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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  July 18, 2014 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> topping our news this morning, rescue teams have reportedly found second flight recorder aboard the malaysian airline jet shot down over ukraine. >> believe surface to air missile brought down the boeing 777. now, ukraine blames pro russian separatists. russia blames ukraine, because of its military offensive. apparently, none of the almost 300 passengers and crew survived. substantial number of them, were reportedly on their way to an international aids conference, that was happening in australia. the cockpit and one turn wine half mile apart. residents said the tail ends is another 6 miles away, indicating aircraft most likely broke up before hitting the grounds.
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susan macinnis joins us in washington to bring you up-to-date on the investigation, susan, good morning. >> emergency workers, police, even local coalminers are all surveying through the wreckage today in eastern ukraine, of this crash site that sands just huge more than nine square miles. here in the u.s., intelligence officials are still trying to determine if any americans were on board that plane, and also, who is responsible for firing the missile believed to have brought it down. investigator earns will be coming through 9-mile long trail of debris in eastern ukraine to figure out exactly what happened to malaysia airlines flight 17. this morning, malaysia's prime minister urged locals to stay away. >> no one should interfere with the area or move any debris. >> the boeing 777 traveling from amsterdam to kuala kuala lr yesterday went down as it fly over a region controlled by
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pro russian separatistsment strongly suspect a surface to air missile brought it down. >> aviation structure and fire experts will now examine the aircraft's wreckage for residue of missile proponent and evidence that jets skin was punctured by a high speed impact. ukraine's security agency released recordings of what it claims are intercepted phonecalls between a russian intelligence officer and a separatist group in ukraine. cbs news couldn't verify the recording, but a voice is heard saying: we just shot down a plane. >> the idea that russia can somehow say nothing has anything to do with them, because it happened in ukrainian air space, frankly, does not stand up. >> all 298 people on board died including three infants, several prominent aids researchers, who were headed to international conference in mel born. now, separatists rebels who control the area where the crash site located say they
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have recovered most of the plane's black boxes, and are considering what to do with them if true that would raise a lot of concerns about the integrity of the investigation. in washington, susan macinnis, back to you. >> now, susan, are we learning anything more about those on board that flight? >> well, we are learning a little bit more. there are still 20 people on board the flight who are unidentified. most of the people, malaysia airlines, held press conference this morning from the netter land, all of the crew malaysian. dozen of people are malaysian. dozen dutch. many from throughout europe, still no determination in any are americans, although have been some reports there are americans, malaysia airlines says still undetermined, 20 people still unidentified. >> susan macinnis reporting for us live in washington, thank you, see you throughout the morning. another question, a lot of people are asking, so why was the commercial jetliner flying over a war zone? aviation expert arthur wolk says the plane traveling from amsterdam to kuala lumpur took
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a route many commercial airlines travel. woke also adds, however, that unrest between ukraine and pro russian separatists has made air space in the region extremely dangerous. >> this seems to be a big problem, seems to be lack of communication, getting all of this funding, need this mine, all of this money, we need this money, we need that. who is in charge? >> we will get back to arthur wolk in just a moment. malaysian airlines has changed the route its planes will take to and from europe. just past 03:00, we want to get our traffic and weather together. if you like yesterday, katy? >> , zero you'll love today. yep, another almost carbon copy. we end one more sunshine, still warm, still comfortable. and just still beautiful outside. we start the morning off with nice bright sunshine already now over the horizon, so it will do its part to help warm things up. coming offer the nice crisp, cool start to the morning, storm scan3, remaining empty right now, high pressure in place, and there you have the bright sunshine starting to lift over the horizon, outside lower merion high school in
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ardmore, live neighborhood network with predominant north-northeast wind firing up or showing up here, i guess you should say here outside of the particular observation point. 60 degrees, the dew points, as well, continues to stay real low. currently only at 52. fifty-five is the highest it will likely get around most of the region, maybe little bit higher, depending on location, should not get much more than about 60 degrees for dew point t keeps it really, really comfortable for you out there. with drier air in place, in other words. water temperatures, especially in the bay, are warming up nicely for us here. i have to be honest. atlantic city and ocean city maryland still little cool for my personal taste. getting at least in the 70s here down toward cape may. some of the southern beaches then again up toward say a long branch for example. bright sunshine. great beach day. beautiful to be going up to the poconos, to up one of the many area lakes in philly just maybe hitting the oval at that sort of pop up park that they've set up on the parkway, great day, no matter what your plans entail, if they're
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outside, you got a-plus kind of day. too bad we don't have the school forecast any more? >> i would definitely get a-plus. >> yes, would you. >> good morning, everybody, 6:06. how about nice day to go for little fly? let's go up in the air. chopper three yesterday, over the scene of the brand new off ramp. ninety-five southbound, the off ramp to cottman avenue is open this morning. they were on the scene here doing the final touches. now, it has been closed since april of last year. final project won't be complete until at least 2017. at least for right now, anyone leaving, say, northeast philadelphia, gaining access into the mayfair-torresdale area, you'll be in good shape. to live camera on the scene here. so if you head south on 95, here it is, right as you come around the curve. new location than it was a year or so ago. but you will see the cones there. as the camera resets, one says we're on the air, but open for business there in northeast philadelphia.
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the schuylkill expressway, not bad at all. looking good we look live from the conshohocken interchange, we do have an accident though in southwest philadelphia, 70th street at whole steen avenue. right at the intersection there, it involves overturned vehicle, and it snapped in half. the telephone pole that contains the chargers there on the top, and that has knocked power out to some of the local homes here in the area. so, you want to use island avenue. transformers is the word i was locking for. island avenue is the best alternate through the neighborhood this morning. mass transit, in good shape. erika, back to you. >> bob, thank you. new this morning, two men injured in a double shooting in west philadelphia. "eyewitness news", on the 400 block of north felton street, as investigators search for clues overnight. police say a 18 year old man was hit in the ankle. he's in stable condition at the hospital. another man suffered a minor graze wounds to his arm. no arrests have been made. developing now, israel
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says one of its soldiers dead and the operation, the ground operation, in gaza is re lawn: offensive after several days of fire on its cities. yesterday humanitarian cease-fire allowed palestinians in gaza to restock food and water. air strikes on on gaza have killed more than 240 palestinians. our time now 6:08. president obama used local visit to offer assistance investigating what happened to the downed malaysian jet. he addressed the incident in wilmington, delaware, where he traveled to talk about our anythings' infrastructure. president made his comments with the now closed i495 bridge as the background. >> i directed my national security team to stay in close contact with the ukrainian government. the united states will offer any assistance we can to help determine what happened and why. and as a country, our thoughts and prayers are with all of the families, passengers, where ever they call home. >> president also signed an
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order creating a build american investment initiative. he said it creates opportunities for private sector funding of infrastructure projects. new this morning, the president is back at the white house after a brief security scare. we have new video here of the president getting offer air force one late last night. towed wait on the plane for about 30 minutes after someone spotted a suspicious package at the white house. the president was eventually allowed back home after getting the all-clear. now, a developing story, tops this look at some of the other news events happening today. former new jersey mid school teacher charles really faces sentencing. co-face 15 years in prison on child abuse charges. >> also, wilmington mayor, dennis williams, expected to veto a bill today, that would have slashed about a half million dollars from the sit's fire department budget. williams says the cuts would compromise public safety. >> and there will be a rally in center city as carpenters protest their lock-out from the pennsylvania convention center. the carpenters accuse convention center of unfair
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bargains. following several developing store thinks morning, including this wild fire in washington state. coming up next, the evacuations are growing, and though is this fire. >> also, a vigil is held for the four children killed in a deadly fire in southwest philadelphia. as community leaders debate what to do with the donations raised. plus this: >> and this is my closet. >> an inside tour of a woman's 3-story tall closet. >> it looks like a store! >> might as well. >> that's bananas. >> we'll have it on the other side. >> oh, sparkly shoes! can you fix it, dad? yeah, i can fix that. (dad) i wanted a car that could handle anything. i fixed it!
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>> us un tell genes officials say surface to grounds missile brought down the plane. ukrainians in philadelphia and their friends, will gather for a vigil at 7:00 tonight in front of the ukrainian flag at 17th street and the ben franklin parkway. this is the second disaster for malaysia airlines in the past six months. you will recall that malaysia airlines flight 370 dis a periods, while en route from kuala lumpur to beijing back in march. 239 people on board that boeing 777. searches still have found no trace of the airliner. yesterday's tragedy in ukraine shares a date with another major airline disaster, 18 years ago, twa flight 800, crashed off the coast of long island. there was speculation that that plane was shot down, as well. however, federal investigators determined that accident was likely caused by the explosion in a fuel tank. our coverage of the plane shot down continues,
6:14 am there you can find the latest on that crash, any time of day. also, developing at this hour, more people are being forced out of their homes by this rapidly moving wild fire in washington state. now, this is one of several wild fires burning outside of seattle right now. hundreds of people in the path of the flames have been told to leave their homes. at least 35 homes there have already been destroyed. just past 6:13, we want our forecast, katie, saying this looks like a good friday? >> absolutely. you know, we will start to see warmfront lifting north here with time. generally, the quiet pattern, that has finally taken grip over the delaware valley, set to continue. at least through the weekend, and probably into the first part of next week for the most part too. here is your warmfront. believe it or not, i step over on this side of the screen, still the retreat of that very same front that brought us that stormy weather earlier in the week. it is just not taking the hint for some reason. more than anything, though, we are in the midst of high pressure, keeping us quiet, keeping us in the nice comfortable air mass, and we just get another bonus after
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day out of t here, though, the system starting to liver to the north, but we will keep generally just full sunshine all day today. couple every clouds by later tonight. so as high pressure starts to shift a little bit. it allows the arrival or at least the proximity of that next frontal boundary to come close by with more clouds than anything tomorrow, and likely sunday features some clouds, i don't think you have to worry about wet weather. if you have outdoor plans, keep them. today is a gem, sunny, mild, definitely comfortablement can't say enough about it. 58 degrees, we drop down to 64 tonight. still comfortable, if you want to keep the air conditioner off, we celebrate the anniversary of the invention of air-conditioning, but, mid 80s for you both saturday, sunday, i they will you will start crank that sucker by next mid week. 92 degrees wednesday, with storms returning. over to you. >> hey anniversary, we will actually unplug you right now, but keep in mind, you can stay to up date with all things weather throughout the weekends with brand new cbs philly weather app. you can check the live radar, katie has got the severe
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weather alerts up there, and download the app on the i am tunes, coming soon to the android. we look live at i95 at northeast philadelphia, construction zone, between pretty much girard avenue, and center city, they now put into place the concrete barriers, so it is a tight squeeze. look at this here. you only got the three lanes, there is no shoulder, and when you are coming, you definitely feel getting little tight on either side here. they actually have taken away a couple of feet on both sides. same deal on the northbound side. so just keep that in mind, as you roll into downtown. good morning king of prussia live look at 422, no problems heading in toward that 202 interchange. but for the gang in southwest philly, we got an accident and local power outage. here is the deal. accident at 70th and hole steen right by the car dealership there. now the accident flipped over the vehicle, and chopped a telephone pole in half. and that telephone pole contained three transformers that are now leaving about 250 folks without power here in
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the neighborhood. so, as you are rolling through the neighborhood, island avenue would be your best bet. another accident, with the downed pole, outside of coatesville, blocking route ten at highland road. otherwise, mass transit looking good with no delays. ukee, back over to you. >> bob, thank you. here is a look at today's headlines. still developing story. us intelligence experts believe a missile brought down the malaysia airlines jet yesterday over ukraine, but they've not determined who launched the missile. ukraine blames separatist missiles, russia blames ukraine. 298 souls were lost. also, israeli troops in gaza this morning, israel's prime minister says the military is prepared to expand that operation. one israeli and 20 palestinians have been reported killed. also, hamas has vowed retaliation. teenage is her in stable condition after double shooting in feltonville. another victim refused treatment. so far there are no arrests, and no word on what triggered the gunfire. be right back.
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the phillies get back from the all-star break tonight on the road in atlanta the braves are tied with the nationals, in the top spot, in the national league east. the phils are ten games back. time to turn things around. summer league hoops. team representing the sixers and chicago bulls battling it out last night. in the vaguest tournament, sixers got 14 from the big fellow, noel, contribution frost other key players, top seeded bulls won it.
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they play the d league stars in consolation rounds game later tonight. >> snakes, solitary discovery inside minnesota home. if you don't like snakes, turn now. discovered some 200 snakes inside this house. scott says he has boa's and pythons all over the place, but he adds they can't escape. really nothing city officials can do other than make sure the home doesn't have an odor. now, he said he has the snakes for a breeding business that he runs. you can keep that business. >> oh, the poor list mice? we know what you are. sorry, guys. >> grub? i tell you. >> right now, 6:21, only on three, you will hear from woman who says she is victim of peeping tom at local store. we have the warning for women. >> new this morning, good news for commuters on busy stretch of i-95. bob's got the latest on neutrally reopened ramp. we'll have traffic and weather together together. we'll do it on the other side.
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>> if you loved yesterday, you'll love today as much. look at the beautiful sunshine, man, like a beam shooting down to the surface, so nice, in ocean city, that's where we're showing this live shot, "skycam 3", but around the board, go to east facing window near you, you will see exactly the same thing. beautiful sunrise, which will equal sun glare. i'm sure bob will be talking a lot about that through the morning. six a currently at the airport, weekend looks pretty good. few more clouds granted but generally expect to see quiet weekends unfolds, despite warmfront nearby. will your nerve some cloud cover. might be limit today peaks of sunshine tomorrow, but still not a bad weekends, and i say
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if you have outdoor plans, you can absolutely keep them. bob, over to you. >> sounds good. katie, 6:24, good morning, live look at route 309 near ft. washington. no problems or delays at all. we got some light volume. turning out to be busy over the weekend. it will be an alternate for that northeast extension, construction project. that's happening saturday, into sunday. good news in the construction zone, southbound lanes of i95, the off ramp to cottman avenue is open this morning, it is to has been closed for well over a year, but that's good news, the next good sign coming from that whole entire construction zone there in northeast philadelphia. but in southwest philadelphia, an accident, at 70th and holesteen avenue. >> this crash, the vehicles overturned, and it is to slashed a telephone pole in half. that telephone pole holding up three tans formers that of course is now knocking out power to some of the homes here, in the neighborhood. so island area would be your best bet this morning, through southwest philly. and if you are getting early start, headed up north, to
6:26 am
maybe l built or any of the north jersey beaches here, new jersey turnpike construction, between five and six, out there until about 2:00. if you are headed south to the delaware beaches, keep in mind that 495 closure still with us, so allow some extra time as you roll south on 95 through wilmington. ukee, back over to you. >> bob, thank you. southwest philadelphia community mourns four children lost in a deadly fire on gasner street. >> ♪ family, friends, and community leaders, stood together in solidarity during a candlelight vigil last night. they used music and prayer to help begin the healing process. a constant stream of donations had been pouring in since the july 5th tragedy that almost -- that also left 14 homes destroyed. where that money is going now has left some people concerned. >> the bottom line, it needs to be distributed equally. somebody got to be accountable. too much fun, touches too many
6:27 am
hands. >> to suggest that even in light of all that we are doing, that things are not organized. >> leaders of the christ international baptist church has set up a finance committee to distribute donated items and funds to fire victims. coming up in the next half hour of "eyewitness news", several local towns on edge. residents are being warned after a series of burglaries in montgomery county. nicole? >> and erika, first for habitat for humanity, it is happening right here in point breeze. coming up we're live as local carpenters hammer away at a building challengement we'll be right back. >> see now bit, nicole. bob and katie return with your traffic and weather together. we of course do it on the 3's, we're back at the bottom of the hour. good morning,
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>> boeing 777 crashed in eastern ukraine killing all 298 people on board. us intelligence officials say a surface to air missile brought down that plane, but they're not sure who fired it. ukraine is accusing pro russian separatists, rebels deny it. malaysia's prime minister asking locals to stay away from the scene. no
6:31 am
>> goods morning, as the situation in ukraine continues to unfolds, many questions remain unanswered. >> some are asking, why was a passenger jet flying over such a dangerous area in the first place? "eyewitness news" reporter steve patterson joins us now, in the cbs-3 sat center sole local aviation and national security experts and what they are thinking. >> that's a very good question. one many of just been asking since yesterday. the answer is relatively simple. most airliners use that flight route because it simply is the shortest distance between two points, which means, less fuel, more money saved, and is one that was cleared by the international community, but not cleared without certain caveats in one of them is that, obviously, extremely dangerous. >> it is so grow test being in terms of behavior, that it is almost not believable. >> the unbelievable confirmed.
6:32 am
mh17. a boeing 777 passenger plane caring 298 people shot down by a surface air missile. no one survived. >> to shoot down a non-combat non-combatant, unforgivable, beyond comprehension. >> aviation expert arthur wolk said the plane traveling from amsterdam to kuala lumpur on well traveled international route used frequently even during the recent conflict between ukraine and pro russian separatists. woke said there have been warnings flying over the war zone, but to this point it has been ignored. >> to make it -- to me it makes no sense, to deliberate ily fly over a war zone. >> the focus now who fired? >> you have three suspect, ukrainians, these rebels supported by the russians or the russians themselves. >> counter terrorism expert says all sides are denouncing the act and denying responsibility. but, new this morning, us officials saying they believe the ukrainians didn't have the
6:33 am
capability to perform the attacks. >> so far the data points line up to suggest that it was the russians, or their rebel allies. the first time we've had something that goes beyond russians and ukrainians, now forces the international community to respond. >> and we're learning this morning that in that 6-mile search radius, where the wreckage is scattered, we're learning that the russian-backed separatists are the ones that so far have recovered most of the black boxes from that plane, which raises questions about the integrity of the investigation moving forward. much more to report on this. live in the sat center, steve patterson, cbs-3, "eyewitness e. steve, thanks so much. also hearing from some travelers who say they cheated death. izzy was supposed to be on the doomed plane with her husband, and young baby. but they had to re book because the flight was full. >> i'm just thinking that i feel like i've been given a second chance. and so hopefully that ...
6:34 am
>> we'll continue to follow the latest developments in the plane crash, get updates on line, at any time. also, on facebook and twitter, just search cbs philly. >> time for your traffic and weather together. here's kate. >> i yes, good morning, ukee, very happy friday, out to you guys, i mean, once again, looking at just beautiful weather out there. if you liked yesterday, you'll love today. we can expect more of the same even as we go into tonight. but by the weekend, more clouds, start to filter, filter in here, which we will talk b we start off with good news. quick check on storm scan3, might be little deceiving. we do have high pressure in place, what's all of the green starting to show up? i think ukee knows what it is. do you know what the green is, ukee? >> grounds clutter. >> well done. >> you're just on spot lately. >> look out. >> just wait until the next trivia question. that's what it is, ground clutter nothing more than that. it is clutter, it is something being pick up on the radar, that's not rain. and, you know, pictures worth a thousand words, right? sixty-five north breeze nice
6:35 am
and calm and bright blue skies over center city philadelphia right now. we face south from our very own rooftop camera had a here, nice low humidity to go along with it, today looks like nice beach day, hitting the shore points. average temperatures generally be to the low to mid 70s, little shy or even little above that, depending on location, of course, the further south you go, the more likely you are to find some warmer water. but only by a degrees or two. but that can make big difference when talking water temperature, right? across the board expect the sunshine just lovely day, 85 degrees, with sun, not too hot obviously, not too muggy, in fact, not muggy at all. just comfortable. and it stays that way right through the rest of the day and the weekend also looks pretty good overall. bob, our to you. >> ground clutter around ukee's house here, we have to deal with that. >> just because i got it right, all right. >> someone's jealous. >> good morning, everybody, tgif. off to pretty good start this morning, we go outside, the sun beginning to rise, and it
6:36 am
was sun shining yesterday, as we look from chopper three, video from yesterday's, they get ready to open up the off ramp from i95 south, to cottman avenue. that ramp is open for business this morning. it has been closed since april of last year. they were putting down the painted lines here yesterday. getting things ready. so it is open for business this morning. let's go to the maps. this is ramp as you head south on 95, approaching cottman avenue, it has been closed. now able to get off at cottman avenue. that will route 73 in northeast philadelphia. now, we have nasty accident, in southwest philadelphia. it involves an overturned vehicle. and this vehicle is with the accident chopped the telephone pole in half. now, that telephone pole was holding three transformers, that supplied power to some of the homes in the neighborhood. so there is local power outage, and 70th street blocked, right there by the car dealerships. island avenue is your best bet through the first half of our morning rush hour. another crash here along the baltimore pike at oak avenue.
6:37 am
otherwise bridges look fine at the moment. mass transit running with no delays. erika, back over to you. >> bob, thank upment police waiting for word from the medical examiner on the mysterious deaths of an elderly cup nel strawberry mansion. rufus and now gladys perry found dead overnight by one of their six children. the couple showed no signs of trauma a there was also no evidence of forced entry into their home on spangler street. couple's family said both were in good health. >> the authorities continue their search for a peeping tom who spied on woman inside a department store dressing room. it happened at kohl's on west state road, warminster bucks county. "eyewitness news" talked exclusively to libby allen, says the man called into her fitting room around 30:00, she is 28, but using the junior sitting room. that leads her to believe the man was look to go attack a child. >> the hands come around the door. i see a man's head come underneath. if i had just been afraid of this man, and curled up in the corner, i think, yes, i think
6:38 am
the situation would have been ripe for something like that. >> police believe the suspect was loitering in the junior section for five hours. the suspect left before police got there. libby says she wants an apology from kohl's for not getting any information on the man before he left. police in upper providence montgomery county are asking and warning residents to be on alert. they are investigating a rash of residential burglaries in collegeville, royersford, and phoenixville, and spanning over the last two months, now, police believe these burglars wait from home owners to leave before making their move. the thieves are quick, getting a which with small items like jewelry and cash. your time 6:38. facebook is hoping you buy into their newest feature. we'll explain. >> then, building houses and a future for some lucky residents. we're live with habitat for humanity, some familiar faces lends a helping hand. >> also coming up. fed ex and the feds, why the government is identifying up the shipping giant. be right back.
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facing federal indictment, government accuses a company of enabling criminal activity by shipping prescription drugs from i am legal on line pharmacist. prosecutors say the charges are the result after nine year investigation, into two internet pharmacies. spokesman said fed ex is innocent of any wrong-doing. a conviction could cost $820 million in fines. facebook wants to make it easier for people to buy
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products directly from their website. they'll be testing out a new buy button. it will let people purchase products directly from sponsored ads, without leaving the site. a limited group of small and medium size businesses will be testing the button. well, one texas woman turned her closet into a fashionista dream. >> so curious to see this closet. check out theresa's three-story, 3,000 square foot closet. this massive closet showcases millions of dollars worth of designer shoes, handbags, jewelry, and of course clothes, too. she says she intends on use willing the luxurious space to raise money for her favorite charities. >> it is my she-cave. i mean if men can have bars when they have their little man cares, whether a feeder, garage, whatever, i feel like i am have a champagne bar in the middle of my closet. >> i guess when you have a 3-story closet, what's a champagne bar?
6:43 am
it looks like a store. she said champagne bar is her secret weapon to help charity supporters feel a bit nor generous. so i am thinking she has people over for charity events >> sure. >> write a check. >> write little check after a little sauce. >> i'm so feeling dejected dollars. my closet so, small. >> how about that? >> beautiful closet! >> time is 6:43, let's get your traffic and weather together. >> i feel like that photographer must have been so exhausted just walking through with that camera. >> seriously. >> another flight of steps? geez! >> no kidding. >> oh, what an awesome bit of space. quick check on storm scan3, empty, free and clear, it is looking good. now, we do have a warmfront, if you look off to the south already, you can see little bit of cloud cover, starting to lift north here. any wet weather this confined back to the north carolina-tennessee area at this point, or points further south of that. so, i don't think this is necessarily going to bring us much more than cloudses in
6:44 am
coming days, but does do that, does bring in some cloud cover cover. you won't have as gorgeous of a day this weekend, but still good weekends. so today is the one to beat basically. sunny, mild, not all that humid once again, so just beautiful. carbon copy basically of yesterday. sixty-four later tonight, still under couple of clouds, weekend starts to feature more cloud cover. but we should keep it dry. eighty-four apiece, saturday, sunday, monday, sun and clouds, maybe a shower or storm by night fall. and then it is turning steamy by next mid week. bob, over to you. >> good morning, everybody. 6:44, an accident southwest philadelphia, leaving us with power outage, 70 ' and homesteen avenue. overturned and slashed a telephone pole virtually in half. at the top of the pole, three transformers, that supplied power to the local neighborhoods. so one person taken to local hospital with non-life threatening injuries. but, 73, just closed right now, so island avenue is probably your best bet this
6:45 am
morning. a crash right at the lansdale interchange of the turnpike. it is actually right on the sumneytown pike, right at the traffic light there, before you enter the toll plaza for the pennsylvania turnpike northeast extension, and route ten closed in coatesville here, with an accident, at highland road. the rest of the majors are starting to see volume now on a friday morning, southbound 95, heavy from cottman avenue, in to downtown, so far so good on the schuylkill, but with that sun that's popping out, certainly going to see some sun glare delays inbound between conshohocken and center city. and if you are headed north on the turnpike, new jersey turnpike, that; watch for construction delays between exits five and six, until about 2:00 this afternoon, don't forget throughout this entire weekend, you can stay to up date with all of the traffic backups. we have an app for. that will download the app titled your drive for the iphone and android devices just go to drive. ukee, back over to you. >> thank you, here is a look at today's headlines, ukraine and other want international investigation into yesterday's
6:46 am
deadly attack on malaysian jet. 298 people were on board. us intelligence officials say, a missile brought down that jet, but so far no one knows who lands. the missile. >> small town and hospital in central washington have been evacuated ahead of a winds whipped wild fire already burned at least 35 homes. thousands of firefighters are battling those flames. and police are investigating a double shooting in feltonville. teenager shot in the ankle, he and another victim are in stable condition, at area hospitals. so far police have made no arrests. right now 6:46. and this is just a great story. this not only build homes, they also build dreams. >> this morning, habitat for humanity getting high profile help as it helps put roof over several families. "eyewitness news" reporter nicole brewer joins us now from point breeze. nicole, good morning. good morning to you, ukee, erika, yes, day two of a three-day builders challenge here with habitat for humanity. already, you can see, our local carpenters, they're hard
6:47 am
at work, they're hitting the nailon the head, hammering away at their goal. framing up six houses, in three days, so it is a lot of work that these guys have ahead of themment joining me now to talk more about it, this is real a groundbreaking project, first in habitat for humanity history, frank, here, and frank they call you frank the tank, frank monahan, executive director. talk to me about this project? >> so really we have five groups out here today. the carpenters union, dale corporation, jj white, diaz construction, equinox. they are framing these six hours cents in three days, it would take us normally four to six months. >> wow. so saving the organization four months. how much money. >> this will save us at least $60,000, and have our families into their homes a lot quicker. >> you mention the families. i know that the families that purchased these homes actually purchased them by the way with zero interest mortgage. but they have to put the time in too, right? >> they have to do 350 hours
6:48 am
every sweat equity. most of the home own remembers single mothers. that means, they are area working every other saturday on site for two years. >> wow, okay. so you said these homes, if they can get into as soon as what? >> have families home by christmas, without this builder help today that won't have happenedment so they'll be home for the holidays. >> amazing. carpenter's union, four local companies making this happen. and facing off. frame err's face-off this weekend? >> it is a face-off. but in reality, i was thinking about it, who really is going to be the winners of this is the partner family. they'll be in earlier. these guys are doing great job. we're so appreciative. >> and we're appreciative for all that do you for habitat for humanity. thanks so much for joining us. you said it best, families with the winners here, really so the entire community. already three families have been matched to three different houses. so ukee, erika it, doesn't get much better than this. >> that's wonder you. >> what a great program. >> the feel good story of the morning, nicole, frank the
6:49 am
tank, everybody working on the project, thanks so much. appreciate it. talk to you soon. >> oh, i like the hat! >> all right, well, those construction work versa good day toto build. we'll have that forecast. >> traffic and weather together coming up in
6:50 am
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♪ word is labor d weekends just got a lot busier for kanye west. >> the rap is her headlining both made in america festivals in philly and los angeles. kanye with lit the main stage in philly on saturday night, then he'll fly across the country to headline la's sunday show alongside john mayor. single day tickets for shows on both coasts go on sale today. >> stars of the big bang theory set to resume filming on eighth season this month. however, some of the cast reportedly don't have contracts yet. deadline. com reports, the five original stars of the show are negotiating pay raises. production could be delayed if know don't hammer out a deal soon. cbs says, it is confident things will work out. such a great show. >> and, beyonce tops the list for the most 2014m tv music award nominations. the superstar could pick up trophies in eight categories including video of the year, best female video and best
6:53 am
choreography, close behind, australian born rapper, iggy, azalea, and emanem. seven nominations each. right now, 6:53, and katie i'm loving our forecast today. >> such beautiful day yesterday, right? another day just like it. unfolding. high pressure is to thank for it. and, you know, we've had string of some real nice weekends as of late as well. so let's take a look at where we have stood in terms of amounts of rain that we've had over the course of the last couple of weekends. would you believe that since june 1st, we've actually only pick up .5 of an inch every rain during any of those weekends, in total? and the good thing about that was that a lot of it came either on friday night leading into saturday or on sunday night leading into monday. so really on the tail end of either of those ends here of the weekends. so we had real nice weather. will it hole up this weekend as we have this next warmfront nearby? well, here is the big reveal. so storm scan3, quiet for now, the warmfront to the south.
6:54 am
starting to creep north. but i don't think it gets here. so yes, seymour clouds, but it still going to be decent weekend. we get some sunshine both days. peaks of it tomorrow. few more clouds than anything. but the high hits 84 degrees, apiece, both saturday, sunday, and as for today, we sort of retrograde back in time here. today this is really the winner of the forecast, such beautiful day. seventy-one by 9:00 a.m. upper 70s by noon, and we keep you up ate about 85 this afternoon, so just warm enough, but not humid, still sunny, what a great excuse just to do anything outside. so bob, i believe you have some lawn work that you have to catch up on? >> yes. (closer throat). >> 6:54. good morning, live look at the accident we've been talking about for the past hour or so. let's just go right to the maps here. seventieth and holesteen avenue in southwest philadelphia. that crash involving overturned vehicle, and knocked down telephone pole. that was holding three
6:55 am
transformers, that supplied power to the neighborhood. so there is local pour outage, 70th street blocked. island avenue is the way to go. also, disable northbound route one here, as we look live, right near highland avenue in bucks county. otherwise you're going to see the sun here popping coming around the curve. be ready for sun glare this morning, open up that sun roof. take the convertible to work day. accident up here in lansdale, right at the lansdale onramp for the pennsylvania turnpike, right where sumneytown pike comes to the traffic light, before you get on the extention, otherwise, here is your stadiometer reading, southbound 95, little slow at girard, schuylkill running little slow westbound, out toward conshohocken, and over the weekend, saturday night into early sunday morning, they're going to close the northeast extension, northbound, between lansdale and quakertown, so maybe going to an event or maybe going to 'd withing, saturday night good to go. but if you are coming home after midnight, do you have use route 309 as the alternate. until about 6:00 on sunday morning. mass transit at the moment
6:56 am
looking good. erika, back over to you. >> bob, thank you. twins -- pair of newborn twins in buffalo even more unusual. >> these twins born on different days. tammy endured 24 hours of lane or, her daughter kennedy claire was born tuesday at 7:04. but took unbelievable 12 hours for brother kel end michael to show up. both babies doing just fine. mom on the other hands, might need little a little rest. >> a break. >> twenty-four hours? >> fifteen, 16 years, do you know what i went through for you? >> oh, every year. >> yes indeed. >> i want breakfast in bed! >> she should get it on two days. >> there we go. >> everybody's doing well. >> there you go. >> doing well, good to see. you can find the "cw philly" don't forget comcast, and hd
6:57 am
or rcn channels. just reminder we're headed to the "cw philly" next. >> reminder join us bright and early every weekday morning, we start it off cbs-3 right here 4:30 a.m. next on cbs this morning, the latest on the malaysian airlines plane shot down in ukraine. >> insider michael rojas new details on the investigation. once again, to continue following your local newews, weather, traffic and sports, we're keeping it live, keeping it local on your friday morning on the "cw philly". good morning,
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
it is friday, july 18th, 2014. welcome to "cbs this morning." blown from the sky over ukraine. new information on the 298 victims from around the world including leading aids researchers. and bob orr is tracking those to blame in the crash. plus the prime minister looks at a significant expansion of the ground invasion in gaza. but wi begin today's "eye opener" with your world in 90 seconds. >> an aircraft apparently shot down, blown out of the sky. >> the world demands answers for the downing ofay


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