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tv   Eyewitness News at 530  CBS  July 25, 2014 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news". chaos, panic, everybody was running, ducking for cover. >> terror inside delaware county medical center when patient opens fire. one worker is dead and a doctor is hurt. good morning, everyone. we have the latest developments in the shooting investigation as we learn more about the suspect and the victim. also, a very bizarre mystery when some dolls ends up on people's doorsteps. what do you think about this? crazy or cute? i know what i think. but now we're finding out how they ended up there. what other folks think. first, let's check on the weather and traffic with bob and katy? >> i know what i think, too, natasha. i'm with you. beautiful weather unfolding out there today. been promising you this to you. high pressure taking the lead. it is cooler, it is comfortable, it will ends up being bright, sunny day. how long does this last?
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i'll have that answer for you as we talk about your weekends forecast, and everything else that comes along with it, all coming up. bob? >> good morning, 5:31, off to pretty good start this friday morning, getting ready for another good looking weekends. outside, live look, coming into -- down the roosevelt boulevard, messier yesterday morning, but off to good start here, the headlights crossing the schuylkill river, headed through the expressway. we'll check the rest of the roads and mass transit coming up next. ukee, good morning. >> bob, thank you. developing right now, investigators are searching for a motive behind deadly shoot-out inside a delaware county wellness center. after a pschiatric patient allegedly pulls out a gun, during a argument, and opens fire. >> one person was killed, another injured, after a pschiatric patient allegedly pulled out the gun, opened fire, "eyewitness news" reporter january jan carabeo trg the story for us live in darby with exclusive reaction from those who did witness all of this chaos, jan? >> reporter: natasha, ukee, we're told that the suspected shot is her currently in the hospital this morning, in critical condition, although, we're told he has been
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stabilized, this morning. as for the doctor, who was injured, he suffered graze wound to his face, but he has since been treated and released. as you mentioned, police are still searching for a motive in this shooting that left the case worker here dead. now there is all unfolded behind me, yesterday afternoon, here, in darby, at the mercy wellness center, police say 49 year old richard plots, pschiatric patient, at the center, was visiting his doctor, at -- lee silverman. plots pulled gun during heated argument, then silverman drew his own gun, both shot, and all three in the room were hit. fellow doctors called 911, then went after and subdued the suspect. plots was shot three times in the chest. his doctor, again, suffered that graze wounds to his face. and that case worker, 53 year old theresa hunt, was killed. eyewitnesses who were at the hospital at the time of the shooting describe the chaos exclusively to cbs-3.
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>> shot, screaming, the cop was clapping and screaming. >> i saw a man run, crying and caring on, blood all over his head. >> reporter: now the d.a. says plots will be charged with murder, he has a long history with police dating back to 1990. he's been arrested on drug offenses, weapons offenses, and assault charges, in the past, coming up in the next half hour, we'll hear from his ex-wife who said he had violent behavior, violent history with her during their marriage. reporting live in dare. jan carabeo, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> the hospital released this statement saying: we continue to pray for the victims and their families. we thankful to the responders to this incident. the many law enforcement professionals who are part of the investigation, and the outpouring of support we have received from our community. stay with "eyewitness news" for new developments in the medical center shooting. you can find all of the latest information any time at
5:34 am it is 5:33, here is your traffic and weather together. kate? >> good morning, ukee, nice day coming our way here, courtesy of high pressure. i love when high pressure just is ready to settle in. because it typically bridges the fairest weather that we will find in the way of lightest winds, lowest humidity, and typically the brightest conditions. that's exactly what our entire friday has in store here. so bright, sunny, gorgeous, comfortable, how many other wonderful descriptive words can we come up with? keep them coming. we start something on twitter, how about that? storm scan3, here you go, cold front making its retreat. we're clear as a bell out there. couple of clouds that are noticeable off out to sea, if you're at the shore, but not really seeing any more build in at this point. we'll have full abundant sunshine, as well as sun glare, to go along with your morning cup of coffee as you're headed out on the roadways, have your sunglasses ready to go. but so comfortable, as we even take you out toward beach open water observe -- ocean water to draw f just feels
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good outside n addition, it has also gotten cooler as is evident the second you walk out the door. you have dropped solid ten plus degrees, even pushing 15 degrees difference from way day to the next out toward lancaster, for example, so it is noticeable. again, not just with temperature, but also with the comfort level. so this just ends up being absolutely gorgeous day. you could probably end up with a couple of very puffy white clouds here, there, but regardless, more sun than anything. comfort level way up there. 84 degrees the expected high. that technically is just a smidge lower than average. so, bob, for late july, we're used to the heat, used to the humidity, and not really getting in on too much of that. so just feels good. >> good thing to be left out on that kind of stuff. 5:35, good morning, everybody, off to great start on this friday morning. let's go outside, take quick tour around town. ninety-five in the construction zone, see the headlights in the background there, starting to see some volume pop, rolling southbound, past our camera here, at girard avenue. going out to route 202, good morning, to west chester.
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a live look at our camera right at high street. and then route 13, northbound, in delaware, watch for a crash right at hamburg road working your way up in toward i-95. there is also some overnight work out on the pennsylvania turnpike eastbound, between ft. washington and the philly bensalem until about 6:00 or so. so just watch for some slow downs, also, still working northbound on the extension near lansdale, trying to tidy things up before the folks head north, for this weekend, up to the poconos. and if you are headed to the shore, remember, that is friday, so crunch time begins around 12:00. on that expressway parkway and route 47. ukee, back over to you. thank you, bob. breaking news to talk about right now from camden county. prosecute remembers investigating the discovery of a body, along the side of the road in win lows township. now the body was found near new brooklyn aerial road and wilson landing road just after 1:00 this morning. so far investigators have released very few details. we'll of course let you know the very latest as we learn
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more throughout our morning broadcast. our time now 5:37. and in business news this morning, how you can help fund the next step in alarm clocks. >> how apple wants to turn your phone into a wallet. money watch's jill wagner joins us liver from the new york stock exchange, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, ukee, natasha, investors watching as companies like xerox, post their earnings today, yesterday the dow fell three points, the nasdaq was flat. we're learning more about what it will cost you if you don't have health insurance. federal officials has capped how much someone could be forced to pay, the fine can't exceed $2,448 a person or 12,240 for a family every five. fines for the the first year of affordable care act when you file your 2014 taxes. apple wants to you leave your credit card at home. the tech giant could be turns its latest iphone into a mobile wallet. apple's reportedly working visa and other credit card companies to create method for
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paying for items in a store with their phone. and, your alarm clock could be going high tech. new alarm clock, comes with movement tracker, which makes it inter-active. so if you set your alarm to 7:30 a.m., which would be so nice, it sense that is you're waking up naturally at around 7:15, it might actually turn that alarm on 15 minutes ahead of time so that way it is not waking you up when you're in a deep sleep. the company has launched kick starter campaign that alarm clock costs about $99. >> i don't know, i'm never ready to get up in the morning. >> my sleep habit? about 9:00 p.m. p.m. that's when i'm in deep sleep. >> wow, 9:15? >> oh, ya. get up 7:30? deep sleep. thanks, jill, appreciate it one local lottery winner wins it big and keeping it all in the family.
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>> now, ocean county, new jersey woman, bought winning pick six ticket last month. she plans to share her big wings with 17 siblings. their neice, and two nephews, some of whom are still rebuilding their home from hurricane sandy. here is the thing, she didn't even know she won for a couple of weeks. she found out at the store. >> i was in line, and you would think i was criminal, and i start today cry. and i called my sister to come and get me. i said i don't think i can make t you got to come and get me. i said -- she said what happened? i said i think i won the lottery. >> that's fantastic. the family has always played the lottery together, as part of a family tradition, started by their mom. they took the cash option, and should have around $10 million after taxes. wow. >> great picture right there. >> that is. well stay with us, everyone, woman out on boat gets quite the scare after lifetime. >> yes, she ended up in the
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middle of the schuylkill river all by herself. only on "eyewitness news", hear from the brave hero who rescued her. >> and talk about a curious cat? wait until you hear about the trouble that animal got into. >> oh, i can see a little definitely devil there! >> look ahead to gorgeous weather out there today. >> more warm, more humidity, higher chance for thunderstorms start to make a return appearance in the forecast. we'll breakdown all of the details you need to comg
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5:42 am for the passenger in them. the subaru legacy. it's not just a sedan. it's a subaru. developing story, the motive is on the mind of police investigating yesterday's deadly shooting at mercy fitzgerald medical center in darby. a patient allegedly shot a case worker to death before that suspect was shot by an armed doctor. the suspect is in critical condition. and, breaking news out of camden county. police are investigating the discovery of a body along new brooklyn road. the body was found around 1:00 this morning, police have released very few details up to this point. >> driver was taken to temple hospital after an accident on old york road near butler street in hunting park. the driver's car hit a park vehicle, and overturned. a creepy mystery in san clemente ' california has been solved now. person was apparently leaving dolls resembling people's children on their doorsteps. kind of weird. these are picture of porcelain
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dolls that were left on the front porches of people's homes. it turns out, it was a woman all the families new from church and she was cents just trying to get rid of her dolls, apparently. the woman admitted she was trying to match the dolls with the children. authorities say the woman had no ill intentions, apparently. it is 5:43, traffic and weather together on the 3's, katie? >> it is fun, still not quite coined the phrase, fun fact friday with fehlinger, something like, that but our weather trivia segment. i know the gang looks forward to this. let's g so let's take a look at what we've got going today. all right, guys, what is the least number of 90 plus agree days that philadelphia has ever seen in a season? is it five? seven? none? or three? who gets to go first? natasha, you've never played, my werst time. okay, i'm going to go --
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>> you're representing erika. >> the clock is ticking. i go with d. >> d for three. you're wrong. >> all right, who gets to go next? bob, looks like go. >> all right, i'll do b for bob, seven. >> i knew it. b for bob. way off. >> ukee? >> the least number? >> least number of 90-degree days if philadelphia. >> philadelphia has ever seen? katie, the answer as everyone in the tri-state areas knows is c. >> apparently not all. let's see if you're right. >> oh! >> wrong, ukee. the answer, my friends. >> he was so confident, too. >> the answer is five. even though the average day would hit 87 degrees, usually so much evan flow you can't go by averages. yes, we have always seen a 09-degree day in basically every single season. in fact, 93-degree day in the forecast for youment looking at storm scan3, right now, clearing on out of here, our
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frontal boundery is out, and that means, high pressure will take the lead. that does bode well for just an absolutely gorgeous forecast. eighty-four, sunny, low humidity, i call this is the weather trifecta. and for a reason. you're just going to love days like this, when you can spends them all outside. not worry about any kind of weather-related issues. so comfortable t stays that way tonight, 65 degrees the expected low. i mention, though, 09 degrees day is waiting in the wings. here it is on sunday. heating up as early as tomorrow, though. maybe just very spotty shower or thunderstorm around. but, generally, looks like sunday, monday, are going to be our storm yes, sir days, specially on monday, as we watch our next warm and cold front series sort of roll on through here, bob, over to you. >> 5:45, morning. live look at i95, right near the commodore barry bridge, headlights headed northbound, from delaware county, headed up to the commodore barry. no problems or delays here. keep in mind. >> did milling, uneven pavement, both directions on 95 between ridley and girard
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point double decker bridge. >> live look at the benny, ben franklin bridge, four lanes now, coming into philadelphia this morning pretty good shape coming into downtown. >> keep in mind, ben franklin bridge closed for the tour de shore bike races 6:30 to 8:00 a.m. sunday morning, no vehicle traffic. see the blinking signs because if you're driving and it says closed and not able to read the whole sign, as the cycles through. >> saturday, closed northeast extension southbound between lansdale and mid-county. >> mass transit looking good. stay to up date with the closure, delays, with new app titled your drive. download the device by going to drive.
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>> woman on the schuylkill river thrown into the water. her cry for help bridges good samaritan racing to the rescue. the dramatic scene unfolded yesterday morning near kelly drive, west hunting park avenue. both the rower and her rescuer spoke exclusively to our walt hunter. >> when here flipped in the schuylkill, sinnedly emelia found herself swimming, as the boat began floating away. >> i heard a guy saying: do you need help? i was think i need help. >> she screams for help. very clearly. that's when i knew i needed to do something. >> almost instantly, andrew litz turned his morning jog along kelly drive into a morning swim. the temple music teacher jumping in to help. >> i just wanted to grab her and and just hold onto her arm, make sure she stayed afloat. >> first separated from the water by wall and heavy brush, he needed to somehow figure out a way in.
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suddenly there it was. >> out of the corner of my eye, i see the stairwell, and it just goes right down, down to the shore. >> the current was a lot faster than it would normally be. so it was like oh, wow, i need, i need to get to the shore. >> swimming out 75 feet, litz soon was at her side. together they make their way safely toeshoe. >> once i was out to her, it was apparent she would be fine t made me feel better. >> he was really amazing, actually, willing to jump into the water and come after me. oh, wow, just somebody, i don't know him. i'm just flailing, and he is too long help out. >> as for litz, he says, from the moment he heard that cry for help, there was no doubt, he had to head into the water to do what ever he could. >> luckily i've been running for the past couple of weeks, so i guess a little bit in shape to be okay with it. so i'm glad i was able to help. >> walt hunter, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> how about that? >> yes, right place at the right time. >> couple of actors in trouble, weaver the word on what happened when they face a
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judge. >> also, katie is updating the weekend forecast when we do traffic and weather together.r. that's coming up on the 3's, next
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>> at lan sing it the place to be tomorrow. your chance to win a million bucks, ukee. >> how about that? reality show looking for new contestants at trump taj mahal. goes from noon to 3:00 tomorrow. we put everything you need to know at our website >> the words is shila buffet
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peers in broadway disturbance case. arrested last month following bizarre outburst at studio 54. this is video of him arriving in manhattan, criminal court yesterday. the 28 year old was arrested after allegedly shouting at stage actors during a cabaret performance, then, refusing to leave. he faces disorderly conduct charges. and, words; alec baldwin is not a popjoys g for an incident that led to his arrest on a disorderly conduct charge in may. he was arrested after police stopped him for riding his bike the wrong way down a new york city street. baldwin told the judge he would rather pay a fine than apologize for the incident. judge ruled know stays out of trouble for six months, he will dismiss the case. and, you can call it a thrilling game for the lehigh valley ironpigs. check out the special uniforms they wore last night inspired by michael jackson's outfit in the thriller video. how about it? the ironpigs play more like zombies, only getting six hits
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in the lost. we still love them. after the game, the jerseys were auction off to raise money for charity. >> like those? i used to have a jacket like that back in the day. >> me too. >> what happened to mine? >> i'm still wearing mine. >> i wore it last week! >> oh, i believe it. >> i did see you walk around town with that sweet jacket, nice. all right, we got pretty nice day coming up here, guys. we do have, as well, a soccer match. giving you the forecast for our boys in blue down this chester tonight, 7:00 p.m., taking on crystal palace. seventy-nine the expected temperature for kick off. mid 80s here today in the city, 84 specifically for philadelphia, then we heat up this weekend, you can get your outdoor plans in, especially saturday, any showers or storms would be very isolated. but they may be a little bit more widespread by tomorrow or rather sunday as we hit up to 90 degrees, bob. >> so we'll all wear our jackets monday, members only monday. 5:53. we will go and check the
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majors, 59 and the schuylkill, not bad at all beginning your trip into downtown this morning, light volume so far. through the weekend september's norristown manayunk line going to use shuttle buses between elm and norristown. be doing some track work. we got regatta coming into town tomorrow. that will will shut down our kelly drive to vehicle traffic throughout the day. stay there, coming right back.
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seek here somewhere a cat in florida, calls the cat, now the 911 center got a call from the cat depo, then a hang up. when they investigated, they found an unlikely dialer. >> came into my office to check. and found seek, just laying by the phone, with the phone off the hook, sprawled across the key pad on the phone. >> this isn't the first time that seek had been a little bit mischievous.
5:57 am
he's actually hung up on people and dialed the phone before. >> hey, zeek wants to dial now. >> i think he wants t to get out of there. we'll be right back. stay with us.
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>> breaking news this morning, body discovered in winslow township camden county. prosecutor's office is currently investigating, but they have released very few details in this case at this point. the body was found, about 1:00 this morning new new brooklyn aerial road, wilson landing road. we'll keep you up-to-date as we learn more information throughout the morning. good morning, thanks for joining us, and developing right now, one person is dead, another recovering this morning, after gunman opened fire at wellness center in delaware county. >> that alleged gunman identified as richard plots was also injured in the shooting, as well. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabeo joins us now live from
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darby. jan, what do we know at this point about his condition? >> that the tasha, ukee, we know that the shooting suspect is in critical condition, at the hospital this morning, although, we're told, he has been stabilized. cbs-3 has been checking into his backgrounds with police, according to court documents, he has long history with police dating back to 1990. he's been arrested in the past, on drugs, weapons, assault charges, and meanwhile police are still trying to figure out a motive for this assault, that left this patient's doctor wounded, and his case worker dead. >> chaos, at mercy wellness center in darby. after a patient visiting his doctor in the pschiatric unit pulls a gun


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