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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  July 16, 2014 2:07am-2:38am EDT

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>> ♪ >> breaking news at 11 o'clock tonight. a person of interest is in police custody in the death of this young woman whose body was found stuffed in a duffle bag. we'll have a live report on the connection between that person and this victim just minutes from now. >> but first tonight, another night of stormy weather. once again, heavy rain, lightning and downed trees leaving people to deal with
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more damage. and now here's a live look at storm scan3. you can see there's still more rain out there tonight. good evening, i'm jessica dean. >> and i'm chris may. we have team three coverage of this latest round of stormy weather. we're live with tonight's damage and with what's behind all this severe weather we're getting. let's begin with cog or. she's got a look at wallets going on. >> chris, right now we're talk about light to moderate to some areas some heavy rain this all moving up from the south along that i-95 corridor where we have light rain, where you see the yellow it's more moderate. we have a cold front going to squeeze moisture towards the east in the form of heavy rain from allentown down through lancaster an report of hail with that right there. the front still to the west near harrisburg. you can see the cloud shield as well. this will be moving everything eastward during the overnight. after that happens we will see
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drying conditions but still some cloudy skies. here's a look at our rain amounts that we've had over the course of the day. woodstown nearly 2.5-inches of rain, new castle nearly 2-inches, new lisbon about 1.8, the same in sicklerville and piney hollow. the flash flood warning has been allowed to expire. that's the good news for south jersey. we've had many reports of hail with these storms from earlier today. quarter size hail in pittsgrove, new jersey, hamilton dime sized hail west trenton large tree branch down on a car, a 51 miles an hour gust in trenton at the airport and lower makefield a quarter inch in diameter report of hail. now coming up we're talk about drying conditions and the sun returning in the seven day and a pleasant change. wait until you see these numbers in that seven-day. i'll be back with that later in the broadcast. for now, jess, we'll send it back over to you. >> some much needed good weather news kathy. thank you. tonight we're getting a good look at some of the damage from this latest round of storms to move through the
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area. elizabeth hur is live in glassboro gloucester county where some trees came crashing downton night t liz. >> reporter: that's right, jessica, and talk about a close call. this massive tree behind me when this came crashing down according to residents it brought down some cable lines but fortunately it missed homes and cars. trying to prevent further damage after the storm. >> me and my dad are just slowly cutting branches down so no more fall and hit the house. >> reporter: the barrettes wasted no time picking up the pieces tuesday evening. >> wind and rain, it just -- i don't know how old that tree is but it just came down and it hit the edge of the house. >> reporter: this on morris avenue where dozens lost power. nearby on main street, buried in this debris is monument knocked right off the base when this massive tree came crashing down.
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>> you can see -- couldn't see 10 feet out of the window. the fast moving storm also left its mark here on rowan university campus. thankfully we're told no one was hurt in this mess and no one was home when this tree snapped in half on sylvan terrace missing this car by inches. >> our back door blew open and we were like what happened there? then we ran to the back door to shut it and came up and i told her to check her car and the tree was down. >> i really don't know what to think. i'm just kind of surprised that it fell down. you don't expect to come home and find your tree down in your front lawn. >> reporter: and back here live fortunately folks in this neighborhood did not lose power but according to atlantic city electric, county wide thousands of customers did and we are told service has been restored for most but crews are out right now even at this hour trying to get everyone back online as quickly as possible. that is the situation here in glassboro. i'm elizabeth hur, cbs3 "eyewitness news."
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>> allall right, liz, thank you. in voorhees the cleanup continues from last night's storms. the area around blue ridge road was hit hard. 80 miles per hour straight line winds sent trees and power lines crashing down, some into houses and cars. thankfully, though, no one was injured. coming up in just a few minutes meteorologist kate bilo will give us a closer look at the damage in voorhees. >> police are questioning a person of interest in the death of a young woman whose body was found in a duffle bag. diana rocco is live at police headquarters. you have new information tonight. >> reporter: yeah chris at this moment a man is being questioned. he lived in the same west philadelphia apartment complex as the victim and police became suspicious when this man walked into a hospital to be treated for burns.
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meanwhile tonight, this victim's family is still looking for answers. for a grieving mother there are no words. 23 year old laura's father says he last spoke with his daughter two weeks ago on their family vacation in santo domingo. >> i could guess that what happened was a common accident. we don't have a clue. >> reporter: the family arrived at homicide headquarters tuesday from their home in oklahoma one day after her body was found strangled and beaten in a duffle bag in a kensington neighborhood her hands and feet bound her belongings including a diary and bills scattered next to her body. her car was found torched, a gas can nearby. >> all her belongings were blown out of the vehicle. >> reporter: she had been living in philadelphia for the last three years, a recent graduate of of the art institute and starting a career in public relations. her family says her first love was god.
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her father says she was in transition and looking for a new place to live. >> her main goal in life was related to religion and to health. >> reporter: a person of interest is now in custody being questioned at police headquarters. he's a 23-year-old man police say was living in the same west philadelphia apartment complex as the victim for the last week. police became suspicious after the man walked into the crozer chester medical center to be treated for burns. and police say that the victim died of strangulation and blunt force trauma. again, they are questioning a person of interest, a 23-year-old man but they do expect charges to be filed here by morning. we're live outside police headquarters tonight. i'm diana rocco cbs3 "eyewitness news." >> we'll keep a watch on that diana. thank you very much. fbi agents spent this day digging for evidence inside of a home in camden. "eyewitness news" was there on the 300 block of eerie street this afternoon. investigators say they were
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searching the home for evidence and possibly a body in connection with an ongoing case. neighbors tell us that the home is a rental property. >> new tonight, a hazmat situation sends a philadelphia school police officer to the hospital. "eyewitness news" at the arts academy at benjamin rush on knights road in the northeast a freon leak from an hvac unit in the basement led to fumes in that building. there also could have been some sort of explosion. that officer who was sickened by the fumes is expected to be okay. a delaware county teenager hit by lightning is out of the hospital and sharing his incredible story with "eyewitness news" tonight. the 14-year-old was struck on ashland avenue in glenolden. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabeo tells us about the gift that likely saved that teenager's life. >> reporter: with just a cut to his hand, this 14-year-old considers himself lucky released from the hospital less than a day after being struck by lightning. >> shock and i was just shaking and i just didn't know what was happening. >> reporter: david bodkin
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was at his mom's house around 8 o'clock mon night when severe storms hit. nearly 10,000 lightning strikes were recorded throughout the delaware valley. >> the flashes were real intense. >> reporter: still, david was trying to get to his aunt's house in prospect park. his friend pulled up across the street to give him a ride. this is the car that teenager was getting to. he says once he reached for the door, that's when lightning struck. >> the only thing i heard is you just got hit by lightning. you're bleeding everywhere. >> i suggested maybe it hit the ground something flew up and hit him. they said no he was struck. >> reporter: doctors go on to say it was likely these shoes with thick rubber soles that saved him given to david just before the storm. >> he needed a pair of shoes so i gave him a pair of shoes. >> reporter: friends and family are amazed the teen is back home with no major injuries just that cut and some tingling. >> i thought he was going to die first. >> i'm happy i'm alive. >> reporter: a tale this teen will live to tell not
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starting the next chapter of his life, high school. jan carabeo. >> so far this year 12 people have died in the u.s. after getting hit by lightning. there have been four deadly lightning strikes so far this month. lots of lightning, high winds and heavy rain have us wondering what's behind this summer of severe weather. kate. >> and jessica, it's just another night in a string of severe weather events this july. the rain is falling on piles of debris left behind here in voorhees. coming up, we'll show you the latest damage here and get a little glimpse on what could be driving this severe weather >> and smile, you're on camera and you probably don't know it. we'll tell you who will be keeping an eye on you now. >> and there are new concerns tonight about stress, food and the impact on our bodies, especially
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>> back now on "eyewitness
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news" at 11:00 certainly we are not alone in dealing with summer storms. this is video from springfield, union county. you can see north jersey's been getting its share of thunder and lightning and rain. meteorologist kathy orr is back in just about three minutes. she'll let us know when the rain will end and kate bilo will take a closer look at what's behind all this severe weather. well, the fight against crime at septa is going high tech. over the next few weeks septa police officers will begin testing out body cameras. the cameras are attached to the microphone of the officer's hand held radio and they record both audio and video. three patrol officers on the broad street line and the market frankford el will test them out. >> we're hoping that it will reduce the number of use of force incidents, we're hoping it will reduce the number of complaints. we're hoping that it will help us in investigating complaints and showing that officers did exactly what they were supposed to do.
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>> now the different types of cameras cost between $300 and $1,500. if the trials are successful, septa will pursue a grant to outfit all 275 officers who are on the force. >> on the health watch tonight, stress can make you fat especially if you're a woman. new research shows stress apparently slows down your metabolism. researchers found those who said they were stressed out burned fewer calories than women who were not stressed out. the high stress women had higher levels of insulin that affects how your body stores and burns fat. women who follow this pattern could add an extra 11 pounds a year. the power of music, it's the subject of a new documentary that premiered tonight in philadelphia at the kimmel center. these exclusive clips from the film called alive inside shows how music can reawaken alzheimer's patients. it follows a social worker who
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provides music. >> memories can be strig gerd by music. there's some team deeper connections in some of the systems of the brain that are involved with deep each motions that are triggered very dramatically sometimes in patients by music. >> music has this phenomenal ability to reach deep into them and sometimes wake people up who have been sleeping for years. >> our health reporter stephanie stahl served as emcee for tonight's screening and also took part in a question-and-answer session after the movie. proceeds from tonight premiere benefit the alzheimer's association. we have more information on >> okay, pretty wild times in the weather center. what's going on right now, kathy? >> we have a lot going on. we have some showers, we have some thunderstorms and actually we have more weather in the seven-day with some unsettled news especially as we head toward the weekend. we have had some wild weather as of late. we're talking about just not
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the past couple days, even earlier in the month. it was a slow start to the summer. now it seems like storms have been hitting every week. kate bilo has the latest on the wild weather and what's behind it. hi, kate. >> reporter: hi, kathy. we are live here in voorhees, an area that got lit very hard with yesterday's storms and rain continues to fall on this huge pile of tree branches you see here next to me. the house behind us is a big blue -- has a big blue tarp on the roof. look at these piles of debris here. we're seeing roof shingles that were ripped off this house, we're seeing pieces of a fence that are completely splintered and broken, old playground equipment as well and back further down that street the fence completely bent and power lines dangling. neighbors drove up earlier and said it was like nothing they've ever seen before. they said have you heard of a down burst wind? i said i've heard of a down burst winds am i said is that what you experienced. they said it was a wind rushing down the street taking
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trees and power lines with it as the wind went. there was i'll tell you what it's not the first time we've had horrible weather like this this month. if you've been thinking has the weather been really bad lately or is it just me, here's a hinder. it's not just you. july 2nd intense storms with an incredible amount of lightning over 10,000 strikes in three hours. july 3rd, storms with damaging winds, trees on cars in northeast philadelphia. july 4th, flooding down the shore due to a strong front and hurricane arthur. july 8th, severe storms with winds over hour leave hundreds without power. july 10. july 14th straight line winds bring destruction in voorhees and southampton. today's storms with downpours and flash flooding. the intensity may have you thinking it's like winter all over again but with rain and in a way that's accurate. the pattern this month has
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been characterized by a strong jet stream and frequent intrusions of cool air pitted against tropical moisture and heat. often in summer our area gets locked under a ridge of high pressure leading to days of heat and hume. in ontaft this july has featured a fast moving pattern with strong cold fronts every few days leading to explosive thunderstorm developments. and explosive thunderstorm development is what we saw again today and of course yesterday leaving this destruction behind. the good news is we're in for quieter weather as we head through the rest of the week and maybe we can finally start to get into a more settled summer pattern. for more on the rest of the week we'll send it back into the studio with kathy. >> thanks very much, kate. much of the time we depend on that right, but we're not getting it this summer. you can take a look outside our sky can three across our center city studios, color, damp and showery in center city. down the shore the same thing. look at the taj and resorts in atlantic city, a little bit of a haze and a fog with some
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drizzle down there. some more rain for you tonight as well. we have a cold front that's moving across the region. set up now just to the west of harrisburg and all this moisture is going to push toward the north and east but we have to find the back edge to the south and it's moving through baltimore and washington, so everything will be lifting northward and out of the delaware valley by the overnight hours, i would stwie clock, 3 o'clock, 4 o'clock in the morning and then it will just be some drizzle and some mist. we do have a heavier cell right now with some heavy downpours through lancaster county and concerns for flooding there, some flash flooding is potentially possible during the late night hours with rain rates of 2-inches an hour and this is moving toward the northeast so northern berks county could get in on some of this heavy rain. elsewhere it will be light to moderate overnight. that flash flood watch has been extended until 6 o'clock in the morning just because of these cells that have been popping up, that one in lancaster county that's moving toward the northeast. a flash flood watch once again until 6:00 a.m.
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sunshine louis center us this picture flooding in the village in cape may county. peter sent this from williamstown. you can see the cars splashing in the heavy rain the flash flooding occurring quickly with little notice. right now looking at temperatures that are rain cooled in the 70's, some 60's in the poconos but nothing compared to what they're experiencing in the great lakes. milwaukee 56 degrees, international falls 51. more like october or heading into november but that will not be lasting that long. this front moves off shore, it dries out, comfortable wednesday, comfortable thursday. by the time that really cool air makes it temperatures will cool down into the lower 80's which will be very comfortable. it's not just the heat that's going to ache a break, it's the humidity. dewpoints in the 70's are oppressive. that's going to change. by tomorrow afternoon, the numbers go down into the 60's. and that's not so bad. and by thursday, in the 50's h-which is nearly bone dry. that means no stick factor. it's not going to be humid in
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the least as we head toward the end of week. overnight any showers and storms will come to an end, it will be mostly cloudy, the low 70's, highs in the lower 80's for your wednesday, breezy and comfortable, just a great day to be outside. the same goes for thursday and for friday. on the exclusive eyewitness weather seven-day forecast, saturday 84 with a late day shower possible. and an afternoon storm possible sunday but nothing like we've seen as of late and then it gets a little warmer and stickier as we head through the beginning of next week. but it has been an unusual month at that. and if you want to track any more storms that fire up, please download the new cbsphilly app i have used it for the storms the past couple of days, it is outstanding. check radar, severe weather alerts especially if you're down the shore on vacation. download the app now on itunes and of course it's coming soon on android and i used that and got the tornado warning on the app. >> and you're a professional. >> it is a professional device. >> in the hands of amateurs,
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great stuff. thanks kathy. beasley is here now and the stars are shining at the mid summer classic. >> chase utley has been phenomenal representing the city the team. we'll show you his all-star performance. keeping an eye on the summer sixers, phillies young taking care of -- trying to take of the suns that is out west. i'll s
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>> wasn't that long ago the phillies had five players in the all-star game. chase utley is flying solo tonight. he's the team's only representative but he's holding the down in minnesota. chase crushed a rbi double off the right field wall in his first at bat. it would have been a home run at citizens bank park. he scored on a run following with the next batter's hitly his second at bat he got hit by a pitch. they brought in a pinch runner. that guy scored. nice work from chase utley tonight. american league is up five to three in the eighth inning of
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play. summer league basketball sixers taking on the suns. nerlens noel did not play, he was given another day of rest after monday night's game against the cavaliers jordan mccray played and had a nice game for the sixers. tough drive there for the bucket. he had 21 points. then left the game with an ankle sprain. seconds half jeremy grant with a nice drop step and slam dunk. suns wop the game 97 to 88. the free agent dominos continue to fall. dwyane wade is resigning with the heat. it's a two year deal for a reported $34 million. lebron is gone but wade and bosh will stay in miami. sources say another member of those championship teams is headed to cleveland. mike miller rejoins lebron on a two year deal. he can shoot the ball. 46 percent from beyond the arc last season in memphis. short turn around for the union. they are back in action tomorrow against the new york red bulls at ppl park. a rivalry game going to be
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seen on national television. the philadelphia freeze dom won tonight 19 to 18 in their home opener. like years past they got a lot of star power. victoria azarenka is on the squad working her way back from injury. she spoke to our lesley van arsdale about world team tennis. >> i think in our sport we're so individual and even though when you sometimes play doubles or mixed doubles it's still more individual sport but in here, you play for the team, so it kind of gives that spirit. the different format it's sometimes is more challenging but i love to play and i always whenever i have an opportunity i always want d to play so i'm very happy to be here. >> all right, go see them. we'll be back with more news after
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>> new tonight, for the first time a woman is featured in the new york city fire department's calendar of heroes. >> good for her.
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she represents the month of march. unlike the calendar guys who show off their abs, the 11 year veteran went with the gray tank and sus spenders. she's among 41 female firefighters in there department her fellow heroes are thrilled she's part of
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>> thank you for watching cbs3 "eyewitness news" at 11 o'clock. "eyewitness news" returns in the morning with ukee washington and erika von tiehl. for beasley, kathy and everyone here at "eyewitness news," i'm chris may. >> i'm jessica dean. have a great night. we'll see you tomorrow. >> ♪ >> announcer: the following is a paid presentation for luminess air. >> people have said to me, "you look amazing. what have you done?" >> people ask me if i've had a face-lift. >> people asked if i got botox. >> announcer: these women all switched to a new foundation. >> people come up to me and say, "your skin is beautiful." >> announcer: it's not a skin-care lotion or potion. it's not even plastic surgery. >> i will have people say, "what are you doing? you look younger." >> announcer: it's a huge leap forward in makeup technology. >> this is what i used to look like 10 years ago. >> announcer: and it can help you look 10 years younger instantly. >> i've had two people actually tell me it looks like i have porcelain skin. >> announcer: it's thebr


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