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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  July 25, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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three children lose their lives in this fatal hit and run, but these were three siblings and their mother is clinging to life in critical condition. police say whoever these two suspects are destroyed a family and now they are calling on the entire city of philadelphia, to help track them down. late this afternoon the announcement no one wanted to hear, three children, killed. >> i have been in the homicide unit six years and this is one of the most sadest cases i have ever come across. you have three innocent children, to has the rest of their lives in front of them that were taken in this fashion and it is very sad. >> reporter: family torn apart, victims a 15 year-old girl, a ten year-old boy and a seven year-old boy, all siblings, all killed. their 34 year-old mother clinging to life in critical condition. >> i know them kids. for somebody to hit them kids like that and just keep going doesn't make sense. >> reporter: shortly after 11:00 police say two suspects
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carjacked a 45 year-old woman, a realtor at gunpoint on the corner of sixth and huntington, from there they drove to germantown and allegheny, blow a tire, lose control, into the family and a six five-year old woman. the carjacking victim tossed in the back seat when he was in the car at the point of impact, now also clinging to life. >> there is now $60,000, on the table, waiting for somebody to actually come, provide information so that we cap actually put these people behind bars. >> reporter: police now scouring the city, calling on the public help, tracking down two suspects, that they say, destroyed a family. >> if you know the person that did this, you have to be able to look yourself in the mirror and sayeward has increased from $60,000 to now, $100,000. that is $100,000 for information that leads to the arrest conviction of these two suspects. the suspects, we have had
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listed on our web site, their descriptions, we want to you check there and again, if you know anything please let police know. reporting live from police headquarters i'm steve paterson cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> thanks, steve. we will continue to follow that story. as we move to new revelationness yesterday's deadly medical center shooting. team coverage on this still unfolding story begins with "eyewitness news" reporter matt rivers at the scene in darby right now with new information we have learn this afternoon, matt. >> reporter: ukee, the 49 year-old suspect in this case richard plots is expected to face charges of first degree murder, attempted murder and a slew of other charges and official did his not minutes words earl tore take when speaking to reporters telling thaws what happened here at mercy wellness center here yesterday could have been far worse were it not for actions of several brave individuals. >> he intended to kill doctor silverman, when he showed up for that apintment and that is why he brought the gun. >> reporter: when richard plots walk in the mercy
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wellness center thursday around 2:00pn30 no one realized he had a revolver in his waist band. he was in a psychiatric appointment with his doctor lee silverman and his caseworker, an argument erupted, plots drew his gun and leveled it at would the man. >> he fired into her head, left side of her head which we believe immediately killed her. >> reporter: doctor silverman had his own handgun as well with the concealed carry permit. he drew weapon and for the back. >> mr. plots was shooting at the doctor at this point in time. the doctor returned fire. the doctor emptied his gun at that point. >> reporter: both men were hit, the doctor suffered a grazed wound while plots was struck three times but he still would not go down. other employees barge in the office and subdued him until police arrived, doctor silver man was not allowed to have a gun on hospital property but officials called him a hero nonetheless. >> i believe that if the doctor did not have the the firearm, if the doctor did not utilize the firearm, he would be dead today. >> reporter: plots also had 39
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more round of ammunition in his pockets, bull its, officials say he would have used on others if he weren't stopped first. as for a motive in this shooting officials tell thaws plots was unhappen bye a hospital policy that didn't allow him to bring guns on to their property. as a convicted felon he was not allowed to own any guns in the first place. the hospital did release a statement earlier today saying that their thoughts and prayers are with the family of teresa hunt and that they are looking forward to doctor silver man returning to work. live from darby tonight matt rivers cbs-3 "eyewitness news". in the meantime psychiatrist doctor lee silverman is back at home tonight, recovering from that grazed wound. he was seen walking around his house with bandages on his head and hand. doctor silverman did not want to talk with us but his wife spoke with our charlotte huffman. >> i just wanted to see how he is doing. >> he is okay. >> reporter: doctor ill versaceman's brother tells "eyewitness news", his brother is recovering and his thoughts and prayers where his collogue and family.
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also tonight we are learning new details about the suspect who opened fire. richard plots noise stranger to the law and he has had mental health issues for year. team coverage continues with walt hunter, in clifton heights delaware county and walt, police have wrapped up a search there. >> reporter: that two hour search just coming to an end, detectives walking out of this building behind me here just moments ago carrying arm loads of boxes, potential evidence in what appeared to be a computer hard drive. of course, they are looking to see what was not a accused killer's mind if he had plans for wider violence but long before this search, licensing before the crime there was other evidence, evidence that this man had a serious criminal history, he had serious mental health issues and might be ready at any moment to explode into violence. as detective with the search warrant arrived at the apartment, where richard plots lived, hoping to gather evidence on accused killer, records show, a history of crimes and mental health problems going back decades. >> everybody knew who he was,
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everybody knew that he was a violent, predator and he had the potential to hurt other people. >> reporter: plots criminal history includes four arrests for illegal weapons, convictions for assault, drugs and bank robbery and three prison sentences, after suicide attempts at two involuntary mental health commitments, plots considered such a threat, that superintendent chitwood says he was repeatedly banned from the county's home less center. >> this guy shouldn't have been on the street, period. >> reporter: conversation was neighbors at his former apartment complex and with his ex-wife who asked not to be identified indicated that they believed he had another just mental health issues. >> i'm surprised he has not been put away a long time ago. i'm surprise they had don't check people in and out of places where people with some sort of psychiatric disabilities, drug problems, don't check them going in and out of places. it is scary. >> reporter: for now detectives pressed their search for clues but chitwood says licensing before, deadly
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violence there was a huge amount of evidence that plots was deeply trouble, violent predator who needed to be taken off of the streets. >> it is a tragic thing but there is more and more people on the streets of our communities, all of our communities that we have no idea that they are out there that have this kind of potential. >> reporter: now with plots allegedly having another 39 bullets in his pocket and attempting to reload according to prosecutors, there is some evidence that he did plan to do more damage and in their search here this afternoon police are looking for that evidence, in fact, any evidence, of what was in his mind as this violence began. live from clifton height i'm walt hunter, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". stay with "eyewitness news" for continuing coverage of the both the medical center shooting and the deadly carjacking crash stories, we will update you on any new developments immediately and always, at cbs police arrested a man today who detectives believed firebombed a row home in south
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philadelphia. chopper three over the scene in the 1700 block of segal street earlier this morning. three people were injured including a three-year old girl. she and others inside had to jump from the second story window. police say awe lieutenant in plainclothes rushed in, and to help out. >> kick in the front door and alert residents, and instructing them to leave from the rear of the property. >> hero officers it turns out was lieutenant jonathan josey who was fired you may remember after he was caught on video striking a woman during ending of the puerto rican day parade. josey was acquitted of assault charges and reinstated to the force last year. traffic nightmare in king of prussia to tell but chopper three overhead, only one westbound lanes of the the schuylkill expressway gets by. crews were working to right an overturn tractor trailer filled with meat. there are no reports of any injuries. and this is the eyewitness cam video of the tractor trail their jackknifed on 476 at the blue route, it was sent to us by dave harris. accident happened near exit to eastbound expressway in
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conshohocken. two other cars were damage in all of this, no word on any injuries, jessica. well, now to another story that has, philadelphia talking tonight. so far reports of pope francis coming to philadelphia are not officially confirmed from the vatican. while philadelphia religious and civic leaders have been optimistic he will come next september, vatican said concrete plans are still pending. pat ciarrocchi is live from the cbs-3 sat center where she has just received some new information, pat. >> reporter: jessica, this is a case of is what official and not official. today catholic news service quoted philadelphia archbishop charles chap. t in a speech at a native american catholic conference in north dakota as confirming the pope's visit to philadelphia my sources at the vatican are saying this that the popal visit here is not official as of yet meaning an itinerary isn't set an there has been no public announcement. i have also just learn that the archbishop has not received private confirmation from the vatican. no one is more enthusiastic
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about a possible visit of pope francis to philadelphia then archbishop charles chaput. led delegation of sieve inning and business leaders to the vatican making the formal invitation to the world meeting of families, set for september 22nd to 27th, 2015. since its inception the world meeting nearly always includes a papal presence. today catholic news search is quoted chaput at a conference in fargo, north dakota yesterday assaying this, quote pope francis has told me that he is coming. the article continues to quote chaput the pope will be with us the the friday, saturday and sunday of that week. though this sound like an official confirmation and has been reported as such, the vatican says no, not yet. the pope's visit to philadelphia or anywhere in america isn't confirmed. in a clarifying statement today the vatican says the holy father has indicated his willingness to participate in
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the world meeting of familiar is in philadelphia, but at the present moment, there are no concrete plans or programs for any visits to the united states or mexico. keep in mind that we are still one year away from the philadelphia meeting. but in philadelphia, the planning is moving ahead fully expecting a papal visit. in may, a papal came here on the sight survey even looking at the art museum steps for a papal mass on the parkway. because archbishop chaput has been in route to california for yet another conference this weekend an archdiocese spokesmen told me he has not been able to confirm the context in which the archbishop made his comment about his personal conversation was pope francis, however for all of us key dates to watch are these, september 25th, 26th, and 27th, of the the year 2015. in the sat center, pat ciarrocchi, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". thanks, pat. it has been a fantastic
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friday but we are tracking storms on the radar for the weekend. meteorologist kate bilo is in for kathy live outside on the skies deck, kate. >> thanks, ukee. what a beautiful afternoon and evening it has been, gorgeous out here on the sky deck, sunnies shining, lets the take a quick look the at the first forecast here out and about tonight, love it, mostly sunny at 7:00 still around 8o70's at 9:00 p.m. dropping down to 73 by 11:00 just a few clouds very comfortable and your head lines coming up, the humidity increase these weekend and with the increase in humidity we will have storms to talk about especially on sunday when we are in the slight risk for severe weather behind those storms it does turn cooler next week. that is all coming up at seven day forecast and let you know when storms will get here through your weekend now back inside to you. kate, thanks. also ahead hidden cameras inside a local university's bathroom, up next whom police say put them there. he was supposed to reporter that happy day and newly married couples said they were left dealing with the the night mayor.
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next, new information on the story "eyewitness news" has been following for a year. big day for eagles. >> a day philly sports fans have been waiting on bird are back in town, players arriving at 'nova care complex today their thoughts on the upcoming season and their suspension of lane johnson, it is all ahead in sports.
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happening right now pro palestinian rally in center city philadelphia this is happening outside israeli consul on jfk boulevard. so far traffic has not been adversely affect. also tonight a university of delaware graduate student is accused of putting cameras in campus bathrooms. officers say 38 year-old javier soto hid video cameras in various rest rooms through 2012 and this year. officers confiscated video evidence from soto but so far there is no evidence that the videos were shared on line new information on the story we brought you last year, pennsylvania attorney general's office reached a settlement with a wedding videographer who received 38 consumer complaints. that settlement resolves allegation that is videographer kenneth stillman failed to provide videos to clients. under terms of the settlement
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still man is required to hand over any wedding videos he still has, to the couple's weddings he shot. he also must pay restitution to eligible couples, as well as civil penalties to the commonwealth. you have some nice, numbers on that forecast, yes, kate, oh, my. >> today is gorgeous. weekend is more steamy, more like july is normally for us but next week we have a return to comfort. it has been a treat this july. we have had a few days like today that have been comfortable, low humidity, generally cool this time of the year. we have another stretch next week but heat, humidity and storms to get through this weekend. lets go outside, folks down the shore this weekend enjoying the beautiful beach day. what a great day it has been, atlantic city boardwalk is pack, beaches pack and not a cloud in the sky there on the skies cam three live as we look towards atlantic city. storm scan three completely clear across the north east mid-atlantic region. not even a included to be found.
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but as we zoom over midwest our next storm is brewing and that is going to get here over the weekend. our best risk for storms here is sunday into monday as coal front moves through and with the heat and humidity any storms could be strong. we will look at that in just a minute. as far as temperatures are concerned 83 degrees. feeling great. eighty in wilmington. seventy-nine in millville. dew points are in the low 50's, a accredits most of the area, 52 is dew point in philadelphia we don't often see a 52 degrees dew point in the end of july. that puts us in the awesome range but for tomorrow we are right back up to dew points in the mid 60's. comfort does in the last long. it will steam up saturday. dunn right- press with dew points near 70 on sunday. lets look at what we can expect as far as storms are concerned. earlier tomorrow morning we will see clouds increase, we will see sunshine throughout the day. watch for pop up showers and storms here in the afternoon especially these clear out saturday night but on sunday in the morning we can see clouds and showers. we will see some sun on and
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off throughout the day in the late afternoon here's 5:00 p.m. we are clear with storms all around, strongest could be sunday night off to our south and west and watch what this model does throw some storms through the area early machine morning and continues on and off throughout the day, on monday until we can get this cold front to push on through. we are in a slight risk for severe weather from new jersey, all the way back into portion s of the midwest as that strong system moves in. any storm produce downpours, strong wind and threat for hail. strongest storms will be later sunday night the but stay tuned we will keep you posted on the storm threat. lets look down the shore heading down for the weekend. beautiful beach day tomorrow. mostly sunny. eighty-four, warm and breezy on sunday. better chance for thunderstorm at anytime. couple showers in the morning. we may clear out but keep an eye to the sky if you see dark included rolling in you want to move things off. overnight the tonight mainly clear and comfortable. 66 degrees. and saturday, partly sunny, warmer and more humid with,
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downpour in the afternoon. you're witness weather seven day forecast and cher cast looks good next week. take a look, and, we have got storms, better chance as we said sunday into machine but then once we get that front to push through, tuesday, cooler, and, 81 degrees. wednesday we are gorgeous. thursday, gorgeous. friday, a couple of storms and we have a nice day not a bad deal. >> gorgeous come on now. >> thanks, katie. well, i'm glad you guys are having all of the fun because traffic isn't gorgeous at all. take a look at the schuylkill expressway. we have been dealing with this overturn meat truck on the westbound side of the schuylkill approaching mall boulevard. it has been out here for close to two hours and really crews working diligently to upright it. still only right lane gets by. you can access pennsylvania turnpike but a lot of folks are taking 476, to the pennsylvania turnpike, as an
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alternate. you are jammed on the westbound side of the schuylkill approaching city avenue through gladwynn and then again approaching that incident scene. here is your alternate 476 north bound to the pennsylvania turnpike west if that is where you have got to go. the eastbound on the schuykill you are just as bus friday 202 town through the vine. expect rush hour on the blue route, 95 and vine street expressway, stay with us on "eyewitness news" at 6:00 we
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training camp 2014, is even more eagerly anticipated than last year when chip kelly took over for andy reid this time we necessity what to expect and the spectations are high. the players are arriving for physicals with the first practice, slated for saturday morning. >> i didn't even sleep last night, so, i could not wait to get everything going. >> other big topic was lane johnson four game suspension
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for using a banned substance. >> usually if you take any supplementary thing you are supposed to talk to the head trainer, it is all my fault. i have nobody to blame but myself. it is all on me. >> guys have done a great job supporting lane and we will have someone step up, in his position and be ready to go. >> it is a situation where another guy has got to step up, and take his place and play well. >> it is clear, that the players are as excited, as philly fans, fans in need of a pick me up from watching the sixth are and phillies. >> i know, we are all giddy, we have all seen each other in the locker room, it has been a month. we are all ready to go. >> little used safety keyland johnson was excused from camp while he sorts out legal issues for pushing a police officer, other than that all present, ready to begin what should be a very exciting season. quick note for the phillies, they kick off a three game series with the
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diamond backs at citizens bank park tonight. ryan howard is not in the line up, again for the third game in a row, darren ruf takes his spot at first. last time these two teams met they won two out of three. i will have highlights tonight at 11:00. i'm giddy, eagles giddy, let's get it
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"eyewitness news" the at 6:00 we are back at ten on our sister station wpsg the cw philly and back here at 11:00. coming up next "cbs evening news" with scott pelley, have a good evening, family take care.
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>> pelley: tonight, russia opened fire. >> pelley: tonight, russia opened fire. david martin has the evidence. mark phillips on new discoveries from the jetliner attack. police storm an airliner. bob orr on what caused the raid. israeli makes an ominous announcement, as palestinians bury their children. >> reporter: they were buried so hurriedly that families can only mark the grade with a piece of card board attached to a stick. >> pelley: barry petersen and don dahler report. did an nfl star get a slap on the wrist for domestic abuse? we'll ask james brown. and steve hartman on the road. the chestermans were lost after their daughter was killed, then they discovered the road m


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