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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  July 24, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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him at this point in time richard plots is the the perpetrator, he is a psychiatric patient here at the mercy wellness center. he came in today, a little after 2:00 p.m., with his caseworker, her identity is still being withheld although some of her akin have been net filed but not all of her akin. he came in with her, went into the doctor's office and at that point a worker didthat loud arguing going on. they came in, and they actually opened up the door saw him pointing a gun at the doctor and they did not notice the caseworker at that point. they shut the door quietly, went and immediately called 911. no shots were fire. however what they did determine is a few minutes went by and they did hear multiple shots were fired. after that they did try to force their way back in the office. they did note the that the doctor at that point was
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covering his face. he was bleeding from the head profusely and the individual still had a gun perpetrator still has a gun. they were able to another doctor, another caseworker were able to rest will him to the ground disarm him and at that point in time police arrived. police were very prompt in this particular situation to respond. they are train to respond to this type of situation and within minutes we had a massive police response here ééégéó which yeadon boro police, darby police as well as surrounding, police departments, also our tactic california teams were activated. right now what you see going on behind us is hospital workers were being released. they were under lock down. they are being released at this point in time. the happies opened however building is still closed because the crime scene is still going on, and they are
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still upstairs on the ballistics evaluation as well as the evaluation of how e scene perspective. >> reporter: have you interviewed the doctor. >> the the doctor is we speak at the hospital. we have offices with him and i believe they are in the process of having him released from the hospital, at which point he will be interviewed but as we speak doctorate has not been interviewed. i cannot confirm everything that we originally proposed to you >> reporter: chis gunman walks in, shoots caseworker, shoots the doctor, the doctor pulls his own weapon and returns fire and shoots the suspect multiple times. >> we believe that is probably what occurred but the only person right now that can confirm that based on all of the that evidence we have pieced together is the the doctor and will confirm it, when we have the first opportunity when that doctor is interviewed but we believe that is what occurred in this particular case, however, we still need to confirm it. >> did he have a criminal record can you confirm that. >> i cannot confirm it at this point. i necessity there were various detectives working on his
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criminal background and history. we were expect that to come shortly, however difficult receive information that there were incidents involving mr. plots and hospital personnel including the doctor's staff in the past. >> reporter: what can you tell us more about him. >> i can tell you he is a patient. i don't have his back gun information at this point in time other than what i just said. >> reporter: very traumatic time for patients and for employees here... unaudible. is there anything being didn't to help them out with this traumatic situation such as counselors, that are on hand or anything of that nature. >> need less to say, that the administrative staff at fitzgerald mercy and mercy health system are devastated right now. they are meeting with various employees and assessing their needs. so the hospital it is just shocked but they are working to make sure that everyone can deal with this situation. >> reporter: was this doctor afraid of mr. plots and that
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is yes had armed himself. >> i don't have that information and until we interviewed the doctor that is unclear at this point. >> reporter: was there anything unusual when he walk in? was there anyway to detect this. >> no, i believe there was in way. staff did not give rise to that. various staff that were there indicated that they only reacted when they heard the loud arguing which was unusual. so no one believed that he was armed when he entered that building n1 believed he was arm when he came into that office. there was no evidence of. that everyone was in shock when they heard these shots. >> unaudible. >> i do in the know that information. i do not know if he needed to have a gun permit unless it is concealed about your person. >> reporter: were police called before the shots were shot. >> my understanding is yes, 911 was called but there was a very brief period of time, second, minutes when the door was closed police were called and these shots were fired. literally tickets.
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>> reporter: it is richard pots. >> that is my understanding. >> reporter: the scene should be wrapped up tonight and do you expect everything to be back to normal early tomorrow. >> do i expect that and i expect that we will finish our investigation here within the next couple of hours so do i expect it will be up to the hospital administration to open it when they team ate prep eighth but we will be done with the building. >> reporter: have you notified next of kin. >> we have talk to a brother who was unaware of it the but there were other siblings we are attempting to notify. >> reporter: is she a mother, wife can you tell us anything about her? >> i don't believe i have the information -- we believe she lived alone in a address in philadelphia and when we responded to try to notify the kin, no one responded to that door so i don't know if other than speaking to her brother very briefly whether she had any children. we don't believe there is a husband. >> reporter: how about an age? >> caseworker is 53 years old.
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>> reporter: unaudible. >> i think it is plots. >> richard plot. >> yes. >> reporter: his age. >> his age i believe he is in his mid 30's but i don't have his date of bit at this point. it is in the investigative file. >> reporter: you are hearing from district attorney jack whalen describing now the suspect in this case his name is richard plots. we're told he is in his 30's bee district attorney jack whalen this is an ongoing investigation. what is new we have learn in the last few minutes or so is that in this treatment room mr. plots was being treated by this there, as well as being in the same room with that caseworker. the at some point mr. pots pulled a gun on that doctor other caseworkers heard other doctors, excuse me in this fat it is heard that argument opened the door, they saw that mr. plots pulled that gun she shut that door went and called police and that is when shots were fired. we do know this doctor had apparently shot this suspect
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that is still part of an ongoing investigation but it do appear that this doctor who will be okay shot mr. plots. mr. plots is still in the hospital right new. we're told he is in critical condition but certainly thinks a developing story here at the hospital in darby township. we are live in darby township matt rivers cbs-3 eye bitterness news. >> all right matt, thanks very much. as you heard the district attorney say the hospital was quite surprised at all of this they have just released a statement, mercy fitzgerald hospital d it read we are grateful for the efforts of the emergency responders and we are working with the delaware county police departments to understand fully the details of the event, and to do all we can to assist those affect. of course, the scene on the hospital grounds as it was described today you can imagine very chaotic. our stephanie stahl was there shortly after the violence broke out, she continues our live team coverage with reaction from there, stephanie. >> reporter: chris, i want to tell you first of all this did
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not happen inside the hospital. this is across the street in the wellness center. what is unusual this is a very quiet suburban doctor's office. there all kind of doctors in this office building including the the psychiatrist. so you can imagine when shots rang out today the panic that followed. >> the the police came in droves and they lock down everything. they chased everybody on the inn side and then we seen the swat team coming in. >> cops coming from every where and i was scared too because i never been in a situation like this. >> you know, it was just panicking out here. everybody was running around scar running back in the building, you know i guess trying to stay out of the line of fire. >> we were in lock down. we need to get down and get safe. lucky i was healthy enough to walk. some people had to get help and we were hoping everything was just safe.
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>> reporter: lots of people are stunned about what happened here today, shots being tired fired. and reporting live from darby, i'm stephanie stahl, i'm stephanie stahl cbs-3 "eyewitness news". "eyewitness news" was there at the hospital of the university of pennsylvania when a ambulance from that shooting scene arrived. it is in the clear to us who exactly was in that ambulance but we do know that both the doctor and the the gun man were treated at hup this afternoon. again the doctor suffered a grazed wound to his head. we will continue to stay on top of the story throughout this night for you stay with cbs-3 for latest on this and any breaking news, follow us on twitter at cbs philly and search for breaking news using hash tag cbs-3 breaking. you can find updates anytime at cbs cbs-3 news exclusive now woman rowing on the schuykill river is thrown into the water, her cry for help brings a good samaritan racing to the rescue. that dramatic scene played out this morning near kelly drive
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in west hunting park avenue. both rower and her rescuer spoke exclusively with our walt hunter. >> reporter: when her can knew flipped in the schuylkill sudden lay meal use rustic found herself swimming as the boat began floating away. >> i heard a guy saying do you need help. i said i think he need heavier. >> she was screaming for help very clearly. i knew i needed to do something. >> reporter: almost instantly andrew turn his morning jog along kelly drive into a morning swim, the temple music teacher jumping into help. >> i wanted to grab her and hold ton her arm to make sure she stayed afloat. >> reporter: but first separated from the what the buyer wall and heavy brush he needed to figure out a waste in, and suddenly, there it was. >> out of the corner of my eye i see this stairwell and it goes right down to the shore. >> reporter: current was a lot faster then it would normally be. it was like oh, wow i need to
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get to the shore. >> reporter: swimming out 57 feet, he soon was at rustic's side and together they made their way safe liz to shore. >> i was out to her it was apparent she would be fine. that made me feel better that she would be okay. >> he was amaze ago this he was willing to come out to me. i'm just like flailing. he is coming out to help out. >> reporter: as for the man he said from the moment he heard that cry for help there was in doubt he had to head in the what the tore to whatever he could. >> i have been running for past couple weeks so i was i a lit about tonight shape. i'm glad that i was able to help. >> reporter: neither rower nor rescue required any medical treatment. he is training for the world dragon boat championship time trails and he is preparing for half marathon. the long before either hits finish line on the schuylkill this morning definitely a winning effort. live from the sat center i'm walt hunter cbs-3 "eyewitness news". we will continue to follow
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breaking news out of darby a shooting at a medical center leaves one woman dead a doctor and gunman wounded. we have a team of reporters working to gather more information and latest information is a few minutes away kate. after yesterday's heat and humidity and strong thunderstorms today turnout much more comfortable will this nice comfortable weather stick around? we will have have forecast from the city down short where kathy orr is live in stone hash or the bay, hi kathy. kate, looking beautiful we are at aqua park and skies are blue and looking like it is going to be a beautiful evening. right in the weekend. we will be back with that weekend shore cast coming up. okay guys, red i. >> yeah,. >> one two three, launch.
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we now know the identity of the accused gunman in a deadly medical center shooting in darby, delaware county. he has been identified at this hour as richard plots, the district attorney says that he opened fire in a doctor's office in the psychiatric wing of the wellness center there police say plots shot and killed a female caseworker and wounded a doctor. police found two guns at the scene of the shooting and they say it appears that one of those guns was the doctors and
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he may have shot that suspect, in self-defense. we will continue to follow this story for you tonight. tonight a renewed effort to catch a killer. two new billboards went up in south philadelphia. advertising for a $25,000, reward for information leading to the arrest and convictions of whoever killed don ly. the 68 year-old man was murdered in front of his home in the 400 block of volmer street, the victim's son spoke out about that brutal murder. >> did he not deserve this. we miss him so much. >> if you have any information about that murder, call the crime commission tip line at 215-546-tips. you can remain anonymous. well, weather wise this has turned out to be a beautiful summer day, kind of day where you might imagine the ocean breeze down the shore would feel great. >> yes, i can imagine that right now feeling great. you know who is living it,
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kathy orr live in stone harbor for this weeks orr at the shore, kathy. >> it is a great afternoon on the bay. we are here at aqua park. skies are clearing. if you are thinking of coming down the the shore this weekend, it is a very good idea. take a look at storm scan three we are looking at a few clouds right now. temperatures are mile. in philadelphia it is 81. wilmington is 80 degrees. millville 81. allentown 77. down the the shore we are looking good as well. beach haven 77 degrees. ocean city 80. stone harbor is 77. in cape may 78 degrees. now shore temperatures are pretty good as well. we are looking at ocean city looking pretty good and cape may, ocean water temperature is at 75 degrees. delaware is at 73. our forecast for the weekend, well, looking great, especially if you get a jump start, 80 on sunday. eighty-four, mostly sunny on
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saturday and by sunday temperatures in the 80's more humid with a shower or then are storm. we have a lot going on down the shore this weekend, beautiful day in stone harbor but elsewhere look at what is going on. here in stone harbor st. mary's seafood festival starts at noon clams, crabs, flounder sandwiches anything you want you will be able to find here. cape may on sunday head to the rotary band stand for the string ban at 8:00 and of courts, we have all of the information, on cbs back here live, you know, you have all of these wonderful ride. we have saturn and launch pad. this is much more my style. just a little bit of the tube floating back to center city, maybe in a little bit for evening news, live from stone harbor, cape back to you in the studio. >> i'm a little jealous of you, bear feet floating in the bay on an inner tube that is a good day at work, kathy, thanks very much. it looks beautiful down the shore. i will check out aqua park
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this years. amazing things for kid to do. in the city couple cloud started to filter back in the area but otherwise we are seeing blue sky and quiet conditions out here looking live on sky cam three from our roof cam here in the cbs-3 studios and cbs broadcast center. let look at what we can expect moving forward. high pressure means temperatures in the low to mid 80's, very comfortable conditions but it does steam up quickly as this next warm front lifts towards us on saturday. temperatures back into the upper 80's with a chance for stray thunderstorm. sunday, however does bring a better chance for storms mix of sun and clouds, high of 90. again very much more humidity on sunday and then gannon monday as this next system works its way through. once that system does move through we will expect major comfort next week. future dew points in the lower 50's in the city tomorrow at noon. that will feel fantastic but on saturday we will moisten backup as dew points lift backup in the mid 60's and near 07 degrees. for tomorrow we are in the
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awesome range dew points in the lower 50's feeling great, right backup toward steamy and oppressive by saturday. july weather coming back quickly the in the poconos it will be very comfortable for next few days highs in the 70's with sunshine friday and saturday. eighty on sunday with the better chance for an afternoon or evening then are storm. as far as tonight is concern it is cool comfortable partly cloudy 63 is overnight low and for your friday a full day of sunshine very low humidity, dew points in the lower 50's, 84 daytime high which is a couple degrees below average. much like early part of the workweek. here is your seven day forecast and shore cast and notice we will start climbing that ladder backup 88 on saturday with sunshine. eighty on sunday. more humid hot with a few thunderstorm. best chance for storms this sunday. on machine as coal front comes through at 88 degrees. look at the difference between that push of thunderstorms we will get this blast of cool air tuesday wednesday, highs only in the lower 80's and it is a little hint of autumn, in
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the morning when you wake up feeling great. >> it was cool this morning. >> it will be cool tomorrow morning good hang around tonight it might take kathy a week to float back from stone harbor so we might need you. >> i will be standing by. >> good evening, everyone. we are still trying to wrap up this rush hour but i-95 is a total bum tore day. this is actually vine street expressway. bit of sun glare bouncing off vehicles here approaching i-95. if you are commuting in east bound direction you are delayed the entire length between schuylkill and 95. you will drop down speed sensors in the teens northbound jammed approaching penns landing, northeast and southbound just as bad. expect rush hour all over but stay with us for
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fill is wrapping up four game series with the giants at the the ballpark trying to avoid being swept by san francisco. ryan howard out of the line up
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second straight day. to the first inning phillies able to geton the board first, marlon byrd with the single to left and rollins comes home, to give fightins a one to nothing lead. fifth inning coal ham else in a jam, giant take advantage cole gives up a single and he is able to score from second. the game is tied. phillies come right back in their half of the fifth, chase utley sing tolls center driving home ben reveer making it two-one. another great performance from cole, eight innings, one run six hits, ten strike outs, 27th time in his career he has had ten or more strike outs in the game and in drama from jonathan papelbon. he retir order for his 24th save, phillies win two -one. we will
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the alleged gunman in the
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medical certainty shooting has been identified as richard plots. he opened fire in the doctor's office in the the psychiatry wing at mercy fitzgerald wellness center. police say plots shot and killed a female caseworker a doctor there suffered a grazed wound. in critical condition, police found two guns at the scene they say within was the the there's and might have been used in self-defense. we will very latest on that shooting on "eyewitness news" at ten on the cw philly and at 11:00 on cbs-3 at 11:00. stay right there "cbs evening news" comes your way next. they will look at dangers immigrant children will face when they are sent back to central america. here with that and all of the days news is scott pelley reporting from new york. >> pelley: tonight death in a safe haven. shells hit a u.n. school in gaza where civilians had taken shelter from the war. barry petersen is there. >> reporter: the hospital was overwhelmed from everything
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we've seen most of the casualties are children and women. >> pelley: deadly weather. >> oh, my god. >> pelley: a tornado hits a campground in eastern virginia. chip reid reports. was it cruel and unusual? the execution of a convicted killer was supposed to take about 10 minutes. ben tracy reports it lasted nearly two hours. and over 100 on long island. not the temperature the weatherman. >> i think i'm 100. >> reporter: i think so you're 101. >> who put the 1 on there?


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