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tv   Eyewitness News at 530  CBS  July 14, 2014 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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now, but that's going to change soon. hot, humid day is going to turn stormy, and katie is looking at the rain, some possible flashflooding, as well. let's start with traffic and weather together, start with k fell. >> that's right, ukee, actually is flashflood watch that will go into effect as of noon today. we will be talking about that, not just heavy rain we have to dodge, severe weather potential for a day for us, not just one but two days straight. so, lots to talk about here in the weather center, we'll break everything down coming up in the next few. >> roads damp and wet from the storms that rolled through last night, live look at the 42 freeway, lots of headlights, extra volume, monday morning, and a lot of folks come right back to the shore on a monday, right into the office. we'll check the rest of the roads, and mass transit coming up next. erika, good morning. >> thank you, bob. mysterious odor in montgomery county community, officials just don't know what it is. >> in case officials have evacuated in a hundred homes in skippack township, steve patterson is right now to tell
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you more, steve? >> ukee, erika, earlier there were dozens every crews here, they have all evacuated and left at this point. because they're testing to find out what that mystery substance is. nobody knows at this point, so that works is being done, meanwhile, see behind me, all of the townhomes, nobody is in them. more than 100 evacuated due to the substance now being called dangerous. earlier the fire department was here, the county was here, epa was here, hazardous response teams, all report to go this development, these township homes here, in skippack, after a strong odor was reported shortly before 6:00 last night. most people simply up and left. they've smelled the smell, talked to crews left layer homes, most have heeded the warnings and left. owners traced to a sump pump origin in the basement of most of these homes. at the moment it is being
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called volatile organic compound. that's as far as we've gotten on description. no reported illnesses, nobody sick, nobody being removed or taken out of their opens or being treated for any sort of odd smell. that smell led to those people being evacuated. it brought a state representative to check onslaught un tears and crews. we spoke with resident who was here when it started. >> epa, number one goal, to find out what this volume tide compound s they have not confirmed. the township will be providing more information at 8:00. i would suggest that they will not know at that time what is been detected in these homes. >> ever since i walked in i could smell it. then we called 191. they came out, individuals us to go get my wife and kids checked at the hospital. >> i -- you see the three notices posted on all of the doors in the neighborhood,
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everybody is gone. some people taken to the red cross, because they had no where else to go, about four families, ten people, are being assisted by them, meanwhile, nobody here as the epa continues testing. back in the neighborhood sometime around 8:00. we should know more at that point. but, maybe the origin is not to be determined until later this afternoon. the latest from montgomery county, steve patterson, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> steve, thank you. meanwhile five people injured when car collides with a septa paratransit bus in north philadelphia. this morning, the driver of that car is facing dui charges. police say a man driving a cadillac blew a red light at sixth and cambria yesterday slamming into the side of the bus. the impact of that crash caused the bus to flip on its side. everyone on board was returned to the hospital, including the driver. >> i just jumped, head the one lady up, hanging off the seatbelt. you don't like to see there is
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but praise god nobody was killed in the accident. >> now, everyone involved in yesterday's crash is expected to be okay. >> heat and humidity will be affecting everybody, eventually showers and storms start to fire up, depending on location you can be dealt the hand of very severe weather out of what we've got coming our way, all courtesy of very significant basically just clash in the atmosphere, taking place, so, you probably heard the rumors about this very cool air mass that's starting to move, in back through the midwest, northern planes, while that's true for that area, we don't really get in on necessarily the real cool air, but we will be dealing with very stormy continues. we take you out there, storm scan3 featuring showers, thunderstorms, offer and on, through the course of the overnight, another rounds fizz link, but rolling into portions of southern chester and lancaster county, looks like it will probably hold together maybe as it cross noose delco, but doesn't look
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like it will maintain its steam, as i like to call it, more so just looks like it is starting to fizz well time. the storm threat throughout the day, though, how we sort of rang them. downpours, strong winds, at high risk today. lightning and hail at moderate risk, but even the tornado threat, guys, at least little bit elevated while it may not actually happen. atmosphere is ripe for the possibility. so we want to give you the nice big heads up. absolutely monitoring the radar as the day progresses and we highly advise that you do the same. and you can do that as well as you maybe download our weather app here. 87 degrees, how it will feel already by 10:00 a.m., by 3:00 p.m., look at this, feels like 101. notice what happens in a short span of time. even by 5:00 p.m., feeling like triple digits by 7:00 it feels like the 70s. that's a sign that storms will have moved in. meantime you have to dodge again that round of showers and storms, that will likely be with us later on today, into the evening, and we are up to very hot and steamy,
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90 degrees high later on this afternoon. so, with storms on the way, you can get your updated forecast all day long, as i mentioned with the brand new cbs-3 philly weather app. check the radar. that will be a hot layer i think to be checking out today. severe weather alerts will likely start to follow. and you can download the app right now on itunes. bob, also coming soon to the android device. >> sounds good. good tool specially the radar there depending where you live, you may be impacted more so than others. >> 5:36 on monday morning, a loft folks coming back from the shore on monday morning, so seeing extra volume there on the 42 freeway, but going outside, check some of the other jam cams. live look at the schuylkill, headlights coming in toward philadelphia, light volume so far this morning between king of prussia and downtown. a live look at ft. washington, route 309, right near the ft. washington interchange, you can see, some of the puddles and again the roads are damn. watch it on some of the on and off-ramps this morning. now, heads up from new jersey transit. they are using shuttle buses this morning, on the princeton line, which basically goes
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from princeton junction into the town of princeton. so, add few extra minutes on your trip there this morning. watching us down the shore outside of lbi, garden state parkway southbound crash at wear town. for the gang in coatesville, route ten, crash at chapel avenue. and new traffic pattern southbound 202, they moved all of the lanes over, to the newly constructed stretch of the roadway, between chesterbrook boulevard down to the route 29 interchange in the great valley. ukee, back to you. >> thank you. time now 5:37. in business news, popular us candy make corson have a new owner. >> also, you could also soon have little more room in those airline overhead compartments, everybody trying to shove their bags. >> money watch's jill wagner joins us from the new york stock exchange, those stories and more, jill, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, ukee, erika there is morning, the department of justice is expected to announce that it reached a $7 billion settlement with citigroup over the bank's practices leading up to the financial crisis, in
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2008. the justice department has been investigating sit over sale of faulty mortgage backed securities, which helps fuel the house housing bubble. the deal expected to include more than $2 billion in consumer release. here on wall street, investors are watching as tech companies like google and yahoo report their second quarter earnings this week. on friday the dow finished 29 points higher, the nasdaq up 19. a sweet deal in the making, swiss candy maker lindh is reportedly in talks to buy us chocolate manufacturer russell stove stover for $1.5 billion. russell stover known for its boxed chocolate. lindh says the purchases is a good opportunity to expand in north america. and, if you are tired of fighting for space in the overhead bins, when you fly, boeing may be the answer. new 737 comes with option for bigger storage areas. boeing calls them space bins. also, 48% more bags.
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they are easier to load, knows thousand bins available on planes late next year. i like the sound of. that will ukee, erika? >> always stinks to be that last person on the plane, you think, sorry, your bag won't fit. we have to check it. >> no! >> so true, so true. green light to sell its cars in pennsylvania, governor tomorrow corbett signed legislation allowing the electric car maker to open five dealerships. had pushed for the bill. its business model ran up against state law prohibiting manufacturers from also acting as a dealer. on the hell watch this morning, can your ipad make you sick? pediatric researchers found it gave one boy in california a nasty rash. turns out the 11 year old had a nickel allergy. doctors say it was triggered by daily use of ipad. they tested the device, found a compounds containing nickel on the outside coating. the boy got better when
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putting a protective case on the tablet. incorrect measurements can lead to dangerous dosage mistakes. new pediatric study find more than 40% of children had given their children the wrong dosage because they got confused by teaspoons and tablespoons. the centers for disease control wants drug makers to instead use millimeters as a standard. looking at 5:40 in the morning, the fighting in israel forces musician to pull a plug on the concert. who is refusing too play as the crisis in the mideast intensifies. >> terrorist taunt. see the mocking message from the man responsible for kidnapping hundreds of school girls as the search intensifies for them. >> driver unexpectedly crashes a pool party. finds out how the suv ended up under water. >> today may not be the best day to be hitting the pool. looking ahead to day of potentially severe weather, as we sit in a slight risk for it, we will walk you through all of the details, give you a sense of what the biggest
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threats, are tell you, also, when it will get out of here, and we start to clear out. details coming hey, do yoreplacement?stant (snap!) what just happened? check your wallet. no. way. your debit card should arrive in 7-10 business days. it's time to bank human again.
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get debit cards on the spot, and no monthly fee checking with just a $100 minimum balance at td bank. america's most convenient bank. words is j wow is a mom. >> gave birth to baby girl. j wow, real name jenny farley, she named her daughter maylani
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alexandra matthews. >> born yesterday we're told in new jersey, she is weighing 7 pounds, 13 ounces, mom and daughter both doing well. this is the first child for farley and her fiancee, roger matthews. >> well the upcoming kneel young and crazy horse concert in israel has been canceled. reps for the singer say it is because of ongoing violence in the middle east. show scheduled in testify al eve. young said he will make donations to two organization that is teach music to pal continue january and israeli youth. traffic and weather together coming up on 39's -- coming on the 3's in just a bet. check out this spectacular sunset, when the setting sun lines one street grid of manhattan. every west west treat in the city lit up with that orange glow. a lot of people stopped by and take pictures the sun won't set like that again until next year. does draw a lot of people with their cameras. >> very cool.
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>> we see that twice every year usually, ukee, and on top of it all, we had the super moon to look at as well over the past weekend. cool stuff going on in terms of the planets, and the way they orbit around the earth, and certainly some pretty cool stuff. meanwhile, storm scan3, i wouldn't say it is necessarily some cool stuff. we have stormy weather to track out, there guys, latest frontal boundery starting to dig n this isn't your typical run of the mill frontal boundery, rather, very significant trough, that's digging itself into the atmosphere. and you have probably heard these rumors about some much, much cooler air, taking grip, way cooler than average, back to the midwest, for example, northern planes, and you can really see how some of the cool air is being funneled. in look at the current temperature in alpena at the height of the summer where we're typically seeing the hottest weather we see all year, only at 48 degrees up that way. by comparison, still into the 70s here, and what that does is set up a clash. so we've got the heat, the humidity, whereas what's digging in is much cooler, drier air, so something has to give here. before one can win out against the other.
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and as a result we are dealing with strong and even severe thunderstorms, flashflood watches taking effect, knotts out there just yetment as of noon today, across basically philly, the immediate vicinity, surrounding del bear river, then off to the north and west, going forward, high should hit about 09 today, we flirt with it tomorrow. both days specially tomorrow more widespread activity with showers, potentially severe thunderstorms, slight risk across the board today, tomorrow, little bit less involved, still the potential to see some showers and storms turn severe. then skies should start to clear out. i think left with morning rain wednesday. but we will eventually start to clear out it, will feel a lot cooler, and by thursday and friday we are barely getting into the low 80s. so it is not so much of a drop on the thermometer for us, just have to deal with stormy weather as the trough addition n it will feel much more comfortable later on. >> okay. >> getting all choked up about it.
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>> my irish nose starting to peel here, see? >> i see. >> tell you what, though, that alarm went off this morning at 2:00. ugh. boy, after sleeping, in i call it normal people time. >> right. >> welcome back. >> welcome to the real world. >> 2:00 a.m., i'm lying hello, 2:00 where are we going? 5:46. i've been you have for four hours now. live look at accident on the blue route. 476 right near route one, you think you're having bad start to the morning it, could be worse, it this old owe here got the driver side all smashed up. and he's getting a talking to here, from the officer. this is the northbound side of 476, in the area of route one. and then going to i95, right near philadelphia international airport, if you are flying in or out of town today, okay right now, but get ready for a new traffic pattern, and a new construction project, yes, another new project, on i-95,
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this one begins tonight from the girard point double decker, through that airport area, and down to 420. so if you are using 95, to or from the airport, this is going to impact you through december. add this project, all of the other project on i-95, and certainly some extra time up and down that corridor over the next couple of months. mass transit looking good. 24/7 specially today, through the storms, stay to up date with all of the traffic backups with our new app titled your drivement you can download the app for the iphone, android devices by going to drive. ukee, back to you. >> thank you, the department of homeland security says most illegal arrivals to the united states are going back. the deportation starts this week. the influx of unaccompanied children, 57,000 over the last nine months, has highlighted this crisis. president obama's request for $3.7 billion in emergency funds to deal with the influx has stalled in the republican-led house. >> there is a renewed push to
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rescue the kidnapped school girls in nigeria. the pakistani girl who survived shooting by the taliban is pledging her support to help save those abducted girls. the pledge comes as millitant group responsible for the girls disappearance releases a new message. >> in this new video, the leered of boca harem mocks campaign to bring back the girls. the more than 200 nigerian school girls are still miss 3-g months after their kidnapping. the parents of the abducted girls say they don't see any movement or support from the government. >> bring back our girls. >> sunday they broke down as pakistani teen shot by the taliban for campaigning for girls education pledged to help get their children back safely. >> who have taken the steps to speak for their girls and speak for their education,
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hopefully the government will listen to your voice and they will listen to what you are saying. >> sources close to negotiations tell cbs news although several rescue efforts have fallen apart, back door channels are still open and there could be action within a few days. cbs-3, "eyewitness news". we're updating today's top stories coming up. katie has another look at that stormy forecast, whether we do traffic and weather together on 39's. good morning, family, be right
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just by switching to progressive. so you'll be bringing home the bacon in no time. sorry. get a free quote at >> a look at today's headlines, more than 100 people force from the their homes in skippack, montgomery county because of apparent chemical leak last night. crews are trying interest trace the source of powerful
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odor in that area. 1,000 employees at the trump plaza in atlantic sit coy get the news today, the casino is closing. the owners of the casino say they expect to shut down in mid september. the israeli cabinet is considering a full grounds invasion, as part of its campaign against militants in gaza. israeli and hamas have exchanged missiles since last week. john kerrey has offered to help broker a cease-fire. right now, 5:52. and pool party in ohio gets crashed by an unlikely guest, out of control suv. take a look here. that's jeep sitting in the bottom after apartment complex near cleveland. some people were having a party at the pool when the driver smashed through the fence, and then splashed into the water. wow, just completely submerged. crews eventually fished that suv out of the pool. they've charged the driver with dui. want to get your forecast, katie, would you call that a core pool. >> oh, no. >> she went there. >> she did. so, goodness.
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well, i can't even respond to that one. it was that good. so let's just move right into the weather. unfortunately, guys, i don't come bearing the best weather news, especially if you have pool plans. not the best day for t early on is your best time to go maybe get in some pool plans. but we have severe weather potential here throughout the day across the region, wind flooding hail definitely lightning, i can't even rule out tornado. it is possible anyway. so we have to keep close watch on. >> this right now mainly just little pocket of steady showers right over i-95, outside of new castle county, will likely hold together as it crosses northern delaware, but fizz link with time. not everyone has to deal with that. otherwise mostly cloudy, strong late day thunderstorms firing up at the shore again not the best shore day, but if you want to get in some beach time, i would do telly on, bob, over to you. >> 5:53, on a monday morning, rough go here for motorist end on the blue route. 476, live look northbound, accident right near route one, everything off to the shoulder there. they got officer and penndot arrow truck, on the scene there, but all of f the roads are wet and damp from all of
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the rain we had on the overnight. so far so good coming into the city on 95, and the schuylkill, and we'll check mass transit with what when we come right
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but our subaru legacy will be waiting for him. (vo) the longest-lasting midsize sedan in its class. introducing the all-new subaru legacy. it's not just a sedan. it's a subaru. >> midwest mustache and beard wearer contest underway. table it look. contestants came as far from guam, wow, that's pretty boss right there. >> oh,. >> prizes were given for variety of categories including freestyle and longest beard. proceeds from the competition benefit add local homeless organization. >> wow. >> never seen anything like that. >> that's commitment. you're growing that out for years. >> that is commercial in there somewhere. >> no kidding. how about it? coming up in the next hour of "eyewitness news", calls foresees fire in the middle east are ignored, as the violence in israel escalates.
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the latest developments. >> plus, looks a little like a blue berry but it has three times the antioxidants. the next super fruit that's high in demand. we'll he will you what that is coming up.
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>> we begin with breaking news this morning, philadelphia police investigating a break in. three men broke into a home on 29,000 block of westmoreland street shortly before 5:00 this morning, they held homeowner at gunpoint, stole tv's, laptop, jewelry. good news no one was injured. >> good morning, developing right now, mysterious odor baffeling off initials skippack township. >> posted evacuation notices on more than 100 homes, steve patterson joins us now, at the scene, with the latest information. steve? >> well, erika, ukee, our photographer here on the scene just said something
6:00 am
interesting. there are more reporters than residents in this neighborhood right now. and he's right. officials aren't sure what this oath or; although, they are calling it had hard us, causing evacuation of more than 100 homes. some things stinks. >> i could smell it, and then we called 911, and they came out, and advise dollars us to go get my wife and kids check at the hospital. >> many in the neighborhood did the same thing, initial reports shortly before 6:00 sunday night sent the fire department, epa, and county hazardous response team. >> told to open our windows, and i took my kids to a friends' house, and i'll probably go back to my parents house. >> more than 100 homes evacuated after crews say chemical readings hi, and the smell labeled volatile compound, but identifying the source, may take some time. >> epa, number one goal, to find out what this volatile compounds s they have


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