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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  July 14, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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but this cell in baltimore and washington very strong. when we take a look at the the lightening, about 562 strikes within the past hour or two, another line of storms developing, and continues from allentown, reading, berks county where flooding is occurring through lancaster and extending south. do i think that these two lines will merge and all this will move through the philadelphia area throughout the evening period. new lets take assume in because this is a trouble spot through northampton county, allentown, lehigh county, red, berks county and moving toward the north east and will continue to move between 20 and 30 miles an hour. at that speed it is going to be in bedminster by about 6:08, alexandria 6:22. raretan in new jersey at 6:43 and montgomery by 6:57. very heavy rains associated with these particular storms, still more to go during the late night hours as well. we have a flash flood warning in effect for northern parts of the bucks county through
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berks and now allentown and lehigh rally into northampton count which these slow moving storms, the flooding is occurring on streams, and also, on our streets. severe thunderstorm watch in effect for the entire region until about 8:00 o'clock. in damaging wind as of the past hour, that is the good news but flash flooding is occurring through lehigh valley and as you head toward the north east and that could continue, through tuesday. although we are not going to be out of the woods probably until wednesday morning. here you go in these flash floods the slow moving downpours one to 3 inches on have rain in a very short period of time. we have poor drainage flooding in some locations and we are watching the stream, creeks and even the local streets. that is very latest from the weather center, we will continue to track these storms and have more information later on, in the broadcast, as it develops, for now we will send it back to you, jessica. you can send us your storm pictures on twitter, use hash tag cbs-3 storm but make sure it is safe before you start taking photos.
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exclusive, at 6:00 tonight a mother's anguish she's out of the hospital and talking about the loss of her two children in that deadly fire in southwest philadelphia she shares some exclusive details with our walt hunter about the early morning flames that changed her life and so many others forever. >> unaudible. >> fire was in the house. >> reporter: her voice ravage her skin burned, boawah released after a week of hospital treatment recalled waking to find, flames, filling the home, where she slept with her five children. >> unaudible. >> she is a hero. she had to save these three children from the fire. >> reporter: three of those children, 11 year-old twins and a 13 year-old daughter to the rear window where they
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jumped as neighbor, shown here, waited below. niomi, the the first to land in his arms. >> now, i opened the window and jumped out. i said fire, fire. he jumped out. >> reporter: he was hospitalized with burns after attempting rescues actually used his body as a curb an helping save the children, plunging to the ground. >> when we were jumping i bent down lick this so she could fall on my back and drop on my floor and she felon my back. >> reporter: but as the flames spread, the desperate mother, after guiding three of her daughters to safety had to jump herself. her four year-old twins, and two other children, perishing in the fire, despite the the tragedy. >> unaudible. >> it is hard. we all understand what she is going through. there was in way to get down
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there in time. >> reporter: surrounded by her family mrs. boawah as she recovers must now begin planning for the children's funerals, as of right now, the cause of that fire remains unconcerned determine. live from the sat center, walt hunter, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". breaking news now philadelphia police locate the car of woman found dead in north philadelphia this morning. that vehicle was located in philadelphia's grays ferry neighborhood and that is where "eyewitness news" reporter syma chowdhry joins us now live, syma? >> reporter: that is right, jessica, police are linking up with a body found bound and stuffed in the duffle bag in north philadelphia with the car found torched here in grays ferry. now police say it happened here in the south 1600 block of south danbury street. when we arrived here we found some sort of charred remains, a gasoline container, they say that the car was found on fire around 3:00 this morning. we have video of the scene where body of the young woman
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was found around 5:00 this morning on the 2200 block of north third street. police say body of the 22-year old hispanic with man was found wrapped in the trash bag and stuffed in the duffle bag. someone came across that gruesome discovery around 5:00 this morning. police believe the car belonged to the woman. authority described for us how the body was found. >> they found an unidentified 22-year old hispanic female inside of a trash bag and inside of the duffle bag. it appears her hand and feet had been bound to go. she was pronounced on the scene. >> reporter: police have not released the identification of that woman pending a family mote case but they do tell us they are, investigating and they are looking to see if anyone saw anything they are canvassing both neighborhoods and hoping to find surveillance video that can she exactly what took place, earlier this morning at both locations. we are live from grays ferry, syma chess dry for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> syma, thank you.
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va scandal is reaching new heights as philadelphia benefits sent their processes pensions and compensation will be the subject of the congressional hearing tonight. federal investigators found all kinds of problems, and these revelations come from whistle blowers. stephanie stahl spoke with the tv exclusive, stephanie what did they have to say. >> reporter: it appears this center is in disarray with allegation that is staff covered up a backlog of paperwork, and ignored, or destroyed claims from veterans. there is even evidence that taxpayers lost money because some veterans receive duplicate payments. today i spoke with the whistle blower who said lack of communication and miss management is hurting veterans. >> this is the whistle blower who works inside massive veterans affair regional office in wissohickon, thinks where hundreds of thousands of benefits are processed and va pension management center. >> when you see something wrong, and everybody knows it is wrong, but nobody is stepping up because they want to protect their jobs, it is wrong.
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it is messed up. >> reporter: we have confirmed, he is a veteran himself who is working with investigators from the office of the inspector general, oig. their report being presented to the congressional committee find that a high rate of errors, including, staff cooking the books, and dates on the at least, 30 veterans claims being manipulated to cover up a bag log. >> why would they want to cook the books? >> i would assume it is only way they will get some sort of payment out of this at the end of the year as a bonus, or just to make congress happy. >> reporter: he blames quota system that wards quick processing a rule that allow for date changes has been now suspended by va. he is worried because veterans are being hurt because they are not getting money being quickly enough and he says some claims were completely ignored and document shredded. >> document just disappeared. >> reporter: document disappeared. >> yes, magically disappeared. >> reporter: are you worried about losing your job now. >> yes, i'm afraid.
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>> reporter: but it is his duty to come forward. he says he turned over evident of duplicate payments confirmed by federal investigators. it is unclear how much that may have cost taxpayers. >> a veteran getting hundred percent, we have about 2,000, 500 or more per month, times two. >> reporter: it is unclear how many vets received these double payments, but it could cost taxpayers tens of thousands of dollars. more revelations are expect at tonight's committee meeting. in a statement from the va it says in part veterans waiting too long for benefits is unacceptable and number of actions have within taken to fix the situation. this is, of course, an ongoing investigation. we will keep you posted. >> stephanie, thank you. officials say gasoline that somehow got into the groundwater and then made its way in to sump pump pits caused an odor in montgomery county in a housing development today. the 150 resident who were forced to evacuate last night now get to return to their hems and tonight crews are ventilating those defective homes and flushing their
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system. they still don't necessity where that gas came from, and residents are still shaken up. >> i mean it is our house, i mean, we have been there for ten years, it is everything that we have, you know. >> everything is sitting in there with all of the chemicals smell. >> all of the clothes on, furniture, kids stuff, everything is in the house. >> everything we have is in the house. >> it can't be good. >> ten homes are still off limits because officials cannot reach the owners. officials say there were no injuries and no one's drinking water was impacted because residents don't use well water. philadelphia police busted a possible drug making business in torresdale. "eyewitness news" at the 3500 block of grant avenue as investigators lug boxes out of the building. it is used chemicals were used to make drugs inside a second floor apartment. nearby apartment were evacuated and department of home land security were notified. in campaign 2014, four months from pennsylvania's gubernatorial election governor tom corbett is down by 20 points in one poll to
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democratic candidate tom wolf. late this afternoon i asked the governor about that, and his rush, to get pension reform through the legislature. >> well, next step is to continue to get the elect trait, to get property owners and get the business owners, people pay property taxes, get them involved to talk to their legislators and that doesn't have to be just republican legislators, this is not a republican/democrat issue. this is a citizen issue. this is thish eye that we have an requirement to pay pensions. we have to be able to pay that. but this is an issue of getting votes from both sides of the aisle on this one. >> governor, you made mention of your opponent. you are running for reelection in the fall and some polls show you down bias much as 20 points. would you be willing to debate tom wolf and how do you overcome that gap. >> we will definitely debate tom wolf. i think our staffs have discussed it. there will be two or three debate as cross the commonwealth of pennsylvania. >> governor tom corbett, thanks for being with us
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today. >> thanks, guess contact. still to come on "eyewitness news", we will keenan eye on the storm, there is serious weather pushing through the area and rain could lead to flooding, kathy? jessica, flooding is concerning, right now, through the lehigh valley and extending through the southern parts, i should say northern part of the bucks county, these storms continue to produce heavy rain and rain rates of one to 2 inches an hour and more heavy rain is expect and flash flood watch does continue right through tomorrow evening, we will track those storms, jessica. changing lives of local veterans for what is down an out. we will tell but a job training program for former workers. after another tough loss, phillies try to regroup over the all-star break. we will hear from the skipper on his strategy moving forward and sixers back on the court with the cavilers tonight, but nerlens noel against andrew wiggins. we will take a closer look in
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feeling sick to see a doctor or maybe it ties late, philadelphia family doctor find a way. stephanie stahl has their high tech solutions, and that is tonight at 11:00.
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a quick check on storm scan three you can see scattered storms making their way through the area right now and some spots are dealing with flash floods, warnings. meteorologist kathy orr will join us in a minute with an update on that forecast. a big celebration for six local veterans they graduated from the peco veterans training and employment program. this offers job training and paid internships to formally homeless veterans. they joined to reenter the work force. that one veterans said program offers him, a second chance. >> it is just, getting a house and i will make it through, make it through the next day, just help me think of a much brighter future for myself. >> peco veterans training and employment program partners with project home and it has help 29 formally homeless veterans get a fresh start. a local happies a multi million-dollar addition to the emergency department,
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"eyewitness news" at aria health torresdale, officials unveiled, a 37 million-dollar, er, and the 80,000 square foot department will mean more room, nearly 25,000 more patients, visit every year, and a new imaging department to speed up the treatment for strokes, heart attacks and head injuries. and kathy, this is a bus day for you in the weather department tracking these storms. >> yes, we have them starting last night they will began to pop up. we will have them tonight, tomorrow and that is it. we have seep with the cold front that is marching eastward in warm, extremely humid air mass. take a look outside, center city philadelphia a few spotty showers here and there but nothing extreme, just yet, we are expecting though some heavy rain through the evening. now, down the shore, the beaches are empty, boards are busy and nothing going on just yet, we will speculator tonight some showers and thunderstorms and tonight, it is a beach day. live neighborhood network takes to us kutztown area
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middle school and you can see the showers and storms, that will be rolling in when the cloud cover this afternoon, heavy rain, and down it is under a, flash flood watch, and that flash flood watch will continue, for all of us, until tomorrow evening. lets go to storm scan three and show you what is going on here. lines of showers and storms developing. we are keeping a careful eye on the thunderstorms over baltimore and washington with prolific lightening. over a thousand lightening strikes here on our live storm scan three right now and all this is moving toward the north east, so we will watch that move right up the i-95 corridor. another line of storms that is developing right now through the the lehigh valley and also berks county, thinks where flooding is occurring right now and these are moving north east at about 25 to 30 miles an hour. so we have these lines of storms, developing, and one in the lehigh valley and reading berks county extending all the way down to maryland to the south of hageers town. so all of this is going to be
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moving towards the north east. we will talk about these storms, we will also talk about training. that is when the storm moves over and over the same region with heavy rain and that is creating the flash flooding. precipitation rates right new between one and 2 inches. training storms occurring in the lehigh valley right now and northern parts of the bucks county, one to 3 inches an hour in some spots and that is what will cause flash flooding tonight and possibly, tomorrow afternoon. so always look at the lines of the storms, on the doppler radar. right now it is still hot for the most part in philadelphia, high of 88 degrees. current temperature is 88. in the south where we have in the seen rain just yet still warm but rain cooled temperatures to the north and west. allentown, only 75, poconos 71. throughout the evening storms will be rumbling through with pockets of heavier rain and even late tonight, seeing some showers and storms, by tuesday morning, no problem but the storms will be firing up again tuesday as this front gets
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closer. more heat, humidity and stains built and that will spell potential for flooding. the severe weather threat will continue tuesday as well, threat of severe weather. another watch in effect for tuesday, but there probably will be potential for damaging wind in excess of 60 miles an hour, flooding rain and frequent cloud to ground lightening, like we have seen today. as far as the accumulation of rain, over the next couple of days with these storms, until that front passes, we are looking at anywhere between one and 3 inches of rain and locally higher amounts as the storm set up the same way tomorrow we could see amounts of four to 6 inches, in localized areas by the time everything end on wednesday morning. showers and storms, some strong, during the evening, low of 73 degrees, and still, sticky with drenching downpours for tuesday and on the exclusive eyewitness weather seven day forecast we are looking at conditions that will improve by wednesday. clearing skies, thursday and friday look nice and saturday and sunday a nice weekend with the best chance of any type of precipitation coming on sunday
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and monday looks more seasonal with temperatures in the 80's. these storms popping up across south jersey as well as especially in burlington county. so be aware of that pay close attention right now with these pop up storms. >> kathy, thanks. good evening, everyone, kathy is absolutely right because of the rain we are seeing slow downs on 295, route 70, 73. just keep that in mind. as we update you on your rush hour lets head to 422. traveling in the westbound direction we are seeing high delays stemming from 202 all the way out towards royersford so parts of the rush hour are still out in full swing. we will notice with the speed sensor on 422, 18 on 202, that delay stemming from chesterbrook boulevard all the way out past 40 16789 take a look here at schuylkill expressway, heavier around conshohocken curve and approaching area of 202. give yourself some more time. on the eastbound side of route 70 at haddonfield road we have an accident here and we are
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dealing with the overturn vehicle accident on 73 northbound at river road. watch out for up to 45 minute delays here, but stay with us on "eyewitness news"
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with the trade deadline approaching fast phillies have some decision toss make, during the all-star break, after showing signs have of hope against the brewers, they fell to the nationals, in back to back games, including last night's, ten-three blow out. they are 11 games under 500, ten games out of first, skipper ryne sandberg says their bats need to produce more to salvage the rest of the season. >> when we have had a good series and played our good games, we had offensive punch in there and it was a turn overnight and turn cold. that is something that obviously, that is more
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consistent offense and key hits, that will be needed. in winning games. >> help on the way after the break, cliff lee should be ready to go july 21st against san francisco, at citizens bank park. he is expect to throw 75 pitches for class a clearwater tonight as part of the final stage of rehab. and line ups for all-star game were announce today, chase utley will be batting seventh starting at second base with the national league. he spoke to the media today about the big game. he was also asked about recent trade rumors and chances of him still being in the phillies uniform in august. >> i guess there is a possibility for anything but at this point i am a philadelphia philly. >> unaudible. >> finally to the sixers now, and nerlens noel making his debut in vegas against cleveland cavilers and first
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overall pick andrew wiggins. noel sat out saturday's win over jazz but other prospects put up good numbers. jordan mccray and sean kill patrick scored 20 points. tip off for tonight's game is at 8:00 o'clock. nice to see nerlens bounce around. >> yes. >> we will see. >> beasley thanks, we will be
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it's a subaru. thanks for watching "eyewitness news" at 6:00 we are back at ten on our sister station wpsg the cw philly. we are back on cbs-3 at 11:00. up next, "cbs evening news" in new york, here now is scott pelley.
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>> pelley: tonight a truce in the works. after more than 175 deaths, there are signs an israel israeli-palestinian cease-fire may be eminent. holly williams measures the suffering in gaza. wildfires, monsoons and a big chill. we have the forecast on the strange weather. what happens to 200 girls kidnapped by terrorists. deborah patta has new information. and amy van dykeen ruell won olympic gold six times but after she broke her spine, we discovered her true medal. barry petersen meets an extra champion. >> -- champion. >> hi fun before in my life. this new life has to be fun before, so fun, fun it. >> this is the


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