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tv   Eyewitness News at 6am  CBS  July 13, 2014 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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several stories, new this morning, including a september bus driver, assaulted overnight. we will have the details coming up. plus this... >> i know that my mom, dad, brian, emilie, becca and zach are in a much better place and i'll be able to see them again one day. >> remarkable courage from the young survivor of last week family massacre in texas. hear more of her speech at an emotional memorial services. and we're live at the base of the ben franklin bridge as thousands get ready for a incredible journal think morning, fighting canser with a 65 miles bike ride into new jersey. it is sunday july 13th, thanks for joining us. i'm nicole brewer.
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it is 6:00 o'clock. lets start with the check of the forecast. we have done so well this weekend, carol, no complaints. >> we do need some rain so we will be probably find something over the next couple of days. we might see some later this afternoon with you i know some of the lawns are getting crunchy out there. so it is probably time to see some of the precipitation and i think we're likely to be finding some. it looks great outside right now. we have a temperature of 69 degrees in ardmore lower merion high school. we have sun and clouds. we saw the moon shine out there. we're referring to the moon and the shine from the moon of course. we are looking at a nice start to the day. we will get more clouds. you can see why. we have a couple things going on. we will see some showers. looking down through the chesapeake f those hold together they may come through the area just in portions of the area but there is also, off the to the west, and you can see these showers that have been moving through the great lakes f they hold together we may be finding them moving in our area later
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this afternoon. i think we cannot rule out, showers and thunderstorms, especially later this afternoon but you can see the one thinking of new castle county. so just watch out for maybe a couple of showers this morning. 72 degrees in philadelphia. seventy-two in wilmington. zero seven in trenton. thirty-seven in allentown. these temperatures staying very mild overnight and humidity will be coming up. so we have dew points right now at 66 degrees. they will be going up ape little bit higher this afternoon. our temperatures will be warm. we will will be close to 90 degrees. feels like 90 degrees. especially this afternoon we will pick up a shower chan. one or two spots in the area might pick up a shower as we go through the first part of this morning. otherwise, we are looking at clouds building in here and then we are looking at some shower and thunderstorm chances later on and a lot more on monday and tuesday. we will talk about that, coming up, nicole, carol, thank you. new this morning philadelphia police are investigating a homicide in
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the hunting park neighborhood. unidentified black man was shot in the head, it happened in the 3600 block of warknock street around 3:00 this morning. he died at the scene. police are now looking for that shooter. also new this morning a shooting in camden, new jersey a man was shot multiple times just after midnight. police found him wounded in the 1200 block of everette street. he was rushed to the hospital. there is no word on his can be or a suspect at this time. and a septa bus driver is assaulted while driving the route 54 bus. it happened shortly after, 1:00 a.m. at 22nd and lehigh avenue. investigators say two black males jumped on the bus, assaulted the driver and jumped off and fled in the white mercedes benz. now that car had pennsylvania tags and was last seen traveling down 23rd street. the passengers were transported to another bus, that driver sustained minor injuries. well, happening right now over 3,000 cyclist are getting ready for the forty-second annual american cancer society
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bike-a-thon. the the 65-mile journey starts right here in philadelphia and ends in new jersey. "eyewitness news" reporter syma chowdhry is live at ben franklin bridge for the start of the race. exciting morning. good morning, syma. >> reporter: yes, very exciting. in fact, this bike-a-thon should start in 30 minutes. as you can see behind me a lot of people starting to gather they are wearing their team colors, lots of folks excited doing it for several reasons. with me right now is amanda, she is the the events manager. it has been a busy morning for to you say the the least. >> yes, it has but you know what, everything has gone great so i cannot complain. >> reporter: i have been talking to the riders here. they say they have so many stories abe reasons for doing it. what have you heard? >> i have heard absolutely everything. i feel like just the passion from each and everyone of these riders is unbelievable. we have one that is nine years old and well up in their 80's. it is amaze to go hear everyone's story.
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>> reporter: i noticed blue, white, yellow, what do they mean. >> yellow bibs are top fundraiser bibs. they got their 213 top fundraiser rang. they have to raise over a thousand dollars last year. if you were the top fundraiser you get number one. blue bibs are survivor bids and white bibs are regular participants. >> reporter: it starts here there are a few stops, where does it end. >> it ends at buena vista camp park. 55 miles from here, obviously. it is a huge camping parts. there is tents, activities throughout the day. it will be real exciting. >> reporter: how much money are you hoping to raise during this event. >> we are hoping for 1.3 million. we're over 1.1. we're thrilled. >> reporter: overall from the 42 years you have been doing this what has been the the grand total. >> a lot, a lot of money, definitely over tens of millions of dollars. >> reporter: what does this event mean for you. >> you know, i work for the
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american cancer society and it is most fulfilling job anyone could have, just hearing everyone's story. everyone has been touched by cancer. just to see the passion these people have, it is amazing. >> reporter: now, the events start at 6:30 on the dot so what will be happening from now, until then. >> we're going to get everyone to start lining up. our survivors line up first and go over the bridge first and then there will be a little ceremony, in terms of speakers, nothing that anyone can see visibly and then just getting and get lined up and ready to go. >> reporter: thanks very much, manned a. i wish you best of luck. i know you well be running around but again, folks, we will be here all morning long and we will bring you live in the next half an however when that bike-a-thon starts, back to you. >> syma, thank you. meanwhile actor comedian tracie morgan has been released from a rehab facility one month after a multi vehicle pile up left him critically injured. morgan will continue to recover at home with an aggressive outpatient program. morgan suffered a broken leg
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nose and bridge on june 7th when a wal-mart tractor trailer slam in his limo van on the new jersey turnpike. fellow comedian james mcnair was killed in the crash. we have learned that morgan is now suing wal-mart. he alleged that the retail giant allowed kevin rope tore drive despite being awake for more than 24 hours. causing him to fall asleep at the wheel. in response to the lawsuit, wal-mart's said in a statement quote we are deeply story one of our trucks was involved. we know it will take time to resolve the remaining issues as a result of this accident, but we are committed to doing the right thing for all involved. and developing right now for the first time since the conflict israeli military forces went in gas and raided a long range missle launching site. four israeli solders were injured during an exchange of gunfire with hamas. meanwhile the international community is calling for a cease-fire. cbs news correspondent alfonso van marsh has the very latest.
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>> reporter: israel stepped up its era salt on gaza on saturday. but militants fired back, sending at least three missiles sailing over tel aviv following a televised promise they would strike at 9:00 p.m. local time. it is latest in the exchange of rocket fire between israelis and hamas militants. earlier a missle destroyed a months income gaza that israelis claims were used to store weapons. now to tel aviv and demonstrators like mahmoud, called for an end to the israeli air strikes. >> unaudible. >> reporter: but as they protested, israeli air sirens warned of incoming rocket fire. israeli military says its air defense system shot two hamas missiles out of the sky here, seven other hamas rockets landed in open field. the anti war protesters reground, despite calls by their leader to go home for their own safety. these protesters are in a minority here but they say
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they will keep demonstrating until their israeli government stops what they called a massacre. soon, pro israel supporters showed up, singing patriotic songs. the two groups separated only by a traffic lane. but fears of confrontation never materialized, at least here, where the olive branch triumph. in israel, alfonso van marsh for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". well, president obama will be in delaware on thursday, he is stopping in wilmington on his way to new york city. the president will speak out about the economy. we will have full coverage of the presidential visit right here on "eyewitness news". we're hearing from the 15 year old girl who is the only survivor of the shooting last week near houston that killed her family. her public appearance comes three days after that deadly rampage. "eyewitness news" anchor natasha brown has that story. >> thank you all for coming and showing your support for me and my family. stay strong.
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>> reporter: fifteen year-old cassidy stay suffered a skull fracture and lost part of the finger trying to protect herself from the gunshots. she is the sole survivor after her ex-uncle broke into her family's home and kill both of her parents and all four of her siblings. she survived by playing dead, on saturday, she spoke for the first time since being released from the hospital, quoting harry potter. >> happiness can be found in the darkest of times, if only -- if one only remembers to turn on the light. i know that my mom, tad, brian, emilie, becca and zach, they are in a much better place and that i'll be able to see them again one day. >> reporter: man accused in the family's death is three three-year old ron alley haskill, who is accused of breaking in the family home while searching for his ex-wife and then shooting him. haskill collapsed twice in court as capital murder charges were read. he had to be wheeled out out courtroom. police credit stay for calling
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911 and stopping another potential shooting spree, she just wanted to thank the the community. >> i'm really thankful for all of the people that have been praying for me, and keeping me and my family in their thoughts the past couple of days. i would like to thank all of the first responders, nurses and doctor that have taken care of me. i'm feeling better. i'm on a straightforward path to recovery. >> reporter: speech ended with the release of 600 balloons, 100 for each of the victims. natasha brown, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> that is one strong little girl. now, the suspects ronald lee haskill has had a handful of run ins with law enforcement in utah. he lived there with his ex-wife. 6:11 right now. a battal monk the bravees, coming up next on eye witt the necessary news how local fire fighters faced off in a friendly competition on saturday. then for the the first time patients with spinal cord injuries are able to use a revolutionary device that
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helps them walk again in their homes and in the community. it was tested right here in philadelphia. health reporter stephanie stahl shows us how it works. and a little steamy new but storms air head in the seven day forecast, carol will break it the down when we come
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back now on "eyewitness news" some of the finest fire fighters faced off for friendly competition. the montgomery county water battle returned to towamencin
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montgomery county. several fire fighters from 14 different department competed in the tug of war and barrel on the wire. the challenges forced the fire fighters to used the skills they learned during training. >> it is comradery with the fire companies. everybody gets together. we fight fires together. we might as well as fun together. >> reporter: they date back to the nation's very first fire department, by the way which began right here in the philadelphia in the 1700's. ben franklin himself used water battle competition toss train fire fighters. a spectacle under the bridge, cbs-3 at invisible river dance, aerial dancer performed above the schuylkill river suspended from the strawberry mansion bridge. part of the audience got to watch the show he from kyacks while the rest watched from the river bank. there is another show tonight at 7:00 o'clock. that is funny. the best river dance i do also is invisible. carol? speaking of shows, carol, have you seen the moon this weekend.
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it is a super moon. of course, carol has. it is first of three we will see this summer. a super moon is a full moon that appears larger, and brighter. we have gotten to see it, two nights, right? last two nights pretty much. >> we can drink in more moon shine, whenever you want. >> cheers. >> even dates that have nothing to do with the full moon. give me a few weeks and we will get right to that. >> you know, yes, we are looking at some nice sunshine out there, at least part of the sky has some sunshine in it. other part has some clouds in it. we will be find something clouds as we go through the day. some sun as well but also chances of showers and thunderstorms. we are getting into a very summer-like pattern with these chances of showers and thunderstorms starting up primarily later this afternoon and then extending for next two days after that. 72 degrees in philadelphia press i popular number out there. we had 72 in wilmington. anywhere else? dover, okay. allentown is 73. everybody in the 70's. we didn't cool down all that
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much last night and we're finding temperatures by the time you wake up tomorrow morning even warmer then this. and the humidity is coming up. owe storm scan 3a couple of things to note. this seems to be dying out a little bit as it goes. it was robust. lets see fit hangs together enough to get its way throughness castle county. if so you get a rain shower. if this continues to stay like this by later on this afternoon it could be in our area we have to watch that, because, showers and thunderstorms are definitely in our forecast right now. you can just see there are a few clouds out there. and more to come, after, what looks like a little lull in it by probably late morning mid afternoon. that front comes through here and it will be increasingly humid and also stormy. so expect to find that, cold front will do that when they come in the air, that will be moist as ours, and now the future heat index, this is how it will feel later on this afternoon. 97 degrees. by 5:00 o'clock 97 degrees is how it will be feeling in the
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philadelphia area. much cooler feel at the shore if you are desperate for cooler air with you this is very warm and then i'm going to move this quickly past and get through tomorrow afternoon. it will feel like 99 degrees, humidity will be so high tomorrow afternoon. the temperatures will be probable willly right around 90 degrees as well, maybe even slightly higher then that and then humidity and then chances of some showers and some thunderstorms, starting to come in the picture. we are under the gun for some severe weather. you can see this, this will be as we go through the day on monday and what does that mean for our area? it means we could be seeing some downpours, if the storm stays over you for long enough, you'll find a downpour out of it. possible hail and also some damaging wind. i know, people out through berks county lehigh valley area are going no more hail. they are still dealing with the hail from storms from about two months ago i think but just know that we have the possibility of some hail, coming for the area. so it is not just in one particular spot. our future weather, lets take a look at this, this computer
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model says we're okay throughout the the afternoon. we're okay through 4:00 but then notice this line, coming through at 8:00 o'clock tonight through the poconos as it comes 10:00 o'clock moving through philadelphia area timing can be off on some of this. just know that storms later on tonight, and then we will get a slight break and then by the time we get to tomorrow afternoon, if i can get this thing to advance, we will be looking at some storms tomorrow afternoon, another line at 5:00 o'clock on monday, we will keep getting these storms. note business these bull's eye look those are heavier rain showers. those or of the stronger storms moving through and this is on tuesday. so there is a slight chance that it could linger until wednesday. so just know that it is going to be increasingly unsettled, if you like that word even if you don't like that word, 89 degrees and unsettled later on this afternoon as the the atmosphere is agitated. so there will be a breeze, a hot day, keep cool, keep the pets as cool as you are because even overnight we've
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got this warm, humid air. 75 degrees. by monday we are at 90 degrees and feeling far hotter then. that strong storms on monday, strong storms on tuesday at 87. big relief coming. we will start to cool down. maybe a lingering shower on wednesday but look at those temperatures and humidity drops dramatically later in the week. next couple of days feeling like summer though. well, you know what, now you can have have your weather on the go and you may need it over the next couple of days. you can do that anytime with the new cb philly weather lab. get severe weather alerts and everything. cbs philly weather app is available from apple products and android version is coming soon, nicole. >> carol, thank you. mural arts program dedicates its latest masterpiece right here in philadelphia. tolerance is subject of this piece of art at smith recreational center in west philadelphia. this is all part of the summer of peace campaign. the goal to reduce crime and educate children about alternative toss violence in the city of philadelphia.
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well, hey if you want to add a fury friend tour family this weekend is definitely the time to do it. cbs-3 at the pennsylvania spca peace and love block party. adoption fees are waved for kittens, cats and adult dogs and the fee is reduced for pup is and pure breads. the goal, to find forever homes for 150 animals. block party runs today from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. at 350 erie avenue in north philadelphia. and on the healthwatch this morning, for the very first time, patients with spinal cord injuries are using a revolutionary device that helps them walk again at home. it is a device that was tested right here in philadelphia three on your side health reporter stephanie stahl has more on how it is giving patients back their independence. >> well, i can see outside the window. >> reporter: retired sergeant teresa is up and walking around in her bedroom for the first time in three years. >> i can just do it. >> reporter: auto immune disease left the 60 year-old
6:22 am
paralyzed and now she's the first person in the united states to be able to use this, wearable robotic device, known as the rewalk, at home. >> there are so many things that i missed by sitting in a wheelchair. >> reporter: the food and drug administration recently cleared the rewalk robot suit for personal use lined with sensors and a computerized control system it detects small motions and helps paralyzed patients then walk or stand. >> almost all subject of lost fat now. we have had improvement in patient reported outcomes of pain and quality of life. >> reporter: terry's partner says it is overwhelming to see how happy she is doing every day activities. >> it means everything, yeah. very emotional. >> reporter: the suit cost about $70,000, it is a maker that is working with insurance companies hoping to provide coverage. both the the patient, and care giver need to be trained.
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for more forgo to cbs and click on health. i'm stephanie stahl, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". 6:23 right now. this summer you may be saving money by driving instead of flying but there is still money traps that road trippers need to know b coming up next jim donovan shows you how to keep costs under control, we will be right
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and his painful education cuts are forcing teacher layoffs and increasing class sizes. now corbett wants to give the oil and gas industry even more handouts. and what's he getting from them? corbett's keeping that secret. so pennsylvanians are challenging tom corbett to come clean. release the records of your meetings with donors... that you've been hiding. disclose all the contributions, letters and emails from oil and gas lobbyists who influence you. we've got a right to know who tom corbett's listening to. because it sure isn't us. and, welcome back. so the memorial day, and fourth of july weekend are behind us but there is plenty of time for a summer road trip
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w higher gas prices many consumers are looking to save in other areas. three on your side consumer reporter jim donovan has advice to keep you on budget. >> reporter: no ticket, no change fees, no security lines, americans love the flexibility of a road trip but extra costs of hitting the highways can really add up. >> obviously they are thinking they are saving monday bye they splurge and over do it real on the road. >> reporter: tray badge of retail me in says one big road trip expense can hit a waist line and bottom line, food. >> getaway from home and all those good health habits you may have been tend to go during the winter all go by the way side. it is really important to stick to your diet and how you normally eat if you can because those are really wallet busters for everybody out there. >> reporter: plan ahead and cheese restaurant lou forward to on the route. for time in between prepack snacks. another overlooked expense, parking. especially in big cities. research garages ahead of time to find the best deal. same for hotels.
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smart phone can help, even with unexpected overnight stays. >> don't just stop at a hotel and hope you will get a great deal. do some digging. you can do it the as a passenger in the car, do a little research and just don't pop in the next place you can find because you may tend to over spend there also. >> reporter: the other glaring expense on the road this summer, filling up the tank, apps like road ninja and gas buddy can locate best gas price's long the way. reporting for three on your side
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and, happening right now, bicyclist are preparing to make their way over ben franklin bridge, we are live, as the incredible journey, gets started to help fight cancer. also, some casino concerns, hit atlantic city, what is next avenues another boardwalk fixture will likely close. >> i'm getting escorted by police. >> booted for breast-feeding, that is what a california mother is claiming after she is escorted out of the concert with her four month-old baby. today is sunday, july 13th, good morning, thanks for joining us. i'm nicole brewer. it is 6:30 right now. let check on that forecast. yesterday was nice but you said much needed rain headed our way. >> we do need some showers and we will find some showers and
6:31 am
thunderstorms. they will be scattered around. if you don't see one today you are more likely to find them on monday and tuesday. we could be finding some downpours in some of these as well. if you are crunching over your lawn, then i think you will say, okay, we will take that or tired of watering your flowers, maybe mother nature can take a hand, finally. center city, you can see a few clouds, and also a little bit of fog. go 209 shore it is tail of the two cities. we have atlantic city with the sun, and expect to find both today. we will find some clouds, sun, and, you can see on storm scan three, we may be finding a few storms, as well and you can see some have of those showers there, a couple areas to know. one, little batch just about to make its way across maryland into delaware, northern delaware and other one that is just passing through northwestern portion of pennsylvania, if that one hangs together we could be finding some showers and storms out of. that we have two cold front coming by over the next couple of days and a big low pressure system and just the
6:32 am
combination of all of that just the instability is rampant, in the atmosphere and that is why we're likely to be finding these showers and storms. 72 degrees our temperature right now. seventy in trenton. we have 72 degrees in wilmington. much of the day to day will be fine. it will be humid. we have dew points in the 60's, i have clicked past that too fast. dew points in the 60's which indicates it is very humid. our temperatures this have afternoon will be getting to 88, 90 degrees and we will be feeling, slightly warmer than that. we will start especially later on this afternoon picking up any of these showers or thunderstorm chances and especially later on tonight. would i say between 7:00 and 9:00 o'clock we will start to see this moving in the area, this is a look at 8:00 o'clock according to the computer model. we will continue to monitor these storms as they role through the area later on today and next couple of days. we will show you that, coming up, nicole. >> carol, thank you. new this morning two people are stabbed in northeast philadelphia, philadelphia police found the
6:33 am
victim on the 3500 block of welsh road just before 5:00. investigators say that the suspect fled that scene on foot. there is no word on the victim's condition at this time. also new this morning fire fighters battled a low house fire in north philadelphia. now it didn't take long for fire fighters to get the fire under control in the 3400 block of dillman street. thankfully, in one was injured. more than 3,000 cyclist are pedaling, to fight cans they are morning. the forty-second annual american cancer society bike-a-thon is about to begin. "eyewitness news" reporter syma chowdhry is live at ben franklin bridge where the race business to begin, and it looks like they're off, syma. >> reporter: that is right, nicole, they have just took off just moments ago, first group, across ben franklin bridge. more than 3,000 riders out here, across ben franklin bridge, to start their 65-mile
6:34 am
journey, into new jersey. i know as you take a look here you can see so many people. if you keep going, they just keep going around and around the ben franklin bridge. i mean 3,000 people, participating in the forty-second annual american cancer society bike-a-thon, it is, an amazing sight to see. lots of folks out here, trying to raise more than one million-dollar to fight this battle of cancer. so now lots of folks trying to ride for friends, family members, and look, all of us know a cancer survivor. so this is just one of those meaningful mornings out here, lot of folks, teary eyed, lot of folks remembering those they lost in the fight begins cancer. we spoke with a survivor, who is almost a 40 year survivor, he has been doing this race for about 18 years and he says that the very first ride did he, well, that was his most meaningful moment.
6:35 am
>> it wasn't until i crossed that the significance of what the event was, for me as a cancer survivor really hit home. since then i have been very actively involved with it and continue to be and will continue to participate. it is a fabulous, fun event. >> reporter: yes, definitely fabulous and fun. we do know that there are a a few rest stops for the cyclist. starting spots rather. that people can join. now the riders consist of, nine years old and they go all the way up to... >> unaudible. so, we hope to raise more than a million-dollar, over the years, they have raised about 20 million, and again, it is in the hope of fighting cancer they stress this is in the a
6:36 am
race. they are happy that the weather is cooperating but they are hoping, that it stays cool and dry but of course, we are watching carol's forecast for thaw. it is a big old party, back to you. >> that many riders a race would be tough. looks great, syma, thank you. 6:36 right now. atlantic city's luck continues to run out as yet another casino will close its doors this year. hundreds of employees will learn their fate in the coming days. "eyewitness news" reporter matt rivers who expect to one gaming expert who says closure of trump plaza may be what atlantic city needs to get back on track. >> reporter: atlantic city cold streakings on with the announce of the that trump plaza a boardwalk stapel will likely close down. its owner told the associated press while no final decisions have been made its doors will close september 16th taking over 1,000 jobs with it. >> it is sad, coming down for girls weekend and like a ghost town. >> reporter: casino has been struggling sometime now. gambling revenues have been
6:37 am
down 27 percent since last year when it took in 73 million-dollar. >> it is a shame, it is really dead. we just came back from the tropicana but it is not a lot of gambling going on. >> reporter: trump plaza is hardly alone in the struggles. the atlantic club shut down earlier this year, show boat is closing august 31st and revel will soon follow if the buyer isn't found. between those four casinos alone, 7,000 employees have either lost their jobs or could lose them soon, that is one in four of all of the casino workers in atlantic city and this all happened since january 1st. >> the weakest companies, were the ones in the news right now. >> reporter: israel p.o. sner is a casino industry expert and said it is in coincidence that the worst perform casinos are shutting down but when weak erika seen owes close it strengthens those that remain. he thinks closures are over with. >> i don't anticipate anybody, any other companies announcing that anywhere near the interim. i could be wrong but i don't see it. >> reporter: here's hoping he
6:38 am
is right because with attitudes like this. >> very sad to see, the impact. >> i think ac is a great time and it seems like it is going away. >> reporter: the city by the sea could use more good news. more details about the future of trump plaza should announced on monday. matt rivers, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". well, star of the tv's cake boss buddy and his friend had to be rescued from new york harbor. buddy and his group were returning to the marina in new jersey when they got lost in heavy fog friday night. they radio for help after colliding with another boat. new york fire and police unit brought them to safety. he hopes to thank them by what else, baking them a cake. well, a california mother says that she was escorted out of the concert for breast-feeding and she claims she has video to prove it. reporter allison ash has a look at that recording. >> i need to you come outside because you are putting your child in danger of getting into loud music. >> reporter: megan christopherson said she was
6:39 am
shocked and scared when this police officer ordered her and her doubt tours move out of the pit area as brad paisley began playing. >> i'm getting escort by police. >> reporter: this video is causing outrage because christopherson shied was singled out for breast-feeding four month-old gracy strapped to her chest. >> it completely was a cop out, they are trying to cover this up because they know they legally cannot remove me for nursing. >> reporter: christophersonnies not backing down. she told thaws before she was confronted by the officer she was approached by a woman from the elite security. >> she said that there were complaints about me, and that i needed to stop. i said welshing i'll stop when my baby is done nursing. >> reporter: law says woman can breast feed anywhere in public that mothers air loud to be. >> i'm shocked. i'm disgusted in our society that women are shamed into nursing in bathrooms or their
6:40 am
cars or feeding their baby a bottle only because they are scared to nurse in public. >> reporter: but the police say the officer asked the mom to move her baby and her eight year-old daughter to different seats so for the baby's own good. >> your child does not have hearing protection on. the crowd will start surging forward. where you are at your child can get crush. we are afraid of your child getting crush and your child's ear drums being hurt. >> reporter: would you do anything to endanger your children. >> absolutely not. >> reporter: christophers-son says she's not done taking her doubt tours concerts but she's done with sweet train theater. >> that was allison ash reporting. that venue gave christopherson a full refund for her ticket. she says she's considering a lawsuit. 6:40 right now. still to come this morning a dancing traffic cop, draws smiles with her steps, take a look. >> ♪ >> all right. when we come back we will have
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the story of how she's he boosting moral in a town where it is needed. stay with us we will be right back.
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a tree, growing through a bike. that bike was park in the spot, 25 years ago. and over the years, a tree just grew right through it. now the bike is permanently
6:44 am
lodged inside. that is kind of crazy. now to the story of a woman who does her job, with style, that might describe a lot of people but as jim axlerod reports what makes this woman so special isn't just how she approaches her job but where it is. >> ♪ >> reporter: when she's on the traffic beat, she's all about the traffic but she is moved by the beat. >> it makes me move, i'm playing it, and the oldies especially ela fitzgerald and big band area that makes my hips go. >> thank you, sir. >> reporter: pollack sees a part of her job, as giving people a smile where she works. >> we all have our problems but a smile will help you, through it all. anger and sadness will not. i want people to smile. i want people to get through the problems. >> reporter: if anyplace, no sadness, it is, where she works. newtown, connecticut. >> it is a lot more good then
6:45 am
there is evil. there truly is. sadly we all talk about the evil instead. we have to start talking about all of the good people out there. all of the good people. what they do. even if it is a simple thing of smiling. >> reporter: kate's dade work near pollack's post where they help funeral after funeral, in december of 2012. >> for a while everything around here was a little sad. i took a while for everybody to get over it. seeing someone who is just as happy as they were before really helps. >> reporter: traffic agents have delighted drivers from providence rhode island to the philippines. pollack just wants to change the conversation around newtown. >> thank you, darling. >> reporter: she's such a hit she sometimes stops traffic, which tech nickly might cross perfectly with her job but no one complains. >> probably richest person in the town i don't have a
6:46 am
dime to my name but i have so many people that give me their love. as i give them mine. that was jim axlerod reporting. she was born and raised in newtown and she knows many of the parents lost children that day. good for her for keeping up the spirits. we will send it to carol for a check of the forecast, hi, carol. >> i love that music. >> yes. >> we are looking at a beautiful sunrise as you can see, nicole, and we will be keeping some sun today but we will be finding a little competition for this sun in the form of some clouds and we're seeing those through the philadelphia area right now. expect to find sun, clouds, and weather pattern that will be ever changing over the next couple of days. you can see ben franklin bridge which is closed right new because of all of the people, on the the bridge, right now, for the cancer fundraiser but, the skies, not as bright as we have ever seen them. we will see bright evening
6:47 am
with these skies but we will also see some darkening with these skies as we move in the late afternoon and then tomorrow we have a chance of showers and then are storms again. right now a temperature of 69 degrees in the poconos. 9 miles an hour winds. you can see the direction of the winds coming from the south. that is why humidity is coming up too. we have 72 degrees in philadelphia 71 in atlantic city. southerly wind of 9 miles an hour. lets put the whole region into the view here and you can see everybody is the in the 70's, with the exception of the poconos where you are just about as close 207 on degrees as you can probably get. we are looking right now at storm scan three, we will be watching this a couple of cold fronts will be coming here over next couple of days. the atmosphere will be react to go that and humidity that is continuingly being pumped up by southerly winds. area of showers right now, just crossing into new castle county delaware. we will be finding an unsettled day to day with
6:48 am
breaks of sunshine, and some clouds, some clouds, possibly some showers, and this is as it comes through would be coming on through later today. i'll time that for you. that front comes through here and really two of them come through one on monday and one a little bit later on after this. the translation is showers and thunderstorms, and we are in the slight risk category forgetting severe weather. you can see how big that area is. it includes all of new jersey, much of pennsylvania, all of delaware, maryland and then you go back towards the southwest. all of these areas. this is for monday. we will be finding the possibility of getting some downpours especially if one of these storms just hangs over you. we could be finding lines of storms, some bowness those storms. also possible hail with some of them, damaging winds. it is weather that needs to be monitored through the next couple of days. this afternoon we will get some clouds, breaks, some storms coming through at 8:00 o'clock tonight up through poconos and allentown
6:49 am
coming through philadelphia do we see that by 11 or 12:00 o'clock overnight. do we see some of that as well. then we will get calmer weather. by the the time we will get through the afternoon tomorrow we will be watching for some of these showers, to come through again, as this is a look at 3:00 o'clock and 5:00 o'clock in the afternoon and 8:00 o'clock at night, midnight. we have some of that weather that you have to pay attention to so we will watch for that for the next could have of days. otherwise today 89 degrees, that is what it was yesterday, it will feel more humid to day though. seventy-five. cloudy skies with a thunderstorm as we move through evening and nighttime, tomorrow and tuesday chances of showers, thunderstorms, some of them could be strong. then on wednesday we will clear out and boy does it feel different around here as humidity drops, it looks like a great mid week, and on, nicole. >> all right, carol thanks very much. 6:49. lets get out to ann evans in the cbs-3 traffic center, ben franklin bridge as you can see shut down in both directions
6:50 am
for american cancer society's bike-a-thon shut down now between 7:30 this morning. so take walt whitman instead. look at the ben franklin bridge, so add seeing it like. that we will move traffic cam again to 202, southbound lanes right at chesterbrook, a new construction pattern here, left lanes were blocked and instead of the right, new left lanes are block instead of the right, right now, no delays, that will change later on as volume picks up. we will move traffic cam one more time to the mid county toll of the pennsylvania turnpike, no delays here, the north east extension southbound an accident in lehigh valley and quakertown. "eyewitness news" will be right back after this.
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as hot as they have been all season after winning their fifth in the row friday over washington but they still trailed braves by eight and a half games with 69 to play, tease or turn around, top of the sixth after cole hamels walk anthony, and, off speech speed. >> phillies looking to answer, runners second and third one out marilyn byrd and that is money right there left field, one run scores here, here comes chase you the thely, he is in, cuts it to a three-two lead at that point. that would move to the bottom of the eighth, second and third, two outs, ben reveer and that is another clutch hit right there game tying single to center, codey ash scores, game tied at three, at that
6:54 am
point, and, moving ahead to the top of the tenth, two outs, nationals runner first and second, ryan zimmerman. but, span scores. washington snaps the phillies five game winning streak, and nationals win it five-three, game three is today at 1:35. chase utley will be presented with the all-star uniform before the first pitch. >> staying with the phillies cliff lee who has been sidelined with the elbow injury since may 18th, he will throw 75 pitches in a rehab game for single a clearwater for tomorrow. 359 year-old lefty could join the club july 19th in atlanta carlos ruiz has been cleared to partake in baseball activities after passing a base line test. he suffered a second diagnosed concussion june 26th. he will work out in clearwater during the all-star break. count down to eagles training camp. we are very close. lesean mccoy is making most out of time he has left. shady is hosting his first annual celebrity weekend benefiting als association.
6:55 am
mccoy friend at newman college for celebrity basketball game. that included many former teammates as well as desean jackson. here's lesean on desean and his current teammates. >> unaudible. >> i will cot same. happy to have him here. but also all of the other teammates. they came out to support me. that is what it is all about. >> mccoy in the chaty mood and shared his thoughts on the man handing and throwing him the ball this season nick foles. here's shady on the man who put up monster numbers in his first full year as a starter. >> i think he shows glimpses of being a great player. he has really turn it on. he is more confident. he is a quarterback. he is very confident. union hosting colorado
6:56 am
philadelphia, two-point out of the playoff spot in the eastern conference. second half, seventh third minute, union up two -one thanks to andrew, but rapids score two unanswered goals just eight minutes apart, clutch kick by desean brown to tie the game. game ends in difficulties a pint 30ing fashion for union, three-three draw. world cup bobs medal, netherlands and brazil this was all netherland they with win three to nothing. brazil ans were booed as they existed the field. germany and argentina battle for gold later today. i'm rob ellis, have a good day. that is it for eye bitterness news at 6:00 here's what we have at 7:00. governor christie is speaking out about the rising tensions in the middle east why he says president obama, is partly to blame. then we will take you to an unusual auction worried abouters can buy a tank, and pretty big item. and carol has your
6:57 am
forecast when includes an increase in humidity and possibly, some moisture. we will have all that and more coming up on iron witness news at 7:00. if he were a lobbyist... if they were political contributors...
6:58 am
maybe tom corbett would listen to them, instead of cutting funding for their schools. oil and gas companies gave corbett 1.7 million dollars in political contributions. and he gave them a sweetheart deal on taxes that's costing pennsylvania billions. corbett's mismanagement has caused a huge budget deficit. and his painful education cuts are forcing teacher layoffs and increasing class sizes. now corbett wants to give the oil and gas industry even more handouts. and what's he getting from them? corbett's keeping that secret. so pennsylvanians are challenging tom corbett to come clean. release the records of your meetings with donors... that you've been hiding. disclose all the contributions, letters and emails from oil and gas lobbyists who influence you. we've got a right to know who tom corbett's listening to. because it sure isn't us.
6:59 am
65-mile journey, we are
7:00 am
thousands as, ben franklin bridge. and septa bus driver, assaulted, behind the wheel, one of several stories new this morning. we will have the details. >> developing right now, rocket fired in the skies over middle east, we will have the latest on the rising tensions there. it is sunday july 13th, good morning to you, i'm nicole brewer. thanks for joining us. 7:00 o'clock. lets check that forecast. carol standing by and a little more humidity in the forecast. >> yes, unfortunately. it will feel hotter then actual air temperature so actual air temperature close to 90 degrees today >> we will head to the shore and what do you see, we see a nice look there, and, the the skies are saying, um, maybe we're just not in the the greatest mood, and i think we


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