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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  July 15, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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the east/north east. you can see rain starting to fill in on the pennsylvania side but throughout the afternoon from delaware, interior south jersey and all the way up toward new york, a line of storms, that is continued to train moving over the same region over and over again with very heavy rain and a lot of lightening associated with this. we are looking at a severe thunderstorm that is going on right now in burlington county, the same place for that picture, of that wall cloud was taken last night. very heavy rain, associated with this. rain rates at two to 3 inches an hour. thinks moving east at 35 miles an hour, by 6:12 it is expect to be at red oak grove, crestwood village by 6:25. manchester by 6:30. 6:52 it will be in toms river. potential for damaging wind and hail. this hail report just in from tabernacle, about an inch in diameter, so hail, damaging wind in excess of 60 miles an hour and, of course, concerns for flooding throughout the evening. this line of storms moving up
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from eastern shore of maryland through lewis, delaware, rehoboth delaware across the bay into cape may, atlantic county, vineland, millville, this is all going to move toward the northeast down the shore. if you have friend give them a call get off the beach because these storms are moving their way. we have over 240 strikes, in this area alone. we will continue to track these storms, for you on storm scan three throughout the evening. the in the meantime lets take a look at these watches and warnings. severe thunderstorm warning until 6:15, heading in to ocean county. they include towns of fort dix, leisure town and southampton right near that border now heading in to ocean county. we have that severe thunderstorm watch for the entire region, until the late night hours, a flash flood warning is in effect through south jersey extending through cumberland counties and gloucester county, extending to the north through deptford, glassboro and even winslow, as you head towards camden county until 6:30 this evening. we will watch for that flash
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flood ago this could occur, flash flood watch in effect through late tonight and through most of the region because of that heavy rain. meteorologist kate billow is live with the cbs-3 mobile weather lab and some heavy rain moving in and out, hi, kate. >> hi, kathy, yeah, been an interesting afternoon to be sure. it started to move in just after 5:00 in bensalem and since then waves of rain and lots of lightening as well. we were seeing a flash of lightening every ten or 15 seconds and loud thunder to go with it. rain has started to pick up again. we will go outside to the mobile weather lab. i don't know if you can hear rain drops hitting the window there street road in the distance. we are seeing ponding, large puddles as well and as kathy mentioned the storms training. there will be a lull in the action and then right back to the heavy thunderstorm. the let look the at storm scan three. you can see where we are in bensalem as heavy band of rain continue to have move on through. it has been an interesting evening and we will continue
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to, intensify as these storms are not moving much to the east at least for now. lets look at storm damage reports. pittsgrove, new jersey reported quarter inch hail, hamilton new jersey dime sized hall. we have a tree branch down in west trenton. 51 miles an hour win gust at trenton airport in new jersey. now, of course, portions of burlington county yesterday had a suspect tornado earlier today, meteorologist from the national weather serve debris in southampton really an "s" ising the the damage there looking at the damage patterns toe was it a tornado or was it straight line wind damage. now, they did assess that it was straight line wyndam age and not a tornado but look at this photo that went viral in our area on twitter showing what appears to be a funnel cloud or a wedge cloud in that area. we have asked, national weather service meteorologist joe mckenna about what he thought about that picture. >> the picture was very telling and all of these pictures come together...
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unaudible. >> wonder what the tornado or not, it was straight line wind, still very serious damage. the threat still continues through tonight. reporting live from bensalem, meteorologist kate billow for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". of course, more storms, certainly last thing that people in south jersey want to hear about tonight. let turn to "eyewitness news", new jersey reporter cleve bryan live in voorhees an area hardest hit by last night's storms. cleve, what is the the scene out there right now. >> reporter: chris, you have to see what the wind did to a tree like this just snapping the trunk in half. now, imagine if these wind do come back tonight with another round of thunderstorms what do we do to a tarp like this? people in these neighborhoods have seen a lot of damage. they are worried about more. they just don't know where to turn next. >> we're standing at our door and is there a tree. we just didn't understand what happened. >> reporter: maryann leon never imagined a thunderstorm
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could rearrange her entire yard. >> sun came up, we came out and then we have four trees down and we are losing our shed and impact of everything, we had no idea. >> reporter: same bewildered feeling was widespread in this voorhees neighborhood where storms seemed to carve a path between and over houses. street after street we saw extensive damage, experts say it is from straight line wind up to 80 miles an hour. >> windows, whipped open. we have all water in our attic. >> reporter: john chadwick does in the spec his family will be able to stay in their house tonight, they have a mess around every side of his home but neighbors are willing to help this gentlemen here just got here and wanted to help out. pretty amazing. we have been blessed there. >> reporter: there are no reported injuries, and residents say even nice stuff can be replaced. >> we have had a tiki bar were four chairs and a grill, and jacuzzi. >> reporter: well, look at that lawn more just on its
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side with the tree here, fell, fortunately away from the house. the home owner was worried it could have been his son's room and that is something we hear from safety officials as another round of thunderstorms come through you need to be aware staying away from windows and any potential debris that could hit your home. live, from voorhees township, cleve bryan, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". just a short time ago doctors told us a teenager from delaware county was, in fact, hit by lightening last night. david, of glenn olden was getting inside a friend's koran ashland avenue around 8:00 and that is when the the bolt hit him. the 14 year-old suffered a cut on his arm and numbness in his hand. or than that though he says he is very lucky to be alive. we were able to talk to him a short time ago and hear from him tonight on "eyewitness news" at ten on the cw philly and at 11:00. if you take any good storm pictures we do want to see them. send them to us on twitter. use the hash tag cbs-3 storm. well, we have breaking
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news right now, the parents of the woman who was found dead her body in a duffle bag, has met with philadelphia police. >> parents of the murdered victim 23 year-old laura arrived at homicide headquarters late in the afternoon hoping to help investigators, find the killer, who first torched her car, and then left her body on this kensington lot, hands tied, trash bags covering her head and her feet. the body stuff in the duffle bag. >> medical examiner's office conduct an autopsy and has ruled there a homicide, manner of death, strangulation and blunt force trauma. >> she was a very special girl. >> reporter: her father explained she was a recent graduate of the art institute have of philadelphia earning a degree in fashion design and landing a job in the philadelphia hotel, but he says, her first interest was religion and helping people. >> her main goal in life was
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religion and to help people report report personal items found at the the murder scene, including banking records, and a personal journal, indicate, police say, the victim was carrying her possessions with her, looking for a new place to live, whether she was attacked. >> heinous, just why, why, why, why? >> reporter: as the investigation, intensifies detective have a theory a possible met i have might be victim may have been ambush or lured into an attack as she was searching for a new place to live. looking forward to her new career. live from the news center, i'm walt hunter, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". is there developing news at 6:00 o'clock tonight, fbi agents, dig for evidence inside of a camden home. "eyewitness news" was on the scene in the 300 block of erie street today. investigators tell us that they were searching the home there for evidence, possibly
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even a body, in connection with the ongoing case. neighbors tell us that the home is a rental property. an alert passenger helped police arrest a man carrying weapons on a septa train. that passenger noticed a gun hidden in the suspect's clothing and snapped a picture of him. detective tracked him down using surveillance video and police say that man has 4b bee guns and three large knives with him. charges are pend ago begins 592 years old. we are digging deeper in the scandal affecting veterans in the delaware valley, next another "eyewitness news" exclusive. a disable local vet says that he has to wait months before he gets the benefits that he is owed, tonight, he tells his story only to cbs-3's stephanie stahl. important new information about the risk stress pose toes with men, kathy. >> really? weather-wise we are looking at a line of strong to severe thunderstorms with downpours in south jersey, moving into the shore, also,
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some heavy rain through the philadelphia area we will continue to track this storm and flash flood watch, continues, into the late night hours, beasley. sixers summer league continues tonight, plus we will sit down with philadelphia freedom stars victoria asorranka and is chase utley flying solo tonight. chase represents phillies at major league baseball all-star game coming up later in sports.
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storm scan three is tracking another stormy night out there, meteorologist kathy orr has latest on where these storms are headed, coming up in just a few minutes. more fall out from the growing scandal at va, philadelphia regional office today there are calls for a criminal investigation, into the cbs-3 exclusive of bucks county vet, who says that he was a victim. our stephanie stahl has the story. >> reporter: dennis has trouble moving, he says his service in vietnam and exposure to agent orange left him for several health problems, including ms and two heart attacks. now he is fighting another battle with the va. he says there are long delays in constant run arounds with his claims. >> i think it is deplorable.
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>> reporter: va pension and compensation claims are processed at this wissonoming facility, a new target of the latest scandal. problem are focus of the congressional hearing that included testimony from the whistle blower who says veterans died waiting for claims to be processed and that mail from vets was destroyed. another whistle blower who works inside the facility says that staff cooked the books, manipulating dates to cover up backlogs. >> our system is so messed up. >> reporter: whistle blowers say staff was bull mid to neglecting vets to meet processing quotas. investigators found a high rate have of errors but how many clear how many vets like dennis were affect. >> i think it is horrendous. it is awful what they have done to these poor men and women who have for the for our country for freedom. >> reporter: bucks county congressman mike fitzpatrick has been trying to help dennis and thousands of other vets. he said congress has taken action to allow big changes that are needed inside the va. >> failing the veterans, the va has done, the va has failed
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some of the employees, and this system needs to be fix. >> reporter: congressman fitzpatrick is calling for a criminal investigation. he says there is at least evidence of mail tam purring which is a federal crime. spokesperson for u.s. attorney general's office say they cannot confirm or deny existence of an investigation. i'm stephanie stahl, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". on the cbs-3 healthwatch, stress can indeed, make you fat, especially if you are a woman. new research shows stress apparently slows down your metabolism, in the study, women who said they were stressed, burned fewer calories then would the man who were not stressed. the high stressed woman also had higher levels of insulin which affects how your body stores and burns fat month. man who followed this pattern could add an extra 11-a year. >> they say, that is from stress. >> no, we don't want any of that. >> no, no. >> regardless we are all stressed out by this severe
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weather. it has been something else, kathy. >> absolutely and our pets don't like it either. >> no, they don't like stress. >> little stressful. got news it is moving out tonight. it is the last night we will be seeing potential for damaging wind, hail and drenching thunderstorms creating flash flooding in some parts of the delaware valley. take a look outside, one of the places that we have not seen, a lot of rain, hence, then in philadelphia last night, very heavy rain from terrific lightening. right now we are seeing some showers and there will be thunderstorms moving through. but nothing, like what we are about to see, down the shore. lets take a picture if we have it of ocean city, cape may county. right now we are looking cloudy, we are looking a little bit hazy, well, guess what, it business to pour down the shore. if you have friends down there on the boardwalk in ocean city, wildwood, atlantic city, maybe even on the beach in sea isle please let them know that very strong storms are on their way. take a look at storm scan three. look at where all of the lightening is, it is moving from salisbury, ocean city,
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across the bay, right along the the route of the lewis, on delaware cape may ferry line here and moving right, very close to the shore. just to the west of our shore points right now, but it is going to move on this northeasterly track. very heavy rain and frequent lightening associated with these storms. if we just took a snapshot of this which we can do with storm scan three technology and storm mode we can tally up all of the lightening strikes in the past 15 minutes. 1,190 lightening strikes just in this area, alone, cross the delaware valley. we will continue to tally them up over the course of the evening hours. we do have one severe cell right now, potential for damaging wind and hail already had a report in tabernacle new jersey in burlington county of hail, 1 inch in diameter, this severe cell continues to move towards the east, between 25 and 30 miles an hour. lit be in laci by 6:24. toms river by 6:37. brick township by 6:55. point pleasant down the shore
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or at the beach by 7:03. that is our severe storm we are continuing to track. and here comes the storm, it will be cape may courthouse villas on the bay side in cape may toward corbin city and it will cross right over route nine ape also into the garden state parkway, very quickly and you can see it is almost in the atlantic city as well. very heavy rain heading down the shore. i want to thank our eyewitness cam folks taking these pictures. terrific picture here from kacie, safely taken at a distance. in ewing, new jersey with the severe cell. so included to ground lightening strike, dangerous kind, and that is what we are adding up tonight with thousands of lightening strikes. right now in philadelphia, rain child 75. temperatures are close to 90 degrees today. now they are quite cooler with that cooler air mass trying to work its way in. severe thunderstorm warning that i did show us in effect until 7:15 as it moves in ocean county and finally off shore within the next hour or so.
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here's our storm factors. we have those training then are storms and that warm humid air mass caused by a very active jet stream and approaching cold front. these storms will continue to follow the excess of the strongest wind and you can see the trough building, the front approaching, because that front gets closer those storms will just go over the same area over and over again. we are looking at dew points in the impressive range tonight, amount have moisture in the atmosphere will get squeezed out by approaching cold front and tomorrow evening it will be more comfortable and numbers in the 60's and finally comfortable in the 50's. we will watch as conditions improve over next couple days with sunshine. tonight showers and storms coming to than a even late with flooding concerns right through the evening hours, low of 70. highs tomorrow in the 80's with clearing skies. on the exclusive eyewitness weather seven day forecast we will see improving conditions tomorrow morning with the sun coming back, thursday and friday, high pressure controls our weather with dry conditions, and then just a chance of the spotty shower or storm over the weekend but
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nothing like what we have seen. if you are away from your television this evening be careful out there and also, take time to down load new cbs philly app before you can leave the house. check live radar, get severe weather alerts and check your storm pictures. this was helpful to folks yesterday when we had a tornado warning. you can down load that now at the app store. >> kathy, thanks. good evening, everyone. you know, i chose this shot the because it gives you a double bubble. it shows you two roadways affect by rush hour and the rain as kathy was talking about. this is vine street expressway approaching the area of the schuylkill. it is go to and from the area have of 76, you are very slow. once you get up there take a look at westbound direction. you are like from center city trying to make your way in the western suburbs. do you tend to break around the areas of i would say, bell monday. it doesn't open up as you approach conshohocken g news there. take a look at eastbound side in the great, 202 down toward
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gladwynn icer slow spot. looking at speed sensors we will drop down in the teens for sure on the schuylkill 21 on 476, 12 on 202 and 23 at 422 and watch out for over an hour and a half delay through philadelphia international and 95 delay to go
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well, chase utley is phillies lone representative tonight in the major league baseball all-star game, first pitch at 8:00 p.m. in minneapolis. with the winning league, claiming home field advantage in the world series. monday night was all about, the annual home run derby on the eve of the all-star game, and youness accept paides, put on a show winning his second straight title hitting nine home runs in the final round. how is this for hitting, look at tonight's national league line up,... chase utley will be batting seventh, and, starting at second base. sixers sum are league
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continues at 8:00 against the suns, nerlens necessity he will had 12 points, four blocks in last night's game against wiggins and cavilers. we may or may not see noel tonight. sixers have been giving him plenty of days off as he returns from injury. short turnaround for union they are back in action tomorrow against the new york red bulls, and ppl park, rival game on national television. philadelphia freedom, home opener is tonight and just like years past they have got star power, superstar victoria azarenka is on the squad and she spoke to our leslie van arsdal about world team tennis. >> i think in our sport where it is so individual, even they when you on times play doubles, mixed doubles it is still more of an individual sport but here, you are play in the team. it kind of gives that spirit, a different format, you sometimes see it more challenging but i love to play and whenever i had an opportunity to play i always wanted to play.
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i'm very happy to be here. >> that is stars right here in town. >> yes. >> get out and support them on the main line. good time. >> we will be righ
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all right. another look at storms before we go. >> two lines of storms heading up, right now line right through city from trenton, i-95 corridor and other one down through toms river heading towards atlantic city and cape may. heavy rain not severe but shock for folks on the barrier island give them a call if they are down there. >> thanks for watching "eyewitness news" at 6:00 we are back here at ten and cbs-3 at 11:00. stay tuned "cbs evening news" is coming your way next. they are tracking this wild wet's cross the country. scott pelley, reports.
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>> pelley: tonight, severe weather all over the map. billions are on alert for thunderstorms. temperatures plunge in the midwest, and americans everywhere will pay a price for the western drought. reports from jamie yuccas, carter evans and eric fisher. wyatt andrews on the v.a. drawing fire on capitol hill. >> we respect the oversight of every single one of you on this committee. >> your commitment is appreciated but it is not believed. >> pelley: no-hands photography. elizabeth palmer uses only her mind to take this picture. (laughter) and vanita nair with pete tucci, when he could no longer play the game. >> without baseball in his life, he was miserable. >> pelley: he built himself a


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