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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  July 26, 2014 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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it is one of the most sad cases i have come across. >> it is a crime that turned, and saddened even the veterans of the philadelphia police force. a carjacking, a crash, three children are dead and two suspects still on the run, we are live with the very latest on the conditions of those injured and the latest on the the reward offered in this case. it is tuesday -- rather
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saturday july 26th good morning i'm elizabeth hur in for nicole brewer. the time 6:01 a.m. in center city philadelphia and here's meteorologist carol eric on off to a wonderful tart but it could get ugly. >> that is a fair way to say it, liz because we have a few clouds right the now but it is quiet. i think the second half of the weekend could be stormy. we may fine those strong storms as well which is unusual for us on the weekend. we have had unbelievable weekend really this entire um iser. lets take a look and see what we have right now. we see a few clouds looking at the ben franklin bridge and more perfectly for the weather the sky above. a couple of clouds out there and they are also locate add long the shore area. we have 70 degrees right now. very comfortable looking at margate at this point. as far as the clouds go you cane them on storm scan three, they are out there, you'll fine sun and clouds today. there are some hours that are off to the enter of the state.
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they are primarily to the north of harrisburg and to the west of harrisburg. we might find a isolated shower around here maybe even an isolated thunderstorm but it would be isolated, mostly everybody will be staying dry vast majority of the day if not all of the day. 69 degrees at the airport. sixty-four in trenton. sixty-six in wilmington. temperatures will get to be 86 degrees, mixture of sun and clouds. i want to give you this time line, as we go through the afternoon this one wants to put showers out there at 3:00 in the afternoon. are they gone by 5:00. it looks like it a according to this computer model but we will see a few more coming in, that is a look maybe at tomorrow morning, we will finish out that time line and talk about chances of the severe weather over in the second half of the weekend, liz. >> thanks, carol. topping our news is developing news, police hunt for two us pecks in deadly carjacking crash that killed three children and injured
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three others. this all began when two armed suspect forced their way in the sur at sixth and huntington. a short time later police say they crashed into a group of people at germantown and west allegheny north philadelphia. "eyewitness news" reporter steve pather on is live right now at temple university hospital with the very latest details, steve. >> reporter: liz, yesterday morning a mother lost her three young children and new she remains as far as we know from hospital officials in extremely critical condition. meanwhile, police continue their drag net, while a community is in shock. >> that is my son, you took him away from me. turn yourself in whoever y'all is turn yourself in. >> reporter: fat inner pain, community outrage, a family torn apart. >> i have been in the homicide unit six years. this is one of the most sadest cases i have come across. >> reporter: three young siblings are dead, their
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mother clinging to life, police hunting, searching, pleading, boosting, a once $60,000 reward to now $110,000. >> if you know the person that did this, you have to be able to look yourself in the mirror and say do the the right thing and turn these folks in. >> reporter: police say shortly after 11:00 friday morning two suspects car yak a with man. a 45 year-old real estate agent at gun point in the 600 block of cumberland. they drive the stolen suv, blow a tire, lose control and plow in the crowd. >> i saw kids on the ground and everything, a woman on the ground, crying, clothes ripped up off of them. >> they were sweet, they were beautiful. they were beautiful kids. >> reporter: three siblings a 15 year-old girl, ten year-old boy and seven year-old boy all dead. a six five-year old family friend is hurt. their mother and carjacking victim in critical condition. a city in shock. >> nobody deserves anything like that.
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have a heart and turn yourself in. >> reporter: so far there is a very basic description of the two suspects, black and latino male, however, police say something interesting at that press conference. those two guys cannot exist in the vacuum that somebody has to know something and that is why they continue to bus that reward. now again at $110,000, that 10,000 is timed dependent only until noon time today and then that goes away. police are looking for any information that leads to the arrest of those two suspects. reporting live from temple university hospital, i'm steve paterson for cbs-3 "eyewitness news", back to you. we also have this update on the deadly medical enter shooting in darby. we have learned that the suspect is a arrived at the hospital on thursday with lots of ammunition. with the intent to pull the trigger on a mass killing. richard plots now faces murder and attempted murder charges
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and our diana being owe has the story of some brave employees who jumped into action to stop the shooter from doing even more harm. >> reporter: investigators say he was planning a mass killing and his doctor was the first on his list. loaded with 39 round and a revolver richard plots showed up for his psychiatric evaluation permit yesterday at mercy fitzgerald hospital. but once the the shooting started the plan was foiled when the the doctor return fire and two caseworkers wrestled him to the ground. >> if it wasn't for the heroic actions of the doctor, and the caseworker, we believe, he was there and going to reload, back that rerole versace and continue to fire and continue to kill. >> reporter: inside the office doctor lee silverman told police plots was agitated after an argument he pulled a relocal versace immediately shooting five three-year old teresa hunt a caseworker sitting in on the appointment. >> mr. plots took the the gun and fired into her head, into
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the left side of her head which we believe immediately killed her. >> reporter: that is when doctor lee silverman return fire emptying his gun and hitting plots three times. two other caseworkers heard shots and broke in the office. john, wrestled plots to the ground and jeff decras detain him. >> after they heard shots fired this caseworker then went back in the room and engaged in the wrestling match with mr. plots. they were able to subdue you him on the ground and take the revolver away from mr. plots. >> reporter: outside his darby home, neighbors are hailing him a hero even though he didn't want to talk bit. the hospital says they do not how guns on their the property as a policy and that is why investigators say plots was so upset. it is important to net that doctor silverman also should not have been carrying a gun but authorities say in this case, that is exactly what saved his life. in the sat center i'm diana
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being owe, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". diana, that five two-year old psychiatrist doctor lee silverman was released from the hospital after being treated for grazed wound. doctor silverman was seen friday afternoon walking around his house with bandages on his head and hand, but he didn't want to talk to us but his wife spoke briefly with the iteam's charlotte huffman. >> i just wanted to see how he is doing. >> he is okay. >> doctor silverman's brother toll us that his brother is recovering and his thoughts right now, and prayers are with his collogue and her family. still a head though our stephanie stahl takes a closer look at security in medical facilities, what is being done to keep employees and patients safe. that story is coming up in less than ten minutes. moving on now to a fire investigation in south philadelphia, police arrested a man who detectives believe
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firebombed a row house friday morning. chopper three over the scene in the 1700 block of segal street, three people were injured, according to police, including a three-year old girl. she and others inside had to jump from a second story window. police say a lieutenant in plainclothes rush in the house to help. >> went in the front door and alert the resident instructing them to leave from the rear of the property. >> it was lieutenant jonathan josey, he was fired after he was caught on video, striking a woman during the the festivities after the puerto rican day parade. now josey was late's quitted of assault charges and reinstated to the force last year. in the meantime camden county prosecutor's office arrested a suspect in connection with the woman found dead, on the side of the road, yesterday morning. the authorities say 41 year-old jennifer banco was found at aerial and wilson
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landing road around 12:30 a.m. she was stabbed to death. five two-year old kevin amrose of winslow was arrested and charged with murder. now to the the crisis in the the middle east, a 12 hour humanitarian cease-fire has begun in gaza. this is all to allow civilians time to stock up on supplies and survey devastation from nearly three weeks of fighting. now yesterday secretary of state john kerry failed to broker a week long truce, at least four palestinians died in clashes friday in the west bank. palestinian leaders, dubbed it a day of rage and they say it is in response to the shelling of a u.n. shelter that killed 16 people. at least 860 people died so far and 5700 wounded since the start of the israeli operation in gaza. "eyewitness news" was at the a pro palestinian rally in center city philadelphia
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yesterday. many carried flags and homemade signs. rally took place outside the israeli consul on jfk boulevard there was owe mediate response from the pro israeli side but there was in major impact on traffic. in the meantime a local mother says in matter what violence may be breaking out nothing will stop her from going to israel. she tells our pat ciarrocchi were. >> i was prepared to start, i was not going to miss it. >> reporter: that was harriet levin personal is being in israel sunday august 3rd to be grave side again to honor her son, first sergeant michael levin, the couple general was prepared to interest convenient. >> we were supposed to fly u.s. air. he said not to worry if the ban was in the lifted they would put us on etal which was still flying. >> reporter: jewish parent cannot miss a son's anniversary of her death.
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eight years ago michael a graduate of council rock high school was killed by snipper fire after leading his paratrooper team into lebanon. dynamic 22-year old who joined the israeli army because he believed in the jewish home land and the right to defend it. his moth are said that his death influenced others to serve. >> because of michael, i made it out because of michael, i join the army because of michael, i joined para a troopers. hundreds and hundreds. >> reporter: michael's bedroom is a sacred place for his mom a place where she find peace, especially among the symbols of his service to israel. >> i did one of the hard things seeing soldiers putting on their green face paint, that is last picture i have of michael. >> reporter: forever painful for a mother new reliving michael's funeral at this cemetery, where soldiers are honored, americans like max steinberg from california was killed this week, in the conflict with hamas in gaza. the levin's leave on
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wednesday, another pilgrimage with harriet wearing a pin had symbolizes michael's team. >> having them all with me, and a piece of michael with me. >> reporter: pat ciarrocchi, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". there is much more ahead on "eyewitness news" a shooting at medical center in delaware county sparks concerns about hospital security. this particular facility, did not have metal detectors, straight ahead our stephanie stahl takes a closer look at security and what is being done to keep patients, and employees, safe. and a wall of dust, incredible video of a storm that seemingly swallowed an entire city, we will be right back.
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back now on "eyewitness news" the the medical center shooting in darby has raised new concerns about security at health care facilities. here's health reporter stephanie stahl. >> reporter: is there a no gun policy but nothing else to stop people from bringing guns in the mercy wellness center, in metal detectors or a front desk, shooter simply walk in the doctor's office where the the doctor also had a gun. >> all of our facilities do have have some form of security. >> reporter: but mark ross, director of emergency preparedness for the hospital and health system association of pennsylvania, admits that
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the security at medical facilities is not stringent or uniform. >> there is no distinct standard. there are recommendations through accreditation agencies that say you need a security staff. >> reporter: it is generally limited for doctor offices but even in hospitals, security varies. some have metal detectors like here in the emergency department here at cooper university hospital. others have camera surveillance and security guards but some say hospital violence is a growing memorandum. report in the annals of emergency medicine fun from 2,000 through 2011, there were 154 hospital-related shootings with 235 injured or killed. >> i could not tell you how many time i was assaulted. >> reporter: shawna is a local nurse we interviewed in april and she said they need more security. >> you don't know what will happen or when someone will come in with a gun. >> reporter: ross says it is an issue every where in the just in medical facilities. >> what is a tragic circumstance, stephanie.
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it says more about today's society, more so than the industry. >> reporter: ross says his association, and the mercy hospital system are reevaluating security plans, and there could be new directives following the shooting. i'm stephanie stahl, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". and be sure to stay with "eyewitness news" for continuing coverage of the medical center shooting, the latest as you know is us a click away at cbs philly to the come. now, on to a daring search for evidence atop the brooklyn bridge. new york city's deputy police commissioner was among the group that climb the bridge suspension cables. they were retracing the path, taken by the group that removed american flags, from the bridge and then replaced them with white flags. video taken around 3:30 tuesday morning shows four people at the scene of the crime, as police say they have now taken dna evidence from the scene and they are right now checking for clues.
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take a look at this video, incredible images from the arizona desert that is a wall of dust, consuming the city of phoenix. now this is called a haboob when a storm system kicks up tuesday and sweeps ate cross the the city. the time right now 6:19. >> yes. >> it gets in your house, dusting and you get that kind of a cloud. >> we're talking about storms this weekend but not that kind. >> no, not dust, mud mayben3 because we could be seeing some heavy rain coming out of the storms that we see especially tomorrow. it is not the brightest start this morning. there are some clouds out there and we will probably keep half ape half of the sky with clouds today but still not a bad day to day, if anybody sees a shower it is just a couple of spots and they would be isolated and quick but tomorrow we have better chances of picking up the stronger storms. quiet on the boardwalk in ocean city. wonder how it is down in
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rehoboth beach, wouldn't you know here it is, rehoboth beach looks quiet here as well, it looks nice though, it looks like a decent beach day and decent boardwalk day. the decent day to get outside and do anything you want. we have some clouds out there as you can see on storm scan three right now or thicker than others but it is dry, then you go back to the center of the state and this is where you'll fine rain showers, they have been out there all morning long. they should be dying out as they move to the east but one or two could form and we could be finding an isolated shower around here. it should not be a big deal at all, today and tomorrow we start to see the the chances of some of that more significant storm activity coming in. wind out of the northwest feels nice up in the poconos though at 56 degrees. 69 degrees through philadelphia, wind south, humidity coming up a little bit today with you more by tonight. calm wind in atlantic city at 65 degrees. we cannot miss as we fine them this morning generally in the 60's but we will go in the 80's, future weather, i want
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to take you through you this time, by time, this is 3:00 o'clock this afternoon. i mentioned just a chance of the scattered shower. you can see they are scatter. you don't see bull's eye colors so it looks like anything that comes through here should be light with one exception, maybe right off of the coast, as we go through maybe 5:00 o'clock this afternoon, maybe bias bring park but otherwise that gets out of here. we are left as we get through evening hours with okay, conditions but then first thing tomorrow morning, this is 5:00 o'clock in the morning, computer models wanting to bring heavier rain through and a few little strips and by the time we get to 7:00 o'clock tomorrow morning we have a bull's eye look. we may be finding a shower or thunderstorm at that point. we have several weather systems moving through we have warm front, lows, cold front, that sort of thing, so that is why weather gets a little bit tricky. by sunday morning chance of shower.
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by sunday afternoon still a chance of a shower and by sunday still chances of the showers and thinks at 11:00 o'clock on monday morning so we will not set our clock by these showers, and when they are likely to occur but just know wyche looking at up settled weather as we move in the second half of the weekend. this is a look tomorrow at slight risk of severe weather tomorrow covering our area moderate risk heading over toward west virginia. so what we can expect, with any of these storms tomorrow, downpours, and, strong wind and possibility of some halen. so it is something to watch out for, if you are out and about tomorrow. it looks nice out there we have wind southwest at 5 miles an hour, isolated shower chance, same deal tonight at 68 degrees, much better chances of showers and thunderstorms and some of them strong as we go into the day on monday and monday night, and, then on monday, sun take, sunday night, and maybe than monday before we clear out later on monday and it gets so
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comfortable after that it looks like a great seven day after we get through the next day or so, liz? >> never a dull day. now it is what happens when a pair of six something's are looking for romance but they find it any war, sound interesting, right? coming up next we will hear from two acting icon dianne keaton and michael douglass and their new movie so it goes, we w
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right now, get free lenses with a complete pair purchase for caring for you, and your eyes, just got a little easier. kids 14 and under. this is genuine eye care right in your neighborhood. this is pearle vision. and, here is a fun one for
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you do you think what you have what it takes to be a contestant on the hit the show, survivor? cbs-3 is hosting a casting call today so join us at the trump taj mahal in atlantic city friday noon until 3:00 o'clock and log on to cbs for the complete details. and new this weekend acting icons michael douglass and dianne keaton are together again on the big screen for the first time in hopes of showing audiences you are never too old for love. premise of their new movie, and so it goes. cbs news correspondent bigad shaban reports from hollywood. >> last time i had sex i tore my acl. >> michael douglass plays a bitter real estate agent new you romantic comedy so it goes. >> i have sold houses older than you, all right. a lot worse condition. >> that makes me feel good. >> dianne keaton had never work with douglass before but they teased each other on
6:27 am
screen and off. >> half of the acting is listening, and dianne makes it so easy to listen and to watch because she just looks at her in utter amazement, because she's completely out of her mind. >> even director rob reener offered comic relief with the cameo and a bad hair piece. he said douglass and keaton are a match made in comedy heaven. >> you want to make sure that the two people have chemistry and don't know if it happen and they did immediately. >> reporter: keaton, has never married, said it was a gift to play a woman in her 60's fining love again. she said story line of perfect real life hasn't featured that kind of romance. >> which at this time i have in the had for a long time,. >> your daughters love you. >> what is going on?
6:28 am
>> they hope their comedy love story receives plenty of affection from audiences. bigad shaban for cbs news, hollywood. and switching gears here in philadelphia, an intense manhunt on for intense carjacking and suspect that left three children dead. coming up on "eyewitness news", we are live with the latest on the investigation and the latest on the reward, for information, leading to the suspects. and, also ahead, he was supposed to record their happy day, instead, newly married couples say they were left dealing with a nightmare. next up the new information, in a story "eyewitness news" has been following for a year, stay with us we will be right back.
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>> reporter: three children are dead and their mother is clinging to life as a manhunt for two suspects in the city of philadelphia, continues. next up an update on conditions, and a reward for their capture. well, also is the pope coming to philadelphia? the latest from our sources at the vatican. and, a disturbing case of animal abuse, a dog, so badly neglected it has to learn to walk again. we will have more on its road to recovery, coming up. good saturday morning, it is july 26th, i'm elizabeth hur, it is 6:31. here in center city philadelphia and let check with carol erickson, i have been paying attention all morning, so we're heading to
6:32 am
the cher today is the day not so much tomorrow. >> tomorrow we will pick up better chances of stronger storms. if you haded to divide weekend, liz, between the better and the not as goody think today is the better and tomorrow we will do pick up those shower and storm chances. we will talk more about that and i'll time it out as well. but this morning we have some clouds out there and you can find them through center city philadelphia sky scan three showing. that you can find them at the shore. you can see on the ocean city boardwalk we have people out there but not too many shadows following them around. get out to reading and you have some clouds there. 68 degrees this morning. wind are light in every single location and storm scan three here's a wider view of the clouds that we do have out there and they are there and some cases they are thicker than in others, and there are some showers that are off to the west but you they are ten to go dry out, however, notice that a spot or two in berks county and spot or two in lancaster county might pick up a shower.
6:33 am
we cannot totally rule that out but mostly remaining dry day but maybe in the all. 69 degrees at the airport. sixty-four in trenton. sixty-six in wilmington. still in the the 50's, 56 in the poconos, 60's along the the shore. our temperatures by noon getting to 82 degrees. by 3:00 p.m. 86 degrees, sun and clouds and then i want to just show you as we go in the future this computer model says in we get to two or 3:00 this afternoon a couple showers will be out there then they will leave us and then we will have more that will be rolling in. we will talk about the timing on that, there is a brief look at the timing and that is tomorrow morning, maybe some of that heavier rain. we will finish out time line coming up, liz. thanks, carol. in the meantime a carjacking, a crash, three children killed and three others injured. this morning, an all out manhunt is on for the suspects. "eyewitness news" reporter steve paterson is standing by live at temple university hospital with this developing story, steve?
6:34 am
>> reporter: liz, police say there are a few suspects that continue to be on the loose, two suspects that have torn a family apart, there are no significant leads, there are very basic descriptions of these two suspects but police say there is no way they can exist in the vacuum and so they are calling on the public for help. >> that is my son, you took him away from me. turn yourself in dog, whoever y'all is turn yourself in. >> reporter: a fat inner pain, community outrage, a family torn apart. >> i have been in the homicide unit six years. this is one of the most sadest cases i have ever come across. >> reporter: three young siblings are dead, their mother clinging to life. police hunting, searching, pleading, boosting a once $50,000 reward to now $110,000. >> if you know the person that did this, you have to be able to look yourself in the the mirror and say do the the right thing and turn these folks in. >> reporter: police say shortly after 11:00 friday
6:35 am
morning two suspects carjacked a with man, a 45 year-old real estate agent at gunpoint and in the 600 block of cumberland. they drive, stolen suv, blow a tire, lose control and then plow into the crowd. >> i saw each kid on the ground and everything, and woman on the ground, crying, clothes ripped off of them. >> they were sweet, they were beautiful they were beautiful little kids. >> reporter: three siblings a 15 year-old girl, ten year-old boy and seven year-old boy all dead. a six five-year old family friend is hurt. their mother and carjacking victim is in critical condition. a city is in shock. >> nobody deserves anything like that. have a hard and turn yourself in. >> reporter: at last check the mother still remains in extremely critical condition here at temple university hospital. as in the meantime there is less than six hours left to collect that $110,000 reward, that is for information that
6:36 am
leads to an arrest and conviction. those $10,000 was posted last night asiana digs to the hundred thousand dollars reward but that is time limited. the suspect descriptions we have on our web site at cbs police need your help to solve this case. reporting live from the temple university hospital i'm steve paterson for cbs-3 "eyewitness news", back to you, liz. steve, also topping our news a university of delaware graduate student is accused of putting cameras in campus bathrooms. investigators say 38 year-old javier soto hid the video cameras in various rest rooms between 2012 and this year. now officers, confiscated video evidence from soto but so far there is in evidence that the the videos were shared on line. also merck is cutting 600 jobs in north wales and lansdale by the end of next month. the reorganization will save the company they say two and a half billion dollars, 8500
6:37 am
employees will be losing their jobs. that is 10 percent of the company's total work force. now most of those positions are fieldworkers who visit family doctors and medical facilities. the cuts we are told will take effect august 26th. we have new information, on a story we brought you last year. the pennsylvania attorney general's office reached a settlement with a wedding videographer who received 83 consumer complaints. now the the settlement resolves allegation that is videographer kenneth stillman of bucks county failed to provide wedding videos to client. under the terms of the settlement stillman is required to hand over any wedding rid joost he still has to the couples whose wedding he shot. he must also pay restitution to eligible couples as well as, civil penalties to the commonwealth of pennsylvania. now to the story that has philadelphia talking. and the big question, is pope francis coming to philadelphia
6:38 am
next year? now it appears as though he might but as "eyewitness news" anchor jessica dean tells us is there still no official confirmation just yet. >> reporter: words from philadelphia archbishop charles chaput sounded concrete. catholic news service quoted chaput at a conference in north dakota on thursday saying quote pope francis has told me he is coming and the pope will be with us friday, saturday and sunday of that week. chaput is referring to the world meeting of families september for 2015. the archbishop recently led delegation of civic and business leaders to the the vatican to formally invite the pope to philadelphia to for that event but despite chapt. 's comments the vatican says there are in plans for philly yet. holy father has indicated his willingness to participate in the world meeting of families in philadelphia but at the present moment there are in concrete plans or programs for any visits the to the united states or mexico. keep in mind that we are still one year away from the
6:39 am
philadelphia meeting. still, the city of philadelphia is moving ahead with plans for a papal visit, in may a papal em czar i traveled here to survey the area and check out art museum steps as a possible location for a papal mass but until official word comes from the vatican, all philadelphia can do now is wait. jessica dean, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". in the meantime, a group of pharmacy clerks were stunned when pope francis join them for lunch in the vatican cafeteria, can you imagine. pope tuned on fish and chips we are told ape lunch for the holy father was free, of course. cashier said he did not have the nerve to charge him. we will of course follow all of the developments in the possible papal visit here on "eyewitness news". you can get very latest, on cbs facebook's surging stock pushes the the company to new heights. the social media giant is now
6:40 am
bigger than coca cola and at&t. founder mark zuckerberg is $1.6 billion richer today thanks to the surge after a weak initial public offering facebook stock ballooned 183 percent over the last year. it must be nice. zuckerberg's net worth is about $33.3 billion. now an abandon dog in long island, new york is rescued, the little guy's fur has grown so long he could barely walk. cbs correspondent don champion has this story as his transformation is sure to warm your heart. >> reporter: fit weren't for his nose, pink tongue you would probably wouldn't even know this is a dog. >> it appears that this talk was never taken care of properly. >> reporter: the six year-old shih tzu was found abandoned in this long island home, so
6:41 am
badly math the mathed it took vets three and a half hours to trim him. >> you could not even get a flee to be able to penetrate the matting on this dog. >> reporter: home video shows him in the middle of getting trimmed. in all, vets removed 4-pound of hair off his 11-pound body. harry strict him so much, he is now learning how to walk again. >> literally everyone of his hairs was being pulled and business ted 24 hours a day. >> reporter: vets and staff at new york veterinary special center are helping him recover. >> we all want to see this person brought to justice. >> reporter: after a week or so of physical therapy and care, vets say he should be ready for adoption at the babylon animal center. in farmingdale licensing island don champion cbs news. happy for him there and also a wish come true for a sick little boy, coming up next on "eyewitness news" how people across the the country, including those right here in our area, came together to make his birthday, one to
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round trip. just looking for hotel deals look no further than hotel tonight another free app. hotels have last minute available rooms they flip them to this app so you can book them at bargain basement prices but won't find any on this site, high quality properties at a great price n san francisco, i'm kara suboy for c for cbs news. and are you by any chance thinking of a face lift for your home? if you have a brick exterior you might think your options might be limited, but a new trend is giving homeowners, another choice and in this weeks angie's list report jim donovan takes a look at brick staining. >> reporter: bet h cover neilson had siding on her home replaced. >> siding was old and in poor shape so we did that last year, and when we replaced siding we chaining the color of the house because brick didn't coordinate with the new siding so we can't sod see the brick coordinate with the new siding. >> reporter: rather than painting her old brown and beige brick she opted to have
6:47 am
them stained for a customized look. >> you can get the type of brick you want and it will be unique and you will be the only one with exactly that finish product. >> reporter: unlike paint, brick stain penetrates the the pours of the brick so it does not peel. staining is cheaper and less messy. it can be done to both exterior and interior bricks but since it is a fairly new technique it is crucial do you your homework before hiring anyone. >> brick staining is a new trend. first and information mess when interviewing contractors make sure you have someone who has experience in doing brick staining because you want it to be a project that last. when it comes to pricing, it is varying. depend on square foot or some contractors will charge by the hour or part of a day. >> reporter: the staining process can also be used on stone, for more advice on angie from staining, go to cbs's list. i'm jim donovan. >> reporter: and busy week certainly means a busy morning, and a lot coming up on cbs this morning saturday.
6:48 am
anthony mason and vanita nair joins us live from new york with the preview, good morning, guys. >> reporter: good morning, liz. coming up nasa is calling it a shocking discovery, what they have learn about the water supply that feeds seven u.s. state. and built his body to the limit to play hercules, we will look at actors risking their health to get rolls. tired of pressing your luck on that next bottle have wine we will show you app that cans restaurant men an and gives you best bottle at best price. >> all that plus your eye opener, the dish and rock band will be performing in the saturday obsession we hear congratulations due to nicole so let her necessity we send nicole our well wishes. >> our best. >> hopefully she's watching and she just heard you. >> hopefully she's not. >> yes, exactly. >> thanks, so much. now back here in our area the largest summertime hot air balloon and music festival in
6:49 am
north america are moving our way and close enough for to you check it out this weekend. thirty-second annual new jersey festival of ballooning kick off in readington, new jersey. thirty-nine day event features more than 100 balloons from all around the the world and balloons take off, twice a day, and as you can imagine it is quite a sight. >> it is amazing how far hot air will take you as i'm just about to show you. >> i was about to say if you are heading out to the festival today, better than tomorrow. >> yes, i think so. we do have some clouds out there right now but still hot air balloons can getting and so should this weather cast. lets take a look at what we have right now, liz. we have a few clouds through philadelphia area but they are not just confine to the philadelphia area everybody is looking at clouds this morning. so pretty uniformly distributed clouds as well. we will move over to ardmore at 67 degrees. you can see there are a few
6:50 am
clouds there as well, winds are very light out of the south at 2 miles an hour, and then as we look at storm scan three, the clouds are here, a couple of showers, are also out there and they are not many of them and they are not heavy and might even be welcomed where you are, you know i would like to get rain around here. so there is some here but i think chances of us seeing much, if anything, for most of the area is pretty slim today. so tomorrow is better chances of picking up showers and thunderstorms, and we will time that all out. otherwise 69 degrees still at the airport in philadelphia i don't think these temperatures have changed at all, all morning, still 56 in the poconos. still 63 degrees in wildwood. a comfortable start to the day and as we go into the future weather we will take this slowly to check out the clock and sky conditions and also know that things change, so these computer models get to updated change their mind as they move along. so that is why what you see right here at this timing is not necessarily, exactly the time you will find it.
6:51 am
so by the time we get to, 2:00 or 3:00 in the afternoon a couple of areas may be picking up a couple of showers. they should be light, they are widely the scattered as you can see mostly dry, and 4:00 o'clock same deal these things move on, and then by the time we get to 7:00 o'clock mostly everybody in the the phillies game is going on, mostly everybody is looking like they are in fine shape. tomorrow morning though look at this, this is 5:00 o'clock in the morning this computer model want to hang on and say yes, we do pick up some showers and heavier showers as well, as we start the day on sunday and then it want to keep this going. this is 8:00 in the morning. 9:00 o'clock in the morning. and then some have of this starts to move on but we have other chances of showers and thunderstorms moving in as we move in the afternoon hours. so we can also be finding them on monday, as well, and the storm prediction center in norman oklahoma has put our area for tomorrow in that slight risk category for some strong storms. the yellow, the slight risk, the higher risk right there in
6:52 am
it or range you can see that through west virginia. we are watching for a slight risk, and what do we mean by that what could be happening. we are looking for heavy rain, if you see a storm, strong wind and small hail is possible out of anything that you see, tomorrow. it looks like our weather starts to heat up in terms of the storminess, otherwise it is pretty comfortable around here today 86 degrees. dew points not that bad 82 at the shore. poconos 82 degrees. every location is isolated shower chance but wind are light out of the southwest at 5 miles an hurry to day. and then tonight we will get down to 68 degrees, still that chance of the shower and as we saw, computer models want to bring in showers tomorrow morning but, it seems like we may have better chances in the afternoon and at night, so watch for that on sunday. just an unsettled day, monday, still some showers and storms, and, when it is gone, it is a breath of fresh air around here. tuesday through friday, low humidity, low temperatures, it is going to be gorgeous.
6:53 am
but we still just have some storminess tomorrow especially. >> liz? >> thanks, carol. big major point is we have something to look forward to. and, here is my favorite story of the day, a worldwide effort that is underway right now to help grant a birthday wish for a little boy with terminal cancer. friday was danny nickerson's sixth birthday, he has received boxes and boxes of birthday cards and letters. this is more mail then all of the residents in his hometown of foxboro, massachusetts, received in a day. danny suffers from a rare inoperable brain tumor and his mom says that danny had just one item on his birthday wish list. >> we said what did you want for your birthday? he said mail. so, he got mail. >> letters have been mailed, get this from aruba, texas and a squad ron of marines from afghanistan. danny has received 50,000
6:54 am
letters so far and some of them sent from children at the international sports center in cherry hill, and now they came together to create a dozen of cards for can i earlier this week. this stay with us, we will be right back.
6:55 am
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welcome back everyone. and we have some very exciting news to share about "eyewitness news", nicole brewer, she is a new mom. baby jack hudson was born yesterday just after 2:00 in the afternoon. we send our congratulations to the brand new parents nicole and her husband kell an, mom and baby jack are doing great, so they -- what a gorgeous, gorgeous family, congratulations to all of them. you know, we've got pretty
6:57 am
nice weather today, if you like, a few clouds and, temperatures that are just about where we should be temperature wise, and 86, 87 degrees. expect a warm day, slightly more humid then it was, yesterday, isolated chance of picking up a sure or then are storm. those chances get better on sunday and we could be finding stronger storms and we will follow them for you. >> we will be watching. >> good. >> and that is "eyewitness news" for now, we may be signing off on tv but as you know we are always on cbs philly dot cock, cb. this morning saturday is next, have a terrific weekend. your education is built to help move your career forward.
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good morning. it's july 26th, 2014. welcome to "cbs this morning saturday." a 12-hour cease-fire ticks away in the middle east. can a permanent deal be negotiated in time? and russia is about to escalate the war in ukraine. triple digit heat brings severe storm fronts this weekend and as cities make their push for the 2024 games we look back at the last olympics that made any money. first, we begin this morning with a look at today's eye opener, your world in 90 seconds. >> less than an hour away from a temporary cease-fire, explosion


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