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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  July 24, 2014 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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♪ >> from the cbs broadcast center
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in philadelphia this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> chaos, panic everybody was running and ducking for cover. >> heard shots and the police -- >> now at 11:00 o'clock, terror at a delaware county medical center. a shoot out inside. a caseworker is dead and a doctor is shot. tonight we're learning more about the man accused of pulling the trigger. this picture is from years ago but police confirm it shows the accused gunman richard plots. >> we have a lot of new developments in this still unfolding story tonight. good evening, i'm chris may. >> i'm jessica dean. that shooting happened around 2:20 p.m. inside the psychiatric unit at mercy fitzgerald hospital in darby. we have live team three coverage tonight. we begin with matt rivers at the delaware county prosecutor's office in mode ya and matt you learned new information about this investigation just a moment ago. >> reporter: jessica, that is correct. officials confirmed to cbs-3 not
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long ago that lee silverman the doctor that was shot in this afternoon shooting has been released from the hospital and has already spoken to investigators. that is one of the first steps what will no doubt be a len tee investigations for inside the da' office in delaware county. >> we heard shots and the police running through and screaming. popping and screaming and then the cops there. >> gunfire shattered midday calm thursday at the mercy wellness center in darby. 49 year old richard plots a psychiatric patient at the center walked in for an appointment with his dr. lee silverman just after 2:00 p.m. he was accompanied by his caseworker theresa hunt. witnesses told police what happened next. >> a few minutes went by and they did hear multiple shots fired. plots allegedly drew a gun during a heated argument at the same time officials say the doctor drew his own gun. they both fired and all three people in the office were hit. >> i saw man run crying and
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carrying on. blood all over his head. that's all i know. >> reporter: the doctor suffered a graze wound the suspect hit three times in the torso. 5384 old caseworker was killed. fellow doctors called 911 and went in after the suspect. >> together were able to disarm him and take the weapon away. in the mean tom police did arrive continued to subdue him and then render medical aid. >> reporter: he was taken to the hospital at the university of pennsylvania where he remains in critical condition. in the meantime the investigation continues. dr. silverman the main focus. >> we're in the process of having the doctor interviewed. >> reporter: officials hope what he tells them can shed some insight to what happened and why. and one of of the questions that remains is which person plots or his doctor fired the shot that killed that caseworker. but legally speaking according to the district attorney, it doesn't really matter. because the doctor was acting in self defense, plots will be charged with murder either way. we're live in delaware county tonight, matt rivers cbs-3
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"eyewitness news". >> matt, thank you vmu nophas bn digging into that suspect's past tonight and todd you've learn he's no stranger to the law. >> reporter: indeed chris. according to court documents we uncovered they indicate richard plots has a criminal record that dates back years. this is a man whose be in and out of the criminal justice system since 1990. before thursday's shooting 49 year old already had an established history with police. court documents indicate plots has been arrested on drug offenses, weapons offenses and assault charges. thursday night we also caught up with his ex-wife. she provided us this picture of plots she says is from when they were married in 1988. they divorced about 10 years later after she says he just displayed violent behavior during that are time together. she did not want to appear on camera but agreed to speak to us. i asked her if she was surprised to hear about thursday's shoo shooting. >> i surprised he hasn't been put away long time ago. i surprised they don't check people going in and out of place
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where is people with some sort of psychiatric disability, problem, don't check them going in and out of these places it's kind of scary. >> few months neighbors tell us plots lived here inside this upper darby apartment along west chester pike. plots often displayed bizarre behavior and was clearly in need of help. even left them with bizarre message when he moved out. >> the last thing he said, um, getting in the van he hollered he said "you haven't her the end of me yet". >> he knocked on my door one day to use my cell phone you establish himself in the leg. i sort of stayed away from him. i didn't communicate with him much because i saw what i saw. >> reporter: neighbors say did see a mental health caseworker who would help plots but at this point it doesn't appear that caseworker is the same woman who was killed today. reporting live tonight in the news center, todd quinones cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> all right, todd, thank you very much. let's talk about that woman. theresa hunt was add dull services caseworker who was
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trying to help this alleged gunman. live team coverage continues with diana rocco. she's been in her port richmond neighborhood tonight talking with neighbors and friends. diana? >> reporter: chris, theresa hun lived in this neighborhood for nearly two decades and tonight neighbors are painting a picture of a very sweet woman who loved her job and was dedicated to it word of her death has come as quiet shock to many people we were talking to on the streets here today. who only found out this afternoon when police started showing up at hunt's door trying to verify that that was in fact her address. and looking for family members. landlord showed up a short time later to change the lock the door. we were able to speak with some women on the block that she was very friendly with. they said she worked long hours and she did love her job as caseworker. in fact she would often come home and share stories with the ladies. theresa did live alone. she does have brother who lives nearby who she'd go to bingo with twice a week. and a sister who lived upstate.
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>> very nice woman. but she's always working. or playing bingo. >> very sweet woman. she was funny. she loved bingo. i mean she used to sit with us and talk about her days. i feel like it's part of my family. not just a friend. that's how nice she was to all of us. >> reporter: and hunt did live in this same home on this block for 17 years. neighbors not only in shock tonight about her death, but say she will be very missed. we're live in port richmond. i'm diana rocco cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> all right. diana, thank you. mercy fitzgerald hospital row leased this statement a few minutes ago it read in part "we continue to pray for the victims and their families. it went on to say we're thankful for the responders to this incident. the many law enforcement professionalprofession who a pae investigation and the outpouring of support we received from our community. all indications are the hospital was prepared to handle a situation like this.
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we're told mercy had an active shooter drill eight months a doy saw proper police identificati identification. police responders were on the scene in under five minutes. >> today's shooting draws attention to this unique security challenge that medical facilities face. how do they maintain an open and welcome environment while protecting those who work and receive treatment there? one health care security expert told us tonight that metal detectors and security measures like those scene at ire airports could soon be implemented at hospitals. >> we're seeing a trend inside health care today that is moving more towards that where people are being screened and they're being who they're to see and why they're at the facility and i think that's something that will be able to -- i think you'll see more of that inside of health care across the country. >> stay with "eyewitness news" for new developments in the medical center shooting. much more tomorrow on "eyewitness news" this morning starting at 4:30 a.m. you can also get the latest any
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time at >> new at 11:00 o'clock tonight, a plane load of passengers from philadelphia is in the air right now. they're destination tel-aviv israel. tonight we caught up with several travelers whose plans were put on hold this week by the federal government. >> with the faa's ban on flights to tel-aviv over passengers flocked to philadelphia international airport ready to fly. >> we're anxious to get back home. >> on-going violence in gaza scrambled travel plans earlier this week after hamas rocket reportedly landed dangerously close to tel-aviv's airport. they're concerns among american and our queen officials that the airport was being targeted. travelers we spoke with were not concern. >> tel-aviv airport is very safe. and we have no worries. >> reporter: some even questioned the necessary suv the of flight ban. one called it a victory for hamas. martin engle had plans to visit
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tel-aviv with his wife and daughter on tuesday only to see the flight canceled. >> maybe the faa had extra precaution which i understand maybe it was politics. but if they are flying i feel comfortable on u self are a wa ways. >> flight 796 to tel-aviv did depart on time thursday night. the first step for these travelers on long journey to the middle east. a place they can only hope will soon find peace. >> i really hope it will over soon and both sides will be safe. >> the violence did continue today. 15 people were killed in gaza at a school that had been converted into a united nations shelter. israel claims it did not target the facility and even suggested the compound was hit by hamas rockets. 803 palestinians have reportedly been killed during the 17 day conflict so have 32 israeli soldiers and three civilians. un secretary general moon says both sides should abide by international law and protect
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humanitarian workers torments night another airline disaster. air al engineer jet with 116 lives on board has crashed with no survivors. this yellow arrow shows the path the plane was supposed to take to algiers in north africa. but the red dots and the desert area shows what's left of the plane was discover. this area craft disappeared from radar less than an hour after take off this morning. its final transmission was request to change the route because of heavy rain. >> investigators believe that these are machine gun holes near the fuselage of malaysian airlines flight 17. 298 people were killed when that plane was shot down over ukraine last week. more bodies of the dead were returned home to the netherlands today. 25 forensic experts and dozens of support staffers are working to identify those remains. a new jersey child porn bust puts 14 men behind bars.
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michael van cullen of salem cun tee could face 20 years in jail. investigators say he black mailed a teenaged girl to strip naked on a web camera. two other suspects worked for the shepherd bus company. driving children in the mays landing area. shepherd defended its hiring practices and said the two men no longer work there. the state' acting attorney general called them all child predators. >> we allege all these defendants preye preyed on innot children by viewing, distributing and in one case creating images of children being sexually tortured and sexually exploited. >> suspect michael parker want d to be youth minister at the first presbyterian church of merchantville. he had clothmerchantville. >> up credible video tonight as severe storms hit virginia. tornado that tore through a campground that definite devastation for new jersey families.
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>> kathy. >> in our weather we're looking for clearing skies and much cooler temperatures overnight. it will be sunny, then stormy. it's all in the seven day coming up. >> also ahead in this seven of beach down the shore dangerous? a local family says yes. next their fight to make it safer. >> and meet new jersey's newest millionaires. how one family turned 1 dollar into a fortune.
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>> tornado tour through a campground in virginia this morning killing a couple from jersey city. their 13 year old son is hospitalized with serious injuries tonight. >> a tree crashed down on their tent at the cherry stone family camping grounds. many who were at that park say that they only had few minutes warning that they were in the path of a tornado. >> cbs-3 viewer captured this video of a corvette engulfed in flames in the southbound lanes of interstate 95 today. firefighters eventually arrived there and put out that fire. it all happened near the cottman avenue exit in the northeast. the car was destroyed. but no one was hurt. it's unclear how that fire sta started. the family of a horsham man
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who drowned at the jersey shore in july of 2012 has filed a lawsuit now. the family of brad smith filed that suit again the city of north wildwood, cape may county and the state of new jersey. smith was walking with his daughter in ankle deep water near the hair forward inlet when the sand gave way and swept him out to sea. smith held his daughter above the water so she could be rescued but he drowned. the suit alleges that officials knew that stretch of beach had a hit of dangerous currents and instability. >> we all have so much grief to dole with but there's anguish, too. we don't want this to happen to another family and we wish that someone that new of this dangerous area would have done what was right. so we won never have lost brad in the first place. >> this lawsuit seeks both damages and a court order to close the beach. north wildwood's mayor says the section of the beach where the incident occurred is not guarded and he added that signs prohibiting swimming were in place prior to smith's death.
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>> general motors expects to pay at least $400 million in compensation to victims of the faulty ignition switch. that problem has been linke lino 13 deaths. that recall cost gm $1.5 billion in the second quarter. but the company still posted a net profit of $190 million. so far this year, gm has recalled nearly 30 million vehicles. >> a new jersey woman spent 1 dollar and won 20 million. >> not a bad return. she bought winning pick6 ticket last month but didn't check it for two weeks. well now she is sharing her winnings with 17 siblings, their niece and two nephews. some of who are still rebuilding from hurricane scene. everyone says they're in shock over the win. >> she had really in idea what it was worth and she turn it in and one teller look at it before you know it there's three tellers and they call someone else over.
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>> i said, i think i won the lottery and that was it. >> the family chose the cash option. they'll clear about $10 million after taxes. >> can you imagine? >> yes.r. >> beautiful day down the shore actually in the bay which is really fun. a lot of activities going on there. we're looking at a great jump start to the weekend tomorroyout outdoors and enjoy it head down the shore for the day or for the week. it is going to be a perfect friday. take look outside where we do have busy boardwalk. this is the north end of ocean city wonderland all of that fun stuff that you loved to down the shore. little bit quieter now than it was earlier but still a very busy week down the shore for vacations. storm scan3 showing heavier cloud cover on the jersey side. slowly moving offshore. the clouds thinning through allentown, reading lancaster and clearing skies in the poconos
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and harrisburg this will be the trend and as the skies clear those temperatures are going to cool. case in point, mount pocono only 57 degrees. 67 in reading. 64 in lancaster and 65 in allentown. more 70s as you go little bit farther to the south and east. but look at this almost a line right here to the west of philadelphia and down through virginia. 70s to the east. 60s to the west. and that's what's coming overnight. we will be in the comfort zone. ocean water temperatures warm through the 70s. atlantic city 71. cape may 75. lewes, delaware, 72. so that's good news as well. if you're going to be down the shore this weekend. friday looking good. high pressure in control. plenty of sunshine. blue skies. temperatures in the 80s. by saturday, that high slides off the coast. a little bet more humid with warm front approaching from the southwest. a slight chance of isolated shower but temperatures warmer in the upper 80s in the wake of that warm front, we're going to turn hot again. this is going to be very short lived, no big deal temperatures
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right around 90 but chance of a late day storm as cold front proves from the west a better chance on monday when that front finally clears. after that, a big cool down if trough builds in the east, cooler air spills down from can in today and temperatures will be running some five to 10 degrees below normal after that front moves through. so we are talking about big changes in our forecast and this is usually the hottest time of the year. so if we don't get the 90-degree temperatures the next couple of week, the odds start to go down a bit and i don't know if anybody is complaining about that. partly cloudy overnight. it will be comfortable. the low 63. the air will be bone dry tomorrow and that means a deep blue sky. lots of sunshine. the high temperature 84. and in the poconos, refreshing air. friday, 77. saturday 78. parly sunny. chance of a storm on sunday the high 80. on the exclusive i wet weather seven day forecast and shore cast warmer, more humid on saturday. sunday there's that storm chance. monday a better chance and after that front clears, the high only
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80 on tuesday. 82 wednesday. and 84 on thursday. average highs this time of year around 87 degrees. but i'll take it. i like a nice sunny moderately warm day. remember you can get the updated forecast any time with a new cbs philly weather app. check live radar get severe weather alerts whether you're in the mountains, down the shore, at home, always have it with you. download the app now on i tunes, of course, it's coming to android soon. of course, katie will check the weather tomorrow morning with our team. we start the 4:30 on cbs-3 and continue here on the cw beginning at 5:00. if there's any changing in and weekend weather katie will be the first to let you know. >> a lot of people with an eye toward the week end. so close now. so close. i can feel it. >> i can feel it. kathy thanks. >> lesley is here with sports many tough time for the phillies and that you are biggest stars. >> the big piece on the bench for the second straight game. and he is not happy about it. without ryan, could this lineup beat the giants? sports is next.
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>> phillies start three game series tomorrow against arizona. today they finally beat the giants in the series finale. first inning the phillies able to get on the board. marlon byrd with the single to left. jimmy rollins trots home to give the fight that is one to nothing lead. then in the fifth inning cole hamels in a jam. the giants take advantage. cole gives up the single and blanco scores from second. the game tied phillies come right back. chase utley singles to center driving home ben revere to make it two-one. another great performance from cole. eight innings, one run,ing is hits, 10 streak outs. this is the 27th time in his career he's had 10 or more strike outs in game. phillies within this one, two-one. ryan howard was not in the lineup for a second straight game even though he's had many
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successful games against gain giants starter tim hudson hissing .328. 17 rbi's against hudson. sandberg met with ryan after the game and the big fella not happy about not playing. >> it was more of a case of darrin just getting here and, um... and i wanted to take look at him for at least a couple of games. he wants to play and wants to be in the lineup, and that's totally understandable. so as we go forward and there's some options on some days, then he'll look at those options. >> year two of the chip kelly era officially starting tomorrow and the players report for training camp at the novacare complexion. first practice is on saturday. redskins started training camp in richmond. our old friend desean jackson there. huge hit with the fans. he told reporters he's very happy, he's not looking back. he comes to the linc in september. >> just wonder what kind of
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reception he'll get. >> the game can't get here quickly enough. lesley, thanks.
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>> maybe you look up in the sky and wonder what do astronauts eat? i don't know. well a texas company has inven invented soy sauce especially designed with space in mind. >> the owner of little soy in houston says he got a call from nasa a few years ago inquiring about single serve packs. the trick parent system getting the soy sauce not to spill or squirt. well they have finally done th that. they have these fish shaped packs that meet all of nasa's requirements. so they will be among the cargo that journeys on the air yann five rocket next week and destination the international space station. they need their soy sauce in
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space. >> got to have it. >> space sue chi up there. we'll be right back. ♪
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>> thanks for watching "eyewitness news" at 11:00 o'clock. we return in the morning at 4:30 with ukee washington and natasha brown. for lesley, kathy and everyone here at i with news i'm chris may. >> i'm jessica dean. the lay show with david >> i'm jessica dean. the lay show with david letterman is
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