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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  July 22, 2014 6:00am-6:08am EDT

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on this 2014 silverado all-star edition and no monthly payments until the end of summer. find new roads at your local chevy dealer. i think you'll like weather, we will see how traffic shapes up with bob in a minute. let look at your forecast today and looking sunny and bright. you will need shades. gorgeous day down the shore. look at that sun out there. this is atlantic city. let look at your forecast today 88 in the city. cooler down the shore. low 80's there it is warm, humid but late july. this is typical summer weather. tonight mainly clear and mild 70 degrees. tomorrow is our one day in the 90's and our seven day forecast which is unusual for this time of the year. this is when we get in long heat waves but in the this
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time around. wednesday 91. watch for thunderstorms tomorrow evening. thursday, clearing, cooler, sunshine in the afternoon 58 with lowering humidity. friday is another stunner of the summer day. look at that 83 below average, cool and dry. saturday looks great at 86. another chance for shower and then are storms as our next system moves through sunday into machine of next week. new lets check on traffic, hi bob. >> 6:55. live look at i-95 where you'll fine a rough road here this morning. crews began that milling and paving operation last night and they started on the northbound side, between ridley and bartram avenue. so two right lanes here are a little rocky and find an uneven pavement here. they will be back later tonight to did that left lane. an accident on the northeast extension southbound where it involves a tractor trailer now southbound, south of lansdale so from lansdale from sumanytown pike we may want to use 309 to work your way down toward the pennsylvania
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turnpike. and a crash in the neighborhood harleysville pike at allentown road, also a crash for gang in trenton route 31, right here near calhoun street. ben franklin walt whitman looking good and mass transit has in delays, ukee and erika, back to you. he is enjoying himself at the the chicago brookfield zoo. >> he is enjoying company of the brand new mom. he was reject by his mother but they were able to introduce him to another female orangutan who happily adopted him. his name is cacheer and been at brookfield zoo for a in now. you can see both a rang tans are big hit and they have been getting a licensing quite well. i love that shot, where it clings to the arm. >> yes. >> that is a great thing. that is beautiful. >> so sweet. >> look at the hair. >> love it. >> that is when we look like at 4:00 o'clock in the morning. next up this morning business owners in one vacation town are actually happy about the influx of sharks in the the water. find out why. >> to continue follolow your
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local news weather traffic and sports we are keeping it live and local on your cw philly station. good morning family hope to see you in a built.
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it's a subaru. ♪ good morning. it is tuesday, july 22nd, 2014. welcome to "cbs this morning." the grim journey home is finally under way this morning for the victims of flight 17. new attacks in gaza overnight as world leaders work to end the violence. a new kind of shark alert. why this time people are rushing toward the beach. why? >> but we begin with today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds. a train filled with body of victims arrived in kharkiv before it will reach amsterdam. >> russian separatists loosening their grip. >> handing over the black box t


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