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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  July 18, 2014 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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in philadelphia this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> you just hope none of your children or the grandchildren go before you. >> to it in a grandfather shares his grief over the loss of his grandson. a passenger on board the malaysia airlines plane shot down over war zone. good evening. i'm chris may. >> i'm jessica dean. quinn schansman was the only american victim in that crash. tonight we're hearing from his grandfather who's visiting family in woodbury new jersey. he shared with us the family's pain in the wake of this and credible tragedy. here's natasha brown. >> big boy. very lively. >> while the world mourns the loss of 298 lives lost on board malaysia airlines flight 17, no one feels the pain more than ronald sean man. the toting grandfather of the only american killed in the crash.
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he recalls the moment the he received the heartbreaking ton call from 19 year old quinn schansman's father. >> he told me that quinn was on the -- on the flight. one of his sons. terrible news of course. >> reporter: quinn was born in fort lee, new jersey torque dutch parents. he lived in the u.s. for five years before moving to holland with his family. quinn was a dual citizen of the united states and the netherlands and studying at the university of amsterdam. the doomed malaysian airlines flight was heading from amsterdam to kuala lumpur when it was shot down by a surface to air missile in eastern ukraine. >> useless. so senseless what happens. there's also fate that you cannot escape. pure fate. >> while quinn and 297 other souls on board weren't able to escape this tragic fate there's little solace for ronald schansman and his family now left to mourn young life cut far too short. >> as a grand parent you just
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hope that none of the children or the grandchildren go before you. and now it has happened. >> reporter: quinn schansman worsed set to head from kuala lumpur to inn doughness ya to meet up with his family for vacation and the family is now all gathering in holland. now trying to come to grips with an inn ex applicable loss. nat is brown, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> heartbreaking natasha. thank you in logan square ukrainian americans mourn the crash victims and call for an end to the fighting in their homeland. they held vigil near the ukrainian flag on the ben franklin parkway. this ukrainian americans blame russia for the violence and they're concerned about the safety of their loved ones in that region. >> let's take look at the latest on the malaysia airlines flight 17 investigation. today president obama called for a cease fire between ukraine and pro russia fighters who are inside that country.
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those rebels are widely suspected by the west of firing the surface to air missile that brought down that plane. investigators are now at the crash site to remove the dead and to look for evidence. they were also trying to locate the plane's flight recorders. >> black box is a huge concern because it's a major piece of evidence. they're also concerned about the perimeter whether it's been secured to the point. >> russia is now joining the call for talk between ukraine and the rebels. but so far the fighting continues in that war torn region. >> our coverage of this deadly plane crash continues on our website tonight. you can get the latest any time at cbsphilly.c >> developing now in philadelphia, homicide detectives are taking over the case of an elderly couple found dead in their strawberry mansion home. sources tell "eyewitness news" police are questioning two persons of interest tonight. "eyewitness news" reporter diana rocco joins us now live with new information in this investigation. diana?
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>> reporter: jessica, at this very moment, two people are at police headquarters being questionequestioned in the susps death of his elderly couple in light of this new information police say they believe that foul play was involved. crime scene investigato investis dressed in protective gear enter the home. investigators rei move evidence from their house two days after the bodies were discovered. the couple's daughter checking on her parents early thursday morning found them dead in their living room on spangler street. >> my father like he don't bother nobody, like, they stay to themselves. >> reporter: two men are in you being questioned. one is known to the neighborhood a possible relative of someone living neck door and his boyfriend. as police questioned the men homicide detectives now involved are indicating foul play may be a possibility here. meanwhile, memorial sits outside the family's home. family members are still shaken and looking for answers. they can't imagine how this
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could have happened. >> i never got to say goodbye to him. >> i can't put it into words right now. >> reporter: in light of this new evidence, police are leaning towards declaring this a homicide. now, no arrests have been made at the moment. but police say this is still a very active investigation. and they have staged a police officer outside the crime seen here. we're live in strawberry morning, diana rocco cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> diana, thank you knew tonight two women are dead after a house catches fire down the street on north providence avenue in atlantic city. the fire broke out in the rear of the home. smock was seen pouring out of the windows. no word on cause yet. >> now to the middle east and the expanding ground defensive in gaza. >> 25 palestinians reportedly been killed since this operation began yesterday. israeli officials say that their goal is to destroy weapons
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stockpiles and underground tunnels used by hamas. palestinian leaders are now threatening to sue israel for war crimes in the international criminal court. >> new tonight remembering a young woman found dead in a dufflebag in north philadelphia. family and friends headed to the tabernacle of the holy spirit church for memorial service for laura. the 23 year old was found dead monday. she graduated from the art institute of philadelphia just last year and was about to start new job. >> we hope had finally people in the west will recognize that this is somebody who cannot be front offed and needs to be dealt with severely. >> not the right sound right there. 22 year old jeremiah jackson is charged with her murder. police believe he targeted her because she was staying on the same floor of a boarding house in mantua and he thought she had
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lot of money. >> the united methodist church is appealing the lee frocking of a minister who was ousted after had he preside over hess son's same sex wedding. reverend frank schaeffer shared that news. schaeffer a minister in lebanon pa also says that he's moving to a church in california. in a statement today, schaeffer says that he hopes the appeal will ultimately not be successful. new at 11:00 o'clock tonight a man is roughing after two leaders of a mosque in overbrook allegedly tried to chop off his hand with a machete. that incident occurred early monday morning at this mosque on north 63rd street. according to police, the two suspects dragged that man to the back of their property and attempted to cut off his hand. they accused him of stealing jars of money from that mosque. one suspect merv mitchell is in custody. police tonight are searching for another. >> in north jersey today a rocky police officer had a was ambush
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outside a drugstore was laid to rest. governor christie joined with hundreds of officers, family members and friends to say goodbye to jersey city police detective melvin santiago. the 23 year old rookie was killed sunday when a gunman shot him in the head in parking lot. at his wake yesterday he was posthumously promoted to detective and award the department's medal of honor. >> tomorrow divers will renew their efforts to find a man who disappeared during a swim near island beach state park in ocean county. 25 year old nicholas go hot of france disappeared just before noon. a person watching him swim from the beach lost sight of him and immediately called 911. there are no lifeguards that were working in that area. >> it has happened again. another philadelphia medic unit breaks down this time on the way to an emergency. and only it witness news was there. tonight matt rivers tell us this latest incident is renewing calls for the fleet to be replaced before it's too late.
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>> reporter: mid morning wednesday july 16th. medic unit 48b is dispatched on an emergency call only it neff make it to the patient. while driving through northeast philadelphia, the ambulance's drive shaft snaps rendering it useless near chandler street and has brook avenue. you can see the drive shaft resting again the road. another ambulance comes to take its place eventually gets the patient to the hospital. in the mean too many, medic 48b sits and sits for about three hours until it's loaded ton a flatbed truck and at that point the drive shaft completely snaps off, carried away by the tow truck driver. all the while fire engine 56 is forced to sit nearby blocking traffic to the street. >> it's bad that so many people in this city don't understand that the medic units in this city are beat to death. >> reporter: city records previously obtained boy "eyewitness news" show that medic 48b is one of the oldest medic units the city has. a 12 year old model from 2002. it's part of a fire depth fleet
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fast aging and over used. firefighter union officials city records show the 50 or so most used medic units made about 280,000 runs in 2013 alone. >> they don't think that the trucks will break down and that kind of service the city is just being unrealistic. >> in may fire department officials told us they believe the medic units are in over yaw condition more than capable of doing their job. >> we have some apparatus that are older. we have some app pratt his that are newer. we plan to upgrade our fleet as we see receive official fund. >> they plan to replace 25 by neck year. 50 per of the total fleet. in the end this a budget issue. the fire department can request all the vehicle it wants but the city decides what it will actually buy. you can expect this issue to stick around for sometime. we're in the sat center, matt rivers cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> boosting the speed limit. still ahead tonight on "eyewitness news" at 11:00, where you'll be able to put the
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pedal to the metal in just matter of days. new technology that one local police force is wearing to help them fight crime on the streets. and kathy, how is the weekend looking. >> we do have few clouds that are sneaking in. one from this system moving through. the appalachians and another developing low off the coast of mid atlantic. more clouds than sun and then a sizzler in the seven day. we'll talk about that coming up. >> and make way for cell phones. see where the practice of walking and talking has earned its own lane. hey pal? you ready? can you pick me up at 6:30? ah... (boy) i'm here! i'm here! (cop) too late. i was gone for five minutes! ugh! move it. you're killing me.
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♪ >> back now on "eyewitness news" tonight with new video of a big wildfire racing across north central washington state. these flame destroyed about 100 homes so far. the conditions there are hot, dry and windy and that is certainly fanning these flames. many have evacuated their homes. they've gotten out of harm's way tonight. about 50 wildfires are burning right now across washington. >> police in chester are investigating a disturbing case of animal cruelty.
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now looking for a person who repeatedly stabbed a dog then abandoned it. that dog named love vo had at least 10 stab wounds all over her body including her stomach, paws, legs and upper body. animal care officials say the dog is very friendly pitbull 21 and two years old. >> she was stitched up and she's doing really well. she's on some serious pain meds right now to help keep the pain down much she's eating and she's lovingloving everybody she meeth is really great. >> the dog was found on the property of dell cora a water treatment facility in chester. south jersey community is investing in brand new technology tonight all to mack you safer. "eyewitness news" new jersey reporter cleve bryan shows us knew body cameras that are being deployed in evesham, burlington county. >> reporter: it wasn't until evesham police announced their presence they release add patrol dog in a burglary seen this we week. if there was ever a complaint
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about the officer's action supplying video like this should never be an issue for the department. >> we outfitted each one of our officers with their own individual body camera. evesham mark the largest police force in new jersey to deployed department weiss use of body cameras. they picked up from a docking staying at the beginning of each shift and record up to 16 hours of video. >> it gives us a level of transparency customer service agency. i want them to see everything we do at all times. >> the way this system works the cameras always on but it doesn't start recording until the officer double click this butt button. >> not only in this accountable for the officer police believe everybody will act more civil when they know they're being recorded. >> we figure it would definitely reduce the number of complaints internal affairs complaints especially frivolous ones that, you know, he said she said. >> study of body camera use in california found a 50% decrease in incidents where officers used force. 88% decline in complaints against officers.
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the system costs $63,000 but evesham estimates over three years it will save $117,000 in legal costs and workmen's comps claims. >> this is a game changer. this is the future. every police department will be wearing these in the future. >> septa police are sperming with body cameras and evesham police are gettinged inned by calls from departments looking to get started. in evesham township, cleve bryan, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> part of the pennsylvania turnpike will soon get the state's first 70-mile per hour speed limit. 100-mile stretch between interstate -- on inter state 76 from the blue mountain interchange near shippensburg to the mr. began town enter change south of reading will be moving a little faster. those high speeds will begin on wednesday. and next week officials are expected to announce other speed limit changes coming to the turn pack. we've seen it before. someone walking down the sidewalk looking down at that are cell phone and they run into a sign or maybe a fire hydrant
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or worse, another person. >> i have actually seen all those thing happen or they trip. take look at this. a street in washington d.c. had a cell phone walking lane stenciled into that sidewalk there. it was a stunt by national geographic which is studying human behavior an upcoming tv series much the crews watched pedestrians all day long. they said the majority of people ignore the sign. the most common response, though, was for people to pull out their phone and take a picture. >> of course. >> probably a selfie. >> you suggested that would work well on the boardwalk. one of the boardwalks down in atlantic city, kathy. >> absolutely. >> yes. >> ocean city. ocean city. >> cape may county. that would totally work. because, you know, when you're down the shore and you're on the boards, there's usually all did you ever kinds of lanes. surry lane, the bike lane, the pedestrian lane take look. down the shore in ocean city it is pretty busy night. we're locking at lots of folks enjoying the evening. so why not add a cell ton lane. >> why not. tomorrow morning on your
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morning walk, put that in the suggestion box. right now we are looking at comfort conditions no matter where you are. still busy on the boards and it will be a nice weekend. no matter what your doing. but there are a few extra clouds on storm scan3 take look. moving in from the south and west. basically high clouds the morning the sun will be shining through them by afternoon i think they'll thicken little bit of we have a disturbance to our west it's going to stay to our west. we get the clouds. western pennsylvania gets the rain. at least we don is he that. we're looking at temperatures that are pretty comfortable out there right now. mainly in the 60s across the region. we'll get down to lows in the mid 60s tonight. 66 in allentown. 66 in millville. stl 72 in philadelphia. 70 in wilmington and trenton look at the poconos. 55 degrees. that's more like the fall than it is the middle of summer. in sea isle ocean city 70 degrees. in cape my it's 68. ocean water temperature still pretty chilly at 65. so here we have two areas of low pressure. this one is the one bringing the rain up through western
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pennsylvania and also western new york over the weekend. then we have developing area of low pressure off the mid atlantic. this stays offshore. but we'll end hasn't the clouds especially down the shore. saturday and even into sunday could even bring a sprinkle down the shore sunday afternoon but once again the core of the system remains offshore. monday more hugh my and even warmer conditions. and then by tuesday, we're tal talking about sticky heat returning at the delaware vall valley. future weather shows the clouds rolling in tonight thickening during the day tomorrow. the rain remaining to the w here's that pesky area of low pressure saturday afternoon bringing some showers to the outerbanks. right now the track is for it to stay offshore it could bring a few stray showers or sprinkles up toward our shore points and even the delaware beach on sunday. and then the pulse away and the skies actually clear late in the day across the region and even down the shore you should see some sunshine well before suns sunset. overnight partly cloudy and comfortable the low 65 degrees. mostly cloudy for your saturday but once again with those high clouds the sun will be shining through.
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the high testimony cher 84 degrees. and if you're heading down the shore it will be pleasant. partly to mostly cloudy skies for your saturday. 79. but pack the sunscreen because even and a cloudy day you can get a sunburn. sunday look for mostly cloudy skies a stray shower possible 78. poconos looks great with temperature in the 70s. and a good deal of sunshine. as we look at thing clues suv "eyewitness weather" seven day forecast and shore cast, monday 85. sticky on tuesday near 90. the heat will actually peak on went the high 94. none on thursday. and next friday still talk bowing sticky conditions with a temperature of 86. stay on top of the weather no matter where you are this week and. get updated forecasts with the new cbs philly weather app check local radar, severe weather alerts and share us your storm picks. download the app on i tunes and of course that android version is coming soon. >> eagerly awaiting. >> kathy thanks. >> beasley is here tonight. second half of the baseball season underway. >> yeah. you know what --
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>> you sound excite. >> i need to turn it a round. looking for consistency from the offense and that's what's going to happen. so you know they started out with a series with the atlanta braves and that's where we'll check out those highlights coming up in sports.
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>> it phillies return from the all star break trying to right the ship in the second half of the season. ryan sandberg looking for more consistency in his offense. big test to get it started against the braves. they're righty santana on the mound. here we government pick things up in the bottom of second. bases loaded. no outs. codey ash with a sac fly to
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right field. ryan howard comes around and puts the phillies on the board. half an inning later burnett running into trouble. hayward with a single shot hot room. at land gets another three to make it four-two lead. jump ahead to the six inning phillies down by four. ryan howard swing at an inside pitch. rollins and utley score. bring in the phils to win two that's as close as it would get. phillies lost the game sick sick-four. >> the sixers summer league in las vegas didn't go act exactly as they wanted. disappointing lost to the bulls last night knocked them out of contention for the championship but rookies got one more chance to get a little playing time. a consolation game against a d league select team and the sixers lost that 191-87. as we continue we are less than one week from eagles training camp. plenty of anticipation for the season. will they be able to build on their success from last year? a lot of that will of course depend on nick foles at
11:27 pm
quarterback. we caught up with shady mccoy. here are his thoughts about his qb. >> i think, um, saw a a glimpse of him being a great player. being in a tough situation to take over but he's really turn it on. it's more the confidence no matter if i throw 20 interceptions i'm the starting quarterback. that plays a big roll to build confidence and make plays. >> finally to round two of the british open. rory mcilroy dominated the links. four strokes ahead of the rest of the pack. he birdied his final hole to finish 12 under par. frustrating day for tiger woods at his return from surgery. a lot of shots back and forth from the rough. he ends up at five over par for two days. barely qualifying to continue on the weekend. round three continues early in the morning. we'll be right back.
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♪ >> new tonight ninja fighthting pizza lovers descend on the b parkway. sounds like fun much dozens daned to pizza themed songs. celebrate the release of the new teenaged mutant ninja turtles movie. ninja turtles obsessed with pizza. actor micauley call kin's group entertained the crowd and it was followed by a screening the original 1990 film in front of
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the art museum. we'll be right back. ♪
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>> thank you for watching "eyewitness news" at 11:00 o'clock. "eyewitness news" returns in the morning at 5:00. for beasley, kathy and everyone here at "eyewitness news" i'm chris may. >> i'm jessica dean. stay connected all weekend long at the late show with david letterman next with tonight's guest melissa mccarthy. have a great night and a great
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