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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  July 25, 2014 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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the weekends, the threat for showers, storms, return. we'll time things out for you, all coming up. bob? >> good morning, everybody, 5:00 o'clock straight up on a fridayment looking live at the 42 freeway here, where they're wrapping up some construction, getting ready for the push to the shore later on. we'll check the rest of the roads, mass transit, coming up next. good morning. >> good morning, everyone, in the news, one person killed, and doctor is recovering this morning, after a pschiatric patient pulls out a gun and fires inside a delaware county medical center "eyewitness news" reporter january jan carao live in darby, jan, what do we know about this alleged shooter richard plots at this point? >> reporter: we're told the shooting suspect is still in the hospital this morning, in critical condition, although, we are told he has been stabilized. meanwhile, police are still working to figure out a motive in this case, that's left this patient's doctor wounded, and his case worker dead. >> chaos, at mercy wellness center in darby, after a patient visiting his doctor in the pschiatric unit pulls a
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gun. >> shots, screaming. >> i saw a man run, crying and care g on, blood>> police say it after 2:00, 49 year old richard plots was visiting his doctor, lee silverman, his case worker was there, too, police say plots pulled a gun during a heated argument then silverman drew his own gun. both shot, and all three in the room were hit. fellow doctors called 911 then went after the suspect. >> were able to disarm him, take the weapon away. >> his case worker 53 year old theresa hunt died. now cbs-3 is learning more about the suspect, this photo of plots was provided by his ex-wife, from 1988, when they were married. she does not want to be identified, but says, plots displayed violent behavior during their time together. >> surprised he hasn't been put away a long time ago. i'm surprised they don't check
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people going in and out of places with people with some sort of pschiatric disability, with these problems, don't check them going in and out of the places, scary. and, the d.a. says, plots will be charged with murder, and he has a long history with police, dating back to 1990. he's been arrested on drug and weapons charges in the past, also, assault charges, as you also heard, from his ex-wife, had a history of violence, as well. as for the doctor in this case, he suffered graze wounds to his face, since treated and released from the hospital and it is again hospital policy for employees to carry firearms into the workplace. reporting live in darby, jan carabeo, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> jan, thank you very much. also, learning more about the victim killed in yesterday's shooting. theresa hunt was the adult services case worker, trying to help the alleged gunman. neighbors in her port richmond community say they're in shock at the loss of someone they considered not only a neighbor, but also a very good
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friends. >> we all like her. she would come home, sit here with us, talk, and all. and we got also close with like part of the family that we lost, not just a friend. >> well the hospital practice for a situation like this, we're told mercy active shooter drill just eight months ago. people in the building locked themselves inside rooms and did not open doors until they saw the proper police id. we had learned the hospital's code of conduct bans employees from bringing guns to work as you heard jan mention. there are still lots of questions, though, to be answered about this shooting. we're going to bring you the latest developments all morning long, and also, around the clock, breaking news coming to us from camden county, prosecute remembers investigating the discovery of a body, along the side of a road in winslow township. the body was found near new brooklyn aerial road, and wilson landing road just after 1:00 this morning.
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so far, investigators have released very few details. we'll let you know the latest as soon as we learn more, and it comes into our news room. right now, let's get your traffic and weather together, we send it outside to katie. good morning. >> good morning, ukee, happy friday everybody. i always say, i love giving forecasts like there is and reason for t because i know you'll step out the door, feel what it feels like, in terms of humidity and temperature, and just shear comfort. and you're like we can get through this day, weekend here, beautiful day underway, generally speaking not terrible weekend either. changes are on the way, which we'll explain, we start things off by taking you out to storm scan three always good place to start, not heck of a lot going on with high pressure now taking the lead. you can still see the retreat at this point of the lingering cloud cover, but as it makes its retreat it, does meet this drier air mass settling in. talk about good hair day, light wind, expected, boy, talking dew points this low, oh, it feels so good outside. again, usually the benchmark for what it starts to feel humid in terms of dew point,
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about 65. but this is where we stand right now. mid, low 50's, at worse, so, again, just such a comfortable beginning to the day for us. currently, our temperatures are actually what i would call down right cool or sweatshirt weather type variety here up toward the pocono region. sixty-four in the city, at least at the airport, that's what's being reported. and 61 degrees out at the area shore points right now, specifically in atlantic city, meanwhile, we go through the day with full sunshine, warm, but not hot. it is comfortable, and it is nice and bright for you. so, sunglasses required, obviously on a day like this, it is a cool day at least for late july standards, but what an absolutely great way in terms of the weather to wrap up this work week, tie it up with a nice big bo of sunshine. looks good. bob, we send it into you. >> 5:05, on a friday morning, made it to the ends of the week, getting ready for the weekend and not bad on the major roadways. i-95 southbound, headlights
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passing girard avenue, getting ready to head into the construction zone. to problems or delays from bucks county all the way down to the delaware state line, the benny looking good, only three lanes at the moment coming into philadelphia. all this week, so far, they've had four lanes, during the morning rush hour. we will keep an eye on that one. of course through the weaken, i believe having arrays on the ben franklin, cycling race here, the tour de shore will go over the ben franklin, thus closed sunday morning, bright, early, 6:30 to 8:00. close today vehicle traffic. see the blinking signs alerting you of that over the next couple of days. east on the pa turnpike, construction crews between ft. washington and bensalem. there is also construction crews south on 95, 202, and keep in mind, for that gang headed to the delaware beaches, give yourself some extra time this afternoon, as you navigate 95, through wilmington, with that 495 closure still out there. mass transit, though, looking good, no delays, natasha, over to you. >> thank you. new this morning, man rescued from car after it overturns following a two-car crash in
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philadelphia's hunting park. "eyewitness news", on the scene, just after 2:30 on old york road, near butler street. now, firefighters had to cut the windshield to free the man from the wreckage. fortunately, he only suffered some minor injuries. investigators are still working to pinpoint what caused this crash. well, developing right now, israeli officials will meet today to broker new talks toward lasting cease-fire agreement with hamas. have i lens rages on in gaza, 15 people killed at school that was converted into a united nations shelter. israel claims it did not target the facility. more than 800 palestinians and 34 israelis have been killed in this most recent conflict. well, a plane load of passengers from philadelphia is in the air right now. destination tel-aviv israel. us air flights 796 took off from philadelphia international airport as scheduled last night. the first departure to tel-aviv since the faa lifted its ban on flights through israel's main airport.
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still safety is weighing heavily on the mind of some travelers. >> if the israeli airline is still flying, i'm sure it is safe. maybe the faa had extra precautions, which i understand maybe it was politics, but if flying, i feel comfortable on us airways. >> state department spokeswoman maintains the faa ruling was not politically motivated. and the missing air algeria jet has been found in mali. weather may have actually caused the plane to crash killing all 116 people on board. now, this yellow arrow shows the flight path to algiers in north africa. the red dot there is the dessert area where the wreckage was found. disappeared from radar less than hour after take off thursday morning. france's president, just confirmed, there are no survivors. at least one black box has been recovered in the debris. now, to another airline tragedy, investigators of the
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crash site of mh flight 17 believe these are machine gun holes near the plane's fuselage. all 290 people on board this flight were killed, when us officials say the boeing 777 was shot down by a surface to air missile over eastern ukraine. the transfer of bodies of the victims is almost complete. twenty-five forensic experts now working trying to identify the remains in the netherlands well, happening today, philadelphia mayor michael nutter is on a business trip to fans. the mayor posted this picture on twitter with paris' mayor writing: great conversation with mayor hilldago, life changes, student exchanges, and jokes. she tweeted her own picture with the mayor, translated into english and says: i just received the mayor of philadelphia, michael nutter, who opened his city to innovation and sustainable development. the mayor will be in france through tuesday.
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natasha -- (speaking french). >> okay? got a little french for me, ukee? >> that's all i got. >> we better move on. elderly man killed an unarmed intruder inside his home. surprising claim that she told the homeowner just momenents before he shot her. plus, chaos at a crowded campgrounds. check out the wreckage left behind after a deadly tornado ripped through this area. and now, we're learning, much more about the victims from new jersey. plus, all he wanted was birthday cards and strangers really came through in a very big way. the incredible response to his simple wish. katy? >> that the tasha, great way to wrap up the work week. expecting absolutely beautiful day to unfold with sunshine, low humidity, and nice warmth. not too hot. how long does this last? i'll have the answer for you on the other side.
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hello! i'm a kid. and us kids have an important message for our grown ups. three grams daily of beta-glucan... a soluable fiber from whole grain oat foods like cheerios can help lower cholesterol. and where can you find beta-glucan? in oats. and, they're yummy! i'm going back to being a kid now. thank you! >> good morning there is campgrounds in virginia is covered in wreckage after tornado tore through it, killing a couple from new
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jersey. a trail remembers tossed, trees smashed, some cars, this couple from jersey city died when tree crashed on their tent. thirty-six other campers were hurt, as well. the storm caught many campers off guard. >> i heard people saying: come help me, help me, please. there was nothing that could be done for them. >> all still hurt, still we don't even know if this is really real. it is really hard. >> the couple's three children are also in the hospital, including their 13 year old son, who suffered life threatening injuries. the national weather service says the tornado actually passed over the campgrounds twice before heading out to sea. it is 5:13, here's traffic and weather together. katy? >> actually, ukee, if you recall from yesterday, storms rumbled through virginia, all part of the very same front that was messing with our forecast two days ago. and that front just again
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still had plenty of energy to work with. so, until it could completely clear, we were still dealing with some very strong storms, here at home, it ended up just being transition day for us, yesterday, but you can actually still see the retreat of that front. even just on "skycam 3", the very back edge, at this point, of any clouds still left over, skies clearing nicely for us here, and we can expect to see a beautiful day, thankfully, unfolding here. storm scan3, little bit of better representation of the retreat of the front. still seeing back edge, satellite, radar, throwing on top. talking pollen, grass, plane tape, nettles, climbing little with time. high pressure generally in control for the next two days, but there is a warmfront that we will be dealing with, as we move forward in the forecast. i'll show it to you in a second. meanwhile, here's where we stands right now. it is call -- comfy outside. yes, feels so good outside. i could just stands out on the skydeck all morning and just be happy as a clam.
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53 degrees currently at mount pocono. walk you through the next couple of days, we'll heat up as of tomorrow, courtesy of warmfront, spotty shower or storm late in the day, but most of the day looks awesome. then up to 90 sunday, with more showers and thunderstorms, becoming little bit more widespread. bob, over to you. >> good morning, everybody, 5:15, this friday morning, for great start. in problems or delays at all. we go outside, say good morning to downtown philly, the sun begins to rise in the background there, over the delaware river, south jersey. but we're good to go coming into center city philadelphia. no problems at all from ends to ends, let's go out to malvern, live look at route 202 at route 29, again, pretty sunrise shots on all of the cameras here, this morning. some overnight road work still with us, north on 295, right at the 42 freeway, until about 6:00 or so. they'll wrap it up, then call it a weekends. a regata coming into town here tomorrow. that will close our kelly drive all day, from 6:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. throughout the day tomorrow and of course on the weekends, the martin luther king drive is closed to
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vehicle traffic every weekend. so also, that extra volume on the schuylkill, and busy weaken here, phillies are home at the stadium complex, the marvel comic shows have multiple shows throughout the day. sunday's going to be big one. not just because of all of the activity, but eagles training camp is open to the public down there, in south philadelphia, and the phillies also around that same time of the game, across the street. ukee, back over to you. >> thank you. developing story, at the top of today's headlines on "eyewitness news". investigators are looking for the motive in yesterday's deadly shooting at mercy fitzgerald medical center in darby. patient allegedly shotnd killed case worker, and then the suspect was stopped by armed psychiatrist. that suspect in critical condition. and breaking news from camden county. prosecutors are investigating the discovery of body along the side after road in winslow township. so far, investigators have released very few details. >> military aoun ritz securing the site of yesterday's plane crash in mal i. they say terrorism has not
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been ruled out, though it was likely caused by bad weather. 116 people were killed. well, a smash and grab doesn't exactly go as planned. you have to see why the dumb crooks' plan turned into a bust even after they broke into a store. plus? >> i just feel so lucky. then this just is the icing on the cake. >> it is all in the family for the latest lottery winners. wait until you hear how much money they're splitting after hitting the jackpot. we'll be
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>> shot andrea miller twice in the back tuesday, after she and another man broke into his house in long beach. miller told greer she was pregnant. police are awaiting on an autopsy to confirm that. he said his home has been burglarized twice before. he was acing in self-defense.
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>> this smash and grab in texas does not exactly go as planned. three guys in the truck nailed the smash part when they backed their truck into that houston convenience store. but, they didn't count on the truck getting stuck there. they ended up running away without stealing a thing. now, on the cbs-3 health watch this morning, delaware has its first official case of a new virus, carried by mosquitos. delaware health officials confirm the chicken gunya case in a sussex county man. more than two dozen other cases in new jersey, in philadelphia, an including four in philly. they all got sick after traveling to the caribbean. the virus is rarely deadly, but symptoms do include fever and severe joint pain. also, boxes of birthday cards from around the world made their way to danny knicker son in time for his birthday today. we told you all about the brave, massachusetts little boy, birth's day wish yesterday. well it, came true, in a very
5:21 am
big way, already received 50,000 birthday cards, more than the entire town gets in a single day. >> it is overwhelming with how much stuff we have to let him open. , he needs another year to open them. >> to see all of the present, to see the kindness, generosity, from complete stranglers so sweet. much more on the way, believe it or not, so far, danny has gotten cards from all across the united states, a rube a, even a squad ran off marines in afghanistan. he turns six years olds today. >> oh, that's great. katie said it off to the side: that's awesome. >> really is, no doubt about it, fantastic. having trouble getting out of bed this morning? we're going to show you the high tech alarm clock designed to make mornings a little easier. >> oh, i know what you're saying. and is this the end of the ryan howard era? philly? see what ryan stand berg says about his star on the other
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>> time for traffic and weather together. good morning, kate. >> i good morning, that the tasha. good morning it is, when you walk out the door, you'll feel the difference, just so much more comfortable outside. actually kind of cool. at least for late july standards. you can still get away without the jacket. and, almost, every location, but it is actually little on the cool side. maybe enough to quantify for or qualify for sweatshirt if you're up toward the pocono region. through the resort forecast, storm scan3 still empty. will stay that way all way today. up from see puffy white cloud, don't be surprised by that. nothing but bright blue skies with full sunshine, high uv index as you might imagine down the shore, but great beach day. up in the poconos, it is also a great day, 75 and sunny. just doesn't get better than that.
5:25 am
expecting more sun than anything tomorrow, as well. some spots do bring in likelihood for spotty shower or storm, especially for the second half of the weekend. bob, we send it over to you. >> you know it will be nice when she throws an umh in there! >> good morning, everybody, going outside to live look at the platt bridge from our airport camera. no problems or delays at all at the platt. pretty sunrise in the back there. if you are headed to the phillies game or going to be going to the eagles training camp sunday, keep in mind, the platt bridge has a new speed limit. they took it from 45 down to 35. and they have a little book they call tickets, just ready to give you a reminder, that it is 35, right, ukee? >> well, i wouldn't know. >> an accident, route 13, right there, down in delaware, and then north on the northeast extension, watch for crews out near the lansdale interchange. mass transit looking good with no delays. here's ukee now with a look at sports. >> and as bob mentioned, phillies open their series
5:26 am
against the d backs tonight with kyle kendrick on the mound for the home team. chase utley, tiebreaking fifth inning rbi yesterday, against the giants, gave cole hamels all he needed to help the phils break four-game losing streak. cole allowed one run, went eight innings, with ten strikeouts. it is a 27 career double digit strikeout game. phillies avoid the sweep. phils win two to one. there are reports the phils are shopping ryan howard as we approach the trade deadline, and cbs sports says the phils are too long pay most of his $07 million contract to do it. manager ryan sandberg says howard is struggling, and platoon is a possibility. >> if he has trouble against left-handed pitching, and darren rough is swinging it, it becomes an option, and that becomes a scenario having a righthander and a left-handed batter up there against certain pitchers, and then both guys are going well,
5:27 am
that's a good scenario. >> howard sat out last night for the second night in a row. despite strong lifetime numbers against giants starter, tim hudson. stay tuned as we say. well, eagles, here we go, report to training camp at nova care today for the second camp of the chip kelly err a practices start tomorrow, the birds open the pre-season schedule against the bears in chicago august the eighth, just about time to fly eagles fly. natasha, back to you. >> sounds good, thanks, so much. coming up in the next half hour of "eyewitness news", following new developments in the medical center shooting. jan? >> reporter: one is dead, two are injured, in a shooting here at wellness center in darby. i'm jan carabeo, coming up the latest on suspected shooter and his history with police. also, a row err rescued after falling intnto the schuylkill river. only on "eyewitness news" you'll hear from that rower and the hero who saved her. bob and katie return with your traffic and weather together on the 3's. we're back with you in just two minutes. stay with us.
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this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news". chaos, panic, everybody was running, ducking for cover. >> terror inside delaware county medical center when patient opens fire. one worker is dead and a doctor is hurt. good morning, everyone. we have the latest developments in the shooting investigation as we learn more about the suspect and the victim. also, a very bizarre mystery when some dolls ends up on people's doorsteps. what do you think about this? crazy or cute? i know what i think. but now we're finding out how they ended up there. what other folks think. first, let's check on the weather and traffic with bob and katy? >> i know what i think, too, natasha. i'm with you. beautiful weather unfolding out there today. been promising you this to you. high pressure taking the lead. it is cooler, it is comfortable, it will ends up being bright, sunny


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