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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  July 21, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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family friend treated like a trusted son. >> someone that would frequent their how the without any issue. >> reporter: last week the the couple hired and welcome ball andard and his friend 19 year-old justin smith to help clean the home. >> the game plan was to get in there and rob them. >> reporter: police say caught stealing, gladys confronted one of the men. they began assaulting her and strangling her. when roofus came to her defense both men strangled, suffocated and killed the couple. their daughter found them lifeless hours later, early thursday morning. >> the neighbors were a key to this. the neighbors saw, they spoke, they shared with the police. >> reporter: which led police right back to the neighborhood the next day where 29 men were questioned, confessed, and now charged. >> this is just a devastation right now. >> reporter: philadelphia deputy streets commissioner donald carlton and his cousin janet are the couple's nephew and niece. they say the crime is terrible, the loss is sickening but the worst part pennsylvania is the worst parties that the betrayal of a
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family friend. >> perhaps we will have some sort of closure but it is still, in where that we can describe. >> reporter: to second counts of murder, burglary and criminal related charges for two men who are just $120 richer for a few hours. the reporting live, from philadelphia police headquarters, i'm steve paterson, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> steve, thank you. search continues down the shore tonight for a missing boater. crews are looking for a man in the waters off of longport near 11th street. "eyewitness news", new jersey reporter, cleve bryan is live at the search scene with more, cleve? >> reporter: well, that is right, this search has been continuous since 11:30 last night looking for andrew biddle. it started right behind me this these waters, inter coastal waterway behind longport. we understand that the water was coming in with the the tides and heading north and the searches continued through longport , margate and vent for and still no signs of andrew biddle.
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>> tom murphy says first he heard a loud noise out of the bay behind longport. and then the cries of an over board boater looking for his friend. >> he was just so upset, and screaming for his friend the whole time. he almost tried to swim back out to the boat but the boat hit the jetty and started to go back out that way. >> reporter: state police say andrew biddle and justin bell were on a pontoon both 11:30 when they crash in the channel buoy abe ended up in the water w some coaching from by stoppedders bell made it to shore but biddle hasn't been seen. the coastguard, state police, and longport fire department have all help in the search. >> currents last night were very strong. >> we went into ane medicine yah rescue type of mode which our people are trained for. >> reporter: we don't know where the men came from or what they were doing but based on their direction north it appears they were heading toward northfield worried about will runs a business. both menorahs speed boats, biddle and his team are the
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reigning p1 super stock champions. a companies worker would not talk on camera but confirmed biddle is married with young children. >> we are praying that he was on the boat, knocked out and he wasn't. >> reporter: mayor says this was an area have of strong currents because this is a spot where we have inter coastal waterway with a large island that has all of the back bays that drain out to the ocean and fill right backup. so there is a lot of water movement going on as they try to continue to search for andrew biddle. we understand some of his friend are out here on their personal boats helping in the search. live, i'm cleve bryan, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> cleve, thank you. right now police are working to identify a body pulled from penny pack creek in northeast philadelphia. the man's body was found floating near rhawn street and lexington avenue yesterday morning, officials want to know who he is, and what happened to him. well, now to exclusive pictures of a bold, rescue near penns landing. police say would the man fell in the delaware river near the
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race street pier. three jet skiers happened to be nearby, and they saw her fall in but they raced to save her before she went under. >> when she fell in they zoom straight into her and started to help her. >> i believe she was around 61 years old. i don't know how you good a swimmer she business if you that jet skier did not arrive when they did she might the not ab live right now. >> they tell thaws this particular spot where would the man went in, the waters this are fast, and deep and the current is extremely dangerous. she is okay tonight. police make an arrest after a tense standoff in philadelphia's fishtown neighborhood. authorities say a man believed to be armed, barricaded himself in a vehicle this morning at berks and the the man surrendered after police opened fire. no one was injured. also tonight, philadelphia police are searching for this man, william mack, in connection with a string of fast food robberies, is that is when he calls and ordered for food and at gunpoint
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steals the bikes and cell phones of those who deliver it. there has been a total of 12 incidents since march in center city and south philadelphia. the the police are also looking for another suspect. police in camden meanwhile released picture of a van in connection with a hit and run that seriously injured a man. police say that the driver in the white van, possibly a ford, hit a man as he got into his parked car at north 27th and high streets saturday night. police say that the man should have a damaged front end, and passenger side. >> a fast moving fire damaged section of row homes in the bridesberg section of the city to day. chopper three over the the 2700 block of eddington street shortly after 2:00 o'clock. more than a half dozen fire fighters on the of roof of these buildings there. police say that flames spread to three homes in all, there were no reports of any injuries, they are still investigating the cause tonight. well, chopper three over also a vehicle fire in the westbound lanes of the pennsylvania turnpike today. this happened between willow grove and the the virginia
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drive exchange. we're told a driver pulled the flaming vehicle off of the highway, and into the woods there, and there is no word yet on why that car caught fire. drivers will be able to put the the pedal to the metal on one part of the turnpike. noel mcclaren shows us where pennsylvania is changing speeds. >> reporter: they are picking up the pace on the pennsylvania turnpike. highway officials are stepping up the speed limit, for a 100-mile stretch of the interstate. starting wednesday, between the blue mountain and morgan town interchanges you will now be able to go 70 miles per hour. >> i think everybody goes that fast anyway. >> reporter: right now the speed limit is 65, the turnpike officials say their studies show at least this section of the highway can accommodate faster traffic with the hope have have improving suggestion.
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>> these speed limits were impose todd get people good to their destinations faster. >> reporter: what about safety. >> i get scared if i starting to too fast. >> reporter: triple a says higher speeds come higher risk. nearly 200 died in speed-related incidents in pennsylvania last year, alone. but we're not the only stats picking up the pace. thirty-four other states have maximum speed limits of 70 miles per hour, or higher, so turnpike officials say they are just moving in the direction of everyone else. the turnpike commission says that this stretch of the interstate goes is just the is the first continue on crease the speed limit. on wednesday officials will announce other sections where the the speed limit will also be increased. >> it will not happen on what are called urban, interstates, and urban meaning such as the philadelphia area. >> reporter: before you think about stepping on the gas, remember, state police will be stepping up and enforcement with the new laws. in king of prussia, noel mcclaren for cbs-3 "eyewitness
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news". tonight the phillies are back at home and some fans will face new security measures. "eyewitness news" reporter syma chowdhry is live at citizens bank park to show us what is going on, syma. >> reporter: that is right, jessica, starting next year all major league ballparks will have metal detectors at their entrances but phillies decided to get a jump start on this, rather. they decided they are one of the first teams in the the league to roll roll out some metal detectors this season. these detectors are only going to be at the right field, entrance, so far this season. the theme from the airport security line will be copping to a ballpark near you. starting next season all major league baseball parks will be required to have metal detectors at the gates. phillies wanted to get a jump start with the pilot program at the right field gate. >> we are trying to reduce number of items that are brought into our ballpark, that aren't caught through a basic pat down. >> reporter: security officials are testing it out now to be better prepared next
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year. that is when all of the gates will be equipped with three to ten metal detectors. not only will this prevent weapons from getting in the park but alcohol as well. >> someone to bring a can of beer that will be pick up. >> reporter: last year the nfl implemented a clear bag only rule but philly security officials hope that this can detect banned items fast without holding up the line. >> leave on your belt, leave on your shoes, only thing we want to you take out is a cameras cell phone and keys. everything else, coins, smaller items that might be metaleddal can stay in the pockets. >> it is like the airport you have to do it there so why not here. this is a crazy world we live in today. anything goes. >> we keep giving up more and more freedom in return for supposed safety. i think we're quite safe. >> reporter: again, metal detectors are located at right field entrance. we decided to reach out to officials at the link and wells fargo center to see if metal detectors are in their
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future. both venues tell me that the they do not have plans to have metal detectors but they will continue to use those hand held wands that also detect metal. we're live at citizens park, syma chowdhry for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". also at the ballpark tonight cliff lee will make his return from injury. he has been out of the phillies line up now for two months. coming up in sports beasley will have more on what lee's return means to the team. also on the way tonight could we be a step closer to curing hiv? researchers in philadelphia with a big break through, a as they try to destroy the virus. our health reporter stephanie stahl will have those details. the land was once owned by the founder of pennsylvania, but a battle is now brewing over what to do with this home. kathy? if you are heading down to the ballpark to catch the phillies tonight, the first pitch information case 80 degrees, some sunshine. light breeze. it will be comfortable. but it will not stay that kay turning steamy sticky and stormy in 2457 day forecast, i
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will be back with that
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on the healthwatch tonight, at 6:00 o'clock a scientific first, from right here in philadelphia, and this
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could pave the way, towards curing hiv. >> three on your side health reporter stephanie stahl joins with us what appears to be a big break through, stephanie. >> this is big, for sure. you know, instead of suppressing and treating hiv and aids which is what currently happens, researchers at temple have now for the first time shown that they have found a way to destroy the the virus. >> it might in the look like a typical operating room but this is where surgery is being performed, on genes. welcome to the front lines of again net i can surgery. researchers at temple's center for neurosurgeonry have found way to operate on dna and destroy the aids virus. it is an important finding because for the first time in laboratory setting we show that the virus can be eradicated, from human culture >> reporter: doctor camille, led the research team that developed mow electric peculiar tools that can hunt
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down and clean hiv cells. >> basically converting the infect cell to uninfect cells. and that is very important because the current therapy cannot eliminate the virus from the the cells. >> reporter: this slide shows a cell infected with hiv highlighted in green. this is the result of temple's gene surgery. the hiv is gone. >> we have a cure for hive limb nation. we have a system to eliminate hiv from the cells in the laboratory, yes. >> reporter: now next step toys find a waste to move discovery from the lab into animals and then people. the groundwork being set, for curing hiv. >> very exciting. it is very exciting. >> reporter: now, he doesn't have an exact time frame on when this discovery could be in clinical trials because there is so many variables but he tells me this could be used eventually to help fight other diseases, certainly a big important break through and we will keep you posted on it.
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>> very exciting. >> stephanie, thanks. well, there are some new developments tonight surrounding historical home in darby, it is gotten a least brief from the wrecking ball. >> boro officials announce that had 715 darby terrace will in the be income down during the next six months. while it has seen better days 250 year-old house sits on a lot that once belonged to william penn. darby boro historical society has to raise $75,000 to save that structure. >> it is a very, very solid house. it has been neglect for a long period of time but we think it can have a new life. >> reporter: some say that building is a has air. it has been abandoned for more than 20 years. the very first wawa store that opened up 50 years ago will soon close. store number one opened for business in 1964, in follow come delaware county. the company says it is opening a new state of the art store nearby on kenren avenue. wawa says relocation of store number one won't take place, until the spring of 2016.
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emotional reaction to that, on social media day, people will miss that original wawa. >> absolutely. >> nice day to be outside, out and about. >> great day to be outside, not much heat, not much humidity, a perfect ten, a few extra clouds but that is okay, we don't mind them now and again. we are looking at sunshine for tomorrow but that humidity will creep up and we will feel impact by mid week. we are looking outside where we are enjoying an afternoon from the city to the shore, board not so busy just yet but they will be, ferris wheel in full swing. getting ready to take on some evening activities down the shore. you won't need a sweater or jacket. it will stay mild with temperatures in the seven ease and ocean water the same. hate about coon for july. take a look for these numbers thursday eight 46789 friday the same. saturday only 81. cloud cover. yesterday not much better. today 86 with still below
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average high, of 87, so the the question is where is all of the warmth. it is out west, where 90's and 100's are and all that will be moving east ward a little bit later this week. it will in the last that long but we will feel impact of the heat and humidity over next couple of days. storm scan three showing a few cloud lifting our way from the disturbance to the south which will stay to the south, right now in philadelphia 83. seventy-nine in wilmington. clouds in millville at 77. eighty-three in allentown. eighty-two in reading. for your tuesday high pressure will be moving off the new england sea board, and we will see temperatures in the 80's. the system to the south bringing some humidity north ward and we will have a cold front from the west squeezing all that warmth towards us, so 80's for your tuesday, 90's for your wednesday. this will be the peak of the heat and humidity with showers and storms as this front arrives. the thursday the front moves through, still seeing a chance of showers and storms, with temperatures, well in the 80's
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and it is not going to be until friday that this area of high pressure from the great lakes moves in and bringing dryer air and lower temperatures right around average. here's how it will feel, sticky tomorrow with the humidity beginning to creep up and oppressive air moves in from wednesday, sticks around wednesday night and at least part of thursday and then, we will be moving out of that mess. update on the tropics, we have a new tropical depression, it is tropical depression number two, right now it looks like it could strengthen a bit but it will be encountering an area of wind sheer that will be fight ago begins it. they call the it a whose style environment at national hurricane sent iser. even though waters greater than 80 which will help to it strengthen continuing its track to the west, those sheer, strong winds from west to east will tear this apart. so late in the week it is expect to be a remnant low. we will update you on. that if it were to strengthen to a tropical storm at some point it would be berta. tonight partly cloudy and warm, low of 68.
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for your tuesday partly sunny, noticeably more humid. not oppressive just yet, we will get there and we will see in the poconos looking good next couple of days, temperatures in the 70's and 80's. on the exclusive eyewitness weather seven day forecast and cher cast temperatures will be warm for wednesday and thursday, trying out friday, saturday, sunday looking good but getting warm again, monday a chance of the shower and storm and highs in the upper 80's slightly above average, shore temperatures looking good in the 80's where they should be for this time of the year. >> right on target, kathy, thanks. excuse me. if evening, everyone, that was weird. good evening, everyone it are if you are traveling on 476 i'm so taken back from this incident. southbound approaching broomall upper darby we have a multi vehicle fender-bender here. this has been moved as far off as much as possible but very little wiggle room, traveling southbound 476, approaching broomall we will run in the situation, earlier we had debris on the roadways. they have gotten that cleared
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out of the way but we are still dealing with the few folks out there so we will find delays in that area. now this is 202, traveling in the northbound direction at high street an earlier accident caused a down pole, electrical teams are still working to upright that pole and get this situation fixed but still notice quite a delay in that west chester area we will get another area to give yourself more time. watch for speed sensors still dropping in the area on i-95, schuylkill and 476, stay with us on cbs-3 "eyewitness news" at 6:00 we will be right bac
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(vo) introducing the all-new subaru legacy. it's not just a sedan. it's a subaru. phillies fan and baseball teams in contention looking for help will be focused on cliff lee tonight, as phillies take on the giant. this is lee's first start in two moss rehabbing from a
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strain elbow, many scouts will be on hand, to watch cliff, trade deadline is in ten days, manager is happy to have him back in his rotation. >> i'm sure that he will be totally excited about that, and like i said, the potential and stuff that he had has not only does it give us the the chance to win and give our team a lift, but also for himself to be back doing what he has to do and competing on the field. >> things have not gone well for phillies, as you know, 12 games under 500, fans want to know if management intends to blow it up and start all over with the trade deadline comes rumor. lee traded, you the lit to the giant, marlon byrd to seattle. with all this trade talk how has it affected the team. >> we're all on the same level, once it is time to get on the field and it is practice time or it is business or the game is going on, it is all about, it is all about the game and a lot of ways that is a credit to the players, as professionals and
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they know they have a job to do and a lot of time you can see rumors and nothing happens. they are smart enough to know that. >> he hasn't played a down in the nfl but johnny football, jersey is top seller, in the nfl. russell wilson is second with the super bowl title under his belt, kaepernick is third, with several big game performances and manning is fourth with every honor known to football. johnny football is number one. we will be right back.
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thanks for watching "eyewitness news" at 6:00 we are back at ten on our sister station wpsg the cw philly and back here on cbs-3 at 11:00. "cbs evening news" comes your way next, scott pelley reporting tonight from new york.
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>> pelley: tonight casualties of war. the flight 17 victims are finally heading home. now the world demands access to the phillips is there. >> if there's ever going to be hard evidence of what brought this plane down it will be found here and right now nobody's looking. >> the death toll rises in the war between israel and secra cease-fire? reports from barry petersen and holly williams. the governor of texas sends troops to stop a surge of illegal immigrants. anna werner reports from the border. firefighters battling western fires get a break from the weather. and david martin with an american hero. >> nine guys died. so the rest of us could come home


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