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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  July 13, 2014 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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♪ >> from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> right now at 11:00, storms packing heavy winds and torrential downpours are moving through the region. good evening everyone i'm natasha brown. thanks so much for joining us. the threat of severe weather continues into the late night hours. let's get right over to meteorologist kathy orr she's keeping close eye on these storms and what we can expect as the night progresses. kathy? natasha, these storms have been fast and furious for severe
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cells developing as the evening has progress. you can see one line moving toward the north and the east and another line forming near baltimore and washington. this moving northeast about 35 miles an hour. it is a line of severe weather. now let's take a closer look at the storms. some hail indicators in couple of these storms and you can see the line that continues to form that is marching toward the east northeast and towards philadelphia. we do have a few severe thunderstorms watches and warnings to pass along to you. this is in new one this extends through new castle county delaware, chester county, delaware county andly through parts of gloucester county and same little county new jersey. talking about severe thunderstorm warning in effect until 11:45 containing damaging winds and also the possibility of hail. these storms will be near wilmington manor about 11:05. newtown square new castle around 11:10. broomall and trout lake around 11:15 and east lansdale and drexel hill about 11:20. we're talking about damagin damg winds in excess of about
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60 miles an hour. with these particular storms. we have a watch in effect for most of the area and that will continue until about 11:30 tonight. we'll see if it is extended. severe storm threat tonight. heavy downpours capable of producing flooding winds in excess of 60 miles an hour. lightning with these and the possibility of hail but there's no risk of tornadoes were these particular cells. you can see the line will be moving through even through philadelphia late tonight and the weakened fashion and continue into the wee hours of the morning. by the monday morning commute, it hob dry but another risk of severe weather comes our with tomorrow. and it could be more widespread. also a refreshing change in that seven day forecast i'll be back with that. we want to remind you can get the weather any time track severe storms when you're on the go check live radar and get alerts cbs philly weather app. it's now available for apple products. the android version is coming soon. natasha? >> kathy, thank you so much. you can also send us your storm punctures on twitter. use the hash tag cbs-3 storm and
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always remember to make sure it's safe out before you start taking any photos. >> as we do prepare for more storms this week many are still cleaning up from last week's damaging storms. "eyewitness news" reporter elizabeth hur is in delaware county tonight where folks are hoping for the best. >> reporter: the street sign no manage for mother nature. neither was this utility pole and with wires still hanging low, all from the last storm -- >> i'm glad nobody got hurt. >> reporter: you can understand why the rodriguez family and neighbors are relieved but also worried with yet of another storm on its way. we first met them on tuesday when the wind and rain knock down trees and power lines. according to peco about a quarter million of its customers were left in the dark then forcing residents throughout the tri-state area to spend the next few days cleaning up and crews fixing poles and lines. delaware county officials say was one of the hardest hit areas in the last round.
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this time, many are just waiting while hoping for the best. and peco officials say they, too, are monitoring the situation closely. they tell us already have crews on stunned by and they're asking customers to do their part and that is simply report any downed lines and outages as quickly as possible. reporting from yeadon i'm elizabeth hur cbs-3 eyewitness news. >> developing now in montgomery county, a possible gas leak forces more than 100 residents to be evacuated from their hom homes. these are eyewitness cam photos here taken from the 4200 block of north gorsky lane in skippack township. neighbors began leaving their homes after noticing a strange odor. now the red cross set up shelter at skippack elementary school for those who need a place to stay. crews are actively scowering the area looking for the source of the odor. also new tonight, philadelphia police say a suspected drunk driver rammed no a fire vehicle causing this
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accident at 17th and lehigh. police say a fire engine and ladder truck with sirens blaring were responding to fire when a motorcycle -- a motorist that is t bone the batallion chief's s suv. no one was seriously injured. >> and now in north philadelphia, a septa paratransit bus an car collide sending five people to the hospital. this crash happened at sixth and cambria years in the fair hill second. "eyewitness news" reporter matt rivers is live at hahnemann university hospital where some of the injured are being treat treated. matt? >> reporter: natasha, two of those injured people are being treated here at hahnemann university hospital. three others are being treated at temple university hospital. all five on in stable condition after a scary scene earlier this afternoon in north philly. it happened in an instant. septa paratransit bus driving through the intersection at sixth and cambria suddenly up on two wheels tipping over. >> cadillac ran the light and t boned the paratransit vehicle
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and flipped it on to it's side. >> this cadillac blew red light heading south on sixth street slamming into the side of the bus. four people inside the bus including the driver and three female passengers were injured in the crash. police say they suffered cuts and injuries to their legs and backs. some were it tood here at hahnemann hospital. while others were taken to temple hospital. >> i just jumped iran across street and helped the people o out. i heard people screaming inside the vehicle. i help the one lady off. she was hanging off the seat bell. >> reporter: fifth person walking on the street was injured hit by this falling traffic signal knock over during the crash. >> i had a couple other people come up and give me hand taking them out. the people that were riding in this vehicle took off. >> 48 year old man driving the cadillac was arrested for driving unthe influence given the severity of accident witnesses said it could have been worse. >> you don't like see this kind of stuff. praise god nobody was killed in the accident. >> reporter: all five people
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injured in this crash are expected to make full recoveries. we're live outside of hahnemann university hospital, matt rivers cbs-3 witness news. >> matt, thank you very much. >> meantime philadelphia police are looking for the person who establish a man and woman early this morning it happened inside a home in the 3500 block of welsh road in the northeast. police say the 21 year old male victim and one at year old female victim are in stable condition. there's no word on motive behind these attacks. and police are also investigating an tack on a septa bus driver in north philly. it happened just after 1am at the 22nd and lehigh avenue. police say two men jumped on a route 54 bus and assaulted the driver. and then jumped out and fled in white mercedes-benz. the bus driver suffered some minor injuries. no injuries to any of the passengers who were on board that bus. and officials do say the jersey city police officer killed at a drugstore had only been on the job for six months. authorities say the gunman
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lawrence campbell never tried to rob the walgreens store. instead he was waiting to ambush police. minutes before shooting 23 year old officer melvin santiago, campbell allegedly told a witness to watch the news because he was going to be famous. santiago was shot in the head before he even got out of his cruiser. >> my son was just 23 years old and he was a good boy. and he didn't deserve to get a bullet in his head for no reason. for just doing his job. >> the suspect was shot and killed at the scene. campbell was wanted by police for a prior homicide. no customers were injured. and tomorrow employees at trump plaza in atlantic city are expected to receive warning notices that the casino may close. if they do shut down atlantic city could lose a third of its casinos and a quarter of its casino work force in less than nine months. the atlantic club closed in january. show bott is closing next month.
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and roll has threatened to shut down if it can't find a buyer. trump plaza has been a fixture on the boardwalk since noon 84. >> president obama is coming to delaware this week. he'll be in wilmington on thursday to speak about the economy. while he's in town, he is also expected to tour the construction site at the i495 bridge. of course we'll have complete coverage for you of the presidential visit right here on oy were the news. and now to the middle east where the fighting continues to get worse in the gaza strip. today the israeli military sent in ground troops to take out rocket launch facility controlled boy palestinian militant. other tanks and armored vehicles are stationed along the border waiting for further orders. so far calls from the international community to deescalate the situation have fallen short. >> and it really did come down to the final moments of play but in the end there can only be one
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champion and earlier today germany beat argentina to take the world cup title. pandemonium fill the streets of rio after the winning goal. german soccer fans waived their flags and set off firework celebrating their could country country's fourth title. >> local soccer fans packed bars on south street to catch the game and had jumbo tv set up on the street as well. lesley van arsdall will have all the highlights for you and the big winning goal from today's nail biting game at the end. >> storms are rolling through the region right now. more severe weather is in store for tomorrow as well. meteorologist kathy orr is tracking all of it for you. severe hunter stor into eff. we'll continue to track those storms and show you what to expect come tomorrow as we start another work week. >> also, severe weather causing
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serious problems out west. find out which national park was the site of not one but two deadly lightning strikes in just two days. plus a cargo ship full of goods launches into the international space station we'll tell you about the very important item of clothing on its way to astronauts. and thousands of cyclists take over the ben franklin bridge. why they embarked on a 65-mile journey when "eyewitness news"
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>> back now on "eyewitness news", a line of thunderstorms is moving through the area right now and we're tracking even more severe weather for the start of the work week. meteorologist kathy orr has the details that's coming up in just a few minutes. >> and lightning is being blamed for another death in colorado. a man was killed yesterday after being struck in rocky mountain national park. it was the second deadly strike
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in the park in about 24 hours. another woman was killed near the same trail on friday. they were the first lightning fatalities in the park since 2,000. >> also an exciting sunday for space enthusiasts off the coast of virginia. >> three, two, one, and we have, g that was lift off of the rocket carrying a cargo ship to the international space station. they took off from virginia carrying more than 3,000 pounds of supplies food and experimental exercise outfits. nasa says the new clothing is resistant to bacteria and odor so the astronauts won't smell as much during their two-hour daily workouts. saturday did mark the 5,000th day of continuous human habitation in orbit. >> now on the health watch tonight your sense of smell could ultimately indicate alzheimer's disease. new research shows that decreased ability to identify
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odors could be associated with a loss of brain cell function. the findings were revealed this weekend at the alzheimer's association international conference in denmark. >> and it was a sea of cyclists on the ben franklin bridge this morning. thousands of bikers hit the road in the 42nd annual american cancer society bike a thon. syma choudhry caught up with few of them as they set out on their journey to make big difference ♪ >> reporter: pedaling for a good cause 42nd annual american cancer society bike a thon kicked off at the base of the ben franklin bridge. more than three thus sand cyclists participated sunday morning all from different walks of life. just a passion from each and of one of these rider social security unbelievable. we have cancer survivors today. one is nine year odd and some are well up in their 80's. >> fike fine man is a 40 year survivor and has been cycling in the ride for the past 19 years. he said his first ride was memorable filled with people cheering for strangers.
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>> it wasn't till i crossed the significance of what event was for me as cancer survivor had the home. >> 65-mile ride continues to buena in south jersey. the group of survivors wearing blue bibs kicked off the event and the other participants were right behind them. >> it's a wonderful thing to ride with survivors to ride with people who have survived cancer and come back year after year after year to participate. >> with more participants means more funding. around million dollars was raised at this year's event. syma choudhry, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> all right. turning to our weather, a pretty tiew multi yous night. more watches and warnings continue to pop up. >> i was running over here. >> severe thunderstorm watch extended until midnight for the line of showers and thunderstorms moving across the delaware valley and they will be moving into south jersey as welch let's get right to it.
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across the region we're talking about warm and humid conditions. look at those lights just glaring in the haze down the shore in ocean city, cape may county. you will be seeing some of these storms as well. i don't think they will be in the severe form, but still heavy downpours associated with this line. on storm scan you can see them a line of showers and thunderstorms some imbedded severe storms moving eastward toward the northeast at this point at about 35, 40 miles an hour. at that rate they will be across the river within the next half hour or so. take closer look you can see some very heavy rain moving into montgomery county, even bucks county, continuing toward the northeast. there's a severe cell near delaware county that will continue to move toward the east as well. now, as we look at the severe threat you can see through pla places like western chester county, delaware county, exten extending on the jersey side through salem county and gloucester county and all of north delaware into central delaware severe thunderstorm
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warning in effect until 11:45 the main threat with these storms some damaging winds and even some hail. right now, temperatures still warm along theism november corridor and so humid this rain even making it more humid for tomorrow. philadelphia 84. millville 77. down the shore, more stable air mass sits and temperatures are in the 70s. that ocean water temperature sitting at 70 as well. during the day on monday, another threat of severe weather and this warm humid air mass as a cold front approaches from the west. the threat again damaging winds in excess of 60 miles an hour. the potential for flooding because of what we call training thunderstorms. thunderstorms going over the same location over and over. it will be isolated but it is possible and also the possibility of hail. so here comes, we have a cold front over the northwest. behind it much cooler air. some afternoon thunderstorms for monday and even into tuesday. here's a look at future weather getting a good grip ons were what's going on there right now. the storms continue to move east and offshore by the early morning hours.
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tomorrow morning, for the morning commute, just very warm and humid. by the afternoon highs in the 90s. and here come the storms bubbling up again. they may even form a line before they move out toward the north and east during the late night hours they'll be sticking around and then tuesday we could have a repeat performance of the stormy weather. after that, we dry the out midweek. it's not really polar vortex but it is a cooler core vex and that means wednesday into thursday and friday that cool air comes down. we'll still be in the 80s. but it will be noticeably more comfortable almost fall like for a couple of days at least before he were get back into the summer sizzle. overnight the storms will slowly come to an end. it will be warm and muggy with low temperature of seventy three degrees. during the day on monday some showers and storms some of which could be severe. not a severe thunderstorm watch in effect for tomorro just yet. i think there will be. high temperature going for 90 degrees. on the exclusive eyewitness setter seven day forecast and shore cast, you can see tuesday,
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still stormy. wednesday clearing out. thursday and friday very comfortable with highs on in the lower 80s. which is below average for this time of year. normal highs are in the upper 80s. saturday and sunday, 85 and 86 respectively. it will be very pleasant down the shore as well. we have some reports of trees down and power lines down to the north and west of philadelphia. but we'll see how many more roars we get in late tonight. but over 55 reports through the poconos and points westward. so hopefully we won't see that type of damage overnight. >> hope not. have to be careful. >> thank you so much kathy. >> lots of folks watching the world cup today. >> oh, yeah. >> nail biting moments. >> germany looking to send are a wren tina home for the third straight time at the world cup. the blues for kyle kendrick as the phillies head into the all star break.
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>> all right. germany became the first european team to win the world cup on latin america soil beating argentina in a close match. the game went into extra time. scoreless in the 131st minute. mario scores right there to give germany a one-nil lead. the last minute of play messy with the free kick. shot goes over the cross bar. he knows it. germany beat argentina one to nothing within their fourth world cup. the first as a unified nation. >> the phillies heading into the all star break on a two-game losing streak after losing once again to the nationals. kyle kendrick got the start.
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a loud 23 runs in the first innings so far this season and let's make it 26. first inning two on. nobody out. former phil jayson werth golfs this ball over the wall for his 12th homer of the season. four rbi's and the phillies fall to 11 games below 500 with that 10-three defeat at citizens bank park. coming up next in the zone keal recap the phillies first half with the inquirer mark narducci and break down the world cup with jonathan tan then wald. that's coming up
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>> welcome back everyone. monkey business is good business at the box office. >> don't shoot! he had to go go. >> dawn of the planet of the apes took in more than 70 millions dollars. one of the summer's best debuts so far. dawn easily beat the competition coming in second transformers earning 16.5 million. tammy was their followed by 22 jump street and how to train your dragon two. >> international talent hunt hosted bio margay sci-fi fraternity draws hundreds to
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philadelphia. high school students performed and instrumental music. kenny gamble there served as the honorary chair of this event. the talent hunt was established in 1945 to encourage young gifted artists. we're back
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>> all right. kathy we're all plotting or our skit trying to escape these storms. >> it's knocking on our door right here in our center city studios.
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you can see a line of shower and thunderstorms losing punch that's the good news about to moving into center city philadelphia. upper darby and mr. i don't know right along the mainline quickly approaching center stow philadelphia. now we do have a severe thunderstorm watch that continues to be in effect until midnight. i want to show you all of the storm reports over 50 storm reports with this line of storms to our west. 37 wind damage and even a marine thunderstorm problem there. severe thunderstorm watch in effect until midnight and that will extend into south jersey. >> all right. thank you so much. kathy and thank you so much for joining us tonight. we're always on for you now we're handing things over to lesley and the cbs-3 sports zone. have a great
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♪ >> this is the cbs-3 sports zone presented by lexus. who says you can't go home. lebron james stuns the world with his return to cleveland. the free agent domino effect even impacting the sixers. and german engineering at its finest. germano are the champions out lasting argentina and messy for his fourth world cup win. hello and welcome to the lexus sports zone. i'm lesley van arsdall. we have a great show for you tonight. we're starting with the biggest news of the week lebron james heading hope. lebron leaves miami to resign with cleveland where he played fi


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