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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  July 16, 2014 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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developing right now, police say they are getting close to cracking the case of this women's murder her body found stuffed in the duffle bag. the 23 year-old had just graduated from college a few months ago. >> good morning, police are questioning a person of interest in her murder. "eyewitness news" reporter nicole brewer is at police headquarters with more on this developing story, nicole. >> reporter: you mention that had person of interest. we are actually looking live at his apartment complex in west philadelphia in the mantua section of west philadelphia where police are on the scene waiting to survey warrant. they believe he may be connect to that heinous crime involving the young woman was found bound, and beaten. for the mother of laura araujo, there were in words, only pain as reporters asked about her 23 year-old daughter whose body was found early monday in the duffle bag in north philadelphia. >> the medical examiner's office conduct an autopsy and
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has ruled this a homicide, manner of death strangulation and blunt force trauma. >> reporter: police may be one step closer to solving that crime, araujo's parents arrived at homicide headquarters tuesday afternoon, the same day a person of interest was taken in custody and questioned by police. authorities believe that the 23 year-old man who lived in the victim's west philadelphia apartment complex may be connect to the grizzly crime which left the 23 year-old art institute grad strangled and beaten, her hand tied, car torched. police grew suspicious after that man was treated for burns at crozer-chester medical center. >> all of her belongings were thrown out and we believe whoever did this took her vehicle the two south philadelphia area and set it on fire. >> reporter: personal items found at the murder scene including bank records and journal indicate she may have been traveling with many belongings while searching for a new place to live. her father says that she was this transition having recently obtained a job at a
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local hotel but her focus he says was on god. her main goal in life were related to least lincoln and to help people. >> reporter: once again we are looking live at an apartment complex in mantua, in west philadelphia, where that this person of interest lives. that is also where police are on the scene waiting to serve that search warrant. meanwhile anyone with any information is asked to call philadelphia police homicide unit, as with any unsolved murder here in the city of philadelphia, $20,000 reword is in place for at rest and conviction, of the killer. we are live, nicole brewer, cbs-3, eye witt pest news. the clean up continues this morning, after another round of strong storms left some south jersey neighborhoods covered in debris. this was the clean up we want to show you the aftermath in glassboro, gloucester county.
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a tree came down in the mana hat cemeteries knocking monument right off the base. another tree snapped in half, and, cars, within inches. >> our back door blew opened and we are look what happened there. we ran back down to the back door to shut up and i told her to check her car and the tree was already down. >> i don't know what to think. i'm surprised it fell down especially you don't expect to come home and find your tree down in your front lawn. >> fortunately in one was hurt in either incident. national weather service says that straight line wind, not a tornado caused all this damage in voorhees. many homes and cars around blue ridge road were damaged by down trees and power lines monday night. 80 miles an hour wind responsible for mess of that damage we're hearing. no one was hurt. 6:03. we will get latest on storms and our chances of storms today, katie. >> they are diminishing with time. we are still dealing with heavy pockets of rain and
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thunder, enough for national weather service to issue another flood advisory for portions of southeastern, new jersey, specifically but you again, we're starting to see gradual clearing taking place already and we see that in the western counties. it does get better with time, i promise. we will take you outside show you view, start off with the calm view on the ben franklin parkway as we look at oval getting set for kick off of their sweet space here where i hear there is an art installation and a beer garden which i know bobbies very excited b we are looking forward to that. we can expect to see nicer weather to enjoy it all here not just later today but you for the rest of this workweek i think. it is looking up with time. storm scan three as we show you our last three hour loop, it is pretty obvious that new jersey and delaware have been bearing brunt of anything that is sort of left over in the atmosphere with this frontal boundary. let's zero in on this out towards ac expressway. look at that heavy rain, bright red zone just outside
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ac where we are getting hammered with pounding rain in places like mays landing just dealt witt. at least with the worst of it and really heavy rain detect out towards egg harbor city. so right around that zone of the ac express waste you are getting slammed with soaking rain. i looked at it just a second ago, some rainfall rates are as high as four and a half to 5 inches per hour. it will in the stay over you so you will in the pick up that much but it could dump an inch before it gets out of here. slow down, thankfully we are clearing with time and with every passing hour it gets nicer and nicer. >> 6:05. good morning. stepping out of the front door there is still damp and wet from the rain we had to deal w lets go outside to the live look at the the schuylkill expressway. in problems or delays coming into philadelphia but we have seen some increased volume across the the board here, headlight coming eastbound toward philadelphia martin luther king drive looking good, in problems there on the spring garden street bridge there in the background. lets go out to downingtown a
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live look at 30 bypass, heading eastbound, much different drive today then we had this time yesterday, we're not dealing with the fog. south on the extension a disabled vehicle near mid county in the construction zone, water main break along moreland road at center avenue. the storms last night knocked down a tell even if pole on byberry roadblocked this morning at buck road so use county line red heading out front door. last night we had problems on the cynwyd regional rails, septa says normal services for the morning rush hour and rest of the mass transit system, running with no delays. >> and issues of leaving a hand gun inside his 11 and, police say, worker at health central, day care center yesterday morning, and authority tell us that it was loaded with hallow point bullets, and, and it was held
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on $50,000 cash bail. hazmat situation at a northeast philadelphia school, send one school police officer to the hospital. investigators say a blown transformer caused a small explosion, at the arts academy at benjamin rush that sent freon leaking in the school building. one officer sickened by the fumes was treated at aria torresdale and officer is expect to be okay. developing right now, tensions in the middle east continue to run high, israel says that it targeted terror site and command center used by senior hamas leaders. susan mcginn is brings us up to date report report smoke billows in the sky over gaza a day after a proposal to end fighting between israel and hamas militants fell through. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu says his country has no choice but to respond more forcefully to hamas after group reject a cease-fire plan yesterday shortly after israel had accepted it. >> israelis warning families
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in sections of northern gaza to evacuate saying it plans to carry out air strikes against terror sites and operativeness those neighborhoods. the u.s. is standing bias rail but is pushing both sides to work towards deescalating the situation. >> what he believe that israel has right to defend itself and that remains the case but our focus continues to be, on working towards, a cease-fire. >> reporter: spokesmen for hamas tells cbs news there will be no cease-fire until israel stops fighting first. unaudible. >> health officialness gaza say more than 200 palestinians have died in the nine days of fighting. on tuesday israel suffered the first death since the conflict began and hamas fired dozens of rockets at the jewish state. in washington susan mcginn is for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". here's a look at other things happening today our sister station kyw news radio reports an announcement is expect from the company that
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wants to buy philadelphia gas works. there are rumors that the company may want to back out of the 2 billion-dollar deal. it is also sentencing day for stephanie foulke who pleaded guilty in connection to the philadelphia murder case. prosecutors say that foulke, and two men robbed a south philadelphia man whose body was found near grays ferry bridge last fall. flags across new jersey will fly at half staff to honor police officer melvin santiago. he was kill in the line of duty in jersey city. been a few rough days with the weather and people are still cleaning up the mess left behind by mother nature. >> all that damage. >> we will take a look what is behind in the spike in storms. crime fighting goes high tech on septa see new way officers are keeping an eye on the storms. and plus a security care at kennedy compound when a police officer is forced to arrest an intruder, wait until you hear whoho he was looking for in there.
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we have been waiting to see the sun up after storms, now it is coming, katie has your forecast's we do traffic and weather together on the three's when we come back good morning family.
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a man wearing captain america t-shirt and camouflage shorts broke in the kennedy compound in massachusetts. when police arrived they found the five three-year old man in the kitchen. when asked what he was doing there the man responded he was looking for katie perry. it is 6:00 126789 here's
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traffic and weather together on the three's, the rain hopefully will be moving out for a while: >> we are expect to go see clouds clear out as time progresses. we have some showers and embedded thunderstorms. looking closely, we have one or two lightening strikes across atlantic county but we are seeing skies clear. you can see back edge of the cloud cover through harrisburg and as we zoom in on out and it looks like drench storms will go out toward new england, the cape area is getting slammed right now with thunderstorms but again, back edge is visible, and it will continue to clear overhead for everybody as the day goes on. what we're starting to see is a shift with the wind flow. not a potent wind at the moment. pretty light but i want to you look at here is in the so much numbers but rather the arrows and directions they are pointing. we are getting southwest flow across south jersey where we have that really impressive humidity in place but it is way more northwesterly as we go to the north and west that
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helps bringing in that cooler dryer air. that is taking over. uplift in the atmosphere to help that along to bring in the humidity and showers and storms that we are finding out there but getting better with time. tropics are quiet. quick check the next two days will just stay rain free or rather activity free. in tropical development expect here. eyewitness weather seven day forecast in the mid 80's today, tomorrow, friday. today is the most stormy of them all but getting better with every passing hour. more comfortable air mass continues to build in and everybody has some sunshine by days end. eighty-four and sunshine tomorrow, a well deserve break on the way, by friday, still pleasant weather and then this weekend we may see a couple showers or storms firing up but if you have outdoor plans, i would say keep them. >> do you hear that, ukee, barbecue still on, can't hear you man. >> technical difficulties. >> invitation good to go, at the day at ukee's house. live look right here near movie theater here, no
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problems and delays. all of the roads are wet and damp from the rain overnight f you typically come into philadelphia over ben franklin bridge, again add some extra time. you have been feeling punch over last couple of days. is there only three lanes opened on the ben franklin coming into philadelphia during morning rush hour, all this week as part of that next phase of the construction project. as katie just showed us on storm scan three here, the expressway, parkway portions of 47, getting hot hit with some real heavy rains. if you are watching us, down the shore grab those umbrellas stepping out of the front door. then we will go to a down tree here on route 49 outside of woodbine at hunters mill road off of route 50 and down tree along cedar mill road as a result of these storms rolling through so watch for detours near arcola road. during midday one lane opened on the platt bridge they are putting up new speed limit signs taking that speed from 45 down to 35, beginning today, ukee, back to you.
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there is a developing story at the top of the headlines on cbs-3. person of interest is being questioned in connection with the death of laura araujo's 23 years old body was discovered inside a duffle bag earlier this week. also communities across our area will be cleaning up after second day of heavy storms but we have some good news, katie says those storms are on their way out. the company is in negotiation toss buy the philadelphia gas works plans an announcement to day, there were reports that the company is considering backing out but city council says that is in the likely. be right back.
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septa police has a new tool to help them crackdown on crime. it the is something thaw probably won't notice. "eyewitness news" reporter noel mcclaren gives you a preview. >> reporter: you might want to look your best walking past that septa transit office they are week. >> one photo. >> reporter: he could be taking your picture. >> every contact that an officer has, will then be video and audio taped. >> reporter: force is trying out a new body cameras designed to crackdown on transit crimes. >> we're hoping it will reduce the number of use of force incidents, we're hoping it will reduce the number of complaints, we're hoping that it will help us, in investigating some complaints. >> reporter: camera is disguised in the officer's actual radio microphone, so everything, the officer sees,
6:20 am
the camera, does too. three office are will be outfitted with the new technology this week and they will be patrolling the broad street, subway, and market frankford el. septa police chief thomas nestel estimates that this model, costs around $300. and if this weeks trial runs smoothly he will seek grant funding to put one on all 275 officers on his force. >> i'm hoping that it works. would i love to have it. >> reporter: if this body cam isn't good enough he cannot wait to try others. at septa headquarters, noel mcpeculiar even for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". your time 6:21. will she run for president or won't she? new at 6:00 hear what hillary clinton says she wants her office to look like. also a safer ride three on your side with the first ever crash test results on some affordable used cars, it is new this morning. derek jeter gets a special
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send off after shining in his final all-star appearance but he was with a star with local ties, we will be
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if he were a lobbyist... if they were political contributors... maybe tom corbett would listen to them, instead of cutting... funding for their schools. but corbett's huge tax giveaway to the oil and gas... industry has cost us billions. forced deep cuts in education. and his mismanagement caused a massive budget deficit. now corbett wants to give the oil and gas industry even... more handouts. because that's who tom corbett listens to. and this is who pays the price.
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6:23. time for traffic and weather together on the three's, if morning. >> still some storms out there to track especially through new jersey, southeastern new jersey where we do have a flood advisory, that last us until 8:00 a.m. and when we go out to storm scan three our very heavy pocket of rain, falling across ac expressway, and now moving over garden state parkway, rather, but we are starting to clear out further inland we will go, and thinks just a matter have time and waiting game, it may be a different forecast. we are dealing with showers and heavy pockets of rain at area beaches but gradually
6:24 am
skies clear, maybe lingering shower in the early afternoon and then you should end up with sun before it is all said and done. everybody else can reza shourd that the cooler, dryer air will take over as well which means later tonight we can getaway without the air conditioning for the change. it is just going to feel more comfortable with time, bob, over to you. 6:24 on a wednesday morning a live look at i-95 at girard point double decker where northbound lanes go underneath and south bun lanes come above you there down towards the airport. all of the roads, are damp and wet from that rain we had overnight. watch for construction throughout today, 422 bolt directions, between valley forge and trooper road, also midday crew will pop up on lancaster avenue right here near paoli pike as part of the the repaving of lancaster, avenue through malvern and frazier, pennsy turnpike, no problems, valley forge, over to bensalem, and seeing volume pop on the schuylkill near conshohocken but a 14 minute
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trip into downtown, ukee, back over to you. thanks, bob n sports a great all-star game puts a couple players with local ties in the spotlight and a send off for one of the most popular players in the game. the phillies chase utley hammered a ball off the wall for a rbi double in his first at bat last night. he scored a run and later was hit by a pitch. he was an all-star. he takes them for the team. derek jeter got several standing ovationness his 14th and last all-star appearance. but it was millville's own mike trout who was named mess valuable player, he had a double, triple and rbi. american league won the game five-three and rights to home field advantage for the upcoming fall classic. good news for eagles fans, you can get ticket to the bird open practices today. go to cbs and click on sports. practices are monday july 28th and sunday august 3rd at lincoln financial field and august 10th at franklin field. the practices are free, but do you need ticket so get to cbs
6:26 am and get all of the details you need. lets go eagles, erika. >> feels like fall already. coming up in the next half an hour of "eyewitness news" we are following new developments after woman is fund dead in the duffle bag, nicole. >> reporter: yes, gris liz crime, erika but right now a person of interest is in custody, and being questioned. we are live with the latest coming up. i was just shaking and i just didn't necessity what happened. >> what happened was that teen survived getting struck by lightening, he talked about the moment he was hit and one item he thinks saved his life. also bob and katie returns with your traffic and weather together on the three's are the storms out of here yet, katie has
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a person of interest is being questioned, right now, in connection with a disappearance of 23 year-old laura araujo. >> good morning, everyone her body was discovered stuffed inside a duffle bag on monday. news reporter nicole brewer joins us from police headquarters with more, on this investigation, nicole. >> reporter: you mention that had person of interest, yes, he is here in custody and being questioned, police believe he may be connect to the heinous murder of laura araujo whose body was found stuffed into a duffle bag in north philadelphia. lets go ahead and role some
6:30 am
video and show you victim parents. they arrived to homicide headquarters tuesday afternoon, the same day that person of interest was taken by police. authorities believe that 23 year-old man lives in the same complex as victims may be responsible for biting and beating the art institute graduate whose car was also found torched. police say they became suspicious of him after being treated for burns at crozer-chester medical center. >> all of her belongings were thrown out of the vehicle and we believe whoever did this took her vehicle the two south philadelphia area and set it on fire. >> now, according to investigators araujo was in transition after having obtained ape job at a local hotel. her bank records, also a personal journal, police believe, that may indicate she was traveling with many of her belongings and bags, while searching for a place to live. again, anyone with any information at all is urge to
6:31 am
contact the philadelphia police homicide unit, and as with all unsolved murders, in the city of philadelphia, is there a $20,000 reward for any information, leading tooth rest and conviction of this killer. we are live outside police headquarters, nicole brewer, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> nicole, thank you. neighbors were baffled when they found fbi agents digging for evidence in the camden home. investigators say they were searching a home on the 300 block of erie street for evidence, and, probably a body. they say that the search is in connection to the ongoing case. neighbors tell "eyewitness news" that the home is a rental property and is not currently vacant. there is more clean up for many communities around the region after this latest run of severe storms, heavy winds and rain helped upright this tree in glassboro, gloucester county. it left behind twisted limbs and leaves on rowan university's campus. "eyewitness news" meteorologist kate billow has more on the science behind all this wild weather.
6:32 am
>> reporter: july 2nd intense storms with an incredible lightening over 10,000 strikes in three hours. july 3rd, storms with damaging wind, treason cars in northeast philadelphia. july 4th, flooding down the shore due to a strong front and hurricane arthur. july 8th, severe storms with wind over 70 miles per hour leave hundreds of thousands without power. july 10th, a stalled front brings flooding rain to the shore with over four and a half inches in portions of cape may county. july 14th severe storms leave path of straight line wind destruction in voorhees and southampton. then today's storms with tropical downpours and flash flood warnings. intensity and frequency of these storms may have you thinking like winter all over again but with rain and in a way that is accurate. pattern this month has been characterize by a strong jet stream and frequent intrusions of cool air pitted against tropical moisture and heat. often in summer our area gets locked under high pressure lead to go days of heat and humidity n contrast this july featured a fast moving pattern
6:33 am
with strong cold front every few days leading to explosive thunderstorm development. an explosive thunderstorm development is what has happened for past couple have days especially here in voorhees with the destruction left behind. luckily the forecast does get better for rest of the week with more quiet, settled wet tore look forward to reporting from voorhees i'm meteorologist kate billow for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". lets get more on the forecast with traffic and weather together. >> as kate said we will gradually start to clear things out thank goodness but we are not out of the woods just yet, guys through southeastern, new jersey where we still have a flood advisory. we will go on a baby tour of the radar. storm scan three at the the moment, featuring not a heck of a lot through southeastern, pennsylvania but just some clouds, skies that will be clearing. but we have got some activity here across atlantic and now moving up in towards ocean county. thunderstorm is embedded within this right now and we have seen rainfall rates as high as two, even as high as
6:34 am
five plus inches per hour. now with that said it is moving along so it is not overtop of anyone location for that long to pro tuesday that much rain but you could pick up a quick inch out of the pocket have of rain like this you will get slowed down in the parkway. you will get slowed down and you probably already have, ac expressway, we will have more details on that and regardless a flood advisory in effect for counties and chunks of the counties shaded in the green. because it really is location dependent but minor flooding is occurring and likely will be a possibility for you here as long as that little pocket have of heavy rain is still rolling on through. so down the shore, you will clear out, with the the most time here, it looks like up towards poconos we are getting in on some sunshine but in philadelphia it is just time before you end up with some sun. i can see by looking at field cam blue sky trying to peak through, high should hit eight 36789 it is not as hot as yesterday but it is still warm, warm enough, you can leave the house without a jacket. 60 degrees right new in the poconos, that wind starting to
6:35 am
look and turn more northwesterly and that will hook us up with more comfort. seventy-three right now at the airport and we are in at 69 degrees. we have got heavy rain still moving through around the atlantic city region, bob, over to you. watching us down the shore atlantic city expressway, garden state parkway portions of route nine getting hit with this we have i rain. roads are still damp and wet from the rain we have received here in philadelphia overnight as we look live at i-95, headlights, stacked and pack here from the cottman avenue, kind of winding through construction zone, down in towards center city. lets go out, live look, 422, no fog this morning. we are looking good. we have delays starting to build from collegeville in towards king of prussia, in the neighborhoods we will go, a down pole, blocking byberry road at buck road so traffic using county line road this morning a down tree just outside trooper here, side air mill at arcola road n south
6:36 am
jersey route 49 at hunters mill road watch for a down tree as a result of the storms that rolled through last night where this one was just recently from that storm impacting atlantic city think morning. cynwyd regional rails, we had problems last night, septa says normal services resume this morning. otherwise mass transit looking good with no delays. erika, back over to you. a delaware county teen has quite the the story to tell. he was struck by lightening on monday night and walk away with only minor injuries. david bodkin was getting in friend's koran ashland avenue when he was hit. amazingly he only suffered a minor cut and numbness in his hands. the the 14 year-old says he could not believe what happened. >> he told me i was bleeding every where. i said you just got struck by lightening. i ran for help. >> i suggested maybe it hit the ground something flew up and hit him but they said no, he was struck. >> new get this, doctors say his thick rubber souled shoes
6:37 am
save his life they were given to him by a friend right before that storm. well, happening today house and rules committee is supposed to consider a resolution approving a lawsuit begins president obama. it has to do with the president's executive order in 2013, postponing the mandate in the affordable care act that required large employers provide health insurance to their employees. house speaker john boehner says the president did not have the third to issue that postponement on his own. he said only congress can change the law. former secretary of state hillary clinton is staying guarded on whether she will run for president. she was promoting her new book on the daily show with jon stewart when he canned the question. >> i was going to make an announcement but i saw, i mean you kind of spoil it for me. >> no, in. >> so that is a yes. >> the big spoiler, so i will to have reconsider where i go do this. >> clinton also told stewart she wants to work, from home,
6:38 am
in an office with quote, fewer corners. it has an oval shaped. >> very good. >> getting ready to pay more for satisfaction your sweet tooth we will tell you who is raising prices and how much more you have to pay. it is usually costing morere in grocery stores but organic fruits and vegetables better for you, we will have the answer in the healthwatch. see how a 97 year-old seamstress is making beautiful dresses using pillowcases. her clothes, for charity, in this weeks story of brotherly love when we come
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happening right now looking live, at a surprise ship that just dock with the international space station, 260 miles above earth. really cool look inside there it is ledded with american one and a half tons of supplies for the astronauts as you can see there the man with his camera just floating out in space. that includes new exercise clothes. you mentioned this a couple days ago, one of the things on board is made with a special material so astronauts won't smell as bad during their daily work out. >> yes. >> next one was made by our producer, stuck in the room with the other guys after their daily work outs. >> just good that small quarters there. >> yes, might want to have close that limit the stink. >> we appreciate it though, yes, indeed. right now 6:41. a philadelphia retiree is making something beautiful out
6:42 am
of something ordinary. >> in this weeks story of brotherly love a with man who transforms pillowcase necessary to pressure gifts for girls. >> reporter: give dorothy, a pillowcase and sewing machine, and this, is what she can create. >> sometimes you just have something plane, sometimes you fix them up better. >> reporter: for more than a year she has created an elaborate sun dresses for needy girls from her apartment at wesley enhanced living in penny pack park. dorothy or dot as she's known spent 50 years working in a factory making mens swimsuits. now she's 97. >> i'm the type of personally cannot sit and do nothing. >> reporter: neighbor's great grandchild showed off one of the dresses. >> you cut this part off. >> reporter: pillowcases contact be plane or pattern. dot takes her time making right ribbons. some creations go to girls in the delaware valley, others as far away as mexico a lot of the little girls, they have nothing, they are so poor and
6:43 am
what little girl doesn't like a pretty dress. >> reporter: sister virginia wagner a servant of the most blessed trinity is grateful for dot's dresses. her mission took several to mexico to the delight of the girls. >> really is beautiful and reflection of the bought full person that she is. >> reporter: as word spreads, people are donating pillowcases to dot. so how long does show plan to do this. >> i don't know as long as i'm here i guess i'll be making them. >> nicely done young lady, nicely done. if you'd like to donate to dot the she can use pillowcases made of light fabric, no flannel or warm fabrics. go to cbs for more information. 6:43. lets get traffic and weather together. >> is there nothing better than a cool pillow. i love a cool pillow. that is most random thing i'll say all morning. lets start with the pollen report. they are creeping up a little bit to low to medium range with time as high pressure takes the lead. we will see ate how pollen of
6:44 am
grass, plane tane to come in here. if you are allergic to those specific pollen counts just make sure you have your medicines ready to go. you are okay for next day or two. here's is what next of the very pesky frontal boundary slow progressive movement, led todays of severe weather. we have very heavy rain, firing up, even just clipping cape may right now but out through ocean, monmouth county and clipping as well across northeastern atlantic county. we will zoom things out though things are starting to clear with time, we will throw satellite on top and that shows a distinct package to this front. just waiting this out. you might be left with showers as late as this early afternoon down the shore but generally where it is clearing things out still in the 70's at home but cooler by comparison as we have been talking about that dose of september back to the midwest. for us it was mainly about the storms now we will get a refreshing air mass. technically it is cooler then
6:45 am
yesterday by almost 10 degrees but still within reason. seasonal range overall, for this day of the year. normal high on this particular day of july is about 87. it is not too far from where we should be. clear comfortable sky and good excuse if you want to give the even why i bill a break, turn ac off, throw windows open. it will feel good. tomorrow and friday look lovely. by the weekend a shower or storm here but overall we have sunshine to look forward to bob, over to you. just completing a tacony palmyra bridge opening here, where we're almost ready to get them back together here but traffic is still stopped on both sides, as a quick sail boat opening. i think ukee rented out his sale ale boat for a three hour tour. >> you are in the right, man. >> gilligan. >> yes. >> skipper too. schuylkill expressway, live look west pound heavy from the boulevard out towards belmont. we are starting to see the rush hour, start to get in the grid lock on our majors here. roads are damp and wet from
6:46 am
the rain we had overnight. rest of them south on i-95 a 22 minute trip from the betsy on in. if you are watching us down the shore you are feeling effects of that storm cloud overhead there. the expressway, parkway, route 47, getting hit with some heavy rain right new and as katie just showed us that is moving up and out. if you are heading in that direction again wipers on, headlights on and a little slower than normal. now throughout the day they will be working on the platt bridge down to one lane in both directions but more importantly they are installing new speed limit signs. we will go from 45, down to 35, on the platt bridge, and i'll going to bet you a yell i toe nut that they will start to enforce that new speed limit after they put the signs up, hint, hypothesis, ukee, back over to you. well, developing story leads this look in today's headlines on cbs-3. police are questioning a person of interest in the death of 23 year-old laura araujo, her body was discovered in the duffle wag this week. also the company involved in the possible sale of the
6:47 am
philadelphia gas works plans an announce. later today. philadelphia city council has not scheduled hearings on the proposed $2 billion deal. death toll is now more than 200 in the fighting in gas a israelis targeting hamas targets after hamas reject a cease-fire plan. u.s. wants both sides to reach a peaceful end to the bloodshed. three on your side this morning the insurance institute has a new list out of the best used cars, with the highest safety ratings for teen drivers. david bigin has more. >> reporter: car crashes are leading cause of death among teenagers. >> many teenagers are driving vehicles that are not the the safees. >> reporter: institute for highway safety crash tested dozens of used cars to find out how safe, they are. this 2011 volkswagen jet a is one of 95 vehicles costing less than $20,000, recommended for teenage drivers. >> the vehicle teenagers drive
6:48 am
should have electronic stability control. >> reporter: watch as test driver dodgees an obstacle at 38 miles an her without electronic stability company troll. now, watch what happens with it turned out. you can see there is a major difference between the two. >> we used to steer parents away from suv because they had a tendency to roll roll over but with the advent of the electronic stability control that tendency has been reduced >> reporter: other recommended vehicles for teenage drivers, volvo s80, for mid sized cars, 2011 and later dodge avengers, for small suv, hyundai tucson 2010 and later. for mid sized the honda pilot, 2006 and later. if money is a factor experts say you can find several, safe used cars, from less than $6,000. david begnot for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> 6:48.
6:49 am
potential good news for diabetics there could be a better twi test blood sugar than glucose meters. google is teaming up with a pharmaceutical company to make a smart contact lens. tiny sensors and mike chips in the lens would measure glucose levels and send the data wirelessly to a smart phone. the company says the technology could have other useful medical uses like correcting far sightedness in its users. well, seeking organic better than normal foods? think again. study in the british urinal of nutrition found organic crops contained more antioxidants then conventionally grown foods. conventional foods also contain traces of pesticides and a toxic metal but it is not yet men if the human body can absorb the extra antioxidants produced in organically grown food. your time 6:49. time to see is what coming up on cbs this morning. >> gayle king joins us from new york, hi gayle. >> i'm here in new york, hi, erika and ukeelee. done didn't baylor on the
6:50 am
aftermath of the huge storm that brought wind and rain to parts of the country. plus hillary cliented headed for a run to the white house on the daily show last night. so this morning nancy cordis looks at the huge operation already working to control clinton's image. news is back in the morning, we will see new ten minutes. i didn't stay up late, i recorded it and watched it this morning but they seem to have a good time on the daily show, hillary and jon stewart. >> we saw a couple of clips too. so, we all have to go to bed early. >> sleep before it is dark out. >> yes. >> all right, gayle. >> good show. >> see you guys. >> we will be right back with one last check of traffic and weather together. >> good morning
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got some sour news out of the sweeter place on earth, hershey pennsylvania. price of hershey chocolate and candy is going up, number one candy producer in the united states says that the prices will be going up 8 percent. this is battle of the soaring cost of cocoa. price increase is first in three years and is effective immediately, for most consumers. if you are looking for fun outdoors look no further then philadelphia's new park on the parkway. the the pop up park returns today for a second season at
6:54 am
oval along the benjamin franklin parkway. is there food, games for everyone, festivities beginning tonight and run wednesday's through friday, through august 17th. beer garden, some free art display there is. >> pop on over there. >> pop up park. >> that is right. >> we are hoping for good weather for the kick off of this what do you think. >> generally it will look good. we are dealing with additional showers and let's face it pockets of heavy rain depend ing upon location. not in philadelphia. skies are starting to gradually clear ever so slightly. in the quite there yet. let's show you vie on storm scan three but it is evident where worst problem is taking place, right out towards the shore, east central new jersey. we have a flood advisory in effect, guys, until 8:00 a.m. with this pock it of heavy rain but where we have seen it through most of the atlantic county don't worry much about any additional heavy rain moving through but that is what we are left with until this front completely clears. in addition to that visibility is less than ideal.
6:55 am
they have gotten better since last check they are up 5 miles at the airport but lower through south jersey where there is low lying cloud cover. lets jump over to your weekend. it looks good. don't let those icons scare you off they are just icons, more than anything we will have some sun, clouds, mid 80's but off chance for a shower and rumble of thunder either day, bob, over to you. a live look at i-95 near girard avenue, slow go, in the betsy ross bridge, again, normal morning volume heading in towards center city through construction zones, tacony palmyra bridge just completed an opening, traffic starting to move again, across the the span, leaving the house right now, maybe a few extra minutes or head for that betsy ross. cynwyd regional rail line normal services, we had hiccups last night everything back to normal this morning. rest of the mass transit system is in good shape as you begin your trip this morning. we will go for a ride, ready, set, go. >> here we go. >> there we go.
6:56 am
>> i'm put ago this cheap gas in there. ukee and erika, back to you. right now 6:56. these days when it comes to jeans that warn look is in. >> it is called distressing and usually done by a machine but in japan wild animals are doing the distressing. jeans made from that distressed denim is up for auction to benefit a zoo. they are jeans designed by lions, tigers and bears. >> oh, my. >> i knew it, you guys beat me to it. >> they will play witt while wrapped around items in their pen. the auction is next week. >> i love that idea good that is so cool. >> such a cool idea. >> i hope they wash them, a little tiger spit on there. >> yes. >> well, coming up in just a couple minutes we will have more local news weather traffic ape sport on our sister station cw philly. >> coming up on the cw philly high tech gadgets and apps that will sure be a great way to step up your grilling, this
6:57 am
summer. >> i thought we were going to bobs's. >> no, you keys. >> you can find cw philly on comcast xfinity channel three or hd811 and verizon file on channel 616 and 516. >> quick reminder we kick things off at 4:30 right here on cbs-3. i hope you have a great morning. thanks for joining us. >> keeping it live and local on the cw philly good morning.
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it is wednesday, july 16, 2014. welcome to "cbs this morning." lightning, wind, and rain slam the northeast, leaving thousands without power. israel ramps up air strikes and warns tens of thousands of palestinians to get out. holly williams is on the scene in gaza. 20 seasons of greatness. an all-star tribute to the captain, yankees derek jeter. >> but we begin today eestoday's opener" your world in 90 seconds. >> in all my 85 years this was a


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