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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  July 23, 2014 2:07am-2:38am EDT

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>> from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> now at 11:00, take it down and taken into custody. tonight we've learned the prime suspect in a terrifying home invasion on the mainline may have been responsibility for more crimes. good evening i'm jessica dean. >> i'm chris may. upper merion less tell us tonight that suspect was arrested after he broke into a
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home near trinity and holstein roads and terrorized the couple inside. diana rocco is live with new information we just learned tonight. diana? >> reporter: well chris and jessica, that scare row home invasion followed by a chase through upper merion may in the have been what this suspect had in mind when he set out her today that's exactly what police say ended up happening. at this very moment he is still waiting arraignment and being questioned by other agencies throughout the area, because police now believe he may be responsible for other crimes. eyewitness cell phone video shows upper merion police taking the suspect into custody. >> the police officer yelling, get down! get down to the ground! >> reporter: police say he terrorize add man and his fiance' and side their home tuesday morning. the burglary turned into a home inn vague when the suspect unexpectedly found the couple home doors unlock. >> the female victim is tied up.
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and the male victim is taken against his will out of the house to get more money from an atm machine. >> reporter: police are looking at the suspect for a rash of similar crimes in the area. daytime break ins close to the trolley line. >> i guess i have to be a little more cautious about locking my house. >> reporter: police say the suspect came from philadelphia on the trolley. he found a gun inside the victim's home. at begun point he forced the man to drive his car to near boy wawa atm while they were gone his fiance' was able to get free and call police. minutes later, police spotted the car and the suspect in the septa parking lot. they say he may have have been trying get back on septa but instead led police on a foot chase across the expressway and through neighborhoods before he was caught. >> she was tied up and these kinds of bizarre things are happening in my neighborhood. it's quite a shock. i still think this is a relati relatively shave area and i'm just really concerned about my neighbor and how he's doing. >> reporter: as for that man
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and his fiance', they were not seriously hurt. the suspect is still awaiting charges. police have not yet released his name. but he will be arraigned first thing in the morning. we're live in upper her reason township tonight, montgomery county, diana rocco cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> diana, thank you. south jersey high schoolteacher under arrest accused of sexually assaulting a student and possessing child pornography. police say joseph towns was an english teacher at middle township high school in cape may counsel too. authorities say the 34 year old engaged in criminal sexual contact with that student from october 2012 through october between 13. the school district suspended towns and removed him from any contact with students. posted bail shortly after being arrested this afternoon and was released from jail. >> our stretch of calm weather is about to can um to close. we're tracking storms that could affect your plans tomorrow. kathy orr joins us now. kathy -- what's the lat test? >> we're just seeing warm and humid conditions but that is going to help really fuel these
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storms. right now a line of storms going through the great lakes. but that is going to change. it's going to be much more impressive as this front and these storms get a little bit closer. right now over michigan now temperatures pretty mild out there. philadelphia 76. 77 in allentown. 71 in millville. but the heat and humidity will build tomorrow. right now it's muggy over the delaware valley. but that oppressive air, that moisture will be moving in and when you add the heat and humidity tomorrow it will be feeling like it's around 100 degrees. this front will get closer during the day. the heat and humidity will build. this will create lift in the atmosphere and we are talking about strong, maybe even a few severe storms. coming up we'll time the storms in and out of your neighborhood and show when you break from the heat and humidity will be moving in. for now though chris we'll season it over to you. >> kathy, thank you very much. well tonight the chaos and crisis in the middle east is throwing travel plans into cha chaos. a hamas rocket exploded near israel's main airport prompting
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a ban on all flights from the us and many in europe. our elizabeth hur is live at philadelphia international airport with what travelers are doing now. liz? >> reporter: chris, as you can imagine, it was a busy day and night with everyone just trying to work around this ban on such a short notice and what we learned tonight is that with only the us and european airlines affected, some travelers are finding other means to get to israel. flying to tel-aviv out of philadelphia international airport on tuesday not an opti option. >> i don't want our vacation ruined. >> reporter: for travelers like naaman linden obama of new jersey changing plans now not happening. >> instead of a vacation we're going to be around showing support and doing whatever we can to help. >> reporter: sentiment echoed by tally who spoke to us via skype from israel. >> despite our interview being interrupted by security alerts she says her work there for the jewish federation of greater
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philadelphia is continuing and calls the faa's decision to temporarily suspend u.s. flights to and from israel hasty. >> we remain normal life. even this is being taken a way. i think that very disturbing, very his heartening that's the way people -- that's the airlines are reactioning. >> the israelis are saying it's safe to thirty nine. if it wasn't safe to fly they wouldn't be flying. >> back in jersey, linden obama agrees and vows his trip is on. no matter what. >> i immediatel immediately booe will al as backup. i'm hoping i'll be able to fly on united at least i know i'll get there. >> reporter: for now mr. linden obama is scheduled to fly out this weekend. bottom line, everyone we talk to today, they say they understand the faa is being cautious. but they're eau their hope here is that this 24 hour ban will be
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lifted and all flights will resume tomorrow afternoon. that's the story from life here at the airport, elizabeth hur cbs-3 eyewitness news. >> all right, elizabeth, thanks for that. here's some video just into "eyewitness news" tonight. this is the former new york mayor michael bloomberg. he arrived at jfk airport just short time ago. he plans to take an flight to tel-aviv tonight. the mayor tweeted earlier that the flight restrictions were a mistake and should be lifted. he said that this last minute trip is to show solidarity with the people of israel. >> meantime the efforts to end the bloodshed in gaza do continue tonight. us and international community urging a cease fire yet the violence continued today. israel hit more than isn't that hamas targets in gaza and palestinian officials claim that a mosque was among the buildings bomb. meantime united nations group claims it discovered hamas weapons including rockets hidden inside school buildings.
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>> tomorrow is a national day of mourning in the netherlands. they are honoring those who died in last week's shoot down of malaysia air flight 17. the first bodies recovered from that wreckage were soon arrive in amsterdam. most, though, are in the ukrainian city of car kib tonight. officials have started the identifying process. investigators say wreckage has been moved and some parts have mysteriously doctors appeared. >> we noticed the guys in uniforms take out a data, are diesel powered saw and start hacking into the fuselage. and lifting parts out. >> senior us intelligence officials now say they have no evidence of direct russian government involvement in that shoot down. but they do say the jet was likely brought down by a surface to air missile fired by russian backed separatists in eastern ukraine. the manhunt is still active tonight for the bold bandits had a robbed caesars atlantic city. new jersey state less say that
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happened early yesterday morni morning. and sources tell "eyewitness news" the suspects got away with 181,000 dollars in cash. it's the second major robbery at an atlantic city casino within the past year. last summer there was a major heist at a jewelry store at the borgata. >> meanwhile, phillies only casino looking that cash in on its popularity. should you garr house broke ground today on a $164 million expansion project. and 30 table poker room, now restaurants and a seven story parking garage are all in the works. and this project will be a virtual jack.for the city. it will create 1600 temporary construction jobs and 500 permanent jobs in that casino. >> very exciting day. long time cupping. >> being in position to provide adequate employment for the residents of the city is number one on my list. >> that project should be completed by next year. meanwhile four developers are still vying to open another cass soon know within the city. tonight, a mystery a top one
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of the most famous bridges in the world. these white washed american flags are on the brooklyn bridge. they're raising red flags about a security breach. >> kathy? >> in weather, we're tracking the warmth and the storms and also coming up it's been a very unusual summer. do you know why? i'll have the answer coming up. >> also, ahead night the invasion of bugs. where this insect swarm was so out of control it showed up on radar. and the search continues to note for this giant snake on the loose somewhere in new jersey.
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>> tonight there's a mystery a top one of the most famous bridges in the world. authorities are trying to figure out who is behind what app% to be white washed american flags on the brook lip bridge. someone scaled the bridge and swapped out the flags under the cover of darkness. and not surprisingly the security breach on that bridge has raised lot of red flags.
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the appearance of the 20-foot white flags is a major embarrass many for the new york city police department and commissioner william bran ton. >> no matter what the mow tough it is a matter of concern. i'm not particularly happy. >> brooklyn bridge is under 24/7 surveillance with camera surveillance and two patrol cars at both ends. john miller is the didn't pew tow commissioner for intelligence and couer terrorism. >> video shows us a number of people crossing the bridge. the light that normally illuminates the american flag on the brooklyn side of the bridge first flickers, then appears to go out. >> reporter: carefully fitted alum nim covers were used to kill the lights. the white flags were not spotted until this morning. getting to the top of the 27 story tall tower social security not ease zoo. access is only possible through a locked gate an quarter of a mile climb on foot wide cable high over the east river. >> there's some indication of some good deal of pre
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operational planning. perhaps some indication that they have experienced climbing in construction or in bridgework. >> reporter: new york city spent hundreds of millions to secure the landmark in the years following the 9/11 tacks. last year four base jumpers sneaked to one world trade center and leapt off and in march, a 16 year old boy managed to climb to the top. >> detectives are now going through social media to see if anyone is claiming responsibility for the stunt. but police say there does not seem to be any connection to terrorism. officials say whoever is behind the student put themselves and others in danger. new information tonight in the story we told you about earlier this month. a cherry hill condo association has changed its tune. the board at society hill condos vowed -- voted that allow libby to keep a magnetic sign on her car. it advertises in hopes finding a kidney donor for her daughter honey. she's on dialysis and has been on the kidney transplant waiting list for two years.
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the property manager initially told her the sign violated the condo rules and she could be fined. >> there are traps set all around a north jersey lake tonight but not bear they're trig to catch. >> in the bear. the folks up around hopatcong are looking to trap a large exotic snake much this guy is 16 feet long and either a boa constrictor or more likely an anaconda. there are a dozen repor reported sightings this guy. animal control teamed up with a reptile expert hoping to catch that slithery cream. >> a swarm of may flys hatched in wisconsin covering street lights, buildings and just about everything. the national weather service says the swarm was so big it could be seen on their radar. officials do say those bugs are harmless. three on your side with the health alert tonight. a nationwide recall of fruit sold at a number of stores in
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our area is now in effect. packing company out of california is recalling peaches, nectarines, plums and pluots they could be contaminated with lifter y the recalled fruit was sold the trader joe's, wal*mart, wegmans and giant. but so far no one has been sickened. the possibly tainted fruit has packing dates of june 1st to july 12th. we have all the information you need on this recall at our website >> well, some think he's the most powerful one year old anywhere in the world. >> prince george turned one today. and the royal family celebrated with a big first birthday bash. buckingham palace released a durable pictures of the prince along with his parents. one britt turn newspaper headline even read, gorgeous george. we do know that at the age of one this little guy has mastered the art of walking. happy birthday!
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>> we never get tired of george. >> no. he's a cutie. >> he's a cutty. >> a nice day to be outside walking. >> sure was. what else is going on out there? not bad. very sticky. noticeably more humid today. tomorrow just a tough day to be outdoors. a very uncomfortable day. we haven't seen many 90-degree days this month. or this summer. and i think this one will be a little bit of a shock to the system. the good news is, this heat stretch won't last all long. take lock outside. it is a very muggy night. am hazy down the shore in ocean city, cape may county the boards still quite busy and there will be some areas of fog developing especially down the shore and our delaware beaches so please be aware of that. on storm scan3, we're seeing some cloud cover, not a lot. just yet. but it will increase with all of the moisture in the atmosphere. some hazy sunshine expected for your wednesday. right now, still warm in philadelphia. 76. 77 in allentown. 72 in the poconos. down the shore temperatures a little bit more comfortable in the lower 70s. with that ocean water
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temperature warming up to 73 degrees. temperatures tomorrow will be in the 90s. we have this cold front approaching from the great lakes and it is going to squeezes all that warm how mid air up the coastal plane so we're not just talking about heat. we're talking about humidity that will make it feel like it's close to 100 degrees tomorrow afternoon. showers and thunderstorms move through with that front especially toward the din are in hour into the evening. some strong potentially severe storms moving through. the possibility of damaging winds associated with a few of these storms. the front is going to be slowing to which is happened several times this summer. we get the front right along the shore points for thursday and we could be seeing a few lingering showers but elsewhere, some morning showers should clear out thursday. and in the philadelphia area we'll be seeing some sunshine. by friday, everyone cease the sunshine. high pressure builds back down from the great lakes. we have a clockwise flow around it. a northerly wind from canada brings us blue skies, low
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humidity and comfortable conditions for the end of the week and right into the weekend which is the good news. now, here's a look at the timing of the storms. between 4:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m. we're talking about storms in the lehigh valley and our extreme northern and western suburbs pottstown, quakertown. even into doylestown. little bit later between 6:00 and 9:00 in philadelphia and our adjacent counties in pennsylvania, new jersey and delaware and then 9:00 to 11:00 in interior south jersey the shore. central and southern delaware. so it's going to be little bit of a later event. after that, we'll be seeing things changing especially for the last week of july. you can see this big blue bulls eye that is temperatures well below average. along the eastern seaboard including the delaware valley temperatures below average for the last week of july. so this answers the question what is unusual about this summer? well it's the lack of the heat. the lack of those 90-degree days in past years 2010, 11, and even 12, we had over 30, 90-degree days. well, last summer we had 20,
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degree days much so far this summer 12. tomorrow will be our 13th with cooler air coming in, during the warmest time of the year which is late july, early august, i don't know if we'll be seeing that many more. that will body well for many people. overnight the low testimony cher 72. highs tomorrow none with some storms. on the exclusive "eyewitness weather" seven day for forecast and shore cast cooling down thursday and friday. saturday and sunday warming up and then monday and tuesday back to below average temperatures. remind you you can get the forecast any time track the incoming storms on our new cbs philly app. you can download it to your i tunes account it's coming soon to android. >> might just need that tomorr tomorrow. >> you will. isn't check it out. kathy, thanks. >> beasley here now. are they still playing baseball. >> it took a little extra time. but the phillies doing a good job at citizens bank park tonight. general manager has very interesting things to say about the trade deadline. we hear from ruben coming up in sports.
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>> the phillies putting up a fight tonight against san francisco. game two of a four hiv game set at citizens bank park. here we go. fifth inning pick it up former phillie hunter pens crushing a pitch one of the longer in the history of the stadium. ashburn alley. giants take the lead. one on the bottom of the fifth for rollins. 13th homerun of the year and phillies took lead. now to the top of ninth phillies leading five-four. papelbon with all these scouts looking on getting ready to -- ut-oh. that's the first homerun he's given up this season. gave it up to buster posie. so low shot phillies giants are tied at five in the 11th inning of play. >> scouts on hand tonight as i said trade deadline approaching. and the phillies going nowhere. many fans hoping that ruben amaro, jr., just blows it up. on the morning show here's what ruben had to say.
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>> we don't have any untouchables on this club. we don't have any, um, you know, necessarily expectations of what we're going to do. what we do have is an open mind about trying to improve the club and we'll try to do it in any way we can. >> the phillies can't wait till friday when they drop off the fans radar screen. eagles take the spotlight at novacare. they report for year two of the chip kelly era. he inherit he had four-12 team turned note a former division winner. we caught up with brian westbrook and asked him about year two for chip. >> every year you have to prove yours every single year. you can't rest on what you did last year. what you've done in years previous but every single year you have to prove yourself and i think chip will continue to find that out and hopefully this year he'll continue to prove himself and this team will get better and build on the things they were abled that last year. >> next month evander holyfield will be inducted into the boxing hall of fame. guess who will present him.
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mike tyson. >> oh. >> that's the man that almost 20 years ago bit piece of his ear off during fight. tyson is a changed man. and says it's a privilege and high hahn are in to help induct holyfield. that should be a very interesting speech. >> a changed man. >> yes. >> he got broadway top show. tyson is really a changed guy. >> turned his life around. good for him.
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♪ >> hundreds raise their glasses at a benefit for the children's hospital of philadelphia. >> "eyewitness news" was there at the first ever philadelphia wine and food festival uncorked event. more than 350 turned out at sister cities park in logan square. a perfect venue to sample wine. a portion of the proceeds go to chop. we'll be right back. ♪
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>> thanks for watching cbs-3 "eyewitness news" at 11:00 o'clock. "eyewitness news" returns tomorrow morning at 4:30 with ukee washington and erika von tiehl. for beasley, kathy and everyone here at "eyewitness news" i'm chris may. >> i'm jessica dean. you can find us at cbsphilly.c the late she with david letterman is next with guest ricky gervais. have a great night. we'll see you tomorrow. ♪ >> male announcer: the following is paid for and furnished by hair club for men and women. this station is not responsible for claims made in the follong program. >> female announcer: when it comes to hair loss in women, the reasons why can be as varied as the women themselves. but there is one proven hair solution that has taken these women from this to this in as little as six weeks. it's not a wig and it's not a weave.
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