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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  July 17, 2014 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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franklin bridge where three lanes are opened coming into philadelphia with the construction project, we have a accident in south jersey and running down mass transit coming up next, ukee and erika, good morning. a suspicious death investigation in philadelphia, an elderly couple found dead in their home overnight. >> "eyewitness news" reporter nicole brewer is in strawberry mansion right now. i understand you spoke to the victim's family members, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, that is right, ukee difficult speak with the nephew of that couple, who has identified them as 66 year-old al gladys and roofus perry, al gladys is a retired nurse from hahnemann hospital but looking behind me many family members have gathered here just looking for more answers trying to get information about what happened here overnight. according to the family members we are told this couple was in good health, in constant touch with relatives. you can imagine just how horrifying it has been and how horrifying it was for their daughter to come check on them
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last night and discover both bodies dead on the living room floor. it happened in the 2500 block of north spangler street in strawberry mansion. neighbors her the daughter screaming and call 911 just before 1:00. when police arrived they found perry's unresponsive and unconscious but with no signs of trauma and no forced entry in that home. the medical examiner's office will conduct an autopsy and in the meantime family members are understandably shocked. >> they are taking it well because she was matriarch of the family, she was the oldest of the entire family of 12 and again i'm the older grand. it is pretty rough. she was the person that everyone leaned on in the family and again, they lived in their house for over 40 years. >> reporter: by the way that nephew that you just heard from is donald carlton deputy commissioner of the philadelphia streets department. he is one of several family members who have gathered here
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in strawberry mansion outside that home again waiting for answers and hoping that an investigation will reveal exactly what happened here on spangler street. we are live from strawberry mansion, nicole brewer, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". police are looking for a gunman and motive after a shooting in north philadelphia. a man was shot at seventh and schiller just after midnight, they are working right new to find out how he is doing. also police are investigating a shooting that sent one man to the hospital with multiple gunshot wound. "eyewitness news" on the scene in brewerytown at 28th and west styles street. shooting happened just after midnight. there is no word on a motive or suspects at this time. happening today, president obama visits the tilting bridge on i495 in delaware. here's a live look at the bridge that has been closed since last month have after several support columns started to lean. the president will check out repair project and talk about investing in transportation
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projects, "eyewitness news" will be there and we will have complete coverage of the presidential visit on air and on line on social media. lets get your traffic and weather together. >> and much better news coming here today, tomorrow and right through the the weekend. it sure beats what we had earlier in the week. we had to wait it out, give it some time because this frontal boundary was such a sluggish guy but finally out of here and we can reza shourd we will have pleasant weather. one caveat we will talk about. lets start it off with a pretty pleasant view. outside the boards are all empty, if you want privacy, now is the time and we can expect to see a lot of people out there later today. we are still believe it or not watching retreat at this point of the wet weather. you can see a little clip of green just below cbs-3 logo there in the bottom portion of the screen. rain is still trying to pull away and with that said there
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is enough lingering instability that through the northern and western suburbs you could end up with eye isolated sprinkle. future weather does pick up on that. mostly sunshine. here's that little bit of green that may fire up around lunchtime hour. you don't need an umbrella you can expect most of to us end up with full sunshine all day and just comfort. it will be so much more comfortable for everybody across the board here, by comparison to recent days. your current temperature readings are more comfortable as well in the upper 60's at the airport. only in the 50's through mount pocono and lancaster. sixty-four in wildwood and dover. in the hours ahead here we should warm up in the low to mid 80's from the shore up toward philadelphia, with that sunshine expected and as we said up to the poconos, high hits 73 but there may be just that off chance for some have of you to get a couple of rain drops falling at some point today. not a huge deal though. bob, over to you. 5:04 on this thursday morning we are off to a good start as we get started for
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morning rush hour. left over construction. lets go outside to i-95 where crews have one lane opened here between walt whitman bridge and broad street, stadium area there. they are taking out the concrete the barriers, that was part of the construction here. if you are heading south down towards the airport this morning, from northeast philadelphia, you have one lane from the whitman heading down towards the stadium area as we mentioned at the top of the show presidential visit on tap that will impact traffic here, gang, south of will in mink ton, touching down around newtown at new castle airport that motorcade will take them in the 495 construction project. when we are out we will go back to the airport and wheels up at 3:00. from noon to 3:00 this stretch here south of wilmington will go into shut down with the motorcade and extra security will come along with it. with that 3:00 o'clock exit time that will set the tone then for the rest of our rush hour there up and down i-95. just plan your trips accordingly, route 40 in south
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jersey an accident at route 77 and they are still working in pennsauken along route 130 southbound right here near church road until about 6:00 o'clock. erika, back over to you. we are learning more about the suspect philadelphia police say killed a recent art school graduate and stuffed her body in the duffle bag. 22-year old jeremiah jackson faces murder, robbery and related charges in the death of laura ara joe. sources tell "eyewitness news" jackson confessed he attack it would hand to get her banking information. they lived in the same west philadelphia boarding home there may have been a prior contact with araujo with the individual and she thought her best interest to leave that apartment. >> she was like a cool girl. she had a lot going for herself. she was really respectful. i never thought this would happen. >> we're told jackson recently lost his job as a security guard at episcopal hospital. neighbors say he was desperate for money but did not know
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araujo felt endangered. developing right now israelis going ahead with the five hour humanitarian cease-fire despite a attack by gaza militant. israel caught 13 militants trying to sneak in a tunnel. at least one was kill. israel said it will hold fire to allow palestinian to restock food, water and other necessities. more violence in afghanistan, kabul international airport has come under attack. gunman has been aiming rockets and gunfire at airport and jet fighters flying over afghanistan's capitol. taliban spokesmen claims responsibility for the attack. afghan officials say police have surrounded the building where the gun man are hold up. happening today another one of governor chris christie's aids talk to lawmakers about the george washington bridge scandal. regina ge a is expected to talk about the relationship between the governor's office and port authority which runs the bridge. governor christie will be in iowa today for political
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fundraisers. also today, closing arguments are set for five former philadelphia traffic court judges accused of fixing tickets. allegations of the corruption scandal led to lawmakers breaking up traffic court. all five judges have pleaded in the guilty. a lot more to come this morning a experience for a young boy who is left alone on his bus for hours. big trouble that driver is in today. plus... >> take a look at this scene like out of the movie, police get in the gun battle with bank robbery suspects. see more of this frantic standoff. also a hiker goes into survival mode when he gets stranded in the mountains with the broken leg, find out what he ate to survive for almost a week, katie. ukee, today is a much better day. we are done with the rain for time being. we will get a nice stretch of tranquil weather for a change but eventually we will see potential for wet weather return and i'll tell you when
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good morning everyone. three gunman take several hostages during a violent bank robbery in stockton, california. within of the hostages is death as wells two of the suspects. as andrew spencer tells you the confrontation follows a high speed chase police that left cars, houses, riddled with bullets. >> reporter: this is how police chase ended captured on video by a neighbor at least 20 seconds of constant gunfire before swat slowly approached the vehicle. inside this bullet riddled suv police found all four people had been shot, two of the three bank robbery suspects with dianne so would the hostage. she was this man's cousin. >> she was just an innocent bystander going to pull out money. she left her kid in the car. she goes inside, whatever
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happened, happened her daughter, has to say hey they took mom. >> reporter: he says he didn't know she was involved until it was too late. three armed men stormed this bank in in stockton, california wednesday afternoon and they walk out with more than just money but they left with three hostages. >> it is not something you want to hear, in the middle of the day. you don't wake up, get to your job thinking something like this will happen to you or happen at all. >> reporter: at different times during the chase two of the hostages were either thrown from or jumped out of the vehicle. >> get the hostage. get the hostage. >> reporter: one had been grazed by a bullet, other had been shot. at this point police don't know for sure whether it was bank will beers or police gunfire that killed the other hostage. >> we were very concerned about them entering another business, someplace opened to the community, going in the residence, taking a family, so there was a lot on the line. they have taken hostages, they have harmed hostages and we
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don't know what is next. >> reporter: in the end police say they act add prep eighthly given the circumstances. andrew spencer for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". developing right now a fast moving wild fire, threatens hundreds of homes, in central washington. mandatory evacuations have been issued and major roads have closed. strong winds are just fueling the creek fire. it has already scorched more than 500 acres of land. high temperatures and gusty wind in the forest could make it harder to gain control of those flames. right now 5:13. lets get our forecast for the day, and a nice >> over any shoulder here. we can talk about. that we will start off as we do at this particular time in the morning with the pollen report. we will get you out there and levels still pretty low but we are starting to creep up, in the next couple of days,
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because the the flip side, it is good news, because we're looking at quiet weather, so grass, plantain, chenopods are issue but they are relatively modest problems. so no excuses if you have the the chore of mowing your lawn you have nice weather and pollen is not all that bad, bob kelly. lets take a look at what is going on out there we are certainly expect to go see more sunshine today, outside kutztown area middle school we had sunshine yesterday. currently your temperature at 56 degrees. here is storm scan three clear skies at this point, as this latest system continues to make its retreat. i step over this way you can see heavy moisture with this but it is all out to sea at this point. we are looking good. we will see high pressure take the lead and keep control over the course of the next couple of days. you're witness weather seven day forecast featuring mid 80's today, tomorrow, saturday, sunday, but does look like a few more clouds come in saturday and sunday.
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that is a new warm front starting to lift to the north but we are getting a nice quiet couple days, maybe a shower or pop up storm on monday but it is still just a question mark. we will let you know. in the meantime it will be a great day for orr at the shore. poor kathy has been dealing with late weather. she will show off new beach games in ocean city toy day on "eyewitness news" at 5:00 and 6:00 if you want to say hey, bob, over to you. >> 5:15 on this thursday morning. we are seeing some volume pop here in the form of the headlights as we get ready for our rush hour. lets look live at i-95 southbound working your way out of the northeast philadelphia, heading toward girard avenue, rush hour underway here as we head in the construction zones at both cottman and girard avenue. schuylkill looking good, no problems here near spring garden, roads are dry this morning. that is one change from the last couple of days and good looking day on tap as katie just mentioned. one accident in south jersey route 40 at the route 77, and watch for police and crews on the scene there route 49 would be your best bet and heads up
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if you use the platt bridge on a regular basis, you know, it is sometimes like a drag race there they have knock the speed limit down, to 35 miles an hour. now they put new signs up yesterday i'm going to bet you a jelly doughnut they will be out there today enforcing that 35 miles an hour speed limit over the platt bridge in both directions. we have the presidential visits on tap from 12:00 to 3:00. we will have mote offer cade action from the new castle airport up to that 495 construction zone and that will cause grid lock on i-95 as that motorcade makes its have move, erika, back to you. here's a look at today's headlines, police are investigating the death of the husband and wife this happened inside a home in strawberry mansion. elderly couple was found by their daughter after she could not get them on the phone. as bob mentioned wilmington will get a visit from the president today. president will look at i495 bridge repairs during his time in new castle county. he with will make remarks as
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well. >> israel and palestinian declared a five hour cease-fire so palestinians in gaza can collect supplies. that cease-fire runs until about 8:00 this morning our time. in ten days of fighting more than 200 people have been killed. your time is 5:17. search is on for suspicious shopper, see the man police are l looking for and what he is accused of doing. also conspiracy theories are buzzing about this one when that huge hole suddenly appears in the earth. growing speculation about what caused that mysterious crater. we will be right back.
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police are looking for gunman who opened fire and wounded two men in north philadelphia. it happened on the fourth and cumberland around 8:00 o'clock last night. police say a 27 year-old man was shot twice in the head and once in the back. a 23 year-old man was shot in the leg and the back. the gun man was seen driving a silver pick up. also police are looking for two men ran from the
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shooting scene near a playground. gunfire hit two men age 18 and 19 outside simmons community recreation center on east walnut street. one of them is in critical condition. in children were injured. bucks county bus driver is accused of leaving a four year-old with special needs in the hot van for hours. the boy was supposed to be dropped off at friendship circle center tuesday morning but he stayed in the van instead. the driver then went home not realizing he was still in the van until two and a half hours later on the drive back to school. temperatures at the time were in the lower 80's. >> first on our list is the safety and the security of our children with special needs and this is a very a-typical case of something that has happened. >> the intermediate unit says driver suspended with the intent to fire. the boy was taken to the hospital and we understand is doing okay this morning. police need help finding a creep accused of spying on
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some shoppers. take a look at these surveillance pictures of him. warminster police say that guy peak under a women's dressing room stall at the kohl's on west street road. store security says he also spent about five hours, around the junior's section, while holding his cell phone. he left the the store before security could stop him. three is on your side with the scam alert, find out how conn artists are sneak nothing to peoples home so you don't become the nextxt victim. find out where phillies rank a imagine most valuable teams and they are not the only local team on the list, we will have that team coming
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such a nice day ahead of us, i cannot wait, katie. >> this is a forecast i just love to give. it will be a nice gems of the day, you know where we get
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that full sunshine, low humidity, light wind and a really good hair day. make the most while you've got it. we have a couple days where humidity will be on our side trying to go for intricate hair style here. storm scan three is clear as a bell still tracking departure of the front, but it is not cold, and cool. and 0 degrees cooler then same time yesterday in reading and lancaster. 12 degrees in millville. again, comfort is back and here to stay for a few days. mid 80's right through weekend few more clouds building with time but we are not expecting potential of wet weather until at least monday, and even then, just a question mark, bob, over to you. i knew it would be a good hair day when you didn't have your hair up in the -- >> pony tail. >> a hair tie. >> that is right. >> 5:24. good morning everybody. lets look live at 422, hello
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to the oaks interchange n problems or delays at all heading out of target there and heading toward king of prussia, here's the rest of the major roadways. we have i-95 and schuylkill expressway, delay free at the moment. they are finishing up a project eastbound on the pennsylvania turnpike, crew is still out between fort washington and bensalem. when they are working they knocked that speed down. be careful rolling through construction zones and within here as well southbound on the extension near lansdale interchange. heading in from south injuries any problems or delays at all as we go for a ride on the 42 freeway heading in towards philadelphia bennie down to three lanes coming into philadelphia during the morning rush hour, here's ukee with a look at sports. sixers are moving on in the las vegas summer league tournament. they will play chicago later tonight. sixers against lakers last night and without nerlens noel and several starters as they continue to take a break. probably play night. sixers second line got it done. they want to make the team.
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they got 19-point and seven steals from elijah millsap and sean killpatrick. they beat lakers summer league team 85-36. chooch begins his rehab in clearwater today. car looks ruiz has been out this last in month with the concussion. phillies are back in action tomorrow night in atlanta. forbes magazine has ranked top teams in sport and eagles check in at number 17 with the estimated worth of $1.3 billion. jeffery laurie bought this team for chump change back in the day. forbes satisfies they are the least valuable of all of the teams in the nfc east. phillies are number 39, top three teams on the list are soccer team real man dread, barcelona and manchester united all european league soccer teams. stanley cup is taking a trip down the shore, mayor of the sea isle city says kings assistant coach john stevens has a house there and he is bringing it to town. stevens is a former coach of
5:27 am
the flyers organization. you can grab some pictures of the cup if you'd like from 11 to 12:30 this afternoon at the 57th street bridge, erika, back over to you. >> inconvenient location if you live in l.a. for your beach house he loves it here. >> he is bringing the cup. 5:27. coming up on "eyewitness news" we're following breaking news in the strawberry mansion section. nicole. >> reporter: that is right, erika an elderly couple is found dead inside their home but with no signs of forced entry or trauma investigators continue to search for a cause, we are live with the latest coming up. also she's been stripped of her crown but she's not giving up without a fight what that local beauty queen wants after losing her title due to a technicality. bob and katie return with your traffic and weather together on the three as as you look live. we are back in two minutes.
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we're continuing to follow breaking news, a couple, found dead overnight, in a strawberry mansion home. they are related to a high ranking city official. police are trying to determine the cause of the death for that elderly couple. >> "eyewitness news" reporter nicole brewer is in strawberry mansion right now and nicole, we understand you spoke to a family member and they are in shock this morning. >> reporter: oh, yeah, shocked, saddened and awaiting for answer at this hour, ukee. i have been told by that family that this couple is 66 year-old al gladys perry a retired nurse from hahnemann hospital and her husband 79 year-old roofus perry but as i step off to the left here you can see family members still gathered here around this home, as i


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