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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  July 11, 2014 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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with real nice day, but specially down the shore, you are getting hammered with pounding rain through the better part of the day. it is looking up. we'll have the details straight ahead. tory? >> thank you, good morning, everyone, so far soap good on all of the roadways, we look at 676, it is a breeze from river to river. however, it is a friday, folks are headed down the shore, we'll see what happens this rush hour. ukee? >> torrey, thank you. in the news, developing right now, philadelphia police are investigating two crimes in one north philadelphia neighborhood. that happened within minutes of each other. >> that violence left two men dead, another fighting for his life. "eyewitness news" reporter nicole brewer join us now at police headquarters with this developing story. nicole, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, ukee, erika. well, you're right, at this hour, police are searching for the suspect, and also the motive surrounding the two very violent crimes, crimes that as you mentioned have left two men dead, and one in critical condition. in north philadelphia, a fatal beating and a double shooting, all within the hour, about a half mile apart.
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the first incident happened shortly after 11:00 in the 2800 block of north fairhill street. there, a 53 year old man was beaten to death, having suffered blunt force trauma to his head. >> he was found laying on the sidewalk, right in front of the home, where he lives, in the 2800 block of fairhill street. he was laying in a pool of blood coming from his head. >> there is no word on motive, but there are reports of a male seen running from the victim possibly with metal object. then, just after midnight, in the 2900 block of waterloo street, a double shooting. >> upon police arrival, they found two victims on the highway, a 37 year old male, suffering from two gunshot wounds to the torso, and 21 year old male suffering from two gunshot wounds to the torso. >> both men were taken to temple university hospital, in critical condition. the 37 year old was pronounced dead, shortly before 2:00 this morning. fortunately, we did find several private surveillance cameras in the area where the shooting took place. so, hopefully, these cameras recorded something that could
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help with us our investigation. >> and as for that fatal beating, we're told homicide detectives have identified witnesses, and also are interviewing them. this is crime scene personnel continue pro pros that's scene, for now live outside police headquarters, nicole brewer, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". thank you, nicole. also this morning, mother disappears from her delaware home in the middle of the night. this morning, her family pleads for the public's help to find her. it has been more than a week since anyone has seen 33 year old ms. trader. "eyewitness news" tells cbs-3 he saw someone forcing the mother of three in into her car in the middle of the night. her family fears the worse. >> we know she went to the store. she came home. who ever was here, they was here. and she got taken. >> trader last seen being put into her car, silver 2,000 acura rl, similar to this one, man seen forcing her into the car is only described wearing black hoodie at the time with
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tan shorts. just about 5:03, here is your traffic and weather together. katy? >> good morning, ukee, good morning, everybody. we made it to the ends of the week here. we finally made it to a much quieter pattern basically, even though we still have this stubborn frontal boundary nearby, and it is still not completely clearing out, we are at least looking at much quieter day, especially for folks down the shore, some of you just got dealt the worse hand possible yesterday with heavy soaking rain, off and on, really throughout the entire day. now, storm scan3 locally, region wide, not looking all that bad. you can still see few speckles of green firing up here, but the actual cold front still brinking in heavy rain, thankfully all out to sea at this point. can you imagine still over our area like it was yesterday? we begin with more of the same. now, let's walk you through future weather at the regional zoom. looks as though this front starts to clear, right? not so fast. boom. there you go. couple of green starts to fire up. again, isolate in the nature. so it is either shower or
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rumble every thunder and should catch a break, unless you are headed up toward the lehigh vale, northern most branch of the poconos, you can bank on dry day with sunshine. looking forward in the forecast to sunday, start to see the leading edge hereof our next frontal boundery. it is actually the beginning after series of fronts, that will be moving on through. that will be the next sort every big thing that we have to look forward to. meantime, 72 degrees at the moment, nice and mild, not terribly muggy out there at the moment, into the mid and low 70s, dependent upon location at rehoboth. just shy of 70, that ocean water, that's kind of cool at the moment, it got kind of warm for awhile, then it start today cool right back down. so, we take a look around the region as a whole today. chilly in the open ocean water, generally quieter weather at the shore points today, up in the poconos very pleasant overall. and the high should be pretty seasonable. fill which just the shea straw, storm, high hits about 87 degrees, victoria, over to you. >> thanks, katie, i'm hoping your commute down the shore where ever you are headed this weekend will be just as pleasant.
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but, just like traffic, you never know. let's jump outside, see what we're dealing with right now, if you are traveling on the vine st. expressway, the one thing i do know is that you're wide open around the schuylkill there is shot here around 95, no delays in either direction as you can see, there is no one out there. hello, hello, hello? there is one. but really you look on the vine st. expressway, 95, the schuylkill expressway, even 476. this shot around the mid-county toll plaza, if you are headed either southbound or northbound, everything is really a nice, nice ride. not only around the area of schuylkill, mid-county, but as well as 95. speed censors, high up to the 50's, 95, 476, still 50 on the schuylkill, always nice when we can look at the map and just see a lot of green rather than red and yellow. we do still have accident however on 309 southbound at bethlehem pike, you will find vehicle off into the guardrail there. so just be minds full of that. and we have some downed wires in montgomery county, closing limekiln pike at butler avenue. picker town road your best alternate. finally things for your new jersey shore commute, no
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matter where you are headed looking great. >> tour, thank youment developing right now, president obama says the united states is willing to help negotiate a cease-fire between israel and hamas. but, the fight something showing no signs of stopping any time soon. cbs correspondent reporting on the overnight developments in the middle east conflict. >> gaza millitant fired more rockets to israel this morning. firefighters quickly put out flames after one destroyed a gas station in the southern city of oncat. >> tel-aviv, shelters are open for people on edge, as they target major cities? don't want to go out from your house to travel, and you can't stay in your -- >> says over the past 24 hours, militants have launched hundreds of rockets at israel. the iron dome missile defense system has stopped most of them including ones fired at jerusalem on thursday. >> outrageous attack, it is unbearable, unacceptable, and the idea to fight back and
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strike hamas in order to seek their aggression. >> reporter: launched about 1100 rocks et cetera since monday. medical officials in gaza say at least eight a palestinians have been killed. president obama called israeli prime minister netanyahu to plunge us assistance to help negotiate a cease-fire. also called on both sides to protect civilians and restore calm. but, tensions are hi, thursday night, palestinians and israelis learned again in the west bank. israeli army used tear gas to try to break up the fighting. cbs-3, "eyewitness news". pennsylvania governor tom corbett signs a 27 billion-dollar budget more than one week after the fiscal year officially began. the governor criticized state's general assembly for not including pension reform in the spending plan. he blamed rising pension costs for the state's $1.6 billion budget deficit. he called it one of the biggest issues plaguing the commonwealth. >> when a 163 school district
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already have been forced to raise property taxes to pennsylvania families to pay for sky-rocketing pension costs -- >> the golf in also used his line item powers to veto $65 million in funding for the general assembly, that decision angered lawmakers on both sides of the aisle. more than 300 philadelphia school district work letters finds out today that they're being laid off. the latest pink slips are not connected to the cigarette tax still being debated in harrisburg. instead, it is because principals prepare their own budgets. about 150 special education assistance, other aids, will be let go, along with eight assistant prince. superintendent bill hite has cents threatened another 1300 layoffs, if lawmakers do not approve the cigarette tax. happening today, a man learns his punishment for a vicious robbery. surveillance video captured the brutal attack last september, as joseph smith sucker punched and kicked a 75 year old man buying lottery
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tickets. spill stole the lottery tickets and some cash, he pleaded guilty to robbery. >> and, this philadelphia police officer goes on trial today, after she is accused of encouraging her children to fight other teens. at one point police say gross even punched a girl in the face. gross has been with the police department for seven years. the police commissioner suspended her and plans to fire her. new this morning, we are learning new details about the man accused of going on a shooting massacre in texas. >> also, what a tragedy when fast moving fire rips through an apartment building killing seven people. now, one of the victims has ties to philadelphia. we'll tell you what investigators think sparked this deadly fire. >> also, talk about rough seas, the unusual problem that some on this yacht in an around the worlds race. overall looking at pretty pleasant day. how does the weekends fair? i think you'll like most of it. we'll be tracking some stormy weather leading into next week. we'll break down the details
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>> now the latest on the deadly rowhouse fire in southwest philadelphia. a community rallies around the victims, as two meetings are held in the wake of this tragedy. donations continue to pour in for the victims, and their families. eight homes were gutted and four children died in that fire. their final resting places and memorials are being donated by state senator anthony williams and his staff. documents show fire crews responded to the deadly fire, within five minutes. in the city of wilmington, officials move forwards with plan to eliminate seven firefighter positions, jobs that are currently vacant. the city says it will save nearly $450,000. but firefighters say, this is going to result in more overtime, and it also could affect response times if engines are taken out of service. >> this is just totally inefficient. nobody can tell me that, you know, an engine company close in the one area, and another
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engine has to come from another whole neighborhood will still have the same response time. just not practical. >> the sit of wilmington currently employs total of 172 firefighters. right now 5:13. we want our traffic and weather together to kick things off with katie. good morning. >> good morning, everybody, we can expect to see pretty decent day out here today, tomorrow looks like real nice day, generally speaking, but we are still dealing with this pesky frontal boundary, it is sluggish, it is slow to retreat, and even though the wet weather potential continues to diminish for us, i still got to throw in the potential for shower, maybe rumble every thunder here today. what it does mean, the pollen report does stay pretty low, granted, still our main issue, levels will continue in fact despite little bit here looking forward to tomorrow and sunday. now, that's actually because high pressure is trying to build in. so as we dry things out more in the atmosphere, calm down the wind, pollen can actually have chance to settle and lead to some issues for you. meanwhile, storm scan3 shows
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this frontal boundery, still trying to pull away, dropping to the south. it may actually completely dissipate before the day is all said and done. but the problem is it is not completely clearing. because it is still nearby, we are still going to be dealt the hand of some additional instability, leading to that scattered shower or thunderstorm chance. just that. very, very isolated, even yesterday, a lot of people didn't pick up a drop of rain. but, where it hit, it hit hard. meanwhile, 68 degrees is the current temperature on very quiet street here, just one loan car traveling down outside whitfield elementary school. see some of the haze, settling in off to the west here, pretty light wind to work with. but, generally speaking, the moisture content in our atmosphere starting to diminish little bit. it shouldn't feel quite as humid to you. still the late day shower or storm chance is with us. tomorrow, looks nice, and then on sunday, we see our next series every frontal boundaries already moving in. so it is steamy, it is hot to kick off yet another week, and we will be dodging more showers and storms, leading up to really right through
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tuesday. victoria? >> thank you, katie. at least it is the weekend, right? you know, good morning, everyone, let's get you right outside. i have pretty cool shot t looks pink, i think it is pretty, also, also the ben franklin bridge is nice and wide open, clear, and no major problems, i mean, you have the construction traveling on the eastbound side, which takes out the right hand lane. but really commuting from pa into new jersey is a breeze at this moment. probably going to be totally different, not probably, will be totally different in that rush hour. also, later on tonight, for folks headed down the shore. right now let's just take it in. now we continue. let's go to 95. this is 95 around the area of girard, southbound, would be the headlights coming toward you, then taillights moving away would be northbound. both sides of 95 looking great, even through the construction zones of both cottman avenue and girard, delaware county around philadelphia international airport all lots of good news. as we move our way into our western suburbs, schuylkill nice and wide open, 202 looking good, then no delays for mass transit or anything
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major at the airport. erika? >> torrey, thank you. here is a look at today's headlines on cbs-3, one man dead, another critically injured in a shooting on waterloo street in fairhill. that violence followed deadly beating few blocks away on fairhill street. >> israeli forces clash with palestinians overnight in bethlehem. militants fired rockets at israel yesterday. israel responded when more air strikes against gas a president obama has told israel the us is willing to help negotiation a cease-fire. more than 300 philadelphia school district workers will find out today if they're being laid off. superintendent william hite says another 1300 layoffs could follow if lawmakers in harrisburg don't approve philadelphia's proposed cigarette tax. your time is now 5:16. get ready to pay more to go to one every pennsylvania's most popular colleges. we'll tell you about the tuition hike expected to be approved today. >> also, more trouble for the father accused of leaving his son in a scorching suv. the latest problem as he remains locked up in jail.
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we'll be right
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>> investigators near boston are trying to figure out what sparked a deadly fire that killed seven people, and one of those victims has ties to philadelphia. this was the scene, in local, early yesterday morning, as flames ripped through the apartment building. philadelphia native, ellen von, seen here in a older picture, died along with three of five children. relatives say there were a lot of fireworks in the apartment where that fire started. an utah man accused in the execution style murders of his estranged wife family is new texas courtroom for arraignment today. police say ronald has call went on the shooting rampage wednesday night, killing four children and their parents. a 15 year old girl survived and managed to call 911. authorities say has kel went to the family home near houston disguised as fed ex man. he was employed as contractor, but has not worked for them since january. the georgia father accused
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of intentionally leaving his 22 month old son in a hot car to die is now out after job. home depo terminated justin ross harris' position as a web designer at their corporate offices near atlanta. he spent two years with the company, and was on unpaid leave since murder charges filed last month. a home depo charity fund paid for his son, cooper's funeral. well, a fast-food chain is beefing up its menu. we'll tell you about the big change to target health conscious customers. also this. >> he screamed at the top of her lungs, jumped back ten, 15 feet. >> probably scream, too, if you saw that snake up close, right? frightenening place where that sneaky animal was hiding. >> we'll be right
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>> yacht sinnedly hit by waterspout. this happened during race around the world. check it outright here. camera on the yacht caught the whole thing. you can see the sky get dark, then huge wave flips the boat on its sides. several crew members were tossed into the water this, he scrambled to get back on board. the whole storm lasted less than a minute. you can see the boat on the side right there now the yacht eventually righted itself after the storm passed, but what a scary minute, my goodness. all right, 5:23, i want to talk about traffic and weather together for today and the week end. >> nothing like the severity we just saw on the video, but we have to throw in potential for another shower or storm. good thing, guys, if you have outdoor plans, keep them, even though we have a shower or thunder storm, still in the forecast, i only mention it because i have to. this is one of those, where drier where we are wet out there today. because our frontal boundary so close enough, just enough instability, see few spec of
5:24 am
green have continued to fire up in the last few hours, close enough that i have to allow form a spotty shower or storm. now, if you are headed out to the phils game here tonight, looks like real pleasant excuse to head up south. philly head to the ballpark, do a little tailgating. 83 degrees with sunshine, again will still potentially be a shower or a rumble every thunder in the neighborhood. so we'll keep an eye out for. that will i would say they have they'll have no problem get that game in. eighty-seven today. eighty-eight tomorrow. eighty-seven sunday. eighty-seven agree sandwich. in fact looking ahead to sunday, there is another shot for to see some showers and storms out there with the next series every fronts moving n so i would say enjoy today, enjoy tomorrow, specially, and then have to start damaging little wet weather looks like by monday. tory? >> thank you, katie. good morning, everyone, traveling out and about right now, you look fine, but keep in mind later on tonight we do have the phils game, shore day, or shore night, rather, and it is a friday night. so, let's see the cards we'll dealt right nowment talk about even construction we have going on for the weekends.
5:25 am
this is route one, around the area of of the pa turnpike. no delays in either direction. free, clear, really that's the whole story all over. take a look at the wide here, averaging speed censors in the 50's, still lots of green and lots of movement on the roadways, however, downed wires closing limekiln pike at butler. so picker town avenue your best alternate. saturday into sunday, the northeast extension southbound will be closed starting at midnight on saturday, between quakertown to lansdale. so, your best alternate is to take 309 here, however, things in delaware look real good. ninety-five, 495, and also the delaware memorial bridge, no major problems at all, looking great at the philadelphia international airport, no major problems for mass transit. ukee? >> thanks, torrey. let the good times continue to roll. phillies place the nationals in philly tonight after coming home with a sweeping series with the brewers. yesterday jimmy rollins broke up a no-hitter in the seventh. and broke up a shut-out in the eighth. his two-out single scored two
5:26 am
runs, and opened the floodgates big time. the phils scored seven runs, with two outs, in that eighth inning. and beat the brewers nine to one, for their fourth straight win. the phillies made roster moves as well after the ballgame. they want buchanon to stay on schedule during the all-star break, so he was sent down to lehigh valley. called up outfielder sizemore, and moved cliff lee to the 06 day disable list. lee is eligible to come back july 18th. which is the first game after the break. to the hard wood, the sixers in their pursuit of the rockets jeremy lin. sources say deal in place, but it hinges on the king last bron james. kin james has to swine cleveland which would mean chris bosh would sign with the rockets. and to make room for bosh, the rockets would sends lin-sanity to philadelphia. and the sixers have cap spaces to take him on. stay tuned. erika, back to you. >> so when that quiz again,
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ukee? >> quiz in the morning. >> coming up in the next hour of cbs news, find out why the government is suing amazon. nick snow. >> and, erika, a fatal beating followed by a double shooting almost in a hour, about half mile apart. the latest details, at police headquarters, coming up. >> i mean, think about this. sue me for doing my job. >> president obama responds to republicans planning to sue him. why the lawsuit is specially ironic. and, victoria and katie return. they've got your traffic and weather together on the 3's, as you look live outside, sun just starting to peak up there. she has your weekends and your friday forecast. we'll be right back.
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has been busy night for philadelphia detectives. they're investigating two murders, less than mile apart from each other. now, those killings also happened around the same time. hear what detectives say about those cases. >> good morning, everyone, also, we're drying out after some overnight rain in parent of the area. let's check traffic and weather together. start with k fell. >> generally speaking we are, in fact, drying out, ukee, you know, we have this frontal boundary it, has been so pesky, stubborn, just won't leave. but, we are seeing the potential for wet werth diminish with time here, to the point, we finally can bank on dry day completely across the board. so we'll have the details on, that also, the next rounds every wet weather because eventually the good stuff has to come to an end, right, tory? >> just have to look at glass half full. with the good comes the bad, with the bad comes the good w that said with the good, this morning, doing fine so far. but the bad will start rolling in around the rush hour, even for tonight, any it, fry night, down the shore, you have a phils game, so


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