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tv   Eyewitness News at 530  CBS  July 17, 2014 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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we're continuing to follow breaking news, a couple, found dead overnight, in a strawberry mansion home. they are related to a high ranking city official. police are trying to determine the cause of the death for that elderly couple. >> "eyewitness news" reporter nicole brewer is in strawberry mansion right now and nicole, we understand you spoke to a family member and they are in shock this morning. >> reporter: oh, yeah, shocked, saddened and awaiting for answer at this hour, ukee. i have been told by that family that this couple is 66 year-old al gladys perry a retired nurse from hahnemann hospital and her husband 79 year-old roofus perry but as i step off to the left here you can see family members still gathered here around this home, as i said awaiting
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answers from investigators. you can imagine just how shocking this news is, for them and how devastating it must have been for their daughter who discovered both bodies on the living room floor overnight. lets roll video. show you where it happened in the 2500 block of north spangler street in strawberry mansion. neighbors heard that daughter screaming and called 911 just before one. when police arrived they found perry's unresponsive and unconscious with no signs of trauma or forced entry into that home. carbon monoxide has been ruled out but foul play has not. meanwhile medical examiner's office will conduct an autopsy and in the meantime family members again say they are overwhelmed by what has happened. >> they have been taking it well because she was matriarch of the family. she was the oldest of the entire family of 12. i'm the oldest grand. it is pretty rough. she was the person that everyone leaned on in the family and again they lived in this house for over 40 years.
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>> reporter: again, that nephew you just heard from donald carlton is commissioner of the philadelphia streets department. he and other family members have have gathered here again hoping to get more information about this very unexpected tragedy. we are live from strawberry mansion nicole brewer cbs-3 "eyewitness news". we have more breaking news coming from the middle east, police in israel say two rockets were just fired from gaza even though it is a temporary cease-fire in effect right now. there is in word yet on injuries or damage from the late's tack. israel agreed to the cease-fire to allow palestinian to restock food water and other necessary advertise. we will keep you updated, erika. ukee, philadelphia police make an arrest in the murder of the art school graduate laura araujo. 22-year old jeremiah jackson confessed to attack ago this woman inside that west philadelphia boarding home on monday. jackson allegedly beat and strangled her while trying to
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get her banking information. he then stuffed her body in a duffle bag and dumped it on a kensington street. now man who found laura araujo's body told his side of the story exclusion live toy "eyewitness news" reporter matt rivers. he asked us to conceal his identity. he was looking for scrap metal to sell third street monday morning when he saw what he thought was a pile of trash. instead, he made the gruesome discovery of the duffle bag. >> i moved the duffle bag, i looked to the side and seen it. the man wanted to talk to us because he wanted araujo's family to know all of the facts surrounding that case. 5:33. time for our traffic and weather together and katie, finally a nice day. >> finally a nice day after what has been a steamy, stormy forecast for us since the week began. now we're really looking at much more pleasant weather and
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even most of yesterday looks pretty good especially through western suburbs out towards even, philadelphia, itself, we ended up with a pleasant day but there was very heavy rain we had to dodge earlier in the morning about this same time yesterday. we were still getting doused in new jersey and delaware but things have really cleared out. in fact we will start off with a time lapse video view and put things in motion in rehoboth where we have some folks still walking around late last night. now we are kicking off morning ape things are quiet at the moment. 66 degrees for us currently at rehoboth, specifically but you can still see things are pretty quiet. we are seeing that westerly breeze, generally a north west flow at this point at rehoboth report ago this west breeze. storm scan three also emptying out nicely but believe it or in the we still got moisture thaw can see on the local zoom because of how slow it has been to retreat. but now it is gone and we are seeing that much dryer air take place. these are not your temperatures but dew point.
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lower they are, dryer it is and they are below 60 in most spots. it feels so much more comfortable, right now. sixty-seven is the current temperature at the airport and wind is calm at 36 degrees at the the moment, in atlantic city quick check of the day planner we will warm things up to the mid 80's today. smidge below average but still nice and warm and with that comfort level on the rise, it will be a beautiful day. real gem, make sure you enjoy it while you've got it. you can stay updated all day licensing with the brand new cbs philly weather app where we can check live radar or check on the temperature and do so much more. down load app on the itunes store and coming soon to the android as well, bob, over to you. 5:35 on this thursday, we will begin with the late running construction crew causing a traffic jam on i-95, lets go outside to the jam cam, live look at i-95, southbound, bum per to bumper for gang heading to the the airport, oh, we are jammo from south philadelphia,
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heading south through the walt whitman bridge and stadium area. we have no problem, in that 5:00 o'clock, beginning of the 4:30 or 5:00 o'clock hour but traffic is certainly starting to build quick and i'll bet you these folks are bound for the airport this morning. this is i-95 on the northbound side same deal heading up through whitman that new construction here. hopefully they will get out of here in the next half an hour. talk about traffic jams we will have one in the lunchtime hour. presidential visit on tap, president coming to wilmington. he will touchdown around 12:00 noon and head for the scene of the 495 bridge construction. so that will mean motorcade madness on i-95, and then into that 495, and exiting at exit number two there. so from noon to 3:00 expect security, delays, and closures, as the motorcade will be on the move, otherwise mass transit looking good. ukee, back over to you. our time 5:36. in business news how much would you pay for star bucks
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drink. >> some e readers could be seeing lee fund. jill wagner joins us from the new york stock change with those stories and more good morning. >> reporter: good morning, ukee and quarter. here on wall street we will see if the market can close at another record high. dow jones gain 77-point yesterday, finishing at a new high, 17,138. the nasdaq rose nine and and half points. if you bought an e book on apple's i tunes you could get money back. april he'll greed to pay up to 400 million-dollar to settle a lawsuit with 33 states over price fixing of e books. lawyers claimed that apple conspired with five book publishers to charge more for ebooks. apple denies charges and plans to appeal. how about a tezsla for $35,000, the electric car company says more affordable tezsla is coming in 2017, in the form of a model three. it is tea sign to rival new electric bmw three series. and if you thought your
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star bucks order was expensive a woman in florida broke the record for the most expensive star bucks drink ever, $61. would the man used her free coupons to drink, which includes 60 shots of espresso, white check late hazel nut, soy milk and carmel syrup. that beats old record of $54 set by a man in dallas. she brought her own container and took it home to share with friends and they have not slept since, ukee and quarter. >> i bet. >> that is a lot of espresso. >> wow. >> seriously. >> wow. >> all right. >> thanks, jill. >> makes my drip coffee not that expensive. >> thanks, jill. 5:38. wilmington is getting ready for a visit from president obama today. he is visiting the tilting bridge on i495 in delaware that has been closed for more than a month now after several support columns started to lean. the president will check out the repair project and talk
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about investing in transportation projects. "eyewitness news" will be there and we will have complete coverage for you on the president's visit on line, on line, on air, and on social media. we will also get the a look into philadelphia's past after construction on i-95 unearthed artifacts. crews found them while doing road work at girard avenue. those artifacts this is surprising, there are more than 5,000 years old, how about that. penndot will show off what they have found at 6:00 tonight at first presbyterian church in kensington. a philadelphia judge has struck down city's attempt to tax lap dances and strip clubs. judge sided with the tax review board which calls them inappropriate. strip clubs argue they pay five her sent amusement charges and law is not intended to also cover interior entertainment. beauty queen tea thrown for being too oldies fighting back to regain her chance to reign in the the first state once again.
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amanda longacre is suing delaware state pageant officials and miss america organization. she wants her miss delaware title back and the chance to compete for miss america. the suit seeks three million-dollar in damages. pageant rules say they must be between 17 and 24 during their pageant year. longacre turns 25 in october. her lawsuit contend pageant officials neglectly recruit candidate perfect too old, to boost participation and fund raising only to disqualify them later on. this time of the year a lot of people are trying to beat the heat but you cannot stay cool in one local pool, find out why it won't open up at all this summer. a mysterious crater suddenly appears, it is almost as wide as a football field. hard to tell perspective here. hear the theory behind what that has created about the huge hole in the ground. >> are you hure this isn't a movie. >> it looks like it. >> a hike in the mountains almost end in disaster for this man how he survived for
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almost a week without food or water. kate any. we are looking a head to a nice day here in the delaware valley, finally getting rid of the pesky frontal bun dry hitting us for now, sips the week began, it is out of here, nicer weather returns we will have your full forecast on the ot hi. sorry, we're closed. what? i need help with my deposit. the bank has rules. it's really quick. i can't hear you.
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a pilot makes a breathtaking discovery while flying above the end of the world. pilot and oil industry passengers spotted this gaping hole in the remote part of the northeast siberia. it is estimated to be 262 feet wide but in one knows for sure just how deep it goes. the mysterious crater has spawned internet speculation, perhaps a meteor blast or ufo landing caused this. a lot of theories out there russian scientists are heading out to that area to check it out. incredible story of survival to tell but, injured hiker rescued alive after a six long days on the mountain alone. greg heinz suffered a broken leg. he slipped on his way up, then boulder came crashing down right on his leg. heinz was stranded on a bed of rocks alone # 1,000 feet up so experience outdoorsmanmade a splint and then crawled a mile down icy, rocky path.
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>> my left foot and my right-hand to maneuver over rocks the first four days. >> how about this, the experienced climber survived by eating crickets and drinking melted ice. after a week he was spot by a helicopter. he is being treated for a compound fracture and an infection that will require plastic surgery. here's traffic and weather together, katie. >> good morning, ukee. we will start off by talking about some severe weather that came through in recent days. you have heard there was a possibility that we had a tornado touchdown in burlington county, new jersey. let talk about the difference between tornadic and straight rine wind damage what do you look for here. tornado damage would be straight localized damage path, straight line winds, little bit more widespread. it looks like you pour a glass of wine out and it spreads out. that is what straight line wind will produce. slw means, not only can they cause twisting damage much like a tornado would have but that damage could be greater.
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certainly with the wind speeds that we found, with this past round of storms, we saw some decent damage. tornadic or not. of course you have to take those severe storms seriously. thankfully i'm not tracking any potential for severe weather in the days ahead. the we are looking good. what would it look like out there? well, if we had a tornado this is what it will look like. do you see this s shape that takes a form. that indicates that you have the rotation, where as what we saw earlier in the week thinks a snapshot of what was potentially a tornado over pemberton area, it is starting to curve do you see that c shape taking form there but it didn't quite get that s shape. it didn't quite make it. we did however did see modest retation in the upper levels of the atmosphere but didn't make it, a tornado. now lets look at what is going on here at the moment. our frontal boundary that cause that had severe weather is still out there, still trying to progressively move out to sea but we're done witt
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thankfully for. that clear skies have taken the lead. high pressure will stay in place and that just bodes really well for the next couple of days. today is beautiful. forty-eight and sunny. eighty-six and sunny tomorrow. mid 80's saturday and sunday as well i few more clouds. we are seeing a warm front lift north but i don't, excuse me, think you have to worry about wet weather here until at least monday. even they it is a question mark maybe a shower or pop up thunderstorm but just that maybe we will have wet weather. it is a nice well deserved break, bob, over to you. 5:46. not getting a break here if you are using i-95 to get down toward the the airport. late running construction crew southbound i-95 between walt whitman bridge and the stadium area. we are bum ber to bumper here going from three lanes all down into one heading toward broad street. if i look to the camera it looks like they are picking cones up, they are on their way back here but for anyone leaving center city, northeast
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philadelphia and heading south towards the airport you have a back autopsy head of you and a new traffic pattern on north bound i-95, heading up through the the whitman up in towards center city. a lot of action on i-95 this morning. route 40 reopened at route 77. that is good news for folks in south jersey. and a new speed limit went into effect yesterday on the platt bridge, from 45, down to 35, so watch out for the the gas pedal if you use that platt bridge between southwest philadelphia, and philly international. ukee and erika, back over to you. bob, thank you. three on your side this morning with the scam alert. police say new jersey, in new jersey, some conn artists are targeting senior citizens. "eyewitness news" reporter, cleve bryan, explains a scam so you don't become the the next victim. >> took everything, i was than the here. >> reporter: eighty-seven year-old irene stoltz is latest victim to ongoing scam. tuesday afternoon a man walk up to her home with a seemingly important request.
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>> we want to measure your backyard. >> reporter: he asked her to go outside with him so she went out the garage door and two started to talk about theresa long her property line. >> he got his measurements and he was talking, and saying i have to go meet my boss. he went out, got in his pick up and left. >> reporter: stoltz went back inside through her kitchen and saw cabinets and drawers were all open. >> i had an inch on the bottom with some money in it. >> reporter: her suspicion someone had been in her house was confirmed when she walk to the bedroom. >> there were things on the bed, jewelry. >> reporter: family items and special gifts were all stolen. >> it is upsetting. >> reporter: west windsor police say this crime was a set up person and unseen burglars appears to be link to similar incidents this month in at least three nearby towns. >> burglaries involving the same type of thing with the white pickup truck targeting elderly homeowners and suspect was describe as a hispanic male in the 20's and 30's.
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>> reporter: police say excuses used for distraction in each crime vary but the goal, it is the same, stealing cash and jewelry. >> i just hope they catch those boys however they are. i will probably never see my things again. >> reporter: authorities say if anyone comes tour door make sure they have identification and if you are not comfortable go ahead and call police n this particular case they are looking for a better description of the suspect and their vehicle n west windsor, i'm cleve bryan, cb is. three "eyewitness news". >> 5:49. people in norristown are one fairing one of their community pools will open up at all this summer. the pool at the george washington carver community center needs at least $30,000 worth of repairs, a co nation was in the works, but it fell through, when the, benefactor insisted that the municipality oversee the renovations. town council says the entire pool needs an overhaul not just repairs. the city says it is too late to open this summer and he says the pool is costly to run. philadelphia police department showed off its newest addition, look at the department's new marine unit
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seen here on the delaware river. this new boat has added technology that officers say will make their jobs easier and more efficient. the boat has twin 300-horsepower engine and police say they will have a faster response time. that is good to see. we are following breaking news right now after a couple is found dead overnight we have an update on that investigation, next. bob and katie will look at traffic and weather together on the three's, we are back in a couple minutes, good morning. (birds chirping softly in background.) (loud engine sounds!) what! how's it going? heard you need a ride to school. oh, that's pretty cool! big day at school? i know just the thing to help you get going. power up with new cheerios protein.
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there is breaking news in the head lines police are investigating the discovery of the bodies of the elderly husband and wife inside their home in strawberry mansion. they are related to philadelphia deputy street commissioner donald carlton. also president obama is coming to wilmington today. president will check on the
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repairs here on the i495 bridge getting a live look right now. that bridge could open, before labor day. jeremiah jackson faces murder and other charges of laura araujo. jackson confessed he attack her to get her banking information. lets get traffic and weather together. we will start off with katie good morning. >> good morning, everybody. we are still tracking slow departure of this frontal boundary bugging us for a couple of days but as you can see on dry land it is just that, it is dry. don't worry about that green you see on the tail even of the radar just ground clutter and in the any rain. we will look at a beautiful day unfolding here across the board. low to mid 80's down the shore, in philadelphia, poconos not out of the question you will see a very isolated sprinkle but we are dry getting in on the sunshine and we have a beautiful day that is unfolding here. make the most of it. we have pretty pleasant
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weather for sure, bob, over to you. 5:53 on this thursday morning, late running construction causing for some early morning delays on i-95. i-95 southbound jammed up between the center city interchange all the way down toward the stadium area where traffic is stack up here, they have been working on the thehe southbound side approaching the stadium area and a new pattern in play here heading northbound, so something new on i-95, we will check with mass transit and that presidential visit to day, when we come right bac
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it can be a very tiring thing to do. >> but folks in fort wayne, inn yan a figured out how to make it relaxing, how about that. more than 100 people sprinted down a block in downtown fort wayne while pushing a bed in the annual three rivers festival bed races. twenty-two teams, signed up to compete for bragging rights and prizes.
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giving new meaning perhaps to three sheets to the wind. >> bada binge. >> how do you get the job and person hangs out, runs and pushes you. >> i'll find a way to come to work that way every day. >> turns up who goes and gets kickback. >> got that right. >> right now 5:57. don't slack off just because it is summer, three is on your side with easy ways to streamline your finances. it is all new in the next hour. a tragedy we have already seen too often this year children left in hot cars, we will tell you about new technology designed to prevent parents from making that mistake. plus, a pennsylvania girl swept away in the drain pipe hear how she survived that rushing water. we are back at the top of the
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"eyewitness news" reporter nicole brewer is at the scene right now and you spoke to the family member was also a deputy commissioner of the philadelphia streets department, tell us more,. >> reporter: good morning to both of you. donald carlton is the nephew of the deceased couple. he tells me the the family understandably shaken, desperate for answers after they found 2b loved relatives, dead inside of their home with no official cause of death. inside this strawberry mansion home a daughter makes a horrifying discovery, finding both of her parents dead on the living room floor. >> at this time, there is no obvious cause of death, there are no obvious signs of trauma, to either the 66 year-old female


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