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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  July 17, 2014 2:07am-2:38am EDT

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♪ >> from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> this is the man who police say murdered a 23 year old woman and stuffed her body in a dufflebag. now at 11:00 o'clock, we have new information about who he is and how he was connected to the victim. good evening, i'm chris may. >> i'm jessica dean much there's a lot of new information tonight in the high profile investigation into the murder of
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laura. "eyewitness news" reporter diana rocco is live at police headquarters. what have you learned diana? >> reporter: jessica they weren't roommates but police say laura and the man now charged with her murder rented rooms right next to each other and that she was scared for her life in the days leading up to her death after a run in with this house mate. tonight he is charged with her murder. police now say 22 year old jeremiah jackson confessed to the murder of laura. >> mr. jackson motive was robbery and it is believe mr. jackson believed that she had some money with her. a large amount of cash. >> reporter: detectives removed evidence from the west philadelphia home where the two rented rooms next to each other. that's the place police say jackson killed 23 year old art institute in the early hours of monday morning before putting her in a dufflebag and leaving
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her body on a street. police say jackson drove her car to a south philly street and it will it on fire. he was taken into custody after he wept to a hospital to be treated for burns and his cell phone was found at the scene. >> we don't know when in fact he attacked her. whether she interrupted a burglary in progress or whether she was exiting the building report roar source tell "eyewitness news" jackson confessed to a prolonged attack and trying to get her bank information. police say she was scared of jackson. only living there one week. jackson was a security guard at temple university's episcopal hospital employed by allied barton until he was fired two week ago for undiss clove reasons. neighbors say he was desperate for money but they didn't know laura felt in danger. >> she was a like a cool girl. she a lot going for her sell. she was really respectful. never thought this would happen rt. >> reporter: jack on is known to police. does he have priors for robbery,
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theft and gun violations. he's in police custody tonight facing murder charge charges alh many other very serious charges much police say they do have his confession on video tape. we're live outside police headquarters, diana rocco cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> diana, thank you. >> the man who found the body of laura told his side of the story today exclusively to "eyewitness news" reporter matt rivers. he asked us to conceal his identity. he toll us he was looking for scrap metal to sell on third street monday morning when he saw what he thought was a pile of trash. instead he made the gruesome discovery of that dufflebag. >> i moved the dufflebag. i look to the side. ooh seen a foot hanging out the bag. >> i thought -- the way it looked i thought it was actually a real body. >> the man says he wanted to talk to us because he wanted her family to know all the facts surrounding the case. >> developing now at 11:00 o'clock gunman opens fire on a car critically injuring two
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men. the violence erupted at fourth and cumberland in north philadelphia about 8:00 o'clock night. police say that a 27 year old man was shot three times. twice in the head and once in the back. while a second victim a 23 year old man was shot in the back and leg. the gunman was last seen driving a silver pick up. >> the driver got out of the driver's door, and as the maxima drove by the shooter from point blank range fired shots while standing on the street. >> detectives are investigating exactly what sparked that shooting. well two men are hospitalized tonight, one in critical condition after they were shot outside of the simmons rec center on east walnut lane. one of the victims is 18 years old. the other is 19. both are at einstein hospital tonight. police are searching for two suspects who ran from that sce scene. new at 11:00 o'clock, a buck county bus driver is accused
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leaving a four year old with special needs in a hot van for several hours. the child attends the friendship circle center in croydon. he was supposed to be dropped off there tuesday morning but instead stayed in the van. the bus drive then drove home. later on the drive back to the school, the driver realized the child was inside the van and had been alone there for about 2.5 hours. temperatures were in the low 80s at the time. the bucks county intermediate unit employed the driver. >> they are instructed as strict policy that they check the entire van from front to back when they drop off and pick up students. >> the intermediate unit says the drive has been suspended with the intent to fire. the child was taken to the hospital but is okay tonight. preparations are underway for a presidential visit to wilmington tomorrow. president obama will tour the damageddism 495 bridge to highlight the importance of investing in the nation's
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highways and bridges. dell do says the southbound side of for 95 is op track to reopen several weeks before labor day. that bridge closed on june 2nd when engineers discovered four support columns were tilting. "eyewitness news" will bring you complete coverage of the presidenpresidential visit tomon air, online and on social media tonight the president's attention is on the deadly fighting in the middle east. both sides have agreed to hold their fire for five hours tomorrow. palestinians can restock food and water. more than 200 palestinians mostly civilians have died in the nine days of fightin fighti. israeli was killed. president obama says it's time for the air strikes and rocket attacks to end. >> the israeli people and the palestinian people don't want to live like this. they deserve to live in peace and security free from fear. that's why we're going to continue to encourage diplomatic efforts to restore the cease fire, and we support egypt's continued efforts to bring this about.
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>> president obama also said israel has right to defend itself but that he's heart broken over the deaths of civilians in gaza. >> new at 11:00 tonight rememb remembering a philadelphia police officer who was killed in the line of duty. family and friends unveiled this mural dedicated in the memory of officer chuck cassidy the penn crisp gym no northeast philadelphia. it celebrates his service to the northeast and his love of spor sports. officer charles cassidy was killed during a robbery in west oak lane in october of 2007. >> new at 11:00 o'clock a woman who was stripped of her miss delaware crown for being too old is firing back in court. amanda long acre filed suit against date state pageants and the miss america organization. she wants her miss delaware title back and the chance to compete at miss america. she also seeks $3 million in damages. pageant officials say that think contestants must be between 17 and 24 during their pageant year.
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long acre turns 25 in october. now the suit contends that pageant officials knowingly recruit candidates who are too old to boost participation and fundraising only to disqualify them later on. >> one customer's call to turn off his cable turns into a consumer nightmare. by in you you've probably heard the tape. tonight natasha brown shows was we can do if we're faced with this type of customer service. >> we'd like to -- >> no. why is it you don't what happened the faster speed. >> all ryan block wanted to do was cancel his internet and cable service. but what would likely be a quick call turned into a 20 minute long nightmare with a comcast representative who wouldn't take canceled for an answer. >> block a tech journalist recorded the conversation which is now received 2 million hits. he says he switched cable providers but had no idea how difficult it would be until an overzealous representative seemed to over step his bound.
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>> consume mr. an lifts edgar, says it's never acceptable for a consumer to be treated this way. >> you had to listen it to and you just shake your head and say you can't believe any customer service rep would act that way. >> reporter: has this advice if you find yourself in similar situation. >> if this happens to you, and you say you want to cancel and they say can you tell us why. fine if you want tolans, if you don't want to answer it don't. if they persist say, let me think about it. hang up. and call back. you're going to get someone else and the odds of getting two people like this in a row are probably slim to 91. >> reporter: folks we let here the exhausting ton call were outraged. >> why? why can't i cancel my -- >> that's absurd to treat people like that. customer service. the customer is always right. >> reporter: comcast released this statement after the incident saying in part "we are very embarrassed by the way our
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employee spoke with mr. block. the way in which our representative communicated with him is unaccept al and not with consistent with how we train our customer service representativ representatives. in situations like this real dollar lead many wondering if good customer service still even exists. chris and jessica, here's an interesting stat we came across tonight. dissatisfied customer will tell between nine and 15 people about their experience and about 13% of dissatisfied customers tell more than 20 people. all about word of mouth and it really can hurt roar business. >> that's right. people cut word of mouth. >> absolutelith this particular dissatisfied customer has told about -- >> 2 million. >> had nose? countless people. >> 2 million friends. >> it's really amazing. natasha, thank you very much. >> thank you. >> she was asleep in her bed when a bullet came through the wall. tonight, the mother of that girl who was shot in her sleep talks only to "eyewitness news". and pools are the pefect way down to cool down. why will the swimming spot in one montgomery county neighborhood be closed for the summer?
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>> kate. >> after stormy start to the week, it's now a sunny stretch. it started today and things looking great through the rest of the week. i'll physical if you the nice weather continues through the upcoming weekend. >> and do you like to carry on your bag to avoid those checked bag fees? three on your side consume mr. reporter jim donovan has a consumer alert you need to hear before your neck
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♪ >> pilot was injured after his small plane crashed aft take off in somerset county, new jersey, today. the single engine amateur built plane crashed in a residential yard not far from central jersey he john airport in hillsboro township. that pilot identified as 73 year old victor of hillsboro was taken to the hospital. the faa and the national transportation safety board are now investigating. >> south jersey mom whose daughter was shot while sleeping in her bed shares her outrage tonight exclusively with "eyewitness news". betty hudson of sicklerville is trying to stay positive.
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last week a bullet went through a wall and hit her 13 year old daughter tia in the lower back as she leapt in her bed. now the honor roll student whose heading into the eighth grade is spending her summer going through a painful recovery. >> entered the lower back. came out entered through her private -- exited through her private parts exploding in her stomach look she was shot five times. i'm angry. i want to know who did this and i what happened to protect other kids from having the same thing happen to them. >> so far no one has been arrested in that shooting. the family plans to hold a peace rally this saturday in front of their home. >> what good is a swimming pool in the middle of the fer some it's closed? that's what people in norristown want to know much the pool at the george washington carver community center needs at least $30,000 worth of repairs. a donation was in the works but it fell through when the benefactor insisted the municipality oversee those renovation. town council says the entire pool needs an overhaul not just repairs. it's too late to open for the summer and the rec center that
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pool is costly to run. >> just running the p.m. by itself no repair to do at all we always are in excess of $20,000 to run the pool. town official want to take closer look at the community center's business plan. >> safety is always a big concern when teenager get behind the wheel. and now a new list could help parents make better choices for their teens first cars. the insurance institute for highway safety tested dozens of older model vehicles and found these were the top safety picks for teenagers. among large cars, they liked the 2007 through 2014 volvo s80. for midsized cars the 2011 through 20 dodge avenger. among small suv's the hyundai tucson 2010 through 2014 model was judged best and for mid sided suv the 2006 to 2014 honda pilot. you can find a complete list of those cars at,
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just click on consumer. >> well, when the airlines institute big luggage fees change how we pack for flights. all about to change again. that carry on that you've been using to avoid baggage fees might not ab loud in the overhead bin any longer. tonight three on roar side consume mr. reporter jim donovan tells us why carrying it on could now cost you. roar report it's all too familiar announcement that usually means the overhead bins will soon be full because many of these bags are bigger than these boxes. passengers used to be able to avoid the check bag fee by shoving oversized carry ons into overhead bins or checking them at the gate. >> frustrating because you know all these people are bringing bags on bigger than carry ons. >> it's hard when people have big bags. >> everybody tries to sneak in slightly bigger. >> many airlines are trying to put an end to that instructing security screeners to send passengers back to the counter to check their bag if it doesn't
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fit in this box. >> having to stand in line again and probably miss a flight. >> reporter: even seasoned travelers are being caught off guard because these boxes are shrinking. >> it used to be 45-inches total and now it's a strict 22 by 14 by 9-inch requirement. >> reporter: george the editor of airfare watch dog a frequent flyer even he was unprepared for a recent flight. >> they had me put my back in a size sorry just before the tsa line. >> reporter: it was just an inch too big. >> i had to go back to the check in there was long line. iamb missed my flight to check my bag and pay a $25 fee. >> reporter: jet blue and southwest are a bit more generous with the size of the bags they'll allow in the overhead bins if you're booked on delta, american are united, and you struggle like this to fit into the size ser, you can run into trouble even if it's a bag you've used before. the crack down on carry-ons will likely ab money makers for airlines as they rake in more
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checked bags fees. security tees are going up. beginning money travelers will pay more. the first price increase sin the free was introduced after the september 11 age tax. reporting for three on your side, i'm jim donovan. >> beautiful night to be outsi outside. this was the scene at eakins over where the park on the parkway has now been set up. it's the second year for this. it features food, art, games and a whole lot more for young and old a like. great place to spend beautiful night. >> looked like those checkers are about to come over. that one -- >> pushing on they will. >> we've kind of had influx of cooler air. i don't know you guys. we've had spots in the 60s chicago milwaukee. >> right. would you like that kind of weather in july? >> i like the warmer weather. >> maybe in small dose. one day. that's what i was saying earlier. a lot of people are is he want it to be in the 80s it's july.
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it's cooler less humid but doesn't feel like fall out the there. nice summer weather that will stick withs through the end of week a lot of folks enjoying this nice comfortable summer weather on the ocean city boardwalk. after 11:00 o'clock and still going strong tonight. the stores are open. the rides are going. it look like great place to be but again you may need that hoodie. always had one of those cwpd hoodies. good tonight to stop in and grab one. chilly down the shore at night. storm scan3 shows the front that came through yesterday onion monday with severe storms now well out to sea. clouds that moved in this evening starting to move offshore as well and skies are clearing. as skies clear night temperatures will be dropping. we're already in the 60's in lot locations here. you can see clear skies across the state of pennsylvania. we've got that front offshore and the cool air has made it as far south as the gulf coast. nice comfortable weather for much of the eastern half of the country in the wake of that
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strong cold front. here's a look at our above average precipitation in the northeast for this july so far. take look at these numbers washington, dc, almost 3-inches above normal. norfolk is over 3-inches above normal here in philadelphia point threaper inches above average but you can see some of our suburbs even higher amounts close to 22isms above normal so far this month. over 2-inches above normal in trenton. very wet and stormy this month. but we are getting a break in that storm action and tonight feels great. look at these number. 65 in allentown. it's 66 in reading right now. 75 still at the airport but that cooler air will filter in overnight and you can see the cool air to our north and west. the areas feeling like fall briefly. 56 in alpina. 59 degrees in cleveland right now. low humidity for tomorrow with a breeze from the north. sunshine and high pressure will continue for friday sunny and nice friday. saturday few more clouds as the stalled front creeps a little bit closer perhaps a shower mainly to our south and west. for your thursday dew points are in the mid 50s that is definitely the pleasant range for us.
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if you are down the shore, think you'll like your thursday. sunny and nice at 81. friday just little cooler thanks to that easterly wind component wind off the water keep temperatures in the 70s down the shore on friday and we will stay in the 70s in the poconos right through the start of the weeke weekend. here's a look at the city again pretty comfortables were head through tonight. temperatures dropping down to about 65. mainly clear, comfy. tomorrow sunny and beautiful. at 84 degrees and your eyewitness weather seven day forecast and shore cast, looks pretty fantastic. at least for the next two days. just few more clouds over the week and looks leak we'll keep our string of nice weekend going and then monday does start to steam up again with a chance for thunderstorm it has been a great summer for orr at the shore. kathy has nasty weather every thursday but tomorrow looks fantastic in ocean city kathy will be there live at five and 6:00 o'clock. mack sure you tune in for that. stay tuned. we're coming right back.
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>> sixers looking for a big win tonight in the first elimination game of the las vegas summer league. they're up against lakers whitener lynn noel, jordan mc ray and kj that is mcdaniels. kasper wears on the court. he had great numbers in orlando. root now he has seven-points, two rebounds. sean kilpatrick having good game with seven points so far. sixers just were on a 16 pop run in the second quarter. they are up 38-21. in his first all star game since 2009, chase utley proved he could still come through in the clutch. the national league was down three early but they got chase utley. bottom of second, big rbi double put them on the board. it brings his career all star batting average to an .300. good outing for mike trout as well. the millville native went two for three with a triple, double, two rbi's. it was enough american the league within five to three and
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earn um-hmm self the tile of n nvp. >> derek jeter getting a standing ovation last trip to the mid summer classic. but some chatter about the cardinals pitcher adam wayne white. he told reporters he took it easy on the yankee short stop. home field advantage for the world series was at stake and some fans weren't too happy with the performance. >> for many philly fans football can't get here quick enough. starting today, you get tickets to the birds three open practi practices. we have all the details posted online. just log on to and click on sports. philadelphia union back on the field tonight hosting the new york red bulls. connor casey striking first. putting the union up by one in the eighth minute of play. jump ahead to the second half union up by two. new york able to get one in the net. bringing their team to weren't one but that's as close as they can get. philadelphia with one more goal off a penalty kick to seal the
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deal. the final score was three-one philly. stanley cup taking a trip down the shore. the mayor of sea isle city announced the cup will be in town tomorrow at 57th street beach. if you want you can take pictures, while it's on display, from 11 a.m. to 12:30 in the afternoon. there's more news when we come back. ♪
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>> lions and tigers and bears and jeans? >> well, this is one wild way to get that worn outlook for your jeans. zoo in japans toed hungry animals denim of course. then that chewed and claude at material was used to stitch three pair of distressed jeans. now it's all for a good cause much the jeans will be auctioned off -- look at him chewing on it. >> the money raised will be going to the zoo. we'll be right back.
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>> thanks for watching cbs-3 "eyewitness news" at 11:00. we're back in the morning at 4:30 with ukee and erika. for beasley, kate and everyone here at "eyewitness news" i'm chris may. >> i'm jessica dean much you can find us at the late show with david
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letterman is next with guest the late show with david letterman is next with guest >> announcer: the following is a paid presentation for the nutribullet brought to you by nutribullet llc. special tv offer. stay tuned to find out how you can get the nutribullet superfood nutrition extractor free! that's right. get the complete nutribullet system free! details just ahead. >> my muscle aches, my back aches really started to decrease significantly in one week. >> first night that i actually used the nutribullet, i actually slept really well. that was exciting. that was phenomenal. >> the bad cholesterol which was 290 went down to 190. >> before you turn to drugs, please, give this a shot. it really, really works. >> announcer: join these people and thousands just like them and discover a machine that finally has the power to take years off the way you look and feel. learn from nutrition expert and best-selling author david wolfe, who speaks to sold-out audiences around the world, why he calls this the most significant


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