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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  July 21, 2014 1:35am-2:06am EDT

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♪ >> i know that this is a tragedy that's going to rock the family forever. >> trying to make sense of a deadly shooting. a paraplegic man kills his own brother all to protect their sister. officers are investigating this deadly shooting. i'm nat is brown. it witness news reporter elizabeth hur is tracking the latest developments and joins us live from police headquarters much liz? >> reporter: natasha, homicide detectives are investigating right now. but on their end police say they are still trying to sort out all the details. but in the meantime, as you mentioned, the alleged shooter has already talked to detectives and he is telling investigators he did it not only to protect his sister but also himself.
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>> trying to make sense of the senseless. >> i love him. >> is how brian lee describe the loss of his brother-in-law john map shot and killed allegedly at the his younger brother who police say is a paraplegic who claims the shooting was in self-defense. >> there's nothing in the world that they wouldn't do for me i wouldn't do for them. they're really genuinely great people. >> reporter: it was early sunday morning police respond to do a report of a shooting in the 5800 block of filbert street. when officers arrived, they found map lying in the middle of the street shot once in the chest. the 40 yeared was rush to the hospital where he later died. >> i'm not going to say anything to damage anyone's integrity or anything other than that it have to idea. >> reporter: lee says he was upstairs sleeping with his children. what went wrong he does not kn
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know. but according to police, map's younger brother told investigators map was physically abusing him and his sister and after attacking his sister, map was coming for him and that's when the 34 year old shot him. >> i wasn't there but at the same time i knew that this is a tragedy that's going to rock the family forever. >> reporter: and at this time, we are not releasing or identifying the lee's wife or her younger brother because once again, no one has been charged with a crime here as police continue to investigate. now police say the district attorney's office will have to review this cas and it is ultimately up to the d a. to determine if criminal charges are warranted in this case. that is the very latest from here live outside police headquarters elizabeth hur cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> liz, thank you very much. a man's body is pulled from pennypack creek were you police in northeast philadelphia don't
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know who he is or how got there. "eyewitness news" reporter matt rivers is tells us where this investigation stands right now. >> reporter: officials are now faced with the tasks of first trying to figure out who this victim is, and then trying to figure out whether his death was an accident or whether it was some sort of crime. police first got the call about the body early sunday afternoon responding quick toll the scene thereafter. they arrived to find what they described as a white male floating in pennypack creek the body was recovered and taken to the medical examiner's office. police tell us there is some work left ahead of them in this case. the medical examiner's office likely won't know the identity of the victim here until monday at the earliest. >> we're in northeast philadelphia, matt rivers cbs-3 eyewitness news. >> and police are also continu continuing to investigate several homicides investigators say 47 year old top mass fields was shot twice once in the neck and once in the chest. this happened on the 2100 block of spencer street just before midnight on saturday in the
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ogontz neighborhood. he was rush to the hospital where he died. there's no word on metif. >> in grace referee a 41 year old man was stabbed in the mouth and app. they found the victim robert oliver on the 3100 block of tasker street at about 4:30 this morning. oliver later died at the hospital there. have been no arrests in this case. >> and now it has been more than three days since the do you know of malaysian airlines flight 17 and outrage grows how rebels controlling the area are removing bodies. as cbs correspondent craig boswell reports, there's also concern over how militants are denying full access to investigators. >> reporter: it's a confusing and frustrating time for victims families of malaysia airlines flight 17 who want their loved ones returned. >> i don't know where they are. >> we can't go there. >> pro russian separatists are using refrigerated train cars to move the bodies almost 200 of
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them so far toward a rebel hell held city. observers were allowed a brief inspection. >> i don't think the facilities are there in place for extensive identification work to happen. so presumably it would be better to move it somewhere to safer area where that can happen. report roar video shows what could well be the rocket launcher that shot down the airliner and u.s. intelligence detected the movement of surface to air missiles out of eastern ukraine into russian territory. >> that points to the involvement of russia in provi providing these systems, training the people on them. >> the kremlin denies involvement and plays kiev military. ukraine troops have fa11 rocket launchers. rebels recovered the black boss boxes and say they will turn them over to investigators were you the timing of that is also in question. craig boswell for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> of course, stay with "eyewitness news" for continuing coverage of the plane shot down over ukraine. you can find updates any time at
1:42 am >> the un security council held an emergency metering on the situation in gaza tonight. the ap reporting that jordan has drafted a resolution calling for an immediate cease fire including quote the withdrawal of israeli occupying forces from the gaza strip. this comes on the deadliest day since fighting began two weeks ago. rocket launches continue two americans fighting with the israeli army were killed along with 11 israelis. dozens more were injured. at least 90 palestinians were killed and another 300 wounded. >> project common bond a camp like none other indicators to children who lost loved ones in terrorist tacks much this year it's being held at bryn mawr college and the campers hail from 20 different countries. a man from france told us his experience as a camper was so meaningful that he decided to return as a group leader. >> you feel like you're in a big nightmare and that you're going to wake up at some point. but you don't.
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at some point you have to continue to live for them and so, yeah, you have to process and to go on and live your life. >> more than 400 children attended the camp since it began in 2008. turning to our weather now, a beautiful end to this weekend. "eyewitness news" here on 16th and jfk in center city philadelphia. folks out and about just strolling along enjoying the cool temperatures out there. but there is a warmup that's on the way for us. meteorologist justin drabick joining us now from the cbs-3 sky deck a very pleasant night out there. that's right. it won't last. late july which is typically or warmest time of the year and it's certainly going to feel like late july later on this week. but very pleasant you can keep the windows open tonight. low humidity. temperatures in the 60s even 70s right now but throughout the and tire weekend our highs were below average. check it out. only low 80s today here in philadelphia 82 degrees. the official high temperature even cooler along the coast.
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only in the low 70s there. average highs 87. record high is 99 degrees set back in 1930. so no record temperatures this week but we are going to crank the heat up over the next few days. 72 at the airport in philadelphia. 71 wilmington. mid 60s along the new jersey shore. even the delaware beaches again inland spots will be warmest again tonight. 70 in northeast philadelphia. 68 in willow grove. nice and dry on storm scan3. we do have parly cloudy skies. through the rest of the overnight hours so we'll keep things dry. temperatures tomorrow morning when you wake up generally in the mid 60s cooler in some of the suburb but a nice looking monday no matter where you are across the region mid 80s for the inn land spots around philadelphia at the shore and peck notice cooler in the upper 70s. and coming up in the full forecast we'll talk about how warm we'll get this week and the next chance for showers and storms that's coming up in just a few more minutes. natasha, back over to you. >> justin, thank you. a woman in southwest philadelphia is struck by a van
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while sitting on her front porch. this was the scene just after 10:00 o'clock this morning at 65th street and dicks avenue. the victim is listed in stable condition at the hospital of the university of pennsylvania. l and. was called in to assess the structural damage to that home and the one next door. so far no charges have been filed. also a van crashes through a building in bellmawr, new jersey. no one was seriously hurt here on east browning road overnight. but three people were displaced. they're receiving assistance from the american red cross. as you can see here the damage is pretty significant. the vehicle bear the name paradigm mechanical. an investigation is underway to figure out how this happen. >> surveillance video is released of a hit reason unthat left a man critically injured in cam. the victim was struck 9:30 at north 27th and high street last night. the fleeing vehicle is described as a white van possible al ford model with significant front end and passenger side damage. anyone with information is you
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were to do contact police right away. >> hollywood mourn the loss of one of their own. still to come on "eyewitness news" to tonight a look back on the life and career of james garner. and a hot air balloon runs into power lines in massachusetts. all of its captured on tape. more of this very terrifying scene. plus a sacred relic on display. why catholics flock the to cathe
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>> he was a star on tonight hollywood is mourning the loss of one of their own. cbs correspondent omar villa franco looks back on the life and career of james garner. he was a tough guy but a charmer. america knew him from maverick, a con man with heart. >> oil stayinmuch that's our deal. >> reporter: born in 1928 in norman oklahoma james garner drop out of high school to join
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the merchant marines then at the urging of a friend, he stumbled on to his first non speaking acting role at age 25. at sick foot three with rugged good looks and part cherokee indian he made an impression. after maverick ended in 1960, garner spent the next decade on the big screen before landing other role that defined his career. cast as the laid back private detective jim rockford in the rock for files, garner brought humor and humanity to the popular who done it series. ran for sick seasons into the late 1970's. even making a grieve come back in the '90's. health problems were star to go slow him down, garner kept working. and in 1994 he came full circle teaming one with mel gibson and jodi foster this time as brett maverick, sr. >> this silly little creature is named maverick and my name is annie bell. i'll be taking has coach. >> so am i. >> this is the best job in the
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world being an actor and it's one of the toughest but it's one -- couldn't be any better. >> garner spent nearly 50 years as a leading man. omar villa franco for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> the actress who played mel gibson's young daughter in the patriot as died. sky was found dead in bed inside her houston apartment yesterday. she was just 21 year old. it was not immediately clear as to how she died. an autopsy is being performed. faa continues its investigation in a fiery hot air balloon crash and explosion captured on tape. that is what happened when the balloon called the razz berry ripple struck a power line in massachusetts. five of the six people on board did suffer burns. this incident happened last night in a suburb near boston. eyewitnesses say when the balloon hit the power lines, it caused at least two explosions
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and quickly caught fire. >> huge turn out for a fundraiser to help a child suffering from a rare disease causing him to go deaf and bli blind. "eyewitness news" at the flying w airport in medford, new jersey, it was the second annual help henry see and hear fundraiser six year old henry norton suffers from usher sin syndrome. he was born deaf is rapidly losing his vision as well. captain america, american ninja warriors and lots and lots of supporters turned out for the big fundraising event. >> they are coming out to raise money for access that's were we're all about is access, everybody should be able to read something if it's in braille everyone should be able to be safe without curbs falling over and everyone should have an interpreter to be able to sign. >> his family hopes the fundraiser will bring awareness to the genetic condition in the us about four babies in everyone hundred thousand born have usher syndrome. now the faith fall traveled to the cathedral basilica of saints peter and paul to see a relic
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from the newly sainted saint john paul the second. the blood of the pope was used to bless all those who gathered for weekend masses at the sank bass. some touched their rosaries to the relic and others carried prerecords cards. the knights of columbus have been entrusted to this relic. >> justin, fresh off vacation. yes. >> ready to tell us about hopefully what will be a nice week here. it is. today was so pleasant and now we're in that time of year typically we see our warmest temperatures not even close today. low 80s at best we'll warm it up a little bit this weekend bring back the humidity. you'll get that summer teal over the next few days. live look at the ben franklin bridge right now. pretty quiet outside. comfortable temperatures in the 60s and low 70s. with just a few clouds. i want to show what happened here today in physical. we'll good to the neighbor network coming from the global leadership academy in west philadelphia this is a time
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lapse loop. and we had some off and on clouds sun was in and out pretty much all today in philadelphia. current temperature in west philly right now at tent degrees. but all in all not a bad finish to the weekend here for the inland spots at the shore a little bit of a different story. overcast skies there. with much cooler temperatures. still worry in the mid 60s wildwood and the atlantic city airport but inland milder, low 70s wilmington and philadelphia. humidity levels still on the low side. storm scan3 again very quite just passing clouds. comcoming on that's the trend fr the overnight. keep things dry for the start of the work week. changes in the jet stream to our south will start to move back northward that will bring in that heat and humidity. starting on tuesday and certainly into wednesday. so let's breakout down for you this is what it will feel like. tomorrow humidity levels not too bad. call it moderate but tuesday you'll feel the differ. it will feel humid and then back to the oppressive feel on went. so high temperatures reach low 99s wednesday when you factor in
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the humidity you'll feel much warmer than that. all right. our future weather model showing clouds around for monday. if do you have outdoor plans looks pretty good. evening you see a little bit more sunshine at the jersey shore and delaware beaches. good news there if you have beach plans. tuesday, same story. parly sunny skies. i think wednesday you can see a scattered shower or storm late in the day. again, it's really going to depend where you are the key word is scattered better chances on thursday an actual cold front moves through. inland spots tomorrow warmer than today. mid 80s below average notice the coast still that wind off the water so we're talking mid to upper 70s for the high temperatures. then tuesday even warmer. into the upper 80s for the inland areas still cooler along the beaches and in delaware and new jersey shore temperatures right around 80 degrees. so comfortable overnight though. partly cloudy, 66 for center city. some suburbs cooler than that. southeast wind tomorrow tries to warm us up back to the mid 80s we're getting closer to average
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humidity still on the low side. mixture of sunshine and clouds. here's your shore forecast. again i think we do see a little more sun. have the sunblock around uv index high. 78 for the air temperature still a wind off the water. ocean water temperature trying to get back to 70 degrees. getting close. here's the extended forecast. turns hot and humid tuesday and wednesday upper 80s on tuesday low 90s wednesday. and again late in the day there could be that scatte scattered r our thunderstorm. bet chance for you showers and storms thursday. highs in the upper 80s if you don't like the humidity, friday and saturday looks good. once that front passes by nice pleasant air mass returns. mid 80s for high temperatures. so pretty much where we should be. not bad. >> nothing too hot. keep the humidity at bay. >> i'm trying. i'm doing my best. >> keep working on it, justin. we've been lucky so far. >> yes, we have. >> lesley has sports highlights. >> rory mcilroy joining an exclusive club. another long day for kyle
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>> cliff lee will be making his first start since may tomorrow as the phillies start four game series again the giants this afternoon the braves took care of the fightings in the final game of the series. kyle kendrick will one to zero lead going in the second. fly ball that is gone. a two run homer. at land will good on top much in the third the braves put the game away. bases loaded for tommy la stella clears them with double. kyle gave up sick runs in five innings. the phils pitchers gave up seven walks and the braves win eight to two. very good day at the mcilroy house. rory won over one point sick million dollars after winning the british open. his dad collecting $171,000 for the win. jerry and three of his friends bet $170 piece roar row would win the british open by the age much 26. he held off sergio garcia to win
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it by two strokes with that victory rory becomes the third youngest person to win the first three legs of the first grand slam. roar will he just 25 years old. >> coming up in next in the sports zone get you ready for eagles training camp also going to talk about who the phillies should trade with the delaware county times jack mccaffery joins me in just few minutes. >> all right. lots to chat about. thank you very much lesley. stay with us. still ahead tonight, just keep swimming. >> keep swimming that's the key this 95 year old man jumps into the pool to compete with teenagers much it's all for great cause and he did a great job. >> we're back in a
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>> welcome back everyone. swimmers in south jersey they come together and it was all for a great cause. take aing loo. eleventh annual leon masters meet held today at the brook side swim club in glassboro.
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proceeds benefit the club's swim and dive team and special olympic of new jersey. participants raged in age from 18 to 95. the 95 year old was talk into registering by his daughter and son-in-law. he may not have won. he hell his own out there. >> enjoy it very much. where i live we have a pool. i swim for exercise. good health and good attitude. >> very proud. he keeps hip self young. keeps reinventing himself every day. >> fletcher participated in two events. the 25 and the 50-meter free style races. you know he's got the key to success there. being happy, staying active, swimming. got to start swimming more.
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>> justin, wake up forecast. >> yes, still comfortable tomorrow but over the next few days we'll warm it up back to the typical late july weather. 85 tomorrow with some sunshine. mr. clouds tuesday and wednesday. gets hot and humid. low 90s on went. better chance on thursday. that gets rid of the humidity.
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back to pleasant conditions friday into next saturday with highs in the mid 80s which is close to average this time of year. >> not bad. low 90-degree day. >> just one. >> thank you very much. >> thank you so much for joining us tonight. we appreciate that. we are always on for you ♪ >> now a paid presentation for meaningful beauty advanced by cindy crawford. >> with special appearances by debra messing. >> valerie bertinelli. >> christa miller. >> and stars from tv's royal pains and the mentalist. >> and, brand new for 2014, our best offer ever, including $95 in free gifts. >> brought to you by guthy-renker. >> hi, everyone, i'm beauty and style journalist katrina szish on location in beverly hills. in just a few minutes we'll meet one of the most beautiful women in the world, supermodel cindy crawford.
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at age 45, cindy still looks impossibly young and gorgeous. >> oh, my god, she's just stunning. her skin is just amazing, and so i feel like now i have a chance. >> what's cindy's beauty secret? we're about to find out. ♪ >> the first time i saw cindy in person, she turned around, i went, "whoa! that woman's gorgeous and she doesn't have a drop of makeup on." whatever she has, i want it bottled and i want to use it. >> cindy crawford is one of the most beautiful women on earth. she's iconic, and the buzz is like what is she doing? >> i wanna have what cindy has because she gets the super secret info that we don't get. >> what is cindy's secret? >> after more than two decades on the job, cindy remains one of the most visible faces and sought after supermodels in the world. >> yet her skin still looks remarkably youthful and gorgeously wrinkle free. >> everybody wants to know what is cindy usin', 'cause we kn


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