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tv   Eyewitness News at 530  CBS  July 15, 2014 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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happening right now, people are waking up to some serious damage after severe storms slammed into the area last night. trees are toppled, downed power lines ignited some fires. and, we're not in the clear yet. storm scan3 check it out showing more strong storms headed our way today. the damage in some neighborhoods is just staggering, last night, round one, and now bracing for round two. >> let's see what's up. katie is in the weather center expecting to see fresh round of severe thunderstorms fire up yet again today. so two days straight, we expect to see severe weather. one of the main threats here today tweaks just little bit from yesterday. so all of that information for you and more coming up. bob, over to you. >> morning, everybody, 5:30, little bit of everything that morning, wet roads, you got the puddles, you have got the debris, some downed trees, some downed wires, to boot, we go outside to live look, where underground transformer explosion occurred earlier
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this morning. looking live at the peco trucks on the scene along 18th street, i'll give you the rest of the details and detour for the morning rush hour, coming up next. ukee, erika, good morning. >> good morning, another round of the wild weather leaves its mark throughout the philadelphia area. >> this morning, some neighbors are waking up to downed trees and damaged homes, among the hardest hit communities voorhees, new jersey where "eyewitness news" reporter steve patterson is standing by for you right now. steve? >> erika, ukee, welcome to voorhees, new jersey where typical site is right behind me. take a look at the trees that are down, one of them, you can see, just ripping off its foundation, falling into the side of this house, stripping the siding off. pushing it 6 inches back. and nearly damaging more inside. but, it is just one of the many sites around this community, in fact, some of the worse stuff is on the road. as we get power lines taken down, as women, many of them sparking and igniting and
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arcing because of the damage that has been done. roads are still blocked off, in this area hours after that storm. >> levy rain, strong winds, real did i a number on this area and just about every yard we see there are trees down, or some form every damage. spoke to neighbor where another tree went through his roof nearly killed his wife. really came through, one of the rooms in his bedroom, and here's what towed say after it happened. >> i never seen anything like this in my life. we're just shocked. my wife was upstairs in the bed when a tree came right through our roof. and it is laying in our bedroom now. it sounded like a freight train. i never heard a noise like that before in my life. >> sounded like a freight
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train. now you can see some of the crews out doing work on some of the damaged homes in the area, as well. we'll finds if that freight train was the result of straight line winds or if it was in fact a tornado. they'll be out with the national weather service surveying the damage at some point later on. the latest from voorhees, new jersey, steve patterson, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> just a wild night, steve, thank you. firefighters battled a fire in northeast philadelphia. believe that lightning sparked a blaze on the 400 block of chandler street. that flared up just as round of stormy weather tore through the area last night, fortunately, no one was hurt. but not what you want to hear after going through the storms, we have more coming our way today, right? >> yes, this will be a two for two for us out there. really looks like the timing will be early similar as yesterday. so i guess at least the bright side of it, the upside, you know what happened yesterday. you know when it happened yesterday. so you can sort of plan around it. but dow want to take you outside and show you what happened here yesterday. we start it off, a look at
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storm scan3, going all the way back here to 12:35 yesterday. okay? so go back in time, you might have been out on lunch break, skies were clearing up little bit. we had some sun, but man it was muggy. that was all the moisture we needed. and heating of the day to get these storms going, look at all of those lightning strikes. there was a tornado warning issued just outside of baltimore, then we had another as you just heard steve report another tornado possibility here across new jersey, so much lightning, so much heavy rain, and now here we sit with just shower here and, there but thankfully we've got at least a little bit after lull. visibilities, however, unfortunately, not all that ideal. we're currently in at a mile or less, anywhere from philadelphia international up i95, south on 95, then points north and west here. so just watch for that haze that's still out, there because the moisture is so rich, and with the light winds that we have, the fog is settling in, incredibly easily. so it is a terrible hair day, i'll give that you right now. just so steamy outside. more downpours, more wind,
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those are biggest threats, lightning still concern. hail even little bit higher of a concern today, tornado risk, it is still out there, but thankfully it is the lowest threat of the pack for us. meanwhile, it is steamy, expect that high to hit 88 degrees, smidge of sunshine, but as we said, more storms on the way, mainly through the p.m. time frame. of course with those storms you can get the updated forecast all day long with our brand new cbs philly weather app where you can download it from the app store. you can check live radar, get severe weather alerts, share your storm pictures, down the load the app on itunes and coming to android. >> morning, everybody, 5:35, on this tuesday morning. storm damage, and an underground transformer explosion. let's go live to downtown philadelphia. this is 18th street right at sansom. manhattan bagel on the corner to a locator. stretch of 18th street between walnut and chestnut where we are lined up, bumper to bumper with the peco power crews. as they're taking care of an
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underground transformer explosion, that occurred earlier this morning. so, crews are on the scene here, i've been seeing them take a look, take the manhole covers and take a look underground. so obviously 18th street closed let's go to the maps. this will put a lot of folks on detour coming into center city. the stretch between walnut and chestnut. now, walnut is right there, rittenhouse park kinds of begins, take you up pause sansom, to chestnut. busy stretch, 20th or 16th are your two best alternates. if you are headed south on 95 now, out of the northeast, just watch for disable as you work your way in toward bridge street. otherwise, the bridges look fine, and mass transit no delays. erika, back to you. >> we're following some breaking news right now in russia, where ten people are dead and more than 100 others are hurt after a subway derailed in moscow. this picture of the wreckage was just posted on instagram. we're told several cars jumped off the track and in a tunnel during rush hour. officials say the accident happened when power surge set off alarm and cause that train to stop abruptly.
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5:36 right now n business news this morning, which corporation planning huge round of layoffs. >> how to get your hand on 3d printer. money watch's jill wagner joins us now up at the stock exchange in new york. hey, jill? >> good morning, ukee, erika. president obama is pushing congress to find money to improve the country's roads and bridges. today he heads to facility in virginia that puts new highway technology for transportation, in early august the federal transportation funds will one running he run out every monday which means road construction can stop in their tracks, construction workers could lose their jobs. obama pros posted four year spending plan, but said he would support a $11 billion republican proposal to finance transportation projects for nine months. trading begins today with the dow above the 17,000 mark again. good earnings report from citigroup, pushed stocks higher yesterday. the dow finished up 111 points, the nasdaq gained
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nearly 25. microsoft could be planning its biggest round of layoffs in five years with thousands of people expected to lose their jobs, possibly as early as this week. now there is comes as microsoft integrates with nokia mobile phone business. and home depo is stocking something new on its shelves. 3d printers. the home improvement store announced pilot program with maker booth, a 3d printer manufacturer. hope depo will sell the printers through its website and at 12 stores in california, illinois, and new york, the printers cost upward of $800, they could print anything from art project, to plastic parts, and ukee, erika, please don't ask me to explain thousand works. >> i'm not going to go there. >> art project? whatever happened to paint and construction paper, you know? >> and good old elmer's you. >> and paint. >> thanks, jill. >> right now 5:36. there is potential deal to settle the septa's dispute with two unions. an emergency board appointed by president obama is
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recommending an agreement that would base wage increases on other recent settlements. it would also make any new benefits retroactive. union officials say they'll have a response once they can review the report. regional rail workers walk off the job for one day last month. well, happening right now, crews continue to get ready to tow the shipwreck costa concordia off the italian coast. luxury liner will be taken to jen ooh a, broken up for scratch. it has become one of the largest salvage operations in history costing the ship's owner monday that $2 billion. thirty-two people were killed, when the luxury liner renee grounds back in 2012. we're getting new look at the boston marathon bombing suspect in the immediate aftermath of the attack. prosecutors released this previously unseen video of dzhokhar smiling and talking with a friend. this is just hours after the bomb's blew up near the finish line. he is the one wearing the white shirt right there. the friends on the trial for allegedly taking evidence from
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dzhokhar's room. closing arguments in his trial are set for tomorrow. now, one of the boston bombing victims has plenty of reason to celebrate today. you can see why. look at your screen. jeff bow man just posted this picture every his newborn baby on facebook. he said everyone is happy and healthy. you will likely remember bow man as one of the marathon's most iconic survivors from one of those pictures after he lost both of his legs. bow monday and his fiancee are also busy planning their wedding. life goes on. such a great outlook. >> that's great. are you end view us of your neighbor's lawn. the grass doesn't have to be greener on the other side. >> we have the secret to keeping your lawn in tip top shape this summer. >> also, video you just have to say see. family nearly swept away by an avalanch. quick move that saved their lives. >> surprise selfie going viral this morning, that can explain how he end $1 up snapping a picture with warren buffet and paul mccartney. katy?
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>> day two he severe weather potential for us here in the delaware valley. whole region once again has that threat. so we will time the storms out for you, tell you what the major threats will be here today, and also, have the rest of your forecast when we clear out. i'll have the answer coming up.
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seems i can't go anywhere without hearing it. now, weird al, is having little fun, with happy. do you have hear his spoof of the hit song. it might even get stuck in your head today. that's coming up in the word. >> weird al songs are just ear worms, they stay with you. >> they do. >> 5:43, close call for one family look to go climb western europe's highest peak. patrick sweeney trained his 11 and nine year olds for the month, for month before the climb. the family was just a few thousand feet from the summit when they heard an avalanch. now, they quickly climbed back down the mountain to safety. the whole thing caught on camera. and dad says, there is an important lesson learn here. >> it is a heck of a lot better than having them sitting at home wasting their mind on minds craft or on tv or something like that. and if know can learn this lesson of courage, while they're young, then i've done
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an awesome job as a father. >> now the children would have been the youngest to ever climb the summit of montblanc. no word if the family plans to finish that climb to achieve their goal. >> just glad they're okay. good morning, everybody. this is what we're starting off with here in the live neighborhood network. outside beach patrol headquarters in margate, can even make out the waves lapping up on the shore line here. it is so foggy at the shore. and it is because we've hit our lull. the problem is we're not out of the woods yet obviously with this storm system, namely very potent cold front digging in here. so you can actually see, that there is still some stormy weather to get through, but because we're in a little brief break right now, the wind has calmed down little bit, and that's allowed moisture content in the air to settle to the surface, as low-lying cloud cover. so that's where the fog is come f it is pretty dense in some spots. so just be cautious of that, i say that's the bigger issue for us this morning, but few little pockets of showers out, there as women. just matter of time before we
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see another round of heavy rain, thunderstorms firing up here. the national weather service actually expanded the region under flashflood watch today. still lingers through this evening, but all of the garden state, first state, all of eastern pa, still residing in the flashflood watch. it is not the best beach day, i'm not going to lie here. the main thrust of wet weather doesn't arrive until the second half of the day. maybe starting to see little bit every fine mist firing up into the late morning, but there is a moderate risk for rip currents, because we are still dealing with some very stormy weather, in the atmosphere. soap, again, basically, the same story as yesterday. so if you remember, how things sort of shook out yesterday timing wise, that is basically what happens again today. and again, those storms could have the capability of being just as strong. 84 degrees, by tomorrow, starting to clear out, the skies, but doesn't necessarily quite cooler, but it will feel so much better with time. bob, over to you. >> morning, everybody, 5:45, here is live look from the news van on the scene of the underground transformer explosion, as the peco crews,
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at work here. live look at 18th street between walnut and chestnut blocked this morning, there will be a rough go for the morning rush hour, folks, you want to use either 16th or 20th at your alternate, at least for the moment here. then going to the live camera, the ben franklin bridge, where not bad right now, but, as we saw yesterday, there is only three lanes open this week. coming into philadelphia. so the jammo started around 7:00 yesterday. so watch the clock, and maybe use the betsy or the whitman if you are headed out after 7:00 and trying to come into philadelphia. here is live look at i95, right at the 495 split. getting reports after lot of heavy fog down further south in toward delaware. so just keep that in mind as you're traveling this morning. into the neighborhoods we go, downed tree along the phoenixville pike right at the 322 bypass there, right before you get onto 202 and west chester. some flooding in bristol, green lane blocked, between ash and wilson avenue. and respect the closures.
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they're therefore a reason. you may not see the high water. but there could be some debris or maybe the road surface is compromised this morning, downed wires here along creek road. that's blocked at sweet water road. keep in mind throughout the day, 24/7, stay to up date with all of the traffic backups, new app for that titled your drivement you can download the app for the iphone and android devices by going to drive. ukee, erika, back to you. >> keeping perfectly maintained lawn is not always easy, but don't get discouraged n this week's angie list report, jim donovan shows you easy ways to have a healthy summer lawn. >> trimming your grass as short as possible, may sounds like a good way to save time. but lawn experts say you're creating more work in the longrun. >> if you're going to cut the grass, real short, from a distance you're not going to see as much leaf blades. so you're not going to get as much color. the grass is going to be thinner, so weeds can pop up a lot more. and the sun is going to come
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down to the soil and dry out the soil more. >> also, watch your watering. you don't want to overdo it, or slack off. ideally your lawn should get about an inch to inch and a half of water weekly. that's about 20 to 30 minutes of watering three times a week. and don't forget fertilizer. it is important for healthy lush growth. but if it is not done right, could you end up with a brown lawn. >> we use dry slow release products all year long. because we want a slow feed the turf. the granulares fall to the base, and goes directly to the root system. where as when you spray liquid fertilizer, you're going to coat the leaf blades of the grass. then if you mow or whatever you're going to mow that off. >> if you doo do decide to hire a pro to improve your lawn, be patient. >> remember it is a process. it is not something that happens overnight. and honestly, a red flag is a provide their tells you they can fix it overnight. >> for more advice from angie on having a lawn your
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neighbors will envy visit's list. i'm jim donovan. >> ♪ what's the word ♪ hey, words is a former real housewife of new york is thinning out. >> so much, in fact, she can fit into her four year old daughter's pajamas. take a look for yourself right here. bethenny frankel posted this picture on instagram posting backlash on line. in 2011 the 43 year old reality tv star admitted she suffers from eating disorders. but she says she now exercises, and eats smaller portions for weight loss. >> the take a look at this. teenager tom white was walking down an omaha nebraska street when he saw the beatles sir paul mccartney and billionaire warren buffet sitting on a bench, so he took a selfie. >> mccartney in town for a concert in nebraska. he said he was seeks it dollars, almost got sick and was shake whg he took the photo. i bet he was. >> you and i had the same thought. our thought was a teenager
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knows warren buffet and paul any cart any? pretty good. >> when a song gets so popular, you just know weird al will come out with a version. he calls it tacky. >> ♪ we can go to see a show ♪ but i'll make you pay ♪ because i'm wacky ♪ >> more par odd i to come for weird al. he's back e on line reports his new albumn will mock miley cyrus, lourdes, and robin thicke. >> i love his songs, so clever, light hearted. >> oh, he had so many. >> 5:50, updating today's stop stories including the latest on storm damage, clean up happening, and also today's forecast. >> and katie has her eye on even more stormy weather when we do traffic and weather together. on the 3's, when we come back. morning, family, see you in
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it gives you options based on your budget -- it's a piece of cake. i was told there would be cake. get a free quote at >> last night we were left with pour outages and trees down. national weather service will see if tornado touched down in south jersey. >> also, following some break news this morning. israel says militants have fired miss miles their country even after deadline foresees fire. hamas is reject that deal. us secretary of state, john kerrey, visits leaders later on today, trying to negotiate an end to the bloodshed. 5:53, the latest on these storms, and we check in with katie. >> thankfully getting little break, and the worse of the storms out, there erika, good morning, everybody, but dealing with just some fog issues. i would say probably going toned up being the biggest concern for the morning drive. later on today, though, much
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like yesterday, storms start to ignite. you can see the atmosphere, gal g itself ready ramming it self up. severe weather threat, pants dollars, all in it noun, strong wind, downpours, hail, little stronger threat for us today still can't rule out isolated tornado definitely a loft lightning. but tomorrow thankfully starting to clear out. bob? >> 5:54, this tuesday morning. delays now on i-95, starting to build. going outside, southbound 95, a combination of volume and disable here, taking out the that right lane, right near bridge street. already back up from cottman avenue on in toward center city. we'll check in with mass transit when we come right
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>> coming up live with a look atmore storm damage. >> also, group of people caught on camera smashing this windows. but not what you thinkment find out why police are thanking them, instead of arresting them. also, high tech football helmets that can tell when a player gets a concussion. the minute it happens. we'll be back.
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hi. sorry, we're closed. what? i need help with my deposit. the bank has rules. it's really quick. i can't hear you. i promise, i'm gonna be really quick. i don't under...i can't hear you through the glass. i'! you'll be quick. that's what you just said? yes. i'm sorry, i can't hear you. we're closed. you know what? okay, that's... hey...sir? i just...okay. [ male announcer ] it's time to bank human again. that's why td bank has the longest hours and even stays open an extra ten minutes for when you run late. td bank. america's most convenient bank. from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia. this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news". good morning, everyone, another rounds of severe weather takes aim at the philadelphia region. >> storms that passed through last night are leaving some neighbors are huge clean up jobs this morning. "eyewitness news" reporter steve patterson joins us now
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on mobile three in voorhees, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, well, yes. the huge clean up is underway. now that daylight has broke, we start today see crews in the neighborhood, but they've got a lot of work to do. take a take a look behind me. this is what they'll be dealing with, uprooted trees are everywhere, you can see, kind of the wildlife gather here on this tree. but also, it is taken out some of the siding, some of the roof have been collapsing, some of the siding has been ripped off homes in this area, and then, look at this, lawn mower completely inverted. it is just one of the many sites in this area, especially, here in voorhees, recovering after last night's storm where there were power lines, down on roads all across the region here, in fact, we saw few that were sparking, few that caught fire, and the roads had to be shutdown and closed off, and few of those roads are still closed off in this area just because


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