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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  July 12, 2014 2:07am-2:38am EDT

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♪ >> breaking at 11:00 o'clock tonight, news that a struggling atlantic city does not need. there is talk tonight another cass zen know could be headed foreclosure. good evening, i'm chris may. >> i'm jessica dean. >> there's talk on the boardwalk the trump plaza hotel and kaseen 93 may shut down. high witness news reporter todd quinones is live in atlantic city with the details.
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todd? >> reporter: jessica, right now, we are still waiting to hear back directly from officials here at trump plaza to confirm what in fact worry hearing tonight is that we're being told that notices to employees may be sent out as early as monday. >> i've been back and forth between being depressed and angry all day. >> reporter: new jersey state senator and former atlantic city mayor jim whelan tells me credible sources are telling him come september, unless a buyer steps in or if there's some kind of dramatic financial change, trump plaza will be shutting down and laying off roughly 1,000 employees. >> i'd love to stand here and tell people particularly the employees don't worry, we'll fight, we'll safe your jobs. i'd be lying any way you cut it it's not good day for atlantic city and not good news for our economy. >> reporter: he indicates the closing of trump plaza would follow along with down turn for atlantic city cass soon notice since pennsylvania and other nearby states legalized gambling.
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roger gross is publisher of global gaming business magazine he says trump plaza has been the lowest performing casino in atlantic city. he too has been told trump plaza is closing. >> they are going to send out notices next week which is a federal requirement when you're going to lay people off. you have to give them 60 days notice and that's what they'll be doing n week. >> reporter: you heard this directly from people within trump plaza. >> the trump organization, yeah. the corporate structure. >> reporter: source tells "eyewitness news" this is not unexpected and it may not necessarily mean that trump plaza will definitely close but once again tonight we are still waiting that hear back directly from officials here at trump plaza. for now reporting live tonight in atlantic city, todd quinones cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> all right. todd, thank you. while the closure of trump plaza is not at all certain atlantic city's troubles clear extend beyond that hotel. atlantic club clove its doors back in january. tropicana and caesars teamed up
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to bite and shut it down. the she boat casino is set to close august 31st. and of course revel is in bankruptcy for second time now. its future is up in the air. >> at its peak two thou sick gambling ref views in atlantic city tolled $5.2 billion. last year ref in you was half that amount only 2.86 billion. the big question tonight, what killed the boyfriend of a cast member of the tv show glee matt bendick found dead in a philadelphia hotel room on thursday and we know tonight his girlfriend glee star becca tobin was in los angeles at the time of his death. and remains there tonight. memorial for 31 year old club owner matt bendick popped up late today outside his la business. it was at had he tell monaco on hotel mall an employee found him unconscious in his bed thursday afternoon. he was pronounced dead shortly thereafter. >> nothing suspicious at this point. in foul play at this point. >> reporter: according to
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philadelphia police, the glee star's boyfriend scene here in tmz video from last year was socializing the night before his death. he was in town checking out the philadelphia night life. he showed no signs of distress. >> he's supposed to be here and some type of business. what business, i don't know. >> reporter: medical examiner performed an autopsy but found no clear reason for his death and found no signs of trauma. up next, a toxicology report. >> once that report returns, then central detectives will know which way to go in terms of direction of their investigati investigation. his death comes days before the one year anniversary of the death of another star from glee cory monteef was found dead in a hotel room in vancouver. >> there's pretty amazing site in the sky tonight. chopper three capturing the so-called super moon. it is the first of three that will be able to see this summer. meteorologist kathy orr is live on the cbs-3 sky deck. do you have a view of the super moon out there kathy. chris, i did earlier but now
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it's on the other side of our building. so i'm going to have to wait till i am on my way home to view it. we have a couple more chances as you mentioned to see the super moon. in order to have thistle less tee ya'll event you need a couple of thing. force you need a full moon and that is going to happen early tomorrow morning. then you need the money to be in perigee what astronomers call the closest point to earth in its orbit. the moon and the earth have to be at its closest point. it mack it bigger and 30% brighter. now the best way to view this is when the mon is actually close to the horizon. that's when it looks enormous. three more super moons. one tomorrow night. one august 10th which is expected to be extra super, and one on september 9th. don't miss it. it is beautiful site. storm scan3 showing clearing skies a few clouds in center city but good viewing overnight tonight. and expected tomorrow night as well. 77 in philadelphia. 74 in trenton. right now tomorrow morning we'll warm it up quickly by 9am with
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sunshine, 76. by 11am well make it to 80 degrees. coming up, after the weekend, some storms return big time and then is it the summer version of the polar vortex? you decide when you see the temperatures in that seven day forecast. i'll see you later in the broadcast. >> all right, kathy, thank you. tensions and the death toll are rising in the middle east tonight. palestinian officials claim that hundreds of israeli air strikes have now killed at least 100 and wounded 600 others. israel meantime accuses the palestinians of launching no fewer than 500 rockets from gaza just this week. they resulted in several injuries but no deaths. >> despite international calls for a cease fire there appears to be no end in site to military operations against militants in the gaza strip. there's a lot of concern in our area about that conflict as demonstrators rallied in philadelphia. we talk to local woman in the middle of the violence. "eyewitness news" reporter j. envelope kara baio live in the
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sat center with that story. >> chris this conflict overseas is now really hitting home. people with family on both sides tell me they are constantly watching the news for updates and looking at their phones for messages. any indication that their families are safe. >> two passionate sides face to face in center city supporters of israel and supporters of palestine. >> expressed their beliefs. >> when you have 100 people dead and killed in gaza, 60% are women and children, it's a problem. >> we want no civilia civiliansn either side. israel has the right to exist. >> reporter: as tempers in philadelphia rose during this rally outside the israeli couldn't soul late, halfway around the world, violence continues to escalate. >> siren goes off, 45 to 60 seconds to get yourself in a shelter or lie down to the road as we've been taught to do next to our bus. >> naomi adler in israel with seven other people from the
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jewish federation of philadelphia. she was only in the country hours before she heard that warning for the first time. >> everything stopped for 10 minutes while you wait to see if iron dome takes care of that rocket. is it tense? >> drexel professor of political science william rosenberg says this recent flare up between israel and hamas was sparked by the deaths of three israeli teens and what seemed to be a retribution of palestinian youth. now he says the conflict is fueled by politic. >> we have the more offensive israels offensive in terms of wanting that project power. we're not going to tolerate this. then you have the offensive palestinians. the ones that want to take out israel. >> reporter: and professor rosenberg goes on to say, that the people in the middle of those people that want this conflict to end often don't have the power to make that happen. reporting live in the saturday center january carrabeo cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> crash involving several vehicles in southampton burlington county lands a child
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in the hospital today. chopper three was over route 206 near 38 where two vehicles and an suv together a camper crash. leaving debris littering the road. the injured child was flown to a hospital but there's no word right now on that child's condition. >> tonight a camden mother tells "eyewitness news" she's release lead after the man convicted of murdering her son and raping her daughter is headed to jail. rivera was found guilty on all charges today. that violence happened in september 2012 in a home on wear street. prosecutors say rivera slash the throat of six year old dominic, as he tried to help his 12 year old sister. her throat was also slashed but she was able to break free and get hem. >> dominic's memory will be around him. how strong he was to face this monster animal that he is. and justice -- justice was done. justice is served. >> rivera faces live in prison
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when he's sentenced in october. new tonight, thieves targe targeting storage units are caught on camera. take look at this surveillance video. the suspects forced their way into 54 storage units at the public storage on wheat chief lane in philadelphia early tuesday morning. the thieves thieves got away with an orange harley davidson trailer park nearby. >> one of biggest names of all of sports lebron james is heading home. after taking his talents to south beach for four seasons, and 2nba championships with the miami heat, lebron announced today he's going back to cleveland. the league's premier player grew up in northeast ohio and played the first seven years of his pro career with the cavaliers. fans in philly had this to say tonight. >> i gained a little mr. respect for him since he's going back home to give his own city a ring much it's his decision. >> makes lot of money and you'rely people in that position have their own free will. >> needless to say some heat
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fans were not too happy about the king's decision to go back to cleveland. in fact someone defaced this mural of lebron and his teammates on miami building. did his move to ohio affect the sixers in any way? more on that and what it means for the nba as a whole coming up in sports. >> new at 11:00 o'clock tonight philadelphia wings indoor lacrosse team is moving out of town. the own are in mike french says he wants to relocate to a city with less competition for entertainment dollars. there's no word on where that might be. the wings won six world championships during 28 years in philadelphia. fans who placed deposits on the 2015 season will receive awry fun. >> tonight the budget battle is emerging as the key issue in the battle for pennsylvania govern governor. democratic candidate tom wolf toured the chandler bat company in norristown montgomery county today he took that opportunity to criticize his opponent republican governor testimony
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corbett for failing to deliver pension reform and cigarette tax to help fund philadelphia schools. >> the person in this case whose governor or the ceo of a company actually pulse people together and leads the process of creating an annual budget. that's leadership. i would have been involved in this process right from the beginning. evidently that wasn't done. >> wolf says he would put attacks on marcella shale drilling and troy to close loop holes in the tax code to help fund education and other progr program. so you hasn't the keys of your your thee hundred thousand dollars car to valet and that's what happens. coming up, the stunning video of this very costly mistake. >> also, drones at your front door. the company one step closer to dropping off your delivery row with this new technology. kathy. >> if you can just clean my house. on storm scan3 we're looking at clear skies overnight to view that super moon. coming up next, is it the polar vortex in summer? some are saying so. a major cool down going on
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across good part of the north. we'll tack about that in the seven day coming up. chris? >> and beware of the blob. a sci-fi classic takes over montgomery county theater. we'll have mr. on the night movie fans wait for each and every year when "eyewitness news" continues.
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>> back now on "eyewitness news" and take a look as the valet driver in india has a very bad day on the job. the surveillance video from a five star hotel in new dehli cap theirs that valet crashing a lamborghini into a concrete wall in front of horrified guests. that crash caused thousands of dollars worth of damage. the car also knicked another valet who was taken to the hospital but was not seriously hurt. the centers for disease control takes action in the wake of an anthrax scare and some other safety problems. the cdc shut down two research labs. an incident last month at one
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lab in atlanta could potentially exposed work considers in three other labs to anthrax. a second problem earlier this year involved the deadly bird flew. the cdc says it also stopped the practice of shipping highly dangerous germs. >> we will send you back that is the new warning from the us to immigrants who illegally try to cross the border. today the homeland security department announced its working to open new detention faciliti facilities. the goal was to more quickly deport the influx of illegal immigrants fleeing violence, poverty and extortion in central america. >> a special day for a camden county world war ii veteran. "eyewitness news" in cherry hill as edward march-ton in was provided with the camden county service medal and state combat member. he serve as a member of the 309th combat engineers. he was wounded during the battle of the bulge and earned purple heart for his bravery. it was cree created to hahn are in men and women who made their
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country proud through their service. >> amazon is asking the faa for permission to use drones to deliver packages to your door in less than half hour. a many in son outlined that plan become in december on the cbs nouse magazine 60 minutes. et right now faa bans drones for commercial use. but amazon is requesting an exemption so it can test its drones here in the u.s. crews are beginning work on a giant wall of steal that designed to protect the injuries seashore town that was devastated by hurricane sandy. >> money 100 homes were destroyed in mantoloking ocean county only a fraction have been rebuilt. officials hope the 3-pint 5-mile sea wall will give more residents the confidence to rebuild. parts of mantoloking under 20 feet of water after sandy hit. that sea wall will rise 22 feet above sea level and serve as the last dee and if against storms g were worry saying to the people of mantoloking is we fixed the beach.
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it will in the ab threat any more. >> now that they have the sea wall in i'm feeling pretty good about it because i was little nervous because it's big vin evident many and we had in protection before and now we should. >> that se sea wall should be completed by the fall. >> the weekend is upon us and we're hoping for great one, kathy. >> all. >> we certainly are it looks like it's going to be very good indeed. some changes coming up, though, at the end of the weekend that will impact us next week. first things first. let's and joy this beautiful end to the week. beautiful sunset down the shore tonight. this eyewitness cam individual 83 was sent to me from matt. this is diamond beach in wildwood crest. it doesn't get much better than that. a beautiful sunset. boats, the water, very calm. a great jump start to the weekend. thanks matt for sending that in to us. let's take look at storm scan3. nothing to worry about this evening. we have a few fare weather clouds out there. those will be dissipating. good weather to view that super full moon during the overnight and early tomorrow morning.
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temperatures are comfortable out there as well. humidity really not an issue. there's a little bet of breeze in philadelphia it's 77. 74 in trenton. 68 in millville and allentown it is cooler as well. down the shore temperatures mainly in the 70s in cape ma may 71. sea isle story. margate 75 and beach haven 71. the ocean water temperature sl slowly creeping up at 67 degrees. remember earlier in the summer it was quite warm in the mid 70s after arthur we really haven't recovered all that much. saturday fare weather who pressure sits to the north. it will be mostly sunny. humidity will be moderate so it will be pretty decent day but temperatures will be rising well into the 80s. touching 90 in some spots. we'll watch this cold front approach from the northwest. bringing in some showers and storms especially north and west late in the day. so there's just a chance better chance this proper gets little bit closer on monday and we'll see very steamy and sticky conditions back into the 90s. there's been a lot of talk what's going to happen next we
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week. some colder air is going to move south with a dip in the jet stream and you can see by tuesday in chic shock and detroit temperatures only in the 60s further north upper been and in sewell la of measure machine only in the 50s. some upper fours. so is it the polar vortex? well the polar vortex obviously at the poles, north pole and south pole. this air lower in the atmosphere sometimes in the outer circulation of polar vortec we see a peace breaking off and impacting the jet stream bringing down some cooler air. it happens sometimes in the summer months. so whether you want to technically call it that or in the it's going to get cooler next week. we're going to stay in the 80s but in the lower 80s and some spots even in the 70s for the mid period of next week. heading down the shore tomorrow, looking pretty decent much the high 78. pack the sunscreen. uv index will be high. and once begun on sunday looking good with a high of 82 degrees. looking good also as you head into the poconos with
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temperatures in the 80s a few spotty showers especially sunday and monday. overnight tonight, moonlit skies, the low 68. warm for your saturday. and then on the exclusive eyewitness wet seven day forecast and shore cast, looking good. few storms possible late on sunday. stormy monday and tuesday and then there's that cooler air. lower 80s, low humidity, plenty of sun sheen. i just call it refreshing. it will be nice around here. want to row mind everyone you can in you have your weather on the go any time at the shore and the poconos or right at home. check live radar get severe weather alerts and more the cbs weather app is available for apple products. the android version is coming soon. >> you may have heard lebron james fellow. >> a little bit. >> he's headed back to cleveland much fans reaction plus many complications for the sixers an change in the air as the phillies look to win five in row tonight against division leading nats.
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>> after an improbable sweep of the brewers the phillies began their final zeros before the all star break playing host to the nl east leading nationals. they trailed by nine games hea heading tonight's game. grady sizemore led off. had it will tonight. full lease runners first and second. dom brown delivers with gap per to rate center. marlon byrd comes around to score. codey asche waived home.
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here the throw. yes, he does beat it staning up. phillies take a two to nothing lead. bottom of the third jimmy rollins two run shot into the seats at right. rollins tenth of the season. phillies led four to nothing. now bottom of the seventh phillies leading five high one rollins again. solo shot. his ninth multi homerun game of his career. he had just six homeruns all of last year. aj burnett on the hill for phillies very sharp top of the eighth. seven and two-thirds, one run. phillies wins six-two. fifth win in a row eight games back in the inform l east. >> in decision 2014 came to close today lebron james decided he'll take his talents back to cleveland where he spent his first seven series. james pecking of his decision to leave miami told "my relationship with northeast ohio is bigger than basketball. i didn't realize that four years ago. i do now. four time nba, mvp taken first overall in 2000 throw by the
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cavs. here's the cleveland and miami fan reaction to the news. >> we heard. we ran as fast as we can. we got championship. i don't care lebron is the man, do you do. we did it, due. >> one of the great defendant days in cleveland sports history. the return of lebron james. awesome. for giveness is great. >> i think he did well here in miami and we appreciate what he did, but don't let the door hit him on the way out. >> first guy young chris may. lebron's decision had a domino effect around the player. a player had been rumored to come to the sixers jeremy lism inform headed to hollywood. lin and future first round pick will go from the rocks to the lakers. >> sixers summer league camp in are land dough. nerlins noel sitting this one out. hollis thompson real strong summer. noise drive right who are. and finish. he had a game high 21. led all scorers. then a player has been very very impressive. st. joe's product ronald roberts gathers the air ball right there
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the put back and finish. roberts 12 points, 11 boards. sixers within the championship. they begin vegas summer play action tomorrow no
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>> tonight the blob invaded phoenixville. >> don't worry, though, even though it did send many running into the streets screaming at the top of they are lung. >> ahh! >> that was the scene at the run out at the colonial theater. all part of a weekend full of
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events called blob fest. they pay homage to the 1958 film classic the blob. big weekend for sci-fi her roar and b movie fans. chopper three was over the scene for birds eye view of the run outs. blob fest celebrates its 15th anniversary this year. >> we'll be right back. ♪
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>> we thank you for watching "eyewitness news" at 11:00 o'clock. "eyewitness news" returns tomorrow morning at 5:00 with nicole brewer and carol
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everything son. for rob, kathy and everyone here at "eyewitness news" i'm chris may. i'm jessica dean. the late show with david letterman is neck. tonight's guest is mark wahlberg. have a good night. have a great weekend. have a good night. have a great weekend. ♪ >> announcer: the following is a paid presentation for the nutribullet brought to you by nutribullet llc. special tv offer. stay tuned to find out how you can get the nutribullet superfood nutrition extractor free! that's right. get the complete nutribullet system free! details just ahead. >> my muscle aches, my back aches really started to decrease significantly in one week. >> first night that i actually used the nutribullet, i actually slept really well. that was exciting. that was phenomenal. >> the bad cholesterol which was 290 went down to 190. >> before you turn to drugs, please, give this a shot. it really, really works. >> announcer: join these people and thousands just like them and
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