600,000 square foot manufacturing facility right here at the port of camden. evesham's mayor says that no jobs will be lost in evesham as a result of the camden expansion. >> okay. kathy joins us now on what has been another very active weather night. we seem to have lot of these lately. yes. they used to be few and far between, but not any more. >> not any more. this morning the big issue was the shore. this evening, the big issue is
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definitely our suburbs. earlier today, we were down the shore for some heavy rain was falling, of course, we were down visiting lucy elephant. something that is really exclusive and unusual that's going on this summer. you can dine inside lucy under the hood today right there. very exciting that's what we were doing this evening and the rain came in. fast and furious. good news is the rain is over for our shore points. let's take look at storm scan3, because it's not going to be over everywhere else. down the looking good on the boards. everybody came become out in ocean city, cape may county after flooding, big time on area streets this morning with inches of rain. now, our focus turns to you are northern and western suburbs and this is just expanding. it started off as a bit of a line to the we have. then moving down toward delaware and southern parts of chester county, and now we're seeing this area grow somewhat and this piece kind of curling tore the north and east through places like montgomery county and heading toward bucks county as
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well. as we take zoom in the heaviest rain is just about to make it into places like wilmington, delaware. it is moving south southeast at about 20 miles an hour. it will be christiana about 11:27. wilmington by 11:30. it slowed down a little bit and 11:49 in pennsville. it will be in salem boy 12:07. we do see some of this heavy rain in hokessin root now and this is this larger area that is expanded through pottstown, skippack and that will continue toward the north and east. even expanding southward toward norristown. the heavy rain right now the most intense rain with rain rates about one to 2-inches an hour right now in hokessin, delaware, newark, along 95 elkton maryland and it's moving this way. so there's pennsville, there's wilmington on the outer edge and red lion seeing very heavy rain coming soon. this is the same batch of rain that impacted chester county and that's why a flash flood warning in effect until tomorrow morning the 12:45 for the end tour county some of the heaviest rain
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fell in downington and exton. good news you won't be seeing as intense rain but additional showers will be over you during the overnight period. >> so something to continue to be watchful of those streams and creeks and street flooding could be a possibility. right now in philadelphia, 75. 71 in allentown. down the shore some very cool temperatures. as we had rainy day. on storm scan storm scan3, we se these showers and storms to contend with overnight slowly moving offshore and dissipating after midnight. it will take little time. by friday high pressure builds in. still a chance of a stray shower or storm as our cold front will continue to move offshore. saturday looks better. sunday here comes another front diving from the northwest. more like a winter pattern than a summer pattern. high temperature sunday will be in the 80s during the overnight, look for that rain especially to the north and west. the low 69. during the day on friday the high 87. with a stray afternoon shower or storm and on the exclusive "eyewitness weather" seven day forecast and shore cast you can see better weather moving in for
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saturday. but then turning stormy and steamy next week. a little bit better during the midweek period. we want to remind you can track the weather any time especially those storms if you're down the shore or in the mountains. check live radar get severe weather alerts download the new cbs philly weather app now available for all apple products. the android version is coming soon. we'll be back with sports with lesley rig
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>> the phillies are back home tonight after sweeping a four game series against the brewers for the first time ever in milwaukee. david buchanan got the start for the fightings. carlos gomez with the solo home her right here that is the only run buchanan allowed. his counterpart matt gars is a had a no hitter going into the seventh. jimmy rollins broke up the no-no with single left the game with two outs in the eighth and phillies capitalize. j roll once again this time with a single that will score ben revere and cesar hernandez and
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fightings take the lead. two batters late we have ryan howard who hits a ground rule double off the foul ball at left that will score rolen. phillies scoring seven time in the inning afire lever will smith and ryan howard not done yet. check him out in the ninth. big piece crushes this pitch. that's a two run shot. 15th of the season. and the phillies will finish that road trip at five-five with a nine-one victory. >> we had a meeting in the cage just the hitters with the hitting coaches and just get back to, you know, like i said playing the game win the game. you know, baseball is tough enough, and if you're going out there worried about winning every single day you stop playing the game because you're so focused on wiping. if you play the game you find yourself in good positions and that happened today. >> buchanan was sent down to lehigh valley and the phillies will bring up out feeder grady size more they moved cliff lee
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to the 60 day dl that will abu can nan to keep pitching throughout the all star break. sixers have deal with houston to bring jeremy lynn with a first round pick. lynn is in the last year of his contract forth 15 million but the deal could fall through because of who else lebron james he has to sign with cleveland and then chris bosche would sign a four-year, $88 million deal with the rocks. >> the flyers started a six day development mental camp in voorhees. a chance for the team to look at your prospects they're three draft topics. nfl network released the top 10 player in the entire league voted by the players. shady mccoy ranked fifth last season he led the league in rushing in yards and scrimmage. we'll be right back with more news
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>> the the nominations are now out for the 66th prime time emmy awards and the blood thirsty saga game of thrones leads the way. the hbo series merged with -- emerged with 19 bids including best drama. other nominees and conclude fargo and american horror story. a number of cbs shows getting recognition this year the big bang hero once again for best comedy series. the show stars jim parsons received another nod for best actor in a comedy. the good wife is also in the running for best drama series and star julianne in a marguiles up for best actress in a drama. we
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>> thank you for watching "eyewitness news" at 11:00 o'clock. we're back in the morning at 4:30 with ukee washington and erika von tiehl. for lesley, kathy and everyone her at it witness news, i'm chris may. we're signing off for now but we're always on at cbsphilly.c dave is next with michael douglas. have a good night. we'll see you back here again tomorrow. ♪gxañw?
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