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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  July 25, 2014 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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delaware county. >> that alleged gunman identified as richard plots was also injured in the shooting, as well. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabeo joins us now live from darby. jan, what do we know at this point about his condition? >> that the tasha, ukee, we know that the shooting suspect is in critical condition, at the hospital this morning, although, we're told, he has been stabilized. cbs-3 has been checking into his backgrounds with police, according to court documents, he has long history with police dating back to 1990. he's been arrested in the past, on drugs, weapons, assault charges, and meanwhile police are still trying to figure out a motive for this assault, that left this patient's doctor wounded, and his case worker dead. >> chaos, at mercy wellness center in darby. after a patient visiting his doctor in the pschiatric unit pulls a gun. >> hopping, screaming.
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>> i saw a man run, crying, caring on, blood all over his head. >> police after 2:00. forty-nine year old richard plot visiting his doctor, lee silverman, his case worker was there, too. police say plots pulled a gun during a heated argument, then silverman drew his own gun. both shot, and all three in the room were hit. fellow doctors called 911, and then went after the suspect. >> together we're able to disarm him, take the weapon away. >> his case worker, 53 year old theresa hunt died. now, cbs-3 is lurk more about the suspect, this photo of plots was provided by his ex-wife. it is from 1988, when they were married. she did not want to be identified. >> said plots displayed violent behavior their their time together. >> surprised he hadn't been put away a long time ago. i'm surprised they don't check people going in and out every place was people with some sort of pschiatric disability with this problem don't check them going in and out of the places, kind of scary.
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>> now the d.a. says, plots will be charged with murder, should he survive his injuries. in the meantime, that doctor who was injured suffered a graze wound to his face after he was shot yesterday. he had since been treated and released from the hospital. it is again hospital policy for employees to workplace. reporting live in darby, jan carabeo, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> neighbors of the victim killed in yesterday's shooting say they're in shock. theresa hunt the adult services case worker trying to help the alleged gunman >> it was like part of the family that we lost, not just a friend. >> payment in the building lock themselves in the room it, not open doors until they saw proper police
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identification. "eyewitness news" has learn, the hospital's code of conduct bans employees from bringing guns to work. there are still many unanswered questions about the shooting. stay tuned to "eyewitness news", we'll bring you the latest developments all morning long, of course, around the clock at >> good morning, made it to the end of the week here, also made it back to real nice pattern. the week overall wasn't terriblement. did have mid week storms to dodge. but working as a sandwich here, with nice weather -- weather from earlier this week, nice weather now with the storms inbetween, all comes courtesy of the passage after frontal boundary, now high pressure, taking the lead back, once again, for our pattern. high pressure now settled in, it is totally empty. we had couple of clouds still visible here over the last few hours, but even then, in the last few hours, they've been pulling away from dry land.
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and we are going to continue to keep it nice. really high for you today, the comfort, in other words, but the dew points low, and when you are talking dew point, remember, talking moisture content that's in the atmosphere, and such a low amount of it, that i can't tell you the last time we were able to say it was awesome on our comfort index meter here. so with dew points as low as they are, this ends up being a fabulous hair day, and i factor in not just humidity to that. >> if you want to maybe do the inch interest cat thayer style, sunny, pleasant, mid 80s, in the city. >> sunshine abundant throughout the entire day. >> i was going tore the mohawk, maybe eagles logo in the side of my hair here. >> do the latter. that will will work for you. >> the latter? >> get back to me on that request. >> good luck with that. >> 6:04, good morning, off to great start on a friday. let's go outside.
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getting started i95, watch for the uneven pavement between ridley and girard point double decker bridge, working on the overnight, that will still than way through this entire weekend. but, light volume here headed up toward the airport, out of the schuylkill, looking, live look, nice pretty shot there, downtown in the background, folks here on the right, headed inbound in toward philadelphia with again starting to pop with volume, beginning the morning rush hour. 422, 202, light volume, again, head in the toward the king of prussia interchange, folks just waking up maybe hitting the snooze button along the way, route 13 in delaware, accident, northbound right at hamburg. and they are still working on the pennsylvania turnpike between ft. washington and philly bensalem. mass transit though running with no delays. natasha, back to you. >> bob, thank you very much. secretary of state, john kerrey, remains in the middle east this morning, trying to work out details after cease-fire between israel and main the more. palestinians clash with israeli soldiers in the west bank this morning.
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after thousands gathered for a demonstration to protest the violence in gaza. overnight, israeli forces continued to bombard the strip following the deadliest day yet in more than two weeks of fighting. yesterday, at least 119 palestinians died, more than dozen of them at a gaza school being used as united nations shelter. most were children, and women, taking refuge thereto escape the violence. un officials had feared palestinians there were in danger and were about to evacuate the school when the building was hit by shells. >> why are you continuing to kill people? >> the un secretary general and secretary of state, john kerrey, are in the mideast to try to broke area cease-fire. >> tragic incident today and every day, just underscores the work we're trying to do and what we're trying to achieve. so we'll keep at that time. >> according to israeli media, negotiators may be on the
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verge of working out week long pause in the violence of the the deal would still allow israeli forces to continue one mission, to destroy tunnels hamas militants have built, connecting gaza and israel. susan macinnis, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". well there is morning, it is business as usual at philadelphia international airport. airlines resumed departures to tel-aviv israel hours after the faa lifted its travel brain. us airways flight 796 the first to take off as schedule. faa ban came on the heals of ongoing violence in gaza. some travelers that we spoke with were not at all concerned. others even questioned the necessity of the restriction. tel-aviv airport is very safe. and we have no worries. >> maybe the faa had extra precaution, which i understand maybe it was politics, but if flying i feel comfortable on us airways. r is hee department says theecem significance was not politically motivated.
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meantime in a flight is expected to lands in tel-aviv at about 8:00 a.m. our time. france's president has just confirmed there are no survivors in yesterday's crash of an albaladejo giri jet. also, we now now one block box has been found in the debris. the yellow arrow seen here, if we can show that you there, flight path to algiers. the red dot is the deserted area, halle i, where the wreckage was spotted. aircraft disappeared from aircraft less than hour after take off thursday morning. in its final transmission, pilots request add change in route because of heavy rain, again, that wreckage has been found, and it is now confirmed. all 116 people on board were killed. another tragedy in the sky. investigators at the crash site of mh flight 17 believe these are machine gun holes near the plane's fuselage. all 298 people on board were killed, when us officials say the boeing 777 was shot down by a surface to air missile over ukraine. the transfer of bodies of the victims is almost complete.
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twenty-five forensic experts are now working to identify the remains in the netherlands. new this morning, crash in philadelphia's hunting park section sends a man to the hospital. this happened just after 2:00 a.m., on old york road, near butler street. accident investigators say, two cars collided at the intersection, causing one to over turn, into a park car. a man in his 50's was taken to the hospital. he's got non-life threatening injuries. still, no word on what sparked this crash. and, 14 men waking up behind bars, this morning, picked up in a new jersey child porn important sting. michael van cullen of salem county could face up to 20 years in jail. investigators say he blackmailed a teenage girl to strip naked on a web cam, and two other suspect both work for the shepherd bus company driving children in the mays landing area. shepherd defended his hiring practices, and said the two men no longer work there. the state's acting attorney
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general called them all child preditors. >> we allege that all of these defendants proceed on innocent children by viewing, distributing, in one case creating images of children being sexually tortured and sexually exploited. >> suspect michael parker wanted to be a youth minister at the first presbyterian church in merchantville. allegedly had photos of clothed boys from the church on his computer along with child pornography images. the church has not responded to our request for any comment. now, here is a look at some of the other news events happening today. philadelphia mayor mike nutter is in paris this morning, the mayor tweeted this picture, with paris' mayorment the mayors are discussing climate change, student exchanges, many other topics. >> carpenter's teamsters and letter carriers are planning a protest today during a meeting of the pennsylvania convention center board. they say they are unjustly locked out of convention center opportunities.
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>> a delta four rocket launch expected to go off this evening from cape canaveral. launch scrubbed because of bad weather yesterday. it is caring satellites to outer space. well first came the rain, and the hail, and then a deadly tornado struck a crowded campground in virginia. and this morning, we're now learning more about the new jersey couple killed in this storm. also, ahead, a new case of chicken gunya, report in the our area, details in the health watch. and, today, it is danny's birthday, the boy with an inoperable brain tumor who asked for just one thing for his birthday, birthday cards, lots of them. well, his wish has certainly been granted, wait until you see how many people from all over the world came through for that little boy. that's coming up.
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tornado strikes this campground, in virginia, destroying tailors, and also, leaving a path of debris everywhere. we've learned, also, the storms killed a couple from new jersey. the damage is extensive. lords and his wife, loli bet from jersey city, both died when a tree crashed onto their tent. thirty-six other campers were injured. the storm caught many campers off guard. >> nothing could be done for them. >> all so hurt, we don't even know this is really real. >> couple three children still in the hospital, including thhreaning injuries. national weather service says the tornado actually passed right over the campgrounds twice before heading out to
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sea. >> same frontal boundary that brought us strong storms, if you recall, from two nights ago, actually at the very same reason that we saw that tornado activity erupt yesterday. if you remember, too, if you watched us yesterday morning, we actually had some very heavy rain, very strong thunderstorms, across virginia, that was where the culprit came from, that unfortunate incident there in virginia. meanwhile, we're clearing out nicely, ends up being beautiful day here, courtesy of high pressure, gorgeous start to the weekends. heating up tomorrow, more sun than anything, but dow think some spots could pick up just very isolated shower, rumble every thunder, warmfront lifting in by sunday, we heat up even more, shooting for 90, will be scattered but more widespread coverage of showers and storms. so it is getting progressively more and more active on radar. by sunday. monday, it looks like the busiest day for us weather wise, we will still be dodging showers, storms, will come
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courtesy of the cold front, very obviously, cools us down as we look ahead to tuesday and wednesday. bob, over to you. >> good morning, 6:16. live look at i95, for the gang headed up and over to trenton, up and over the scutters falls. light volume so far here. starting to seat beginning of some sun glare, we take live look at the blue route, 476, headed south, down toward the schuylkill expressway. >> no problems yet on the schuylkill expressway, but saturday night, into early sunday morning, they'll close the northeast extension, southbound, between lansdale and mid-county. you are coming back early sunday morning, from the poconos, watch out. you will want to use route 309 as the alternate, to head down toward the turnpike. otherwise, the bridges look fine, mass transit running with no delays.
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ukee, back over to you. >> bob, thank you. developing story tops today's headlines on cbs-3. investigators are trying to figure out the motive for yesterday's deadly shooting at mercy fitzgerald medical center in darby. a patient allegedly shot a case worker to death, and that patient was shot by an armed doctor. the patient is in critical condition. and breaking news, camden county prosecute remembers investigating a body discovered along a road in winslow township about 1:00 this morning. >> israeli parliament considering cease-fire proposal today, more than 800 palestinians, dozens of israelis have, been killed since the conflict began lesess than three weeks ago. we'll be right back. hey pal? you ready? can you pick me up at 6:30? ah... (boy) i'm here! i'm here! (cop) too late. i was gone for five minutes! ugh! move it. you're killing me. you know what, dad? i'm good. (dad) it may be quite a while before he's ready,
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>> phillies host the diamonds backs tonight at the ball yard. snaps their four game losing streak, some day baseball yesterday. chase utley, broke a one-one tie, with an rbi in the fifth inning yesterday. both of the phils runs yesterday off the giants tim hudson were unearned. but it is all mr. cole hulamsd . king coal, strikes out, ten giants, and allowed only one run over eight superb innings. phils win two to one, to avoid a sweep by san francisco. and despite ryan howard's great career numbers against hudson, big piece sat for the second straight day. john hayman of cbs sports reports, that executives from other teams say the phils are trying to trade howard big money contract, says, the
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trade partners are likely american league teams. manager ryan sandberg says, howard sat out because he wanted to get a good look at darren rough. more to come. >> yes, we'll see what happens there. does your smart phone distract you while you're at work. well, that might and good thing actually, the news that you want your boss to hear about. coming up this morning. >> and just when you thought you have heard it all. pet liposuction. yes, growing trends, but not the same thing that humans 'lt. talk about on the other side.
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y- good morning, good morning it is, too, so comfort willing zero recall outside, bright sunshine already visible out there, just been beautiful sunrise so far this morning.
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so, let's show that you. we start things off with just kidding, wanted to show you the shore shot. rather give you your first pitch. if you want to head to your east facing window check it out. meanwhile, 70:00, a first pitch, sun will still be shining brightly, nice long days during the summer, 79 degrees, our expected first pitch temperature, come down just handful of degrees, as the sun goes down, still under couple of clouds, comfortable, should be a really nice night. and headed into the weekend we start to heat up, feel more humidity. all day today just fabulous weather unfolding. >> conshohocken curve maybe about an hour or so it, will cut above the tree line, and that's when we'll have that wick sun glare coming into downtown, moderate volume, not out of the order area, fire location in bucks county, blocked right near mechanicsville road, travel times through the rest of the majors like 422, again, we deal with some sun glare this morning, i95 so far so good, working your way down towards
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the delaware state line. keep in mind with that push to the delaware beaches today, see a loft extra volume through i-95 through wilmington. back to you >> chicken ya case in a sussex county man, more than 2z don't other cases in new jersey and philadelphia, including four in philadelphia, the chikungunya cases, all got sick after traveling to the caribbean. the chikungunya virus rarely deadly, but symptoms include fever and severe change. >> might seem like it could zap for activity, new study actually says it is not necessarily the case. researchers found workers who took break to check in on their smart phones were happier at the end of their work day. it was also noted quick chat with co-worker or coffee break, can also help to reduce your work day stress as well.
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>> open those bills. >> that might rauch at the time up. danny's birthday is today. >> we told all about his simple little birthday requests yesterday, now we are so happy to report that his wish came true in a huge way, danny has already received 50,000 birthday cards more mail than his entire town gets in a day. brave boy battling inch offer recall brain tumor. his family just overjoyed, they say, by the response. it is overwhelming, with how much stuff we have to let him open. >> just makes me quiver, to see the generosity from complete strangers, much more on the way. so far, danny has gotten cards from all across the united states, aruba, even squadron of marines in afghanistan, sent their cards, he turned six years old today. >> dan the man, happy
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birthday, indeed. coming up until the next half hour of "eyewitness news" this morning, still many questions surrounding yesterday's shooting at local medical center. jan? >> investigators are left searching for a motive this morning, in that hospital shooting that's left one dead, and two injured. i'm jan carabeo in dare, more on the shooter, what possibly caused it all. plus meeting the latest lotto winner from new jersey, what a story this is. see who will be splitting the $20 million jackpot. >> of course, bob and katie return with your traffic and weather together. we do it together on the 3's. we're back at the bottom of the hour on your friday morning. good morning, see you in a
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>> discovery of a body in winslow township. police released few details about the case so far. body found new brooklyn aerial road and wilton landing road just before 1:00 this morning. the big question this morning, what sparked pschiatric pain don't pull a gun and fire shots at a delaware county wellness center. >> good morning, that's what authorities are trying to figure out right now. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabeo joins us from darby. we know the alleged gunman was shot watch do we know about his condition thus far this morning? >> reporter: ukee, that the tasha, we hear the shooting
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suspect is currently at the hospital of the university of pennsylvania in critical condition and the delaware county district attorney says if he survives those injuries he will be charged with murder. meanwhile, police are still investigating a motive of this shooting, why a patient would shoot his doctor, leaving him injured, and also leaving his case worker dead. now there is all unfolded behind me in darby right around 2:00 yesterday afternoon, at mercy wellness center. police say 49 year old richard plots, pschiatric patient at the center, was visiting his doctor, lee silverman, his case worker was there, too. now, police say plots pulled a gun during heated argument, then silverman drew his own gun. both shot. all three in the room were hit. fellow doctors called 911, then went after and subdued the suspect. plots was shot three times in the chest, his doctor suffered a graze wounds to the face. he has since been treated and released. his case worker, 53 year old theresa hunt, was killed. eyewitnesses, who were at the hospital, at the time of the
6:32 am
shooting, describe the chaos exclusively to cbs-3. >> shot to, shots, popping and screaming. >> i saw a man run, crying and caring on, blood all over his head. >> reporter: cbs-3 is also learning more about this suspected gunman. we hear plots has long history with police dating back to 1990. according to court document, arrested on gun related charges, weapons charges, assault charges, and drug charges in the past. coming up in our next half hour, we'll hear from his ex-wife who said he had a history of violent behavior during their relationship. as for the doctor, again, treated and released from the hospital. it is against hospital policy for employees to carry firearms into the facility. live in darby, jan carabeo, "eyewitness news". >> mercy fitzgerald hospital meantime released this
6:33 am
statement saying quote we continue to pray for the victims and their families. we are thankful to the responders to this incident, the many law end foesment professionals who are part of the investigation, and the outpouring of support we have received from our community. now, stay with "eyewitness news" for new development in the medical center shooting. we will bring you all of the latest information all throughout the day. also, don't forget, you can get details any time at it is 6:33. time for traffic and weather together on the 3's, katie, good morning. >> good morning, happy friday, first and for most everybody. beautiful start to the morning for us out there with bright, blue skies, and that's all courtesy of high pressure now building in, and really settling in, more than anything, so light wind, low humidity, and it is warm, but it is not hot. for late july, this actually ends up being a gorgeous day. so let's start things off. we get you outside. gorgeous view. how about it? look at the sunrise, doesn't get better than there is we take you live at "skycam 3", atlantic city, bright blue sky, barely cloud even visible off in the distance now that
6:34 am
frontal boundery continues its retreat out to sea. next to storm scan3, another representation of the clear sky, very obvious when you throw the satelite over top of it. radar quiet. overhead, the entire del way wear valley, pretty noticeable, walking out the door, you will be able to tell that something has happened with our parent, just drier, cooler air that's taking over. so, you know, talking anywhere say from ten to 15 degrees cooler, from this very same time yesterday out there. as we go forward in time, though, still going to have certainly enough solar energy to heat things up to 84. but for late july standards, should easily be to the upper 80s, little cooler than average, with the low how many dollars at this man just a nice day. bob, over to you. >> shaping up to be nice looking day, too, in our cameras, good looking sunshine, spreading out over the delaware valley, let's go outside, live look, i95 with the sun at our wack here, coming southbound, heavy between the betsy ross bridge and girard avenuement going
6:35 am
out to the blue route, ramps from the blue route south of the schuylkill expressway, looks like either an accident or disable there off to the side. but as we can see, volume starting to pop here with a morning rush hour. to south philadelphia now where there is fire location, house fire, eagle street between 17th and 18th. it casino of give you right between an idea, right between mifflin and moore is little street called seagull. between 17th and 18th, a lot of fire activity there, in south philadelphia, so be ready for some local detours. another one up here bucks county, acqua tongue road near mechanicsville road. for the rest of the major roadways, starting to see delays on the schuylkill expressway inbound coming around the conshohocken curve. natasha, back to you. >> bob, thank you. we do have breaking news, firefighters battling row home fire we're told in the south philadelphia area. we're trying to get shot from chopper three. 1700 block of seeing gull street. we're told the firefighters on
6:36 am
the roof as they try to battle the flames. we will gather you the picture shortly, we're hearing a family was able to get out of there and escape. at this point, no reported injuries. once again we bring you up to date on row home fire in south philadelphia. firefighters continue to battle those flames. we'll get that you picture very, very shortly, keep you updated on the situation. meanwhile, in other news, family of pregnant woman allegedly trapped, sioux the city of philadelphia and the paramedics for her death. blames the ambulance manufacturers and the maintenance company. according to the family, 24 year old joanne rodriguez became stuck inside the ambulance after the door locked malfunction. attorneys say video shows paramedics took 17 minutes to get her into the ambulance. the pair were subsequently cited for violation. but the family says what happened in 2012 is evidence of an even bigger problem. >> a lawsuit won't bring joy ann back, won't heal the loss
6:37 am
and pain this family has endured, but hopefully it will make the city realize that anyone who calls 911 deserves better than this. >> xavier rodriques suffered brain damage, requires around the clock care. the fire department told "eyewitness news", they could not comment on pending litigation. well, there is also a renewed effort to catch a killer in south philadelphia. two billboards offer $25,000 reward for any information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person who killed don lee. the 68 year old man was murdered last year, in front of his home on the 400 block of vollmer street. and now, the victim's family is talking about the murder, and, this reward. >> it did not deserve this. we miss him so much. >> if you have any information about this murder, call the crime commission tip line: 215546-tips. callers can remain anonymous.
6:38 am
>> 6:38. new jersey teenage here had her 15 minutes every fame when she tried suing her parent for support is back in court again. the star ledger reports, rachel canning went before a judge to obtain a restraining order against her boyfriend. now, here is the twist. her boyfriends, lucas, also filed a restraining order against her. can something set to begin college this fall in massachusetts. well, a new jersey woman spends 1 dollar, wins 20 million. what she did next is even more unbelievable. "eyewitness news" reporter syma chowdhry introduces us to new jersey's newest millionaire. and the 19 family members who will share her wings. >> i said: i think i won the lottery. >> significantred, full of emotion after winning $20 million. bought pick six ticket last month, but didn't check it for two weeks. >> she had real now idea what it was worth. and she turned it in, and one teller looks at it, before you know it, there is three
6:39 am
tellers, they call someone else over. >> after learning she won, she shared the news, and plans to share the monday which her very large family. the family included 19 children. the surviving 17 siblings, their neice and two nephews, will share the wings. some of them are still rebuild interesting super storm sandy. >> quite fortunate. i just feel so lung i. >> she bought her winning lottery ticket at this 7-eleven in lacy township. the store owner recve winning ticket. but he says his store has some pretty good luck. >> cash $1.5 million, we had $1 million scratch off ticket, we had $250,000 on our powerball, and then this was a big one. >> manny says because they've sold four wing tickets, lottery sales are up 20% at his store. >> more people are coming into the store it, excited. >> it seems as though ocean county lucky with lottery. last year a group doubled the ocean 16 won a merely
6:40 am
$450 million powerball jackpot. >> do you think ocean county pretty lucky? >> i think they certainly are. and this could be the next winning ticket. >> now, folks are hoping this store will help them win big like this family did. >> usually the people that win it are the ones that de is her of it. >> this family would agree. in beechwood, syma chowdhry, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". we do have a live picture of the breaking news we just told you about few moments ago. firefighters battling this rowhouse fire in south philadelphia right now. chopper three is live over the 1700 block of ziegel street. see the flames pouring out of the window. there are reports now that a family was able to escape. at this point, there are no reported injuries. but still a fully involved fire, as you see, firefighters there tackling it from the rooftop and below as well. we're going to stay on top of this rowhouse fire in south philadelphia, bring you the very latest information as we get it throughout the morning. >> trying to event that as quickly as they k well, royal photo bomb.
6:41 am
wait until you see who was caught smiling in a selfie taken b by two hockey players. >> also, coming up, pet liposuction? sure, it can help overweight pets. but this popular trends actually much different than the kind of liposuction that humans get. we'll explain that. >> it is not too late to squeeze in one last summer trip. i'm kara tsuboi, coming up next in the tech minute, ideas to book less inexpensive travel. stay tuned. >> ♪ happy >> the truth is it has been a tough week. lots been going on. time to take a moment, get happy, get some smiles on, pennsylvania, new jersey, delaware, come on, family, let's do it this. one, two, three, go! ♪ >> oh, yeah! >> now, natasha new at this
6:42 am
one. >> but i got the happy dance down. >> yes, we needed that. come on, family, we'll be right back. see now bit.
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>> hand i friday shall everybody, we've got beautiful day underway, already evident just by looking out in one of the neighborhood network cameras, shadows still casino every long, because the sun has just come up in the last 45 minutes, 06 degrees, right now. casino every cool for the
6:45 am
standards every late july, don't you think? but still real comfortable. your pollen report, starting to see a little bit more activity, when it comes to some higher levels, grass, plantain, nettle, still mainly the big issues, generally speaking into the medium range the next couple every days with high pressure creeping control for the most part. by the weekend, starts to lift north. could see very isolated thunderstorm tomorrow in tomorrow toward the p.m. time frame. most of the day looks awesome, the hottest day of the forecast, sunday, look at the drop off on the thermometer that comes our way by next mid week. comes courtesy of the cold front, that is coming along with the warmfront. so once the colds front comes through, weaver do dodge more showers, storms, especially by monday, then we really cool down in the wake of that, with, again, just dry and comfortable air mass settling back in. bob, over to you. >> live look at the schuylkill expressway, sun glare here getting ready to head in toward conshohocken, starting to see slow downs from 476 in through the curve out to 422
6:46 am
we go, same deal. we are dealing with sun glare coming around the saint gabe's curve, volume head in the toward king of prussia updating top story, fire location, in south philadelphia. zoo gull street between 17th and 18th. one of the smaller streets between moore and mifflin. so between moore to mifflin, 17th to 18th, that is your square radius there, that we have some local detours, in effect. so, just be red foyer that in and out of south philadelphia. in south jersey here, an accident, glassboro road, right at blackwood barnes borough road off route 55, keep in mind a friday, a lot of folks headed to the shore. crunch time between 12:00 and two. start to see the most volume. good looking weekend on tap. i bet if you will be closer to the 12:00 time period start to sigh the volume headed up and over the bridges. >> no delays, over to you. >> thanks so much. we continue to follow this breaking news right now, looking live, firefighters bat
6:47 am
this will row home fire in south philly, this is on the 1700 block of sigel street. see the white smoke, slowly getting handle on this thing. see chopper three there, the fire has spread to adjoining homes, as well. >> yes, fire fight remembers making good progress, though, seem to have the bulk of the flames knocked down at this point. there are reports that a family was inside able to escape. however, the fire department has called for at least four medic units, and again, that fire does appear to have spread, now, to a neighboring building. we will stay on top of this, bring updates as we get more information throughout the morning. >> i can see going to work in that area, bob of course will have more details on the detours that are obviously in effect in that area of south philadelphia this morning. more headlines now, including a developing story, police are trying to determine the motive behind a deadly shooting at a medical center in darby. a patient allegedly shot a case worker to death yesterday. a psych at -- psychiatrist shot the patient. patient we're told is in
6:48 am
critical condition. >> breaking news, camden county prosecutors investigating body discovered along winslow township road. this grim discovery was made at about 1:00 this morning. >> fresh of officials dispensed to the plane flight. bad weather may have caused the crash. 116 people were killed. now new cutting edge procedure for liposuction on pets. this is not used for the same reason as liposuction in human, say, they are doing it now to remove so-called fatty masses, common in older and overweight animals, especially in dogs. in the past, removal of the masses required major surgery and also a lengthy recovery. put the new -- but the new pet liposuction means your pet is back to normal in about 48 hours. >> how about that? >> that's really, yes. >> got to take care of the pets. they're our family, too. summer not over just yet. still tike to book last minute
6:49 am
vacation. >> and just because it is last minute, doesn't mean you have to spend a fortune on the vacation. cnet's. com car a deuce boys shows us apps to help trim the cost, to help pack your bags and head out of town. >> last minute travel. com. >> this website now free can help you search for it all, flights, hotels, vacation packages, even cruises. the best deals are often finds, dates flexible, if you don't mind wait to go find the name of the hotel or airline until after you have booked. if you're after cheap last minute airfare, download free sky skinner app onto iphone or android is a much. sky scan letter give you snapshot of your travel route over period of time, tell when you it is cheap toast book. it will also help you travel like an insider by rec whg cheaper to book one way ticket on separate, versus traditional rounds trip. finally just looking for hotel deals, look no further than hotel tonight. another free app. when hotels have last minute
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available rooms, they slip into this app so you can book them at bargain basement prices, won't finds any on, high quality, great price. kara tsuboi, cbs news. ♪ word is actor shiela buff has a date with a new york city judge. >> he's now facing disorderly conduct charges following very bizarre outburst at a broadway performance just last month. this is video of the 28 year old arriving in criminal court yesterday. flanked by photographers and media. attorneys say they're trying to work out a plea agreement right now. he's due back for another hearing on september the tenth. new york judge dismisses alec baldwin's disorderly conduct case with conditions. now, baldwin arrested last may you may remember for riding his bike the wrong way down fifth avenue. he then berraded the arresting officers. judge ruled he's dismiss the case if baldwin can stay out of trouble for six months. he also asked the star if he wanted to a popjoys to the
6:51 am
officers, baldwin declined. and your favorite cape crusader, few thousand fans, descended on san diego for the 45th annual comic kwon celebration. this is a sneak peak at the dc entertainment batman exhibit. it showcases a never before seen collection of iconic batman costumes all throughout the character's 75 year history. it continues all weekend long. >> the original batman, adam west, that utility belt had everything in it. do you think you have what it takes to out width, out last, out play? reality show looking for new contestants. casting call tomorrow at the taj mahal in atlantic city from noon until 3:00. we put everything you need to know on our website good luck to you. >> the queen of glands is said to speak very fluent french, love animals, and also enjoy dancing. >> she can now add photo bombing to her long list of hobbies, and accomplishments. her majesty was watching field
6:52 am
hockey at the commonwealth games inn glasco. two members of the australian team hockey groups were posting for victory selfie, when the 88 year old monarch pulled off what's already being described as an epic photo bomb. the hockey group won four-nothing, but those two young laid advice that amazing picture. >> that's cool. >> that's very cool. we'll be right back. good morning.
6:53 am
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6:55 am
>> everyone gets sunshine, everyone feels the low humidity, very comfortable, talk about beautiful beach day. if you are lucky enough to have scored three day weekends, this is great way to kick it off. lots of sun, 80 degrees, with very high uv index as you might imagine. low, rip countries being thankfully, too. so you'll be inclined to take a dip. but be sure to always switch near the lifeguards. up in the poconos, great werth as well today. tomorrow heating up little more. do that region wide as well, maybe couple of spots south of the poconos pick up just very isolated shower or storm. bob, over to you. >> 6:55, lots of sunshine for the gang leaving downingtown here on the 30 bypass,. >> sun glare playing a role, updating fire location in south philadelphia, segal street, between 17th and 18th, kind of squeezed there right between moore and mifflin. so, expect delays and local
6:56 am
detours headed into and out of south philadelphia. this morning, otherwise, south on 95, little slow here, into the girard avenue, the schuylkill running slow, sun glare, working your way in toward that conshohocken curve and i95 southbound, again, watch the construction zone, be doing some more work here over the weekends, at both cottman avenue and at girard. ukee, back to you. >> imagine being in space and not being able to have the conned minutes you like for your food? just horrible thought, right? horrible? >> unimaginable. well, texas company has invented soy sauce specially designed with face in mind. got to have it. owner of little soya in houston said he got a call from nasa few years ago, inquiring about single serve packets. now, the trick here, getting nasa's requirements, it will be among the cargo that though, this pact meets all of journeys on the rocket next week. destination, the international space station with little soy sauce in tow. >> wash it down with a little
6:57 am
tang. >> and some spam. >> some spam? that's what i am talking about. coming up on sister station the "cw philly", we'll have the very latest on the investigation into the shooting of the medical center in delaware delaware county. >> also, staying on top of this breaking news south philadelphia rowhouse fire just turned into a criminal investigation. that fire is now spread to adjoining home. an
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
good morning. it is friday, july 25th, 2014. welcome to "cbs this morning." overnight clashes and demand for answers after a bombing at a school in gaza. plus, new confusion at the flight 17 crash site as the united states makes a major accusation against russia. the scandal rocking the ohio state university. why the school fired the leader of its famgs marching band. and the american family diving into the english channel for a shot at history. >> but we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds. us


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