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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  July 16, 2014 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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shower and majority of the or half starts to finally clear out. i come bearing much better weather news, bob. >> 5:00 o'clock, straight up, live look at 42 freeway where roads are damp and wet from the overnight rain. we have problems on the pennsylvania side, we will have all of the details and check with mass transit coming up next, ukee and erika, good morning. in the news police question a man in the grizzly discovery of the woman's body in the duffle bag. >> they tell thaws man and victim lived in the same west philadelphia apartment building. "eyewitness news" reporter nicole brewer joins us at police headquarters with the developing details, nicole. >> reporter: ukee and quarter, two days after laura araujo was discovered, murdered in that duffle bag in south philadelphia they say they may be one step closer to solving that heinous crime. lets roll video and show you the scene as her parents arrived to homicide headquarters tuesday afternoon, same day that a person of interest was taken into custody and questioned by
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police. now authorities believe that the 23 year-old man who lived in the victim's west philadelphia apartment complex maybe connect to the crime that left the 23 year-old art institute grad strangled and beaten and her hand tied. police say he raised suspicions after being treated for burns at crozer-chester medical center days after araujo's car was found torched with a gas can found lying nearby. >> all of her belongings were thrown out of the vehicle and we believe whoever did this took her vehicle to the south philadelphia area and set it on fire. >> reporter: according to investigators, araujo was in transition, having recently obtained a job at a local hotel. personal items found in and around that murder scene, things like bank records and personal journal indicate she have been traveling with those belongings while searching for a new place to live. now, of course, anyone with any information at all is urge to cat homicide unit here at
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philadelphia police headquarters, also a $20,000 reward is being offered for information leading to an arrest and conviction. we are live at police headquarters, nicole brewer, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> thank you, nicole. in other news south jersey resident are picking up pieces after another round of severe weather moved through our area. it was an all too familiar scene in glassboro gloucester county. fast moving storm left it mark across rowan university campus and nearby on morris avenue one family went to work taking down tree limbs trying to prevent further damage after the storm. >> me and my dad are slightly cutting branches down so no more fall and hit the house. we're playing it safe, we're on the safe side. >> some of the those down trees caused power outages in this neighborhood last night but right now everyone is back on line. we now know straight line wind caused damage around blue ridge road in voorhees. 80-mile per hour wind centuries and pur lines crashing down monday night.
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homes, cars were damaged during the storm, luckily no one was injured. here's your traffic and weather together with katie. >> part of the question was some rotation spotted in the upper levels when that particular storm rolled through but thankfully i come bearing some better news at this point, that granted we are still left with some showers but this is the end, guys, when we go outside we will show you view and view is starting to clear out, on storm scan three. off to the west berks, lancaster county, i think you are done and out of this at this point. there is still some fog, steam and obviously still wet weather when we throw that satellite coverage overtop. you can make out top edge of the back cover. there is end in sight that is very literally as well off to the west near harrisburg has been since clearing out ape that is back edge. just a matter of time at this point as traffic moves along quietly here outside whitefield elementary school. things are tranquil. still lingering puddles but we
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will not see fresh ones formed in wednesday reading or west lawn where that camera is. at the moment we will sit at 74 degrees at philly international. if you go settling in down towards the shore point but we are warm and muggy. further north and west we will go, more comfortable it feels that much sooner. so from west to east basically we will see these temperatures take a little bit more of a hit. not necessarily a cold day by any stretch, it is really comfortable and warm with time as this northwesterly flow takes over skies will clear, humidity level will drop and we will end up with a nice afternoon in most locations. it could only get better from here, bob. >> get through the morning, exactly. >> good morning, everybody. we are in good shape on most major roadways. everything damp and wet from the rain last night. we will check speedometer readings rolling through the area driveway, 55 across the board, no problems on i-95, schuylkill or 476. we will zoom into a problem on
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roosevelt boulevard, outer drive block northbound at grant avenue. only one lane opened on the inner drive. this is as a result of the crash on the boulevard, at grant avenue. so between welsh and grant you have the shopping plaza, chapman ford right there, just stay to the inner drive but is there only one lane there your best bet from the neighborhoods just use bustleton avenue for beginning of the morning rush hour. water main break in willow grove here moreland road at center avenue. watch for local detours. also a down tree as a result of the storms last night. park avenue and falcon road. today begins a new project on the platt bridge only one lane will be opened all day in both directions, they are putting up, new speed limit signs. we will go from 45 down to 35, and i will bet that they will be ready to enforce that after those signs go up. after a problem last night on the way home septa says they will be back to normal on the bala cynwyd regional rails for morning rush hour, erika, back
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to you. south jersey father is under arrest accused of leaving a hand gun inside an 11 month-old daughter's nursery bag. camden county police say worker at el center day care center made discovery yesterday morning. the authorities tell us that the weapon was loaded with hallow point bullets. girls father ra him williams is being held on 50 you this dollars cash bail. a blown transformer caused a small explosion and sent freon leaking in the northeast philadelphia school. fire fighters and hazmat team responded to the arts academy at benjamin rush on knights road. that building was ventilated by emergency responders. a philadelphia school police officer was treated for dizziness from the fumes but that officer is expect to be okay. well, developing right new death toll is now over 200 in gaza and one in israel, and nine days of fighting. hamas says israelis tarring hems of the senior leaders as israeli military resumes its
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bombard. of gas a israel resume air strikes after hamas reject a cease-fire plan. the united states is standing bias rail but is pushing both sides to work towards deescalating the situation. >> we believe israel has the right to defend itself. that remains the the case but our focus continues to be on working towards a cease-fire. >> israeli officials say country's security cabinet discussed plans for a possible limited, ground invasion. happening today an arraignment for montgomery county teacher who allegedly had an inappropriate relationship with one of her students. prosecutors say, three three-year old jessica streeper had a sexual relationship with a 14 year-old student at eisenhower middle school. investigators say the two texted each other. also this morning a judge is scheduled to sentence a woman in connection with the philadelphia murder case. stephanie foulke pleaded guilty to conspiracy and
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robbery resulting in seer wrist body injury. folks, keep tolbert and angel weston planning to rob frank zarzycki. they taserd zarzycki when he foot back. zarzycki's dismember bod ways found in the schuylkill river near grays ferry bridge last september. flags will fly at half staff across new jersey to upon or police officer killed on the job. governor chris christie ordered flags lowered for jersey city police officer melvin santiago. rookie officer was ambush sunday morning while responding to a robbery at walgreens. also today a new mural will be dedicated to philadelphia police officer killed in the line of duty. officer chuck cassidy was shot on the job seven years ago when he walk in on a robbery at dunkin' donuts. mural a penn crest gym honors cassidy's services and his love of athletics. right now 5:08. delaware county teen struck by lightening and he lives to
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tell the tail. hear his incredible story. also crime fighting goes high tech on septa. see the new way officers are keeping an eye on you. look before you land to see what this plane just narrowly a avoided hitting as it touched down, katie. erika, we are thankfully looking ahead to much clearer weather out there as skies clear, sun will shine, it feels better and we have a is in break from the stormy weather coming up. full details straight ahead. >> ♪ >> and, a bar brawl lands a man behind bars, it is not the crime but his unusual, name that is making news, the update here is name inspired by a car, we will have that and more, on the other side, good morning.
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septa hopes new technology will help them crackdown on transit crime. septa police officers will check out body cameras over next few weeks. those cameras attached to the mike even if of the police officer's hand held radio. it will record both audio and video capturing everything that the officer season patrol. three transit officers on the broad street line and market frankford el will test them out. >> we're hoping that it will reduce the number of use of force incident. we're hoping it will reduce the number of complaints. we're hoping that it will help us, in investigating complaints and showing that officers did exactly what they were speaksed to do. >> the camera cost between
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$31,500. grant money to outfit all 275 officers on the force. right now, 5:13. katie, for the first time this week you are saying we might solve good news. >> granted, it is only wednesday but we have had two straight days now of some ominous weather news i guess here. so some stormy weather to deal with on both monday and tuesday. still left over as we speak on the radar. we will go on a baby tour of storm scan in a second but we will start off with the pollen report. lets go there first. we don't expect these levels to be all that terrible over next few days, high pressure is taking the lead and as it does so it will allow any pollen out there, to be more readily next few days so grasses if you have plans to mow the lawn, we're just looking at le to medium levels of any of these, pollen issues here for next few days. storm scan three lets go there next back edge of the frontal boundary very distinct and
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obvious. zero in on a couple pockets here. overtime over delaware bay and cumberland county very heavy rain that has been falling. we are not totally done with the front just yet in laurel lakes, for example you are ceiling rainfall rates right now, of as much as two and three-quarters inch an hour. this isn't going to be over you for an hour but enough to dump a quick quarter inch before it is out of here. that will mess with your travel but it is isolated but where you are seeing it, hit the road through new jersey today you're are likely going to be left with lingering showers but skies clearing from west to east and much more refreshing air mass takes over. by tonight it is comfortable. we can leave window open, turn air conditioning off, save on the even why i bill for a change. next couple days lah beautiful thursday and friday featuring high pressure, more sunshine. by saturday our next chance for a shower makes a return appearance to the forecast. >> i hate when somebody is messing with me in the morning like that. >> i hear you we have to take
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care of that 5:14. good morning. it is wednesday, halfway to the weekend. roads are still damp and wet. lets get for a tour here. downtown we will go vine street expressway in problems between the schuylkill and i-95. little bit of the delay here. this is a first sign have volume starting to pop, folks coming in city early this morning. 422, good morning to collegeville, in problems or delays at all, but look at the volume here in the last ten minutes starting to pop. you can see beginning of the early morning rush heading in towards king of prussia otherwise good to go on the i-95, watch the construction zones are wet, so it is difficult sometimes to see lane markers and traffic pattern shuffles there. schuylkill looking good. we have a problem on the roosevelt boulevard, accident, boulevard and grant avenue. north bound outer drive is closed between welsh and grant avenue, there is only one lane opened on the inner drive. right now lighter volume and that will happen in a half an
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hour or so. bustleton avenue is your best bet north bound, out bound lanes are opened and mass transit running with in reported delays, ukee and erika, back to you. developing story starts our look at headlines on cbs-3. police are questioning a person of interest in connection with the death of laura araujo, her body was discovered monday in the duffle bag in kensington. there is widespread storm damage all around our air were for a second morning in the row. we are getting a way from the weather pattern and katie says we could see improvement as early as today. death toll is now more than 200 in the fighting in gas a israelis targeting hamas target after hamas reject a seized fire plan. u.s. wants both sides to reach a peaceful even to the black shed. 5:16. is the american flag about to get a make over. >> we will tell you about a plan that could add five new stars to old glory. >> it usually cost more at the grocery store but are organic fruits and vegetables better for you.
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we will have the answer in the healthwatch. good morning, we will be
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good morning everyone. police are looking for a gunman who opened fire inside a las vegas mall. investigators say a fight broke out in the food court and someone pulled out a gun. one person was shot in the shoulder. according to police victim ran out of the mall and drove himself to the hospital where he remains in stable condition. officials say the shooting may be gang related. nba commissioner adam silver says he cannot guarantee that donald sterling will be out before the season starts this fall. despite all of the legal challenges he remains confident that the sale of the clippers will go through. right now sterling is challenging his wife's shelley plan sale of the team. silver says he is waiting for the process to play out. >> i can say with certainty we are doing everything in our power to move donald out as an owner in the nba. as i said, probate ruling doesn't go in our favor we
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will recommence our procedures under termination. >> that hearing will determine whether shelley sterling has the right to sell the team, resumes on monday. back in california, split into six states, silicone valley billion air tim draper submitted signature to have a measure on the ballot. he said, the the plan got more than 1 million signature more than the 108,000 needed. draper says callus too big, too diverse to have one government. >> you could frame your own constitution, your own system of government, your own services and your own state bird. >> this is how would it look but a poll find 59 percent of callow pose the plan. they say congress will not go for it. i appreciate you can have your own state bird as one of the top reasons. >> i don't know if that is enough reason. >> exactly. it is being called customer service call from hell.
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>> you have to hear when a man tries to cancel his comcast service. cable company responds to this call going viral. >> derek jeter gets a special send off after shining in his final all-star appearance.
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philadelphia's park on the parkway returns for second summer season. lets give you a live look at the oval along the parkway ahead of tonight's kick off celebration. food truck, a newly designed beer garden and creation of the one of a kind 3-d art installation, that got bob turned around. >> i think it was the last one. >> what about that art exhibit. >> nice try. >> oval opens up to the public on wednesday to friday, through august 17th. i'm sure people are hoping,
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how is the weather looking, katie. >> if you have outdoor plans at all here today with time it gets better and bet ter and better. this morning we have a couple of hiccups, we have lingering showers and steady rain out there and it has been just enough for national weather service to since we were on the air with your last weather report to issue a new flood advisory until 8:15. it is only for a handfull of sections of the counties for minor flooding with this round of heavy rain. that is rumbling on through, cumberland county at the moment. not a thunderstorm but just heavy rain. we are still waiting for our cold front passage here. until that completely pull as way and retreats, we will be left with these issues. lingering showers but primarily, from philadelphia on east you will see anything else cross up here through rest of the morning. with time skies are just gradually clearing, wind shift, we will have a warm day granted but not as hot or steamy as yesterday was and just feels better with every
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passing hour. looks good, bob. >> sound good, katie. 5:24. looking good as far as major roadways are concerned. everything is wet and damp like out here good morning to downingtown. live look at route 100 near pennsylvania turnpike interchange you cane difference in the road surface there. some roads, mostly wet, damp from all that rain. watch it on the on and off ramps. we have a down pole here along byberry road at the buck hotel there you will want to use county line road as the alternate for first out of the gate this morning. north on the boulevard, outer drive is closed between welsh road up to grant avenue because of an accident right at the boulevard and grant and there is only one lane opened on the inner drive. leaving the house right now and heading north i would head for bustleton avenue to avoid a delay. here's ukee now with a look at sports. >> phillies chase utley made his mark on the all-star game and so did another fellow with local ties. chase hit a line drive off the
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wall and minnesota's target field in the first at bat last night. he was also hit by a pitch and scored two runs. derek jeter celebrated his 14th and last all-star appearance. the american league won five -three thanks in large part to the age he else mike trout out of millville, new jersey. the the 22-year old trout had a double, triple and won a corvette, nicely done young man. good news for eagles fans, you can get ticket to the birds opened practices starting today, get to cbs and click on sports. practices are this monday and sunday august 3rd at the the link and august 10th at the franklin field. remember those dates in august. the practices are free, but you you do need tickets. so go to cbs and get all of the details. sixers take on the lakers tonight in summer league action and there is one fan says sixers will be parading down broad street next summer. this 20 year-old, a in must 20 year-old diehard sixers fans
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thinks the home squad will be nba champs. the tattoo is on his, yeah, his back side. next season might be early but you never know, your philadelphia 76ers, they are on the right track. erika. quite cheeky of him. coming up on "eyewitness news" we are continuing to follow new development after a woman is found dead in a duffle bag, nicole. other contact, a person of interest is in custody and now being questioned, we will have the latest live from police headquarters coming up. i just didn't necessity what happened. >> what happened that is teen survived getting struck by lightening, he talks about the moment he was hit and one item he thinks, saved his life. bob and katie return with your traffic and weather together on the three's as rain is finally out of here, we will be back in two minutes.
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we're following new developments over not in the murder of this woman, who was stuffed in the duffle bag. police say they are close to cracking this case. as of right now philadelphia police continue questioning a person of interest, this keep in mind less than 24 hearst after she was found dead in kensington. >> good morning, "eyewitness news" reporter nicole brewer joins us from police headquarters with the very latest, nicole. >> reporter: ukee and erika, absolutely heinous murder that as you mentioned investigators may be one step closer to solving this morning two days after that 23 year-old woman was found bound, beaten, murdered her body touched in the duffle bag in north philadelphia. lets go ahead and roll some video and show you the scene as her parents laura araujo's parents arrived at


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