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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  July 24, 2014 2:07am-2:38am EDT

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♪ >> from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> right now at9 11:00, lightng flashes across the night sky. a line of summer storms filled with heff vo rain and dark clouds blew quickly through the area tonight. the driving rain making it hard for some peopleo get home this evening. >> and over at citizens bank park tonight they cannot play ball as the storms rolled
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through. the grounds crew worked quick toll get the field protected and the fans headed for cover. good evening, i'm chris may. >> and i'm jessica dean. heavy clouds hovering at this latest round of weather moved in. it was a familiar scene homeowners left to deal with the downed trees. meteorologist kathy orr has been watching it for us all night. kathy what's the latest? >> right now we're still seeing showers and thunderstorms moving across part of the region. our main threat very heavy rain and also still a good deal of lightning out there especially heading into delaware and south jersey take log at storm scan3 you can see as we take you back in time all of the lightning thousands of lightning strikes associate width these storms a line of storms from the poconos down through maryland trudging eastward and it was duration of these storms that created the problem moving east at only about 20 miles an hour. so they laughed hours about six hours to be. then couldn't to do faze as they moved into south jersey.
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but we had a good deal of damage and two notable instances where southern chester county a lightning strike a house was struck by lightning here and this was in west grove and nearby in oxford we also had some damage a house fire actually due to lightning strike. all this evening with that severe weather rolling in. >> right now we're watching these storms moving across central delaware moving east at 35 miles an hour with 40 miles an hour gusts and the possibility of pea sized hail they will cross the delaware bay into south jersey. they'll be in milford by 11:14. the villas by 11:47 and cape may by midnight. now severe storms but very strong storms. with these storms i mentioned thousands of lightning strikes. sean sent in this picture from noor wood of spider lightning in our i witness cam. other pictures too of lightning and very heavy rain. jared sent this in from cherry hill cloud to ground lightning and ryan sent this. distance to ground lightning but
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multiple strikes. we had thousands of strikes each hour. when we count the them up between four and 6:00 p.m., 3500 strikes. six and 8:00 p.m. 7500 strikes and between eight and 10:00 p. p.m., 1300 strikes and we're still counting. so far over 12,000 lightning strikes. most of that is gone but these storms will be moving offshore during the overnight, and skies will slowly clear but we'll start the day on thursday with cloudy skies. coming up wool talk about when the sun actually returns and catching a break before our next chance of storms moves in to the delaware valley. that's the very latest from the weather center we'll continue to track those storms to the south later in the broadcast. jess? >> kathy, thank you. we got several eyewitness cam photos and videos of tonight's summer storm. barbara sent us this photo from thorndale chester county showing the ominous skies that moved in just before that rain. now to berks county this eyewitness cam photo from james. he snapped this shot as
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torrential rain and whipping winds descended on that area. you can share your storm photos with us through the new cbs philly weather app and get updated forecast any time.eism . >> just in now to "eyewitness news" the mother and daughter critically injured in that food truck explosion in feltonville have died. the family confirmed deaths tonight. the explosion was caught on surveillance cameras at third and wyoming earlier this month. 42 year old olga succumb to her injuries on sunday. 17 year old jadin passed a way on tuesday. family members tell us funeral services are set friday and their bodies will be flown to guatemalan for burial. >> the crisis in middle east stirring passions in center city philadelphia today. dualing protests were staged at love park just feet from one another supports of the palestinians and supporters of israel made their voices heard. there were reports of some minor
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incidents but no major skirmishing at those rallies. the unrev in the mill east is hitting close to home for those with loved ones who are potentially in harm's way. diane in rocco talk tonight with the parents avenue 16 year old girl. they say their daughter has been telling them not to worry. >> reporter: as the conflict in the gaza escalates, many here at home are watching with a heavy heart. >> seeing the news at times it do get concerned. i do get worried. >> ike richmond and his wife are in constant contact with their 16 year old daughter ilan in a. >> continuously reassures us she's safe. she's having a great time. she loves it. >> she left on five week trip to israel in june with a program to her synagogue. she was expected that return home this weekend but that may change. >> she heard air sirens once or twice but nothing out of the ordinary. she's with others -- israeli students and teenagers. and that's the way they live. report roar she's been sending her parents pictures and this
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recordinrecording assuring themo worry. >> this is the safest i'll ever be and i loveys recall more than anything and i'm happy here and having the time of my life with the people i'm with even though there's a constant fear every day of a siren going off i was round me. >> philadelphia native becca is spending the next semester abroad at hebrew university. she leaves for tel-aviv in a month. >> i'm obviously concerned but i really have full faith in the israeli people and israeli armed forces. >> in new york for the summer her family is nervous about the conflict but still wander her to go. >> this is a time more than any that americans really ned to show their support for israel i think really proud to be able to show my support by going over there and i think that more americans need to do so. >> reporter: and while flights from the u.s. to tel-aviv were grounded flights from other countries are still landing in that city. ilan in a richmond is due to flight home on sunday. her family says she has a contingency plan in place should she have to stay longer.
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they feel pulling her out early would be more dangerous. in the sat center tonight diana rocco cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> all right, diana. thank you very much. >> well today the israeli military continued targeting hamas weapon sites and tunnels in gaza. meantime u system official claim some progress has been made in cease fire talks. the faa also extended its controversial ban on flights to tel-aviv by us airlines through tomorrow night. a somber return to the netherlands for those killed in the malaysian jetliner shot down over ukraine. ♪ >> today military planes brought back 40 victims in wooden coffins. each could have and if was loaded in a hearse and driven in a procession. many lined the route to pay their respects some even brought flowers. more victims remains will arrive in the netherlands tomorrow. dutch officials now have that date from flight 17's black boxes many officials received the boxes on monday.
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a mid fierce ukrainian rebels may have tampered with the information. >> a nazi war crime suss peck from philadelphia is dead. 89 year old johan breyer died yesterday on the same day a judge grant add request for his extradition to germany. the retired tool make consider was arrested at his philadelphia home last month. >> burgers, fries and crack cocaine. that's what investigators say was on the menu at one delaware county mcdonald's. the fast food worker allen tremmel arrested an cued of dealing crack while on the job. undercover officers say that thearanged several deals with hm that took place in the parking lot in wayne. >> when he was working at the mc donald's he would walk out into the parking lot at which time he would sell crack cocaine in packaged form to the undercover officers. one minute he's out dealing in the parking lot with the crack cocaine.
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then he's back in preparing food. so there's also the health concerns there as well. >> tremmel has been a rain much he is in the delaware county jail tonight. in every war there are unsung heroes. but now veterans are making sure four legged soldiers and getting the recognition they deserve. >> it's part of a movement to find new homes for military do dogs. eyewitness news reporter elizabeth hur has the story. >> reporter: chris shields of northeast philadelphia -- >> sit. >> reporter: calls the decision to don bronco a no brainer. >> he came running right over to me. he knew exact who i was. >> reporter: rightfully so as members of the us navy, the two were battle mates in afghanist afghanistan. at the time bronco was forayers old. today he's 12. we met them through a philly based group no dog gets left behind. and we met former marine ron through united states war dogs association based in burlington new jersey. >> i was a vietnam back in 1976
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with my dog stormy many i think about my dog every day. >> both are advocates to the national defense act of novemb november 13. >> signed in law it's over year ago now. but it has not been implemented in any way. >> so on wednesday, supporters traveled to washington to hold congress accountable we're told the us military keeps about 3200 dogs in combat zones and on average 10% of them retire each year. the goal they say is to return the dogs that their former handlers but for some, it's impossible because it's too expensive. >> they retire them because they do have health issues. >> he did two tours in afghanistan. we went out and we did narcotics and patrol many he would go until he physically couldn't go any more. >> shields alone spends hundreds of month on bronco's medical bills. >> but calls their bond priceless. his hope with support from the public with letters to local
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legislators. >> outpatient. good boy. >> reporter: more hero handlers can provide a forever home for their combat partners. from northeast philadelphia, i'm elizabeth hur cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> that's great. >> they deserve good homes. all that one little boy wants for his birthday is a car and not just one. he wants a lot of them. >> up next, that is sick little boy's wish and the campers in cherry hill who are working to make it come true. kathy. >> we're still tracking some strong storms with gusty winds. you can see them through central delaware crossing the bay into salem county, cumberland county and cape may counties in new jersey. after this, there will be better days a head. we'll check that out with the seven day coming up. >> just about everyone seems to be taking selfies. now tonight three on your side shows you how to turn those photos into cash. >> and forget about parking ticks. some car openers got some wild messages about their bad parking jobs. you will want to see this one and it is next.
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>> tonight there are potential buyers ready to go all in on the struggling revel cass zen know. the atlantic city casino goes up for sale in bankruptcy auction next month and today atlantic city's mayor said there are six buyers showing some serious interest. the cass season know has declared bankruptcy twice since still industry experts think there's potential for the futu future. >> they've got to get a pretty low price to be able to really hope to turn profit there but it has everything a modern cass season 93 in terms of amenities. plenty of meeting space. small areas where you can have little conferences and things like that so it's great hotel for atlantic city and it would be a shame to lose it at this point. >> the atlantic city mayor said there are potential buyers for the showboat but did not know of interest in the trump plaza. well, we've all been there. hurried to rush into a spark parking spot and do less than stellar job of pulling in. well, in new york, someone fed
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up with bad parkers decided to send them a message. in recent days police have been finding messages scrawled on to cars. some have been vulgar and have been spray painted. police are following up on leads but as of tonight, so-called parking vigilante remains on the loose. the story of one very sick little boy from massachusett mag the hearts of many people in our area. >> indeed this friday danny nickerson will celebrate his sixth birthday and it's a big day. one that his parents feared he might not live to see because danny has brain cancer. this year, danny's birthday wish is to receive a whole bunch of birthday cards. and that word is spreading on social media. it even caught the attention of kids at the international sports center in cherry hill, new jersey. today, they got to work. >> only thing that he asked for for his birthday was mailbox full of birthday cards. >> i want him to know that he can fight through his brain tumor and will survive.
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for long time. >> these kids say that their goal is get 400 birthday cards to danny boy his birthday on friday. if you were like to send a card yourself we've got all the information you need. post it on our website. just log on to >> they say a picture is worth a thousand words. but your picture could be worth much more than that if you're willing to sell it. tonight three on your side consumer reporter jim donovan shows us how some people are cashing in on their selfies. >> reporter: this famous selfie crashed twitter. joe biden posted his first selfie with his boss. we've even seen the occasional papal selfie and now there's a way for consumers to cash in on their own self portraits. karen is a stay at home who takes photos with her smart phone daily. >> smile. that's actually really cute. >> she wouldn't mind making a little extra cash. >> i had no idea that there would be a company that would want to pay me for my pictures. >> but there is. >> it could be a picture of you heading out on vacation.
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or a candid photo of your weekend activity. or even a shot where you're horsing around with your co-workers. just snap the picture up load them to an and you could make some money. scoop shot is among several shots where companies ask consumers to take selfies with their products. scoop shot's says if they like what they see they offer to buy them. >> we are seeing more and more brands engaging consumers like, you know, your coke coca-cola moment. send your photos in or like -- >> the airlines asks scoop shot users to send in travel selfies. they purchased 50 of the 800 summited for about $15 each. a cosmetics company gave $1,000 to a selfie contest winner. mc don nam's paid over $20 for food focus selfies and a had he tell in puerto rico held selfie sweepstakes with winner getting a free weekend stay. tatiana, made $35 on a concert
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picture she up loaded. >> she says you can set your own price or accept what company offers for special requestings like this picture. >> there was one that asked for lacrosse sticks. i have a lot of friends on lacrosse. that was an easy one. >> so far she'd made $74 for three selfies. >> for picture i'd taken in like second. it's easy. >> photos can be sold more than once but keep in mind once someone buys they can do whatever they want with it by the way if there are other people in your photos, unless they're well-known public figures you must get that are permission before you can sell the pictures. reporting for three on your side, i'm jim donovan. >> hmm. >> might need to stage selfie intervention for jim. >> a lot of them. >> snapping them off. isn't he? >> a lot of fun. >> all right. well, what night has been in weather. the sky has just been filled with lightning kathy. unbelievable. >> over 12,000 strikes and still counting in delaware and south jersey right now. we'll have the final numbers tomorrow but we're lookin lookit
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quieter days ahead still tracking storms on storm scan3. take look outside. the rain has passed the philadelphia area. and also even camden. you're looking of course from the home of the river sharks at campbell's field across the bridge it will be quieter overnight tonight. not the case down the shore. you can see little bit of fog there. little bit of haze more rain heading down the shore. right now in cape may county and it will be heading to cape may and possibly even ocean city, cape may county. take look at storm scan storm s. really not seeing any problems anywhere except to the south. central and southern delaware, a trailing line of storms moving east at 35 miles an hour across the bay. chesapeake bay along the eastern shore. all of this is going to move in to cumberland county and cape may county new jersey and you can see heavy rain and lightning associated with this right along milford, crossing the bay right now and heading toward cape may the marries river through sea isle i think you're all going to be seeing heavy rain tonight and some lightning. once again not severe.
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but still some gusty winds associated with these particular storms. we have seen a good deal of rain in some locations. not so much in others. our live neighbor network takes us to lee height ton three quarters of an inch of rain. nearly half an inch in reading and a quarter of an inch in pottstown and new castle. thank all of our eyewitness cam folks sending in your pictures. you have been our eyes during the storm. heather peter man sending this picture from lamer mick watching the storm come in and you can see the smokestacks in the pers. >> deb bee was at the phillies game and shows us this that warning that came up on the jumbo screen. in an exposed area take cover because storms are coming. thanks for our friends at citizens bank park for that. this eyewitness cam came from new york christina took this picture of a severe thunderstorm you can see it right here heading toward the statue of liberty and new york harbor. so thanks everyone for your pictures tonight. right now we have rain cooled
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temperatures pretty much everywhere in the 70s. it will cool down even moreover night. 60s in western new york and western pennsylvania cleveland 64. and that is what it's coming our way. a cool down for tomorrow as the jet stream dips down to the south. and temperatures that are going to be cooling big time. overnight tonight look for low temperatures in the 70s. during the day tomorrow less humid conditions and clearing skies. on the exclusive "eyewitness weather" seven day forecast, we'll look ahead to temperatures that will be cooler and heating up over the weekend and drying out again next week. that's a look at your "eyewitness weather" forecast. we want to let you know we'll be down in stone hear brrr life on i were the us in at 5:00 and 6:00 tomorrow for orr at the shore much we'll be back with
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>> the phillies tested by the san francisco giants. the rain, the threat of deportation at the trade deadline game three of the series phillies looking for win. here we go. aj burnett battled the rain and the giants and did well. eight shut out ups giving up
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four hits striking out six. no score in the ninth jonathan papelbon on the hill bases load for hunter pens and he continues to torment his ex teammates. blooper falls in for a hit and clear the bases. pens with six rib bess in the series and the phillies drop their fourth straight game final 643-one. >> ryan howard was given the night off. big fella is struggling this season patting .224. last 25 games batting .168. fans are giving him the business and ryan is clearly frustrated. >> there's been a lot of highs and lows and a lot of frustration. there's frustration with the fans. they're frustration period. i have my only personal frustrations as well but, you know, it's really try to stay positive. >> all right. the league made lane johnson' four game suspension official today for violating the policy on drug.
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it so happens the drug may enhance his performance. it dee plates his net worth to the tune $116,000. he can report friday and play in preseason games. he release add statement saying in part i'm extremely sorry for this mistake and i will learn from it and be smarter in the future. this will be very hard on me to not be battling with my item mates for four games, but i will be ready and better than ever when i return ". >> we'll be right back.
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♪ >> steven colbert will not only follow in david letterman's footsteps he will do so onto tyw in new york and broadcast it from the ed sullivan theater. that debut date remains up in the air. it all dough pend when dave decides he's ready to sign off but likely sometime next year. >> you can see dave night and every week night until he retires at 11:35 right here on cbs-cbs-3 after this broadcast.
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his guest tonight is the actor eric stone street. >> big honor for the new jersey rock consider john bon jovi he is this year's recipient of philadelphia's marion anderson i was war. >> mayor michael nutter and the board of the anderson awards revealed photo of the singer in center city today. the award chair says bon jovi is not just nationally recognized. he's made difference in philadelphia by helping build hundreds of homes for low income families. the awards gala and sr. moan will be held in november. we'll be right back. ♪
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>> thank you for watching "eyewitness news" at 11:00 o'clock. we're back in the morning at 4:30 with ukee washington and natasha brown. for beasley, kathy and everyone here at "eyewitness news" i'm chris may. i'm jessica dean. you can always find us at the late show with david letterman is neck. have great night. we'll see you tomorrow. have great night. we'll see you tomorrow. ♪ >> announcer: the following is a paid presentation for the nutribullet brought to you by nutribullet llc. special tv offer. stay tuned to find out how you can get the nutribullet superfood nutrition extractor
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