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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  July 18, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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to fly over the war torn nation. >> reporter: this morning malaysia airlines defended the decision to fly over ukraine. >> we were not the only airline flying that route. the it is a common route. >> reporter: 298 people died when the plane was shot down, including at least one american, at the crash site, the first international monitors have arrived, they say local man establish a and rebel controlled area would only allow a supervision inspection of the wreckage. craig boswell for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". ukraine community here in the delaware valley is struggling to make sense of deadly plane crash and the fighting in their home land. "eyewitness news", reporter jane carabao has that part of the coverage. >> reporter: ukraine americans throughout the philadelphia a region left stunned today, after nearly 300 people, died when a passenger plane is shot down over their home country. >> shock, mourning, and anger, over the events, yesterday, in eastern ukraine.
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>> i called it international terrorist. >> reporter: this woman moved to america 16 years ago but still has family and friend in ukraine. other friend live in fear of the eastern part of the country where they have taken hole. >> they are afraid that they will get killed, if they show that they don't support them. >> it is an outrage. >> reporter: daniel freedhim, a drexel teaching assistant professor of history and politics and said what happened with the passenger jetties a wake up call that will have a global impact. >> it means it will change the way all european countries end up in their politics. >> it is in the about being russian verse ukrainian, it is about people verse criminals and in humane terrorist. >> reporter: happening tonight right here on the ben franklin parkway at the ukrainian flag a vigil, a chance for ukrainian americans to express their sympathy, and a chance, they say to ask for a full, impartial investigation, into the crash. reporting from center city,
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jane carabao for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". stay with "eyewitness news" as we continue to follow this investigation into who shut down malaysia airlines plane. when we're in the on the air go on line to cbs right now israeli military is getting ready for a significant expansion of the ground offence any of gaza. twenty-five palestinians have been killed when gaza reject the truce. israeli officials say their goal, it is to destroy weapons arsenal, infrastructure and under ground tunnels used by hamas. president obama weighs in on the escalating tension coming autopsy 59:30. supporters of the both sides, protested in center city this afternoon. "eyewitness news" outside israeli council at 19th and jfk where philadelphia police kept the peace. this is just one of the demonstrations taking place in the city today. both sides, blame each other for the violence but agree it
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has to come to an end. there is news happening right now, a search is underway for a swimmer in the waters off of seaside park ocean county. a 25 year-old man disappeared while swimming near island beach state park today. and there were no life guards in that area. it was reportedly the man's first time, to swim in the ocean. we turned to weather, it was a beautiful day all across the region almost enough to make you forget about rain earlier in the week. well, these pleasant conditions stick around though? kathy orr is outside enjoying the cbs-3 sky deck with the first forecast, kathy. >> beautiful afternoon with sunshine, a few clouds and low humidity, chris, something we did not have early in the week but nice way to finish the week and jump start the weekend. on storm scan three we have a few clouds moving in from a system to the the south. the system will be moving off shore tomorrow so we will be seeing the clouds tomorrow, tomorrow night, and then clearing skies, for your sunday. let talk about the numbers
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right now. right now in philadelphia 82. thirty-eight wilmington. eighty-two in dover. seventy's down the shore with the ocean water temperatures warming up. due points are that amount of moisture in the atmosphere in the 50's and 40's, bone dry, it is what we like to see, awesome. that is what it feels like. it will stay in the awesome range over the course of the weekend. here is your first forecast, sunshine for the evening and then after sunset, a few clouds. it will be comfortable, more high clouds moving in late tonight and temperatures dipping down into the 70's, overnight lows in the 60's. coming up we could have a bit of the weekend spoiler for some of us, we will talk about who is the best chance of seeing cloudy skies, and maybe even a sprinkle and a major warm up underway, again, next week. we will have that in the seven day. that is coming up later on in the broadcast when i see you inside. >> all right, kathy, thank you. hundreds of police officers paid their respects to the fellow officer gun down in line of duty in north jersey. governor christie attended
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funeral for new jersey city police detective melvin santiago. he was posthumously promoted to detective at ace wake and awarded department medal of honor. 239 year-old rookie was killed sunday when a gunman shot him in the walgreens parking lot. a memorial service will be held for laura araujo, the the 23 year-old was murdered, her body was found in the duffle bag outside a vacant home in north philadelphia sources say that the suspect jeremiah jackson has confessed to beating and strangling her, tonight's memorial services will be held at 7:30 at tabernacle of the holy spirit on leaper street. delaware county spca is looking for a suspect who repeatedly stabbed a dog in chester. authorities say dog had numerous stab wounds all over her body, her stomach, her paws, her legs, her upper body. the the doggies described as extremely friendly a young female pit bull. she was found on the the property of dellcorea a water treatment facility there in chester. philadelphia police need
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your help as they look for a suspect wanted in a shooting in feltonville. here's surveillance video of the person they are looking for. investigators say that on tuesday, around 1:30 in the morning the man in the camouflage shirt there, opened fire, in the 100 block of wyoming avenue. a woman walking out at the time was injured and she injured her shoulder, as she dodged the gun fire. luckily no one there was shot the but if you recognize that gunman you are asked to contact police. police are looking for three young suspects, they are accused of robbing a king sessing home earlier this week. this is surveillance video showing those suspects trying to go in the rear of that home, in the 6500 block of windsor avenue. investigators tell us that the suspect eventually tripped the home alarm system and ran off. minutes later they returned and stole a lap top computer, digital cameras artwork and clothing all valued at about $4,800.
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a spill shut down part of the route 113 in chester springs chester county this afternoon. this stretch between kim berton and pickering roads is now back opened. authorities say that some bottles fell off the back of the truck spilling some 2 gallons of purple dye on to the roadway. kimberton fire officials check it out and found dye was not harmful, no one was injured in the incident. new technology for police and in evesham burlington county. as "eyewitness news" reporter cleve bryan tells us, officers there are now wearing body cameras. >> reporter: it wasn't the police loud lay announced their friend they release aid patrol dog in the burglary scene this week f there was ever a complaint about the the officer's action supplying video like this should never again be an issue for the the department. >> we out filedded each one of our officers with their own individual body camera. >> reporter: evesham marks the largest police force to deploy department wide use of the body cameras.
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officers picked them up from the docking station in the beginning of the each shift and can record 16 hours of video. >> it gives us a level of transparency for a customer what they do at all times. >> reporter: the way the system works is camera is always on but does not start recording until officer double clicks this button. >> it is not only accountability for officer but police believe everybody will act a little more civil when they know they are recorded. >> we figure would it definitely reduce the the number of complaints, internal affairs complaints, especially the the frivolous ones where the he said she said. >> reporter: stud irv body camera use in california found a 50 percent decrease in incidents where officers used force. an 88 percent decline in complaints against officers. the system caught six three- owe cost $63,000 but evesham estimates it will take 117, since local costs and workmen's comp change. >> this is a game changer and this is the future. every police department will
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be wearing these i believe in the future. >> reporter: septa police are experimenting with body cameras and evesham police say they are getting flooded by calls looking to get started n evesham township i'm cleve bryan, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". still to come tonight making a difference in the community, a local group is working fast to build housing for those who need it most. it is all happening in south philadelphia. and we are now in the middle of the summer travel season but before you pack those bags our jim donovan is on your side with tips to keep you safe from identity theft. you can handle the toughest conditions on the course but don't fair so well with the pop quiz. you might believe what some of thes
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well, between travel, vacation, sending the kids off to camp summer can be a hot time for identity theft. >> no fun there. >> three on your side consumer reporter jim donovan looks at risky situations you will want to avoid. >> reporter: you probably don't want to think about identity theft on vacation but certain aspects of summer fun can lead anyone in the family susceptible for scams. consumer reports recommend traveling with a minimum number of documents and other items with sensitive personal information. for example leave social security cards and extra credit cards at home. also, make bank and credit card companies aware of your travel plans so they can better machine for fraud. the federal trade commission warns hotel guests of certain common scams including calls reportedly from the front desk
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seeking verification of the credit card number. if a hotel has an issue of the credit card they will ask guest toss come to the december took deal witt the face-to-face. another pit fall fake wifi network. confirm the authorized hotel network for check into avoid handing information over to scammers. identity theft isn't limited to adults, children, social security numbers can be targeted because they provide a clean slate for scammers to open up credit accounts. fur child attend a summer camp or program be sure to find out where they are keeping the personal information how it is stored, record used and has access. but one of the key things i mentioned social security card none of us should be carrying around a social security card until you are going to file for something. >> i had to do that one day. >> guard it. >> guarding it with my life. >> yes. >> jessica, i'm glad you listened. >> trust no one and nothing. >> exactly. >> thanks, jim, thank you.
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good evening, everyone. well, trust your instincts this rush hour. it is friday night, people heading down the shore, busy out there what we're looking at here is 476, traveling in the southbound direction, literally moments ago an accident has been cleared out of the way but you are still dealing with residual delays. this point here is right around saint david villanova but northbound you are delayed between the area of i would say really approaching saint david out through to mid county and traveling i-95, media southbound slow between area of the schuylkill and saint david and then again as you make your way down toward media swarthmore, excuse me. here is vine street the expressway, commuting eastbound it looks like approaching 95 and we just got rid of the disabled tractor taking out that right lane. it is cleared but you are jammed between 76 and broad street. traveling westbound you're delayed from the parkway to the schuylkill. look at ben franklin bridge up and over it is not great. up and over the walt which may bridge and making your way down southbound side of the 42 freeway all the way beyond creek road. it is rush hour out there
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folks are heading down the shore. it is pretty busy, jessica. >> vittoria, thank you. still ahead, heroic actions left one pup paralyzed and now his family is hoping to save his life at the young k-9 saved their owner. >> long bombs from the battleship but this doesn't have anything to do with warfare. we will tell how was ripping home runs in the delaware
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well, a family in texas is giving their little yorkie much deserved love, after he
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almost died, saving the life of their grandson. >> the 11-pound doggies paralyzed and in a tremendous amount of pain after protect ago this child from another dog, a neighbor's dog broke through fence and aggressively approached that three-year old boy. the other yorkie stepped in, larger dog grabbed him by the neck and yorkie suffered a broken neck, spinal cord and crushed trachea. >> the doctor said, welshing you will have to put him down. i just could not do it. i just can't do that. he saved gavin's life. i cannot give up his. >> now it cost $5,000 to keep the yorkie alive but veterinarian said it will cost $10,000 to give him a shot at walking again. all right. well, kathy is here now to talk about our weekend weather, weekend is upon us. we are all hoping for a good one. we will have a good one. we have a little extra cloud cover but we can deal with
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that right. >> sure. >> if that is worst you've got, right. >> after all we have been through. we are looking at a pleasant weekend with low humidity and easterly flow, keeping it comfortable and temperatures will be actually below average for a change. take a look where it is picture perfect afternoon a mix of clouds, sun, temperatures comfortably in the 80's and it will be a very pleasant night as well with lows in the 60's. our live neighborhood network takes us down the shore to the beach patrol headquarters in margate and over the course of the afternoon it is pretty busy at the beach with the keep blue skies, low humidity and temperatures now in the lower 70's with the sea breeze. wind is northerly at 6 miles an hour. on storm scan three you can see some cloud cover moving, towards the region, a very nice finish though to the workweek where we had some sizzling heat earlier in the week, on tuesday, 91 degrees, remember that. wednesday, thursday, even degrees, finishing off on a
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nice pleasant view. some cloud cover lifting through the region with the disturbance to the southwest. i think those high clouds will be with us tonight and enduring the the day tomorrow, but this will be lifting north of the region, by sunday. so we will go from clouds to sun, then but for the most part, as i mentioned to chris and jessica that is the worst of it as far as forecast is concern. in philadelphia 82. eighty-two wilmington. seventy-nine in allentown. right now in millville 81. ocean city, at 79, you can sea aisle city 75 degrees. ocean water temperatures slowly inching up at 67. that temperature taken off of atlantic city. this is what we have to work with, high pressure off the coast, flow around it is clockwise. we have a northeasterly flow keeping it cool, and this area of low pressure that will be lifting northward keeping the the clouds around, mixing with sun over the course of the weekend but a develop area of low coast that will be moving toward the north and east.
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so between these two systems we have some clouds, giving way to sunshine, and then high pressure is just waiting to come back in and brighten skies again but temperatures will be staying in the 80's. by monday more humid, high pressure will be to the north again and we will watch this storm system moving out to sea. enduring the the day on tuesday becoming noticeably more humid and hotter, the peak of the heat will come next week around wednesday or so. so between now and then, pretty confidentable around here. partly cloudy overnight, with low temperature of 65 degrees. still looking at cloud around with the system southwest, not too hot for your saturday, 84 degrees. even in the poconos very pleasant away from any foul weather. temperatures in the 70's but more humid by monday. on the exclusive eyewitness weather three day information as sunday will three with the morning clouds and then partly sunny for monday, high of 85 degrees. i mentioned those two areas of low pressure one developing off the coast, that could be a little bit of the weekend
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spoiler down the shore, we will take a look at that, closer look for that shore forecast, here's meteorologist kate billow, kate. >> thanks, kathy. we are tracking a system that could be a spoiler for folks along the coast in north carolina and new england but new jersey is right in the mid of that. lets take look at the disturbance off the north carolina coast early saturday. watch what happens on sunday. notice how close that precipitation gets to the southern tip of new jersey and also the delaware beaches and as we continue this into motion on sunday afternoon that system just off shore and it could bring a few showers, a few of these showers creeping on shore in atlantic and cape may counties on sunday afternoon. mostly staying off shore and will move up toward new england into sunday night and monday with heavier rain but also the wind will pick up with this system lurking just off shore. you can see wind saturday afternoon coming from the east, east wind off that cooler ocean water will keep things cooler and cloudy down the shore saturday and then
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gannon sunday afternoon notice those winds pick up as the system departs. call it what it is, it will mix with most of the coast of new jersey but it will bring problems if you were planning on the beautiful beach day storm moves from outer banks to new england. it will miss most of the new jersey coast but close as early as sunday. it will bring clouds, east wind and a chance for showers at the coast. not a great sunday to be on the beach. reporting from the digital center
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i'm beasley reese. let us start the clock phillies getting back to work against the the braves, aj burnett gets the start autopsy begins the righty irving santana a the last time 29 met, braves swept them in a four game series. tough loss for the sixers last night in vegas. they fell to the bulls 79-68,
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jordan mcray led the team with 25 points, back on the court tonight for a consolation game against a d league select team. new trade rumors around first overall pick andrew wiggins, the cavilers reportedly in talks with the timber wolves in a deal for kevin love could make things interesting with love and lebron on the same team. stanley cup continues its tour of the shore yesterday, hundreds of people lined up to get a glimpse in sea isle, today, it was at ventnor city hall with former flyer justin williams. finally rory mcilroy dominating the links in round two of the british opened, he finish at two under par, four strokes ahead of the rest of the pack. not a good day for tiger woods he shot 77 on the course, but five over, before. that is your sports in 60 seconds. i'm beasley reese. all right beasley, thank you. still to come in the next half an hour can't get your child do eat fruits and vegetables? our stephanie stahl will show us how some are skipping the
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fight and hiring a coach, carol. we know where the shoreline is today, it is right here but where was it over last hundred years or so. why don't i check my phone. it is something you can do too. we will talk about the shoreline map, coming up. then new at 6:00 taking advantage of the a tragedy authorities say predatory contractors and public adjusters are aggressively going after victims of house fires. the warning signs to look out for before you s
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i'm chris may, and here are the day's top stories for you. u.s. officials say they cannot rule out, the thought that russia, hell seven in the launch of a surface to air missle, that brought down malaysia airlines jet over ukraine. we new know that at least one american was on board that plane, all 298 were killed. search continues down the shore for a missing swimmer. the 25 year-old man was last seen in the waters off of island beach state park. and a spill shut down part of the route 113 in chester springs chester county today. police say bottles fell off the back of the truck spilling purple dye on the roadway. a stretch of 113 that was closed between kimberton and pickering roads has now reopened, kathy.
5:31 pm
in weather we're talking about the weekend bringing us a few more clouds, not as sunny as earlier anticipated. ninety's return to the seven day forecast and with the heat, more storms, through the delaware valley. we will have highlights and low lights coming up with that seven day forecast. >> kathy, thanks. now at 5:30 latest on the downing of malaysia airlines flight 17 in ukraine. international outrageous growing, over that crash, that killed 298 people yesterday. the u.n. security council has an emergency meeting as ukraine and russia blamed each other for that tragedy. president obama says that there is evidence russian back separatist brought down the airliner with a surface to air missle. he is now calling for a credible international investigation. >> more bradley, i think it is important for us to recognize that this outrageous event, under scores that it is time for peace and security to be restored in ukraine. >> the president says that at
5:32 pm
least one american is among the victims, 19 year-old quinn lucas. our coverage of the deadly plane crash continues on the web site, you can get latest anytime at cbs now we will go to the middle east, israelis ground offence i have begins hamas militants is intensifying in gas a more than 270 palestinians have been reportedly killed in ten days of fighting, including some children. two israelis have also been killed, a solder and a civilian. cbs news correspondent alfonso van marsh has more. >> reporter: israeli tanks and troops, pushed further inner to gaza on friday. israel's military says it has taken temporary control of the palestinian territory, in order to stop hamas militants from firing rockets in to israel and using so-called terror tunnels for sneak attacks. >> they have made a strategy of infiltration tunnels that can pack, ten, 20, 30 people in a line, all armed to the teeth, that will at a moment's
5:33 pm
notice will charge into israel. >> reporter: president obama spoke to israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu saying he hopes civilian casualties can be minimized. >> while i was having the conversation with prime minister netanyahu sirens went off in tel aviv. >> reporter: hamas official says israel will regret its decision to invade and that gaza will be a graveyard for the israeli attackers. as israeli tanks rolled by israeli nationals living so close to the board are of gaza say that people just don't understand the threat they are under every day. >> go, go, go, every day. >> reporter: as we spoke to massachusetts native sarah, the alarm went off warning of incoming rocket fire. she says that this is no way to live. >> we just want to live in peace. >> reporter: as ground offensive continues, there is that peace that could somebody time away. alfonso van marsh, cbs news, in israel. cbs news chief washington correspondent bob schieffer
5:34 pm
joins us new to talk about what is going on in the world. let's start with this situation in ukraine, bob and shooting down of this passenger jet. does this event increase possibility of the united states becoming more deeply involved in the conflict between russia and ukraine. >> welshing we have to see what happens here. i think first thing toys find out, beyond question, who is responsible for what happened here. if we do find out, that the russians are directly responsible for this, then there is going to have to be some sort of reaction from the united states. you just can't let something like this go and pass. >> other hot spot in the world is in israel, israeli forces are on the ground in gaza now bob, how much influence is the white house able to exert on that set ways or is this largely out of their hand right now. >> well, we don't really know in this case. the united states, can of course, use enormous leverage
5:35 pm
on israel because so much of their aid and much of their military situation depend on us, and in cooperation with us. a at this point, the united states and prime minister netanyahu seem to be on the same page. >> all right. the face the nation this sunday morning a lot to talk about. bob schieffer, we will see you then, thanks very much. >> okay then, thanks chris. tune in as well, face the nation sunday morning at 10:30 right here on cbs-3. well, local carpenters are teaming up for habitat for humanity, to build six new town homes for families in need in south philadelphia. >> the three day volunteer effort will save the organization $65,000 allow families to move in four months sooner. "eyewitness news" reporter nicole brewer has the story. >> reporter: in point breeze an amish barn raising gets an urban twist as habitat for humanity teams up with the carpenter's union and four local companies volunteering their time and hammering out their goal, of finding six
5:36 pm
houses in three days. come saturday, the the houses will be frame, windows will be in, the doors done, and the roof will take shape, proving the sky is the limit when it comes to this project. for hauling, measuring, to cutting and securing, for the first time in habitat the for humanity's history it is framers face off with these professionals challenging each other to meet saturday's deadline. >> what i'm looking at it almost like mini munchkins where everybody is a winner and in reality the real winner will be the habitat families who will be in their homes quicker then they normally would be. >> reporter: people like rhonda morris who will be in her home for the holidays. >> i'm looking at my house, in the very making,. >> reporter: after completing 350 volunteer hearst she will purchase home with the zero interest mortgage. her down payment, sweat equity. >> we have to mix the cement by hand, carry some buckets over the mounds of snow, one
5:37 pm
bucket to the next bucket to the next bucket and then getting off and sliding what the's cross the street. >> reporter: also experience a feeling like in other. >> i'm feeling very proud to almost be a home own are. >> reporter: nicole blur, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". good evening, everyone. we are still dealing with major rush hour problems for this friday night as we look at the vine street expressway. we have a disable, what looks to be some sort of a traveling bus, maybe a bolt bus over to the shoulder here. this would be the eastbound side of the vine right around that eighth street off ramp. traveling in this area you are dealing with rush hour but we are dealing with a gaper delay, associated with this disable bus. traveling on the westbound side it is wide opened until you reach area of the schuylkill where you you slow down. but if you are traveling ben franklin bridge talk about bad news bears because if you are waking your way from new jersey up and own down toward
5:38 pm
eighth and vine we are jammed. right here at this toll plaza in new jersey it is not great. on top of that you do have have delays on 676 southbound approaching 42, delays on the 42 freeway and walt whitman bridge because of folks heading down the shore. look at these speed sensors 16 on i-95. not great through construction zones. fifteen on 59 traveling around philadelphia international airport and around the girard point bridge. commuting on the schuylkill we will drop down to 11 east and westbound we are just jam. take a look at mid county tolls, it doesn't matter when are traveling on the blue route, northeast extension or pennsylvania turnpike you are jam and you are in the red, 26 is your average on 476 and we will leave with you this heading down the shore southbound on the parkway on 47, and then eastbound on the acx expect usual for a friday night on top of the great weekend. >> the usual indeed, vittoria, have a great weekend, thank you. still to come is your child a busy either. maybe they need coaching. our stephanie stahl will show
5:39 pm
us a growing trend that promises to get nutrition into their diet. it is hurling through space and new astronomers are getting a kick out of this common shape we will tell you what they think it looks like, kathy. in weather we are tracking weekend weather that will bring us some sunshine and some clouds, we will look at that plus a major surge of heat, moving back in the delaware valley all coming up in the seven day as (birds chirping softly in background.) (loud engine sounds!) what!
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well, back on "eyewitness news" new with the home run derby, they were swinging the bat on the battleship, new jersey, today. members of the camden riff sharks took part, and, lucky fans registered ahead of time. home run derby coincide was military appreciation night, at campbell's field tonight. the river sharks take on the blue crabs from southern maryland. well, some astronomers think this looks like a rubber duck. maybe it does. but what you are actually looking at is something rarely
5:46 pm
scene. it is a close-up image of the comet. astronomers say it appears the giant ball of ice has a split nucleus unlike any other they have seen before scientists with nasa's european space agency says they hope to learn more as rosetta gets closer over the coming months. well, nature is always working to change the new jersey shoreline but with the increased amount of extreme storms we are seeing the impact can certainly be dramatic. >> as "eyewitness news" reporter carol erickson shows us there is new technology to show you what the shoreline looked like in the past and give you a glimpse in the future. >> reporter: no surprise walk on the beach and footprints get left in the sand, soon to be washed away mark of every step on the path but sand too, leaves footprint of its own. only now it is a permanent marked trail of the ever changing shoreline. with this just completed, on line u.s. geological survey tool the shoreline's ebb and flow over the past 150 years plus, is right on your
5:47 pm
computer or phone. in living color coded color, right down to the street. >> big surprise that the shoreline used to be so far from where it is right now. so far inland. >> reporter: monica coffee from margate credits beach replenishment for occasional reversal that the belief that the shore is shrinking. it is as maps show moving back and forth depending on storms and tied, and waves, jetties and replenishment. shifting sand with shifting sea levels that are also plotted. >> it is a fact of life that the sea level is rising, by 2100, 3.5 feet and by 20501 and a half. >> reporter: shore planners and engineers will use these maps in conjunction with many other specialized maps to make predictions about the future of the shoreline. >> i honestly don't think they are for individual homeowners for decision making. >> reporter: for those interested in the shore take away message from these on line history maps the the places at the shoreline has, is and always will, change.
5:48 pm
in margate, carol erickson, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". very cool. thank you, carol. lets go to another shore or beach point. on your live neighborhood network takes us to the boardwalk place in rehoboth beach, delaware where beach is packed today with plenty of blue sky. look at all those umbrellas. now we are seeing a sea breeze. temperature down to 71 degrees. boardwalk getting pretty busy as sun gets a little bit lower in the sky. right now along i-95 corridor fairly warm, trenton near 80. eighty-two in philadelphia. eighty-two in wilmington. high in philadelphia 84 degrees today. seventy-nine allentown. seventy-two in the poconos. the down the shore temperatures in the 07's with that sea breeze cooling down. to the north and west cooler air state college only 73. pittsburgh 75. cleveland 74. that will in the last that long. we will continue to see on warmer temperatures, rebuild ago cross the region. on storm scan three we are seeing cloud lifting our way from the south and west. we have a disturbance that
5:49 pm
will be lifting, to our west, so it will only be bringing us some clouds, but i want to draw your attention to the area of precipitation and cloud cover off mid-atlantic coast, area of low pressure developing that will move toward the the north and east and come close enough especially to the shore to give more clouds and maybe even a sprinkle or two by sunday. so we will keep a careful eye on the track of that area of low pressure. in the meantime for the time being it is a very pleasant evening, saturday high pressure will keep us dry throughout the north east and also, pennsylvania, new jersey and delaware for the mess part. we will watch that area have low pressure push those rain showers toward the north and west of us, and this area of low pressure split is getting really close by sunday and in the delaware valley we will have clouds, change over to sun, down the shore it is a bit of the cloudy day on sunday maybe a few sprinkles, extreme south jersey and delaware and by monday we will dry it out more humid with temperatures in the 80's.
5:50 pm
next week it will be back to the dog days of summer, tonight, partly cloudy, comfortable low temperature of 65. for your saturday mix of sun and clouds. not too hot. easterly win keeps it comfortable. temperature 84 degrees. down the shore for your saturday mix of sun and clouds, cool breeze, temperatures will be in the upper 70's, uv index at seven. uv index lower with more cloud cover for your sunday 78 and a chance of the stray shower depending on how close that area of low pressure comes. we want to warn you just in case you feel a few sprinkles. poconos saturday, sunday machine looking good, little bit more humid by monday. on the exclusive eyewitness weather seven day forecast and shore cast sunday eight 36789 monday 85. look at what happens after that tuesday near 90, wednesday the heat peaks with the chance of the late day storm high of 94. ninety-one on monday. best chance of a stormy day. then by friday looking good with partly sunny skies high of 86. shore temperatures in the 70's and 80's:
5:51 pm
on the cbs-3 healthwatch we have heard of coaches to help with sports and testing, now there is eating coaches, professionals work with picky either. >> three on your side health reporter stephanie stahl is here with more on this new trend that has children eating more food with less drama parents will love this. >> reporter: i know, absolutely. many families go through a nightly battle of fight to go get their children to eat healthy food. well, new there is hope for that. for debbie williams meal times with five-year old maya who prefer pizza and hot dogs isn't always this peaceful. >> i was at a place, i didn't know what to do anymore. it was so stressful we try to get her eat and new foods ape she will gag, throw up, nobody wants to have dinner like that every single night. >> reporter: debbie hired a food coach, a trend some experts say is growing. >> i certainly have seep quite the increase in the more garden variety picky either on
5:52 pm
my case load. >> when i first sit down with kids i explain to them i'm a food coach, that soccer coaches they might have a softball coach and i'm here to help them learn about new foods. >> reporter: melony's specializes in pete yad trick eating. her approach is to incorporate games and encourage children to take small samples of unfamiliar food. >> i'm a therapist that brings toys to the table. overtime we slowly fade the toy out of the picture. >> reporter: experts say it is important to make eating healthy foods fun, and kids should not select what is on the menu, it should be the parent's decision. the pediatrician jennifer schue encourages parents to take baby steps when it comes to changing kid eating habits. >> take ten or 12 tries before a child will accept it. >> parents need to be patient, healthy diet is in the built overnight. >> now experts say getting your kids involved in the preparation of healthy food can also help, a food coach's considered a nutrition therapist, cost about a
5:53 pm
hundred dollars an hour. some people might roll their eyes at that but for parents who struggle to get their kids to eat it is an investment in your child. little expensive but investment for sure. >> stephanie, thanks. still ahead on "eyewitness news" can you name all four beatles? you might be surprised just who is getting stumped in the ban's hometown. speaking of beatles, a local duo goes from classical music to classic rock where you can see their unique tribute to the fab four, path the sir has our story in this weeks eye on the arts.
5:54 pm
you fifteen percent or more on huh, fiftcar insurance.uld save everybody knows that. well, did you know words really can hurt you? what...? jesse don't go!! i'm sorry daisy, but i'm a loner. and a loner gotta be alone. heee yawww! geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more. jesse?
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5:56 pm
they are one of the best known rock band of all time. >> it turns out not everyone is familiar with the beatles. >> yikes. >> this years golf open championship is being played in liverpool where beatles got their start. some of the players were asked to name all four beatles. mess of them didn't even get close. buba watson could not name one. >> rory mcilroy said george lucas. just for your information, guys it is john, paul, george
5:57 pm
and ringo. >> george harrison, not george lucas. members of the philadelphia orchestra, no doubt have no problem naming the beatles. next week the philadelphians will orchestrate two performances of a beatles tribute show, the classical mystery tour at the kimmel center. >> in eye on the arts, pat ciarrocchi has story of two artist whose typically play beethoven but they are ready for the beatles. >> ♪ >> reporter: they look kind of like john, paul, george and ringo but will sound as close as you can get. >> literally they are playing transcriptions of what the beatles did. >> classical twist, in orchestration by the philadelphia orchestra. >> ♪ >> we actually get a the lieutenant of inspiration, musical inspiration, spiritual inspiration, from groups like the beatles. >> if i had chance to sing
5:58 pm
along. >> reporter: don who plays, wanted to be ringo as a kid. >> i was, you know, whacking the cardboard boxes, you know, just to try to make some drum sound. >> reporter: he believes beatles were not just rock and roll. >> the harmonies that they created, underneath the melody that is they wrote are very classically oriented. their harmonies, that schubert could have written. >> reporter: for beatles fan mark, who plays about a soon it is not generational. >> young people are listening to the beatles. they really appreciate that music. it is timeless music. >> reporter: as for paul. >> he was great at electric base and electric guitar, he was great at piano and their vocal icing and harmonies were tremendous. >> reporter: you may not hear them but they will be singing. >> anytime you get to sing when play, at least inside you're a better musician.
5:59 pm
>> reporter: the philadelphia orchestra's classical mystery tour tribute to the beatles, july 23rd and 24th at the kimmel center. for more go to cbs the art. pat ciarrocchi, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". and that is "eyewitness news" at 5:00. now at 6:00 search for truth in the middle of a war zone, we have got new details in the downing of the malaysia air flight 17 and we have learn that one of the victims is an american citizen. plus ukrainian americans who live in our area talk about the impact of this tragedy here at home. also a defense less dog victim of the brutal stabbing we will tell you where animals was found fighting for her life and how she's doing tonight. plus a warning to homeowners. >> it is unfair. it is terrible. >> reporter: authorities say that certain companies are going after victims of house fires, before the smoke even clears. we will tell but this troubling trend going around
6:00 pm
local community, kathy. it is a system that will form out to sea that could bring a week even spoiler for some. we will talk about that. plus heat getting again in the seven day forecast, it the is all next on eye witt the necessary news. "eyewitness news" at 6:00 starts right right now at 6:00 o'clock our first look at the american citizen killed when that malaysia airlines flight was shot down over ukraine. quinn seansman was a student and dual citizen of the united states, and the netherlands. good evening, i'm chris may. i'm jessica dean. here is latest at 6:00. president obama says miss that will shot down flight 17 was launched from pro russian rebel territory in ukraine. the the president is calling for an immediate cease-fire in the fighting between those rebels and ukrainian governmental forces. he also wants a credible


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